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Date: 2018-08-05
Pose Count: 9
Lacrima 2018-08-05 07:04:59 93562
Lacrima had to feed. She had to feed. She used a lot of energy, burned a lot of that humanity she collects off earlier in the evening. So she was walking down the road. In a bad area of downtown. She walks past a group of young thugs- about four guys and a girl that appears to be one of the guy's girlfriend. They say something crass to her. She turns around to regard them.... and she gives them an intensely creepy smile.

A few moments later there's screaming in the alley they we're in front of. One tries to run out, but some awful thin black tentacle wraps around his leg and tugs him back into the alley.

Is there some sort of horrible youma attacking people in the alley!? It looks like that.

Then there's a yell of pain and then everything is finally quiet in the alley, the thugs being sat against the wall on the ground of the alley, one by one.

She feels coherent again.

She doesn't feel any emotionally better. She realized how bad that attack she just did though was. She mutters. "...I'm sorry." she mutters. Who is she talking to? The thugs? Maybe.
Stahlritter 2018-08-05 07:21:55 93563
    "Suppose they may as well have been stealing money from a bunch of old people too," a certain deeply-rumbling, unnatural voice comes up from above her, then. ANd when she looks--

    The lapels of a coat spread out in the air, like winds, as an armored, dark Knight descends from atop a rooftop, landing before the purple-haired girl into a crouch first, before straightening up to his full, towering height, orange visor turning to peer down at her, curiously.
Lacrima 2018-08-05 07:32:50 93564
Lacrima blinks, someone comes down. Dammit. She doesn't want to fight some stupid upstart hero right now. She goes to move before the figure talks and... Alexis-niisan! Well. Stahlritter. "....Stahl-niisan..." she says quietly. Using the magical name. In case others are drawn-- she doesn't want to say 'Alexis-niisan' and let a cat out of the bag.

"...Mamoru... he..." she says. She rubs her eyes, as she lets herself form back into the more humanoid purple haired vampire than the mass of black.

"...Sailor Earth. She was a nullheart made by Riven-sama. Except he shoved a Jewel Seed into her. Now she's gone rogue for him after... after doing something horrible to Mamoru." she says.

"I..I should had followed up and looked into it when Venus interrogated me. But I was so upset at my dress that... that it never occurred to me." she says.

"If I followed up. I could.. I could had found out. This could had been stopped then." she says as she falls back down to the ground on her butt.

"....I'm not sure what to do. I'm not sure I'll be welcomed back at UMBRA. I'm not sure how Takashi will feel about this. I'm waiting until this situation is resolved before speaking to him. I'm so.. I'm so /angry/ at him right now." she says.
Stahlritter 2018-08-05 07:40:34 93565
    Stahlritter doesn't say anything, at first. HE just... listens to all of it. Quietly. Expression undreadable, though mostly out of virtue of the fact that it is concealed by that helmet with the glowing t-visor.

    It's when she falls down onto the street, though, when he reaches a hand out-- a hand that is slightly larger than that of Alexis' out of virtue of wearing the heavy gauntlet of Kriegsfauste upon it. Offering support for her, to be pulled up.

    And there's just one, simple question.

    "What did she do?"
Lacrima 2018-08-05 07:51:27 93566
Lacrima... hesitantly takes the hand to be helped up. She kind of wants to remain on the ground, but she gets back to her feet. "I think she stole his being. She reached into him and pulled out something glowing and gold... then she shoved it into herself." she says. "Now Mamoru's body is just... dead." she says.

"She... she said the same thing Ryo says about me. That I'm just a shell playing at being human." she says quietly. "...and... Ryo... he tried to attack me and Ariel during a park date." she says. "Ariel tried to be nice. Like she is. And Ryo called her a witch and just being an asshole."

"...I think she saw the 'mythical' St. George as a hero. Someone to look up to. And then she found out the truth and I think that hurt her in a way more than anything Ryo could had actually done." she says quietly.

She rubs her hands up her face. "I'm such a mess right now. I'm waiting for Venus to find me and go 'told ya so!'...." she says. "I bet she does that." she says.
Stahlritter 2018-08-05 07:57:35 93567
    Another moment of silence there, on Stahlritter's part, after she's been helped to her feet. But his hand remains holding hers, still, if she allows it-- even if it is less a warm hand and more of a steel grasp that implies bone-crushing strength.

    And at the very end, even with that helmet on, she can likely tell he is frowning.

    "You know what is going to have to happen then, don't you?" He asks-- voice rumbling with something... very, very dark. Unsettling, compared to how Alexis usually is.
Lacrima 2018-08-05 08:08:30 93568
Lacrima mutters. "Yes." she says. "And it should happen. That isn't a being like me. It was never human to begin with. Anything it remembers is a false memory. No one should feel bad about killing it." she says coldly.

"I'm not sure what to do about Ryo. He seems obsessed with... killing evil which... seems to be defined at this point in time 'anything but himself'." she takes a deep breath. "If he hurts Ariel. I'm going to fucking gouge his eyes out."

She shifts. "Sorry about this. Mess." she says motioning to the thugs. "...I needed to feed after all that earlier. I burned a lot of my energy off screaming at that thing-- then the ensuing depressive emotional state, and the chunk of my right side missing wasn't helping." she says. "I got too overzealous." she admits.
Stahlritter 2018-08-05 08:19:07 93569
    "You say that like it's somehow your fault," the Knight's voice rumbles, the helmet shaking from side to side momentarily. "It is not. You are... just a victim here, too."

    His hand lets go of hers then, instead turning up to... brush over the top of her head, in as much of an affectionate headpat as one can manage with a steel gauntlet.

    "Don't worry," he says then, voice lower. "Nii-san will take care of everything."
Lacrima 2018-08-05 08:46:53 93570
Lacrima shifts a bit. As she sniffs. "I know you will...I just..." she says. "When I'm that starved. I'm more monster than 'person'. It's when I start to 'enjoy' things that I shouldn't. Like. That. I started out liking that. Liked hurting them. But then by the end of it, I feel so terrible and awful about it."

"It's like. It's like that curry challenge. You start out thinking it's a great idea... and then by the end you feel like you wished you didn't do it." she says.

She eyes the affectionate mess of her hair. This causes some bangs to hang up, she huffs and fixes her hair. "Thanks, niisan..." she says quietly. "Just. Be careful..." she says quietly.