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Date: 2018-08-07
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Takashi Agera 2018-08-07 00:21:36 93743
Lacrima was summoned by Axion to where Takashi Agera was... apparently recuperating. To the... 13 and a half floor? Eclipse things, clearly. And sure enough, when Lacrima pressed both 13 and 14 on the elevator, midway between the two floors the elevator opened with the characteristic shimmer of one of Eclipse's Door magics, to a space that was like another hospital alltogether.

And on either side of the door were two bulky, identical humans, standing like security, turning to look at her as the elvator doors slid open. "Hello." one said. "Eclipse ID badge, patient or visitor ID, or another acceptable form of identification, please." the other asked.

Lacrima knew, could tell from their energy and the way they looked and talked - these were just well-disgused variants of Eclipse's roboyouma. And looking into the area, she could sense that a lot of the nurses, the workers there were also disguised youma.

To the right of the entrance, there was a little bench and small set of trees and flowers, with a plaque that read "This floor dedicated in memory of Miura Agera."
Lacrima 2018-08-07 00:48:25 93751
Before she left, Lacrima opened the small safe she'd put in the kitchen, in the corner in the counter. She drew out a half empty jar of 'Rose Honey' her last jar- since Mamoru could ostensibly not make anymore while he was in his unpowered state. Regardless, this was an emergency that she need to be in a state to 'not immediatly attempt to punch Riventon'. So a box of donuts got opened and she poured it over the rest of the donuts, and placed the empty jar down, before consuming them all.

That was a little better.

SO she found herself going to the Eclipse wing. She actually DOES need the directions. Why?

She doesn't routinely go to the hospital. She doesn't need to. But when she gets up there, she walks out and there is not a bunch of things waiting to punch her up here. That's good.

She does present her badge. She waits while it's scanned. It's... good. Well. That answers the worry of her being locked out of anything. At least for the moment. She does pass by the bench and trees. She purses her lips as she looks back down the hall after reading the plaque.

She knows these things are 'roboyouma'. It's typical. Weak youma can be controlled by more powerful magic. Weak hospital staff can only be controlled by caffeine, dry wit, and break room gossip.

"I am here to see Takashi Agera." she says flatly.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-07 00:51:40 93753
She's pointed the way to the desk - and the actually human desk receptionist points her further into the department. But not before Lacrima notices, for a moment, that the letterhead in reception doesn't just have Eclipse's logos, but occasionaly, UMBRA's.

As she moves through the facility, she occasionally sees humans being pushed by human or youma nurses. A lot of the people here seem... pretty ill. Various stages of bad off. Past another set of doors that her Eclipse Badge unlocks, there's more rooms - and it appears past that set of doors the need to fake the youma has dissappeared, and the room she was directed to has another two hulking Roboyouma on either side of the door.

They'll let her in - to the darkened room where Takashi Agera lays motionless in the bed, hooked up to a fair number of machines, both medical and more... fantastical. And then there's a second Takashi Agera - made of shadows, looking a little bit like a bootleg version of himself, and linked with a tether to the one on the bed, sitting in front of a desk with three laptops. It's the shadowy Takashi that looks up when Lacrima enters.

And blinks. And suddenly becomes a lot more defined, a lot more Takashi and less Bootleg Merchandise Takashi. "Oh! I didn't think you would come by... did someone tell you I was stuck here?" He doesn't seem at all unhappy to see her. "I guess they found and destroyed Earth. I wasn't ready for that. Stupid Crone and her obscure hints."
Lacrima 2018-08-07 00:52:53 93755
Lacrima follows along. She does eye logos occasionally. She does eye the UMBRA logos. She purses her lips about that. But it isn't important, not right now. She eyes ill people. She imagines things like experiments gone wrong... severe dark energy poisoning that deteriorates the weak hearted, or maybe space flu. She doesn't really know. She doesn't care right now fully. She'll feel bad about that later.

She makes it to the darkened room. Dark is good. She likes dark. She has no problems seeing in it.

She frowns a little. "Axion did." she says.

"....Ah." she says. "She started spouting off about a pay cut when I was there, trying to stop her from taking and hurting Kukai Souma's brothers." she says softly. "I'm going to make this clear. Takashi." No honorifcs. Uh. Oh.

"If you have a problem. With one of these other magical people. I am not going to care if you fight them. Try to make their lives miserable. They're empowered. Their hearts can take it. They can defend themselves..." she says.

"Kukai's brothers are just normal people. They shouldn't be brought into this mess. They should not be made to pay for Kukai Souma's annoyances." she says frankly.

"But... really. That's the less important issue. It is insignificant compared to what else she did. Basically a small speck in a bowl of sour soup." she says.

"Mamoru Chiba is dead." she says frankly. "Your beast killed him. Then she threw off your leash." she is going to add that, the death is not permanent- at least it should not be unless things somehow go even worse. But she wants to see how Takashi will react to this news.

"She says she's going to recreate the world, after she claimed herself... I believe it was 'Empress Endymion'." her tone is a lot different than it usually is. A waver. Like she's trying to control herself emotionally.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-07 01:01:29 93757
He blinks. Well, the he that she's talking to. "Uh, no. Sailor Earth is dead. That's why I'm like this. I had just finished fighting Sakura over a card and I didn't have the strength and got... disconnected from my soul from the shock. And so I'm here - talk about lying in the bed you made, literally."

"But there's no way Earth can kill like... anyone. I made sure of that. She's not capable of it. None of them are capable of killing. I create allies. I don't create Monsters. That's why I stopped using the Retrievers." He's firm about this. Firm in a sense that indicates he's trying to enforce some very real cognitive dissonance.

"None of what you're saying makes any sense to me, Lacrima. And I'm sitting here talking to you while my body is unconscious on a bed, so the list of things that make sense to me is a lot longer than you might THINK. But I don't let my creations kill. That goes against like... everything I'm doing here." His hand waves as if to indicate the room, or more.
Lacrima 2018-08-07 01:32:26 93764
Lacrima twitches. "I saw it with my own eyes, Takashi Agera." she says, twitching. "She killed him. Then she reached into her chest. And pulled out your soul sliver. She stepped on it. I tried to stop it, but I couldn't." she says. "Before shoving the last of Mamoru's energy into her chest." she says.

"You put a Jewel Seed in that thing. You put Witch energy into that thing. That thing.... thinks it's the real one. That thing is crazy and insane." she says. "It talks of recreating a past that never existed." she spits.

"LITERARLY the only reason." she says. "THE ONLY reason... I'm here right now. Is because they have his body on magical life support. To keep his body from decomposing. In hopes, that killing that thing might bring him back somehow." she takes a deep breath. "That thing is still alive." she's beginning to flare, with a glow of dark energy. But it isn't emitting or lancing or turning into blasts or anything.

But it reeks of frustration, sadness and desperation at it's edges. She looks from the shadow of Takashi to the real one, unconscious.

Part of her wonders how he's doing that. Wait. Is this how he sleeps but still manages to work?

....that feels almost like cheating, she thinks at the back of her head, if onyl subconsciously.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-07 01:41:39 93766
The Takashi on the bed has a moment of fitful, weak movement. "I did NOT put any Grief Seeds into her!" Firm, and angry. "There's no way any of that would happen, Lacrima. She shouldn't have that ability -" and then he pauses.

And turns to the computers. "No... but that makes... the data... makes sense now." And he gets extremly quiet. "That explains the spike right before I passed out. And why this time I was affected so badly. Normally my soul sliver comes back to me. I thought she'd just gotten a serious ass kicking and it hadn't been able to reform. But if she... She shouldn't have that kind of control. I knew she was... a little more independant, but I haven't had the time to..."

Quiet, again. A long, long silence. "I've been working too hard on too many things. I wanted to help people. Here, in the hospital wing. I wanted to help you with your issue, I wanted to show Ami that Dark Energy could heal as well as harm, that there was good in it." A pause. "I've been trying to stop Sakura from getting the cards and screwing up the whole planet, tearing everyone away from those they love. And I've not had the focus to keep up with my own creation the way I should have... I just knew the systems would collect data."

The Takashi-shadow kind of slumps... and is melting a little bit.
Lacrima 2018-08-07 02:10:10 93770
Lacrima twitches. "Well it got it's hand on a god damn grief seed and started using it to empower itself, somehow!" she says. She frowns at Takashi. "Well Mamoru Chiba is dead, for all intents and purpose at the moment. And I don't think they're going to care that you we're trying to help people, or have so many projects." she says.

"It's imperative you stay here." she says. "Until this ends I think." she says. "You can do whatever you want. You're the boss." she says. "I can't make you do anything at all."

"But I think that you'll have a better chance of just getting severely beaten into another hospital stay, rather than killed by every purifier in the Tokyo area when and if, Mamoru Chiba is able to regain life." she says.

She takes a deep breath, she manages to calm down now that she isn't trying to convince Takashi that Sailor Earth isn't tethered to a leash anymore.

"I'm sorry Taka-sama." -sama again. "It has been a shitty month. My Brother. By Blood." she says. "Is apparently the reincarnation of the definitive warrior saint, St. George, and apparently I am to be killed, as are many of my friends. He is crazy enough he attacks in broad daylight, in crowded areas. He tried to hurt Ari-chan." she says quietly.

"Then it's followed by y---Sailor Earth." she's trying hard not to be accusatory now. "Mimicking my brother's own thoughts. That I'm not nothing but a skin playing at being human." she says. She scoffs. "That thing doesn't know what it means to be human." she says coldly. "Then killing one of the few people I can count, that doesn't judge me even a little." she says quietly. "That invites me into his home freely-- and I tell you, Taka-sama. That's a big deal for a vampire." she says quietly. "To be invited inside." she says. "I mean..don't get me wrong.. nothing sto---okay that isn't important right now." she takes a deep breath.

"Just to make it clear. I am not leaving Eclipse. or UMBRA." she says. "I mean. That's a decision I made just now. I needed to.. talk to you first. I wasn't going to talk to you... until there was a resolution... one way or another. But..."

"We have no idea where Sailor Earth could be. We don't have any signatures to look for. We don't know the rules of this thing, since you can't just purify the crap out of this thing like a normal Nullheart." she says.

"But you. You know. Where have you been with this thing all this time? Do you know where it spent most of it's time? I want any notes, any creation documents, you might have made creating this thing... um. Readings. Data. Literarily anything." she says. "That can give people a lead."

"...I think it's in your best interest to give me it. Give me ANYTHING at all, To hand to Ami-chan. For many reasons. I think those are obvious, but I can spell them out for you. Maybe people are willing to drop seeking you out personally if you hand over anything that can lead to this things death. It's start for making up for this-- because I had a talk with Ami-chan..." she says quietly. "About this situation and you. Right I'm supposed to pass on a message... that... "'Tell him he has a lot to make up for. That there is a lot of broken trust.'" she says.

"-and honestly this thing is crazy, is empowered by a Jewel Seed. And a Grief Seed. And Mamoru's Earth powers in her properly... not... accessing them remotely. Like she's apparently been doing this far."

She sits down finally. "Is there anything I can do to help along your recovery?" she asks. "Drain energy for you? Collect a dark energy infusion?" She asks.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-07 02:43:12 93776
Takashi reforms just enough to talk. "Well, I'm, not really in any shape to go anywhere anyways. This shadow is tethered to my body and until I heal my soul is like... disjoined. It's in here, but it's not communicating with anything." Except the trinket the Crone gave him. He doesn't tell Lacrima that, because he hasn't been able to explain it himself. "So if I want to interact with the world... I'm limited to this room."

"I wish I could do more about... like, all of this. Your brother, Mirai, the whole damnable situation. But I'll do what I can. Even from here." He pauses. "She's not a Nullheart. Especially not now. Not from the readings I have. I'll have Axion send the data to Ami - if she still has my staff, it'll be easier because I don't have to translate into binary computer... But..."

He takes a deep breath. "She's something more than a Nullheart. I called her my Neoheart but that really doesn't have any meaning. The only Dark Energy that she ran off of was the little bit in my soul and what I used to make her mold. That's why she was able to blend for so long. She's mostly drawing strength from the Jewel Seed. And now, I'd gather, from Mamoru's spirit... soul.. whatever she stole."

"She started out normal but she started to deteriorate slowly. She wanted more than just what she was built for. But when I tried to cancel out the Jewel Seed's influence it didn't change at all. I figure that's something of Chiba's... she feels a pull of destiny, she told me. She was unhappy whenever it got stymied. I don't think, now, she'll stop for anything."

"I think I know where she might be, too. But you'll need..." and the shadow-Takashi gets up, and walks over to the real Takashi, and rifles through his own pockets. And pulls out a small gem, that beats in his hand. "It'll open the illusions we've created to hide it. We spent a lot of time at... D-Point. At the place where Beryl fell, in those caves. She was collecting artifacts from the Golden Kingdom there. Like... obsessively. But without that you might not even be able to find the passages she built. That'll clear the way. And there are guards, but it sounds like that won't be an issue for all the people who will be there. They were just designed as speed bumps anyways, so she could escape if anyone came back there."

His speech is starting to slur and slow a little bit. "I don't know what else... I'm trying to think. If you ask me questions I'll answer. And I'll have Axion send Eizsapfen the info - or start rewriting it if she doesn't have access to Eiz."

"There's... nothing that can really be done here. I'm surrounded by the best medical teams I could put together, both mundane and magic. But they all say the trauma is just going to need time to heal. So it looks like... I'm going to be following your suggestion for a little bit."
Lacrima 2018-08-07 03:27:13 93782
Lacrima blinks and almost seems bemused. "Ami doesn't have Eizsapfen. No. Mamoru was using it because he couldn't use his own powers. He was /sooooo/ grumpy at Mamoru, and it was kind of silly." she says. "I'll text her and tell her to retrieve it." she says. "If someone hasn't already done so."

"....Not a...." she furrows. "Jewel Seeds are nothing but trouble." she mutters, as she rubs her face. "Alright..."

"That's useful." she says softly. She pulls out a phone and begins texting someone. She needs to pass that on ASAP.

She'll wait for a reply as she crosses her arms. "If that's all that's useful then that's what I'll pass on." she says. The phone blings, she texts back quickly, a little longer and nods.

She fidgets. "Don't worry about me right now." she says softly. "Things suck... but I'll be okay until this situation is over. Then I can go back on trying to figure out the brother problem." she says.

She says. "...Can I keep you company for a little bit at least?" she asks. She says. "I can relate to your soul being disjoined. Whenever I reform from a purification attempt I always feel like a bad puppet, getting used to operating my body again." she scoffs. She looks down. "I'm sorry I couldn't stop her from smashing the sliver. I tried. I knew what it was." she says.

"Oh, right!" she says. "There's a girl named Nightbell that wants to transfer to UMBRA. She already works for Eclipse. She wants to arrange a meeting between you and her handler, that'd be coming too... Nightbell is..."

"She's a sentient Belkan computer program that's apparently spent the last many years in the Dusk Zone." she says.

"Obviously that should wait until you're back on your feet." she says softly.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-07 04:01:36 93791
Takashi stops. "I should warn you guys what Jewel Seeds are. What they really are. They're not just Lost Logia, they're older than that. They're as old as the kingdom Mirai wants to bring back. But it's not so much of a worry since so many went to the void with Precia."

"...You can stay with me. It's... wierd. I didn't know I could do this before. The last time I got purified at all I was on my back for like. a couple of weeks. And this would've been handy to do. But it's also been boring. I appreciate the company."

"I would like to meet her, when this is all over. Assuming we still have a headquarters. Maybe I should have all the entrances sealed for now, so Apatite or Jupiter doesn't go all 'stuff breaky' again."

He sighs. "This is a really big screwup. It wasn't supposed to be this way... not at all. And I can't be out for long, or another crisis will bury us all..."
Lacrima 2018-08-07 04:19:37 93792
Lacrima softly purses her lips. "Why... did you do that anyways? Make a 'Mamoru'?" she asks. She pauses. "You know what. I'll ask that later. Not right now. Another day. When this is over." she says softly.

"Well I'm also safe here from... a f**king knight busting through the window with a spear that can supposedly pierce anything." she mutters.

She'll sit with Takashi and keep him company while she can. She can go back later and relay the other information to the others about what's gone on.

She may or may not postulate the fact with Takashi while she's there with him that 'the fanfiction scene is gonna go wild when it's potentially found out you made a female Mamoru'.