I was here all along!

Clotho has appeared(she was totally here all along!) and meets a few new magical girls in Nightbell and Star sword(Kinda got a theme with their names, don't they?) However, the night is truly taken captive my Lamya, an honest to goodness dragon!

Date: 2018-08-07
Pose Count: 35
Unmei Tama 2018-08-07 23:22:28 93838
Magical Girl Clotho was here all along! Honest! Sure, since she'd been rescued and wasn't evil, she hadn't been causing as much trouble and... had more or less fallen off most people's radars. But she still practiced, still trained. And with her special power, she was getting really good.

Of course, her studying was going well. She had to call and bother Kunzite sometimes, but those were becoming less and less frequent. Then there was all the times she came by them... well... just because. She had a family now, though. She was happy. She had Kunzite and the others. She was WANTED. She was accepted. So all in all, she was happy. Well. Mostly. She had a scythe laying besides her and her armor was very... dark. And almost... IT was definitely scorpion themed. Pin, was of course, bitching.

"You don't need a diet! You're fine!"

Win, of course, was helping. "Of course she does. Look at how chunky she's been getting!"

"Will you two just SHUT UP! I can handle my OWN DIETARY NEEDS THANK YOU VERY MUCH!" she snapped.

"Yesssss, get angry, let it--" Pin found his mouth closed as she gripped the tiny peacock by the mouth.

"I swear. One more word out of either of you and I WILL flush you both. Okay? I'm on a diet. That's. That. AND NO! I am NOT going Pig again! I don't CARE if it converts calories to magic! Last time I did that I ended up ALMOST EATING A BUG! Now both, SHUT UP!" she snapped, before pulling out her small tray of little vegetable pieces. She popped a carrot in her mouth and sighed.

In the squabling, neither of them noticed the little dark wraith behind her... slowly moving towards her from behind...
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-07 23:27:46 93840
In the grand scheme of things, Star Sword is new at this. Sure, she's had her Device Lichtschneider for about half a year. Sure, she's been practicing her magic. Sure, she is terrifying with a sword. The fact remains that she's still fairly new to live combat. She's not very good at detecting dark and wicked creatures either, managing to find and end them with luck, mostly.

Luck, good or bad, puts her in the proximity of Clotho and her bickering...friends. It also puts her in the proximity of the wraith trying its best to make the girl into a snack or whatever. Luckily it doesn't last too long.

The ringing sound of metal is accompanied by a flash of blinding white and then followed once more by the rasp and click of a blade being resheathed.

Maybe she cut it in half! Let's see!
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-07 23:28:34 93841
Lamya, in contrast, has just finished buying a couple of dozen donuts from Kaoru's donut stand. It was her turn to go out and pick them up, since between the three of them at the Manor, they go through the donuts like water. It's one of the things that binds the little sorority of monstergirls together.

The smell of freshly baked donuts is a hard one to resist, however. Lamya pauses and considers the moral quandary of sneaking one in early before she gets back to the manor. Surely, she'd still be a Good Dragon even if she shows up missing a donut or two. Nobody could possibly mind....
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-07 23:37:32 93845
Bell is sitting on top of a nearby building, drinking from a large bottle of soda. Why? Displacement, basically; she's trying to find ways to get her emotions (and thus Dark Energy) under control while she's in this form, and Dr. Murano talked her out of cigarettes or alcohol (or worse), so caffeine it is!

Rubindorn, hanging around her neck in pendant form, pings. <<DA IST JEMAND MAGISCHER UND EIN GESPENST, HERRIN!>>

Bell blinks, and heads to the edge of the building. "Someone magical and a Wraith?" she says, peering down at Clotho at street level. "Uh-oh. You know what to do, Rubindorn!"


Bell puts down the soda, then throws herself off the top of the building, and in a surge of dark energy, her casual clothes are replaced with her Knight Clothing as Rubindorn becomes a sword with a blood-red blade!

And then her descent starts to slow down as she sees the other sword-wielding magical girl beat her to the wraith. "... huh."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-07 23:47:53 93848
Magical Girl Clotho shrieked and turned around. "Who, what, wh-- AHHHHH!" she shrieked as well.... she'd been sitting on the edge of the roof and, well... now? She'd actually fallen off. She had to reach out and enable her flight, flying back up before falling to her knees on the roof. "what? Who are--"

Then she saw the wraith. Or rather, the remains of the wraith as it was cleaved to pieces in that magic. "W-who?" she asked. Then her eyes widened and she got to her feet and tried to walk to her...

And fell off the upper rim, face planting on the roof... Just missing the surge of dark energy above.

"O-ow...." she whispered. Slowly, she got to her feet and shook her head. "T-thank you.! I-I mean, err. I..." She struggled to find the words, looking to the wraith. Finally... "Thank you so much for helping me! I didn't even notice that thing sneaking up on me! I could have been hurt! I'm Clotho! Magical girl Clotho!" she said...

Down below... a container full of carrot sticks, celery, cucumber and a bit too much ranch would land on poor Lamya.

Then her eyes fell on the sword and... Began to light up. "O-oh my gosh, you're a sword style magical girl, does that--

"AHEM!" Pin said, motioning to Nightbell...

Clotho glanced up and gasped. "Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh! You're BOTH magical sword style girls! Are you two part of a team? Oh oh oh oh? Are you fierce rivals? Or maybe one of you is a loner and the other is a team player who just wants the other to acknowledge her strength so you two can work together?!" .... Someone had an imagination.
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-07 23:53:12 93850
Sakuya Akahoshi is mostly expressionless as Clotho first falls off the roof and then trips onto it. Her lips twitch ever so slightly, but it may just be a stray strand of hair. Maybe. Probably not, though.

As Nightbell arrives in a wash of the Dark, Star Sword sets herself, her back foot sliding, her right hand gripping the hilt of Lichtschneider as the left holds on to the saya. Her eyes narrow slightly, unsure if the new arrival is friend or foe.

Then again, she isn't quite sure of Clotho's status either. She still hasn't said a word.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-07 23:54:18 93851
Lamya's munching on a fresh donut is inturrupted by sudden darkness and screams. Red eyes flare in the dark, making it that much easier to see, all just in time to find that ranch and carrots are about to fall on her.

She takes a casual step to the right, letting them fall to the ground, and when she looks up to find out exactly why it's raining vegitables, she sees Clotho and the two swordsgirls. She looks at the fallen carrots, then at her donuts, then back at the girls on the roof and sighs, as her newly discovered conscience tells her what the right thing to do is.

There's a rustle of cloth as emerald wings unfold from her back, and with a few flaps, she soars upwards and lands daintily on the roof. "Hi there," she says, folding her wings away, "I see one of you dropped your dinner." She holds out her boxes. "Donuts? They're freshly baked."
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-07 23:59:11 93853
Nightbell peers down at Clotho. Okay, that kid definitely has the kind of attitude she expects of the Hero-Types, although she almost immediately realize that none of the other people she's fought has that exact attitude "... No, never seen her before in my life," she says as she settles down to the rooftop. "My name's Nightbell, by the way."

She blinks at the sudden dragon-girl. "I think it's was Clotho-san's dinner," she says, gesturing to Clotho with her free hand. "I'll pass, thanks, my major source of too-much-sugar at the moment is soda."

She looks back over at the other sword-girl. "So what's your name?" she says. "Or ... title, or however you feel like introducing yourself."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 00:03:03 93854
Magical Girl Clotho blinked. And then ran to look over the side of the building. "Noooooo. My dinnerrrrr!" she whined. She stared at it sadly, pouting. Then... "Huh?" And then the kind, wonderful, beautiful woman of pure kindness and love offered her a donut. "Okay!"

"No! You can't, it's not part of your diet!" Win objected.

"You should have three or four, they're free, right? Go wild! Enjoy yourself!" Pin said.

Clotho sighed and took ONE donut. "Thank you very much for your kindness. One is plenty." She then glanced to the other two. "Err... you aren't going to start fighting... are you? I mean, we're all magical girls and kind of on the same side. The whole us fighting because we met and don't trust each other thing is a bit cliched... though... It would mean I get to see more signature attacks and those ARE pretty awesome..." she mumbled thoughtfully.
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-08 00:13:21 93856
Sakuya Akahoshi looked between the assembled. The one who briefly manifested dragon wings got a raised eyebrow but nothing more. At least outwardly. She hesitates for a moment before easing up on her stance and letting the hilt of her sword go. It's still ready enough if she needs it, but she's not overtly on the defensive any longer. Clotho's bit about all being on the same side gets a bit of a raised eyebrow.

"I suppose," she starts in a neutral tone. "You can call me Star Sword."
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-08 00:19:34 93858
"I am not a magical girl," protests Lamya. "I am a dragon." Obviously. She eyes Win and Pin warily before crouching to get a better look at them. "What odd little homunculi," she murmurs to herself. She sets her donuts dodwn and scooootches them towards Star Sword, an unspoken invitation to some donuts.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-08 00:21:37 93859
Nightbell grimaces. "I'd rather not fight right now," she says. "And I don't really have a 'signature attack'." She hesitates, then adds, "I'm also not a hundred percent sure we're on the same side, either, unless you're talking about 'humans versus deadly monsters that're dangerous to everyone' like the Wraith that just got bisected by Star Sword-san."

She nods to Star Sword. "You know, you're the third other person I've met with a Belkan weapon," she says. Then she smiles faintly. "... It's always kinda nice to meet someone with the same general origin as my own stuff, who isn't trying to just destroy me as efficiently as possible."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 00:28:42 93861
Magical Girl Clotho blinked and then. "Well, what other side... is... there..." she mumbled as she stared. And just... "YOU'RE A DRAGON?!" All other things were practically ignored as unmei went into full fangasm mode.

"Oh my gosh you're a dragon? Are you a dragon? Show me please please please! What kind of dragon are you? Are y ou a western dragon? An eastern dragon? Can I see? Please? Can I ride you? Oh my gosh, can can I see your real form? Please please please? I'll be your friend forever! Oh and don't mind them, they're just my mascots and INDREDIBLE pains in my butt!" she said happily. Oh my gosh a dragon!
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-08 00:32:03 93862
Star Sword either doesn't notice the donuts or she ignores them. Whether it's a trust thing or she just isn't hungry is hard to tell. "I wasn't even aware that there were 'sides' to begin with," she says off-handedly. Her body language seems to relax a bit more. She seems to mag-lock (or something) the scabbard to her hip, leaving her hands free.

"I just have been killing creatures like that to test my own power. It seems that most of them are not quite sufficient to challenge me."

Then Clotho goes all fangirl. Star Sword rolls her eyes so hard they might pop out of her head.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-08 00:36:42 93863
Lamya's investigations of the two critters is suddenly interrupted by a fangasming Magical Girl Clotho. Of all the reactions she's had when she's announced she was a dragon, this, by far, is the least expected one. She's used to people quietly dismissing her as boastful or crazy or, at worst actively hostible. This.... not so much.

"I..." Lamya stutters trying to keep up with the questions. "Yes.. I.... I don't think.... Western from what I.... WHATNO! ... but I ... I don't ...." She looks at the other two girls plaintively for help before just kind of giving up.

"Fine. If it will get you to calm down, I will show you." She takes a few steps back, making sure there's enough room for her to change. Her form, then grows and contorts to that of a fairly standard Western dragon, with green and red markings about her face and sides.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-08 00:40:07 93866
Nightbell peers at Clotho, then says, "I meant I'm a member of Eclipse." She doesn't put Rubindorn away, in case this gets a bad reaction. She nods to Star Sword. "I'll admit, challenge is kind of a problem," she says, tuning out Clotho's fangirling. "Still, it's best if you meet new people, join a --"


Bell ... stares at Lamya. "... dragon," she says flatly, holding Rubindorn in a slightly defensive position. "You're ... a literal, actual dragon." Her glowing red eyes narrow, and she's clearly not sure how to react to this. "Uh."
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-08 00:44:32 93868
Star Sword, having learned some things from Lichtschneider isn't too surprised that someone around here might have dragon granted powers. After all, deals are one way to gain these kinds of abilities.

She is not prepared for an actual dragon. Reflex takes over and she leaps impossibly far, landing in midair on a platform of raw magic in the shape of a violet colored Belkan magical circle. A credit to her nerves is she doesn't draw down on Lamya.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 00:45:13 93870
Magical Girl Clotho stared up at the girl with hearts for eyes. "Oh my gosh oh my gosh ohmygoshohmygoshohmygosh! Can I have your autograph? Can I cook you dinner? Can I have a scale? Can I touch your wings?" She was actually hopping up and down. "Eee, oh my gosh you--"

And then what the other girl said hit her like a ton of bricks. Her scythe suddenly shot from the ground into her hand as she turned to nightbell. "Y-you're from eclipse?! Are you... oh... wait." Then she stopped and blushed. The scythe... disappeared, forming threads of black linen that disappeared into her armor. "You're... you don't seem to actually... know who I am. Right. I guess I was a nobody and err, nevermind." She did kind of inch away from the girl, the dragon between them. And then eeeed. "Oh my gosh you look even COOLER from this angle? Can I please please please ride you? Jsut once? Please? I'll do anything you want!"

"You're being rude," Win said. "And obnoxious."
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-08 00:49:24 93872
"Yes," Lamya answers to Nightbell, her voice a deep rumble. "I did say I was a dragon, not a magical girl." A giant red eye watches Star Sword react, and she sighs. "This is why I don't show this form often," she says, and her form shrinks back down to that of a regular twelve year old schoolgirl (with red reptilian eyes and green hair. Perfrectly normal.) "I..." she pauses, considering how much to divulge. "I cannot maintain that form for verly long," she admit. She walks over to the box of donuts and grabs one to stuff in her face. "Not anymore. So this is more my true form now than that."
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-08 00:53:16 93873
Nightbell frowns at Clotho. "... Should I know who you are?" she says somewhat belligerently, shifting into a slightly more offensive-ready stance.

And then she suddenly stops. The last time she needlessly attacked someone who had previously worked with Eclipse, things went ... badly.

She grimaces, fighting against her urge to attack anyway. "... yeah, no ... Rubindorn, let's just ... yeah."

Ping! <<EHM, OK!>> There's a surge of darkness, and then Rubindorn is hanging around her neck in pendant form again.

Bell exhales, looking slightly relieved. "Sorry."
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-08 01:05:06 93876
Star Sword does not power down, but she keeps her distance for now. Out of caution and wariness of these strangers. She doesn't just leave, though.

Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 01:08:43 93879
Magical Girl Clotho then did probably the worst thing. Her attention was fully on the little girl. And so when she went from dragon to... tiny little twelve year old girl... Well...

The poor girl would find herself suddenly picked up and hugged so tight. "Oh my gosh you turn into an adorable little girl too! Eeeeee! Oh my gosh you're absolutely precious and adorable and amazing and a dragon and so cute and eeeeee!" Oh my gosh whyyyyyyyy?! No one deserved this! Poor lamya having met one of her fangirls! The worst, possible, thing!
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-08 01:10:32 93881
Bell stares at Clotho just grabbing the dragon like that. "... you have got to be kidding me," she says.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-08 01:11:55 93883
Lamya's expression echoes that of Nightbell's. You have got to be kidding me. She's pickd up and squished and spun around. "I... um.... " is all she manages to say while blushing furioiusly. Nothing in her long life has ever prepared her for this.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 01:38:18 93893
Magical Girl Clotho squealed and hugged the girl, before letting her go and kneeling down by her. "Oh my gosh how long have you been in the city? Have you... been here a long time? Can we meet again? Can I give you my number? Eeee! If you ever need any help from me, let me know, okay? Here's my number!" she said, giving a small piece of paper to the girl.

"I'm really sorry about her," Win said with a sigh. "She just watched the season finale of go go magical girl cherry blossom two days ago and there was a dragon in it and she's kind of... easily influenced..."

"I am not! Okay, I am, but Kunzite is helping me with that!"
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-08 01:44:21 93896
Star Sword says, to anyone who is paying attention. "Does this happen often?" She at least sounds amused. Over there. On her magic platform.

At least she's not trying to bisect anyone.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-08 01:55:31 93899
Bell shrugs, looking over at Star Sword. "... Not that I've ... literally ever seen before," she says flatly. Then she turns to Lamya. "Uh. You okay, kid?" She sounds like she isn't entirely comfortable saying this.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-08 02:04:35 93904
Lamya's eyes are kind of spinning around dizzily. "I..." and then a piece of paper is shoved into her hand. "What? Thank you I am." She staggers for a bit trying to get her bearings back and looks at the number in her hand, then carefully tucking it into a pocket. "I think I need another donut," she mumbles to herself, and grabs yet another one from the box. At this rate she'll only have one box to bring back to the mansion.

Once things have settled down a little bit she turns to Clotho. "Was the dragon in this show a good dragon?" she asks. For reasons.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 02:20:22 93911
Magical Girl Clotho nodded. "Uh huh! She was the best! In the final hour when--"

"Oh dear heavens here she goes..." Pin and win said. It seemed for once they agreed on something.

"And then she unleashed the power of the dragon fang blade and...

"She's gonna go for hours, isn't she, Pin?"

"Of course. She used to be worse, you know. It's maybe a good sign of you being around again, Win. At least she isn't totally lost..."

"But then it turned out the Rose bush was actually the dragon's long lost daughter and..."

"Do you think this is all part of Clotho's plan?" Pin asked with a sigh. "Drive us nuts?"

"Possibly. She was always a cruel goddess."

"And then there were the fifty seven guardians of the dragon who, while not fully documented..." Oh my gosh someone stop her....
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-08 02:38:47 93916
Bell calmly and wordlessly walks over, glowing eyes steadily gazing at Clotho, then dematerializes one of her gauntlets and flicks the girl's ear.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-08 02:42:25 93917
Lamya listens to Clotho with rapt attention. She's never heard of a tale like this before, weird and fantasical, where the dragon is a hero and not a monster to be slain. If nobody had stopped her, Lamya would have listened for hours. "What was the name of this again?" she asks. "I wonder if Lacrima can show me how to watch this."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 02:48:58 93918
Magical Girl Clotho yelped as suddenly her ear was flicked. "O-oh! Right. Yes. Ummm. Right! I need to, um, yes. Oh! You haven't?! Oh, it's go go magical girl cherry blossom! and if you want more things with dragons in it there's the mythical dragon sorceress, there's also go go Ryu Hibiki, and..." She listed them.... "Oh, and dragon half! Oh, wait, you're a little young for that."

"I don't know if watching dragon half is a good idea. Last time you watched it, you were goat for a week," Win said.

"Bah, she's a teen, let her enjoy a bit of her--" And both birds were caught in her hands. "Aaaaand that's enough of you too! Here!" She gave another piece of paper to Lamya. "Come by sometime, okay? I'll lend you the full set! They're awesome! But I realllllly need to go or I'll make people worry. Thanksfor the donut!" And with that she ran and leaped off the building.
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-08 02:52:58 93919
Star Sword watched all this unfold unblinkingly. As Clotho takes off, she just shakes her head. Sge glances as Lamya and Nightbell one more time before she too makes her escape.

The'll probably run into her again.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-08 02:53:11 93920
Lamya blinks some more. Blinks at the second sheet of paper in her hand (which that too is stored carefully in a pocket) and blinks as suddenly Clotho is gone. "Uh...." She looks at Nightbell and Star Sword. "Did I... Did I just make a friend?"
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-08 02:54:53 93921
Bell exhales, and dematerializes her Knight Clothing in another burst of darkness. "Maybe, I guess," she says. "I'm not too experienced in the 'friends' department."

She watches Clotho leave and then Star Sword, then shrugs. "Well, that could've gone worse," she mutters. "Guess I'll head out, too." She then rises up off the ground and floats back up to the other rooftop to pick up her soda again.