Spears, shakes and life choices

After a harsh day of training, Kyouko and Unmei get some nice smoothies. There they meet Miho and Unmei learns something new...

Date: 2018-08-08
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Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 14:27:37 93929
Unmei Tama hurt. Allll over. Every inch of her. Why? Because Kyouko didn't hold back. And even if unmei's ability was 'potential', there was only so much she could learn at a time. still, she was getting better.

She might have even got kyouko once or twice. Still, in the end, as always, she was exhausted after and wanted something sweet. And so smoothies sounded like the ideal treat for the two. she walked to the counter and... "a ummm... strawberry, please," she said. "la-+"

"isn't that a bit much?" win asked. "what happened to your diet?"

"Grrrr... smal--"

"Oh she worked hard today. let her have some fun," pin objected.

Unmei pinched the bridge of her nose, before glaring at the peacock and phoenix on her shoulders. "I'll have a medium. any objections?!"

"errr... are you okay, miss?" the teller asked.

"What? Yes! Fine! Medium strawberry! Oh, wait! Strawberry banana. How about you, Kyouko?"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 14:34:35 93930
    To say that Kyouko is happy to go hang out with Unmei might be stretching the truth a little, but if there's any way to convince Kyouko to go someplace with you, it's to offer her milkshakes. Not to mention, with all the stress and crap going on right now there's something to be said for a few hours hanging out at the arcade, eating junk food and maybe playing some DDR.

    So it is that Kyouko is here, hands in the pockets of her jeans, glancing around the place with absent caution ingrained by the current mood to take stock of the current patronage. She glances over at Unmei when the girl asks what she'd like. "Huh? Oh, I'll take chocolate. Large." No diet for her, but Kyouko burns calories like a furnace and probably needs to replace all that sugar and fat after a workout.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 14:42:17 93932
Miho has been sleeping badly, but the nightmares have started to wane, and she's already feeling better. This ... doesn't actually change the major disaster on Saturday evening or the revelation on Sunday morning, but Miho has decided to stop moping around and play video games in a crowded and noisy environment.

She makes it through the first couple of levels before figuring out that, even if individual people aren't particularly intimidating compared to Sailor Earth, she still has trouble with noise and crowds. After her third game-over in a row, she sighs and turns away from the game. She blinks when she sees Kyouko, Unmei, and Unmei's mascots, and ... with about half as much reluctance as she had when she met Mamoru for the first time, she heads right on over. "Hi, Sakura-san," she says, in her scratchy and fairly androgynous voice. She notices Kyouko's nervousness, but she isn't sure whether it's because of Unmei or the environment. "Who's your ... friend?"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 14:52:04 93933
Unmei Tama glanced over to the other girl. "Hi, i..." And she trailed off. She then shook her head. "Hi, I'm unmei! Nice to meet you. are you one of Kyouko's friends?" she asked. "Want a shake?" she wanted to say 'my treat' but well. technically it was Mamoro's. and he was... best not think about it.

"We just finished our weekly session if Kyouko slamming me into the ground, so we're getting shakes to celebrate my survival," she joked.

"You didn't do as bad this time, Clotho," Win encouraged. "now if you would just stop giving into temptation and--"

"shush you," unmei said under her breath. She wondered if this girl was magical...?
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 14:57:24 93934
    Nervous isn't quite the right word for what Kyouko is- more like cautious, like an animal in unfamiliar territory. Not that this is unfamiliar territory, she spends quite a bit of time at the arcade, but with the given situation you can never be too careful. She notices Miho approaching before the girl actually speaks, and gives her a brief head-dip of greeting.

    "Hey, Miho. Oh, this is Unmei.. Mamoru and Kunzite and people helped her out a while back, and she's been coming to our training sessions at the gym recently to get pointers on polearm fighting." A succinct summary that leaves out bad blood and details, probably for the better.

    She then says to Unmei, "This is Kagami Miho, she's a friend. She helped me out when I busted a few ribs last week." She reaches up to accept her milkshake as it's handed over to her by the guy behind the counter.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 15:07:06 93935
Miho smiles. "Pleased to meet you!" she says, and glances at Kyouko. "Well. Getting slammed into the ground doesn't seem like my idea of a good time, but it's good to see you guys are having fun, at least." Her eyes shift towards Win, then back at Unmei and mouths 'Clotho?' with a questioning look. Well, she can see Unmei's mascots, at least.

She gives the bustle of the Crown a pointed look, then orders a strawberry shake and nods to Unmei in response to Kyouko's summary. "Yeah, I'm new at all that stuff," she says carefully, "but actually being able to help people out is just great." A pause. "Especially when things ... pick up, and all that."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 15:11:25 93936
Unmei Tama nodded. "Yeah. Mamoru and Kunzite saved me when I... well... when I was really stupid."

"i wouldn't say stupid..." pin objected.

"I would. And yeah. Kyouko has been really generous in helping me develop since... I wasn't very good at first. and she's an amazing spear fighter. I've learned so much."

The mouthing made her relax. "Ohhh. yeah. My uhhh... Nickname is Clotho. I'm not very good yet, though. But I've had a lot of help from everyone, so... it's been nice. I never could have made it this far without them." She took her drink and sipped it, before sighing contently. "If you ever need any pounters... ask Kunzite, i really shouldn't be giving advice." For once, both her mascots were in agreement and nodded. "You two suck..." she muttered bitterly. "So, what kind arr you? I study them a lot in my free time."

"Spends alllll day watching magical girl anime. I don't know how they keep making more," Pin said with a shudder and drawing a blush from unmei.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 15:16:01 93937
    "It's not fun, it's training." Kyouko says, haughtily.. then shrugs. "Well, it's a little fun, I guess. I suppose I have a hard time separating work and play." She gives a bit of a grin at that. Then she adds, "Healing is valuable, don't undersell yourself." To Miho.

    Kyouko does not have the good grace to blush at being complimented, instead looking like it's only the truth, but at least she doesn't preen either. She does say, "I wouldn't exactly go bugging Kunzite for advice at the moment. We're all a little.. uh.. preoccupied. But once things calm down, yes, he's good at that sort of thing."

    She takes her milkshake and makes her way over to an empty table sprawling in one of the chairs in a loose-limbed fasion and combing a hand through her short hair while taking another drink.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 15:24:56 93938
Miho pays for her own milkshake and follows after Kyouko. "My 'nickname'," she says carefully, glancing around, "is Life Mahou Joy. Basically I can heal people with my Life Blessing, purify dark stuff, boost other people's abilities, and I can go really fast." She shrugs at Kyouko's comment about selling herself short. "I mean, I've got healing down pat for the most part, but I'm still figuring everything else out, too." Taking Kyouko's cue about not giving anything away, she says, "Just this last Saturday I used a move called 'Life Blessing Pure Halation', but then I found out that Sailor Moon has a move called 'Moon Princess Halation' ..." She grins. "... and she mentioned that she used to think it was 'Moon Princess Elation', so I'm gonna rename mine 'Pure Elation.' Y'know, keeping to the 'Joy' thing."

At Pin's comment, she just says, "Probably just cuz it makes them lots of money."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 15:34:53 93939
Unmei Tama blinked and nodded, sitting with the girl. "I uhhh... wow. that's really cool. i don't have anything like that. I mostly just make weapons and armor. Oh, and tiny lil gremlin nonsters but they're kind of useless. But I can't do anything like healing or purifying. So... how'd you become one? if you don't mind me asking? I'm sure it's a really good story!"

"She was probably some princess of the stars or something. it's how all your shows seem to go."

"Pin, shush. i will flush you again. shouldn't you be a hair pin? actually, yes. Both of you. Hair pins, now."

Tje birds sighed amd ran into her head, forming black hair pins. "I'm sorry about them. They're... a handful. And obnoxious."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 15:38:08 93940
    Kyouko seems happy enough to let the other two girls chat for the time being, leaning back in her chair and sipping on the milkshake, her posture sprawled and lazy with an easy grace that seems to come naturally to her, showing no ill-effects after the end of a rather rigirous training session. But even as she is so relaxed, her eyes keep darting around the room, and it's obvious she's keeping an eye out for any potential trouble. Not that she expects Earth to make a move here, of all places, but she's not the type to relax completely when so much is going on.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 15:45:59 93941
Miho rolls her eyes at the birds. "Will you two settle the heck down? Thank you." She focuses back on Unmei. "Basically, I inherited a Death Curse and a Life Blessing from my great grandmother," she says. "Oujino Miho, my mom got the name from her." (This is not the same thing as saying that her mother actually named her that when she was born.) There's an uncontrollable smile as she adds, "And they were passed down from mother to daughter until they reached me."

And then she just sighs. "... The big problem is," she says, and her voice takes a downward shift in pitch, sounding a bit more scratchy and androgynous, "the Curse means that a bunch of monsters are after me, and even if my purification does have a sort of type-match advantage over all of them ... it also gives me a direct line to this shadowy fox-spirit named Noroiko." She does her best to bring the pitch back up. "And she is a real jerk, let's just put it that way."

She turns to Kyouko and adds, "I haven't found out anything since Sunday, by the way, she just went back to complete silence as if she was never there."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 15:52:03 93942
Unmei Tama blinked and then frowned. Was it... Nah. it was probably her imagination. Deja vu. She just swore she'd seen someone act like this before(herself), but she couldn't quite place it.

"That's pretty... interesting. i mean, it could be worse, right? you're in the right city for it. There are a TON of magical girls here. And they're really strong!"

She smiled and then... "Here. My cell phone number. if you ever need a hand, let me know, okay? I mean... I'm not always available. but when i am, i will!"

She chuckled. "So I'm guessing Noroiko is your wise mentor figure who talks in riddles and stuff, right? I think mine is supposed to be Clotho but I've never actually met her. Sometimes Pin and Win say they have directions from her, but i think they may make stuff up."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 16:01:08 93943
Miho sees Unmei's reaction, and immediately tenses up, remembering Jiaying noticing something similar. But she chuckles at the other girl's next words. "Oh, definitely," she says. "Even before I knew I had this combo, I already knew I trusted 'the good guys' to keep me safe. And I mean I'm not about to stop trusting people that I can also protect myself." She grins as she accepts the paper. "Quite the opposite, in fact!"

She grimaces. "Ahaha, nope, Noroiko's my arch-nemesis!" she says, and her voice starts doing the downward pitch shift again. "She just announced that I was going to die no matter what I did, whether it was from her or the spider-demon that originally kidnapped my great grandmother -- who is also on the loose and is a huge jerk, by the way -- aaaaand it's just ..." She sighs, and gets her voice back under a little more control again. "... I don't know what's gonna happen next, basically."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 16:04:58 93944
Unmei Tama blinked and then... slowly reached out. she put a hand over the other girl's hand.

"You don't? Then I can tell you. we're gonna win! Even if you have to fight and bad people attack you, in the end we always win. We always beat the bad guys back. Save the princess. win the day. Because we're magical girls and that's what we do. you know why?"

"Because we've got experience! We know how to win. So some stupid dumb dark fox and his spider monster thing doesn't have anything on us. okay? I promise."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 16:11:51 93945
Miho gets a faint blush as Unmei touches her hand, but she nods along. "Oka--" Her voice is too low; she clears her throat and tries again. "Okay!" she says. "I ... I get that!" She shakes her head. "It's just, I'm talking about more ... the minute-to-minute things like 'when and how Noroiko's gonna cause trouble next time.'" She grins weakly. "Sorry, it's ... I've just had a terrible weekend, everything seems like it's been turned on its head, and I just feel like so much stuff almost doesn't matter anymore." Definitely talking about the Noroiko Surprise there, absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with whatever state Mamoru or Sailor Earth might or not be in at the moment, nor the fact that Miho saw how they respectively got there, nuh-uh ...
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 16:14:03 93946
    Kyouko has been sitting and sipping her milkshake and listening to the other girls' talk without really paying close attention, her mind on the various things going on with regards to Earth and Mamoru and etc etc. The milkshake is more than half gone at this point, though she does glance back towards Miho when the girl mentions that nothing new has developed with regards to Noroiko. "Mmm. Well that's good. For now, I mean. Better she stay quiet until we can resolve our other issues. Don't worry though. Like Unmei says, if something does come of it, we'll deal with it. Kinda our job, and stuff." Siiiiiip. So blase. Then again you kinda have to be when you've seen the crap Kyouko has seen, if you wanna stay sane. (Even if sane might be stretching it sometimes, with her).
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 16:22:30 93947
Unmei Tama nodded. "Yeah. i... guess that is worry. I've been lucky, i guess. The biggest threat to me was always myself. cause I'm kind of am idiot," she said with a chuckle.

"yeah... it's... been a bit rough..." she mumbled, coughing. she's trying to stay relatively calm about everything. Since going berserk... no one needed her going on a power fit right now. "And that can happen. Sometimes things get intense and you need to tske a step back and just... think about things. Like the people you love. And who love you and-- OH MY GOSH!" It finally clicked. She covered her mouth, staring with wide eyes.

Wow. unmei. Subtle. .
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 16:27:44 93948
Miho is about to ask for a bit more clarification -- she certainly knows someone else who screwed up, and how she handled it -- but at that sudden outburst, she freezes up, looking like she's about to go into pure panic-mode, and her hand ... bumps against her milkshake and almost knocks it over. "... Uhhhh ..." She knows exactly what Unmei just figured out.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 16:29:32 93949
    Kyouko reaches out with her free hand to catch Miho's milkshake before it topples over, her eyes suddenly narrowing as she looks at the girl's face and sees the burdgeoning panic there, instantly turning to look around the place and expecting to see youma coming in the door or something, because she hasn't been paying attention to the conversation and the actual situation has totally gone over her head.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 16:36:02 93950
Unmei Tama stared. there's no way she's... but well... there were little signs. All over. The more she looked, the more apparent it became. especially considering all the little tricks and things she learned to hide it. The way she'd been talking. All the little hiccups.

"Are you a... i mwan do you... were you... before there... i mean.... is... are you a... were you... did you used to...."

She had no idea how to ask it. "I'm sorry. never mind. It's nothing. my imagination."

*We could always check.* Pin offered in her mind, so the others couldn't hear.

"No!" she managed to squeak, going bright red.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 16:50:54 93952
Unmei Tama stared at her, looking... uneasy. Distracted. Was this girl like her? she looked her up and down. Completely unaware of how rude she was being. and just...
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 16:52:45 93953
Miho takes the milkshake. "... Thanks, Sakura-san." She spends a few seconds regarding Unmei carefully as she stalls to try to call herself down by drinking from her milkshake. Hmm ... there's a few things that might be interpreted as signs, but mostly she just looks and sounds like a cis girl. Y'know, like Moriko-chan looked and sounded the last time I saw her. Point in favor: Unmei clearly knew what to look for. Point against: she doesn't know the word.

Okay, there's nothing solid, so ... Miho settles for a gamble. She glances at Kyouko, whom she's already out to, then turns back to Unmei as she firmly says, "Yes, I'm transgender," she says. A brief pause, then, "Are you a trans girl too?"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 16:54:04 93954
Unmei Tama being incredibly rude. She coughed and then...

OH MY GOSH SHE ASKED! "Yes," she blurted out before she could stop herself. "sorta. i mean. my magic makes me a girl now it was... my wish. but ummm... yeah. i was a... boy once and ummm... sorry..." she mumbled.

"Kyouko's a girl though. i think. i mean I'm sure!" This is why they don't get along...!
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 17:00:37 93955
    Kyouko finally seems to get what's going on at this point, and visibly relaxes, because as awkward as the other two are being, at least there aren't any monsters coming to kill them. Well, right now, anyway. She slumps back in her chair, sucking on her milkshake straw again. "Damn, gimme a freakin' heart attack.." She mumbles into the straw, to herself.

    Then Unmei is asserting Kyouko's femininity, but luckily since it is actually true and also not a secret, Kyouko just arches a brow at her. "Yes? Is that shocking? I know I'm probably the least feminine shitennou, but.." She smirks a little. "Zoi's been giving me tips on doing my hair."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 17:17:56 93956
Miho runs a hand through her hair and sighs gently. "Well, yes, I know she's a girl," she says firmly. "So am I. I wouldn't have gotten this curse and blessing if I wasn't; I did say it was passed from mother to daughter." She smiles. "It's just that I was so easily mistaken for a boy, it took until I was at the beginning of middle school to figure this out, and now requires constant medical attention and daily pills to keep my biology on track. And now I get to say I kicked destiny in the shins even before I found out about magic." She makes a face. "I ... have the correct body when I'm in henshin, which means it's always ... bothersome to change back. But ..." She puts her hand on Unmei's. "Unmei-chan, just sincerely thinking 'I wish I was a girl' means that you're a girl. The rest is just how you present yourself to the world."

She giggles at Kyouko's 'least feminine shitennou' comment. "I'm glad you're the one who said that," she says, and peers at Kyouko's hair for a moment. "... Can't see any of those dudes giving bad advice, either. Your hair does look nice, very ... snappy, very 'you'."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 17:23:18 93957
Unmei Tama flushed. "W-what? I umm.. i know I'm... a girl. definitely a girl... Kunzite and... everyone is making sure that i get hormones when needed and... i don't intend to let the clotho gem leave me ever again. that was a disaster..." she mumbled.

"Yeah. I remember the first time I saw Kyouko with it. Her long hair was gorgeous but... i think this definitely suits her more."

She nodded rapidly. "And definitely. they give the BEST advice. I'd definitely be dead now if it wasn't for them. Or still in eclipse. or I guess with my parents... but that was practically dead anyway," she mumbled.

"I'm surprised you de-henshin at all. I'd be clotho forever if it was the only way to be a girl..."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 17:29:18 93958
    Kyouko blinks at Miho and Unmei, perhaps with just a little bit of a flush to her cheeks because despite the fact that she has a girlfriend and friends and brothers now she still isn't really used to getting compliments, especially about her appearance. She's generally not the type to care which makes it all the more startling when somebody actually says she looks nice. "Well, of course it's very me, it's my hair." She says, but she looks pleased anyway. "I just got tired of having an ass-length ponytail, y'know, the only reason it got that long in the first place is that when you're homeless and broke it's kind of hard to get a decent haircut."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 17:36:39 93959
Miho grins. "Well, I mean ... you can't just constantly be in henshin, right?" she says. She glances at Kyouko. "I mean. I don't know enough about all this to be able to say why, and I seem to be the only Life Mahou right now so I can't just ask someone else who has my exact power, but ... staying in henshin 24/7, or I mean even just when you're awake, sounds like the kind of thing that would be a bad idea." Beat. "... Anyway, my parents would notice my blue hair. And ... everything else, really."

She nods to Kyouko. "Yeah, for some reason, I can't actually imagine you with long hair or a ponytail or anything," she says.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 17:41:37 93960
Unmei Tama giggled a little. "I wonder if i could grow mine out to ass length. Maybe it'd draw a little attention to..." And then trailed off. Right. Not really the time for that. Anyway...

"Why not? I used to stay in it for... actually, ignkre me. I turned into a like. It was painful. and awful. So stayong transformed and leaning on your magic too long is... rough. Might make you sick."

"Oh, trust me. her hair was beautiful. Whenever she moved, her hair would dance and flick around her. it was beautiful when she was on your side. This is still cute, though. "
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 17:45:43 93961
    Kyouko shrugs. "It probably works differently for everybody." She says. "For Puella, we have a finite amount of magic we can use before we.. die, which we have to keep replenishing with Grief Seeds to stop it running out and us keeling over. So de-henshining is sort of like going into power-savings mode. Keeps the energy-consumption down when we don't need it so we don't need to purify as often." She still hasn't quite gotten used to the fact that those rules don't really apply to her anymore.

    "Might be different for you, but I really can't say. I think for most it's just a convinience thing." She smirks, then. "I had really long hair for a long time. Like, so much hair. Like I said, mostly due to not having a good way to get it cut. Unmei is a flatterer, it was more of a pain than anything and half the time it was gross because homelessness doesn't lend itself to regular showers, either. Though, I guess by the time I first met Unmei I already had my own apartment so she thankfully wouldn't have seen that."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 17:52:44 93962
Miho nods. "See? Exactly the kind of thing I was worried about there," she says dryly. "I mean ... I know that safe ways of just changing your appearance exist, it's just that they aren't exactly readily available, if you take my meaning." She shrugs. "And my parents would still be an issue. ... Dunno if or when I'll ever be able to tell them ..."

She shrugs at Kyouko's comment. "I dunno if it's just convenience for me," she says. "I can generally heal people faster once I've got it going. Although also I don't really have any basis for comparison outside of that so ..." She gives a big shrug. "Who knows!"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 18:02:28 93963
Unmei Tama sighed and nodded. "Yeah. Mamo and Kun really had to go through a lot to even get me on the hormones i needed. even then I still feel better with the gem on me. And ew... that does sound icky. Lucky i never had to go through that. and... yeah. I'm sorry. i couldn't imagine being in your position again. i was miserable when i was there. but... if you ever need someone to talk to, or some help, or anything, just let me know. okay? i don't know how much i can do though...."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 18:06:41 93964
    "Hey, I know how you feel," Kyouko says dryly to Miho. "My dad was an evangelical Christian preacher and I'm gay. How do you think that woulda sat with him? Thankfully by the time I had anything like the wherewithal to even think about something like that, he'd already been dead for years. Not," She says, hurridly, "That I'm insinuating your parents are as bad as my dad was, just saying, problems with parents are not something too bizarre."

    She glances at Unmei, then nods her head. "Well, I suppose having people to talk to always helps."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 18:15:52 93965
Miho nods. "My parents are closer to Mamoru-kun and Kunzite-san," she says. "The three of us just pulled out all the stops, doing research, getting resources and medicines ... It's almost slightly smothering how much they support me. But I wouldn't have it any other way." She shrugs. "Still, yeah. Sometimes, all you need is someone to talk to, and to just be able to say 'someone like me.'" She smiles to Unmei.

She reaches the bottom of her milkshake. "Well ... wow okay, I spent a little longer here than I expected." She grins nervously to Kyouko. "In light of recent events, I'm not gonna be intimidated by anyone any time soon, but ... I am still not a crowd-person." She glances between Unmei and Kyouko. "I'll see you guys later, all right?"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 18:24:14 93966
Unmei Tama nodded, then blinked. "Yeah... That... would have been rough... I don't wanna imagine what my parents would do if they knew half of what happened..." She then gave the girl a wave. "You be safe, okay? if you ever need a place to visit or anything, my door is always open!"

Then, once the girl was gone. "hey... Kyouko... can ummm... can i ask you some... advice? Err... and promise not to tell anyone? Not magical related..."
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 18:25:50 93967
    Kyouko glances at Miho as the girl gets ready to leave. She lifts a hand in a casual wave. "Alright. See ya later, Miho. Stay safe." Definitely a reference to the magical mayhem going on at the moment rather than anything else.

    Then Kyouko blinks and looks at Unmei. "You want my advice? First for everything I guess. Usually people just tell me I'm crazy when I say what they should do." She snorts. "Well you can ask, but I can't promise you'll like the answer I give, I'm not very good at that sort of thing."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-08 18:27:09 93968
Miho takes her glass to the front, and then hurries out of the crowded arcade, arms crossed with her left grasping her right! She thus misses Unmei's question completely.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 18:29:23 93969
Unmei Tama sighed and stirred the shake a little. "it's... kinda about your relationship... when... i mean.. your girlfriend. err..."

She sighed. "How does she make you feel when you're together?" she finally just asked.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 18:33:46 93970
    Kyouko blinks at Unmei. "What, Naru?" She asks, as if she has some other girlfriend. You'd think a question like that might make her blush, but it doesn't, really. Kyouko isn't the sort to attach any sort of taboo to things like relationships. They just sort of are. She thinks about it for a moment, and then says, "Naru lets me be the best me that I can be. If that makes sense. Sorry, words ain't ever exactly been my strong point. But what I'm tryin' to say is that I never realized how incomplete I was as a person until I met her. I mean.. same is kinda true for Mamoru, and the guys? But in a different way."

    "It's not like.. giddy joy or crazy lust or constant happiness or anything like that." She waves a hand dismissively. "It's just.. solid. Like when we're together, everything is as it should be, and when we're not, it's just not quite right. Kinda like that."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 18:51:09 93971
Unmei Tama gave another nod. "And... it's always... like that?" she mumbled. "Do you ever get... frustrated when she's around? or... annoyed that she's coming over or like.... any of that?" she mumbled.

"Or like... want her to go... somewhere.... else sometimes?" she mumbled, glancing off to the side. "sorry, is this weird?"
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 18:53:55 93972
    Kyouko blinks. "I mean, it's not weird, I just don't really know what you're getting at. I mean sure, we get pissed at each other. Hell, she threw a mug full of boiling soup at my head once, and I almost stabbed her. The guys joke they can hear us screaming at each other from ten floors up, sometimes. But it's just.. y'know, just fighting. Like it's usually over dumb shit and we get over it. And yeah sometimes I storm out or she does, but once we calm down, we come back and say sorry. There's usually a reason though, even if it's a dumb one. Like, we don't fight all the time, that's not what I'm trying to say, I'm just saying that we do fight and it can be pretty intense, but there's always a reason, and once we figure out what the reason is and do something about it then it's better. I can't think of any time I've just.. not wanted her around, when I wasn't pissed about something specific."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-08 18:58:49 93973
Unmei Tama nodded. "Right. I just wanted to know. was curious. Reading a lot of books about romance and all that, figured hey. You're a girl. I should get you're thoughts on ot. And find out how you feel. Thanks, you were a real help." She slid out of the chsir and then stopped. "Is... umm... i... are the others..." she sighed and shook her head. "I'll see you next week, okay? I can't wait!" Then ran off, leaving the other girl behind.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-08 19:09:30 93974
    "Hmph. Being a girl makes me qualified to comment on relationships? Go figure." Kyouko says to herself, watching as Unmei runs off and shaking her head slightly. Then she shrugs, finishes her milkshake, and gets up to head back to the Palaces and check up on Mamoru.