A Whale of a Conversation

Chibiusa is told there are whales but is too shore to see them. A purple haired vampire girl named Lacrima helps her out, then buys her ice cream. Aren't vampires supposed to be mean and scary? Not that she knows of course!

Date: 2018-08-11
Pose Count: 14
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-08-11 06:36:13 94088
It was the summer. It meant it was hot, and today was no different! Chibiusa Tsukino was out again keeping her ear to the ground and looking for ways to save her mom and dad. She didn't have luck all morning. This is nothing new to her. She's been looking for over a year. She's been stuck here for a year and she misses her mom and dad, and her aunts and even some people she remembers ever meeting once. She is homesick.

Then there are some people talking about a whale in the harbor. A whale!? She's only read about those in books. No one ever brought her to the ocean before, now that she thinks very hard on it. She tries to peek over the edge of the guard of the pier she was walking on. Still trying...

She's jumping and she isn't reaching the top. She looks around. There's people. She got weird looks when she spoke to Luna-P in that bakery cafe the other week, so using Luna-P to peek over the ledge is not an option. "Come on..." she says frustratedly. Hundreds of years old and can't peek over a stupid barrier. Can't help her parents. Can't see a whale. IS everything in her life so hopeless?

She begins to sulk, and does a tempertantrum like stamp to the ground.
Lacrima 2018-08-11 06:48:49 94089
Lacrima needed to get her head straight. Takashi stepped over a line with his most recent experiment. Mamoru was dead... but not... 'dead' dead. Her brother was apparently a reincarnation of one of history's greatest hidden monsters- and wanted to kill her and her friends. She'd need to find Alexis-niisan. Get him to track down a place where his mom is holding some Eclipse-class magical research equipment, make a lab in the basement. Just in case Takashi does something even more insane than what he did already and she's left needing to make the choice to stay or leave.

She'll cross that bridge if and when she comes to it. For now she was walking down the edge of the pier. There's some commotion about a whale. She doesn't look up. It's a bad memory she doesn't want to observe right now. How her brother would take her to see the whales in the summer when it was so hot out. She passes a shock of pink that huffs and is acting as she feels inside. She passes by her, not paying her anymore mind.

Then she runs that girl through her head one more time. Some...thing familiar? Maybe she's thinking of that Pink Prism Keeper. Maybe it's something about her looks.

But regardless, she closes her eyes, takes a defeated sigh, and turns around and walks back. Head held more straighter and high.

"....are you okay?" she asks the younger girl. "You seem... upset." she says in a slight taciturn manner. She doesn't know this girl. She doesn't know how she may respond to a sad demeanor, so she's wearing the straight face for now.
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-08-11 06:57:47 94090
Chibiusa Tsukino does not pay the purple haired older girl any mind at first when she passes, but when she turns to continue her walk on the pier she's faced with that same girl and she talks to her. She observes her for a moment. Luna-P isn't pinging a warning at her. Yup. She has no idea who this girl is. "Uh.. H-hi?" she asks. "Yeah." she says with a tone of depression. "I can't look over the pier at the whale that's there. For all I know there isn't even one and people are playing a mean trick." she says, like it's anywhere in the realm of possibility like an entire pier is playing a joke on her, in complete seriousness.

"I hate being a kid." she says. It's true. Just coming from her, it sounds more like it's coming from the usual 'I want to be a grownup' phase that kids her apparent age may go through rather than anything more complicated than the reality.

"I like your hair..." she says. "I've seen lots of other colors, but not a lot of purple." she says. "My name is Chibiusa." she says. "Just... Chibiusa." she adds to that in a not at all normal manner.
Lacrima 2018-08-11 07:10:47 94091
She can't look over the pier...


"Ryyyyo-niisan." Norie whines. "I can't see over the guard! This is dumb!" the younger girl complains to her older brother. It's the first time that mom and dad is letting Ryo take her to the beach without them! Ryo merely gives her a smug, playful shrug. "Oh well, guess the whales are gonna miss you waving at 'em." he says in his usual manner where in he gave her brotherly guff.

"Ryo, you're mean!" says the younger Norie. "This isn't fun!" she says with a huff, and a footstamp.

"Fine, fine, hold your horses." says the blonder hair older brother as he places his hands under her armpits and lifts her up with a huff, "Here... hold onto the top of the handrail... there we go..."

"Wow!" goes Norie as she looks wide eyed at the whale.


Lacrima gets a blank look for a moment as she twitches a moment. Yeah. This is what she was trying to avoid. Memories she doesn't want to relive right now.

She manages to keep her cool. She takes a deep breath. "My name is Lacrima." she says softly. "Just, Lacrima." she adds as Chibiusa did to her own name. She purses her lips as she eyes the girl. "....ah." she says quietly. "I used to have a problem when I was about your age like that. But I always had my father or my brother..." she trails off for a moment. "To help me by lifting me up." she finishes. She looks around. This girl seems to be here alone.

"Do you... want me to lift you up so you can see over the edge?" she offers. This isn't exactly a big deal to her. It's going to take... what. Five minutes? Ten minutes out of her day?
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-08-11 07:16:51 94092
Lacrima is an odd name. It's not what she expected to hear. It sounds exotic, but everything about this girl seems off in a way she can't quite place. It is not as unsettling to her as it probably should be. Lacrima mentions a father helping her up. Poppa would help her if she needed it, she's sure of it. Poppa isn't here though. Instead there is a purple haired girl offering to help her peek over the edge. No one else that saw her stamp and complain offered. Just this girl who talks odd and taciturn. She doesn't need long to think about it though.

"Oh! You'll do that? Yes please!" she says with all the frever of her apparent age. She wants to see an animal like that, that isn't in a book, or a video. She turns to the pier's guard and looks back. "Um, just lift me up when you're ready then I guess!" she says. "I'm not fat so it should be easy to pick me up!" she says in an almost princessly and snooty manner. Just a little of sorts.
Lacrima 2018-08-11 07:40:36 94093
Lacrima grabs the smaller girl's hips and then lifts her up. "Grab onto the rail at the top." she says. Not that she's having trouble lifting the girl. Considering she punch through a car if she wanted to, but it's words she remembers hearing when she went through this in the past with her brother.

She can look around the girl's head. Those large hair buns make it hard to look over her head. Indeed. There are whales, apparently a mother and her calf! They break the water occasionally, and they are a distance away- but there are whales.

Wow... she says quietly to herself.

"Can you see them, they're right over there." she says nudging her head in their direction, since she can't point quite at the moment.

"...My brother used to take me here a lot in the summer, since I couldn't attend dance class during the break, and I was always sad about that." she says a little sadly.

"Let me know when you want down." she says, not an intent to hurry, rather it's merely a request exactly as she words it.
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-08-11 08:04:57 94094
Chibiusa watches the guard slide downwards as she's lifted upward and she can see over it finally. She grabs the railing and she looks out towards the sea.

"Wow!" she says more loudly. "They're so big! They don't look very big in books or videos." she says. She's staring a long moment before she snaps out of it. "Hey hold me for a second." she says as she releases her hands from the rail and fishes her smartphone out. She begins to snap pictures. She's gonna show her Poppa and her Momma the real whales she saw, when she sees them again, and talk about the nice girl that helped her when everyone else else looked the other way. She then turns the phone around and says "Say 'Cheese!'" she says as she snaps a selfie, with Lacrima's side turned head looking from behind her most likely.

If she even appears in pictures. Vampires are weird. Not that she knows that Lacrima is one. When she's done taking picturs. "Okay you can put me down now!" she says in a more cheerful tone than the frustrated tone she was using before when the other girl was walking by.
Lacrima 2018-08-15 05:13:07 94565
Lacrima will appear in the picture, she isn't invisible in pictures and mirrors. There will be a weird purple glow effect around her eyes and slightly around her form that might be explained as a picture glitch though. "Oh!" she goes as the younger girl takes the selfie.

She places the girl down to her feet and she brushes her clothes off. She takes a soft breath. "Feel better now?" she asks just a little softly. The smile is not very wide. There's still a lot on her mind. Mamoru's predicament. Her insane hateful brother, but she manages a small smile right now.

"Um." she looks down the way. "Want some ice cream?" she asks. "I guess I was heading there to begin with maybe, to clear my head. I have a lot on my mind." she admits to the young girl. "A friend of mine is hurt... and my brother is being... he is bullying me." she decides to use to Chibiusa.
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-08-15 05:56:56 94571
Chibiusa feels a bit better. Much better truthfully, but there is still that heavy weight in the back of her head about her home. About her parents, but it's a chance to alleviate that if only for a couple hours. Then the older, violet haired girl suggests ice cream.

She wonders why she needs to ask. She is a young girl! The answer to that question is always YES. "Yes!" she says. No 'please' or 'thank you'. Not right now, at least.

The older girl talks of a hurt friend and a bullying brother. She thinks of some big gruff guy pushing the girl that let her take pictures of and see whales and also about to buy her ice cream, to the ground roughly. This makes her angry in her head.

"Think they have strawberry ice cream?" the young girl asks. "I'm sorry your brother is so mean. I don't have any siblings. So I don't know how that feels."

"I'm sure it must feel bad though." she suggests a little sadly. "To be pushed around by someone in your family." she says. She's trying to imagine her momma or poppa pushing her and she just can't even begin to form the picture in her head. It's unfathomable to her.
Lacrima 2018-08-25 05:39:44 95843
Lacrima looks down at the girl as she walks to the stand. "I'm sure they do, that's one of the classic three flavors. I'm after something different I think." she says. "Butter Pecan..." she says trailing off. She shifts a bit. "It's fine." she says. "Thanks. But it's not like it's your fault..." says miss apologizes constantly.

"There's also a... friend of mine that got hurt and I'm dealing with that in my head." she says quietly. She shifts uncomfortably. Stupid... Sailor Earth. She's going to rip Mamoru's soul out of her body and get it back to where it belongs if she runs into her. She doubts she will. She's gonna go hide. Hide like someone on the run she's sure.

She gets to the stand. She raises a hand and orders a medium Strawberry cone, and a medium Butter Pecan cone. She hands Chibiusa her Strawberry cone after she pays for it. Which she does without hesitation.

"...I notice you're out here alone." she doesn't know if she commented on it earlier. But she tries again. "...do you have family nearby?" she asks. She means, well in the direct area. As opposed to 'In Tokyo'. She assumes a dad or a mom or a grandparent is nearby.
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-08-25 05:47:17 95845
Chibiusa Tsukino gets right to work on the strawberry ice cream. She isn't clean about it. She is related to Usagi Tsukino after all. It's almost like she's trying to give herself a killer brain freeze. She is listening to Lacrima. Dealing with someone hurt, yes! Okay!

Family nearby causes her to slow down and actually remove the already half down cone from her mouth. She wipes her mouth with a sleeve. "No." she says a little sadly. "I mean, I'm staying with, Makoto-chan. A friend." It's true!

"I'm visiting from far away." she says. She looks back up as she thinks hard about her family. "Um!" she says as she realizes something. "Thank you for the Ice Cream Lacrima-san!" she says. She forgot her basic manners in the rush of sudden good feelings rather than the crud she's been feeling all day since.

"I should probably get back soon, actually." she says. "Before it starts getting into the late afternoon. Mako-chan doesn't like it if I'm out too late." she adds. Well that, and she doesn't like making the girl who is hosting her worry about her.

She knows what it's like to worry about someone a lot right now.
Lacrima 2018-08-25 05:54:10 95847
Lacrima listens. "Makoto-chan?... um... tall girl? Brown hair?" she asks curiously. "Great baker?" she asks. "I think I know her. I mean. /Just/ know her. I don't know if I'd call her a friend. Vague acquaintance..." she says silently. Sometimes puncher of vampires and mad magic scientists.

She looks down. She never thanked Makoto for the rose honey that Mamoru had offered him, or checked back on her friend that Sailor Earth tried to control she had to drain to put him down without punching him down.

She'll remind herself to try to visit when this situation is all done- or see if Mamoru won't ask her over to the ECFH if going directly to her house is a good idea when Mamoru is back in his body. When. Not if. One way or another. That is happening.

She nods. "Alright, Chibiusa-chan." she says. "Get home safe then." she says.
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-08-25 06:01:31 95849
Chibiusa Tsukino ohs! "Yeah!" she says. "So you know her?... oh. That explains why I haven't met you I guess." she says. "Or heard about you.". She looks down at her ice cream and then back up Lacrima. The purple haired older girl sounds so sad right now. Is it because she isn't friends with Makoto-chan? Is it the other things? Maybe a mix of the things.

She looks down the pier back towards the main sidewalk on land then back to Lacrima. "Thanks for helping me with the pictures, and for the ice cream." she says. She'll start to leave down the road.

She hears a beeping from her backpack. "Huh? Yeah, I think she was nice, too Luna-P." she says. "I hope things work out for her." she says as she begins back to Makoto's place.
Lacrima 2018-08-25 06:05:00 95850
Lacrima nods. "You're welcome." she says as she sighs a bit. She watches the girl leave. She'll ask after the girl at Mamoru's. Maybe someone knows something about her. Something seemed off there. She shifts a bit and walks to the end of the pier and behind the Fish and Chip stand at the end. She'll slip off into a Dusk Step back to her Manor.

She has deep thinking to do about the two stupid situations she's dealing with anyways.