No One Fights Like Saint George

Lacrima invites some friends for a picnic. Ryo has other deadlier ideas.

Date: 2018-08-15
Pose Count: 33
Lacrima 2018-08-15 23:18:58 94625
Miho Kagami gets a text that asks if she's ready to talk about that thing she mentioned when leaving the ECFH a day or so ago. Ariel gets a text asking if she'd like to try a picnic in the park again-- far side, and that there might be company to visit with during it. Lacrima, while looking just over Miho's name in her contacts list sees Makio just above it, due to alphabetical order. She hasn't seen Makio in a long time either. Maybe she can con--- er conVIENCE him to bring over some pastries for a park visit and to catch up and warn him of something. Kukai is also someone she wants to bug. Wants to make sure his brothers are okay after... that thing... did that to them.

She gives a meeting time, and that for safety reasons- she'll be making her appearance as her secret identity 'Maria Hanazawa'. Which almost exists just for that occasion.

People can arrive at their own pace.

---- regardless.

When they get there, there's a blanket, a picnic blanket, a bag that is filled with picnic-like foods-- and some sort of large thermos of some probably cold drink.

However, there is no 'Maria'-- Lacrima that is-- to be found.

While they peak about the area a giant bright /flash/ emits from somewhere in the larger woods bodering the park--- deep enough that you can't see what caused it- and the sound of a tree falling can be heard. Then there's a distant sizzling sound. Another blast. Sizzling sound. The sizzling sounds a lot like one of Lacrima's 'dark blasts' from a distance. The blast, for those that have heard it, sounds similar to the one Saint Georges spear makes when it connects with something.

Trees are shaking.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-15 23:34:38 94626
    Having dealt with her myriad responsibilites and a fair amount of time on her hands, getting a text from Lacrima to shoot for another attempt at a picnic... Well, what reason does Ariel have to say no? Even with others joining, that just means more company, more fun, and... Probably safer, too.
    Ariel arrives at the meeting place and... Finds no trace of 'Maria'.
    The pale foreign girl furrows her brow as she starts heading for the picnic blanket-- only to be caught off guard by the sudden flare of light and the crash of a falling tree. And then that sound hits her. The familiar sound of Lacrima's magic. And the familiar sound of that sacred spear striking.
    "... Ah... Oh no..."
    Against all better judgment she starts charging-- not away, but toward the sounds of conflict.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-15 23:39:21 94627
Miho makes her way through the park, looking ... well, her mood seems to be "medium" at the moment. She sent a return-text saying that she's fine with it, predicated on "who else is there" ...

She jumps in surprise when she suddenly hears the sounds of battle. "Whuh-oh," she mutters, and then slips off into the nearby trees. There's a burst of minty-green light ... and then Life Mahou Joy flies out, flying over towards the sounds of battle -- not boosting, though, so there's less of a light show. She stays high up so she's not a part of the festivities yet, but low enough that she can still see what's happening.
Makio Ryu 2018-08-15 23:42:12 94628
It's not hard at all to con (any kind of con) Makio into bringing goodies to you. He already almost always seems to be bringing food of some type with him nearly every where he goes. How does he maintain that swimmers physique? Is he seriously just carying food around for other people? These are mysteries the world may never know. However, as it might have been figured out, the BEST way to get the freshest of baked goods from Makio's bringing food around with him is to catch him RIGHT across from where he works. That just so happens to be the case here.

He's carrying a box of who knows what sort of goodies toward the park when he notices the lights, sizzling, and tree shaking. Wellllll thaaaaaat could be a problem. Cue Makio ducking into some bushes to hide his belongings and the pastries, as well as making with his transformation sequence. ....which would soon be followed by Mew Macaroon rushing out toward the mystery happenings.
Kukai Souma 2018-08-15 23:51:26 94629
After the past few days, Kukai's mind is in a dark place. First his relationship with his brothers has been not just strained, but changed, as the four of them were captured by Mirai and placed in danger, as well as revealing not just the secret of his Guardianship to them, but the greater world of magic in general. Second, he'd spent an indeterminate amount of time as a guest of Empress Endymion's secret police and their tender mercies. So despite there being no physical damage on him, the place it's put his mental state is the darkest it's ever been. When the idea of a picnic comes up, the part of him that realizes he needs an out leaps at it as a way to get away from things and also hopefully out of the house, too. Away from four sets of prying eyes. They hadn't even been this nosy when he'd brought home Nagihiko the first time!

Kukai even looks rough as he arrives - shirt undone and wrinkled, jacket open, generally not the sporty-yet-spiffy look he tends to go for. The site of the picnic has one or two other familiar faces around it, but no sign of 'Maria' - until Kukai's head jerks towards the nearby woods at the sounds of blasting and sizzling. "What in the hell..." He dashes towards the woods, running into a convienent large pile of bush that glows bright green, and a few moments later Sky Jack bursts out of the other side of the brush, looking for the sources of the sounds!
Ryo Okana 2018-08-15 23:59:02 94630
"Did you really think such a silly disguise would hide you, skin stealer!? That's what skin stealers do. THEY STEAL SKINS." he bellows outwards. He's hefting Ascalon which is currently in the form of an orante sword, blade glowing golden white. He just sliced through a tree like butter, one that he thought Lacrima was hiding behind.

A blast fires out from him from behind a different tree, he raises his arm- a similarly colored shield forming into existence on his arm to absorb it.

He races forward towards that location and with a sudden swing of his sword- another tree is sliced through- that too, begins to fall over. He does not register a hit.

"You can't keep running. You are alone. You are wounded." he says with a dripping tone at that final word. "Will I get you? or will you leak so much of that awful that you end yourself?" he taunts. He is not aware of anyone incoming. He thinks this is a one on one cage match right now.
Lacrima 2018-08-16 00:07:23 94631
Stupid, Stupid, Stupid, she keeps telling herself. She should had known better, that she could come back here even in a disguise. He managed to hit her with that weapon and the wound isn't healing or closing like such a wound usually does for her, or at least not as fast as it usually does. This means she is leaking an awful black ichor. She has an arm pressed up against the wound to stop her from leaving too obvious a trail for Ryo to follow but it also means she is left one handed. It hurts a lot. Burning- but not like purification. But it hurts like it.

The tree in front of her gets cut like butter. Her eyes go wide as she makes quickly for another tree that she hides behind. She doesn't blast this time or talk. People we're supposed to be arriving soon, right? This has to be loud enough right? She means. They'd notice trees falling at the very least if they can't hear the attacks so far away. "RYO YOU HAVE TO STOP THIS! LEAVE ME ALONE! LEAVE LAMYA-CHAN ALONE! LEAVE RASHMI-CHAN ALONE!" she screams out desperately as she makes for another tree- since she's expecting the call out to reveal her locations.

Which she assumes meaning that tree will be sliced like the other ones.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-16 00:22:43 94632
    Ariel should probably change. But she's not quite thinking straight as she dashes through the trees and follows...
    The sound of violence.
    Angry shouts. Desperate cries. The din of blade and falling lumber. Seeing Lacrima dart from tree to tree, the park itself making for poor cover if Ryo-- Georgios- can just render them moot with a single swing each.
    But quickly enough, Lacrima isn't alone anymore. Ariel is there at her side.
    "S-some picnic huh...?" Murmured as she eyes that injury with concern. "Others are right behind me but. ... I don't think we should fight your brother."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-16 00:34:50 94634
Joy grimaces at the sight of Lacrima's wound. Oh, good, there's Ariel. "Incoming!" calls Life Mahou Joy, very glad that her clear bright voice sounds nothing like she does out of henshin (even without the added henshin magic to keep away recognition). She floats a dozen feet behind. "Hey, George!" she says, mock-cheerfully. She decides to at least go for the best-case scenario that Rei proposed. "Y'know, there's a theory that there's some kind of curse inside you! Lemme see if I can't purify it!" Stalling for time for Lacrima to get out of the way, as much as anything else.

Her wand materializes in her left hand, and she tosses it into her right, then points it at Ryo. "Life Blessing, PURE ELATION!" she calls out. Assuming he doesn't try to dodge, minty-green purifying energy engulfs Ryo, surrounding him for several seconds ...

... and, when it dissipates, it reveals that it had no effect whatsoever.
Makio Ryu 2018-08-16 00:42:05 94635
Mew Macaroon frowns as he comes in veiw of Lacrima's wound having and all. Eyes are narrowed before he looks around and spots Saint George. "You can get to saftey somewhere until that wound's taken care of at least," he says toward Lacrima. "I think there's enough people here to distract...whoever this dude is...." He makes the call for his Mew Macaroon Shards, causing the ice blades to surge forth from his previously bladeless handles.
Kukai Souma 2018-08-16 00:50:36 94636
Sky Jack storms towards St. George and points at him. "SHE IS NOT ALONE! And you, you arrogant son of a bitch, you have no right to be trying to hurt her or anyone else here! I don't know who you think you are, but you need to either evacuate the area or we will make you leave!" He knows for a fact that Ariel will mostly try to get Lacrima out of here, and he's not sure if Mew Macaroon or Joy are going to be much help in a fight, so the key here is talking a big, big game. Fortunately, this is Kukai. He's good at that.

Joy steps forward, covering him in energy, which... seems to do nothing at all. Jack took a moment to breathe and then nods. "Now we know for a fact - there's no curse on you, it's just your own dumb heart guiding you against others when you should be trying to work peacefully with everyone! So it's time for you to either go have a long, deep think about what you've done, or to have a few hours of sleep after we knock you out!"
Ryo Okana 2018-08-16 01:04:27 94638
There is that pale girl from before. Not Lacrima. The other one. Then there's some loud voices from overhead and-- is that a pirate? Pirates are not magical oppoenents but sure he has plundered some ship or boat. It's what pirates do. That green girl looks like a witch or wizard of some sort. Is that a hoverboard? He wonders.

Oh, here comes the indignation. The pure righteous fire from within. "Ah. I see. More people that seem to not understand the nature of monsters." he says. "How many people is this /thing/ going to need to hurt before you just let be done what must be done!?" he calls out. "I will not let that THING mock the memory of my sister NO LONGER!".

"...Cursed?" this causes him pause. "What foolishness. One cannot corrupt the most glorious agent of The Greater Good." he insists. The idea is laughable. So obscene to him.

He hefts his sword out, holding verticle in front of him, before he swings it through the air- a wave of white gold light, a spinning slice rings out towards the direction of Lacrima, Ariel and Mew Macaroon there. "IF THERE IS ANY GOOD IN ANY OF YOU, YOU'LL HELP ME PUT THIS /THING/ DOWN!"
Lacrima 2018-08-16 01:22:20 94640
"Ari-chan!" she says with wide worried eyes. She winces. "It hurts. It won't heal. I can't close it. I can't Dusk Step right now because of it. If.. if I could I would had just run and texted you all to stay back...." she says silently. There's Makio and Kukai. She calls out. "T... that's my brother. That's Ryo." she says. "He's the reborn Saint George. Its stupid and I'll explain later." she manages to say before she puts more pressure on the wound.

She looks back to Ariel. "...I don't want to fight him either." she says quietly. "But I'm running out of energy and I'm leaking." she says.

She looks to Makio. "S--sorry. I didn't invite you here to fight. I didn't want anything to happen."

She can hear that slice ring out towards them. "DUCK!" she screams out as she hunkers. She'll try to drag Ariel down with her too. Makio might be on his own. He might be faster than her right now.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-16 01:28:04 94641
    This is a bad situation. Lacrima is hurt. Ryo can't be reasoned with. Much as it pains her at the thought that this is probably going to come to blows, Ariel takes a slow breath and resigns herself.
    Just like that, then and there, she hoists Lacrima into her arms.
    In a princess carry.
    "You just try and rest, I'll handle everything from here." She says gently.
    "I'm going to trust all of you, okay? He might be tough to deal with, and a little unreasonable... But he is Norie's brother so please don't hurt him." She asks of Joy, Macaroon, and Sky Jack.
    Georgios can say what he may, but Ariel will not tolerate Lacrima being called a thing. "I told you before, but your sister misses you. Even if you refuse to believe it."
    That's the last thing she has to say though before-- ... Well. There's a reason Ariel is on her school's track team, in spite of her age, because she starts running.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-16 01:47:21 94643
Miho blinks. "... Welp!" She boosts straight into the air, even though the attack isn't directed at her; he hasn't shown any sign of being able to fly, so that seems like a good idea. "Yare yare da wa ..." Good, Ariel's handling beating feet. She swoops down and interpolates herself between Ryo and the retreating Ariel.

"I think you're a clear demonstration that corruption can take many forms, George!" she says. "Incidentally, I'm the warrior of light and hope, Life Mahou Joy!" She points her wand at him. "In the name of life itself, and of my friendship with Norie-chan --" She's deliberately using Norie's real name. "-- I will halt the threat before me!" And then she rises off the ground again. "Minty Barrage!" she calls out, as her wand begins firing a stream of pellets of light which might resemble mint leaves ... but which are mostly there to get in his way, since her attacks aren't that powerful.
Makio Ryu 2018-08-16 02:00:15 94644
"M-most glroious agent of the greater good," Macaroon repeats, OBVIOUSLY fighting the urge to /laugh/ mockingly at such an idea, finding calling yourself such a thing about as ludicrous as George seems to find being 'cleared' for being cursed, "Someone could use a pin to the ballooned ego....probably a lot of them." But as George fires a sword based wave of light toward them--

Hey wait, aside from the spinning that's way too familiar a thing for Macaroon. He'd attempt to try matching the light wave by slashing forward with both of his own swords, causing a sizable wave of solidified ice magic to try and counter the on coming wave of light magic. "It's fine, Lacrima," Makio replies with eyes narrowed in concentration, "What am I a mahou for if I'm not gonna use it, eh?" Besides, this would be the first time he'd possibly be involved in a magical sword duel.

Ariel's request gets a nod. "Will try an' do," he replies with a smile strained from the afformentioned attempt to keep focused on what he's doing with his ice magic.
Kukai Souma 2018-08-16 02:05:00 94645
Jack swears and gets a little altitude as George monologues, feeling the arrogant 'I'm always right!' sensation from his words that sounds sort of like he might have at one point, only much more of a jerk. "Nobody wants her to hurt anyone, most of all her! There's people who've given freely of themselves to help her, and she's learned to control it except when jerks slice her up!" He groans at that idea, the Greater Good. "Oh good grief. You're so wrapped up in yourself that you don't see all the pain you're causing! And she's not a thing, she's a person!"

As George slashes at Lacrima and the others, despite it being Norie's brother, Jack is already responding. A sparking ball of electrical energy and anger appears in front of his floating skateboard, and he punts it, a blow hard enough to crack brick walls, straight at the idiot knight!
Ryo Okana 2018-08-16 02:18:46 94646
St. George can hear Mew Macaroon stifle that laugh. He would mock the The Greater Good!? The Captial G!? This angered him. So much so that he is peppered in the face by the flurry of magical mint leaves. He grits his teeth, as his eyes travel up to Mahou Joy, and he brings a hand to his nose. Because there is only the slightest trickle of blood from there. Barely noticeable.

"You dare make me BLEED!?" he bellows out. "Witch! Harlot! I will slic--"

He is in fact, so caught up with the minor, miniscule damage to his face that a magical soccer ball thunks him in the chest- and sends him back a foot. Were he paying attention, he would had raised his shield. This doesn't leave a dent or seem to hurt him as bad. It does seem to piss him off.

While Georges actual sword, Ascalon, is a weapon of legend, granted to him by the powers up high the legends say, that can cut nearly anything without so much as a tap or a small cut, the projectiles it creates cannot boast the same power. They are stopped by Makio's counter attack.

The realization sets in that, no that he is not in danger- but that this fight is going to end up with him bleeding all over his white armor and with it dented most likely- that is when he begins his retreat. No words. No snark.

He's just fast, like a bolt into the dense treeline. Almost seeming to not even touch the ground as he pushes off forward.

Those trying to keep track of him or chase after him won't seem to have much luck. He can most certainly disengage as it pleases it seems.
Lacrima 2018-08-16 02:24:51 94647
When Lacrima is laying in her coffin healing tonight, she'll look back at this and somehow still blush giddily and happily because Ari-chan //princess carried// her. It will be a minor small good thing she'll remember about tonight that isn't horrible or awful to think about.

"S...stop." she says when they're far enough away. "Put me down. I think we're far enough away I can... work on this." she says. "-or those three have him occupied enough for me to take the time." she says.

When Ariel puts her down, she closes her eyes and think deep and hard. Only then does she manage to stop from bleeding. There's an awful black scab there, in the shape of a deep cut from collarbone to shoulder. It isn't gone like it normally is. But she's stopped leaking and that's good enough for now.

"T..thank you." she says to Ariel. "Thank you so much Ari-chan." she says. She still doesn't move. "I'll be fine. I... mphg..." she says. "Gonna need to feed. Tonight. Maybe twice." she says softly. "Not used to /bleeding/." she says. "Not for that long."

Wait. Did things just go quiet. "....I hope that means he ran away." she says with worried eyes at Ariel.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-16 02:39:02 94648
    Ariel runs. She runs hard and fast. It's only when Lacrima urges her to stop that she slows her sprint to a halt and gingerly puts Lacrima down. Topaz eyes watch intently with concern as the wound scabs over poorly, and the sight of it makes Ariel fidget, scuffing the ground with her toes.
    "I think if he's truly the reincarnation of a knight, he'd have the tactical sense to know when to retreat." She points out gently. "They had him outnumbered- even though I asked them not to hurt him, he might have taken it as a sign to try again later, at the very worst." She replies.
    Oh... But Lacrima needs to feed.
    "O-oh. Um. Well, we'll figure something out for you. Let's just et you somewhere safer, for now."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-16 02:43:16 94649
Life Mahou Joy just rolls her eyes at George's insults, ready to defend against whatever his next counterattack is ... and then when he begins retreating, she just facepalms. "Um, wow," she mutters. "I've said it before, but that boy is next level."

She glances over to make sure Mew Macaroon and Sky Jack are okay, then lands and gestures for them to follow as she makes her way over to Lacrima and Ariel.

"That boy ran off the minute it stopped being a cakewalk," she says. "... Oh, wow, that does not look good, Lacchan." She frowns and sighs. "I ... darn it, I hate the fact that I'm just ... a danger to you, instead of being able to help you even a little bit ..."
Kukai Souma 2018-08-16 02:50:37 94650
Sky Jack lets out a breath he was holding as George grimaces at the dent, and then retreats. Whatever drove him to that idea, he wasn't going to push the concept. Lacrima needs to pull back, immediately.

Jack turns back to join the others. "Looks like he's pulling away, yeah. Thank goodness." He stares at Lacrima's slashes, then lets out a long breath and reaches over, taking one of her hands with his and nodding to her. "... Well. I'm not a danger to you. If you need to take a little... go ahead." His power is high energy and active and almost sports-drink-like, but it's not purifying...
Makio Ryu 2018-08-16 02:51:51 94651
"And so brave, full of himself sir George ran away to fight another day," Makio mutters lowering his arms as his effective counter attack causes both attacks to just break into nothingness most likely, "Man...and I thought I might actually get to do something cool this time. ...pun not intended." He smiles and nods toward Joy. "All fine here, not even touched..."
Lacrima 2018-08-16 02:59:01 94652
Lacrima frowns at Ariel but leans a hand forward and tugs her for a quick hug. "I'll be okay. I don't feel like I'm going to loose control. Usually I have enough warning. I'll act strange, in ticks." she says. She sighs a bit and looks up to Joy. "'s okay. If it doesn't go away after I rest, I can go to Mamoru. He'll do it if I ask nicely- and his energy isn't fatal to me." she says quietly. She looks to Sky Jack and makes a face. "Nrg...." she mutters.

"...Are you sure? You're gonna be able to get home after and not fall asleep on the way back?" she asks with concern.

Eyes look to Mew Macaroon. "He's the actual Saint George. From the myth with the dragon. I know that because I know the dragon." she says dryly.

She shifts and just looks to Ariel. "I'm sorry." she says quietly. "I thought that the Maria disguise was enough. I dunno how he saw through it. Maybe... maybe I screwed up somewhere." she says.

She looks back up to Sky Jack and seems to be searching her thoughts. "Oh!..." she says quietly.

"I wanted to. Invite Miho over to talk about something. And to visit Ari-chan a little and... warn you both of.. him." she says. She looks down.

Another "Oh!" she goes. "Um. Kukai-kun, how are.. your brother?" she asks quietly. "I'm sorry I had to... drain them. Like that. But. We figured out it was the best way to put the people down without as much pain from another fight like it." she says quietly. "Are they okay now...?" she asks.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-16 03:13:07 94653
Miho blinks at Kukai. "... I meant in terms of healing her directly," she says, dispelling her wand. "I ... honestly don't know if she'd get hurt if she tried to drain me." Her arms immediately cross with her left arm grasped in her right. "I mean, she couldn't tell I even had a Life Blessing and a Death Curse until I told her about them and started using the Blessing ... but now that you put it in those terms, I dunno." She shrugs.

She grimaces, and dispels her henshin in a burst of minty-green light, before turning to Mew Macaroon. "So, uh, hi," she says, her voice now scratchy and fairly androgynous. "I'm Kagami Miho, one of 'Maria-chan's' classmates who ended up becoming a Life Mahou, which is one of the worst possible type of magical girl for her to run afoul of." She smiles. "But I'm one of the good guys who helps her out."

She hesitates at Lacrima's words. "If the thing you wanted to ask is the thing I'm thinking of, Lacchan," she says, glancing over at Kukai, "then ... notwithstanding how I just blurted it out at the time, I'd rather talk about it somewhere more private, if that's all right with you."
Makio Ryu 2018-08-16 03:14:49 94654
Macaroon tilts his head some at Lacrima's info. "The dragon? ...Lamya? So that guy's trying to take shots at you AND Lamya? And I thought he seemed like a jerk the first time I met him when he was just having a fist fight as himself," he mutters. He then raises a brow as well. "Something happened to your brothers, hi by the I am behind the curve." Since they're doing things like using non-mahou names he lets his transformation just fall back out of place as well. "I'm Makio Ryu, or Mew Macaroon, if you need me for something one of the easist places to find me is the cafe back that way."
Kukai Souma 2018-08-16 03:22:33 94655
Sky Jack nods. "I'll be fine. I mean, I know you - you'll not take enough to knock me out or anything. If nothing else I can just walk.. home." Lacrima brings up his brothers and he grimaces, then looks down, taking a moment before he speaks. "They remember a lot. Being captured, me coming in to fight them and basically walking all over all of them, some random faces of people they fought." He sighs. "They're ok now - fine, really - but it..." He trails off. "They look at me weird now. Everything we used to do is all broken now. I don't know what any of them think or feel or anything but everything we used to have is ... gone."

Jack rubs his head. "I stay in my room a lot and don't talk to anybody. I mean, they act weirder about me now than when I brought Nagihiko home the first time!" Jack flails a little, trying to express himself and the situation. "I keep thinking maybe I could find a way to make them forget or something."

Jack finally takes a moment to look at Joy and Macaroon. "Oh. Hiya Kagami." He bows his head. "I'm Sky Jack. Also known as Kukai Souma, Jack of Guardians for Seiyou Public School. Nice to meet you. Have we met before? It can be hard to remember." His gaze turns to Macaroon and he nods. "Yeah. Sailor Earth happened to them. Blew everything I've been doing the past few years wide open to them. I enjoyed beating her senseless." His fists ball up in anger just thinking about it.
Lacrima 2018-08-16 03:32:10 94657
Lacrima winces. "Sailor Earth said they had strong hearts. It's why she took them like that. It doesn't surprise me... that they might remember things." she says quietly. She gently sighs and begrudgingly places her hand to Kukai's shoulder and bites her lip. She thinks and there's a sudden jolt of pain Kukai feels as she takes it all as quickly as possible Ripping off the band-aid rather than deal with the pain of taking it slow. She heard the slow way hurts worse in the long run.

Kukai will be perfectly fine and awake after. She mutters. "Thank you..." she says a little ashamed.

" you...." she bites her lip. "Do you need someone to... talk to them. Explain to them?..." she asks quietly. "I will. If you want." she offers. "If you feel you can't. If you feel they won't listen." she says.

She looks towards Makio, and seems to think a long moment. "...look online. When you get home. For the story of 'Saint George and the Dragon'." she says. "Then when you read and understand it, forget it because that's not the actual account of what happened and talk to Lamya-chan or me about the real story." she says quietly. "That the 'brave, noble knight' was actually kind of a dick." she says icily.

She looks to Miho and nods a lot. "Alright..." she says quietly.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-16 03:40:19 94658
Miho smiles faintly. "Yeah, Kukai-kun, we met at the Crown so you and Rashmi-chan could bring me into Virtue last month?" she says dryly. "And I'm either number five or number six," she adds, referring to his reaction to when she came out; there's no way anyone present could have failed to notice the dramatic change in her voice between in and out of henshin, anyway. "Don't worry about it, it's been a long month for all of us, yourself most of all."

She nods to Makio. "Nice to meet you, Ryu-san!" she says. "... you know, I haven't actually gotten in over my head when I was alone. Just, y'know, when i was part of a group facing Sailor Earth." She grins and shrugs. "But I'll make sure to keep you in mind if I ever need help dealing with something!"

She watches with interest when Lacrima drains Kukai. She flinches slightly as she senses Something Dark Happening right in front of her, but she keeps herself under control for the most part. "I'm still kind of curious about what it'd be like to get drained, but I think we've covered that," she says. "... Is it okay if I try to heal you, Kukai-kun? Or purify you, or if there's anything I can do in general." She turns to Lacrima. "Because if so, Lacchan, I could follow you and heal the other people you drain."
Makio Ryu 2018-08-16 03:42:27 94659
"From how the fall out sounds, I'm sure you did," Makio replies to Jack, "That sounds totally unfair that it ended up that way with your family...if you ever need time away from the situation, there's WAY more than enough room at my house that you could borrow for a little. Hopefully things will clear up with some time..." And hopefully those guys don't turn out like total jerks.

And no, Makio's not offering for Lacrima. He already has before. Already got turned down. And trying that with the other vampire he knows just lead to a big misunderstanding, so it just seems like offering things to vampires rather than letting them ASK for them is bad. "Yeah a dick he does kinda seem to be so far," he agrees with Lacrima's statement.

"And it's nice to meet you too," he offers to Miho.
Kukai Souma 2018-08-16 03:59:58 94660
Sky Jack sighs and nods, shaking his head and listening to Lacrima. "Yeah." There is a sharp jolt of pain and he grunts, his internal magics blunting the worst of it and making it harder for her to pull anything from him, but she gets it after a moment. He lets out a little groan after she finishes, but then squeezes her shoulder affectionately. "Sure. It's an emergency."

The form of Sky Jack shifts and glows for a moment, and then a very tired looking Daichi floats away from Kukai, waving to everyone and then depositing himself in his egg case on Kukai's hip. Kukai sighs, then looks at her for a moment. "... I dunno. Maybe. I mean I don't know what to say to them. But gimme a day or two. Maybe we can come up with something on our own. Or maybe I'll move out."

Kukai ahs and snaps his fingers, looking at Miho. "Right, right. Sorry. I should remember that, but things have happened. A very long month." He leans over and gives Miho a gentle pat on the shoulder. "Sorry. Uh. What it's like to be drained? A sharp sense of pain and a sort of.. grip all over your body for a moment, and then a steady sense of exhaustion and malaise." He steps back away from Lacrima, nodding to Miho. "Sure. I mean, you can at least make the aches go away. The energy only comes when I rest, though. But if you don't want to, I'll be ok without it. But I don't think you can put back everything that gets taken out. Otherwise that'd be too easy."

Kukai grumbles and looks back to Makio. "That'd be nice. I may take you up on it."
Lacrima 2018-08-16 04:14:45 94661
Lacrima looks to Miho. "Ah..." she says quietly.

"I never really... explained. What it is I drain do I?" she asks. "I mean. 'energy', yes." she says. "But mainly I steal 'identity'... someone's 'self' or their sense of it at least. And it gets converted to my own." she says flatly. "When I run low. I start losing myself. Literarily." she says. "If I go too long, I revert to pretty much a snarling horrible thing, like any mass of black you'd fight on the street, and start feeding. I keep that up and I'll eventually find myself 'awake' with my facilities intact, back in an alley standing up. Probably mid drain." she says.

"Horrible, monster me isn't as careful. Risk of permanent damage." she says. "Rational, logical, 'actual person' me can control the drain though." she says.

She looks to Kukai and nods. "...Right. If. You also need somewhere to go. My manor is also open to you, Kukai-kun." she says quietly. "I know what it's like to... run away from home. Because someone in your family knows what you are... and are too afraid about it." she says quietly. Because that's exactly what happened with Ryo.

"Miho-chan is a friend, Makio-kun. If she ever goes by the Mew Cafe, can you hook her up with the fresh, out of the oven stuff?" she asks.

She stands up, and tests her legs and takes a breath, and seems to be fine. "I'm going to walk Ari-chan home now." she says quietly. "Also." she says.

"Feel free to walk back to the picnic area and enjoy what's there. Or at the very least take some home for later." she says. "There's sandwiches and cookies aswell as some donuts." she says.

With that, she's off, taking Ariel's hand and making off!
Miho Kagami 2018-08-16 04:17:47 94662
Miho nods, listening to Lacrima. "That sounds like something really scary for you to have to go through," she says. "I'm glad you're in a state where you can keep yourself under control!"

She nods to Kukai. "One sec!" she says, waiting until Lacrima is a bit further away, before going into the Saturday Night Fever pose. "Life Blessing, Wake Up!" Minty green light surrounds her hand that turns into a column ... She's clearly more enthusiastic about entering henshin than existing it. "Okay, yeah, I can already feel the bits that I can heal ..."