A simple request

Unmei comes to Lacrima with a really strange, but big, request. Amazingly, she agrees. Now it's just a matter of time until Unmei faces her greatest demons. Her parents.

Date: 2018-08-16
Pose Count: 14
Unmei Tama 2018-08-16 15:09:38 94663
Unmei Tama stared at the door. She could, would, do this. She was her best chance. Well... She supposed she could ask Mamo. Or kun. But then there'd be questions. They'd want to know why. But...

They do so much for her already. This is selfish. This... She can't ask more of them. She can't just ask them to fix this. She knows they would but... This she had to do on her own. She had to face on her own. She reached out and knocked three times on the door.
Lacrima 2018-08-16 15:28:40 94664
Lacrima was getting things put away in the kitchen. This mostly involved filling the cabinet with donuts and some snacks and three of those big thirty pack of eggs into the fridge for Jia-chan, and making sure there's overall plenty of food both for her comfort eating habit and the people in the house that actually need food to live. Not everyone can drain energy to live.

She is wearing a simple black tank top and a pair of knee length shorts and sneakers. Casual today. So when she hears knocks, she opens the door a little, peeking her head out a little, before she opens more openly.

Probably the first apparent change on her since last visit is a very nasty black scabbed over scar that runs from her shoulder to the collar bone in the tank top she's wearing.

"Unmei-chan?" she asks softly. "Um, come in." she says. "Is everything okay...?" she asks. She did visit only recently, afterall.

There's nothing embarrassing on TV right now. It seems to be the morning news. More heat and sun. Chance of T-storms in the evening.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-16 15:40:54 94665
Unmei Tama stared. "Oh. Oh my gosh, are you okay? Were you attacked? What happened?" What? Lacrima was a friend, now. That meant she got to panic over her. She did come in and gulped.

"Err... Everything is okay. Really. I just... Well... Ummm... Is that okay? Are you hurt? I'd really rather... Not ask if you're hurt. But i kind of need a... A favor..." She mumbled.

She then sighed. "But before that, i need you to promise you won't tell Mamo ir Kun or any of them. While they could do this for me... I just... They do everything for me now. I can't... I don't want to bother them with this if i can avoid it. Especially since i know they'll just worry and possibly lecture me. But this is more a... Personal matter. If... If you can't, that's fine. I know they mean a lot to you and i wouldn't want to cause you any problems." Her cheeks burned as she talked, her eyes averted.
Lacrima 2018-08-16 15:51:00 94666
Lacrima huhs. "Was I...oh." she says as she looks down. "I forgot to put a shirt with sleeves on." she laments with a sigh. "M...y.. er." she mutters. "It's complicated, but basically my blood brother is a psychotic reincarnated warrior saint and wants me dead." she mutters. "He managed to get the jump on me. The wound isn't healing on it's own. I'm gonna need to... go to Mamoru's and... ask him if he'll try to heal it." she mutters.

"Not sure if it'll work." she says quietly. "But I'm used to just sort of willing any of my wounds closed." she says.

Then Unmei gets into asking something of her. And that she can't tell Mamoru or Kunzite.

"....I can promise I won't tell them." she says. "I can't promise I'll help. I need to know what it is first." she offers. She does eye Unmei's generally shyness. Avoiding eye contact.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-16 16:09:56 94667
Unmei Tama nodded and then walked to the couch, sitting down. She smiled. "Well... I'm sure Mamo can. There's nothing he can't fix."

"Mostly... Anything..."

She sighed and hugged her knees to her chest. "I... It's... Hard to explain. It..." She trailed off as she struggled with the words. Finally... "I guess... It's best to explain... Why... I... I'm not sure where i belong..." She mumbled. "I mean... I just... I'm a magical girl. Well. Err... Normally. But... I don't have a magical team or anything. I don't even have direction in my magic. It's so... Spread out and goes in so many different directions i have no idea how to focus it. I just... I end up mimicking everyone else and..."

She closed her eyes. "And i don't... Really belong anywhere else, either. I thought i did with mamo and kun. I mean... They're great. They're helping me so, so much and i can't thank them enough but... I don't belong with them. The more time passes, the more i see... I'm not a part of their inner circle. Heck. I'm not even part of their outer circle. I'm just... A person they're helping with all her screw ups..." She mumbled. "They may be family to me, but I'm not family to them..." She mumbled.

"and... It was the same with the Tama's. They never really wanted me. They just got something out of it and... I wasn't a part of them either. Really. And... I mwan.. Do you see why i can't bring this up with them? I just... I'm rambling, aren't i? Why's it so hard?" Shw asked softly.

"I'll just... Ask. I... I want... I need help getting back to... I want to meet my parents again. It's been almost two years. And i... I need to... I want to... I just... Maybe... They might... " she trailed off, tears welled up on her eyes. "I worked for eclipse. I know they... Have ways to teleport and stuff. To places. And... I wanted to know if... You could help or... Knew someone who could... Would... Without mamo or kun or any of them finding out. If you can't it's okay! I mean... It's probably stupid. My parents probably... Won't even want to see me but... I mean... Why... Would they? But... I just... I want to... See them..." Shw mumbled gently. "It's stupid, right? I mean. I get everything i need here. Food. Shelter. Help with school work. How selfish is it that i want more?!" She kept her facd buried in her knees and the tears trickling down could be easily seen.
Lacrima 2018-08-16 16:26:40 94668
Lacrima can relate to that statement. 'they may be family to me, but I'm not family to them.'. It's basically Ryo's party line about Lacrima. She shifts. She doesn't know what happened between Unmei and her parents. Or why Mamoru and Co. are helping Unmei. She bites her lip. "We do have means to teleportation but they're not good for your soul or well being unless you have a dark energy infusion- or are dark energy." she says.

"...I could probably call in a chopper." she says. "...Eclipse helicopters use weird magic. Turning an eight hour air trip into eight minutes." she says. "Besides. I have a few favors to call in." she says bluntly.

"....can I ask what happened between you and your parents?" she asks softly. "...I mean. Why did you leave and what can I expect if I take you?" she asks softly as she shifts a little.

"The more information, specifics you give me, the better, Unmei-chan." she says.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-16 16:44:10 94669
Unmei Tama nodded. "I don't mind if i get hurt or--" Wait, helicopter? "" Actually the helicopter sounds good. But ummm... It's... Really far away. Like... Err. Across the country..." She mumbled. "World... America..." She muttered. ".... It's far..."

She then sighed. "The where matters less. They didn't... Approve of me being a girl. Then... I couldn't... I ran away because whenever i talked about it they'd get madder and madder and just... When i got the clotho gem i... Had to hide it. And i couldn't anymore. I finally just ran to eclipse, moved here and... Never went back. Never... Wanted to... I doubt much would change but... Its been two years... I thought maybe... And i just... I don't really... If they did... Maybe... I wouldn't need to bother anyone any more and..." Belong somewhere. But she didn't say that part.
Lacrima 2018-08-16 16:53:22 94670
Lacrima blinks. Didn't 'approve of me being a girl'. "Wh---" then it sort of smacks her over the head, remembering what she needs to speak to Miho about, as she smacks her forehead and brings it down her face. "Okay. I think I understand now." she says softly. She crosses her arms a bit.

"That won't be a super long ride in the helicopter." she says. She gently shifts a little as she crosses her arms a bit.

"Alright." she says softly. "I'll help." she offers. "But I'm going to ask I be present." she says softly. "Because quite frankly, I'm not going to put up with it if someone raises their hand at you." she says bluntly.

"Because when the horrible dark blob of darkness feels something is hideously wrong, someone is in the wrong and it isn't you." she says.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-16 16:58:48 94671
Unmei Tama nodded, glancing up. "Really?" She asked softly. Then gulped. "It... Okay. You being... There is fine. But... I don't want to make them like... Assume it's something weird so ummm... Could.... You stay out of sight? If... There's a problem, i can get away..." She mumbled.

"But if... I needed help... Having someone nearby might help. You errr... Wouldn't... Hurt them though, right? I mean... They're still my parents. Even if they don't want to be..."

"And err... No telling anyone.. Okay? If they don't want anything to do with me... We leave. And... And we're gone for good. I just... Never go back. Okay? No one has tk get hurt and... At least I'll know..."
Lacrima 2018-08-16 17:39:46 94678
Lacrima nods. "I can do the... liquid goo thing and hide in your shadow or shadows in the room... under a couch or table. Really." she says. "So I can hide easily from ... nonmagical people." Lacrima tries to refrain from using the word 'normal people' whenever she can.

"Your parents are not magical right?" she asks.

"I may not need to do much to deter them, then, if they become physical." she says. "I just sort of come out of the shadows as spooky shadow thing and I'm sure they'd be frightened enough." she says. "If that doesn't work well. I can drain them into unconcionsess. That isn't permanent harm." she says.

"I.... try not to outright attack non-magical folks." she says.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-16 17:45:43 94680
Unmei Tama shakes her head. "They aren't magical at all. I... Think. Assume. Guess?" She offered. "I'd think I'd know but... Magic is weird. I'm certain they aren't though. They never seemed to notice Pin at all. Well. Except to tell me i shouldn't wear pins since i was a boy." She shuddered. "Yeah, hide in my shadow."

She smiled though. "Thank you. Really. I... I was kinda scared you'd say no. I didn't want to... And thanks for not trying to stop me. Even pin and Win have been keeping silent on this. And those two NEVER shut up. No. You two don't. Since I've arrived here you've both told me to clean the windows, raid the fridge, chsnge the channel, turn off the tv, do her dishes and that i should eat mlre broccoli. I don't even know WHERE the last ine came from. You two never shut up." Ah right. She was wearing her pins in her hair.

"So... When can we go?"
Lacrima 2018-08-16 18:39:14 94683
Lacrima crosses her arms and sighs miserably. "So the horrible ball of dark energy knows the way your parents treated you is wrong. I'm wondering what that says about your parents." she mutters. She sighs and shakes her head. "I have no reason to say no to you, Unmei-chan." she says softly.

She sighs and uncrosses her arms. "I don't have any long term plans, aside from maybe see if Mamoru won't heal this wound for me, but that's it." she says. "Besides. It'd be nice to be out of the country for a day or so with my brother still in this country." she says softly. "Not having to worry about him busting my door down or anything." she says.

"So when you're ready, call me." she says softly.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-16 18:46:26 94684
Unmei Tama nodded. "I'm... I'm ready to go now. I don't have my powers so... My work load is lighter. I can't magic it up. I'll miss a training session with kyoko and mako but... I doubt they'd notice."

"If you could arrange it... I'd be ready now. But... If figure you need to ready the whole... Helicopter. So... How long would that take? Is there anything i can do?" She asked with a weak smile.

"And yeah. But... I know... Even what they did in the past was bad... I can still... People change... Right? So maybe..." She said softly.
Lacrima 2018-08-16 19:13:26 94690
Lacrima frowns. "Hate is... a powerful dark emotion, Unmei. It's hard for it mold or change. It's why it's never a good idea for things like me to actually use that emotion, it's uncontrollable and make you do the things you regret--- or maybe won't regret. Depending on the person." she says with a frown.

"But it's true, maybe they've had a change of heart." she says softly. "But you won't know until you talk to them." she says.
5r"I can be ready in about twenty four to forty eight hours. Most likely. I'll let you know if that changes." she says softly.