A Date!? Love and Evil Collide!

Rurako and Hannah have a date at Rurako's place!

Date: 2015-05-30
Pose Count: 10
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 01:39:34 1089
Rurako has spent most of saturday making sure everything was right, well, aside from a two hour workout session, and then a bath and primping that could put a model to shame. Eventualy though, Seven O'Clock arrives, and Rurako is ready.

She isn;t wearing her glassses, and her hair is left loose, she wears a long flowing skirt of white, and a silk blouse, a few bits of jewelery, and of course, abit more of that sakrua blossom perfume. The table is set, with tea brewing and everything just finishing up, she even had the good sense to use the japanese style dining table that overlooks the garden, though, it's not just for looking, but the sounds of t throug hthe window are wonderful as well.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 01:53:11 1091
Hannah arrives right on time, only pausing to take inthe garden outside her home! She can't help but feel a little jealous: it's a pristine, beautiful home that she and her parents couldn't hope to afford, what with their crippling medical expenses. A little sigh and the woman walks up to the front door to ring the doorbell as she puts aside that dark thought.

Hannah is dressed in a knee-length silky dress, red and strappy. So too is she wearing heels of a similar color, with a silver necklace on her neck. In truth, it's one of her mother's old dresses, she just happens to fit it! That short hair of hers is actually somewhat combed, more forced, into a pleasing style instead of its usual unruliness.

She holds something behind her back with a little grin. "Rurako-chaaaaan! Hello!" She comes in english, voice giddy even behind the door.
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 01:59:00 1094
Rurako Doji smiles as she walks to the door, the house itself might not be THAT expensive, since her parents built it, and planted the garden, on their own. it's more a testiment to their hard work and dedication to their family, then the amount of money they may or may not possess. Opening the door, after hearing the english, she herself figures that will be the language of the day. "Hannah-chan, welcome." She says, that being the first time she said the girls first name, and her english is flawless, with a hint of a latin accent to it. She takes the girl's hand and leads her inside. "I'm so glad you could make it." She says as she leads the girl, after shoes are removed of cours,e which she does give a compliment about, and settles the girl at the table, offering her a glass of tea, before pouring herself on as well. "Dinner should be ready soom, I'm just letting it simmer for abit." She says, her tone says that she is happy that Hannah came, and that she is also nervious, even her hands were abit shakey, even if before they were steady as stone.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 02:11:46 1096
It's refreshing to speak in her native tongue, and indeed, Hannah sounds more relaxed. Japanese is a hard language for her!

Shoes deposited, and led about happily by the hand, she's all smiles. But Rurako might notice heightened breathing, a flush to her cheeks, and slightly awkward movement that's just /off/ for her. It seems she's not the only nervous one!

"You have no idea how much I needed this, Rurako-chan. I am /exhausted/." Also still bandaged a bit, but somehow being banged up suits her given just how scrappy she is.

Hannah's fingers slide about the table until she finds the teacup, sipping it. "Mmm. Delicious. Oh, thank you for going to all of the trouble. I, erm..." Unbeknownst to Rurako, this is a first!

"What do your parents do for a living, Rurako-chan?" She comes, taking refuge in polite conversation. This is what people talk about on dates, right?
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 02:20:38 1098
Rurako Doji smiles softly as she sips her tea. 'My father is a historian, he is often out of town to study or uncover various things about japan's past, and my mother is a cook and hostess at the brazilian Embassy." She says, setting her tea down she offers a smile and tilts her head. "It was no trouble at all, it makes me feel special to be able to give someone such a relaxing time." She says, and then hears a ding and stands up. "Pardon, I beleive dinner is ready." She says as she vanishes into the kitchen, though, she does make a bit of a rattle before comming back with a few serving dishes, before vanishing once more and comming back again with tortias as well as steamed rice. "Peppered beef with assorted vegitables and jalapeno on flour tortiia, rice, and wasabi marinated sashimi." She says, a blending of two cultures. "And for drinks, I have coca cola imported from america, and some from brazil." Yep the kind made out of pure cane sugar. "What would you like?" She asks, wishing to serve her guest, which is propper.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 02:35:48 1103
Hannah 'oooh's' a bit! "A historian! Does he carry around a whip and a hat?" Wink! A giggle, and then she straightens up.

"Mmm, mmm, is that where they met? You should introduce me some time!" But things might be a bit too early for that. Reigning herself in, she sits up more properly.

"My mother is a doctor at Mitakihara General. Father works for Easter Corporation, plain old salaryman! I rarely get to see them though, between living at Infinity's Dorms and their hours." A shrug there. She's used to it.

Her nose has her stomach grumbling from the scent coming from the kitchen. Fooood! Hannah can be very simple sometimes.

Dextrous hands soon snag utensils, and are rolling up the beef, vegetables, rice, and wasabi up in the tortillas. She pauses herself. Manners! Ahem! Trying to not seem over-eager, she nods.

"I have never had any coke from Brazil! A taste of your mother's homeland!" Comes the woman enthusiastically.

She'll wait until Rurako is seated though! "Itadakimasu!" Chomp! Hannah eats with gusto. Ignore the growing red on her face from pure spice.

"You are an excellent cook! It...ooh..." That coke is then being ravaged.

"Were not kidding about tolerance. I could get used to this~. Ever considered taking it up as a hobby? Tastiest thing I have had in months. Most of my meals are all packaged." Hannah isn't a very good cook.
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 02:41:00 1105
Rurako Doji smiles and is delighted that hannah approves of her choice in food, and her preperation. "I just followed the directions in my mother's cook book. Most of the time I'm to bosy with one thing or another for a meal during the week, so I'll have a bento box or instant ramen." She says with a blush, she does however, begin to eat as well, and has to admit she did do a good job. "I rarely see mine as well, mother works late, and had to take a quick trip to Brazil, when they are home they work quite abit, usualy sunday morning we do somthing as a family." She says. "Though, they have to work all summer so I have no idea what I'll do for vacation." She says with a giggle and looks at hannah as she sets her chopsticks down, having finished her meal after a bit. "Hannah, remeber... remeber when I said that you shouldent touch me without permission?... I ah.. well, I'll let my actions speak then." She says as she grabs the girls free hand in her's and brings it to her cheek, so that hannah can actualy 'see' who it is she is enjoying the evening with.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 02:53:31 1109
Hannah laughs a bit! "Then it seems you too will be the recipient of my many ramen recipies!" Cheap food is go! Then she returns her attention to her food as Rurako speaks, devouring with relish.

When she too finally finishes, she dabs at mouth /and/ forehead. "That...really was warm. Definitely going to borrow that one! The recipie, I mean." Hannah doesn't get much chance to try brazilian food, nevermind a blend of japanese and brazillian!

"Ah, the pain of living nearly parent-free, on your own wits and wiles!" Laments the girl dramatically.

"Seriously, however, you should meet mine some time. Gone for the summer? Well, you are welcome to my dorm, or my parent's apartment if you would like. I rarely have friends over, it would be fun!"

The girl, legs crossed, leans in a bit. "I do, yes. What...ah!"

The kickboxer is used to this, and so gently feels along Rurako's cheek. Slowly, Hannah's smile grows, and so does that blush! Such cute, strong features! She can't help it, there's a nervous little giggle.

"Why, I am /luuucky/~. Finding such a beautiful date! What karma did I accrue to have such good food and a pretty girl in front of me, hmmmm?" A pat on the cheek, and she slowly pulls away. But not before tapping the glasses.

"And these only add to the appeal! Strong, intellectual...you know, if this gets out to either of our schools, the gossips will have a field day." Rather than sound upset, she sounds amused. She can just imagine the reaction of her club mates!
Rurako Doji 2015-05-30 03:02:24 1112
Rurako Doji chuckles softly. "Let them talk." She says with a smile as she gives hannah's hand a light squeeze. "Here, let me clear the table." She says and is up and moveing, a swiftness that is common to Rurako as the table is cleared.

Would you like to sit on the veranda? Enjoy the evening?" She asks as she offers her hand to her date. "And, you are beautiful as well Hannah-chan, so beautiful in fact that when I first saw you, it almost threw off my stoic pressence." She says with a blush, so it IS an act!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-05-30 03:15:51 1113
Hannah squeezes in return, all her previous guilt and worry slowly vanishing. /This/ was why she did what she did. To make a world where people like Rurako didn't need to suffer. It fills her with renewed confidence.

Then Rurako's up and clearing the table. Before she can think to help, the swift woman is done!

So energetic! Hannah /likes/ energetic!

"I love the feeling of a setting sun." Comes Hannah as she follows Rurako out, one finger rubbing the hand holding hers. The other woman's words have her flushing deeply.

"C...come now! I am but a leggy tomboy! Nothing special!" Not quite, but modesty is always appreciated.

"Y...mmmm, so you were so captivated that you instantly fell in love! Shall I take you to the altar already my darling!?" Comes Hannah, taking refuge from her glowing blush in drama. Then they're out on the veranda, and she giggles.

"I knew there was a bit of pep under all of that stoicism! Do not worry. Your secret is safe with me. Have to keep up appearances, so you can keep your club in line, hmm?" God, she knows about that.

"Rurako, what does it look like right now? The sky, I mean."