Featherfall - Part 2

Corvus is released upon the world who wishes to exact vengage upon it for his containment- while he hurts Scorn's very being- threating to turn her into something inhuman while numerous defenders of Tokyo try to solve both problems. Can hope be made where there is none?

Date: 2015-08-23
Pose Count: 50
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-23 00:18:20 8382

The feeling is sudden, hard and sharp both to the Defenders of Tokyo, and those who threaten it. It strikes fast, but the message is clear in your heart---- something terrible is going to happen soon, a sinking feeling one gets when they stand too close to the edge of a cliff.....

From Clover Tower, in the Pikarigaoka ward, a bright purple beam of energy lights up straight into the sky. The sky darkens all over Tokyo. Buildings dull in color. It gets colder. Normal, everyday people begin to slowly fall to their feet. Magical Folks can feel something trying to drain them, but it isn't working. Shortly after most of the effects of whatever this power has taken form, the sky over Clover Tower parts , as a brilliant blue beam of energy shoots down from the heavens. The purple and blue beams in contrast to one another as unearthly light emanates from the top of Clover Tower. The light seems to beckon you to it. It begins to snow raven feathers from the sky.

Those arriving just now arrive to a massive lightshow of power being displayed back and forth. There's some sort of hideous, humanoid raven creature launching terrible powers at defenders on to the top of Clover Tower. The being that rendered itself out of the purple rift looks large.... gangly.... boney.. feathery wings, a slightly humanoid face--- looking more like someone wearing the top of a bird's mask. He is approximately fifty feet tall. Large. Imposing. Two gangly claws, that Jupiter might remember that rose from fire and tried to accost Sailor Mars during their fire reading. It is screaming and cackling and making threats in rhyme. This is Corvus, freed from the tablet.

On a nearby rooftop that isn't the top of Clover Tower, but close enough to it, is a tall man in a white frilly shirt, with blue eyes, blue hair, unassuming blue pants, and some pretty wicked fancy white shoes. He's erected some sort of domed barrier around the rooftop. In front of him, Haruna Kurosawa-- the dark magical girl known as 'Scorn' is on her knees. She's not looking particularly well. She has blast mist floating around her. She's bleeding darkness and corruption. Blue, the tall man, is slowing this down as best as he can with magical purifying sparkles, but he can't stop it completely, not with half of her soul stolen away by Corvus.

"Scared...." is the only thing Haruna chokes out right this moment. She's kind of in her own personal hell at the moment.

There's some others up here with Blue. Those wanting to get inside the barrier with pure hearts are able to seemingly pass through it. It's keeping everything else out.
Runealy Waldia 2015-08-23 00:24:52 8383
The events happening further away - relative to where Runealy started at, in Uminari - mean that the alien princess takes longer to get here than some. She does not make it here in time to intervene in the earliest of the events unfolding, and instead arrives just as an energy blast threatens Clover Tower and Corvus' giant form makes itself known.

Runealy has to stop and stare at that, tense with worry. "That's actually bigger than any demon I've heard of. Would hitting something like that even matter?" These comments, made to herself, might nonetheless be overheard by those nearby if they're so inclined.

Yet there is another factor in play on a rooftop. A blue energy dome. Knowing for certain that Corvus is trouble, Runealy opts to investigate the unknown in case it will offer some kind of insight or benefit. Boot wings light up, silver glow intensifying as she's hurtled from lamp-post to tree to window-sill, and eventually onto the rooftop... where she sees something else worrying. Dark energy floating around someone who really doesn't look happy about it. "Hn? Isn't that...?"

She pokes the barrier lightly with her wand, surprised when the wand simply passes through. A cautious finger pokes at it and likewise slips through... unharmed. Good enough. The princess hurries inside the barrier, trying to get closer to Haruna and asking aloud, "What is this? What happened here?" She experimentally tries putting up a little red energy-forcefield in the area next to Haruna, trying to see if the dark-energy flow can be disrupted. She doesn't expect this will do much, but isn't sure what else to immediately do to help Haruna.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-23 00:27:56 8384
Miss White, for her part, has seen better days. Ever since the battle with Scorn and Corvus' freeing from the tablets, she's been doing her best to be right up in the giant bird's grill with fists and feet and magic. She's bleeding, her barrier jacket and suit stained red from Corvus' strikes. Her magical aura is battered and darkened, thanks to the attacks from the massive bird.

She's clearly on the losing end, as she's once again battered away, and slams through the window of an adjacent building in a cloud of steel, glass, and dust. She screams in rage, frustration, and desperation. Wind sucks her up, and then she's above Corvus, aiming a hard, emerald-green kick at the back of its neck, wind magic causing her to float, twist, and then follow up with vicious left and right hooks. There's no room for defence, only anger and fear for a girl who's come to be a friend.

"GIVE HER BACK WHAT YOU TOOK, CORVUS! SHE ISN'T YOUR PUPPET!" She howls, not for the first time, absolutely relentless.
Sakura Kinomoto 2015-08-23 00:29:43 8385
    As Sakura races toward the scene of impending doom on her winged wand, foregoing the costumes this time in favor of a casual outfit she happened to be wearing when everything started to go pear-shaped, it's hard not to notice the crushing pressure of dark magic spreading throughout Tokyo. Though even without that, it's easy to see the unnaturally darkening sky, and all the people being drained of energy, including Tomoyo! In fact, that's how she found out about this at first, even before Kero all but tore her backpack to shreds to get out and tell her there is something /bad/ happening.

But the most obvious of all is the beam of blindingly bright light coming from Clover Tower, which is where Sakura is headed, even if Kero didn't tell her that was where the magic is strongest. She can /feel/ it, something /wrong/ is there, something that needs to be dealt with... somehow. Despite the fear that grips her heart, the thought of Tomoyo laying all but lifeless in her room pushes Sakura to keep going, to try to do something to stop this. And now, she can see Corvus, that hideous, gigantic form that vaguely resembles the raven he once was. With all of his rhyming, it's not difficult to figure out who he is, either.

But, more importantly, Sakura notices the barrier, and the young girl inside of it, wounded and being protected by someone she doesn't recognize. That's all she needs to know, and she flies down through the barrier to land by Haruna's side, heedless of the fact that it lets her in without issue. "H-hey! Is she alright?" she asks Blue, taking her wand in hand as the wings retract into it. She can feel a tremendous amount of magic from him as well, and Kero is simply staring at him slackjawed, but she's too worried about the state of the girl she formerly knew as Scorn.
Yuko Minami 2015-08-23 00:33:43 8386
     "Just... What /is/ that?" Cure Boost mutters to herself as she gawks at that massive bird-like creature. Like several others, she had noticed that terrible feeling welling up suddenly and without warning. Even getting to the top of that roof is a task in and of itself, and it takes all of the green-haired Cure's energy to keep herself from toppling over.

     She's still got a job to do, though, and actually working with Blue in person isn't something that's happened yet. That means this had to be something major, right? Of course, she's not entirely sure WHAT she can do in this sort of situation, especially since the giant birdman monster is way over there.

     "It... It'll be okay." Bending over towards Haruna, she'll reach out to try and pat her on the shoulder lightly while offering a gentle smile. "Just try to relax. We'll fix... Whatever this is." Not that she really knows how to do that, but... Hell, someone had to know, right? She turns to watch that bird creature again along with... Was that Miss White fighting it? She grits her teeth lightly before turning back to Blue.

     "So what's the plan? Go and beat up a giant bird?"
Akane Hino 2015-08-23 00:34:07 8387
When things are going on, usually Cure Sunny is there to try to sort them out. Unfortunately, for some reason the girl hasn't been seen in these instances. But now she's been spotted in the area, clad in her standard outfit, and ready for combat. "The brilliant sun is here! I am Cure Sunny and I'm going to help out in any way I can!"

Rushing into the area, she looks at the Clover Tower and scowls at the awful sight of it. She knew something wasn't right from what she saw, and getting an up close and personal look at it only makes her even more concerned. She knows something has to be done, and she quickly rushes into the building, making her way to the rooftop while trying to maintain a positive outlook. "No matter what happens, we'll take care of this! I know it!" She mutters to herself.

When she finally arrives at the top, she stops and stares, a mixture of emotions flowing through her as she takes in what she's seeing. It's unbelievable to her at first, but then she feels a mixture of concern and urgency. She sees that others are already here, and slowly approaches Haruna carefully. "Don't worry, we'll get you outta here and take care of these bad guys!" She says with a smile.
Rei Hino 2015-08-23 00:38:37 8388
It's been a while since Sailor Mars had last involved herself in the Corvus situation, but apparently when she wasn't looking something went terribly wrong. Haruna went missing a while back, but now she has reappeared. Darkness now covers Tokyo, and Rei Hino spent far too much time trying to get her grandfather to wake up.

All that time was wasted. He wouldn't wake up just by her shaking him, and as much as she wanted to deny it... she knew the cause. She had seen it in her visions before.

Kneeling next to her fallen grandpa, in the middle of her shrine, she stands up. With all of Tokyo drained, no one was around to see her henshin into the sailor soldier of fire and passion: Sailor Mars. Between her own psychic senses and the enormous light show, it wasn't hard to figure out where to go.

Rei super jumps from rooftop to rooftop, getting ever closer to the blue dome. Her black eyes look up at Corvus. The black feathers falling from the sky remind her of the visions she had about him. This evil was fortold. Yet, while he's the obvious enemy, Mars doesn't think this battle will be won through force alone.

She'd have to reach Scorn. She'd have to reach Haruna.

When Mars finally gets close, she passes through the blue barrier, her pure heart letting her through easily. With one last jump she lands near Haruna, Blue, and those near them. She calls out to the girl she knows. "Scorn-san? How did this happen?! How did Corvus get released?"
Tadase Hotori 2015-08-23 00:40:16 8389
Tadase is here! Finally! He's been running as fast as he could, Kiseki all but dragging him here. Not that it was strictly necessary, because Tadase would be looking for the source of this obvious badness, but without Kiseki, he couldn't find anything magical at all.

Taking the elevator up isn't exactly the most dramatic entrance ever, but Tadase doesn't fly like most folks do. So now, finally, he's made it to the top and he's rushing over to the girl, passing right through the barrier - and looking down at the one he last met as Scorn, eyes full of concern. He looks over to Blue, who he's never met on a personal level (but knows of via Tsukasa). There's an instant chara change, and a scepter in his hand. And a somewhat worried, yet determined look on his face as he simply asks one question.

"How can I help her?"
Makoto Kino 2015-08-23 00:43:38 8390
Sailor Jupiter is likewise already engaged with the gigantic, monstrous figure that Corvus has become. After a few preliminary shots of lightning from the vantage of the top of the tower, she's taken flight again, borne upwards by a swirl of wind.

Flight doesn't come easily; it takes power and a lot of concentration. But if she's going to fight Corvus, she has to be able to get into his face, and Jupiter is determined.

"He's not going to listen!" She doesn't honestly expect Miss White to hear her in the state the other girl is in right now, but she calls out anyway as she gains altitude, letting loose another bright flash of electricity that leaps from her hands and into Corvus' towering body. "We'll just have to beat it out of him!"
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-23 00:44:52 8391
    Karin had returned to her daily routine. It was a simple routine- check for updates from the Taisha, ride around Tokyo on her bicycle and then train for the remaining daylight hours. It had been interrupted rather rudely by a hospitalization after a fight with Guardian Hino, and she was glad to be back to her usual levels of activity.

    She was riding her bike when all of a sudden a massive wave of dark energy washed over her, the near-draining bad enough without the horrific sense of unfathomable dark power and dread that came with it. As soon as she felt it her cell phone started ringing and upon pulling it she saw the screen covered in warnings.

    "Have they finally shown their faces?" she mutters to herself, only to look around and see people collapsing beside her. No, that isn't right. "No Forestize." she comments.

    Luckily all the people passing out means she can transform freely, and she taps the screen of her smartphone. She's engulfed in red light and after a quick clothes change she's leaping from one building to the next, being careful not to collapse any roofs by moving too fast.

    As she approaches the site of the Demigod's appearance she notices the bright blue barrier. She takes a quick stop there, dropping in through the top of the dome of light and passing through without any issues- only the Pure of Heart could become a Yusha of Shinju-sama, after all.

    She surveys the rooftop, and her green eyes briefly lock onto the tall blue haired man. After a moment they widen in a sudden realization as she recognizes him based on descriptions she'd been given. "If your here the situation must be dire. On behalf of the Taisha I thank you for your intervention."

    The girl bows to Blue- deeply and reverently, only for her head to snap in the direction of Corvus as the combat continues. She holds her hands out to her sides and a pair of katana appear in them, the girl crouching down before launching herself up the rest of the way to the top of the Clover Tower in a single leap.

    Once there she'll fling the swords at Corvus to test his defenses. If they manage to hit they'll glow red, then explode.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-23 00:55:22 8392
Tuxedo Kamen steps back away from Haruna and Blue after Blue tells him he's brave (the guardian deity of Earth? something tells him he might have a beef with this guy, though he couldn't put his finger on why), and after he holds the box out to Haruna and says it's going to hurt, andafter Haruna says 'okay', of all things, and goes for the pain.

"No," he whispers, "she is."

He's about to go forward again, give her something -- anything -- try to mitigate the pain, or anything he can do for her, but then Princess Runealy arrives, then Cardcaptor Sakura and Cure Boost and Cure Sunny. He backtracks into the shadows, lacking both cape* and hat**, and leaves the girl to the other girls, well-meaning as they all are. He knows Runealy's not here to hurt anyone. She's never at these things to hurt any of Tokyo's defenders.

And then Sailor Mars and Tadase show up, and Tuxedo Kamen smiles crookedly, vanishing behind the stairwell hut. Once he's out of the immediate glow, the immediate light, he glances over to the other rooftop.

No one up here needs his help-- over there is a different story. Hannah's basically throwing her head at a brick wall, from what he can see -- and he can't see the others from this vantage, but he imagines none of them is faring any better. Therefore, up and up and out through the barrier again, unburdened by girl or hat or cape, Tuxedo Kamen leaps through the night sky in the direction of 'way the hell out of his depth'.

He might not be able to inflict much damage himself, but he absolutely knows how to help. Step one: catch a flung Miss White on the descent and tear off one of his gloves with his teeth. Step two: land and straighten up and put Miss White down, hang on. Step three: put his bare hand around Miss White's arm where the sleeve's been torn away, pour his own strength and willpower into her effort, shoring her up, giving an alternative to going overboard.

Step four, whispered tactics: "Try to aim under the beak, at where it joins to his neck. Failing that, aim exactly where the others are hitting him-- maybe twice as much in one spot will do some damage."

Step five, pull his head back from Hannah's so he's not shouting in her ear, shout up at Jupiter: "They never do!! Try and concentrate blasts in one place--!"

[* The hat was flung at the now-smashed tablet to knock it off the altar, and is around somewhere! -- Ed.]

[** The cape is around Haruna's shoulders. Surprise! -- Edd.]
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-23 01:12:36 8393
Runealy walks through the dome and tries to immediately help. The dark mist doesn't retreat-- it does seem to sizzle and smoke against it though. Though no immediate help it seems.

Sakura walks through. Blue is indeed something powerful that buries 'magical measurement' scales regularly. Blue turns to her and seems a little sad, a short sad smile- though it's an upgrade from the outright frowning he was doing earlier. "She's stable for now. But there's no immediate fix for what was just done to her." he says.

Cure Boost arrives! Blue seems relived and takes a deep breath. "Boost, please go hit Corvus as hard as you can for now. He can't be allowed to target my protection for too long. He'll break it." he says.

Cure Sunny arrives! Blue recognizes her as being a Pretty Cure--- but she isn't one of his. Haruna can only listen to these words. But she can't say anything. Lots of bad thoughts are running through her head..... this is all her fault. Corvus is free... and now she'll be dead soon. Or maybe worse.

Sailor Mars! She knows that voice.. "..Man..in... grey ... uniform. Took me somewhere... not very pleasant. Woke up.. here." she mumbles out. She's hurting pretty bad. "This is all my fault.....". Blue gets a little sadder. "This isn't your fault. They did something to you there....". Sailor Mars should vaugely know who's involved with that description.

Tuxedo Kamen places the cape around Haruna. This makes her feel worse. Though it's helping? somehow. The dark mist dancing around her seems to slow when it's placed on her.

Tadase knows that Blue and Tsukasa chat once in a while. (Blue really, REALLY loves his tea parties.). He looks to Tadase. He knows Tadase- who he is, and what he can do. "Come here. I need help stabilizing her.... I need you to touch your scepter to her shoulder and think good thoughts... please?" he asks.

Hannah proceeds to go into outright fury at Corvus. Launching Winds and punching. All of this is not having very much effect on Corvus. It's obviously unpleasant to him. But this isn't just some random Youma, or Monster that can be punched into walls or the ground.

Sailor Jupiter is also fighting the thing, and gives words of wisdom to Hannah. Corvus isn't going to give back what he took. Really. He might not even be able to at this point. using it to power himself further. Lighting flies into Corvus, shocking and lighting up his form.

Karin arrives, recognizes Blue, and begins to throw exploding swords at Corvus. This causes him to laugh incessantly.

Corvus retaliates with a wave of dark energy... "SOUL RENDING.....!" he calls out. This is a more powerful version of Scorn's 'Soul Rend'--it's a black, fowl wind and it brings despair in it's wake. It feels horrible. It buffets against Blue's shield.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-23 01:12:45 8394

Besides Blue is a small box. It looks like a mini chest, with a gold heart lock. This is a last resort thing. He doesn't like using The Axia. He hates it with all his blue heart. But he has to be prepared just in case.

"I don't.... deserve this help..." Haruna mumbles. She's talking low. Spaced out. Blue frowns and releases his hand. He can afford to with Tadase here now. Tadase might feel weird holding back darkness.

Blue places his hands on Haruna's shoulders. "Haruna. This is all my fault." he says. He says this because Blue often blames himself for everything wrong on Earth. "If I had visited you two years ago. We wouldn't be here. But I cannot get too involved with mortals. But I need to make this right....." he says. "Haruna. Aki isn't dead. and Aki is a friend..."

Haruna seems to spark up at this. "But... how? The fire... the news said... that...". Blue stops that line of thought. "Aki didn't die in the fire. But that is the night she was taken. Aki was one of my Pretty Cure. Warriors of hope who defend the world from misfortunes. Her name was 'Cure Tide'. She would talk my ear off about you." he says softly.

Haruna is letting this settle in.... her sister? Some sort of magical girl?... no-- that...

Haruna doesn't say anything for a minute. The dark mist continues to hover around her.
Runealy Waldia 2015-08-23 01:20:42 8395
Runealy blinks as faces both new and familiar arrive on the rooftop as well, and hurriedly explains: "Not here to fight any of you right now," planning to say no more on the matter; this situation vastly eclipses any troubles she might bring, and Tuxedo Mask seems to understand that too. Sorting things out with Mars or Tadase will have to wait; Haruna is a more immediate, more important concern. Corvus, off by the tower, is a more immediate threat. Tuxedo Kamen's shouted insight, distant as it is and meant for one of his friends, is nonetheless kept in mind.

She frowns at the relative lack of results her forcefield had on the energy troubling Haruna, even if it was the expected result. Any attempt to be analytical about this is interrupted when Corvus batters Blue's dome, however. Even though the protection held, being this close to that dark energy is enough to make her shudder and even cough a little, worried anew. "You weren't kidding when you said he'll eventually break through," a comment to Blue. "I'm heading out there in a minute to help, but first,"

Runealy looks down to Haruna. "You don't deserve it? It looks like there are about a half-dozen people here who don't agree." That count might be slightly off; she's not being precise. "They're here, despite the danger, to be with you. Even though something awful is happening. I don't know much about you, but they can't all be wrong. Please let them get through, and be safe with them. What you're facing now..." She can see the dark energy around Haruna, and Haruna's words cut deep, "going through that alone must be the worst thing imaginable. You don't deserve to be hurt like that."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-23 01:23:06 8396
While she doesn't quite let her guard down, there's a single moment of relaxation as she's /caught mid-air/ by Tuxedo Kamen! She never even 'saw' him coming, even with her spells.

"You know, Hat-Guy, I have never before been both incredibly relieved, and incredibly creeped out by how good you are at arriving and catching me without me noticing."

A brow twitches. Her glare turns to Sailor Jupiter.

"It's called psychological warfare, Skirt Girl! Now less complaining, more punching!" Yup, she's listening!

Down she goes, and that wonderful, delicious energy is sucked up greedily by the woman. But for once, there's no futher grasping. Just enough. They'll both need their reserves, after all.

She grins, and cracks her knuckles, only to watch the explosion of /swords/.

"Right, focus fire. I like this plan. HEYYYY! Watch your aim Sword Girl!" She calls out Karin along the way.

A squeeze of Mamoru's shoulder.

"Catch we fools if we fall, got it?" A wink, and then she's back into the frey, wounds still there, but her exhaustion is less and her aura far cleaner than before.

More punches, all sloughted off as easily before! A frown comes to her lips, and she closes an eye. This isn't working. She's throwing herself uselessly at this thing, and barely even buying time.

"Hey! Skirt Girl! Sword Girl! Can we slow this thing down? As much as it pains me to admit, we are not getting anywhere like this!" She's blown back, again, by Corvus' soul rend, but manages to rebound back onto an adjacent roof.Her Device's spikes elongate, and let out steam.

"Raging Tempest! Binding Mode!"

And then, shoving all of her magic into it, she tries to slam chains of wind around the beast's wings, eyes closing in concentration. Next, she'll try to encircle Corvus in barriers in an attempt to partially cut him off from the world, and weaken his strikes...or at least force him to blow through barriers to get at Blue's own shield!

"Shore me up here kids! I am not exactly defensive minded!"
Yuko Minami 2015-08-23 01:28:12 8397
     Simple enough of a plan. Cure Boost gives Blue a confident nod before punching her fists together, making a heavy clanking noise for emphasis as the shields of hers materialize around her hands. "Understood. Looks like we've got a lot of backup today, too..." She glances around at the other unfamiliar faces, taking note of the hatman (KAMEN) as the only relatively familiar one on this rooftop.

     Alright... I'm going in!" Another pound of her tower shields later, and the Cure Boost is off! She takes a running start towards the edge of the roof before launching herself right off the thing, aiming herself straight at Corvus! Of course, being as heavy and slow as she is...

     ... Strangely enough, she actually manages to fling herself close enough to not land facefirst on the pavement and even manages to hit the tower! Growling with the power of JUSTICE and RIGHTEOUSNESS coursing through her, she grins slightly at hearing Miss White's call for assistance before flinging herself over to take up a position with both shields next to the punchy one.

     "If you're helping here, then... Alright. Just stay behind me and nothing'll get through!" Raising her left shield, she rears back with the right as the piston in her elbow starts spinning, then slams her fist into that shield to launch it straight at Corvus! Whether it hits or misses, it'll disappear once she materializes another shield to form a defensive wall in front of Miss White.
Tadase Hotori 2015-08-23 01:28:15 8398
Tadase does as blue asks, tapping his scepter to Haruna's shoulder. "Whatever's going on, whatever happened, you can't blame yourself. You can't let that darkness sink into you and control you." he says. "And if you look up, you'll see that you don't have to fight this alone." he adds.

"Everybody, standing together, supporting each other, shoulder to shoulder - that's a strength that our enemies will never know. Don't let them take that away from you. Don't let them take your hope away." Tadase closes his eyes.

And he thinks of all of the best thoughts he can. Icecream on a summer day. Sharing fun with friends." He can feel that darkness fighting back, but this is what a good King does - ensure those in his charge never have to fight alone. So instead of shying away from her, he only moves closer. "You deserve the help. Everyone does. You'll come out of this okay, and then maybe one day we'll lean on you in our time of need. Because that's how we win. That's how we beat darkness. Together."
Rei Hino 2015-08-23 01:31:03 8400
"A man in a grey uniform?!" says Sailor Mars. No, that's impossible. Not even the Dark Kingdom would be this reckless... would they?!

No, actually... no they actually are that reckless. For the love of...

Mars is distracted from that line of thought as Soul Rending smashes against Blue's shield. Such power... and Sailor Jupiter is out there fighting in it. She feels like she should go out there and help her friend... but no, her battle is here.

"Hang in there, Jupiter!" shouts Mars, from the sidelines.

Haruna says she doesn't deserve this help, and Mars turns to her saying, "Don't say that! That isn't true!"

"Corvus is what you didn't deserve! You were just minding your own business when he decided to trick you! That never shouldn't happened. You don't deserve to be hurt like this!"

Her eyes lock on Blue as he says that Aki isn't dead. It doesn't take her long to put two and two together. "You mean to tell me she's been alive the whole time?"

Turning back to Haruna, she adds, "This isn't your fault. None of it is!"

Her eyes turn to Runealy, raising a hand and saying, "I'm not here to fight you, either." Whatever Runealy's reasons are, and whatever she's done, Mars isn't one to put a grudge before the fate of Tokyo.
Akane Hino 2015-08-23 01:32:03 8401
    While she doesn't recognize Cure Boost entirely, Cure Sunny does realize that she's an ally eventually. She looks to Haruna and says, "Don't worry, we'll be back!" She then follows after Cure Boost, taking a running start and leaping as well, doing a brief somersault even! Of course, when you play volleyball a lot, you learn how to leap. Cure Sunny lands safely on the other side, although her boots do skid a little bit.

    "Oh well!" She says to the slight scuff marks, before going after Corvus as well. "This won't do!" Akane says as she gets a look at Corvus a little closer. "We're going to have to brighten you up!" She starts to form a fire spell but doesn't cast it just yet.
Makoto Kino 2015-08-23 01:40:07 8404
The black wind of Soul Rending batters into Sailor Jupiter, gripping her with a nauseating chill. Her tenuous mastery of flight can't hold up under the assault; the wind fails her, and for a perilous split second or two she's falling uncontrollably, tumbling in the air.

Determined effort rights her a moment later and she begins rising again, unsteadily, wind whipping around her. She won't be taken down that easily.

Her lips purse in vague irritation at Miss White's words, but there's more at stake her than her pride. Doesn't mean she won't snark back, though. "My name's not 'Skirt Girl'!" she shouts over the rush of wind as she orients herself onto her enemy and begins building speed, threads of electricity crackling around her arms and shoulders like an outflung mantle. "It's Sailor Jupiter!"

Jupiter's power doesn't lend itself to defense that doesn't involve bodily making a shield of herself for her friends. She'll just have to use what she's got - which right now means, as she makes that declaration, hurtling herself bodily at Corvus, fist-first and trailing lightning like a miniature coment, trying to strike the same point as the other girls' efforts are targeting for whatever good the concentrated fire might do.
Sakura Kinomoto 2015-08-23 01:40:40 8405
    Sakura looks around at all the other magical girls arriving, feeling somewhat comforted by their presence. It's good to know she's not the only one around. Looking back to Blue, she nods to him and then looks down at Haruna again, tears welling up at the corners of her eyes. "Please don't die, we only just met..." she says, trying to think of something she can do to help. Darn it, if only she had some kind of healing card!

But then Haruna starts to talk, and as Tadase and Blue console her and try to help stabilize her, Sakura places a hand on the other girl's shoulder and sniffs, wiping away her tears. "It'll be okay, Scorn. Everything will surely be alright. I think this guy can help you, but I'll do whatever I can, too." And with that said, she gives Haruna the warmest smile she can muster before standing up and tightening her grip on her wand, drawing a Card as she steps outside of the barrier. Tossing the card in front of her, she spins her wand around her head before bringing it down to strike the card, calling out, "WINDYYYYY!"

As she has done many times before, Windy emerges from the card in all of her angelic beauty, once again moving to intercept Corvus's dark winds. This is a lot more powerful than before, but if she and Sakura can buy even one second more for Blue and Haruna...!
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-23 01:42:34 8407
    Karin's thrown swords don't seem to have much affect at all, even when they explode. The dark winds whip down and slash at her, Yoshiteru immediately appearing and helping to protect her from the worst of it, but even so much of the dark energy slips through and assaults her. Her hands tighten into fists, and once the worst of it is over another sword appears in her right hand which she points up towards Corvus.

    "I am Yusha Karin," she shouts up to the foul birdman demigod, "the protector of this world and a chosen Hero of Shinju-sama!" She swings her sword so that it's held at an angle down by her side and another forms to match it in her other hand. "Beings of hate and destruction that would bring ruin to this world like yourself will not be allowed to exist; even if it costs me my last breath, in the name of Shinju-sama you will be destroyed!"

    She leaps from the tower straight towards Corvus, crossing both of her swords and slicing at his leg with an X-cut, only to grab onto some of those feathers to alter her trajectory and try to drag her other sword up along one of his wings.

    Much to her dismay barriers are erected up around her as this happens, forcing her to stay uncomfortably close to the dark god. "I was going to hold onto this for later, but now's as good a time as any," she mutters.

    She drops to the ground below and then jams a sword into it with both hands. "Be sealed!" she shouts, Yoshiteru appearing in front of and aiding her effort. Red sparkles of energy begin spiraling up around Corvus, trying to bind him in place. And if he's anything at all like a Vertex it might even reveal his weak point or his Soul.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-08-23 01:50:56 8408
There's a faint smile on Kamen's face at Hannah's initial commentary, but he's otherwise all seriousness. It's also a relief when she doesn't grab for his power with hers-- and he watches her go, up and up to join with the other attackers, with Jupiter and Boost and Sunny and Karin and everyone, and he crosses his arms and frowns.

He's just standing there, yes. But he's thinking! This, too, is important.

Wheels are turning in his head, and he watches the effect of the attacks as they hit, or as they hit in tandem. He glances back in the direction of the other rooftop, and it's at that moment that Corvus cries 'soul rend' and lets loose the horrible--

--and when the dust settles, Tuxedo Kamen isn't there.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-23 02:19:14 8415
Blue closes his eyes. "Alive. But also beyond my reach...." he says sadly. "Aki... Cure Tide. Did what she could to try to fight back the fire, and save people from the rubble." he says. "She did a good job. But. The people. We fight, who bring misfortune to the world, used her exhaustion against her when she was done, to take her away somewhere...." he pauses. "I didn't even know the specifics of their fate until three of my Pretty Cures and their friend barely escaped out of the place they're keeping them..." he says.

Haruna grows a much different expression on her face. It's between hurt, surprise and unbelief. "....but... I. even if she's... alive. I'm not. going to be." she says hurt. Haruna knows what's happening to her.

"SCREW THAT! I SAY NO!" says a tiny, voice as Procyon climbs himself up over the edge of the roof. He doesn't look super hurt, but is probably injured on some base level. The last time he was seen when Corvus shot the tiny raccoon spirit over the side of Clover Tower. He shakes himself off and immediately zips at some sort of ungodly speed towards Haruna. "Haruna...!" he says waving his hands all spastically. "You have to... believe. Please..."

Haruna listens to Runealy talk.... and then Procyon. Procyon is more familar. But this does cause her to look up. There's Tadase... keeping this dark thing from overtaking her. There's Sailor Mars.... there's Sakura.... There's Boost and Hannah and Tuxedo Kamen and Jupiter. And they're all fighting....."

Blue places something into Haruna's hand. It's a seafoam green orb, he had to lift her arm to do that. "This isn't a gift from me......" he says. "Haruna. Your sister cared for you a lot. She asked me to make this special for you two years ago. It's called a Love Seed. It's the potential to become a Pretty Cure....." he says. "She wanted you to join her as a teammate. She just wanted you to get into high school first." he says with a smile.

"But by the time that happened.... " he pauses. "Only a heart full of... hope. and love... and courage. Can make it work. You always had courage in abundance. It's why you still went to school. You still had love. It's why you think about your sister everyday, even if it hurts....." he says. "But you lost hope..... it's what made you so susceptible to...."

He looks off to the side at Corvus, and then back.

"Haruna. You've met. Amazing people. The past two months. People who care a lot you about. Friends... even if you don't know it.... you can't make your own hope. Sometimes... you need to try to find it from other people. Think... think about everything. I know that. You can find it." he says with a smile.

Haruna looks down at herself... "Okay...."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-23 02:20:13 8416
A noble man who dons a cape and tuxedo, bursting into a room, demanding she be released---- even after she'd done so much harm... even though she brought him to the brink of despair just days earlier. Who also joined hands... and helped her seal Corvus with his golden heart.

"Nepharious-purposed Generals who infiltrate masquerade balls in order to levy threats on girls in dark rooms are cads and treacherous manipulators who cannot be trusted, Scorn-san! Trust your partner White-san, and trust yourself!" says the voice Tuxedo Kamen in her head.

Hannah Sharpe.... 'Miss White'. Who protected her in the depths of a shadowy organization straight out of a conspiracy nut's nightmare she could only dream existed before..... and her friend, Ao... who showed her that even shy people, can still make friends, if they tried.

"Hey, we do not exactly have a bunch of shining diamonds working here. I am not perfect either, you know? But still. No way are we letting you just get stolen." says the voice of Hannah Sharpe in her head.

Four Sailor Senshi.... who tried to reach out to her. Even after she did something she couldn't even imagine just days earlier. Even though she didn't deserve their time of day, who put themselves in danger just to find out the truth of her situation....

"Scorn, that raven is using you! Don't listen to him!", says the voice of Sailor Mars.

"You have been deceived, miss. As much as we tried to find a way to get your sister to come back, and I wish there was a way...." says the voice of Sailor Mercury.

"Scorn-chan is strong. You love your sister. That proves it. If it's all too much, then we're here!" says the voice of Sailor Moon.

A tiny raccoon spirit who broke the 'rules' set about by his elder demi-god friends, to help her free herself from Corvus. Who tried, everyday, to get one smile and a light snicker out of her with his random antics and silly behavior .

"I'm gonna hide that jerk's car keys. He deserves it for being an ass to you, AND NOW HE'S GOING TO BE LATE FOR WORK FOREVER! BWHAHAH!" says Procyon's voice in her head.

A girl with a wand, who forgave her for stealing her brother away, even though she didn't deserve her forgiveness. Even though she could feel her anger when she first approached.

"I hope we can work together someday, Scorn-san...!" says Sakura Kinomoto in her head.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-23 02:22:15 8417
Over at the Corvus battle, Hannah, Makoto, Sunny, Karin all work on a cooperative attack.... Karin's seal seems to effect the beast. It struggles suddenly. "What are you doing!?" it demands. This leaves it open from it's assault by the other Heroes.... Corvus looks wide eyed as it's flung toward's the ground.

Corvus crashes and leaves a large crater in the ground. It immediatly opens it eyes.....

"DO YOU THINK THAT........ AS A MATTER OF FACT..... THAT YOU CAN BEAT ME!? WE'LL SEE!" it yells furiously.....

"DARK SOUL RELEASE....." it screams out. This sounds really. Really similar to the terrible thing Scorn was doing. Is he really about to steal all the souls of these people?...... the attack seems to be charging as purple energy just builds up. This may be the end for this specific group of heroes unless they think fast.......

There is a burst of bluegreen light from Haruna's location----- "R..Rolling Mirror Change.....!"

What happens next is some sort of green light exploding from the location------ that being a Seafoam Green themed Pretty Cure who comes up in an arc, and with a resounding, hard, kick to Corvus's head--- interrupts this attack by sending him off balance. She --- a little clumsily. Jumps back down to the top of Clover Tower with the others there. Her hands folding in front of her mimicking wings.

"The wings of hope... that soar across the ocean... Cure Gull!..." she announces.

She blinks. She feels.... happy? It's been a long time.....
Sakura Kinomoto 2015-08-23 02:36:19 8420
    Windy struggles against those dark winds, even with the help of the other magical girls who continue to assault Corvus and try to weaken the raven. But try as she might, Sakura still can't hold back that evil, soul-stealing magic, and as it washes over her, she starts to feel the despair creeping in...

But then it's gone, and she feels the presence of another coming to join the battle! Looking up, she sees Haruna, and she gasps, "S-Scorn?" No, what was that she called herself? "Cure Gull..."

Running up to Haruna, the Cardcaptor jumps at the Precure to hug her tightly. "You're okay! I was so afraid I was going to lose my newest friend, but now you're okay!" she gushes happily, before letting go and stepping back to give the other girl some room. Now that there's another one here, and more importantly, now that Haruna is alive and well, Sakura's heart fills with hope once more!

"Sakura! Help the others tackle Corvus!" Kero says, launching himself from her shoulder to fly at the raven and try to punch him in the beak with those tiny, plush-like paws. "Haaaaah! Take this, you wannabe god!"

Sakura, in the meantime, nods and smiles again at Haruna, then everyone else. Drawing another card, her most recently acquired one, she tosses and strikes it like the last one, and as she calls out its name, another feminine form emerges from it. Dark blue in color, flowing like water, it flies up to aid Windy as the two of them spiral around Corvus, seeking to bind him in place so the others can attack him freely.

"Both of you, become a binding chain! WATERYYYYY!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-08-23 02:36:21 8421
Within the dome, Runealy winces as Haruna gives a very grim self-prognosis. "Are you sure? Are you really out of options, that the only thing left is to wait for the end? You..." She's cut off by Procyon arriving, and while she's unfamiliar with him she does opt to let him finish the point. Him and Blue seem to have a far better grasp of what's going on.

Staring past the dome, Runealy hesitates. She's really not sure she's ready to take on something like Corvus. In fact, it looks like a stupid idea to even try. Yet she 'psyches' herself up slightly, "Not much of a choice. If that monster isn't stopped, at this rate there might not be much of a Tokyo left. I'm going."

Then she leaps off the roof, boot-wings glowing with their usual silver light to glide her toward... Hannah, or Miss White as the princess knows her. Runealy does not do this gladly; she worries that White will simply make a second attempt to kill her on the spot, which came very close to succeeding last time. Nonetheless, she descends and calls to Hannah, "Were you talking about the one in the dome? Is she someone you care about? There's something wro--"

Runealy is interrupted by two things. First, dark energy builds near Corvus. Yes, coming out here was a mistake; the alien princess can only put herself in one of her red energy-bubble forcefields and hope it's enough, but she fears it won't be.

Second, she is wrong. There is not something wrong with Haruna. There is something /right/ with Cure Gull. The arcing kick has disrupted Corvus, and this significantly changes what the princess was going to say to White. "...No, maybe your friend is okay. You can deal with me later, but for now let's do what 'he' said. Hit the same spot." She invokes Tuxedo Kamen's advice.

Wand aimed at Corvus' head, Runealy's shield lowers as she launches a pair of green orbs from her wand! They're aimed to burst into emerald sparkles on impact, should they connect.
Rei Hino 2015-08-23 02:40:37 8422
Sailor Mars takes a step towards Haruna. Clutching her hand to her chest, she says, "Come on, Haruna! You can pull through this! Who's going to save your sister if you don't?"

Mars understood about half of Blue's story, but hope is hope. "That's all you wanted, right? To have your sister back? Don't forget that!"

She hopes her words go through, but then Corvus announces something ominous. Dark Soul Release?! Mars knows that attack name, and what it means. She remembers what happened when she and Mercury were hit by it. She looks over to see Jupiter, to make sure she's alright... Yet her eyes go back to Haruna as she... changes? Is this a new form? A new henshin?

"Yeah that's right! Ditch that Corvus jerk!" A new henshin means she isn't relying on that other jerk for power, right?

With Haruna's hope restored, Mars watches as she goes to take on Corvus himself. Without hesitation, Mars rushes in after.

After all, one victory doesn't mean the end of this fight. It only frees her up to go help in the other battle.

Mars jumps into the air at Corvus, fists surrounded by flames as she rises into the air. "I wont forgive you anymore, Corvus! You've hurt enough people already, and we're not going to let that stand!"

Mars's leap aims right for Corvus's gut, and the flames around her fists flare out. When she's at the right distance, she attacks Corvus with a left hook, and then a right, each hit empowered by her flames and henshin magic.

No matter the odds, this world isn't going down without a fight!
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-23 02:47:35 8424
    The sealing technique seems to be particularly effective against Corvus- better than Karin might have hoped! It seems it catches him off guard enough that the others can pile their damage in, so she stays in place and continues channeling and holding the seal even as he craters into the ground next to her, the impact sending dirt and dust past her fast enough to send the loose parts uniform and her pigtails waving out behind her.

    The red Yusha puts on a determined face as the demigod yells in fury and screams out the name of a particularly frightening attack, though on the inside she's mentally wincing. She's not putting much of a defense up right now, instead doing everything she can to maintain the sealing spell- maintaining it is taking a lot more active effort than her practice with Taisha trainers had suggested.

    She'd likely have taken the full brunt of Corvus' attack, minus what Yoshiteru could help her absorb, with all the horror that would entail- only for the girl she saw Blue helping earlier transform into one of -his- Chosen Heroes and kick the Demigod right in the face.

    It's right about then that a countdown timer appears below Corvus, and Yusha Karin suddenly looks a little bit pale. "I can't keep this up forever- hit him now with everything you've got while the seal is intact!"

    If the world were Forestized the flowers and plants would begin burning and charring in a circle around the sealed demigod- she doesn't know what will happen if she keeps sealing for an extended period of time out of Forestize but she imagines whatever it might be it's Very Not Good.
Yuko Minami 2015-08-23 02:49:08 8425
     Another Cure? Two more, even? This certainly made things interesting. Between keeping her shields up for Miss White (and anyone else using her as a defensive bulwark) and readying her arms to launch another shield at Corvus, Cure Boost would barely even have time to move from where she stood! "Good to have you with us, Cure... Uh. Cure... Gull?"

     And then it was time to go back on the attack. She'd have to figure out why that girl was calling herself a bird later. Speaking of birds, at least she got a name for that bird thing now: Corvus. Following the others' cue, Boost utters another battle cry before flinging herself at Corvus with one of the shields in tow, leaving the other entrenched firmly on the ground just in case. With the demon's attack interrupted, this would be the best opportunity to strike!

     "I shall engrave it upon your soul!" Slipping the shield underneath her in mid-jump, she jumps off that shield before thrusting both fists at Corvus' chin, her pistons slamming inwards to amplify the force of her double-fisted strike!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-23 02:49:23 8426
It's an odd gathering of 'allies'. A duo of PreCure, including the ever-solid Cure Boost! A rather...vibrant sword-girl by the name of Yusha Karin, and a pair of Senshi, one she already likes quite a bit, and the other she's starting to like a lot.

She can see why these Defenders of Tokyo are so darn well liked.

"Well, then, I owe you a drink some time Jupes-chan! BREAK ITS WINGS!" She bloodily encourages, before she makes use of Boost-chan's shield! The other girl gets a hard swat on the back.

"Always good to have someone reliable around!"

And then the Yusha is Sealing, the woman quickly preparing to teleport Karin out just in case!

There's a burst of energy, utterly unfamiliar, and she hears a voice she knows well. Turning, Miss White feels the power of love and justice that is a PreCure burst past her and then slam Corvus in the face just as it's about to grab her soul like a pack of Lunchables! A hard, graceless kick!

Half of her visage, as Cure Gull lands on the rooftop near her is in joy, and the other in irritation. An arm reaches out as she makes that seagull formation, and wraps around her neck.

Cue a quick noogie!

"'Cure Gull', huh!? That is possibly the oddest name, but it fits! You feel right. Now time to rotisserie this bird!" A warm smile, and a friendly slap on the back, then a certain Bandit-chan floats over amidst Sakura flooding poor Corvus with binding water.

"Heh. You know, Bandit-chan, for once I actually agree. I would have some snide remark, but there is someone here I hate more than you! So come on, CHICKEN DINNER TONIGHT BOYS AND GIRLS! Pour all you got, little Bandit, PreCures, Senshi, EVERYBODY! We can do this! FOR FRIENDS AND THE WORLD WE LOVE!"

Hannah might be hamming it up in pure joy at her friend being okay right now.

She releases those barriers that held up Karin and Corvus, followed by Mars and Runealy laying down the fire-and-Princess-Magic-Dakka. She times her leap just after Runealy lets off her laser-orbs, wind tossing her to the air! She'll even try to drag Gull along!

"Come on, Gull-chan! Let me show you the /proper/ way to kick somebody!"

It's a textbook kick to the back of the neck: a graceful arc, a flip in the air, and she puts her entire body plus a burst of wind into the short area between birdy shoulders and head, with maximum force to try to tear bones and muscle alike apart. She lets go of Gull at the last moment if she managed to take her for the ride!

"Just like that! Put your muscles and weight into it!" Already, she's acting like an Evil Punchy Teacher to Cure Gull.
Akane Hino 2015-08-23 02:53:07 8427
Another Cure? Cure Sunny can't believe this, but she tries to accept it all the same. Still, launching a fireball at Corvus is more important right now as she uses her flaming techniques against her enemy. It's been awhile since she's been in combat like this but she's still got the hang of it. It's just a matter of making sure that she doesn't overdo it.

"I never knew there were more Cures out there that even I didn't know of. But the more the merrier!" She comments.
Tadase Hotori 2015-08-23 02:57:22 8430
Tadase stays with Blue. He knows when he's outclassed, and he knows when to stay back. That being said, his heart is lifted, having seen what that girl became. He's met a few Cures, and he knows the things they're capable of.

Kiseki has his own ideas of help, though, and the tiny fairy-like guardian character is zipping out through the battlefield. "Take that thing down!" "Send him back where he belongs!" "You show him it's not nice to play with hearts of my subjects!" Kiseki is zipping around, offering words of encouragement (with various levels of success) to the girls fighting.

Tadase, meanwhile, is ready to act as magical traige. If anybody gets swatted out of the air, or seems to falter, or need an emergency shield? He'll be there. But until then, he's gonna stay out of the way and let Tokyo's stronger protectors handle what they are best at; punching evil until it stops.
Makoto Kino 2015-08-23 03:04:05 8431
If nothing else, it seems, they have succeeded in making Corvus very angry - and for a moment there, it looks as though things are going to turn very bad, very quickly. Even if Sailor Jupiter were particularly good at flying, using herself as a missile has left her way too close to avoid what's about to happen. In the air like this, she can't even properly brace herself. Her eyes widen in alarm--

--and then Cure Gull comes almost out of nowhere, interrupting Corvus' magic by the simple expedient of slamming her foot into his face. A wide grin brightens Jupiter's face as she realizes what's happened. "Good for you, Haruna-chan," she murmurs, and then, louder: "Nice work!"

Free to move, she urges the winds to carry her upward again, clear of any risk of friendly fire. "Let's do it!" she calls out to the others as her tiara begins to spark with a gathering charge. The wind of her power swirls around her in a column, whipping the skirt and bows of her fuku wildly and lifting her ponytail almost straight upwards; she crosses her arms in front of her, electricity popping from fingertip to fingertip as she gathers power. "SUPREME--"

With a massive roar of scorched air, the proverbial bolt from the blue splits the sky, a bolt of lightning slamming downward to surround Sailor Jupiter where she hangs in the air. This isn't one of the bright, slim lances of energy that she's been tossing around: it's a column of pure raw voltage, blazing so brightly that for an instant she's only a silhouette within it. Then she throws both hands out toward Corvus and all that energy releases, coursing into the massive creature.

Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-23 03:27:13 8436
Blue can only really turn and watch as Cure Gull rockets out of the barrier and straight into Corvus's face. He does smile a little at this fact. Blue isn't petty. But Corvus deserved, at least, that specific, one kick in the face. Of course there's another worry......

"....she's not going to be able to finish this... with anger in her heart." he says. Procyon frowns. "Yeah. I'm going now before she tries to wallop him in the gut or something now. I'd rather you not use your evil containing music box there." he says. Procyon disappears and reappears on Gull's shoulder.

"Haruna.... look. Corvus is a jerk. These people can beat him. That isn't the hard part. But he took your power. Your half of soul. I want you to think very hard... about what's in your gut right now." he says. "....I know you can figure it out." he says. Then he disappears. Haunra... Cure Gull is left blinking a bit, as she looks up at Corvus.

Sakura Kino calls out Watery, as Windy and Watery fly towards Corvus and begin to bind him up.... this wraps around Corvus, who now seems dazed. "Just... because...." he's not able to finish that. Whatever's going on right now is having a profound effect.

Runealy's orbs connect, Corvus cries out. Mars follows up with a flaming gut punch-- repeatedly. Karin's sealing is keeping Corvus in check. His more powerful attacks seem to be sizzling out thanks to the seal. Karin may not be able to keep it up much longer..... but it's giving Gull time as she stares up at Corvus.....

So many bad thoughts.... what Corvus made her do... What he just tired to do. It makes her clench her fists.... she's feels...! Angry! Grief...! but. Proycon's words sort of resonate in her too. Anger?.... she's upset. But... Grief? Why?. Her sister. Is alive! There's no need to grieve! But. if these aren't her feelings.....

Cure Gull kind of opens her eyes wide... "You're not.... upset... for being sealed... are you......!?" she calls out at Corvus. "T..That's what this isn't about! ....." she says through yelling. "Procyon... told me once... that your powers were used for good! That.. That... you could tell when people were telling the truth! Even to themselves....!" she calls out.

"Why... why would a god of deception need to do that!?" she yells. Corvus gets angry at these words. "DO YOU EVEN THINK YOU UNDERSTAND!?" it calls out. It isn't ryhming anymore.

Cure Boost welcomes her. She does acknowledge her. But it's more with a blush. She really doesn't understand anything about this Cure stuff----except that it made her say a weird introductory sentence.

Hannah goes for a kick. She blushes... "Ah!...White-San! Be Careful...." she calls out. Yeah. That's still Haruna in there. Corvus takes another hard hit from her. Corvus is weakening. But suddenly there's a surge of energy as it tries to throw off the seal and various combatants out of the way. Cure Gull has to hold her arms out in front of her. She gets flung a foot backwards anyways.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-23 03:27:38 8437
Akane throws fire at the beast, and it takes visible damage. Jupiter. throws supreme thunder this causes Corvus to howl out. The more Corvus takes... the more Cure Gull just stares..... she can see flashes... visions... of things from Corvus. It's confusing...but it's familar.... She isn't attacking.....

"......Ho..Hope..." she says. "That... that was her name. Right?" she yells up at Corvus. "That was.. your first... priestesses name!" Corvus is hurt. The demi-god has taken a beating. But it looks /ANGRY/ as Cure Gull calls out the name.

"..... you helped ... so many people back then. Didn't you....? Until... until she did something. It was an accident. Right? You lied. You lied to protect her. But you couldn't keep the lie. They took her away from you... they... they... called you something else.... because you lied..." it's all she can garner from these visions flashing through her head.. thanks to that link, that bit of herself still in Corvus.

She looks down. "I know what it's like to lose someone. But... you can't! BLAME IT ON EVERYONE! I WON'T LET YOU HURT ANYMORE PEOPLE! I WON'T LET YOU HURT THE MEMORY OF WHAT'S IMPORTANT TO YOU! I WON'T LET THIS HAPPEN EVER AGAIN!" she yells out.

"Wings of Hope..... BECOME A SACRED POWER!" she calls out as she raises her hand up. The PreBrace responds, flashing to light. She taps it, with a clasp sound--- and rolls her hands, building up some sort of energy that takes the form of two wings. She rotates around a bit, before punching it into Corvus.... "HOPEFUL FEATHER SHOOT....!" she yells out.

Corvus's eyes go wide when the attack slams against him---encasing him in some sort of winged shaped bubble for a moment.

"Wings of Hope... Return to the heavens!....."

There's a giant explosion..... there's a tremendous rush of dark power upwards... and the sky begins to part and clear. Feathers begin to disappear in large masses.....

Some sort of small silver bird begins to fall from where Corvus was just a minute ago... Cure Gull's eyes go wide as she rushes forward to catch it.....

The sense of foreboding begins to fade.
Runealy Waldia 2015-08-23 03:40:33 8440
'Someone I hate more than you'. Miss White's words cut through Runealy's concentration. "I can only imagine what you'll do to them," she remarks to White, eyes low even as hope begins to spread through others, even as the situation is markedly improving. Yet she's still ready to help, and launches into the air to line up another shot on Corvus...

...Only to be struck by the wide surge of energy, going hurtling through the air and landing on the ground, tumbling against a nearby building and collapsing in a heap. The princess starts to pick herself up, wincing. "Not yet, this isn't over y... hmm?" Maybe it is over. Her balance is shaky, but Corvus is now well in hand thanks to the combined efforts by Tokyo's defenders... and Gull appears to have other aspects of this situation well in hand.

Indeed so. As the very atmosphere lightens, she realizes the worst is over. Adrenaline fades, replaced by a sharp cough as she uses her wand to help stand up and begins trying to limp off from the area. "Guess that's the other half of our promise, at least." A quiet comment to herself; she doesn't intend to stick around if she can help it, but it seems this danger is now giving way to a good thing indeed as Gull has found hope.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-23 03:44:37 8443
    Yusha Karin holds her seal for as long as she can, but luckily right when that ominous counter is down to single digits all the powerful attacks pound into Corvus repeatedly, ending with Cure Gull's powerful Hopeful Feather Shoot which seems to be perfectly suited to doing.... something to the dark demigod.

    It's at exactly this moment when Karin rips the sword out of the ground, the spiraling red sparkles of magic failing dissipating into the air. Cure Gull rushes forward towards the small silver bird.

    The red Yusha's eyes narrow. She's trained to fight against supernatural forces since early childhood and devoted her entire life to becoming worthy of being a chosen warrior of Shinju. It isn't much of a stretch for her to imagine that that little silver bird is Corvus, or what's left of him, and likely in an incredibly weakened state.

    The katana she pulled from the ground is gripped tightly in both hands, "If all it takes to pervert your power into something that can destroy the world is a single a single lie..."

    Red magic surrounds her, and she leaps at full speed, trying to blast right past Cure Gull as she reaches for the small silver bird, "Then you're too dangerous to allow to exist!"

    She swings her sword while trying to leap past, attempting to cleave that little bird neatly in half.
Rei Hino 2015-08-23 03:49:13 8445
Mars lands on a nearby rooftop after her punches connect. She looks up, readying her next attack. Fire rises up around her as Mars taps into her element... but she stops, holding the flames in place, as Cure Gull begins to speak.

Hope? Lies? What's this about? Is this something only Corvus and Haruna know?

Impossible. She's reaching out to him, who Mars thought was lost from the start. She's reaching out to the one who hurt her and tricked her. Could she... could she really get through? Could she really save what everyone else thought was lost?

Mars watches in amazement, her flames lighting the area around her. When the silver bird falls from the place where Corvus once was, Mars gets it. She smiles. This was a better ending than what she thought was possible.

... And then Karin tries to kill the bird. "No!" shouts Mars.

All that fire she was aiming to throw at Corvus? Mars flings ALL of it at Karin. "FIRE SOUL!"

Moments later she's landing nearby Cure Gull, pointing a finger at Karin. "Revenge wont get you anywhere! If you try to attack Cure Gull or her friend in this state..."

"I'll chastise you!"
Makoto Kino 2015-08-23 03:50:36 8446
Breath rushes out of Sailor Jupiter in a sigh of relief as Cure Gull's Hopeful Feather does its magic. It was a very close call, but finally, it seems, the fight is over. A smile still playing over her face, she begins to ride the wind gradually downward.

At least until she sees Karin going after the little silver bird that was Corvus with her sword. "HEY!"

In an instant, Jupiter releases the wind altogether, gentle descent becoming a freefall plummet that ends in a three-point landing directly in Karin's path, a crushing impact like a miniature thunderclap. "The danger's over, so knock it off!" she snaps as she straightens to her full imposing height, fully prepared to physically block that sword if Karin doesn't stop. "You don't just kill someone because of something that might happen!"
Tadase Hotori 2015-08-23 03:52:03 8448
Tadase is still watching for anyone he needs to help as the girls, through the combination of hope and determination, take Corvus out and return Tokyo to it's rightful, happy sake. But not without some small casulaty - a certain princess is sent flying. Tadase raises his scepter to provide a cushion for the injured magical girl...

Then he sees who it is. He recognizes that streak. And before he's truely aware of what he's even doing, he's dropped his wand and let Runealy go crashing down to herself. He's considering going over there to deal with her - to apologize or seek vengance, even he's not sure - when suddenly Karin goes for the small bird!

And now he's got bigger issues, and he's away from Rune and interposing himself between the bird and Karin - behind the sailor senshi, scepter raised, ready to place a Holy Crown between her and Corvus.

"He's not your enemy anymore! We won! Lets just go home!"
Yuko Minami 2015-08-23 03:56:53 8450
     Satisfied that the threat has been neutralized, Cure BOost lets out a long sigh before noticing the impending clusterf... renzy that could very well occur. Over a bird, no less! Well, maybe it /had/ just been some sort of demon thing that was about to eat everyone's soul, but still. A bird!

     "That's enough!" Her voice booms out as she brings up her shields again to amplify her voice (shut up science nerds), staring intensely at Miss White and Karin in particular. "The threat's been handled. Cure Gull's been through a lot, as have all of us. We should rest for now, and if you're still having issues with each other... Settle it another time."

     Outwardly, she's looking and sounding more disciplined than she's ever been. Inwardly, though? She just want to get back to her shows and pass out. It's been a tiring day!
Hannah Sharpe 2015-08-23 04:00:15 8451
Miss White leaps back as Cure Gull demonstrates both that she's still very much the Haruna she knows, and yet, seems to understanding something. Landing upon an adjacent building, she folds her arms and watches. A deity of hope turned to despair, and one she sends off with a powerful purifying attack!

Hannah laughs, clapping, teleporting away to grab her friend's hand and rush her towards the falling silver bird.

She lets go, trips and tumbles a little part way. Her chest and legs are stained red beneath her henshin. It shows.

"...I'm proud. Always try to find happiness, okay, Gull-chan?" A smile, and a cough. The fight with Scorn has taken it out of her. And Runealy's still here. A frown.

"We should discuss a few things soon, alright? But our deal is still on: we /are/ going to find your sister. And I know where she is." A wink.

And then Karin is going after the bird, one that Cure Gull rightfully beat down! The girl's eyes narrow, but she's too exhausted to follow up. Instead, she calls out angrily. "...Who are you to take away something that she earned by right!? Some puffed-up defender of justice? Please. I have faith in her. Now get lost!"

She grins as Jupiter gets there where she can't, and she falls to a knee, exhausted.
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-23 04:15:30 8456
    Suddenly, fire is streaking her way. She doesn't like fire- she found that out the hard way not that long ago. "Yoshiteru!" she calls, actively invoking the aid of her Faery rather than simply waiting for the damage to get so severe he intervenes. The red and black Shogun Faery appears beside her and the column of fire directed at her hits him instead, a bright red magical barrier flaring around her.

    It looks like it completely nullifies the attack- but in reality it strikes true, sapping her strength and spirit rather than harming her body.

    That likely saves Sailor Jupiter a fair amount of pain as she leaps in front of her sword mid-swing. As skilled a swordfighter she might be she can't cleave full through the senshi and harm the bird too, so when blade is caught the swing stops- though Jupiter could probably -feel- that it wasn't checked, but stopped by her own power and magic.

    Yusha Karin had swung with the intent to destroy, and followed through as best she could despite the intervention. In the end, however, it's little more than enough to cut up Jupiter's hand; Mars' fire had depleted most of the energy she had left that hadn't been used in sealing.

    Even so the girl grits her teeth and pushes a bit harder on the sword for a brief moment, only to relent and hop backwards. "Are you all /stupid/?" she hisses caustically, "Do you want to protect a god of death and destruction that came within minutes of killing everyone?"

    Her green eyes pass over each and every one of the assembled girls that made some attempt to intervene or shout for her to stop. "Fine. I can't fight my way past all of you, so I won't try. But know this- if that thing," she points towards the silver bird, "kills us all, it's on you."

    Even having said that she doesn't look like she's done. She holds up her sword, a few drops of Sailor Jupiters blood running down the blade, "This blood is on your hands, not mine." She swings it, the drops splattering down to the ground beneath her.

    The sword disappears, and she places both hands on her hips, canting her head while glaring at Jupiter, "Something that 'might' happen. No, I would stop something that's already happened once from happening again. If you want to keep the past from repeating itself, you should think about that."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-08-23 04:17:52 8458
Cure Gull isn't 'Scorn' anymore. That magic doesn't exist in her anymore. The tablet's gone.... Corvus isn't tied to her. What occupies her heart now is well. Hope.

Cure Gull catches the Silver Bird--- a Silver Raven--- beautiful.. pretty in a lot of unnatural ways. This is Corvus's true form- without the hate and corruption twisting it. She turns around in mid air to see... Karin flying at her. Her eyes go wide as she hunches around the bird....

"Why are you protecting me........" asks a silent voice from inside her hunched position. It sounds like Corvus... except it isn't in rhyme, or some ridiculous parameter of speech. Haruna is silent for a long moment. She's expecting a sword to come crashing into her.

She lands, instead on the top of Clover Tower. With everyone else coming to her aid, as she opens her eyes. She began to wonder if there was going to be a fight over this. "...we both almost got lost... because we both lost someone...." she says silently. "I started...seeing things. From you. I couldn't... let you get lost... when so many people tried to save me...." she says silently.

Soon Blue and Procyon appear in a weird teleport. Blue is frowning. "This is over." he says to Karin. "You can go home now. People should be waking up soon, anyways~" he says with a sudden smile. Procyon leaps from Blue's shoulder onto Gull's face. This causes her to mphhdhhdhd a little until he crawls to her head. She blinks blinks.

"You did it Haruna~!" he beams. "...so. I'm going to. Be hanging out with this Blue guy for a while. He's gonna find someway to get me outta my own box. But. I'll drop by a lot! I mean. Car keys don't hide themselves~ and he has this awesome cool room and I can go hide car keys /everywhere/ on Earth!" he says. Haruna frowns! "But!?" Procyon means a lot to her....

"Woah. You won't be alone! You have that guy to protect you now!" he says pointing down at Corvus. Corvus blinks. And then blushes. "...that's the Corvus /I/ used to know! All sparkly and silver and..." Procyon tries to make a grab for a silvery, flashy tail feather. Corvus sort of hrmphs!? and hides his butt. "....I see some things don't change...." Corvus says with a severe blush. Procyon snaps out of it. "...he'll take care of you. I trust him like this. You just take care of him, too!" Procyon says before jumping back to Blue's shoulder.

Gull looks up to the other girls. "....T-Thank you all.... " she says meekly to the others. Blue smiles. "...Your sister would be very proud Haruna. If you want to chat later... and I know you will... just tap three times on a mirror." he says.

Cure Gull holds her new friend, as Blue disappears into a blue mirror portal he summons. His job is done here. He should remain on Earth longer than necessary at the moment. Besides. People need help waking up. He'll be busy for a few days.

She grits her teeth at Karin's words...but says nothing.

"I hope that.... we can all talk again soon." she says with a short blush, before pushing herself off the ground and into the air.
Makoto Kino 2015-08-23 04:23:35 8460
The Senshi of Thunder doesn't flinch when the sword strikes her palm and Karin leans into it, just grits her teeth. She's hardly unscathed, though; bright red blood wells from the gash that the blade has opened in her hand, soaking into the white fabric of her glove.

Even when Karin backs down, Jupiter holds her ground, closing her injured hand around itself to stanch the flow of blood. "Anybody can make a mistake," she says flatly, chin lifting. "Anybody can come back from it, if people give them a chance. You can put it on me if you want, that's fine." Those sharp green eyes turn away from Karin, softening with a smile as she looks over toward Cure Gull. "I have faith in Gull-chan."
Rei Hino 2015-08-23 04:27:45 8461
Mars's flame beats against Karin's shield, but that's fine. Mars wasn't aiming to destroy Karin so much as she was aiming to stop her, and now that's done. Jupiter's blood is on her own hands? Whatever. "You can say what you want, but we're not here to settle for the second-best ending. If Corvus can be helped, then we'll help him, too."

Turning to Jupiter, with concern in her eyes. "Jupiter, are you alright? Taking a hit like that... you're amazing!"

Mars stands next to her with a smile. "Come on, let's get you patched up."
Karin Miyoshi 2015-08-23 04:37:13 8464
    "If you make a 'mistake' that will end all life on the planet I will cut you down before you can finish," the light brown haired Yusha replies. It isn't a threat aimed at Jupiter, but rather a mission statement.

    "...keep an eye on him," Karin tells Blue in response to his words, referencing Corvus. It's a far cry from the respect she showed him earlier.

    She crosses her arm and turns her back on the assembled group, "I hope your faith isn't misplaced. I don't doubt her sincerity, but if this happens again we not get here in time to stop him a second time."

    Having said her piece she leaps away, heading back to where she left her bike.
Makoto Kino 2015-08-23 04:42:14 8466
"You can try!" Jupiter yells back at Karin, a last parting shot that is somewhat undermined by the fact that Karin's already made her exit. Rolling her eyes, Sailor Jupiter lets out a sigh and then looks toward Sailor Mars, grinning sheepishly at her teammate's praise.

"I'm okay," she assures, looking down at her bleeding hand. And now she winces, because honestly that really does hurt. "That was pretty foolish of me, I guess. But it's all right."

A last look around - everything seems sorted, mostly, magical warriors dispersing in their own separate directions. "You're right," she tells Mars, "we should get going."