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Date: 2018-08-18
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Lacrima 2018-08-18 05:03:11 94788
Believe it or not, Lacrima has not been out of complete contact with Eilam-kun! Texts exist. That's happened right? She drops over occasionally. Maybe about almost a monthish ago that stopped though, dead. She know Eilam-kun isn't gonna hate her forever over it. He's said it himself a few times.

egardless, she really needs some time with someone she knows that Ryo 'buttknight' Okana can't murder- and someone she loves a lot.

So she makes a series of texts 'Hey let's go out! There's this fish and chip stand at the pier that someone setup recently. It's good! Also I need to tell you something about my dumb brother.' it says. 'Also if you see my dumb brother on the way here just avoid him outright. If you can't text me ASAP'.

Well that was ominous!

Lacrima is wearing a black tank top and knee length shorts. She appears to have bandages around her collarbone, wrapped around under the arm around the entire thing. She sometimes winces and idly rubs it.

She has obtained a box of fish pieces and a box of 'chips', in this case means thick cut french fries. Also two drinks.

She's waiting patiently, and a little worried. It seems she's sat at the end of the pier, nothing behind her except a drop into water, allowing her to see all the way down the pier.

She's thinking she might see Ryo coming if he intends to seek her out again.
Eilam Hisakawa 2018-08-18 05:16:25 94789
    The long distance relationship bit worked out for Eilam too in that he hadn't actually been around himself either. He had been out of the country for a good stint and as a result, such communications were convenient. And this, only a couple of days after he was back, was also thus. Though he wasn't entirely sure why she was bringing up her brother, Eilam did make his way towards the dock proper. As per usual he was dressed up quite well, looking like he had just got out of attending a business meeting of some kind. He had the black and silver orante stave with him but wasn't favoring it too much so today was likely a decent day for him. His long pink hair was half tied up in a bun to simply get it out of the way, but otherwise he was looking about and idly typing with one thumb on his phone.

    'Where are you at the pier? I am here, but just where I did not see.' At which point he waited for a response and went that way. Towards the end, though? Well, hopefully nothing untoward happened here today. He disliked open water really.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-18 05:31:40 94790
Ryo Okana had much things on his mind. One is that he is pondering ways to end a dragon, a vampire and a witch. He's going to start with the witch, he thinks next time. She's weak, still human at a base. The dragon and vampire will need more specialized plans.

The other is food. He found a fish and chip place at the pier. He's walking when he spots a flash of pink hair. He narrows his eyes and steps back behind a larger sign. Wasn't that her sister's boyfriend? The one that he spoke to before?

The odd one? His expression darkens. He'll wait for Eilam to move before most likely tailing him quietly. Stay along the opposite end of the pier. The one place Lacrima might not notice him immediatly and or fast. Does he see Lacrima?

Well he hasn't scream 'skin stealllllerrrr!' yet so anyone's guess!
Lacrima 2018-08-18 05:43:53 94793
Lacrima pulls her phone out. 'At the end of the pier. Sorry. I need to have things not behind me.' She knows Eilam doesn't like open water but still, she needs to be safe. She doesn't see Ryo. She isn't paying attention. Her mind is a mess.

She'll wait for Eilam-kun to make it and she'll start talking. She occasionally touches that wound, but she smiles! "Eilam-kun." she says, putting her hands out, as if she wants to hold hands. "I missed you..." she says quietly.

She winces again. "I'm hurt so I apologize. I wanted to spend time with you, but I also needed to warn you..." she says.

"...Ryo is.. it is strange. To say this. And I know you don't handle news about magic very well, so I want you to take a moment to brace yourself, alright?" she asks with concern. She might try squeezing those hands just a little. She seems worried, and stressed in her candor.
Eilam Hisakawa 2018-08-18 05:51:30 94795
    While he did listen well enough, the response was fairly candid. "At this point I would be surprised if things were normal. Or perhaps the new normal is simply abnormal." Really it's less about magic at this point and more about trying to maintain some semblance of control over things. Which he has quite little of. Though he did move close enough to sit down with her and did indeed hold her hands since that was something she seemed to want. "But how are you... injured? I thought anything like that would just heal back. Given all this magic stuff seems like a Grimm fairytale, perhaps it just needs kisses or something?" That was a bit more Disney than Grimm but the intention of teasing was there.

    "Besides, what's to warn me about? Not like I can really get hurt."
Ryo Okana 2018-08-18 05:55:02 94796
Ryo manages to get on the opposite side of the cart by now, without alerting Lacrima. Good, keep your eyes on the prettyboy, he thinks. He'll move behind the cart and slide to the side. Not peeking around but listening.

He listens indeed. He's strange? You're one to talk, skinwalker he thinks. So is your weird boyfriend. Wait. He can't really get hurt? What is that about now?

He stays perfectly still. He'll hit when the time is more right. Not now. Just when she's the happiest, he thinks. That's when he'll strike this evening.
Lacrima 2018-08-18 06:11:38 94799
Lacrima frowns. "Ryo did this." she says quietly. "He's..." she takes a deep breath. "He is apparently the reincarnation of 'Saint George'. You know, 'The Dragonkiller'. From that old myth-- well 'Saint George and the Dragon'." she says softly. "He tried to kill me. Continues to try to kill me. His sword's wounds don't heal on me. I'm not sure why. It's probably magic of some sort, obviously." she says.

"I'm hoping it heals on it own." she says quietly.

"-but that's probably because I'm a dark energy thing." she mutters. She gently pulls the fish box and fry box over. She beams. "Food!" she says, with a wide grin. "I ordered it not too long ago. I wanted it all ready when you got here!" she says.
Eilam Hisakawa 2018-08-18 06:21:46 94801
    Eilam once again found himself silent, and listening, though the response to all of it was him taking a deep breath and sighing with a huff of air out of his nose - eyes closing as he did. "Well... I don't know really what all has happened here, or... happened to him, but given the chance I would still sit down with him and hear what he has to say, if anything. Not that i don't believe you, I can... see what happened, and that concerns me quite a bit given I thought you couldn't be hurt except by light magic stuff. ...and if he is that crazy why would magic work for him at all? Isn't magic supposed to be all tied to emotions and stuff? That's the crap that Takeba fellow tried to feed me when I questioned him about Magic a while back. Claimed dark magic was sooo bad, but all I have ever seen is overzealous users of 'light' magic trying to hurt those who use dark who are mostly just minding their own business, or in awkward situations. Kind of makes me think that maybe something got rewritten in history somewhere by the victors and things are a bit worse than they seem."

    Eilam reached into his suits jacket and pulled out a small wrapped package. Two, actually. "Here, I had gotten one for you, and one for him. Gifts. Despite it all I really do want to try and make things work with him. Before you said this and even now. I can't imagine someone his age has really hardened their heart so much that killing is such an easy task. I would rather believe something is controlling him, or he's worked himself into such a frenzy that it's clouding his judgment. I have a gift card to a host club with a bunch of cute boys in there... he should like that, right?" It's hard to tell if that was a joke or not.

    He did take one of the offered pieces of fish to eat it though. He did enjoy his fried food.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-18 06:37:30 94803
Ryo Okana listens and he tightens his grip. Scoff, huff! They think he's possessed. How absurb. The agent of the Greater Good is unfaliable. He is always right and always in control. A gift? No. A bribe. Maybe he'll try to take the gift after he deals with this.

He'll place his hands together, and magically draws Ascalon out of his right palm, but he hunches down, waiting. Any more transforming- they'll see the bright white gold light even in the daylight. So he doesn't. Not yet.

Dark magic is bad, he thinks. That's why he's going to kill the vampire. One less dark magical being in the world. Doing the work that must be done.