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Date: 2018-08-18
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Takashi Agera 2018-08-18 05:34:12 94792
Takashi Agera had asked Lacrima to meet him at UMBRA, and as she arrives, she sees its a hub of activity in a way it hasn't been in months. There are tons of youma and human employees moving about, checking on thins, and some picking up things and hauling them out.

Takashi's office, when she gets there, is missing a lot of the limited personal decorations - the desk is there but some of the books and statues are gone. Nyubey is still there, though... napping on the desk. And the very comfortable chair is there - and as usual he's sitting casually on the edge of the desk, because some things never change. Upon closer inspection, Nyubey is sleeping on a small pile of papers.

"Lacrima... thank you for coming. I thought you might want more time to yell at me, and you deserve a proper explanation of what I've been doing... and thinking... as my longest-serving most trusted employee - and as my friend."
Lacrima 2018-08-18 05:47:45 94794
Lacrima comes into UMBRA to use the lab. She needs to use it right now. before she stepped, she got a text. Takashi-sama? Wha... okay. She supposes she's going there for two reasons. Lacrima arrives in a mist of dark energy, dusk stepping. She is dressed in a black tanktop, and knee length denim shorts, and sneakers. There's also a bandage across her collarbone and under the arm and around, wrapped twice. Since when has Lacrima needed a 'bandage'? Doesn't she heal with dark energy? Takashi would know that.

Things are moving? "Takashi-sama?" she asks. "Where is everything going? Wait- you didn't clean out my lab room yet did you!?" she asks. "I have Mister Squiggles in there. I'll need to find a place to put him, er..." she shakes her head and then winces as she touches that bandaid and curses under her breath.

"I was on my way here. To use the equipment to scan this god foresaken wound." she mutters. "Then you texted." she says.

She sighs and shakes her head. "I don't... want to yell at you anymore Takashi-sama." she says quietly. "I'm still a little mad, but." she says. "I can't be mad at you forever- and at least what was wrong was fixed." she says quietly, as she trails off.

"...I would like an explanation of what you've been doing..." she admits. When he calls her friend, she does smile, a little- before she grabs that wound again. "Fuuuuuuu---" she mutters.

"I'm sorry don't mind me. It usually just stings but sometimes it feels like a jab." she mutters.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-18 05:55:19 94797
Takashi blinks. "Why... isn't that healing like it's supposed to?" Well, supposed to if you're a dark energy entity. "Are you low on energy?" But he shakes his head. "Most of the equipment should be here, they just might have moved it around..."

"I went to see the Crone again, and she warned me something bad was about to happen; and how I react to it, handle it, could define me. Unless I stopped it. But she was her usual vague self. And I figured, both Jupiter and Apatite have been here, know where we are. So we shouldn't be. I got permission to move the whole division off-site." He pauses.

"Trouble is I'm not sure where. So vacation is currently still a thing, too. We're moving the most important stuff to storage elsewhere for now, and I've got the drones finishing up all the experiments that are too delicate to move. Trying to race that clock. They havent touched your stuff yet."

And he stops before explaining anything else. "That looks like it really smarts... should we take care of it before I start explaining?"
Lacrima 2018-08-18 06:07:40 94798
Lacrima mutters. "Alright." she says. "Just tell me where my lab stuff is being moved." she says. "Mister Squiggles is you know. Important to me. It thinks I'm it's mother." she says a little awkwardly. "-also it's friendly to me." she says.

She shifts again. "It should be, you're right- and no, I'm not low on energy!" she says frustratingly. "My blood brother..." she has to make the distinction. Adopted brother is a thing. " apparently a reincarnation of the definitive warrior saint, 'Saint George' and decides I'm an abomination and he swung his stupid magic sword into me and the wound isn't healing right-- all I could do was... scab it over." she winces.

"Mamoru..." a pause. No. She continues. "Mamoru...wasn't around. I tried to visit earlier. All I found there was Alexis-niisan and some others. I had to go handle other things." she says. "I was going to ask him to try to heal it." she says softly.

She scoffs. "I would suggest Precia's old place. Is it available now that she's no longer a tenant?" she asks with some eyelash flutters before wincing again.

"If you think you can heal it, you're welcome to try, Takashi-sama." she says. She'll begin to undo the bandage, revealing a rather nasty looking black scab, a little thick that runs down her collar bone, to the top end of the shoulder, and both sides. Like someone chunked a blade into her and pulled it out.

She blinks. "Wait, what the crone?" she asks. "Nrg. Of course she's vauge, god forbid she may want you to do the right thing and not the other thing." she says throwing her arms up before suddenly shooting them back down and grabbing at the wound. "Ow, ow ow ow bad idea, I forgot how much wounds suck." she says.

"Explain while trying to heal it?" she asks.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-18 06:22:04 94802
Takashi nodded, and slid off the desk. "Yeah, I guess it's been a long time since you got hurt and it stuck, huh..." He noted perhaps unhelpfully as he raised the hand with Axion and tried to, rather than dose her with a ton of energy, use a little and slowly increase it, seeing the effect the wound had on his energy.

"It's true in any story, though... protagonist sees a wise woman or man, gets enough info to spur them to action, but not to solve the problem itself. Last time she told me the Earth was at risk of being destroyed, and silly me I thought she meant the planet..." he said with a sigh.

"Which brings me to my next comment. My attention has been super divided because I've been trying to deal with too many projects at once and what happened with Earth is a symptom. There's her, and the cards, and the secret you saw. I've been spending a lot of time working on curative effects with Dark Energy... floor 13.5 is the result - it's a fully functioning research hospital designed to both figure out how to cure exposure and to see if we can use it for healing in a more mundane way. Like, we have had some trial success using it to weaken cancer cells. But... it took my focus away from our primary work and... that is how Earth got away. So I'm going to have to hand the project off... I never intended to be the Director for the hospital long term anyways."

After all of this he leans in a little more to look at the wound. "I was... also hoping the research would bring me closer to upgrading your bracer so you could have... more of what you wanted back, what I promised you so long ago..."
Lacrima 2018-08-18 06:45:37 94804
Lacrima winces as Takashi starts feeding dark energy into it slowly. That scan begins to bubble, but not leak. It's pretty awful looking. So far that's all that happens. It doesn't shrink or wane. At least not yet. In any events it isn't seeming to hurt it anymore than it does already. "His sword is... it cuts through anything. He was just. Cutting down trees going after me. Just. Single swings. Like the tree was made of butter or something." she says quietly.

"As a note." she says. "He's also out to kill anything he perceives as an abomination or wrong in this world or something. And kill the Dragon from his story again, because that dragon is housemates with me at the manor." she says silently. "She figured it out first. Said. You don't forget the face of the man that killed you." she says quietly.

"Yeah. I sometimes bog myself down with projects to, though they're admittedly not as grand as any of yours Takashi-sama." she says quietly. "Studies mostly. Postulating things. Studying that Dark Kingdom crystal magic. Researching Dusk Zone creatures." she says.

She winces, and looks to her bracer. "It's been working good. It helps a lot. I still have really bad cases of going off the deep end when pushed but I suppose that's always going to be a dark energy being thing." she says with a sigh.

"I... I think I threatened Earth. That I was going to suck Mamoru's soul out of her with a crazy straw,,," she says.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-18 06:54:32 94805
Takashi has to stop... and laugh. "Now that, I would have loved to see. Wonder if they'd want to stab me slightly less if you'd succeeded before ihe world went all weird..." he sighed.

"You know that like, the soul theft wasn't part of my plan at all, right? I don't even know where she picked up how to do it; I can manipulate my own but... well, I guess I've never tried with anyone else. No need." He seems, for a moment, a little too thoughtful, but shakes his head as if dismissing a particularly odious idea.

"That cut is nasty. You might have to wait for it to... naturally heal. That eveb feels weird for me to say." He stops, "You know, blood brother or not, he hurt you, so now I have to break his face, right? And take his sword, for testing." There's a certain protective streak, there. "Unless you for some reason really don't want that."
Lacrima 2018-08-18 07:05:51 94806
Lacrima says. "Oh. Right. I don't know if you knew what happened or not. Exactly. Basically. We we're all in this Labyrinth and it screwed with our heads. Majorly. I thought I was some vampire noble from a place in some comic that Mamoru made up before." she says. "Then eventually we all broke out of it when people started remembering small details." she says. "Then apparently she had /four/ grief seeds in there with her and she turned into this huge witch." she says. "Like you know, what the Puella fight?" she says.

She sighs. "Naturally or see if Mamoru won't work. Or if he knows someone else that can try who's physical healing magic isn't based in 'purification'." she mutters.

She sighs. "I don't know what I want with Ryo. 'Saint George'." she says. "He doesn't even... try to reason usually? He just sort of moves to stab me or anyone he knows is a target to him. In broad daylight too. In public places." she says.

"Just. Maybe don't... kill him?" she asks, meekly. "He has that sword. But it can turn into a spear too. And he can.. summon this shield." she says.

"Also you know, the fact Saint George even exists is kind of weird on it's own. I mean besides the fact he's my brother." she says.

"I wish I could attribute his actions to a possession. Or dark energy contamination but a friend hit him with a purification and it didn't even make him flinch. So that kind of throws that out of the equation." she says with a mutter.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-18 07:18:36 94807
Takashi rubs his chin. "Well, Witches don't wither to purification either. Not all evil is Dark Energy. Some of it is just... regular evil. The bad things humans do." He thinks on it. "Well, I've got blades too. I'd like to get a measure of his ability myself... maybe I won't have to hold back like usual."

"Yeah. I was able to get most of what happened figured out from the data - I've been looking at energy readouts so long they practically paint pictures for me. She got the Jewel Seeds from storage - another reason to move things, we need some secure vaults." Then Takashi paused and picked up Nyubey, moving him off the stack of papers.

"Speaking of data and readouts... here. A sign of good faith; all the information I have on your condition, in a way that someone without access to Mid-Childan tech can use. In case you ever decide yuou need to leave... or something happens to me again... I want you to have other options and I don't want you to feel like I'm trapping you here."
Lacrima 2018-08-18 07:40:50 94808
Lacrima rewraps her bandage in the meantime. Mainly because walking around town with a big ugly black mark draws attention. She sighs and pulls it to make sure it's tight. When Takashi moves Nyubey, she offers to take him into her arms, and she holds him. Because adorable little foxcatrabbit thing. She just kind of gently pets it's head.

She then purses her lips. "Yeah..." she says quietly. "I think he's just an asshole. I mean. He always was a jerk?..." she says.

"But in the way that a big brother is kind of supposed to be a jerk." she says. "You know, calling me names, messing my hair up after I did it for like an hour, stuff like that." she says with a sigh. "But maybe all this was hiding inside all along." she says.

She eyes the papers and nods. "Erm..." she says quietly. "I don't. Intend to leave, Takashi-sama." she says. "I mean..." she fidgets and winces. The wound again, but--

"....Early on. When I was thing. Lots of people made me promises they would help. But it was all dumb ideas or lies...." she says quietly. "You we're the only one that said you'd do something and you /did/." she says.

She'll use one hand to take the papers though. She sighs. "I don't feel trapped. I know I can leave whenever I want." she says. "But you're best suited to look at my condition- and you have the tech to do it." she says.

"...speaking of. Mid-childian tech..." she fidgets again. "Is it possible for someone like me to use a device?" she asks scrunching her nose. "I just. There's times that dark energy projection doesn't cut it. I need to find a way to attack with other things."
Takashi Agera 2018-08-18 07:47:46 94809
Takashi isn't sure how to react to that for a moment, but eventually, takes a breath and calmly says "I don't really know how family members are supposed to act to each other. I just know stabbing is right out." He grasps the locket under his clothes, instinctively.

"But if this is something that was always within him; rather than an external force... it might mean there is a reason your body reacted to the amulet? Something in your bloodline or deeper. He might be part of the missing information on how to help you. Now I 'need' to fight him, to get data."

"Heh. You're not the only one to ask me for a device lately. I'd think you could - I mean, I was able to use Eiszapfen effectively and nobody could even tell it was me. I'll get you set up with a basic storage device for testing and if that works maybe I can build you something more impressive, if you like?"
Lacrima 2018-08-18 08:11:00 94811
Lacrima nods. "I'd like to try it." she says. "I mean I'm already using this bracer. Maybe you can build it into there?" she asks. "Worst comes to worse it's incompatible." she says. "With whatever I am." she mutters.

She winces again. "Nrgfh..." she says. "At least it doesn't hurt when I sleep." she says.

She head tilts. "I......" she blinks. "I didn't... think. Of that. That. Kind of almost makes sense." she says. ".... I mean, Mom and dad aren't anything special. Dad is Japanese American. Mom is Japanese. Dad isn't fully Japanese- his mom was white American. So. Maybe... some distant far off blood relative of the original incarnation?" she asks.

"Ugh now I'm going to be thinking on this for weeks, along with the psychology behind why Earth's stupid fake reality made Poderoso my /dad/ in it." she mutters.

She looks down and fidgets again. "Who was the other one, if I may ask?" she asks curiously. She's trying to count who is all in UMBRA still. Erm... Fate? Wait... no. No she left didn't she?

...Is it just her now? Hrm... OH!

"Right. When you're ready, you should contact a 'Nightbell', like I mentioned before. She's interested in joining UMBRA. She's already a member of Eclipse so you can find her probably in the directory easily enough."
Takashi Agera 2018-08-18 08:15:00 94812
Takashi leans forward. "I'll take anyone if you recommend them at this point... we're running a little low on field agents. As I'm sure you've noted."

Takashi pauses, and debates what to say. "She's someone I think who could run Medical Research for me so I can get back to our business, is all. If it all works out I'll introduce you." And he smiles.

"Don't worry these fate things seem to have a way of... being found out, if they want to be. But let me know if you come up with any juicy ideas. I'll see if I can make heads or tails out of your blood brother... and see about getting something ready for that test, okay? You may want to head over and check on your stuff before a youmna does get eaten by your pet, though..."
Lacrima 2018-08-18 08:22:51 94813
Lacrima nods. "Yeah you're right. I need to grab a few things too." she says as she sighs a bit.

"Enjoy the rest of your vacation, Taka-sama." she says. "Also." she says. "I think no one is going to stop you from beating the crap out of Ryo." she says. "I don't think anyone wants to rescue him at this point from a beatdown." she almost snickers. She stifles it.

She does sigh. "Alright then Taka-sama. I'm going to let you get back to work." she says placing Nyubey back down on the desk.

"Call me if you need me, Takashi-sama." she says as she begins to make for the small lab room she'd claimed to make sure things are being sent to where they're supposed to go.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-18 08:26:57 94814
He got his honorific back... that matters, somewhere, to him, and it shows. "I could use a fight that doesn't upset anyone right now..." he admits.

"Oh, and since all the stuff is gonna be in storage for a bit, you enjoy your paid vacation too, you get? I'll call you when there's a new place that's safe enough for us to get set up - or when I get ahold of this Saint boy..."