Urban Jungle

A Silent Sand-Gorilla punches Kokoro to establish dominance. No one can figure out how to hold threat.

Date: 2018-08-18
Pose Count: 31
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-18 22:13:15 94845
    Summer vacation is dwindling fast. It's the first time Kokoro's felt it so keenly - first time she's seen it any way other than 'more time to just grit her teeth and get through'. So she's taken the opportunity to come out to Mitakihara and see a few places she's been meaning to (or, rather, try a few restaurants she's been meaning to try). There was even a brief stop-in at Midori-ya to touch bases with a certain pair of TSAB mages, but that was much earlier in the day. Now it's nighttime, and it's time for Kokoro to head home...

    ...unless someone or something has other ideas.

    It starts as a vague sense of unease, something bothering her she can't quite put her finger on. Subtle cues she picks up on subconsciously. Little sounds that are just barely out of place, and a faint sense of being...

    Kokoro's footsteps come to a stop, and she pulls out her phone. Her texting fingers are quick; a pair of texts are sent out, one after the other.

    'hey nanoha, i think somethings hunting me, could use some backup'
    'lacrima, how fast can you get out here, im being hunted, not sure what'

    The phone goes back in her pocket, and she starts a slower, more deliberate walk.

    Of course, even without Kokoro's notice, there's something odd in the area. A stillness that's all too still; a calmness in the ambient magic that goes far beyond normal. It's the difference between a normal, calm lake, and a lake so utterly still that the surface is like a single pane of glass. It's the exact opposite of a reaction above normal - a reaction far enough BELOW normal that it merits curiosity. Or 'I've got a bad feeling about this.'
Lacrima 2018-08-18 22:21:18 94847
Somewhere there is a party being catered, and Nanoha gets to help FOR THE FIRST TIME! She's so excited! Fate is there with her too. They're both hurrying trays along of food and baked goods and making sure the buffet trays are full at this wedding function! Then there is a text. Oh dear! She looks to Fate. "Um, Fate-chan, Kokoro-chan says that there's something potentially hunting her... nrg. I'm supposed to be here. Mom warned me from running away..." she's done so before in the past, for a similar reason. "Maybe you can go? I'll say you felt sick. They'll buy it." she whispers. Then it's back to work, while Fate goes off to help Kokoro.

MEANWHILE, a vampire who's shoulder is now healed and is on edge because Saint George is basically a dropbear at this point, gets a text. 'Oh dear, a moment.' she texts back. She dissapears into a black mist.... reappearing somewhere in Kokoro's vicinity that isn't occupied. Oh dear, she can understand what Kokoro meant now.

"It's really weird feeling out here." she says to her. "If something isn't hunting you- there's still /something/ here.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-18 22:25:32 94849
Akari is making her way through the docks in a midnight-blue blouse and a black skirt, wandering along with the curious air of a newcomer. Technically she's supposed to be lurking on the rooftops as Nightbell, getting a better handle on the dark energy coursing through her veins, but everything seems to be stalled at the moment while she waits for Riventon to get in touch with her and Dr. Murano.

She frowns, looking around for a moment. Something else seems to be stalled as well. Rubindorn? she says telepathically.

JA! replies her Device in Belkan, tucked hidden away into her blouse. I DETECT A MAGICAL ANOMALY OF UNCERTAIN NATURE!

Yeah ... Akari slows down ever so slightly, doing her best to remain as though she's just another casual pedestrian, but now she's a bit more focused, watching for potential threats. She can do that without compromising her identity, at least at the moment.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-18 22:33:48 94851
Kokoro needs help? She nods once. "Be.. careful. Nanoha." she says. She means 'good luck' but she has some trouble with the proper words to use in casual everyday conversation. Nanoha will know what she means though. She'll transform and take off into the sky, heading due towards the location she was told.

She arrives, touching down with Bardiche. She nods. Just a single nod, before she speaks. "Nanoha is busy with helping her parents with an event. I'm here in her stead." she says. She can feel that weird calm in the air as she looks around.

"...Quiet before the storm?" she asks curiously, as she looks back to Kokoro and--- wait.

Isn't that... one of her old co-workers? Yes! It is. "Lacrima-san." she regards. "How is Riven-sama?" she asks. She knows she left on good terms. So she has no problem asking this. "Do you know Kokoro-chan too?" she asks of her.

She might also be thinking Lacrima is the source of this problem but she isn't saying it out loud. She doesn't know her relation to Kokoro yet. So it's an assumption she only tenativly makes.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-18 22:37:32 94853
    By now, Kokoro is tense enough that even Lacrima's appearance causes her a brief twitch. "...somethin' magical, huh? Then I was probably right. Feels like somethin's..." She trails off. Back through an alleyway, between buildings, there's a faint shuffle. A sense of something moving. "...been stalkin' me. Stay back." Lacrima and Akari both will get to see Kokoro turn into the alleyway, which fills with the distinctive flashing light and electric crackle of her transformation...

    FWUMP "Urk-!"

    ...and then a good three seconds later, she hurtles right back out of the alley, right past Fate, across the street, and slams back first into a brick wall across the way. The thud is followed by a groan of mixed pain and irritation, the now-redhead climbing to her feet - while across from her, the culprit filters its way out of the alley.

    It's huge. 3 meters tall, maybe a little taller. Hellishly bulky, like someone took its earthborn counterpart and put it through the world's most harsh training regimen. It's entirely made of sand. And it's completely, eerily silent. Even its knuckles hitting the pavement make almost no noise, far less than a sand creature of that size should make.

    No chest-beating. No warcry. The Silent Sand-Gorilla merely sweeps its head around, staring at those present, before beginning a muffled charge straight at Fate.
Lacrima 2018-08-18 23:00:42 94858
Lacrima huhs. "Alright..." she says. She blinks at Fate. "Fate-san? Oh! Hello!" she says. "You're missed around the lab! I hope tha-----" then there's a crackle of energy she knows is associated with Kokoro's transformation and then she's flung out of the alleyway. "Fate-san, look out!" she calls out, as it zooms by her.

Oh my god it's a gorilla, why is it always a gorilla. She fires off a blast of dark energy from her hand, trying to hit the create as it makes a charge for Fate. This thing is huge but so spookily quiet. How is that!? Even the big youmas in the Dusk Zone, you can usually hear them coming.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-18 23:04:45 94859
Akari catches sight of Lacrima, who is a complete stranger she's never ever met before and who isn't a contact between Riventon and an alternate identity which Akari definitely doesn't have. She gives a little curious frown --

And then she sees Kokoro go flying and the gorilla. She freezes up for a moment as if she was shocked (but she's actually memorizing the appearance of her immediate vicinity), and then she just books it out of there in the opposite direction as fast as her feet can carry her.

A moment later, an oblong disk of pure blackness appears, accompanied by the sound of an eerie bell ringing played in reverse, and Nightbell leaps out, Rubindorn in sword-form at the ready. "Well, this is interesting," she says. "Hey, Lacrima-san. Who's y--"

It charges. Rubindorn pings, and a gun-trigger setup sticks out of the hilt. <<KARTUSCHE BEREIT!>> it says, in what sounds like a cutesy version of Nightbell's voice. Bell pulls the trigger, and her blade crackles with red lightning tinged with dark energy as she charges forward, hovering a foot or so off the ground, and attempts to slash into the side of the monster!
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-18 23:06:09 94860
Fate Testarossa nods to her vampire co-worker. "I know." is all she can say with a hint of sadness. But it's better this way. She's happier now. Even if some things make her sad, it's able to outweighed now by the happiness. She looks to the alleyway, when there's a spark of electricy, Bardiche gets held out at the ready, scthye blade blooming to life on it.

Then suddenly there is a really quiet large gorilla. This also catches her by surprise since it was so quiet! She resolves herself however, and as it comes barreling she attempts to slice through it, leaping forward and upwards into the air at an angle, hoping to slice in two. It is made out of sand though. She could end up just going right through it. Or getting hit back.

Yes she gets hit back, being punted to the ground quickly as she skids across the ground on her feet. Okay. No physically attacks like that again, she lifts off into the air straight up this time.

"Do any of you know what this thing is?" she asks.

Who's that Belkan mage that just entered, she thinks at the back of her head.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-18 23:19:48 94862
    "Got no clue," Kokoro grunts, taking her hammer up in both hands. "But I've seen one like it, just once. About a year ago. First time, uh... the night I found this hammer. It was a tiger." Already, she's stepping forward, breaking into a charge of her own.

    Lacrima's blast of darkness slams into the gorilla, which stumbles a bit, visibly injured, or at least damaged, by the attack. But not dissuaded in the least, as it turns out. It's still charging after Fate, right up until the mage takes off; then it's left staring up at her for a moment, as if silently trying to figure out how to follow-

    -when Nightbell's blade gashes across its side, prompting a startled stumble, a soft whisper of sand as the gorilla turns to her. That provides a distraction, enough for Dengeki Shoujo's charge to finish, hammer swinging up and into the monster's side with a crackle of building thunder-



    It's a disconcertingly wimpy noise. The electrical discharge has turned the area under her hammer from sand to glass... but only directly under her hammer. And now the gorilla knows she's there; predictably, it whips around again, its entire body suddenly a malleable mass of sand that turns to directly face her, takes shape again - and smacks her several feet back. "Whff-!"
Lacrima 2018-08-18 23:32:56 94866
Lacrima watches as he attack hits home and damages it. /Good/ she thinks, she won't be useless tonight here. When Kokoro mentions the sand beast her brain lights up. Oh! She's right! She remembers that. When Denegeki lets loose, she watches the result and frowns. "Kokoro! Sand is not a conductor! If that things entirely sand- it might not work well." she looks around. Sources of water?... she thinks. Make it mud?

She releases another stronger blast of dark energy, like a basketball sized ball down into the body of the beast, which should explode into a moderate blast when it connects.

Rosalie Janus 2018-08-18 23:47:46 94871
Nightbell smirks as she seems to leave a mark, then ... grimaces when Dengeki Shoujo gets kicked back. Her emotions aren't great, but when someone's an ally, you don't want them to get hurt. "Name's Nightbell, by the way!" she says, firing burst of dark energy from her hand -- much smaller and less impressive than Lacrima's. "You could say I'm one of Eclipse's more ... independent assets!" She rises a bit further off the ground, charging forward for another slash with Rubindorn's cartridge-boosted state.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-18 23:48:13 94872
Fate Testarossa looks down. She's about to ready a thunderous attack when she pauses when she watches the result that Kokoro's attack did- and what Lacrima calls out. Right. No electric attacks, it won't work very well. She thinks a bit, and has to pull into an older bag of tricks. She's rusty.

"Bardice. Jet Smasher." she says. Bardiche pauses a moment... < Jet Smasher >

The magic circle forms beneath her as she begins to cast the spell, spinning the sycthe in front of her a moment-- using Bardiche as a focus for a single circular symbol that forms just over her hands... before releasing a wave of magic energy, that isn't Electrical based, into the Gorilla monster.

She can't keep doing that one though. It's too wasteful of her energy... and she isn't a near bottomless pit of potential like Nanoha is.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-19 00:03:40 94878
    The blast of darkness has more effect than the thunderous hammersmash - it blows a chunk out of the gorilla's side, a burst of sand that falls to the street and doesn't move again. The damage 'repairs' itself, more or less, but there's just a bit less sand than before, after all. The yell briefly draws its attention, but only briefly. Even having caused more damage to it, somehow Lacrima is less interesting to the sandbeast than Nightbell right now. She cuts a line across its side, and without skipping a beat, it turns to swing a beefy arm at her - and then keeps following after her. You have its attention now, Nightbell!

    It looks like it's about to jump straight after her, when a wave of magical energy staggers it, enough that the creature actually stumbles. And though it turns to face Fate again through that strange, shifting-sand turn, this time it's slower, it has more difficulty re-solidifying. That's about the moment the red-haired thundergirl yells, "I'LL MAKE IT WORK IF I GOTTA!" and slams into the sandbeast herself. Once, twice the hammer swings, leaving more patches of glass behind - this time with enough force for it to stumble.

    There's a pause, then she calls over her shoulder to Nightbell. "...Dengeki Shoujo. I help Lacrima out once in a while." 'Shock Girl'...?
Lacrima 2018-08-19 00:09:25 94880
Lacrima raises a brow. It's... not responding to her. Okay. Maybe it has to do with the fact she's a dark energy mass. Maybe it reads life signs? She looks to Nightbell. But it's interested in her. But she also knows she's just infested with dark energy-- she isn't made up of it. Right?.... She's not sure on that, but it seems to be ignoring her.

"Nightbell." she says. "Are you seeing what I'm seeing?" she asks. "You, too? Fate-san? Fate-san can you device confirm that it's loosing mass?" she asks.

Regardless, she fires off another blast. And another. And another. If it's working, she's going to keep it up, flinging the dark energy blasts. If it's loosing mass, well, just call her Jenny Craig and this needs to be put on Weight Watchers!
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-19 00:20:05 94886
"Nice to meetcha, Shock Girl!" Nightbell has a lot of preprogrammed reflexes and combat skills, and it's easy for her to dodge the monster's swing, even as her brain registers the names 'Bardiche' and 'Fate' ....

'Kill Fate,' says the voice of darkness in Nightbell's head. 'She is a deserter, and thus a betrayer.'

She freezes up and lets out a squeak of surprise ... and then lets out a yelp as the fist connects, sending her flying. Fortunately, that's in part due to her flight power, and she quickly rights herself. "Ow! Uh ... maybe? Do you see it, Rubindorn?"


"Okay, that's a yes!" says Bell.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-19 00:29:59 94890
Fate Testarossa listens to Lacrima. She thinks it's loosing mass? "Bardiche, confirm what Lacrima-san is saying." she says in her usual cold tone. < Yes, sir! The creature has lost mass since our arrival. > it states, Fate nods, hoping Lacrima heard that too.

She attempts to come down with another slice then, downwards into the thing, trying to bisect it with another strong slice. If it can be reduced physically, she's going to try physical attacks.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-19 00:42:49 94894
    Even now, with blast after blast slamming into it, the sand gorilla seems little more than annoyed at such a significant source of damage - it ambles into a turn, apelike in its movements if nothing else, and rips out a mailbox to simply fling at Lacrima, as if swatting an annoyance. Likewise, the other continued attacks are apparently starting to frustrate it. It swings a backhand at Fate without even looking, its attention torn from Nightbell, turning to try and face down the mage with a stumble of waning energy after her strike cuts it deep. In fact, its attention seems a little torn now, turning to look between her and Nightbell briefly, until-

    "Oi, big sandy jerk. You came out here chasin' me to begin with... DON'T IGNORE ME!"


    It's an especially powerful blow, enough to stagger the gorilla on force alone, and it leaves behind a much larger patch of glass besides. Dengeki Shoujo takes a step or two back, her body crackling lightly with dancing arcs - and now she has its undivided attention. It swings one of those massive fists at her, but this time she's braced, and meets the blow head-on... or rather, catches it, blacktop buckling under her feet. "Tch... now... you wanna go, huh..." Strength vs. strength... and the contest of muscle leaves it wide open.
Lacrima 2018-08-19 01:16:20 94906
She has a mailbox thrown at her and she raises her hand and slaps it away. Because it's a GD mailbox and not a horrible magic attack. It goes flying through the air and sticks perfectly upright in front of a doghouse. Dog will get mail now. Maybe.

Regardless, she hrms. "TORMENTA OSCURA!" she screams out, 'Dark Storm'. A raging strong bolt of dark energy that only /looks/ like a lightning bolt strikes out from from the sky directly into the creatures location almost like a mini orbital laser. How do you like 'dem apples, she thinks almost.

"Ugh I'm going to have sand in my shoes when I get home I bet. That's probably going to be the worst part of this fight." she complains to herself privately.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-19 01:23:20 94909
Fate Testarossa will probably also have sand in her shoes and will have to explain it to momma and poppa Takamachi. Obviously she had to chase someone's cat that got loose across a beach. Clearly. The excuse will be easy enough. She doesn't like lying, but sometimes it needs to be done in a situation like this.

Sometimes she misses living in a place and room where it didn't matter if she was magic. Still again, she's much happier right now.

Fate snaps back from the backhand. It misses her. She's fast enough. Then Kokoro has it in a lock, so it's stationary for a moment. Good.

< Jet Smasher! > calls out Bardiche as Fate fires off the spell again, a bright energy blast.

Only this time it's basically point blanc.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-19 01:27:20 94911
Nightbell is clearly still rattled, but she manages to stay upright. "Okay," she says. "Uh. Rubindorn?"

Ping! <<BESTIMMT, HERRIN! KARTUSCHE BEREIT!>> Bell pulls the trigger, the sword vents black steam ... <<ROSENWIND!>> ... and this time, the blade is completely engulfed in dark energy. Bell swings Rubindorn six times, each one sending out a sliver of cutting darkness; each time, the darkness around the blade decreases ever so slightly, before it finally disappears altogether with the final slash.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-19 01:36:36 94915
    Dengeki Shoujo grits her teeth, defiance flashing in her eyes and tiny arcs fluttering all along her body. After a few moments of struggle, she even starts to push the colossal ape back, just an inch... an inch and a half...

    Tormenta Oscura rocks the sand beast's body, staggering it into a stumble. Sand sloughs off it in a few places. Fate slams it with a point-blank Jet Smasher, breaking it out of the lock entirely. It stumbles, feet and knuckles and elbows thumping the ground with a whisper-soft noise, but moves to get to its feet - and then Rubindorn carves through it, again and again and again. At this point, whatever energy was animating it has been so disrupted that it's falling apart, barely moving.

    But even so, it manages to push itself up a little, shifting its weight, and as if finally noticing her for the first time, whipping its head around to stare at Lacrima. It shifts. It lumbers forward a shaky step. It looks like it's actually going to (try and) come after her now.

    "Stay DOWN!"

    Kokoro's hammer slams into the thing's head, and it finally comes apart, dropping to the street in a pile of sand with scattered chunks of glass here and there. And with it down for good, that strange stillness in the magical 'air' seems to fade away as well, quickly returning to the normal metaphysical background noise.
Lacrima 2018-08-19 01:46:15 94918
Lacrima clenches a fist. "Thats right, come on Grape Ape." she says as she begins charging more dark energy into her hand. "Time to put you back in the petshop window." she says. But then... Kokoro finishes it. She gently blinks and floats down to the ground and begins walking over.

"Okay, is it dead?" she asks. "I'm not feeling that strange feel anymore." she says quietly.

"I think..." she says softly. "I think these things are coming after you specifically, Dengeki." she says. She leans down and produces two small testtubes from a convenient magical pocket. She takes some of the sand in one, and glass chunks in the other. And puts them back in said magical subspace pocket.

"I'm going to see if I can't determine anything from these samples. Figure out if the sand is based from Earth and/or if it's magical on it's own." she says. "See how the glass structure looks." she says.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-19 01:59:51 94927
Fate Testarossa watches as Kokoro finishes the beast. She doesn't relax immediatly, keeping a 'about to swing Bardiche into it' pose, before relaxing when that feeling of forebodning lifts from the area. She watches Lacrima go to take samples. She doesn't stop her. She's worked with Lacrima before- at least long enough to know she most likely isn't going to turn around and make an army of sand youma with the results or anything.

Maybe if it was Takashi-sama, she'd reconsider and say something. "I think it's gone." she says. "I don't feel that odd feeling anymore. I think the area is clear." she says.

She nods at Dengeki. "Are you okay, Dengeki-chan?" she asks. She said she'd be there if she needed help. Even if she wanted to leave fighting behind.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-19 02:01:53 94928

Nightbell exhales, looking relieved, but kind of exhausted. "You're saying there's more of them on the menu? ... Scheisse." She shakes her head. "... Well, at least we took it out without any casualties and without ..." She eyes the glass left on the ground by Dengeki Shoujo's lightning. "... well, without much collateral damage. Wish Rubindorn knew how to make a Time-Space Barrier," she adds under her breath.

She keeps sort of ... glancing at Fate for a couple of moments, before she finally looks over at Lacrima, and then clears her throat. "Uh," she says, "it ... happened again, Lacrima-san." She is not used to having a dark voice in her head.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-19 02:09:42 94931
    Kokoro nudges the pile of sand with her boot. Nudge. Nudge.

    She plants her hammer in the pile and runs a quick charge through it. Zap.

    "Seems pretty dead."

    The hammer swings back up onto her shoulder, and she gives Lacrima a nod. "Yeah. Lemme know what you find. Been over a year since that last one, it's... it's weird." Everyone else's problems keep happening so regularly, hers took over a year to happen a second time.

    -huh? Oh, Fate's asking after her. The tall girl shifts her shoulders, turns left and right at the waist, then grunts. "Little sore. Be fine in a few days, probably. Nothin' broken, at least." She locks violet eyes to crimson, and gives the blond a small nod. "Thanks for comin'."

    But Nightbell has questions. Sort of. "Dunno about 'more'. This is only the second time, and the first one was April last year. Don't know a thing about 'em." There seems to be something between Lacrima and Nightbell, and for a moment she's curious, but... "This somethin' I need to know about?" There, more of an open door. 'Do you want to tell me' rather than 'I want to know'. See? She's learning! She's learning this 'talking to people' thing. Slowly.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-19 02:11:19 94932
Fate Testarossa gives a firm nod back to Dengeki, and with that she'll take off. She has a catering gig to hopefully get back to and help Nanoha-chan and her family with still.
Lacrima 2018-08-19 02:20:05 94937
Lacrima waves to Fate as she leaves. It seems she's doing good. That's good. She looks to Dengeki. "I'll let you know if I find out anything one way or another." she says. She gently looks to Nightbell. She looks back to Dengeki. "It's not my place to talk about it. But it's a similar condition to my own of sorts I'm helping her through." she asides.

She looks to Dengeki. "You seemed to ignore it. I didn't see anything happen that shouldn't had?" she asks to the girl. "We'll talk about this later." she asides.

She looks to Dengeki. "Private.. like." she says apologetically. "Unless she wants to tell you." she says. She looks to Nightbell.

"Right, like. She said earlier this is Dengeki. I trust her." she says softly.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-19 02:28:25 94940
Nightbell grimaces, and in a surge of dark energy, Rubindorn becomes a pendant hanging around her neck. "It's, uh ... some ... thing that happens to ... people who are partly dark energy, or fully dark energy, or are ..." She glances at Lacrima. "You said 'infested' in one of your texts, I think?" She shrugs uncomfortably; she really doesn't want to say 'I heard a voice in my head telling me to murder someone who was technically on my side at that moment.'

She shakes her head at Lacrima. "Well, it definitely distracted me long enough for Mister Sand Ape to smack me there!" she says. "But, uh, anyway, yeah, I'd ... rather we talked about it somewhere more private." She smiles weakly. "No offense to you, Dengeki-san, it's just ... I ... only just met you, ahaha ..."
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-19 02:34:57 94941
    For a few seconds, Dengeki Shoujo stares at Nightbell; but while her gaze is intense, it seems to be more a case of scrutiny or appraisal than any sort of insult. "...we all got problems we wanna handle ourselves. I ain't gonna pry." She turns to look up towards the rooftops, contemplating. Couple blocks up there, then hop back down and change back... should be good enough. But before she puts her plan into motion, the tower of a magical girl does turn to look back over her shoulder. "...tell you the same thing I told Lacrima. If it looks like you're going off the deep end, I'll be there to stop you. You start doing something bad, I'll have to stand in your way. But other than that, we ain't got a problem. You ever need me, she's got my number." She seems to have finally remembered to try and speak correctly.
Lacrima 2018-08-19 02:44:03 94944
She nods at Dengeki. "I'm going to get this back to the lab and start poking at it." she says. "Nightbell, come along, we'll talk about it on the way back." she says. "And yes. She'll smack you with that hammer if she needs to. I'm sure it hurts a lot." she says with a lopsided grin. She's understating that.

Then she'll take off!
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-19 02:45:26 94945
Nightbell actually smiles faintly at at Dengeki's comment. "Um, okay," she says. "Well, I mean ... I've already got a couple of safety nets of that variety, but ..." She shakes her head, and gestures vaguely. "Thank you."

She nods to Lacrima, and also takes off. "All righty, then!" she says, flying after her. "After you!" She waves back down at Dengeki. "Later!"