Saint and Sinners

Date: 2018-08-20
Pose Count: 19
Takashi Agera 2018-08-20 02:53:57 95025
Where does one go looking for the reincarnated spirit of a saint, were one to want to kick it's ass for hurting a friend? That's not a question Takashi has ever had to answer. But like most unanswered questions, Takashi decides to solve it with an experiment.

So that's why he's not currently in Ireland, but he's moving through the Ueno Park outdoors, since that's where he keeps showing up - in henshin, not trying to hide his powers fully - although doing so enough that hopefully the entire population of Magical Tokyo doesn't come for him given recent events.

But he's ready, scanning, looking. One way or another he's going to get more information and hopefully some delicious vengeance.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-20 03:30:02 95032
Saint George is on the hunt. He's looking for the thing that wears his sister's skin that tries to be here. It'll never be her. He knows Norie Okana. That thing is a purple haired she-demon. He's in full armor. Keeping to the treetops, hidden from the populace at large. The populace does not handle 'knights in armor well'. Or think he's a cosplayer.

A COSPLAYER ha! Him!? Nonono. He's the real deal. He does sense... something. Dark. His first inclination is to see if it's his prey. No. He looks down over the edge of a treeline.

That is not his prey, though it feels like it. This thing. Yes, thing, whatever it is, is no good. He looks like a ... warlock? Of some sort? Does it really matter?

He explodes downwards through the brush of the trees and lands in a three point stance before he stands up- somewhere behind Takashi. There's a good 70 feet between them. He is not right behind him.

"You there." he says. "State your bussiness and intent, warlock!" he says. Like he's the god damn magic police. He isn't. He most certainly is not.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-20 03:38:02 95034
Riventon turns on his heel - only he doesn't actually turn on his heel since he's floating ever so slightly off the ground, like he's too good for walking like a normal person. "Oh, my business is you, I think. And if you're the 'legendary' St. George my intent is to beat you like it's the year 309."

And he stops disguising his power even a little bit, channeling Dark Energy into his hands. "Because you stabbed an employee.. a PERSONAL FRIEND with your blade. So I'm gonna relieve you of it. And I so hope you don't go quietly, I've never beaten a legendary historical figure before."
Ryo Okana 2018-08-20 03:57:03 95039
Saint George laughs hearily. Like Riventon told him a big joke. "Historical figure? I am the chosen of the greater good, do you think you have a chance?" he asks. "I've slayed dragons and hydras and other creatures of ill repute. You are basically what.. some guy in a cloak with a spellbook." he says.

He doesn't have a book, but he perhaps means a metaphorical spellbook. He somehow pulls a sword out of nowhere. It shines in golden white light for a second. "In fact I don't relish staining Ascalon with your blood. You look unworthy." he says.

"But I also want this done quickly..." he says, as he begins to charge forward, making ready to swing his sword- which he in fact does when he's close enough to do.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-20 04:11:22 95043
Riventon shifts only slightly as St. George runs up, putting his gauntlet-covered hand out... And as the knight swings, a swirling blue field of runes and magic erupts into being, a circular shield - and that's what Saint George's sword connects with.

For a moment. Before the legendary weapon shatters the Round Shield and the blade finds a home in Riventon's body... and for a moment he staggers back, looking down at the sword... then he looks up at George... smiles... and suddenly melts into a pool of semiliquid Dark Energy.

And another Riventon floatss from the treeline. This one is smiling, too, and holding something rectangular in his fingers. "Yeah, that's a super-dangerous toy you're swinging around, kid. But I've been around a lot longer and collected my own toys."

    "Clow Card! Release and take form! SWORD!"

And in Riventon's hand an elegant blade takes shape from out of the card - pristine and pure, for a moment, before it warps from his energy, turning black and gaining a flamberge-like blade. "Enguarde." He says with a sneer - before eschewing the blade in his hand to fire a small barrage of Dark Energy beams across the open park at George.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-20 04:30:04 95047
A Tarot Card user!? Blasphemy, he thinks, as he raises his arm. A gold white shield forms, as he moves forward. Not as fast. Old time fighters used to do this in arrow barages. He'll get closer until either Riventon stops or he gets close enough to swing his sword through the air, a crescent balde of energy flying through the air towards him. The energy projection does not have the same properties as his sword. That cannot cut through nearly anything.

It's still super dangerous however. "Enguarde?" he asks curtly.

"Kid..." he snorts...

"You play at combat, don't you?" he asks. "It's a surprise you're not dead yet." he says. "But that's also not surprising. All these heroes don't seem to have the heart to do what needs done. Do they?" he asks. The airquotes are palpable.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-20 04:38:07 95049
Riventon snorts. "Do what you love, and you'll never work a day in your life. And much like you I think they've tried and just come up short. Hard to tell, but I seem to be bad at making friends lately."

"I mean, not as bad as you..." Riventon notices what his opponent is doing, and has a lot more confidence in the sword than he's letting on. He moves to match blades with St. George, confident this relic of the Archmage (and total asshat) Clow Reed will tear through George's sword like paper - as it does everything else, from steel to magic itself...

Ryo Okana 2018-08-20 04:47:38 95051

Saint George did not expect this. His sword breaks other swords usually. This did not happen? Is something wrong with Ascalon? No. No he feels there isn't. He draws back. "It seems we're at an impasse." he says. "It has been quite a while since I've fought anyone with a sword able to handle my own."

He seems almost giddy about this on some level. Like this is actually a challenge. Lacrima has never fought back against him. Neither has most of these people. He doesn't know Lacrima is holding them back. Riventon has no such qualms it seems.

He draws his sword back and makes an uphand swing, trying to come down on Riventon's head with a blade. "A warriors true power comes from his heart and his heart alone." he claims. "Others hold it back. Stop what needs to be done. I've seen countless times in this past I remember. The only ones that I know..." he takes a deep breath.

"....well. They Crusaded for what was right." he says with a vicious grin. "And let no one stop them."
Takashi Agera 2018-08-20 04:57:28 95054
Takashi Agera has handled swords before, has attacked with them, but usually more in a berzerk rage than with elegance. But with the Sword of Clow in Riventon's hand, he can let the magic guide him, can fight like a master, if he doesn't resist it. And so he matches the downward swing, parrying Ascalon down and away, and trying to counter with a strike of his own.

"Man, you should get a history book. Most of the crusades were like... colossal failures. In one case they even sacked their own benefactor for cold hard gold." He's content to match blades now... he needs time to let Axion study Ascalon and its wielder.

"But we do agree on where a warrior's power comes from. You can't draw strength from something that might not be there - you can only rely on your own might."
Ryo Okana 2018-08-20 05:18:40 95059
Saint George tsks. "Did they? That must had been after I died the second time." he insists. "They would not had gone poorly, had some stuck up---" he parries before he can finish that sentence with his sword. He tsks. "You're technique is good. But I have a feeling its that tarot's magic." he says.

"Rather than your skill." he says. He's basically saying 'this fight doesn't count, ha ha I win by default!' if one reads between the lines. "Well good, such brothers are we..." he says with dripping facetious intent.

He'll try that again. Downward swing. Except this time there's a flash of light and the sword changes into a might spear of ornate design. He's hoping that even if Riventon moves to block, the spear portion has enough reach to still nick him-- if he moves to block the sword rather than a spear. He also does this without prompting. One does not show their cards through silly word games like 'think you can handle this!?'.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-20 05:25:26 95060
Riventon smiles. "And I suppose you forged and enchanted Ascalon yourself? It's a poor craftsman who blames his own tools, but to blame another craftsman? Tsk." He doesn't get the second Tsk out.

Riventon moves exactly as St. George would expect - except that he gets a little bit of extra dodge space by slipping ever so slightly out of this reality and into the Dusk Zone as part of the movement. Still, Ascalon-as-spear manages to clip part of the capelike back of Riventon's labcoat Barrier Jacket - and such a light hit going through the armor speaks volumes.

And then Riventon suddenly draws a second blade in his offhand, drawing the terrible, awful polluted black sword no normal human can wield without going insane, the one dripping with ichor and malice, and tries to thrust it into the Saint's leg as he shifts back into reality and forces the spear back.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-20 05:53:48 95065
Saint George scoffs. "Ascalon was granted to me by the Greater Good!" he says. He means the 'Big G'. He tsks. "-and there is no finer craftsman." for various reasons. "And yours appears to come from Hallmark!" he boasts. He grins, however. He clipped him. Show a man he can bleed or get hurt and it's all downhill from there.

Then suddenly he draws another sword? That is unexpected. Why summon one from a card when you have one already? He only has this thought for a moment before the sword does thrust into his leg. It hits home. It cuts through the armor- though the white armor stops it from going through the other side. He makes a muffled yell, before he tugged his leg off the sword.

"You...." he says. "You....." he says angrily. "YOU CUT. MY ARMOR." he yells as he makes to swing the spear in a frenzy forward, unpredicatably. Well.

That pissed him off.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-20 06:05:00 95068
Riventon is surprised by a lot here. That after all of that, he got a hit so cleanly, and with the sword that would show him what a nonhealing wound could feel like - and then the very real rage that the Saint lashes out with.

And Riventon is very much on the back foot - and back and back as the angry man with a spear lashes out. "Hey! Isn't wrath one of those deadly sin things?!" He shouts as he's very much pressed back, and it's not like the other sword can hold back Ascalon.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-20 06:15:02 95069
Saint George keeps this up. He keeps this up before his shield lights up and he tries to BASH Riventon over with it- the translucent magical shield that feels very real and like hard steel, ending the assault. "Warlock!" he yells out, as an insult.

"When they say they are deadly.' he says. "It's to other people. That's never actually specified which direction." he adds. Is he finagling things to match his worldview? Yes. Yes he is.

OF COURSE he is.

He make another stab forward with the spear, trying to drive it forward, trying to skewer him. "I don't think you understand." he says. "You're used to fighting these weak people, who won't do what needs to be done." he says. "Perhaps you don't know what that means..." he says with a tone of ice.

"I am going to kill you, Warlock!" he suddenly shouts.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-20 06:24:38 95072
Riventon does pretty well, all things considered. But eventually the pressure gets the better of him - because he doesn't listen to the Card's instruction, and takes an opening that's not there; and almost gets impaled. Slipping sideways into the Dusk Zone keeps it from happening, but the spear still puts a small cut in his left side - piercing right through the Barrier Jacket and leaving a cut in his side.

And getting a spew of profanity as Riventon slips fully into the Dusk Zone, appearing well behind his opponent, holding his side. "That's the only hit you'll score on me. I've been playing in your element, but can you play in mine? SWORD, return to dormancy!" The card does so, and Riventon leans back, both palms outstretched.

"You may be saint, but I'm a future god! Now wither." His left hand fires another, much more aggressive and withering series of blasts; but his right is waiting for that shield to come up...

    <HEXENSCHLAG!> calls Axion as an awful surge of Witch energy follows up as a second attack - not Dark or light energy, but something foul and strange and wrong, both liquid and gas and energy, ripping through the air and wrapping around defenses.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-20 06:41:36 95074
He dispatches his sword. He calls upon awful evil energy like a warlock does. This energy feels familiar. Like a distant memory. He has probably fought a witch before. In his past. A strange weird world. A foul monster. Leaving behind some object. But he can't quite remember that. All he knows is--- this is bad.

"So you show your true colors, Warlock!" he says as he holds his shield up again. It's taking some of that damage, but the energy twists and turns and tries to get through the barricade. he charging against the surge? Like when he was approaching before. He is. He is and it's ridicolous and he shouldn't be able to do it. But he is.

He finally relents when he gets close enough, a final swing with the long spear, trying to trade some damage for a strong hit that finally sends him flying backwards through the air in horrible pain into a tree, which cracks at the impact point.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-20 06:59:51 95077
Riventon continues the verbal banter as he pours more energy than usual into the attack. "You act like I don't wear the title warlock with some pride, fool! You might have another life of experience inside you, but trust me, that doesn't even make you special here - and I beat people like that while only half-assing it!

But usually they don't try to force their way through any of his attacks. Dodge or defend, sure, but to push forward? Inside Axion, a cartridge locks into place. "All that matters is what you can do today, not what happened in some other life! All that matters is the power you wield RIGHT NOW and if that strength is enough to accomplish your goals!"

There's a phenomenal surge of Dark Energy as the cartridge is crushed and it empowers Riventon further. <ZERBRECHEN ALPTRAUM!> calls his device, as the shield comes down - and a shockwave of Dark Energy follows the Witch energy, with bladelike black crystal shards riding on the energy wave to rip and tear like a fragmentation wave.

But there's that spear... and just as he's getting pushed away he gets it downwards and puts another wound on Riventon's right arm - only a few small shields diverted it from hitting Axion itself...

And once George is slamming against the tree, Riventon is holding that aching hand. Much like Lacrima he can't heal the damage - but unlike her, his body simply fills in the mssing spaces with semiliquid dark energy. Still hurts like hell, though, and blood and black energy drip from both wounds.

"I've still got more, you sack of ancient crap." Riventon doesn't LIKE being in pain. "The only reason I'm stopping is your sister asked me not to kill you, and your stupid blade is going to make it hard to hold back."

"You should thank her. And apologize to that tree."
Ryo Okana 2018-08-20 07:07:25 95080
Saint George gets back up. He is wavering. Neither are in a position to press this futher. The warlock is saying the only reason he's stopping is his 'sister'. He could make a final stab. But the warlock could pull something else in a desperate attack to defend.

"That thing. Is not my sister. It wears the skin of my sister, mocking her memory." he spits. "That thing, is a vile abomination. It is UNCLEAN. UNHOLY." he says.

"So run away, while I'm giving you the chance. Because if I'm going to kill you...." he says angrily.

"I WON'T BE LOOKING LIKE THIS!" he yells out.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-20 07:14:00 95081
Riventon looks at the Saint. "Hmph. Well, on the bright side, if you don't take my advice, your sword will be an excellent addition to my collection." But then he can't help but grab at the arm injuiry. Something is wrong with those wounds.

Something that gives him the same sense of mortality he'd gotten at D-point. Technically this wasn't Riventon's first life either. And more than anything that's what convinces him to leave for now. "Next time I won't let you get within 20 feet of me with a beating heart."

And that is his last threat because then he feels the sting of the wound in his side and backsteps into the Dusk Zone to try and fix it... or at least soothe the pain with a nice Duskfruit Smoothie...