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Naru meets a new girl, Maru, building a robot. The two talk about life, love, art and robots. Alas, the encounter is drawn short by a sudden emergency call. Hopefully everything is okay.

Date: 2018-08-20
Pose Count: 22
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-20 20:25:14 95124
Masu Yogoshi was enjoying herself, actually. It was a quiet, sunny day. There were kids running around, of course there were. But the people weren't BY her. She didn't have to suppress her empathic bond as much, since while she did get the occasional twinge from the people running around, she didn't feel quite as over whelemed. She had a tablet on the table besides her, which seemed to have chemistry homework on it.

However, that wasn't her concern. What was her main focus was the small robot she was building. There were almost a hundred parts to it, and she was slowly gluing them together as she made the giant robot. She'd occasionally pull out a small file and sand edges down... She'd seen it on sale and she knew her brother would absolutely DIE if he had one of these units, so she'd spent a little bit of eclipse funding on it and was now taking a break, looking forward to the look on his face when she finished it.
Naru Osaka 2018-08-20 20:32:14 95125
It is, a beautiful day. Sunshine and just a enough of a breeze to keep things refreshing, and while there's plenty of empty green space around, there's very few picnic tables that werent' covered in extended families having picnics.

Just the one, that has a but a single person and a truthfully rather interesting project. It's not taking up all of the table. Right? Righ.

Naru comes a little closer, her skirt and blouse combo solidly on the 'cute and fashionable' side of things rather than athletic lounge wear. "Um. Hi.. would it be alright if I used the other half of the table?" She asks, as politely as she might manage, with a friendly smile for Masu. There's an edge of nerves, nothing more than is reasonable for approaching a stranger with a request, a healthy dollop of legitimate friendly in her surface emotions.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-20 20:38:39 95127
Masu Yogoshi glanced up. Who...? She eyed the girl for a moment. She didn't feel anything wrong. Heck, the girl felt almost somewhat... calm. It wasn't so bad. She gave a nod. "Sure. I'll ummm... try and not take up too much space," she said softly. She reached out to move some of the glue closer, actually giving about two thirds of the table to the other girl. Namely because the parts were mostly still in the box.

"I'm Masu Yogoshi, a pleasure to meet you," she said. Then cringed. She wondered if giving her name was alright? No. They were just a foot note in the news. "I'm guessing you're not a student of Ininity? I haven't..." She stopped for a second. She almost said 'felt you', "Seen you, before. If I have, however, I apologize for not remembering..."

She pulled out a small piece from the box, clipping it out and beginning to file it down.
Naru Osaka 2018-08-20 20:45:11 95128
"Thanks. I slept terribly, and the prospect of sitting on the grass was not doing it for me." Naru digs a couple of notebooks out of her satchel and waves her hand as Masu tries to give her more space. "No no, it's fine. I just need a wee bit. Sprawl as you wish."

"Pleasure to meet you Masu, I'm Naru Osaka." She flips her sketchbook open, thumbing through a few pages of what looks like mostly trees before getting to a blank page. "No. I don't go to Infinity, although I've friends who do. I'm at Seishou." She is thoughtful a few moments as she digs out her pencil box. "Sayaka's at Infinity.. Madoka is too. So's Hannah, for that matter."

Naru glances over to the box of pieces and the care that Masu is putting it together. "What are you working on?"
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-20 20:56:23 95129
Masu Yogoshi nodded and, satisfied with the way she clipped and filed it, she pulled out a second piece that would attach to it. She listened closely as the other girl spoke. An artist? That was interesting. They tended to have such nice, pleasant emotions. Masu couldn't help but smile.

Sayaka, Madoka, Hannah? "I'm afraid I'm not familiar with any of them," she said. "My apologies. I am not the most... social of people." It was probably for the best she hadn't met such turmoiling bastions of emotions. It might have made her sick. "I'm told I come off as quite rude and insensitive. And like I don't like people." Well, to be fair, the tone she talked in was very bland and controlled, as if every word was measured carefully before speaking. "My apologies."

"A gift for my little brother. He enjoys playing the robot empire." Ah, not for herself, then. "I prefer playing the evolutionary empire, myself." ... Or maybe somewhat for herself.
Naru Osaka 2018-08-20 21:00:43 95130
"Well. A gift for your brother isn't precisely screaming 'insenstive and rude' to me immediately." Naru points out as she selects a pencil from the opened box. Artist is precisely it, and certainly for the moment, the nice and pleasant emotions that Masu might have been hoping for are the ones bubbled up close to the top. Along with a healthy dollop of incredulity for the comments about Masu herself.

"If you decide that you hate people and have had enough of sharing a table, just let me know." Naru seems calm in making that assurance and then she smiles a touch. "Evolutionary empire? Like Civilization games, where you try and take over the world?"
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-20 21:03:30 95131
Masu Yogoshi nodded. "I like my brother," she said flatly... Unaware that when she said it like that, it came off as if she was saying 'she didn't like other people'. She smiled as she felt those feelings. That warmth. That happy. That relaxation. She closed her eyes for a second and sighed contently. Then glanced over, opening her eyes. "What are you drawing?"

"And no. I don't mind sharing a table with you. You seem pleasant and not obnoxious at all. And yes. It's a tabletop game, played with units like this. My brother fell in love with the toys a few years back and we've been playing together ever since. It makes him happy."
Naru Osaka 2018-08-20 21:11:53 95132
"I'm glad." Naru seems to accept that comment at face value, not putting too many extra layers into the tone. "I don't have any siblings myself, but watching any number of other sibling relationships, it works much better when you like them."

Naru considers her blank page. "I'm not sure what I'm going to draw, to be perfectly honest. I hope to have a show in the new year, and it feels like I should have some happy art for it, but I tend to just stare at the page when I try and work out what 'happy art' is." She hrms softly, thoughtfully musing on it.

"Thank you. I do aspire not to be obnoxious, or a jerk. Much like happy art, I'm just not very good at it." Naru has a rueful little smile at that and then she oohs softly. "So like.. a tactical game?"
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-20 21:21:14 95133
Masu Yogoshi nodded. "Definitely. An older sister has to protect their little brother, after all. I can't do that if I hate him, now can I?" she asked with a smile. She connected the two pieces and began to glue them together.

"Really? I didn't know you could draw 'happy'. Happy is just... happy, drawing it seems like it would be trying to draw any emotion. But... I've never been any good at art. So I am likely wrong. But,... why not try drawing someone who makes you smile?" she offered, with a shrug. She was at least trying to be helpful.

"What do you normally draw? And... Yes. Though, I'll admit we very rarely play with the full rules. He's only eight."
Naru Osaka 2018-08-20 21:28:01 95134
"Art is.. to me at least.. about provoking emotion. Or thought, but mostly about emotion." Naru explains thoughtfully as she lets her pencil wander over the page, roughing out the general shapes of what she's aiming for. "So drawing things that give those warm fuzzies, the contentment, and relaxed, and generally happy thoughts." She smiles again. "The people who make me smile are unlikely to be the same people who make you smile. Or my audience smile.. but I do get your point. My affection for them is likely to be reflected in my art."

Naru considers the question about what she draws. "Everything. Anything? I've been on another tree kick.. or nature I suppose. I will draw just about anything. I did a series on mirrors not so long ago, and last year we did almost every day in October on a different theme." She hunhs softly. "I should do that again. It was really good practice."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-20 21:35:37 95135
Masu Yogoshi nodded again. She really didn't get it. She couldn't see how art could affect people like that. She knew it did, she'd felt it(Museums were always a bit overwhelming for her.) But... it never affected her in such a way in the slightest. She couldn't begin to understand why it did for others. Still, she supposed it didn't matter. It affected this girl, and it was her desire to draw it, so she had every right to it. "I do wish you luck, then. I'm sure if you work hard, you'll mostly succeed."

Satisfied, she began attaching the new part she made to the greater whole. "Trees are nice. Their leaves, bark and fruit are often useful. And I think some are used to make inks," she mumbled off handedly. "If it helps, you should."
Naru Osaka 2018-08-20 21:41:33 95136
"Or I can just embrace the creepy vibe and run with it. I might be too fixated." Naru shakes her head a little. "So hard to know where to go with it. I'll stress myself into a tizzy even more." Naru wrinkles up her nose. "Which is probably wholly more information than you want from some random weirdo who invaded your table. Sorry." She manages to look sheepish as she returns to her sketching.

"I.." Naru starts and then pauses. "You know, I've never thought about where ink comes from. That'd be super cool to try making. I am fond of trees. Looking at them, mostly. And drawing them. They're interesting."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-20 21:50:53 95137
Masu Yogoshi paused and glanced over. "Creepy... vibe? You find trees to be creepy?" she asked. "And no. I don't mind. You're not weird." She started working again. "You're very... excited. I think? No. Not quite that. But you're not... bursting. You're focused. It's very nice," she said as she worked. "Driven, perhaps. Struggling, I guess. It seems difficult. But you're determined. It's... soothing. You may talk a lot, but the words have meaning and drive behind them."

She nodded. "It is. I've made ink before, it's not too hard. However, I never painted with it. Depending on how you wanted the ink to come out when you paint, could affect the difficulty. But you may want to try it. IT could be a learning experience for you," she said softly. "Maybe it would help you get out of your rut."
Naru Osaka 2018-08-20 21:57:37 95138
"Some trees are totally creepy." Naru nods easily. "And sometimes the implications of what's waiting within the trees, or behind the trees is what gives the creepy sense." She quirks her head as she listens to Masu evaluate her mental state. "Focused is accurate. Determined works as well. Struggling is not wrong, even if I don't wnat to admit it, and too stubborn to acknowledge it." She gestures with her pencil. "For someone who claims not to be good at social, you read people really well."

"Hunh. That's seriously cool." Naru adds a few more likes to the sketch that's starting to form on her page. Still indistinct, but its mostly doodles, to be fair. "I wonder if there's a kit or something at the art store. I expect google would tell me everything I needed to know, in reality." She grins brightly, her whole expression lighting up, and there's plenty of excitement and curiosity and delight at the idea bubbled up in her emotions. "Even if I still fuss about my own work, it'll be super fun, and probably messy enough that I should not do this at my girlfriend's apartment."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-20 22:05:18 95139
Masu Yogoshi blinked a few times as she worked. "In... side the tree? Rodents?" she asked, obviously missing the implication. "Reading people is easy. It's figuring out what to say in response that's the hard part. And not getting annoyed by the stupid ones. And there are so many innane, stu--" And cut herself off. "Sorry. I didn't mean it like that." Yeah, she wasn't good at the talking it seemed.

"... If you like, I have some pieces and instructions from some of my old chemistry sets we store in the shed. You're welcome to them. IT won't have everything you need to make good inks, but it should be enough to get you started and help you grasp the fundamentals," she mumbled as she worked, pulling out and beginning to dice.

And then finally she stopped and looked over. "Wait, did you say girlfriend?" she asked. She did sound a little shocked. Not... offended or mad or anything. Just surprised and a little curious. "Huh. I wouldn't have guessed..." she mumbled, before going back to cutting.
Naru Osaka 2018-08-20 22:13:08 95140
"Rodents.. or spirits if one is speaking more metaphorically." Naru laughs softly and shakes her head. "There's plenty of irritating people. Anyone who has ever worked in retail can assure you that there's lots and lots of irritating people. Figuring out how to bite your tongue and not tell them what you really thing, that's the challenge."

Naru blinks in surprise. "That's very generous of you! Thank you. If they're just in the way, I'd be glad of them, but if you're keeping them for your brother, I can just go get myself one from the store."

Naru mmms softly and nods. "I did say girlfriend." She pauses a moment. "I.. never quite know how people will react. I'd hoped you'd be alright with it."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-20 22:18:59 95141
Masu Yogoshi nodded. "Spirits aren't real," she said firmly. "And yeah. I've never been quite... talented at that point. It's usually easier not to talk to people." She did pause for a moment. "Normally people get mad at me by this point. But you haven't. It's relaxing. I like you, Naru," she said calmly as she worked.

"They are. Mother just keeps them for sentimental reasons... and then they end up stored away and forgotten about. I'd rather they were put to use. And no, my brother has no interest in things like that. He was... is more interested in physical activities."

She then shrugged. "I see no reason not to be. Unless you intend to invite me to a threesome, there's no reason who or what you date would affect me in any way." She then paused. "Err. And the answer would be no." Holy... Well, she was right about not knowing what to say.
Naru Osaka 2018-08-20 22:26:18 95142
"People believe in them, which makes them real for those people. They also work well as metaphor, rather than literal." Naru explains calmly, no offense taken at the blanket assessment on major religious beliefs. "Art doens't always work in literal, it implies and suggests and nudges people to their conclusions." She shakes her head a little. "You aren't the only person I know who speaks plainly. I'm rather used to it."

Naru smiles and nods. "Well I'd be glad to give them a home and do some experimenting with my own inks. I can come by and collect them? Or if you'd prefer me not knwo where you life, we can arrange to meet again."

Naru pauses a moment and then bursts into giggles at the mention of a threesome. "Sorry, we're we're solidly monogamous, so no offer to refuse. We're all safe from /that/ particular brand of awkward."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-20 22:35:09 95143
Masu Yogoshi nodded. "Ah. Yeah. I guess placebo effect is quite strong..." she mumbled as she worked, giving a nod. It was done up to about the torso, now. "I see, that's... interesting. I'm not sure I can fully understand it, but in its own way it makes sense. I'm happy you're able to enjoy it so much and understand it."

"I'd rather meet with you. I'm not supposed to bring strangers home and I don't wish to disturb my parents. Perhaps here, on saturday around..." She made a mental calculation. She had a meeting at three, but if she dropped them off at... "How about at two o'clock? That leaves plenty of time for me to get to my other commitments and still give them to you," she offered.

"Ahhhh... that explains it. I imagine you make her quite happy," she said, as she worked away. "You have a good personality. IS she as driven as you?"
Naru Osaka 2018-08-20 22:42:47 95144
"Belief is a powerful force." Naru agrees, and her sketch is starting to show the little robot figure that Masu has been working on, hints of her hands around it.

"That seems very reasonable." Naru agrees about not bringing strangers home. She goes digging into her bag again, pulling out a much rattier notebook, and tears off a piece. She writes her nubmer on it, and slides it over. "Text me if you can't make it, or if your mother freaks at the idea, or whatever. It's all cool. Two o'clock should be just fine."

The warmth in Naru's smile is matched with a flush of warm fuzzy at the query about making her partner happy. "She makes me very happy, and I try and make her very happy." She nods with a soft laugh. "In her own way, yes. She's into martial arts, rather than art, but driven is accurate."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-20 22:56:36 95145
Masu Yogoshi glanced over and nodded. "You are skilled. You must practice frequently to learn such a talent. Do you hope to become a world famous artist one day?"

She nodded and pulled out her phone. It had... a cat face on it, with a circle. Oddly little girly like. "My mother won't freak out. she'll be thrilled I've actually met anybody since the accident," she mumbled idly. She added the number to her phone, then nodded.

"I can tell. You glow when you speak about her." Literally. "It's nice. It feels very nice. Feel free to talk more about--"

And then her phone went off. She held up a finger and answered. "Yogoshi speaking? Yes? Yes? WHAT?! NO! What is wrong with, why would you even, I'll be there in ten, no, five minutes. Don't TOUCH ANYTHING!" she snapped, then clicked the phone. "Idiots. Do they not understand the concept of 'do not touch'. It's chemistry, not play doh! Naru, it was a pleasure to meet you, I look forward to meeting you this weekend. I will bring some of the sets. Until then, good bye," she said before beginning to bundle up the pieces and, very carefully, bundling up the partially built robot.

"Idiots... Lucky they didn't kill themselves..."
Naru Osaka 2018-08-20 23:00:14 95146
"I draw every day." Naru smiles and nods. "So yes, I practice frequently, and yes. I hope to make my living at art, ultimately." Which was not quite what she asked, but near enough.

"Accident?" Naru starts to ask, but any further conversation is distracted by an phone call. A critical one at that. "Take care.. and good luck with whatever that is. No blowing things up!" She waves, content to continue to stay at the table and work on her sketch for a little while longer.