Saint George Ain't

Ariel and Ryo run into each other at the pier. Seeking to learn more about Norie's brother and his status as the reincarnation of Georgios the saint, they talk briefly. While she gains a little more insight into how he thinks, she also loses a first aid kit in the process. She really liked that first aid kit, too. It had the little cartoon unicorn band-aids...

Date: 2018-08-20
Pose Count: 14
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-20 23:19:39 95148
    There's been a lot on Ariel's mind of late. Between the incident at D-point once again, with Sailor Earth's defeat, the varied issues in the realm of Dreams, and now the debacle with Norie's brother, the girl has been a little scatterbrained.
    So, after school, she decided to take a walk by the harbor... The sea always calmed her. It always brought her peace.
    Lucky had been waiting faithfully outside the school gates, as usual, and once reunited with the huge hound, she started to wander. So it's probably a pretty out of place sight... The small, pale, foriegn girl, riding side-saddle on the gigantic dog as though he were some form of small canine horse.
    She's staring out to the sea as Lucky plods along, displaying no sign of being bothered by her weight in the least.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-20 23:30:43 95150
Ryo Okana is not always a brash, handsome, egotistical knight hellbent on destroying evil like her dead sister and witches. No no no. Sometimes her is a brash, handsome, egotistical schoolboy hellbent on finding a date. "Look I didn't mean it like that!" he says to another boy as he storms away. "Look, I said it the wrong way! Look, you're the one missing out here." he says. He has his back turned at the moment, from this odd sight of a girl riding a dog.

"Gah. Whatever." he says- making a 'toss' motion with his hand at the boy's direction before he moves to turn around and is faced with. Well there is a girl riding a dog. That is interesting.

Wait. Hasn't he seen this girl before?

Eyes light up with recognition, a neutral surprised expression turning into a hard, harrowing one. She seems to be staring out to the sea. He could use the opputunity to attack. The dog is new element. It's obvisouly strong enough to carry the girl. It could be strong enough to attack him first.

So he stays any outward violence for the moment.

"Is that your familiar, witch?" he starts out with. Because of course saying hello how are you is for casuals.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-20 23:38:49 95152
    The raised tone of voice is what pulls Ariel from being lost in her own world. She's... Heard that voice somewhere before; she recognizes it. So when topaz eyes turn away from the sea to find herself staring down the young knight reborn, she goes as still as a doe. Not trapped in the headlights, but listening out and readying for the oncoming approach of a predator. Yet despite the almost inhuman stillness, she is still calm; utterly placed, even as the massive dog turns his head for a curious look.
    She glances off at the other boy, briefly, as he leaves, but then her focus is wholly upon Ryo, one hand slowly rifling through her canine mount's neck-fluff.
    "I am no witch." She says, gently, at first. "No, Lucky is not my familiar." Further added.
    "Also, hello."
    Ariel is polite to a fault; and the absolutely archaic Japanese she speaks in only makes her sound even more formal. She pauses only for a moment.
    "Um. If you will not be spending any time with him... While we are here... May we talk?"
Ryo Okana 2018-08-20 23:51:28 95155
The other boy is long gone. So now, to Ryo ultimate sadness, he will not be spending any time with him. He does regard the girl. Pale. Still ancient japanese. Ryo is less than what one would consider socially polite. He lives in the moment. Life is too short for p's and q's.

"Then why, pray tell, do you hang out with vampires?" he asks. "Specfically, the one that is wearing my dead sister's skin. Are you responsible for that?" he asks. he accusing Ariel of making Lacrima a vampire? Yes. Yes he is.

Weird monster girls, from his prespective don't get hello. He never greets back. Why be polite to something who's destiny is to die to his blade, eventually? Maybe not in this life. Maybe the next. But it stands true.

"I do not know why I would wish to hear, what you have to say." he says. "Because whatever you are, it clearly is not human." he says. "However." he says. "You have a few moments. Before I decide it's worth my time to deal with you in another way tonight." he says, arms crossing.

'Yes you may talk, but I might kill you if you bore me, perhaps' he seems to be saying. In a few ways.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-21 00:01:08 95156
    Ariel is silent for a moment in the face of accusation. She blinks slowly, owlishly, before her brow furrows. But then she shakes her head. "I met her after she had become what she is." She explains the truth, whether he'll take it or not is on him though. "But you're right. I'm not human." She confirms once again. No denial to the assessment he had made before as she gives her dog a gentle pat.
    "Stay, Lucky."
    Just like that he flomps down, resting his chin on crossed paws. Though he eyes Ryo in the wary manner of a dog trying to keep watchful eye on a wolf, around his ward. Ariel dismounts. It's only proper, and she does give the reborn knight a little bow before daring to approach. Unarmed and unarmored, fingers laced together as she motions for a nearby bench, and settles herself on it. Again, whether he joins her or not is on him.
    "I don't think you would attack me here. Not while there are people around. Would you? I admit I'd like to talk about Norie a little, but I can wait on that for the moment." Ventured before she gets to her point. "You're... The reincarnation of Georgios, yes? Saint George. I'd like to know what, if any, you remember about the dragon from the story."
Ryo Okana 2018-08-21 00:11:20 95157
Georgios. this is not a name 'Saint George' is used to hear on it's own. Saint George, the Holy, Saint George, Warrior Saint of The 'Greater Good'. Many names. Not Georgios. It's enough to make him pause. Even as a reincarnation as Ryo it causes him pause. It causes his gaze to tighten further, becoming more glassy and steeled in seriousness.

"I remember enough." he says cooly. "Sometimes flashes. Sometimes bits and pieces. Sometimes entire months." he says. "Why do you care? What are you, if not a witch and not human?" he asks in disbelief.

"You mean, The Dragon Lamya." he says. "She's the reason the Princess is dead. She was supposed to be my bethroved. But she gave up her life to save the thing and put it to sleep, apparently." he says. This doesn't match up with the actual story. The Princess never died. George was the hero.

"I'd tricked the Princess into bringing that dragon to the city square. She kept insisting she was fine...." and like a true, disgusting creep in the dark ages says. "But the fairer sex rarely knows what is good for them. That dragon had to go. It's unnatural... for...." he gets visibly more angry.

None of that matches up with the story. But yet some bits do. It's like someone wrote a fake account, if one puts pieces together slowly about that story.

Someone trying to make Saint George look good. Like a hero. Like a noble knight.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-21 00:36:27 95160
    Ariel is patient, in the time it takes Ryo to find his words once again. Simply folding her hands on her lap, she listens, lips pursing into a thin line.
    Indeed, it isn't quite up to snuff with the tale she had been told.
    "I care because I... I want to know if the stories I was told were true or not." She admits, point blank, with no guile in her tone. "My mother raised me alone in a forest. The only friends I had ever known were butterflies and colorful fish, and the only knowledge I had of the world beyond came from the stories she told me at bedtime." Though she shakes her head gently. What is she?
    "I am the child of a knight. And my mother told me that you were noble, honorable, and kind." She does not verbally finish the thought she's having.
    That he's not acting like a saint in the least.
    "You tricked her? She gave her life..." She murmurs, repeating the key points of the story. Though a funny little expression crosses Ariel's face at 'the fairer sex'. Then again that sounds like super archaic medieval values. But she's piecing things together already.
    "I'm sorry. It must have upset you. ... That she seemed to choose the dragon over you."
Ryo Okana 2018-08-21 00:54:22 95162
Ryo snaps in two at that statement. "You are daft!" he says angrily, right off the bat. "Dragons can't fall in love it was nothing like that." he takes a deep breath. "Besides it wasn't her choice to begin with. The king promised her hand if I could slay the dragon. It would had happened, regardless of if that was true or not." he fumes in anger. "But the dragon had to ruin it."

Ryo scoffs. "Your mother told you such things? They're true. For humans. Monsters must be dealt with." he says. Indeed. When one murders monsters in a dark age where things are so unknown and scary-- you are a hero for killing them and it's a lovely spectacle in a age where there is not much entertainment in the world.

He does wince. Just a little. On his right leg. It's a tick. It doesn't last long. He doesn't complain about it.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-21 01:00:59 95163
    Ariel remains silent. Even as Ryo vents his anger and calls her an addle-headed child, she does not say anything at first; simply letting him speak, angry or not.
    "My mother told me many things." She answers. "Though she spoke of much more compassion. Even during those dark times when humans cowered, afraid, in thatched roof cottages, afraid of the things that would burn the countryside."
    But she trails off. It's the wince that does it. Even if it was the slightest of flinches, topaz eyes dart toward that leg. Even if Ryo does not verbally complain.
    "Your leg. Let me see it."
Ryo Okana 2018-08-21 01:16:01 95165
"No, you'll eat it or something." he says curtly. Ariel still has no told him what she is. Except not a human and the daughter of a knight. What's sad is that it sounds deadly serious and curt when he says it. He means what he just said. "My leg is none of your bussiness." he says.

"Probably more wrong stories your mother told you." he says, placing the blame on Ariel's parent. She's wrong. He is snot. "I know one thing. And that it's I'm always right about things." he says with narrowed eyes.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-21 01:21:41 95166
    This time, Ariel's response is a sharp, curt, and almost instant.
    "I will tell you, then you are wrong." She says firmly. Before relenting only a fraction. "I'm a vegetarian. And you are hurt." She states the obvious, shifting slightly in her seat to get her backpack off her back.
    "Let me see your leg. ... Please." Asked again as she rummages through her belongings and pulls out a small travel first aid kit.
    Man it's not even a magical first aid kit or anything.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-21 01:36:21 95170
Ryo is told he is wrong. No he is always right. Therefore. Ariel is lying. It's a trick, a trap a lark! He thinks. The fact that this person. No. This thing. This unhuman thing tells him he is wrong angers him deep inside. The same kind of anger that breeds from hate that makes so much in this world wrong but allows the exemplar to shine. At least in modern times.

The hurt leg comes up. He is attempting to kick the small first aid kit out of the smaller girl's hands and into the salt water nearby. It's possible he may hit her hands. Or perhaps even the girl directly if different movements are made.

Regardless. He has no remorse on any of those outcomes. Perhaps even pleased if the last happens by accident. Less so if it does not. "I am never wrong, about things like you. Deciever." he says.

Regardless. Unless something else happens he'll take two steps back. Like he doesn't want to turn his back on Ariel at first- but hesitantly does so before he starts storming away.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-21 01:49:22 95171
    The last thing Ariel had expected was for that injured leg to move so suddenly. In fact the sheer surprise results in a startled sound- specifically a sharp bleat as she retracts her hands on pure reflex. This spares her hands of injury, but there's yet another bleat of dismay when the first aid kit ends up launched and--
    Plunks into the water.
    Her brow furrows. And she looks back up at Ryo with a pout.
    But then there's Lucky.
    The gigantic hound is up in an instant, staring at Ryo with the intensity of a wolf now that he's sensed even the slightest hint of aggression towards his ward. The dog's lips curl, flashing his fangs as a deep and throaty growl rises in his chest, and he's already approaching.
    The only thing that stops him and lets Ryo go is the small hand that sets on the behemoth canine.
    "Peace, Lucky. Let him go." Ariel says gently, stilling the dog's fury. "You say that. But anyone can be wrong." The girl remnids gently as she lets Ryo take his leave.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-21 01:58:00 95175
Ryo is immune to the pout. Ariel can practically almost feel the emotional shield there. What kind of man can ignore such a pout? Ryo, apparently. Ryo for sure.

He is ready to pull his sword, to change upon the dog's actions. Indeed. That was a wolf, not a dog. He is perhaps lucky he did not start this encounter off with a sword first. The girl, however, tells it to stand down. He narrows his eyes. What is this thing's game? Modus operandi? He doesn't know. He needs to figure it out. Or kill it sooner than he wanted to.

Either way, he'll take his leave. Not another word said. Not another look given.