The Legend of St. George and the Dragon (pt. 1)

St. George finds Lamya on her way home from Korma Chamelion, and ambushes her!

Date: 2018-08-21
Pose Count: 11
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-21 20:26:06 95334
It's a nice sunny summer afternoon. The heat isn't too oppressive, which makes it a good day to be outside. While Lamya has avoided going to the Mansion for fear of running into her archnemesis, she hasn't stopped going to other places she frequents like the little donut stand and Korma Chameleon.

It's from this establishment she had come to get her lunch, and decided to order some take home for her roommates, and has already gotten a good three or four blocks from the restaurant. She's humming a happy, albeit anceint tune to herself. Buying lunch for people is a way to Be Good, and she is, after all, a Good Dragon.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-21 20:48:43 95341
Ryo Okana had seen Lamya from a distance, crossing the street, from the other side of the road. She didn't see him. He looks down the road. Up the road. Lamya is alone. There is no witch, or vampire or anyone else. So he walks across the street into an alley.

Saint George suddenly stalks the rooftops. He's keeping, low, his spear is out, held firm in two hand. All it takes is one stab downwards. One impalment into the sidewalk.

He'll have this dragon. He leaps into the air, spear pointed down as he attempts to come down square in the middle of Lamya's head.

Even great hunters miss. He instead, ends up impaling pavement. Some small pebbles from the blow being flung outwards, but is not a grand cratering strike. The weapon is a percise tool. All there is, is a very odd thin hole in the pavement now as he yanks it up.

Lamya probably won't have much time to act before he tries to follow up. He has not said a single word.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-21 20:59:13 95343
It was a very good shot, and by all accounts should have hit the dragon. Lamya wasn't even aware of her stalker until he was nearly on top of her, and she managed to step away before she could get impaled!

Lamya whirls around only to see St. George, her nemesis, pulling his spear out of the concrete. "Go away!" she hisses at him. "I don't want to have to hurt you!" This is true. St. George is her roommate's brother by blood, and she made a promise. ONe that she intends to keep.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-21 21:11:57 95348
"That's a shame." says Saint Geroge. "Because I really want to HURT YOU!" he yells out as he attempts to drive the spear home again, as the girl hisses. He attempts to chase the girl regardless. "I am going to slice of your head, and I am going to use your scales to fashion a new scabbard for the dagger I shall make from your teeth." he says.

Yeah it sounds like he really means what he's saying. Can Lamya really take this?

Can she keep her promise even in the face of this person before her who seems to be relentless in his attempt to kill her?
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-21 21:25:26 95350
There's a flutter of cloth, and wings spring out from Lamya's back to pull her backwards, just in time to dodge another stab at her. Unfortunately, Lamya's lunch is the true victim here, being thrown out across the street.

Rippling and shifting she turns into a more battle ready form, kind of a hybrid between human and dragon hands and feet green with scales and adorned with claws, face lined with scales and teeth sharp as daggers.

It's easy to tell that the dragon is panicing. It's less afraid of her life, than it is how to defend herself without seriouisly injuring her opponent. Every instinct is telling her to rip him to shreds, and that little human part of herself that's been slowly growing bigger is telling her: no.

"Why are you doing this?" she pleads. "I haven't hurt anybody! I'm just trying to live my life!"
Ryo Okana 2018-08-21 21:32:15 95353
"You're lying." he says. "Surely you've hurt someone. Done something to hurt someone." he says angrily. "-and you still need to pay for the past. You should be dead. If it wasn't for you.....she'd still be alive." he says as he thrusts forward with the spear, trying to drive it through the emerging dragon's hybrid form.

Yes, show this world that you're a monster, not a human! SHOW THEM. "That's the problem."

"You shouldn't have a life to live." he says as the spear swings from the right after the stab attempt. "Now stay still..." he says. "Like a goooooood dragon." he says viciously.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-21 21:43:15 95361
Hybrid Lamya just barely manages to dodge that second thrust, nicking her shoulder. Red blood spills out of the wound, and she hisses in pain, a hand slapping over the cut trying to staunch it. "You're the monster, here!" she shouts back at him, and raising a hand.

"Vincula et ligabunt te teneb...." she shouts, starting to cast a binding spell on the knight, but St George's command causes her collar to flare into life, stopping her short and keeping her still as he had commanded.

"What...." she manages, eyes now wide with fear of her own life.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-21 21:54:58 95365
Saint George is familiar with spells, he gets ready to try to move out of the way, or fight a summoned creature, or evade a trap spell of some sort. Any number of those things could happen...

But she suddenly stops. She seems horrifed.

Saint George looks confused for a moment..... wait. That collar...

Is that still...

Oh... OH that's so deliciously ironic. That it still works like that. It almost seems intutive that he should had tried that from the start. How could he forget that? Reincarnation jumbles up ones memories perhaps.

"...kyhahaha!? Really now!" he says. "Oh this is too easy. Isn't it." he says, leaning down into the dragon's face, as she's forced to just- stand there. "I could chop your head off right now. It'd be really easy." he says.

"But...." he says. "No no that's too quick for you now..." he seems to think. He seems to be taking his terribly sweet mind on purpose. He likes seeing her in fear. Saint George is a monster, apparently.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-21 22:00:36 95366
Hybrid Lamya struggles against her collar, her body twitching as she tries to move it against it's power. "No.... No... NOOOOO!" she cries out in frustration and horror, realizing that she's at the mercy of St George.

When she hears him mutting about death being 'too quick,' her eyes narrow. "Just get it over with, you bastard!"
Ryo Okana 2018-08-21 22:12:29 95368
"YOU DON'T TELL ME. WHAT TO DO, DRAGON." he yells firstly. Mercy and Saint George probably are two words that do not belong in the same sentence structure or paragraph or an entire book, really. He manages to compose himself. "Get it over with?" he asks. "Yes. Yes I think that's a good idea." he says. "But not quickly." he says.

-and it happens. The spear is shoved into Lamya's upper chest area. Abousltely aiming at nothing vital. Nothing that would be fatal by itself- and he draws the blade out.

It is impeccably clean. Unlike the soul of the man who wields it.

Then he does nothing else. "Now be a good dragon..." he says. "And go find a place to die." he says.

It appears that he is just leaving her to bleed out. Slowly. This will be unpleasent.

The wording on this is vauge enough that Lamya can probably use it to her advantage for that place to be somewhere she can get help.

Then what? He leaps to the rooftops. He is very pleased with himself. Oh so very pleased. One down. Two others to go. More to discover.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-21 22:24:47 95372
Hybrid Lamya has prepared herself for the stab. Ever since the collar locked her into place she knew it was coming, so she doesn't cry out in pain when it finally happens. The only response the knight gets is a look of pure hate and fury, and only when she's released, and St. George departs, does she finally let out a gasp of pain.

While the puncture didn't hit anything immediately vital, the wound is still dangerous. There's something abou the blade of Ascalon that keeps Lamya from being able to draw in the ambient energies around her and heal herself like she usually does. Instead, blood just waterfalls from the wound over her chest and onto the pavement.

"Have to think of something..." she thinks to herself, falling to a knee, trying to staunch the flow of blood with her hands. "Running out of energy.... out of blood.... have to get..." somewhere to die, yes. That's what was commanded of her. But that could be anywhere.

Then a small light of hope gleams in her red reptilian eyes. Yes. There's one place she could go to die that could actually save her life. She stands, stumbles and falls to her knees once more. Now she just has to get there alive...