Post-Ryo Healing

After getting stabbed by Ryo, Lamya flies to the ECFH. It takes Life Mahou Joy and Asclepius working together to heal her -- and to break the order he gave her.

Date: 2018-08-22
Pose Count: 21
Miho Kagami 2018-08-22 00:54:09 95391
Miho is chilling at the ECFH. Right now, she's playing Sonic Forces on a Switch she brought here; at the moment, Sonic and a pink-furred catgirl in a sky-blue and white dress are chasing down Metal Sonic. Which is to say, the catgirl is in the colors of the trans flag

... Oh, and also Miho's in full henshin as Life Mahou Joy. It's possible that some people might be surprised about this, but, well, it's not like she's in henshin all the time.

Thunder rumbles over the building. Wait, wasn't it sunny just a moment ago?
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-22 00:55:43 95392
It's been a long and hard flight for the Dragon. She started in her war form, flying off, traling rivulets of blood, but quickly ran out of energy to keep it up and switched to her smallest form. This is a form that she doesn't like people seeing. This is, in many respects, her true form, free of any enchantment or glamor. It's a form that she reverts to to heal and recover so it's no wonder why she's in it now.

It's been hard, being so tiny and flying so far, but St. George's command was that she go find a place to die. That means she has to survive long enough to get there. That means she's not allowed to die en route. It's enough to keep her going and, finally, she's here.

Just in time, too, since by the time it's within sight of her, she finally runs out of energy. She has just enough for one final burst of speed to get her to the balcony, but not enough to properly land.

There is a wet and lound *THUMP* on the balony's sliding glass door, sounding for all the world like a pidgeon or crow just flew into it.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-22 01:26:57 95401
Miho jumps slightly at the sudden thump, and turns. "Whoa, what?" she says, in that clear and bright voice that sounds almost nothing like her out-of-henshin voice, and she hurries over and opens the sliding door. She's never seen Lamya in this form before. "What the heck ... Oh jeez! Did you get stabbed!?" She frowns, racking her brain. "... I only know one dragon," she mutters. "Lamya? It's ..." She lowers the pitch of her voice so it sounds more androgynous, adds scratchiness, aaaaand ... "It's me, Miho!" Her voice goes back to its previous clear and bright tone. "Iiiiii ..."

Suddenly, the sky erupts with a sudden torrential downpour. Miho lets out a yelp, and hurriedly picks up Lamya and carries her inside. "Oh jeez ... I hope this works, I hope the Life Blessing can undo ... whatever the heck is in that boy's damn sword ..." She gingerly sets Lamya down and takes a few breaths, holding her hands over the dragony froglike body. "Don't die on me, okay? You had absolutely better not die on me!" She takes a few deep breaths and focuses, closing her eyes. Concentrating. This is the first time she's ever tried to heal someone who was actually near death, this is even worse than when Rashmi got knocked through a building.

It always takes a minute to get started as she gathers the necessary concentration, and she's afraid that it might take too long -- No. No, she brushes that aside, just conceontrating on bringing out the Life Blessing.
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-08-22 01:34:11 95404
Daisuke goes out of the country for a month and Mamoru goes and basically dies AND comes back and lots of other garbage. Regardless, he's here to make sure everything is all right now and it turns out things are not okay because there's this thing about some crazed Saint George character wanting to attack this place because of a vampire and something about a dragon.

In other words it's like Thursday.

"Hey, yo, I'm back! No one tell Vee I'm back yet. I'm not quite ready for the crazy!" he calls out. Huh. Rain? Wasn't it... clear out? When he was coming up? Thunder?

She hears hurried voices. Puttering. He walks in and he sees Miho-- he doesn't know this girl. She is call out for the being she's holding hands and there's energy at play. He doesn't run but he goes into a power walk. "Okay, Okay. Hi! I'm Daisuke Hansuke. I'm Asclepius, The Earth Court's Royal Doctor. Please don't worry, I'm going to help you with this, okay?" he calls out as he bends his knees down a little and holds his hand out, purple energy gathering and at play-- trying to leverage his own healing power, which comes more naturally. He asks.

"What you're trying to do-- You're a healer, too right?" he asks softly. "Relax. Take a deep breath." he says in as calm a voice as he can manage.. he can give Miho the time she needs to get started in the meantime.

"Do you know this being?" he asks calmly.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-22 01:37:21 95405
Froggy Lamya manages to somehow raise her head to look pleadingly at Miho and manages to, quite literally, croak out, "Gero." It's clear by the gaping wound in her chest and the small pool of blood that has pooled around her that she's lost a lot of blood, and if you can sense that kind of thing, nearly empty of magical energy.

Healing the little dragon is difficult, since she's only partially human. That human part responds well to Miho's healing energy, and it's enough to slow the bleeding down and stabalize the little creature. There's something else about her that's built differently, like she was put together long before the rules of the world were completely ironed out. That part is going to take some working on to fix. Then there's the matter of her collar, which seems to be actively messing with her ancient biology, like it's trying to force the issue and kill her.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-22 01:44:52 95407
Miho takes a deep breath and nods. "Miho Kagami," she says. "Life Mahou Joy." Her clear bright voice is shaking at first, but she starts to get it under control. "Her name is Lamya, and she's ... a dragon. She's a friend of mine. Lives with Lacrima-chan, who Mamoru-kun mentioned on HeartNET. Sorry, uh ... need to concentrate ..."

Her hands begin to glow with minty-green light. The Life Blessing usually knows what it's doing, better than Miho herself to be quite frank, but between Lamya's oddness and the collar, she's almost at a loss. "Uhh ... s-sorry, I'm ... not sure how to deal with this ..." she stammers.
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-08-22 01:53:13 95410
Daisuke thinks this looks grave. Is it resisting healing? He furrows his brow a little and looks to Life Mahou Joy. "Miho-chan, then. Please hold your friend Lamya a moment. Okay?" he says. "I'm going to have to henshin to access my stronger healing powers." he says as he taps his ring as it turns into the staff of Asclepius- the symbol of hospitals world wide. He holds it out and transforms into Asclepius, which is basically... just him with an ornate robe and a staff. He channels the power through the staff and nods.

"That's good." he says as he begins to channel a much stronger healing power into the hurt being.

"Keep up. We're both needed here." he urges. "We need to push through whatever is resisting. I don't think it's her." he says. "Usually....." mmmmph. "I'll talk about it later." he says softly.

"Right now... we need to help your friend."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-22 01:57:09 95411
Miho nods. Her concentration has broken. "I ... I've only just started," she admits. "Only been doing it for ... a couple months, I think, a-and my Life Blessing has been ... doing everything by itself basically. Okay." She takes a deep breath.

This time, it only takes half a minute before the minty green glow returns -- her healing powers come with purification free, and she now also tries to feed its energy into Daisuke's power, letting his magic take it where it needs to go. This time, it actually starts somewhat easing Lamya's pain, too ... though normally it would ease it completely.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-22 01:58:09 95412
Froggy Lamya's breathing is less labored now, and the effort that Miho has put in does have it's results. It's clear that she's not going to die any time soon, but it's also clear that, things as they are, that wound just isn't going to heal.

The little dragon opens her eyes, and looks at her healers. She reaches out with a tiny hand and grasps at Mihos thumg. "Gero." <It's okay. I believe in you.>
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-08-22 02:08:03 95415
Asclepius nods firmly. "You're doing good for that amount of time." he urges on. "Keep on going." he says. He's helping to push his own healing-- help Miho's energy go along more efficient, making tiny threads for it to flow- but not controlling it. Never control it-- it's up to Life Mahou Joy if she lets it follow it.

He continues to channel, continuing to try his best to heal. She's moving, and alive. That's good.

Just push, a little further.

"Do you have any idea of what happened?" he asks.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-22 02:11:58 95417
Miho has a sharp intake of breath as Lamya grasps her finger. When she exhales, the minty light glows brighter. She's augmented other peoples' powers before, even helped Rashmi create an entirely new combo attack, and boosted Princess Sailor Moon's final attack against Witch-Sailor Earth. Following Asclepius's lead isn't too hard for her; she just guides the Life Blessing everywhere there's purple healing light.

"Probably ... St. George," she gasps. He was also mentioned in Mamoru's post to HeartNET. "... Can't talk ..." Her face scrunches up completely as she tries to put all her focus into healing Lamya.
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-08-22 02:17:21 95418
Asclepius can keep this up for as long as his own personal energy stores can keep it up. He is not nearly as a good healer as Mamoru.... he does not have the Earth, the ground and ocean and skies and grass---and everything good and alive on this green Earth to power it. He just has regular old magic and hope.

But it always seems to do, doesn't it? "Okay." is all he says to that. Time to focus more.

Saint George? Wait. What. Like...

Like the guy in his religious studies class wait what!?
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-22 02:18:50 95420
The parts that are responding to the healing energies are the human parts of Lamya, and they suck up the magic like a thirsty camel at an oasis. This is the part of her that fights for life and it is encouraged by the efforts of the two.

It's much like filling an empty reservoir with water to fill the river beyond the dam. At first it doesn't seem like you're doing that much at all, but soon enough there's enough energy to push back agains the collar's curse that wants to keep her at death's door, and with another push.... it breaks.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-22 02:29:15 95423
Miho grunts as she senses the source of their problems. It doesn't feel like the kind of darkness she's sensed in Lacrima or herself, but she knows a curse when she sees it. She pulls out all the stops, pushes back against it, trying to forge a new path ...

... and she lets out a soft gasp as it works! The Life Blessing pours into the new path, pushing back into the places it couldn't reach before. They're healing Lamya now! Her life is being saved!
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-08-22 02:30:47 95424
Asclepius can feel something crack--and then his healing power starts to flow more freely because of it. That is, Lamya should be healed up quicker now so the 'dragon' parts of her can get the benefit of it. He nods a bit, not talking- not wanting to interrupt Miho's train of thought.

He remembers a man in a Tuxedo on a school roof top. Some asshole in a labcoat with grey hair. turned some kid into a youma. He couldn't concentrate. Then that tuxedo'ed man called him Asclepius. How did he know that name? He remembers it threw him off his game that day so bad and it was basically his second time encountering magic and he exhausted himself he passed out in an alley.

He knows the concentration it takes.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-22 02:43:39 95427
It's easy to tell that the healing magic is now doing it's job, and closing the nearly fatal wound. However it seems to be doing something else, too. Encouraged by the healing magic, Lamya's human side of her all but grows into wound, healing it closed and binding it together.

Feuled by this energy, her humanity grows and strengthens, not so much as pushing out the primal dragon in her, but absorbing it, making it part of itself. Surrounded by mint green and purple energies, her form shifts and grows with it, leaving that of a weak twelve year old girl laying on the floor. "Tha.. thank you.." she manages before passing out.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-22 02:56:02 95432
Miho's face looks more serene as her power finally does the work she was trying to do. She opens her eyes, smiling weakly down at Lamya. "... y'welcome," she mumbles ...

.. and then keels over and falls onto her back with a groan. She grimaces, and in a burst of minty-green light, her henshin reverts. She's a bit more gangly, and the rims of her glasses are black instead of green, and ... "... Wow," she says, her voice now scratchy and androgynous.
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-08-22 03:07:33 95435
Asclepius remains standing, as he runs a hand across his face and up his hair. The henshin fades. He is Daisuke again. He leans down. "Hey you okay?" he says. "I think your friend is going to be okay." he says as he waves a hand in front of Miho's face. Making sure she can see it. "Do you need help back up?" he asks.

"....Right. Like I said before." he says. Because it was hectic earlier. "Hello, I'm Daisuke Hansuke. I'm the Earth Court's Royal Physician-- also known as Asclepius. I'm also The Phantom Ace but that last one isn't as important." he says casually.

"So you've only had your powers for a small while, huh?" he asks. "I hope all of this isn't too overwhelming for you. I'm pretty sure all the stuff that's been happening is 'Thursday, as usual.'" he says with a grim smile.

"You know what's up with the weather? That's bizarre."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-22 03:22:30 95438
Miho gives an unsteady thumbs-up. "I'm fine, I just need to lie here for a minute. That took a lot out of me." She smiles weakly up at him. "And I'm Miho Kagami, and also Life Mahou Joy."

She laughs nervously. "Yeah, probably! I ... met someone once who, uh, said you just roll with the weird stuff, and I ... really can't argue with that." She shakes her head. "But having to heal a friend of mine who was literally about to die is just ..." She looks Daisuke in the eye. "Between the monsters who are after me specifically because of my curse, all the Sailor Earth nonsense, and Okana Ryo -- assuming Lamya-san didn't get stabbed by someone entirely new -- this is officially the worst summer vacation I've ever had." She grins. "Previously, that was merely unofficial."

She turns her head and frowns out the glass door at the rain ... which ... is suddenly clearing up now? And the sun is coming out? "... No idea," she says, "but I'm surprised I haven't heard of other magical weather weirdness before. Like ... someone Belkan Knight stole the entire season of Spring, or if like some energy-draining youma tried to blot out the sun with a red mist." She chuckles weakly. "'Thursday, as usual!' ... Even though it's actually Tuesday."

She tries to look at Lamya, who is in the direction of the feet. "... can you clean up the blood, by the way?" she says. "This ... was kind of a mess, in more ways than one."
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-08-22 03:30:32 95441
Daisuke Hansuke is nodding to every word Miho says. "Yup. I about had nervous breakdowns. It didn't help at the time that no one trusted me because everyone wasn't quite aware of what was going on, our old memories weren't as clear as they are now. Some of it still fuzzy. Anyways they thought I might had been a plant by the she devil we we're all kind of hating at the time. Someone vaguely familiar that could get into their graces." he says.

"I mean that wasn't truth. I was just a confused person have confusing dreams that found it confusing that people seemed familiar to me- on some level I could not understand but had never met them before in my life."

"But if Daisuke 'Nervous Faint Wreck' Hansuke can get his brain around it, I'm sure you can deal with it, Kagami-san."

"I'll take care of the blood. Not magically. But when one too many people bled out on Mamoru's floor he basically started replacing everything with medical grade surfaces that can be cleaned and sanitized without also needing to rip out the carpet like every other month."

A bit sad. "It happens a little more often than you think."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-22 03:40:34 95443
Miho nods along. "The person who told me that -- Cure Gull -- she said everything never stops being weird, you just get desensitized to it." Slowly, she pushes herself back up into a sitting position. "... but ... there's just been so much in August alone, and we've still got another week and a half before September begins."

She gets to her feet. "Yeah, that sounds ... distressingly likely," she says, making her way to the nearest couch. "Lamya-san is not the first person I've had to heal in the ECFH. Rashmi-chan got knocked through a building a couple months ago, I think, and ... well, that's what made me decide to use the Life Blessing to heal people in general."

She smiles. "I'm gonna rest for a minute, then fly back home," she says. "I'll leave all this in your capable hands, Hansuke-san ..."