Fate's Fateful Decision

Fate meets her prospective adoptive father, who learns far more than he expected about the young mage.

Date: 2018-08-22
Pose Count: 27
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-22 20:07:06 95500
In all this recent talk of bringing Fate into the fold, there have been a few important events that have not yet taken place. One of them is a meeting between Fate and her potential adoptive father: Rune's father, King Raydel Waldia. Making the arrangements took a little time, as Rune has been having to pass messages through the portal connecting her world with Earth and wait for replies. Replies that had to be taken to the castle on horseback, which takes the better part of an hour or two depending on conditions that day.

Regardless, plans were made and a time was chosen. This afternoon looks like it's going to work out well for that. While there have been storms in some parts of Tokyo, they faded as a limo -- one containing Rune and Fate -- left the city and parked off-road near a set of hills leading to a small forest. Rune thanked the driver and let him open the door, then stepped out. She'll wait for Fate to similarly exit before saying much, as Rune's driver-on-retainer does not know about magic in general nor why his client keeps having him drive her and various friends to this place several miles outside the city. She pays him well enough that he does not care too much about the 'why', fortunately.

Once they're alone, Rune smiles to Fate. "We're almost here, and with a few minutes to spare. This is just like last time... we'll be heading up there to where the portal is, and you'll get to meet dad! Depending on how stable it is, either you'll be talking through the portal..." Which Fate may remember having done in the past, it offered a hazy blue look at the world beyond and distorted sound going through it but not incomprehensibly so, "Or you might be able to step through, though if it starts to close you'll need to hop back over. Whichever one you want to do. Sound good?"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-22 20:25:18 95501
Fate Testarossa does not mind riding in a comfy limo. Flying every is nice, but having someone else doing the driving is good. She had butterflies in her stomach anyways, and that never makes for a steady flight anyways. She fumbled to find her best dress and it turns out it isn't much different than her casual wear plus one knee length skirt. It had never occured to her she'd ever need something formal and nice.

If she was meeting any other prospective adoptive family, she would not care as much. However, Runealy's family is royalty and Runealy always dresses like a princess it appears to her when she can. She doesn't have those kind of clothes.

She nods to Runealy. "Yes, I remember." she says. She hasn't forgotten. She thinks about that.

"In... person if we're able. I can move quick enough, and I don't think the portal closes 'instantly'? Does it?" she asks.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-22 20:31:02 95502
It's true, Rune does dress in royal attire more often than not. Even in places where it wouldn't normally make sense. She tones it down when visiting friends, but otherwise generally shows her position.

She makes a confirming "Mm!" to Fate, and begins to walk up-hill. It will take several minutes to get to the forest clearing where the portal resides, but it is by no means a tiring, long, or dangerous walk. "And no, not that I've ever seen. We've had people taking observations on it for a while now, and... honestly, the only reason we got stuck last time was we were a few cities away when the portal began to close. Every single time it has closed too small to send a person through, it took anywhere from minutes to hours." In other words, what passes for scientific measure in her world has verified it's probably safe. Probably.

"So if you want to cross over, so long as you stay close to the portal..." She looks aside to Fate, begininng the upward walk in the meantime. "Then it should be fine. I'm going to stay some distance away, on this side of it, so that it's just the two of you."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-22 20:46:54 95503
Fate Testarossa regards Runealy with a nod, "Well then." she says. "Alright! If it's big enough to walk through I will. If it shrinks I'll step through and.. we'll have to continue talking through the portal." she says as she pulls down on her skirt.

She's never felt like this, even the worry of making her mother smile felt much different than this feeling. Is this normal? This feeling? Worry? Anxiety?

There's that feeling in the back of her head though, Runealy will be with her right? It's a little calming. Then Runealy says she's going to be stepping a distance away. "Oh." she says with a deep breath. "Alright." she says. "I suppose that is important."

It is, perhaps important for her to speak with Runealy's Dad... potentially... her own future dad in private. She is keeping up with Runealy's pace despite her anxiousness.

There is one thing that a 'Testarossa' does, and that's face the problem head on and not shy from it. But. Maybe Testarossa Family creeds aren't going to matter as much in the next few days for her, for all she knows. There are no doubt Waldia family creeds. Right? She doesn't know. Runealy can show her later. She'll ask later.

She has to concentrate on this now.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-22 20:58:23 95504
"That'll work fine," Rune confirms in a soft tone; Fate's plan should be fine for avoiding being stuck on the other side of the portal. The princess makes her way uphill, regularly looking over to check on Fate. "When we get there, I'll need to grab just one thing and then I'll step out... well, step away," They are outdoors, after all. "And you can call me when you two are done."

As they continue their march, they'll eventually reach an area where there are fewer trees. A wide, somewhat oval-like blue energy field hovers in place, its bottom edge just a few inches above the dirt and grass and stone terrain. Through the field, one can see... a little dirt and grass, but also a lot of wood; the inside of a massive, hollowed out tree trunk with one portion missing as a 'door' beyond it, just as it was the last time Fate crossed over to the other world.

"There it is!" Rune calls out, excited... perhaps a bit more so than she should be for a relatively recognized sight. "They got it ready, it looks like!" She jogs ahead, and the reason for this excitement becomes more clear: A small cloth bag rests tucked against a rock. She hurries to retrieve it, calling to the portal, "Thank you!" A man in metal armor leans into view of the tree's 'door', smiling and nodding to the princess. She adds to him, "And please pass on my thanks, this should be perfect!"

After a few moments, their conversation winds down as Rune finishes with: "She's here, too. Please let my father know."

The guard slips out of view, and Rune walks toward Fate. "He'll be there in just a moment. I'll be downhill a little ways, call out if you need me, okay?" If Fate seems ready, Rune will then walk past and leave her to have this private meeting.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-22 21:20:31 95505
Fate looks at Runealy. "What do you need to get?" she asks curiously. "Did you ask for some items from home?" she wonders. Maybe there's some fruits, or a baked good you can only get in Waldia. She watches her conversation and exchange with the guard on the other side as she fidgets a little, staying back and away and letting her do her thing for now.

She looks to Rune as she walks back after the exchange. She takes a deep breath, and the first sign of anxiousness shows visible on her face, rather than it all remaining inside. She gives Runealy yet another hug. This is more for her reassurance this time. "I'll be back then." she says, as she walks to the portal and stares through it-- before making to step through it a few feet. She won't move more than a few feet from the portal on the other side.

She needs to be able to at least leap through it in case something unexpected happens. She pulls at the skirt again to straighten it out and brushes her hands across her two twin tails. She can do this. She can do this, she keeps telling herself. Be as determined as Nanoha! She wouldn't shy away right? Well she isn't Nanoha-chan and she's nervous.

She stepped through the portal though. There's no way she can walk away from this now without being extremly rude.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-22 21:40:05 95506
Rune smiles back to Fate, meeting the embrace even while answering the question with something cryptic: "It's perfect, and it's red. You'll see more about it soon enough!" Whatever it is can't be that big, the bag itself is roughly the size of Rune's hand and only a few inches thick even with its contents puffing it out.

Then the princess departs, and Fate crosses over. The sensation of walking through the blue field is odd, kind of like walking through thick, warm water. Yet Fate is not wet from this, and the transition is harmless. On the other side, several things happen in rapid sequence. First, if Fate has any kind of communication devices... all of them report a loss of signal; the portal apparently blocks those sort of things. The air and general sound are different too, as a vastly lower technology level and reduced development mean things are far more quiet.

As she stands within the massive tree-trunk, a man in his late thirties steps in to view. He is a few steps away from the trunk's opening, of average height and clad in royal attire of red with white fur cape designs over it, and a matching motif to his crown which features silver shields with pink hearts atop it. Short brown hair shows just a hint of greying, and green eyes face Fate.

It has been a few years since he has last seen Fate, but he appears to recognize her just fine; his expression takes on a soft smile. "Good afternoon, Miss Testarossa. I was hoping to get the chance to meet with you again, and now here we are."

King Raydel Waldia, Rune's father, stands before Fate. He's calm, but fairly warm in demeanor. Their direct contact has been extremely limited, and this could well mark the first time he has had more than a few minutes at most to speak with her. "I've heard a great deal about you."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-22 22:02:46 95507
Fate Testarossa vaugely remembers stepping through the portal last time. It feels the same. Like warm water but you do not get wet. It's a similar feeling perhaps of her stepping into the Garden of Time. Maybe such passageways work on similar properties. Regardless, here she is.

The last time Fate was here, she helped saved the world but stayed away from the things that happened after. She didn't want to deal with fame, or ultra grateful people, or being imitated by small children. She might had only briefly met this man, but never said more or talked much as she stayed around a lake in the woods.

She bows to King Raydel, this is customary in Japan, and this is where she has lived for the past few years. "Greetings, Waldia-sama." she says after a short swallow, she's burying the anxious for now. Down deep. She wants to be composed. The anxiousness may be unwarranted after all. She is rational enough at the moment to not let it control her current actions too much. Bardice is watching the portal for her. It'll alert her, telepathically if it changes in any signifigant way.

"Yes, I am sorry, we did not get much time to speak... last time." she says. "I am..." a pause. "I was... a solitary individual." she corrects herself at the start.

"I hope they are good things, Waldia-sama." she says. Perhaps a gentle tone of humor there. Since she is assuming that if he heard bad and terrible things, this conversation would not be happening.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-22 22:09:14 95508
The bow is met with a small nod, though he does comment on it: "Hopefully, you realize there is a very good chance that will be the last, or next to last, time you greet me that way. And, yes, everything I've heard is either positive on its own... or puts you in even better perspective than I expected."

He gestures with a palm toward himself, "Please, come with me. At least out into the open air, so we're not so... constrained?" The area inside the tree trunk isn't outright crowded, there's several feet of free space in each direction, but it's still pretty small. Accordingly, the king takes a few steps away into the forest proper... the same forest that surrounds the Barrier Shrine where Fate helped fight off a demon that waited in ambush during the Restoration Ritual.

"Miss Testarossa, it's my understanding that..." His tone demures as he struggles for the words, a soft confusion evident in his tone as he asks: "...that you have no true home to speak of? Is that correct?"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-22 22:35:41 95509
Fate Testarossa nods. "I know." she says. It's all she says on that. She can explain herself, but she shouldn't. She assume that the man understands that she's being polite since it isn't offical yet. Only talking about it in a future sense thus far. Potential.

She nods and follows. She'll let herself travel further from the portal, Bardiche can watch it from a mile if it had to, most likely- and they're probably only going a few more feet out of it.

She looks a little in the direction of the Barrier Shrine a moment- perhaps going through those events in her head, before she looks back to Raydel.

"I do not." she says. "I have a... 'place to stay'." she says. "And it is with a very good friend and her family. But it's temporary and not optimal for me to spend the rest of my life with that family." a gentle pause. "They are good people. Kind people. But. They are not my family." she says, hoping Raydel can understand what she's meaning.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-22 22:53:24 95510
He only leads several steps away, mindful of the portal's erratic behavior just as much as anyone else here is. There are guards visibly in the distance, but they are well out of earshot and are so far away they're mere blurs than anything meaningful; for all real purposes it is just the two of them.

"That... is absolutely baffling. I can scarcely comprehend how that would come about." Notably, his speech is archaic. Understandable, but formal and definitely 'old style.' It's the sort of thing Rune often exhibits too, but her time in Tokyo has taken a significant amount of the edge off it and she speaks relatively normally.

"After all, I've heard you're quite kind, have a keen mind, are polite and thoughtful, and quite skilled in fending off monsters who prey on the innocent. And yet I hear you have no true home, no true family." His head lowers, shaking a few times. "Utterly stunning. However... I hear you yearn for those things, and are seeking them even now?"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-22 23:16:36 95511
Fate Testarossa listens to the man's words. He is speaking like the men in a drama she caught on late night TV about 'Robin Hood'... almost. Surely there are differences but she can understand what he is saying and that is the important part.

She could talk about Precia. About the abuse she reciveved, but... not now. If he can't understand how this would come about, this might only make him futher confused about how a mother could do that to their child. And how that child still loved them.

She will relate the story another day, hopefully, as a daughter to their father. Though the fact he can't comprehend how this can happen says a lot about this person's character.

"I am. and I don't have any true home, and I do yearn for such." she says. Her eyes trace the forest. She tries to add to that. "It is not for lack of trying or attempting." she does add at the end.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-22 23:23:51 95512
"I have heard a little about that," Raydel notes back, his gaze following Fate's with silent curiosity about what she sees. "Runealy has related a little bit of what she knows. Not all of it; she told me there is much she doesn't understand herself, and that what she does know is more appropriate for you to speak of when, and if, you wish to. I shall not pry." Apparently whatever he has heard has left him a little shaken, but he's keeping decent composure.

"What I can tell you is that I am not opposed to the idea... but I cannot agree to it blindly. There are... politicial considerations to this. Obstacles that can and will be overcome, but first I would know who I am bringing in to our home."

A smile returns, though it may only be visible in Fate's peripheral vision; he is not forcing eye contact, though he'll meet it if she provides it. "So if I may ask, I would like to know a little about yourself. Simply whatever you care to share. Rest assured there are no wrong answers; I am here to learn and share, not to judge. I can even be the first to speak, if that would set you at ease."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-22 23:46:10 95513
Fate Testarossa nods. "It is only natural to be cautious, for many reasons." she says. "I am not wanting to cause a stir. I imagine there can't help but be a little one. Considering, regardless of how it happens, if it does happen." she says. "It's the matter of making sure it doesn't stir too much." she says. "That I am sure the main concern." she offers.

Fate Testarossa. "I would not hide anything from you then." she says with a deep breath. "I wish I could tell you I was born Fate Testarossa. But the fact of the matter, is that I am a creation of my mother- Precia Testarossa. Not... in the way. A mother usually creates a child, but how a magician might." she says as she raises a hand. "I am not a monster." she says with sadder eyes. "I am just a created human, I am specfically, a duplicate of my mother's deceased daughter, Alica Testarossa. I was given her memories." she says.

"But- this was notgood enough for her." she says quietly. "She despised me. Started to see me as a mockery of her daughter. So she used me as a tool to accomplish other tasks that might result in the ressucrection of her daughter." she says quietly. "Making me believe that... I could see her smile again, if I could bring her just the thing to make her so." she says.

"When I failed I was beaten-- whipped. My back is crisscrossed with scars. I do not know if even Runealy knows that. I don't know if I should tell her. She might be so horrifed like everyone else was when they found out..." she says.

"A few people helped me. Tried to reach out to me. Runealy was no doubt one of these people but there we're others. I tried to break free--- but all this did was make my mother attach what was effectivly a magical bomb to the neck of my familiar and tell me that if I didn't come back to help her, she would detonate it. That if I told anyone about it, she would do the same."

"Nanoha-chan- a very dear friend now, along with others-- while Runealy was back here on Waldia. Helped get me out of there before my mother tried a risky attempt to bring her daughter back again via a method that would had engulfed Earth in something horrible."

"Nanoha-chan is the one I've been staying with... Her and her family." she says.

"I'm telling you these awful things..." she says. "Because it is the truth but also because all my life, I've been a copy of Alica Testarossa. I've only begun figuring out who Fate Testarossa is." she says.

"The only thing I can tell you about Fate Testarossa before. Is that I am still the same person that came here to help you. That helped Runealy." she says. "And that I enjoy baking." she says. "I help in Nanoha's parent's bakery sometimes at the moment. I've learned to bake there."
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-23 00:26:08 95514
"What manner of 'stir' it will or won't be... is my concern. You need not worry about that," Raydel insists. Then he turns to fully face Fate and listen...

...And listen as a child lays out the full truth. A truth that Fate has rightly predicted is shocking news, and the king only manages to partially maintain an air of stoic calm; flickers in his eyes, a tiny jaw-twitch suggesting he wants to say something or vocalize a gasp but is holding it in... these signs do play out on his face.

There are a few words he doesn't quite understand. 'Bomb' is novel to him, but he can guess at it from the context, and does not dare to sully the raw truth that Fate has laid out by asking for defintions and explanations.

Once the immediate shock and moral horror ebb down to something more manageable, several things come to mind. The first is unspoken: It occurs to him that Fate, someone he has known only briefly, has just laid out pretty much the whole of 'herself' to him. Raw and honest... more honest than he is with his own daughter.

Then Fate manages to take the edge off the moment with that last remark, and he gratefully goes with it. "A bakery, you say? We have one in the capital as well... my daughter is rather fond of it." A modest smile takes hold.

"In any event, the Takamachis," Interesting that he uses their name, as Fate didn't mention that, "seem to have treated you well and taught you a fine thing. Miss Testar-- ... Fate," he opts to correct the word choice, "Thank you. That was incredibly brave of you to share with me... and if I could wish all of those horrible things out of your past, I would. Instead... I wonder if you have any questions of me? What kind of home you will have? How you will be regarded and treated, what opportunities will be available to you? Anything at all you might wonder about how your life would be, I stand ready to answer as best I can." Notably, his tone has been fairly mature throughout; he did not talk in the higher pitch adults sometimes take with children, or feign ignorance or simplicity. He has been speaking fairly seriously with Fate all this time, but if there were even the tiniest hints of it in his voice before... they're absolutely gone now. Fate has clearly impressed him.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-23 01:08:51 95518
Fate is honest. There's no reason to lie here. And even if she did lie- there could be consequences for it later. "I understand. Lots of people have said the same to me. I understand it, and appreciate the kind understanding." she says.

She nods. "I do have questions. Runealy could only guess at the most likely courses when I had questions to her." she says. "I can tell you the answers she gave me to the ones I had, and you can tell me if they're correct." she says.

"One of the first, after some obvious ones she wouldn't be wrong about..." (Like, 'then we'd be sisters?') "...was if that meant I would have some sort of 'title'." she says. "She said it would most likely be 'princess', with the caveat that I'd no claim to the throne due to the fact I do not have the bloodline to maintain the barrier." she says. "That is correct, yes?" she asks.

"In regards to home, she mentioned a room in the castle, if I wanted it." she says. "-that they'd need to find a place to probably put it." she adds. "I think... that would be nice. When we come back to here." she says. "I would like to live in the same place as my sister, and family." she says.

"Thirdly. Is a more personal request." she says quietly. "Precia Testarossa... was not a nice person. Or a good mother. I know that now." she says. "-but. She was still my mother. And I'd like to hope. If we we're faster. We could had stopped her. Maybe made her see the error in her actions."

"I don't have anything of hers. Or things to remember her by. Except the name. Testarossa." she says. "It would be my wish. If I am adopted, that I take Testarossa- as a middle name. Fate Testarossa Waldia." she says. "Or. Shortend. Fate T. Waldia." she says. "I will, perfectly understand if this is not your custom or desire. As much as it would pain me to drop the name. It would be nicer to have a family, than a middle name." she says quietly.

She does smile. Just lightly. "I'm not sure if I have questions about you personally, Waldia-sama. Maybe not yet. Not at length." she says quietly. "You seem like you wear yourself on your sleeve to some degree. I can see where Runealy might get some of her earnesty." she says.

The Takamachi statement isn't unsurprising. Runealy said she was going to send word. It was probably part of that word.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-23 01:20:20 95524
"Mm... yes. That is precisely it. After all, by definition a royal family is 'royal.' It would make faint little sense to adopt you into the royal family and award no royal title, but there would be no claim to the throne." Raydel rubs his head, betraying a little irritation as he realizes this will present some modest political challenge for him. "There will be some murmuring over it, of course. That said, I suspect the vast majority of the citizenry will be supportive; I merely need to tend to certain details. So, do not worry about that."

His full composure returns as Fate turns to other questions, ones that will be far, far easier for him to handle. "And yes, we'll need to construct some sort of addition to it. An extension of a current tower, or adding another one, or some other solution... you've been there. If I agree to this adoption, I'll ask you to provide some specifications for what you want and we can erect it in due time. As for your name..."

That's a heavy thought, but it's one he meets with a faint smile. "I am not going to place conditions on your adoption. This is not a matter of requiring you to abandon your past in order to obtain a future... that would be an incredibly cruel choice. 'Testarossa' may certainly be your middle name, and I will hear no argument about it."

He does have the briefest flicker as Fate appears to be describing him as honest. He tries, but he knows full well he is hiding very important things. Things he cannot yet tell his daughter, nor the child before him who has just laid bare so much of her past and her desires. So he simply goes with the remark as presented. "Thank you... all I can say is that I take pride in seeing things, and people, grow. Businesses. Policies and plans. Economies. Individuals... and families."

There's a pause, then suddenly he speaks just two words: "Fate Testarossa." His tone is abrupt. Not angry, but he's trying to gain the initiative in this conversation and get her attention even if he already might have had it.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-23 01:44:44 95532
Fate Testarossa politely listens and nods to each one. Of course people in high places need to hide things. She also imagines there's a very good reasons for such things from a man like Raydel. Wether that's hiding a really unpleasent truth from his daughter or keeping a lie to stop havoc from breaking loose, well.....

This doesn't make him less earnest. Afterall, she's been hiding that bit about her mom more or less savagely beating scars into her back for a similar reason. She doesn't want to appall Runealy.

She'll tell her though. After this at some point. Regardless how this turns out. She won't like it. Runealy won't like it. But maybe it's time

She listens and nods. "I understand then." she says. "I hope it will not cause many problems for you." she says in regards to the title. In regards to the castleroom she says; "I will do so, as I am able." she says softly in regards to the room in the castle. In regards to the name, she relaxes a lot. "Thank you." she says gently. That was one that was causing her much anxiety.

Then there is a sudden abrupt call of her name. She almost jumps, but manages to surpress it.

"Yes!" she does say like she was a soldier called to attention.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-23 02:00:48 95538
"Fate... you have placed me in a rather fascinating position. I am being asked to make a very important decision, despite having only known you so briefly. It is important for you, for I, for Runealy, and for my world which will one day be her world. And yet..."

He faces her. "You have placed tremendous trust in me, telling me things I've no right to know unless I am to become close to you. You are every bit as kind and charming as she said."

He takes a short breath to gather his words. "And twice, at the bare minimum I am aware of, you have helped save my daughter from death. Once at the hands of an ambushing demon, and again at the hands of someone who aimed to stab her again and again like some manner of... assassin." He speaks of Madison Perry, by weapon of choice if not by name.

"She is quite fond of you and has told me she would be delighted to have you with us. For my part, I am deeply moved by how wise you are, and how warm you seem to be... perhaps warmer still, in time. Yet here I am, asked to bring you in as my adopted daughter after meeting you only so briefly. Some would call that decision foolish or brash. No matter. If it is your wish, then..."

He finally takes on a full smile, "...Something tells me it is a decision worth making. I will take that bold chance, and draw up the decree immediately upon my return to the castle."

He decides to put it more clearly right after that: "Fate, I would be delighted to style you 'Princess Fate Testarossa Waldia', my adopted daughter and sister to Runealy." Out of respect for her past, the king does not immediately move to embrace her or otherwise get close; his body language is nonetheless far more relaxed than when they started, and he's open to it should Fate choose to do so.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-23 02:25:42 95542
Fate Testarossa listens to those words, she nods carefully to those words as they come bit by bit when there is a pause. It's supposed to be a sign of listening- but her eyes square on the man is more a better indicator.

She can assume that the answer is going to be something along the lines of a yes. Or at least something good enough to be just as well. She gets her answer and....

It is perhaps, almost everything Fate had hoped it would be. It's a lot to processs at once. It's one to antcipate. It's another to recieve that which you are antcipating. Anxiousness and anxiety being replaced by mirth and happiness. Fate is always subdued however. She does smile more than usual.

The king respects her past. This does not stop her from stepping a little closer. She does not quite hug the man. She has no idea if that's appropiate. But she does take his hands-- or try to. To hold them for just a second. Fate was not comfortable with hugging those first few hard weeks. So Nanoha would hold her hands as an easment into social contact until she was when Nanoha wanted to express herself to Fate.

Fate is using that here. Not quite a hug. But affectionate contact.

"Then it would make me happy to call you father as Runealy does too." she says softly. She bites her lip and looks from the king, to the tree then the king. "I should... go back. Before Runealy gets too worried. Or the portal begins to waver. I think it would worry her unessacrily if I was stuck here for a long stint. I could hardly imagine how hard she would antcipate this meeting turned out if she had wait many many months." she says softly. She'll release his hands, however, after that.

"Is there anything I should tell your da----" just a bit lip. A short smile. She did not do that on purpose. "I should tell my sister for you? Or do you mean to talk to her yourself before departing?" she asks.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-23 02:38:57 95544
The hand-hold is immediately taken; the king only needs a fleeting moment to realize what Fate wants, and goes with it; he holds hands, squeezing just a little bit to show some firmness and affirmation. Concerns about the portal are merely met with a headshake... he says nothing, but is clearly not worried about it. "I'll be speaking with her momentarily, but thank you. No... the only thing I would say to you... is to you. And that is to say that I look forward to spending time with you when and where we can, even if opportunities may be limited. That... and you may address me however you like, henceforth. Your adoption will not be legal fact for a little while longer, but I will not let that delay things."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-23 02:44:14 95545
Fate Testaross nods. "Father." she says. Like something she's wanted to say for someone for a while. She'd had also settled for 'Mother' also or only aswell, but. Well. That is not in the picture for a variety of reasons. She take one final look and nods. "I will. Visit the portal at least. When you have time and I do." she says in a promising tone.

She should get back, so she hesitantly departs. Part of her is admittedly wanting her to stay. In actuality. But she ignores it. That isn't right. She knows there will be other times. So she makes for the insides of the tree to step through the portal, bracing herself for the feeling of pushing through un-wet water as it we're.

She comes out the otherside. "Runealy!" she calls out. She sounds uplifted. Not quite screaming out in mirth. But there's happiness behind that call out.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-23 02:47:48 95547
"Goodbye, Fate. Once everything is signed, I will make certain we schedule a regular time to meet." A promise he can only keep when the portal cooperates, but if nothing else it rarely shrinks so far as to make talking impossible across it. "And..." No, he thinks better of saying anything more; enough has been said for now.

Back on Earth, Rune blinks as she hears her name be called from some distance away. "Hn? ...Fate! Alright, I'll be there in a moment!" She jogs up-hill to rejoin Fate, smiling. "How did it go?"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-23 02:52:47 95548
Fate Testarossa gives Runealy another hug. Probably one of the small small handful of people she feels comfortable with hugging. Along with the other Waldians and Nanoha and the Takamachi parents. But that is known by now. "Yes." is all she can say. She pauses a decides to elaborate further. "Yes, as in I father now, and a sister." she says with a wider smile than normal. "-and a proper home." This may just be a regular smile on anyone else's face, but on Fate it's unusally wide.

Then she says. "I think you---" she pauses. "I am probably going to need some time to get used to that..." she says. "I almost said... 'your father' and I almost said.. 'your daughter' to..." she shakes her head. "Our father wants to speak to you before we're done here I think." she says. "Do you want I should step away, as you did for me?" she asks.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-23 02:57:21 95550
Rune leans into the embrace, laughing as she hears the news! "Wonderful! It's fine if it takes time to get used to it... I think this is kind of new for all of us in one way or another, Fate! Now, as for going with me?"

She pulls back to give a faint nod. "You can. I guarantee you it's going to be fairly dull things, though. Making sure our expenditures are where they should be, keeping each other up on developments in each world... but if you don't mind sticking around for that, it's fine by me!"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-23 03:08:45 95551
Fate Testarossa nods. "I'll stick around for it!" she says. "I mean. It'd be nice to understand what you do on visits like these." she says. "Even if it may not be interesting on it's surface and dull." she says. Because... that's what sisters do, right?

"...I may also want to know what was in that package earlier." she says, perhaps a little ashamedly- as if curiosity was unwarranted and she's worrying about something that may not be her bussiness. "So I may aswell stick around you until I find out."
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-23 03:11:09 95552
"I guess they do now," Rune suggests. "I mean... this is the first time I've had a sister. I think it's the first time any princess in my family line has ever had one, actually. The line has always been from one queen, one daughter... I have no idea why, but that's how it has always worked. So we're kind of making history here!"

Rune begins to pace toward the portal. "As for what's in the bag... like I said earlier, it's red and it's perfect. For now, that's all I can tell you! You'll know more soon."