GOOD NEWS, Nanoha!

Fate tells Nanoha the good news... she'll have a family, and a home with her own room! And also be a princess. And have a room in a castle in another world. Nanoha-chan was right many months ago-- things would get better with time.

Date: 2018-08-23
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Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-23 05:03:07 95565
Fate Testarossa was out at the Waldians earlier today. Nanoha was told. Momma and Poppa Takamachi we're told. What they know is that they went to go see a friend. Nanoha knew she was off to visit the Waldians place of residence on Earth. Fate Testarossa comes in and quickly runs upstairs past Momma and Poppa Takamachi working in the cafe below. "HI MISS, SIR!" she says in a rush as she makes a mad dash to Nanoha's room.

Whatever Nanoha is doing, she practically gets tackled to the ground into a hug. This is uncharacteristc of Fate normally. She's only just gotten comfortable with normal hugs.

This is a tackle hug, a glomp even!

"Nanoha! The most amazing thing happend!" she says with wide eyes. Then it sets in what just happened and she quickly shoots to her feet. "A..aah! Sorry Nanoha! But I'm so happy I.. um. I lost control..." she begins calming down fast, as she regains composure.

She never loses that smile though.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-08-23 05:14:39 95567
Nanoha Takamachi was sitting on the floor playing a PG rated otome game. This one is apparently about a magician's school and you need to find a date for the magic ball, except there's also a sinister Voldermort like conspiracy to deal with too. It's kind of a ridiculous game. She's about to learn who the villain is and.... it's the person you managed to romance into a date!? She gasps in shock when she's suddenly tackled out of nowhere by...


"F..Fate!?" she asks with a blush. Fate is practically right on top of her for a second before she scrambles up. Nanoha starts to stand up after that. She didn't mind that persay, it's just that it was so unexpected.

"Fate, is everything okay? What happened?" she asks as she looks with concern. Though it fades almost immediately.

Fate-chan is smiling.....!? Yuuno peeks up from his ferret hammock. What's going on he was sleeping.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-23 05:46:50 95571
Fate grabs Nanoha's hands and tugs them upwards. She wants to hold them. It helps her relax. "I found a family to adopt me! I'm going to have a dad, and a sister and a home!" she says, voice moderately excited. "Remember how the Waldians came back? Like I texted you about?" she asks with wide eyes. Arf is peeking up in her puppy form. "Huh? Fate-chan what happened? I was dreamin about a steak...." she says almost pouty like.

"Her father wants to adopt me, because Runealy suggested it and he wants to give me a home and I'll get to stay with the Waldians and Runealy is going to be my sister and I'll be living with them!" she says.

"...Lindy-sama's already approved it." she says finally coming down from the high. "I knew about this the other day... but I didn't want to get your hopes up until Lindy-sama approved it." she says a little softly.

Arf lights up. "Fate-chan!? Really!?" the pup says with bright wide eyes as he leaps off the bed, making for Fate quickly before leaping upwards towards her arms. Arf'll start to lick Fate's face. Puppy kisses.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-08-23 05:53:34 95573
Nanoha is listening when Fate gives her the good news and she beams bright and wide in her usual Nanoha manner. "Fate! That's /WONDERFUL!/" she practically squeals! "Rune-chan's really nice! And so are her friends!" she says.

Then something clicks in her head. "Wait...." she says.

"Fate... you're gonna be adopted by a king.... does... that make you a princess?" she suddenly asks with wide eyes, holding Fate's hands tighter- almost a gleam in her eyes of excitedness. She has to break the hold thought, since Arf leaps for Fate's arms. Arf deserves to congratulate Fate, too- afterall!

She is still looking at Fate with gleamy, dreamy eyes though.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-23 06:10:00 95576
Fate holds Arf and lets her lick all her face. She then cradles the pup a moment and pets Arf's ears. "You'll be coming too, Arf-chan." she smiles. "So will Jin." she nods. She looks up to Nanoha. "You're not...upset I'm going to be leaving?" she asks with concern.

Then Nanoha asks that. She can see the look in her eyes. She seems to think this over. "Yes." she finally says. "I will be 'Princess Fate Testarossa Waldia.'" she says. "I..." she says. "My last name is all I have left of mom..." she says. "I couldn't just throw it away." she says quietly. She looks back up.

"Lindy-sama should be contacting your parents about it tonight and be working on the offical paperwork so there's no legal repercussions for your family for um..." she thinks how to describe it. "'Weird, magical royal adoptions', Lindy-sama said." she says witha a soft smile.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-08-23 06:21:25 95579
Nanoha Takamachi would squeal but she doesn't want to alarm anyone so she does a more quiet 'eeeeeeeeeee!' as she hugs Fate. "Wow! Everyone at school is gonna be floored if you're using the title publicly when school starts again." she says. She beams. "Fate T. Waldia!" she repeats. "It's a good name Fate. You deserve a family." she says. "I know we couldn't give that to you. But I'm so happy my family was able to keep you safe while you we're here." she relates with a warm smile.

"I'm not upset. I'm happy for you!" she says. "We can still visit one another, and I'll have mom and dad keep your bed here if you're not taking it with you, so you have a bed if you ever want to come sleep over every so often."

" you still want to work in the bakery? I'm sure mom and dad would love to still have you help on weekends at least." she says with a bounce of her heels.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-23 06:53:15 95583
Fate Tesarossa takes Arf back to the bed and places her down and sits on her bed. She still pets Arf. "I'm glad you're happy for that." she smiles small. "I was afraid you'd be upset with me leaving." she runs her hand down Arf's back. "You can come visit me, too, I'm sure!" she says. "I imagine sleepover, too. I'm going to have my own room!" she says. "Both in the Waldian's place and in Waldia- in the castle!"

She looks over to Nanoha and nods suddenly a lot. "Of course! I'll come over and help!" she says. "I really like baking..." she admits. "If.. I'm still learning who 'Fate' Tes--- Fate T. Waldia." she corrects. "Is... I know at least she likes baking." she says with a small smile.

"Oh! Um. I helped Kokoro-chan the other night like you asked. There was a sand creature. One of my former co-workers from when I worked with Riven-kun took some samples from it. She apparently knew Kokoro-chan too."

She hears a voice from downstairs. It's Nanoha's mom. "Fate-chan can you come down here, we got some good news!" she says.

Fate lights up. "Lindy-sama must had called finally. I'm going to go speak to them, okay?" she asks. "...Wanna come with?" she asks. "I'm sure they'd want you to hear it. Just... act surprised?" she asks sheepishly.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-08-23 07:01:56 95584
Nanoha nods. "Great!" she says. She sighs a bit. "I'm glad you didn't burn any bridges with Riventon." she says. "I may not trust him much..." she admits. "But he is your friend, and he took care of you like our family did, too." she says. She knows that much now. She can respect that much about him, if anything.

"You should tell him the good news when you get the chance. I'm sure he'd be happy for you." she says.

When her mom calls she beams. "I'll come with you yes, and I will act perfectly shocked!" she says as she follows with.

Time to hear the good news again~