What's in a Wish?

Nagisa, Sayaka, and Kyubey talk about magical matters.

Date: 2015-08-23
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Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-23 19:38:02 8479
    Nagisa has a project to do for school and so she headed to the Penguin Public Library. She could probably just study up at home while she looked up information on her fathers computer, but home wasn't as happy a place as it used to be and she liked the atmosphere of the Library for it's ability to keep her on task and free from distractions.

    Unfortunately life doesn't always give you what you want. She's looking through stacks of books to do a bit of extra research when she catches sight of a fluffy white tail out of the corner of her eye. A cat in the library? She pauses and takes a step back, only to recognize Kyubey with a blink of her eyes. What's he doing here, she wonders?

    She wanders cautiously closer, figuring he isn't here for her since he hadn't announced himself. She looks for familiar faces first- signs of yellow, red, or black hair, but it's quickly obvious there's no other Puella Magi here. It's only then that another step closer brings the blue haired upperclassman into view- the one Nagisa had briefly seen at school talking with Homura and Takashi, and the one she's pretty sure she saw in a Labrynth with Kyubey.

    Her walk speeds up, becoming less timid and more driven. What was her name again?

    "Sayaka-san?" she calls out in a quiet 'library shout', offering a friendly wave should the older girl notice her and obviously inviting herself over.
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-23 19:53:22 8480
    Sayaka was falling behind in her summer school..Honestly, it's really hard getting back to your studies after a long and lazy vacation on the waves. So here she is, perusing the shelves of the library for books to aid in her history class. Of course, it doesn't hurt to browse the music shelves for some of her favorite classical compositions while she's at it.

    She's about to reach for a promising looking CD, when she hears a semi-familiar voice. Granted, she's only briefly met Nagisa once, maybe twice, but she is definitely a unique individual who is somewhat hard to miss. A faint smile crosses her face as she tries to remember the other girl's name.

    "Nagisa-san, wasn't it? Nice to meet you again! Are you here studying as well?" Apparently, she hasn't spied the cat-thing yet, as she turns to face the approaching girl.
Mint Chip 2015-08-23 20:09:58 8481
Kyubey has been stalking around the library, following Sayaka at somewhat of a distance, trying to keep an eye on her, gauge her state. Now, he's overlooking the two girls from a bookcase, and when Nagisa comes up and starts talking to Sayaka, he backs up and makes a running jump!

He lands on Nagisas head and rapidly slithers down to her shoulders, fluffy tail wrapping around a bit for balance. "Hello Nagisa, hello Sayaka!" he says mentally to both girls in a cheery tone.
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-23 20:14:48 8482
    The white haired elementary school student is heartened to by the friendly reception, smiling in addition to her wave. Once she's in appropriately close Library talking distance she responds with a nod, "Yes. I was assigned some summer homework and haven't quite finished it yet. Things have been a little hectic." Not as hectic as of late but that's unimportant to the conversation she wants to have.

    Curiously Nagisa looks up to the shelf, not normally in this part of the Library, looking shocked for a moment to be staring at a wall full of classical music CDs. Whaaaa..? Maybe she's in a music class?

    It takes her a moment to recover, which turns into an elongated pause since Sayaka doesn't seem to have noticed Kyubey- she had thought the two were together was hoping his obvious presence would provide a good segue into magical matters. Where did he go, anyway..?

    The creepycute little alien gets the perfect chance to hop right onto her head, causing the short girl to let out a gasp of surprise. She nearly jumps out of her skin when he lands atop her head, and she quickly reaches up to steady him, missing as he slinks down onto her shoulder. "Kyubey..!" she says aloud, only to look very confused for a moment when he speaks into their minds, "You can talk to us like that?" she says, once again, out loud.

    It's a scary thought, actually. "Can you read our minds, too?!"
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-27 02:39:41 8696
    Some might find it weird that a tough, tomboy like Sayaka would be into something as delicate as classical music. But she's an odd girl in many ways. Seems Nagisa has some surprises of her own however, and Sayaka's suspicions of her being a magical girl, after their last encounter are now confirmed, as Kyubey leaps onto the younger girl's shoulder, greeting them both.

    "Aha!" she exclaims, "So..You're like..Kyouko, then?" Nervously, Sayaka glances around, lowering her voice accordingly. Does it mean Nagisa is a magical girl, if she can see Kyubey? At least that's what she's been led to believe how it works.

    With a smile she approaches Kyubey, patting him on the head, "Hey you, again. I have some questions for you.." Although she arches a brow at Nagisa when she asks such questions of him, "Oh? Is this the first time you've met him?" the last part is said mentally, realizing they're in a library afterall..
Mint Chip 2015-08-27 02:46:32 8698
Kyubey makes a little headnod. "I am not reading your minds; just talking and allowing you girls a way to talk to each other, too!" he says, sitting up a little, which makes his ears bounce adorably. "Since we're in a library, I figured it would help to not draw attention like that. Plus, now you can talk freely about all these things normal people can't know about."

"I'd be happy to awnswer any questions you have. Have you thought about a wish you might want to make, Sayaka Miki?" he asks. Kyubey with the hard sell, as usual.
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-27 03:01:03 8700
    Nagisa is definitely surprised by the interest in classical music- a lot of that is her own upbringing and age though, since she doesn't know Sayaka all that well to be think it out of character. The effect is effectively the same, however.

    She doesn't get the chance to answer Sayaka's question immediately however, as the introduction of speaking to each other mentally interrupts. It also makes it easier for her to answer once she does. "No, I've met him before. He's just never shown me his ability to do this."

    There's an audible sigh to go along with the mental words.

    She'll hold up her hand, then, and show Sayaka the ring on her middle finger, along with the little candywrapper shaped sigil on her fingernail. "Yes, Kyouko-san and I are the same kind of magical girl. We're both Puella Magi, having contracted with Kyubey to a life of fighting Witches in exchange for a single miraculous Wish."

    If it sounds like she's suddenly being much more formal and careful about her words it's because she is. It's a lot easier to get her meaning across when she's being direct, and being able to talk without others overhearing lets her be as detailed and intricate as she likes.

    Kyubey's question to Sayaka confirms her suspicions about why he was with her that time in the Witch labyrinth. "In fact, that's exactly what I wanted to talk to you about," she mentally notes after he speaks. "Sayaka-san, you need to be very careful about deciding whether or not this is the type of life you want to live. I became a magical girl with no knowledge of what I was getting into," a pointed 'pet' to the top of Kyubey's head, "and though I do not regret my decision I do wish someone had told me what it would involve beforehand. And so..."

    The white haired girl gives a tiny smile up to the middle school student and curtseys, "I am at your service."
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-27 03:10:21 8701
    "Oh..?" Sayaka arches a brow between Kyubey and Nagisa's words. "Heh, you sound like Homura-san and Kyou-chan. Do all magical girls regret the wishes they made? I dont understand..Were your wishes really so bad? I mean, if I could think of something that was worth fighting for, sure, I'd go for it without hesitation."

    "But that's exactly why I haven't become a magical girl yet. I want to make sure that what I wish for is something I would be willing to risk my life for. I guess right now, there isn't anything I really want that badly...Yet.

    She sighs.."But, I'm still thinking about it. I mean, I wouldn't want to pass up such a huge opportunity. Besides, seeing what happened at the hospital that time, and feeling so helpless while people around me were getting hurt? I think I'd like to spend that energy protecting others, rather than watching others lose their lives because I couldn't be bothered to put myself out there."
Mint Chip 2015-08-27 03:16:20 8703
Kyubey looks across at Sayaka, and drops a little honesty. "I think a lot of magical girls... don't so much regret the decision they made, but when you have one wish, and a lot of time after, they think about other wishes. It's... I've heard you humans say 'hindsight is 20-20' a lot. I think it's that." he adds, that smile still on his face.

"Of course, it's also better for me if you make the contract soon, because there's a lot of witches around here and they're very dangerous. So the sooner you make a wish the sooner you can use your new powers to help girls like Nagisa Momoe protect people from Witches - the monster you saw when I brought you to the hopsital - and even other monsters and enemies."

"But I understand the fact that you want to think a little bit about your wish. Not everybody gets that chance."
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-27 03:41:54 8706
    As Sayaka expresses her earnest desire to help people and protect them, even after seeing the most horrifying Witch Nagisa has ever seen, the girl feels a pull inside herself. It would be... pretty easy to encourage her. She wants to- she really does. Another person whose primary interest is helping other people and not some personal interest or crusade- that would be incredibly helpful.

    If only it were so simple.

    "Nothing he said is incorrect," Nagisa notes after waiting for Kyubey to finish talking to Sayaka. "It is important to remember, though, that even if you help fight Witches in the long term you may end up doing more harm than good. Puella Magi, unlike many of the other magical girls I've met, do not have an unlimited amount of magic. To fight we must use this magic, and the only way to replenish our magic after we've used it are Grief Seeds, something that can only be obtained by destroying Witches. When we run out of magic we die. This is our unavoidable fate."

    For all that the young girl seems completely unphased as she speaks; it's something she's come to terms with as unpleasant as it is. "It gets worse. Because there are only so many grief seeds, and all Puella Magi need them to survive we end up fighting each other over them. Kyouko Sakura; you know her? When I first met her she threatened to kill me if I didn't leave Tokyo. That's how important they are to a Puella Magi. Events have unfolded so that there are currently larger threats for her to worry about than me, but once they are over I may have to fight her merely for the right to stay in the city where I was born and have lived my entire life."

    Another sigh, this one more aggravated than the previous, "And because she is very strong to do that I will need a lot of magic. Magic that can't be spent hunting Witches to get more grief seeds."

    She calms herself a little, closing her eyes for a few moments before looking into Sayaka's, "I'm not asking for your pity, so please don't think I am. I made my choice and took my Wish, foolish though it was. I just want you to know that if you become a Puella Magi you may find yourself fighting the very people you want to help, whether you want to or not. I would like nothing more than to fight alongside my fellow Puella Magi and work in concert to destroy Witches with a minimum of wasted magic. Unfortunately a certain amount of selfishness is required just to survive. I will be honest with you; if not for the kindness and pity of others I would have already died. A word of advice; if you do decide to become a Puella Magi, don't ever turn down help if it's offered to you and you're sure it isn't merely a trap."

    Wearily she scoops up Kyubey and holds him out to Sayaka. "Tell her. Everything I've said is true, isn't it?"
Sayaka Miki 2015-08-27 04:06:17 8708
    Sayaka bites her lip, nodding slowly to Kyubey's words. "Yeahh.....I think I'm still new to this whole thing. I should probably go on a few more witch hunts..Except that I had already promised Kyou-chan that I wouldn't." She smirks, "Of course, she's not my mom either, so....."

    A pause is given as Nagisa goes into more detail about the dangers of being a Puella Magi..It's enough to leave Sayaka a bit speechless. not that she expected it to be all rosy and sunshine, but that 'death' part makes it sound pretty...Final. "Wow, really...Well.." she laughs nervously, "I guess nothing comes without a price, right? As long as we beat the witches, there's nothing to worry about, right? I'm sure there's plenty of grief seeds to go around..I mean, how many Puella magi could there be in such a big city such as this?"

    Although her frown deepends at mention of Kyouko again. "Yeah.." she sighs, "She told me that we'd be enemies if I became a Puella Magi too, but..I dunno..I guess you really would be paying for your wish in kind, eh? But then I have to ask, what did you wish for, Nagisa-san?"
Mint Chip 2015-08-27 04:14:12 8710
Kyubey jumps off Nagisa's shoulder and walks over towards Sayaka, stretching on the table. "Nothing she said is wrong, but that's not how it always is. Even Kyouko, at one time, worked with another Puella Magi to defend a city. Just because one person's heart has grown bitter doesn't mean it can't work for other people. There are a lot of witches in Tokyo right now - more than I've ever seen before. If people didn't horde grief seeds, you all would probably be fine, Nagisa."

"Just because Kyouko isn't working with others right now doesn't mean it couldn't work out again. She has a tendency to be hard like that though - but there's another magical girl, Mami Tomoe, and I know she would really like to have partners."

"But yes, you do agree to take on a life of combat when you make the wish. I've said as much. You battle witches, and you protect people - or the consequences for not doing so happen. But... it's a pretty reasonable price, for a true miracle, I think."
Nagisa Momoe 2015-08-27 04:34:02 8712
    Nagisa shakes her head a little, "No, the price for your miracle is the rest of your life. But all things considered... it is a fair one." She has to admit that with what she knows. "On the other hand, it's not very fair for you to not know what awaits you on the other side of your Wish. I also have another warning for you: be very, very careful about what it is you wish for. As much as he may want you to hurry, please think very long and hard over what you decide to wish for. Your wish has an impact on what your powers as a Puella Magi will be, and moreover you need to think very hard on what exactly it is you want to get."

    Luckily Sayaka asks literally the perfect question to illustrate her point. Normally, almost always in fact, Nagisa prefers to downplay her regrets over her actual wish. But in truth it's something that is always there with her, eating her. What could she have done better? How would life be different had she asked only one or two more questions?

    She doesn't sugar coat it for Sayaka at all. "My mother had cancer, and she had been in the hospital for a very long time. It was horrible- I still don't like hospitals..." She's getting off track. She takes a deep breath and steadies herself. "She wasn't able to eat anything for a long time either because of her treatments. That was hard on her, because we always used to cook together and have snacks together. She wanted to be able to have one more cake with me before she died."

    A little shrug, "I did too, and he showed up." She doesn't motion to Kyubey, but who else could she mean? "I was stupid. I didn't ask very many questions, and I made a Wish to be able to eat one last Cheesecake with her before she died. We did and... it's a memory I'm grateful for and will always treasure."

    Her eyes turn towards Kyubey, leveling on him in an accusatory glare that she's kept restrained until now. "It wasn't until after she died that he told me I could have saved her life and made her completely healthy with my Wish instead. What was it you said, Kyubey? 'Why didn't you just wish her back to health?' 'I don't understand humans at all.'"

    The eight year old crosses her arms and turns back towards Sayaka, "That's what I mean. He'll only tell you the things that will make you want to Contract with him unless he has to." She reaches over and tries to take one of Sayaka's hands in hers, "Please! No matter what you decide, promise me you'll think very carefully on what you wish for. Don't think small... think big! If you can have -anything-, make sure you get the best anything you possibly can!"