An upgrade... technically?

Tarnished performs her first experiment with the roboyouma. Turns out dark energy and red bull don't mix. Oops. Thankfully, Alex and Miho are able to put a stop to it before it becomes a danger to normal folk.

Date: 2018-08-23
Pose Count: 17
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-23 15:44:29 95602
Dark energy was a very, very interesting reaction. She'd thought it an energy at first. Then a chemical. Now she saw ot as some kind of.... Middle ground between energy and reaction. The important thing to remember is that it was INCREDIBLY unstable and testing had to be done VERY carefully. In isolated areas.

Which was why a tree was kicked over by the roboyouma she had, err, enhanced and she definitely heard it. The testing taking place just outside tokyo in the forests.

She didn't understand what was causing such a dangerous, violent reaction to the compound. But on the up side the youma was many times stronger.

As it literally tore a pair of normal robo youma apart with almost no effort, the down side was it was many times stronger. She was hidden out of sight, monitoring it as it attacked anything that came near, her roboyouma assaulting it with stun rods.

She wondered how she could spin this to the board later as a positive... Fudge.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-08-23 16:01:43 95603
    Within the city limits, but just near where the limits proper end, a tall, dark figure stands upon a rooftop. And something within the figure pipes up, in a mechanical voice, speaking some kind of german-like tongue.


    The answer to that question is easy enough.

    And thus, a moment later, something moves swiftly through the trees. Between them on the ground, occasionally above them and in the air betwixt. This figure doesn't know how to fly, but he is stil lable to get himself up to considerable heights. ANd if nothing else-- he still knows how to make an impressive entrance from above.

    In a sudden instant, the figure falls from the sky above, landing a few paces away from the robots with a massive, booming sound and a faint shockwave sending out waves of wind to whip leaves and tree branches about, along with bits of dirt sent flying this way and that from the point of impact.

    And there, crouched down to one knee with a large, black-and-red steel gauntlet bearing hand curled into a fist and held against the ground. Well over six feet of armor and muscle, wrapped into an unbuttoned longcoat voluminous and flowing enough to be easily mistaken for a cape. Despite the harsh impact of the landing, the Knight flows up smoothly to standing to his full height, and the fiery-orange, t-shaped visor of his face-concealing helmet turns towards the brawl of the giant robo-yoma against the horde of much smaller ones.

    He is not making any pretense of stealth right now.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-23 16:09:56 95604
Miho has been spending a bunch of time in henshin lately, and trying various places to go. For example, flying out of Tokyo, staying close to the treeline to make herself less visible, moving at high speeds and counting on the general weirdness to remain unseen. The difference is palpable; she isn't entirely sure she can intuit what this difference actually is, but she's definitely feeling it.

And in the supernatural senses afforded by her Life Blessing, a surge of dark energy sticks out like a sore thumb. She slows to a stop, frowns, then changes course and boosts on over at high speeds, this time surrounded by a corona of minty-green light. Life Mahou Joy is faster than the average magical girl.

She slows down as she approaches, frowning at a fight which is basically already going on, and glances down at Stahlritter. "Well, this is a thing," she says, in that clear bright voice of hers that sounds almost nothing like her out-of-henshin voice. "... Stahlritter-kun, should we wait to see who wins, or take them all out at once?"
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-23 16:15:22 95605
Tarnished blinked a few times from her hiding spot... And face palmed. Oh my gosh. She didn't realize they actually... When she'd heard about 'magical people' she'd assumed they'd be more... But here she had a comic book fan boy.

Granted he did... Fly. She wondered if he was some kind of weird... Super hero person. No one had mentioned that.

And then a girl. Strahkitter? Easy enough. And this girl knew him. Perhaps a couple?

The giant roboyouma let out a roar and decided to make the decision for them. It threw a few of the roboyouma at them... Then charged. It's hands reached out tk try and grab joy, claws glimmering with dark energy.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-08-23 16:26:32 95606
    "I don't think we need to think long on that," booms the magically enhanced, deep boom of Stahlritter's voice from beneath his helmet-- and lo and behold, the giant robot makes to attack them.

    "Go high, provide air support!" the large Knight directs Joy, just as he leaps forward and to the side, grabbing onto the flailing leg of a thrown bot, turning quickly around after with it in his grasp to send it smacking into another bot flying towards Joy. Someone should tell him the bots were not made to be used as HANDHELD WEAPONS!

    As the giant roboyoma charges in, and makes to grab at Joy-- well. Stahlritter doesn't stop it. He has full faith in her ability to evade. So instead?

    Instead, he closes in at high speeds (but not quite as high as Joy's), to get right in close, in within the opening left by the outward reach of a claw to where Joy is.

    "Over here."

    Fingers clutch together to form a fist with the huge gauntlet, and--


    A small shockwave rings out again-- not from someone landing on the ground this time around, but rather from Stahlritter's fist slamming into the Youma, even as he calls to Joy, "SUPPRESIVE FIRE!"
Miho Kagami 2018-08-23 16:40:45 95607
Joy's go-to evasive-maneuver: pick a direction, and boost! At Stahlritter's words, she zips straight up into the air, evading both the thrown youma and the charge, then flips around does a brief downward boost to stop herself. She's still not precise by any stretch of the imagination, but ... baby steps.

She flies downward so that she's not basically out of the fight anymore. "It's Dark, Stahlritter-san!" she calls down. "Guess it really doesn't like purifiers ... Anyway!"

Her heart-wand materializes in her left hand, and she tosses it into the air and catches it in her right. "Minty Barrage!" she calls out, without a trace of irony or self-consciousness. Her wand fires a stream of minty-green pellets of purifying energy -- its offensive power isn't that great, but a monster made out of dark energy is not going to be very happy about it regardless.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-23 16:56:16 95609
Joy was right. It was not happy. The blow from Alexis knocked it back and into a tree. However, the roboyouma was moving back to them... As purifying energy hit it. It wasn't a lot... But...

Before it had been very big. Now? It was... Still very big. But the dark energy was melting under the assault. It roared and grabbed a large rock, tossing it at alex... And then running at him from behind it.

Tarnished nodded. "Record notes. Add subject file RM001. Minty barrage, some kind of purification attack. Apparently magical girl. Possible connection to second subject file, Stahlritter. Stahlritter seems to be a bruiser type. Additional note: Purification seems to be hostile towards dark energy, evaporating it with ease. Procure method of purification later for research. Matches expectations, but seeing is more impressive than the reports."
Alexis Raskoph 2018-08-23 17:05:07 95610
    "Noted!" Stahlritter's voice booms out in response to Joy, just as the giant rock gets launched at him.

    He doesn't snap to the side, though. Neither does he smash the rock coming at him. No. Instead, he leaps up, using the ROCK ITSELF as a stepping stone to send him flying over the robo-yoma with a flip.

    Time to change tactics then.

    And as he falls, something else falls with him. Clattering in the air, a length of chain forms up from collecting mana, forming a loop that then catches on the Robo-yoma itself.

    And as Stahlritter lands on the ground with a heavy THUD!, the chain tightens on the Youma as he PULLS, with a heavy groan, bare biceps bulging visibly from the supernatural (mana-assisted) physical effort of trying to bring the beast toppling down and somewhat restraining it.

Miho Kagami 2018-08-23 17:17:24 95611
Joy raises her eyebrows at the fact that it basically ignored her in favor of Alex. She may not be a battle-tactician like Stahlritter, but she is very observant. "I think it can only focus on one of us at a time! Or maybe it's a coward!" she says. "... That, or it's a coward!"

At Stahlritter's command, she nods. "All righty, then!" she calls down to him. "If this doesn't work, I have another thing I can try!" She twirls her wand in a circle, leaving a trail of light, and then thrusts her wand through it. "Joy Shining Ray!"

The circle collapses, firing a brilliant beam of purifying energy at the youma-bot. Just the sight of it might even be scary to someone with enough Dark Energy inside them.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-23 17:29:19 95612
The monster... Struggled. And it was beginning to break free, taking a step and dragging alex with him... Then...

Dark energy did not like big beams of purification magic. Soon... The roboyouma collapsed. Now void of dark energy, it was just the fragments of robotic components. The other roboyouma stopped...

"Subject 003 destroyed, purification. Field test: Mixed success. Returning."

In the trees above, they might see a black portal... The girl already gone. The robo youma followed suit, disappearing into the darkness...

And a dark portal appearing under the one they had destroyed, drawing it in.
Alexis Raskoph 2018-08-23 17:40:19 95613
    When the giant robotic monster is destroyed, STahlritter allows the chain to snap free and then dissipate into nothingness again. With a sweeping step he turns himself around to facing the remaining robots--

    ...Only for them to fade away into darkness. Whu--

    "Joy--" he calls, right before the wreck in front of him falls into darkness, too.

    Both hands tighten into frustrated fists. "...Figures. ... Someone else was here."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-23 17:56:10 95614
Miho's head jerks around to see the portal above the trees, then jerks back around as the youma in front of them disappears. "... Yeah," she says quietly. "Wonder what the point of all this was?" She gingerly floats closer to Stahlritter, and looks around. "I don't think there was anything around here that's worth attacking, and it was fighting the other bots before we got there ..." She looks at Stahlritter. "Maybe it was some kind of test?" she says uncertainly.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-23 18:03:27 95615
Tarnished stared at thw remains of her experiment. Well. She supposed it wasn't so bad. It was the first subject to like... Not blow up. And hey. Every failure was another step to learn! She then poked the remains.

"Note to self. Energy drinks do not mix with dark energy. Possibly steroid?" She mumbled before glancing to her red bull. ".... Let's not," she muttered. Back to the drawing board....
Alexis Raskoph 2018-08-23 18:06:50 95616
"If it was, then it *reeks* of Eclipse," Stahlritter growls, with a distinctly unhappy tone.

    "...These bots didn't feel like those of my parents', though. Whoever it was, was... very much experimenting, I think. But..." The orange visor is cast through the surrounding area. "THey were very careful not to leave any evidence behind, too."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-23 18:11:52 95617
Miho nods slowly. "Well, that's one sensible thing they've been doing," she says. She rises further up off the ground again. "I almost want to send a report to HeartNET, but ... there's not much to say." She shrugs, looking around. Suddenly, the afternoon seems a lot less friendly. "Guess all we can do is wait and see what happens next ..."
Alexis Raskoph 2018-08-23 18:16:31 95618
    "I HATE that that is the only option we have," growls Stahlritter, sending a kick against a nearby tree. It causes it to jostle heavy enough that several leaves get dislodged from the branches and come floating down.

    "Mmmrrh... Guess we better get back in the city. If you see anythign that looks and behaves like those things did, let me know?"
Miho Kagami 2018-08-23 18:18:45 95619
Miho looks down at Stahlritter, and then floats down and puts a comforting hand on his shoulder. "Yeah," she says softly. "I'll be sure to do that."