Ring the Bell

Bell and Tarnished have a training match which results in some high intensity emotions. In the end, Tarnished runs her through some of her tai chi exercises and the two calm down with meditation.

Date: 2018-08-24
Pose Count: 22
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-24 14:44:20 95741
Masu Yogoshi had traveled out to the woods where her last experiment had gone... Awry. She COULD have fixed it. Easily. But the magical girl and super hero guy had solved it for her. That was nice, saved her the effort.

She had used a dark portal to get here and was now leaning on a tree, trying go will her stomach to calm itself. In her left hand, which held her magical device coiled around her arm, a metal bottle appeared. She drank from it, letting the hot liquid calm her stomach. Moments before being stored away again. She loved storage devices.

She was getting better at least. And today was going to be... An experience. She was going to use her new device(thank you rivenson-sama!) To scan the girl. She loved this thing. It was awesome.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-24 14:50:38 95742
A mysterious nearly-seven-feet-tall figure in a raincoat walks in through the woods! The raincoat is totally because of all these odd thunderstorms that have been happening in Tokyo lately, and does not at all hide glowing red eyes and eldritch face-markings.

Bell pulls her hood back, giving her a ready smile. "Hey there," she says, oblivious to Tarnished's stomach problems. "We ready to do this thing?"
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-24 14:57:03 95743
Tarnished nodded. "Yes." No. She walked to the girl and held out her left hand. "Activate scanning protocal." The device did as ordered, as non-burning lights swept over the girl. "A gift, from Riventon-sama due to my promotion to head of my department. It's proving to be quite useful. It makes carrying things far easier," she said as she worked.

"How have you and the doctor been adapting to your roles in eclipse? Any more run ins with those magical people?" She asked as she worked. She glanced to the screen on her wrist. "The information this thing can absorb is incredible..." She mumbled.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-24 15:06:50 95744
There's a lot of dark energy in Bell's heart, and a noticeable amount near her brain. It travels through her body, mostly via her blood, but there also seems to be other places it appears. For example, it feeds directly into her magical tattoos, and into the cybernetic insets on her eyes. All told, her body is 39% dark energy by volume.

"Hah, not yet," Bell says dryly. "They're right in the middle of a move, so I've mostly just been doing heavy lifting. It's one of those areas where being literally superhuman comes in handy. Actually doing stuff is gonna wait until we're done. The doctor can't help since she's still in the hospital, but she's been designing battle-bots." She smiles. "I think she's gonna want to transfer to your hospital, though, I think she might be warming up to the whole 'cutting edge' stuff instead of just being obsessed with 'Ancient Belkan' all the time."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-24 15:20:35 95745
Tarnished nodded. "Makes sense... You... Are 39% dark energy. 39.233 percent, to be precise. It seems to travel through your blood. Primarily your heart, with a focus on your tattoos and brain.".

She nodded and pulled back. " There's a bit more. Are... You okay with me scanning your device as well? I'd like to see if there is anything... Organic in there?" She asked. And with permission would try scanning. It was doubtful she'd gain much, before pullong back. "Once I'm fully in command, I'll ensure she gets the best treatment. I'm not a doctor myself, but there will be plenty of them under me. I think some kf them resent that. But i have the most experience with dark energy. Being partially of it now." She'd step away and nod.

"Now. We both have to practice our control. So... Shall we spar a little?" She then turned and adjusted into a tai chi stance. "Have you practiced any martial arts? They can be very useful to help... Clear thr mind. And according to my reports that is very importany with dark energy."
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-24 15:38:47 95746
Bell nods. "Interesting," she says, wearing her curiosity on her face. "Dr. Murano's equipment only narrowed it down to 'between 30 and 50 percent.'" She grins. "Working with UMBRA is great, huh?"

She fishes her pendant out of her coat. "There's definitely no organic components in Rubindorn, but sure." She then holds it out away from her with both hands. "Rubindorn? Schwertform."

Ping! <<BESTIMMT, HERRIN!>> In a surge of dark energy, the pendant transforms into a longsword which is longer than Tarnished is tall.

Scans will show that Rubindorn is 37.848% dark energy, and that it travels mostly along the paths that it uses to distribute Nightbell's mana, but it's definitely having a some sort of effect on the weapon's appearance. Oh, and there's a chamber just below the base of the blade containing six mana-filled cartridges, plus a mechanism for extending a gun-trigger setup from the hilt, and a more complicated mechanism for actually opening the weapon to get at the cartridges.

Bell hmms. "Sparring sounds good," she says. "Definitely a better plan than the Doctor's idea of throwing me at heroes to see what sticks." Her guilt and worries briefly come to the surface of her emotional state, but she pushes them aside; she's better than that now. "I know a bunch of Belkan martial arts, both hand-to-hand and with Rubindorn. Am I gonna need a Barrier Jacket for this?"
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-24 16:01:19 95747
Tarnished nodded, scanning. Relaying the information as she acquired it. Then... "Yes, a barrier jacket would be wise..." She mumbled as she tapped on her device. "Fight as you normally would. And do nkt worry about harming me. My body is... Not as delicate as it once was. And as tarnished, it is incredibly durable." She spoke of her body as if it was artificial. As if it wasn't a part kf her, just attached to her.

"And do not call them heroes. It will alter your perceptions. They believe they are doing good. We are doing good. They oppose us. Giving them titles such as heroes implies they are some great force for the goodness of humanity. And in some ways they are. But they have decided to hinder, not aid, the advancement of civilization. That does not make them heroes."

"History is filled with people who try to stop the flow of progress due to their own fear of the unknown. There is nothing heroic in that. Now... Come at me when you feel ready. Feel free to use dark energy with your assault."
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-24 16:11:25 95748
Bell nods and smiles. "Yeah, yeah, I was using the term ironically. Usually I call them self-proclaimed heroes, I guess I just felt like being pithy."

In another surge of energy, her red, black, and gray Knight Clothing materializes on her body, with added gauntlets and sabatons, and bared limbs that expose the markings on her arms and legs; her Knight Clothing, too, is affected by the dark energy in her Device.

"Hmm ..." She considers Tarnished a moment, rises several centimeters off the ground, and holds Rubindorn at the ready ... then charges forward, swinging the massive sword at Tarnished!
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-24 16:24:24 95749
Tarnished watched the girl come at her. The knight armor... Would be difficult. A horizontal strike. She readied herself.. And... As the sword came into reach, about ready to cleave her...

Tainted stepped in. Her left hand gripped the other woman's wrist and she flowed with it, pulling the woman with her and redirecting the momentum of the strike in a tight circle, twisting the wrist. As she did this, her left foot moved out to plant behind Bell's... And then her right hand shot out, jamming the palm of her right hanf into the other girl's chest to try and flip her over the foot.

Were she not flowing with dark energy, her wrist and ankle would SO be broken right now. As it was... Ow ow ow ow. She kept her face calm, adopting her stance but... Oh gosh that armor was tough. Ow.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-24 16:44:47 95750
Bell is preprogrammed with all sorts of combat maneuvers. She's also really strong.

She breaks into a grin as Tarnished redirects her mid-flight momentum, simply letting the smaller girl move her forward. She pulls her feet up above Tarnished's ankle, and lets the hand impacting against her Knight Clothing just push her back a bit, before giving Rubindorn a diagonal-upward swing towards Tarnished's torso.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-24 16:53:24 95751
Tarnished js strong as well, when dark energy infused.

But not that strong. The move was supposed to twist her wrist and push her back. It did not. Instead the girl moved back a few inches...

Dark energy formed on both of Tarnished's hands, coating them. As the blade came down she caught them in both hands..

The dark energy held, and she twisted with the strike, pushing her back into the other girl and spinning around her, aiming to spin her with her own momentum and throw the floating girl down as she pushed back and out to disengage.

However, the blade had struck true. A bit of blood leaked free from the left hand, while the right had a deep, dark gash that wasn't. Both smarted, but as the dark energy coated them again, the pain was dampened. And the gloves reknit themselves.

The blade itself... Had rusted slightly. Just a little, the edge where it had pierced her gloves. It wasn't much, likely a quick fix... But it was noticable.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-24 17:13:19 95754
Nightbell is actually startled by Tarnished simply grabbing her blade, but once again she allows herself to be maneuvered around. "Nice!" she says, letting Tarnished flip her, before leveraging her flight-magic to right herself again, disengaging as Tarnished does.

She frowns at her injured hands. "Hey, you wanna keep going? I mean, your hands don't look so ..."

Ping! <<HERRIN ...>>

Bell looks down at her weapon, and double-takes. "Scheisse!" She sputters, trying to get herself back into the right language. "W-what the hell's that!?"

Ping! <<SCHEINT ICH GEROSTET ZU SEIN DURCH DEN KONTAKT MIT DER DUNKLEN ENERGIE VON TARNISHED!>> Rubindorn's normally-cutesy voice has a somewhat worried tone to it now.

Bell looks from the blade to Tarnished's hands. "... No way ..." Her flippancy is gone now, and she actually looks nervous.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-24 17:15:22 95755
Tarnished cringed and nodded. "I am fine. We can continue if you feel good for it. I... Must say, the dark energy is impressive. I feel many times stronger and faster. More confident."

She then glanced to the sword and cringed. "My body is toxic to... Existance. I suppose. It's why i wear these gloves and keep my skin covered. Metal rusts, wood rots, skin decays."

"It's why i go by Tarnished... Because everything i touch crumbles," she said flatly. "Or that touches me. I apologize. I thought i could use enough dark energy to... Block the blow. I was wrong. If you would like to stop, i understand. But i assure you the damage was unintentional."

" It is not when i am a normal human. But only because almost all of my power is suppressed at that point. "
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-24 17:26:00 95757
Bell takes a few deep breaths, trying to steady her nerves --

'Kill her,' says a voice inside her head. 'She damaged your precious device. She deserves to die.' It's the voice of the darkness inside her, of her fear and anger. Of the killing intent which blossoms inside her and lasts for a few seconds.

"Nnnn ..." Bell grimaces and looks away. All these emotions are instantly subsumed by fear, confusion ... and the worry and guilt that keeps plaguing her. "Yeah okay I think we need to stop there," she says. "I ... need to ... step back and, and probably fix Rubindorn." She shakes her head. "Scheisse ..." She laughs nervously. "Who knew that dark energy was so hard to handle, right?"
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-24 17:35:19 95758
Tarnished nodded. "I understand. I find... It can be difficult to control." she stepped kver and put a hand on her shoulder. "Would... You like me to show you sone of my meditation techniques? I learned them to avoid being... Overwhelmed by others. But i find they help with the dark energy as well."

Good thing her glove had been fixed. Otherwise... Ow. She then pulled back and sat down. "I... Can feel you a bit. Through the fog. Remember... Don't allow the dark emotions to take hold. Accept them... Then let them flow through you."

It might seem rude for her to assume she could... But... Then this was something She had done her whole life. Being lost in thr waves of emotions, both of hers and others... The methods she knows were hard won through years kf torment and suffering.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-24 17:52:54 95759
Bell tenses up slightly at Tarnished's touch, even though the gloves are back on. She doesn't want to know what would happen if Tarnished's corruption touched her skin, considering she's an artificial being herself. "... Meditation techniques?" she says. "Uh. Yeah, that'd be ... a great idea, if you think it'll help."

She steps back; Rubindorn reverts to its pendant form and her Knight Clothing disappears. She shucks her rain coat; she has a red tank top, black and white sweatpants, and track shoes. "Yeah ... Lacrima-san's emotions are practically deadened, so her advice on that doesn't always work for me," she says softly. "I'm, uh, at this point, I'm willing to take whatever I can get."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-24 18:04:38 95760
Tarnished nodded and then rolled and stood, a bit away. Adapting her stance... "I began taking classes when i was five. My parents desired for me to dk something... Social"

"I didn't make any friends. But i did learn about moving meditation. " She began to slowly move, her body moving in wide, but graceful movements. More flowing than moving. There wss an impression that she could move far faster of she needed.

"Speed. Form. Precision. It requires all. Focusing on where every toe and finger is. Head. Arms. Knees. Spine. All of them must be in perfect, precise alignment," she said as she moved. "Every ounce of focua on your movements. Letting the feelings. The emotions... Wash over you. Pass through you. Acknowledge... But drift. Let them go through you, because all that matters os having that perfect form. Perfect movement..." She whispered now.
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-24 18:12:11 95761
Bell nods, watching Tarnished's movements for a moment, before she starts to copy them. After a moment, she's more or less in sync, just a second behind her. It's similar to the kind of balance and focus that's needed for martial prowess, really.

It reminds her of some of the exercises she's done in kendo practice at school. Now's not the time for that, though.

Emotionally speaking, she's tense. She's angry, she's worried about Rubindorn -- she could probably have handled it better if she'd known in advance what Tarnished could do -- and there's a part of her that still wants to lash out at the smaller girl. But slowly, she begins to let them pass through her. Pass through to the other side.

Soon, slowly but surely, her negative emotions start to go silent.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-24 18:18:05 95762
Tarnished demonstrated for a few moments, reaching out to feel the other girl. As the feelings subsided, tarnished moved behind her.

"Pull your left leg a bit, a half inch. Move your right leg smoothly. Don't touch the ground, glide just over it. Move your fingers like so..." She whispered, taking her hand for a moment to demonstrate.

"Focus. Slow. Maintain a constant speed. That is the important thing. No stops. No rushes. You have all day to perform these motions..." She whispered. "all that exists is your movements. Your hands. Your feet. The energy flowing through them. Direct it. Feel it flow through you. Flow with it, not against it..."

Her voice was soft, gentle as she spoke. Kind. Delicate. As if afraid that talking to loud would shatter the world...
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-24 18:25:08 95763
Bell lets the words flow through her. "Mm ..." She closes her eyes for a moment as the smaller girl helps her with the movements, taking it all to heart. In another few moments, she's actually getting it pretty close to perfect. All that's left is a little bit of worry. "Not sure if I'm getting this completely right," she murmurs, also staying quiet so as not to interrupt anything.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-08-24 18:37:20 95764
Tarnished nodded and gave a small smile. "Wrong or not doesn't matter. Kf you do it wrong, you'll practice and learn. Just focus. Control your body. If you mess up, I'll guide you. Slow. Graceful. Turn. Position. Turn. Direct... Guide..." She whispered.

"It's not about power. It's about control. Controllin yourself. Controlling your mind. You body. And then slowly those of others. Learning to control the flow of everything around you. Directing it. Not blocking, redirecting the force away. Not stopping. Moving. Expending their energy to protect yourself..."
Rosalie Janus 2018-08-24 18:48:01 95765
"Right," murmurs Bell. She can't help but break into a smile as Tarnished begins to talk about controlling others. This is an Eclipse meditation exercise, after all. She just goes with the flow, relaxing under Tarnished's guidance ...