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Date: 2018-08-24
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Stahlritter 2018-08-25 00:12:20 95793
    Even in the dead of the night, Mitakihara is busy with life and traffic. But, for those of the magic persuasion-- it's quiet. The reason's obvious enough when one approaches. A barrier has been set throughout the few city blocks there.

    And within that, wherein all non-magical has been cleared away from the space between dimensions, a battle has been raging through. Rubble has spread about, and pieces from torn-apart and demolished robots lay among the cratered ground. This one had been going on for a *while*, from the extent of it all, one might imagine.

    And amongst the center of it all, a pile left behind by a particularly large, now-destroyed arachnid-like droid-- and atop that pile, sits a Knight.

    A tall one, at that, clad in armor platings fashioned after Belkan designs, underneath a sleeveless,, unbuttoned longcoat. Face concealed by a t-visored full-head helmet. And while his biceps are left uncovered for whatever reason, from the elbow down they are fully covered by large, black-and-red steel gauntlets-- imposing enough to mark them distinctly as 'weapons' rather than just 'armor'.

    And there that Knight sits, shoulders heaving up and down faintly from previous exertion, one arm idly drooped over a slightly upward-raised knee. Taking advantage of the still-present barrier to gather some energy back, while there's still nothing else hostile coming down upon him. For now, at least.
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-25 00:22:06 95797
Hostile? Probably not. Curious? Absolutely. A young woman, probably around sixteen or so crosses into the barrier. Obviously she's in the know somehow, though that's further proven by the fact that sge's engaging in the magical populace's favorite pastime of roof jumping.

It's not too long before she ends up amidst the debris of the hard fought battle, which means the Knight can get a look at...the other Knight. Her long violet hair is pulled back in a ponytail, keeping it out of her face. Her expression is best described as icy and stern. Clad in an armored bodysuit and carrying a clearly technomagical sword held safely in its scabbard, she knows what she's about.

She glances at Stahlritter briefly before going back to examining the ROBOT CORPSES.
Stahlritter 2018-08-25 00:33:48 95802
    Stahlritter, for his part, immediately reacts to the approach of the purple-haired, female Knight.

    The instant she lands, he in turn is bouncing up from the previously-relaxed posture, back to standing up on his full height-- and it's a considerable one too, at that, standing at just over six feet.

    The fiery-orange t-visor stares after her, while she moves about to studying the undone robots -- they, in turn are largely sleek in design (or would be if they weren't all messed up), and incredibly high-tech in their interior. Combat bots-- one might be excused for mistaking them for golems, if it wasn't for the exposed circuitry and machinery underneath the outer layers of armor.

    "You are not with them, I hope?" Stahlritter's voice booms out after a moment, the deep rumbling of it likely enhanced magically by the workings of the helmet. The tone of his voice itself, suggests that perhaps he is not expecting the kind of answer that would lead to a fight here.
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-25 00:39:49 95803
Star Sword doesn't have a visor, just some light armoring framing her face. She looks up at the very, very tall man and meets his gaze. Or meets it as best she can with that visor in the way. Her voice is smooth and quiet. Her tone detached and clinical.

"No. I am not 'with' anyone. I noticed the barrier and decided to investigate. As it seems that you have this handled," she says as she starts to turn away. "I will take my leave."

At least she doesn't just jump into the stratosphere in an instant. She starts walking back the way she came, towards the lip of the roof. Not very social, this one.
Stahlritter 2018-08-25 00:46:08 95805
    "...Wait," the male Knight calls out after her, just as she turns, and he himself takes steps to close in towards her-- though slowly so, as to not make the wrong impression. Specifically the kind of impression that would result in a sword to the face.

    "I have not seen you patrolling through this area before," he voices his observation, and if she does end up stopping, so will he, stamping his feet on the ground a few paces away from her-- just enough to maintain conversational distance.

    "That sword. It's Belkan, isn't it?"
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-25 00:51:54 95807
The girl stops, her feet settling just so. It's subtle, but she is now ready to draw if she needs to. She listens to him approack her from behind, relying on her breathing and countless hours of training to approach the 'No Mind'. She gets close, but having to answer questions ruins it.

She turns, shrugging ever so slightly. "I...don't get out much," she says by way of answer. "And yes. He is. What of it?"

A woman of few words. She probably has a fan club at school or something.
Stahlritter 2018-08-25 01:07:24 95808
    It's right now when Stahlritter is likely very much glad for possessing of the face-concealing helmet and visor. For underneath it, his brow twitches with an expression that very much speaks of 'what's with this girl?'.

    "Mostly I am just curious," he says, from where he in turn has stopped by the time she's turned around. "I have met a few owners of Belkan Armed Devices, but only one who themselves is from Belka proper. So I wonder-- are you from there, or from Earth? And for the record..."

    One of those heavy gauntlets is brought up, fingers extended outwards. "While Kriegsfauste here is Belkan, I am merely trained in their techniques, rather than hailing from there."

    There's a brief pause on his part, and then his booming voice offers, "I am called Stahlritter." Steel Knight, if one is up to date on their german studies.
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-25 01:25:25 95811
"I am...local. I suppose you can call me Star Sword. My Device is Lichtschneider." Light Sword. I wonder what it does. She shifts slightly, her slightly ready stance going a bit more casual. Which...isn't really casual at all. It's just less ready to inflict violence.

"I found Lichtschneider almost a year ago and have been training in secret when I have time. I..still do not get out much."
Stahlritter 2018-08-25 01:37:31 95814
    "On your own?" Asks Stahlritter-- though he's probably expecting a very specific answer to that already, just from judging how she is behaving overall.

    "It's rough, learning without a teacher-- though if your Lichtschneider is at all similiar to my Kriegsfauste, I imagine he's tried to do as much as he can, still."

    The t-visored helmet turns to the side slightly to peek off to the side, away from her, just for a moment.

    "There might be more of these nearby," he notes then, with his armored boot turning to bump against the seperated head of a bot-no-more. "Would you care to accompany me in my hunt?"
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-25 01:39:43 95815
"He has been helpful in the learning magic department," she says plainly. "The rest...I did not need help with." She grips her Device firmly, almost like she's reassuring herself of something.

"I have nothing pressing. Let us hunt."
Stahlritter 2018-08-25 01:50:07 95818
    "Well," Stahlritter lets out. "If you felt so inclined, I could provide assistance in training at some point-- there are some things I needed to be teached even with Kriegsfauste's assistance and..." His fingers tighten to squeeze his hand into a fist briefly-- perhaps a similiar gesture as her hand tightening on her sword. "...And the skills I had beforehand."

    "Come on then." The male Knight lowers in his stance some, knees bending to spring his legs-- launching himself from that positioning up high into the air, sailing easily up to landing on the rooftop of a tall building nearby.
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-25 01:54:13 95819
Star Sword watches the other Knight bound off into the distance, not replying to his offer. Not yet, anyway. She waits a beat and then follows. Stahlritter will notice a couple things. First, she is fast. Second, she is very light on her feet, arcing gracefully through the air like she was born for this.

She doesn't say anything further. She is either intentionally mysterious or just not that interesting.
Stahlritter 2018-08-25 02:02:53 95820
    Stahlritter at least has the decency to wait for her on the rooftop. Settled there, crouched by the opposite edge, to peer down to the streets below.

    "I have been tracking these things each and every way in the city for the past few months," he growls, without looking back to her. "They are working for... someone I am familiar with. I have been trying to suss out their operations, but they are secretive as all hell. Sometimes they come hunting me instead-- like back there."
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-25 02:05:22 95821
She is not quite silent when she lands, but she may as well be. She creeps up behind Stahlritter, kneeling as well and giving a look.

"If they hunt you, why not set an ambush?" Logically that'd be just fine. Who knows if robots can be ambushed.

"I have been taking care of...small scale creatures and things. I have only met a small handful of other practitioners. And a dragon."
Stahlritter 2018-08-25 02:12:41 95823
    "They are much greater in numbers, and are not easy to detect until they are obvious," Stahlritter explains, still without looking back to her. "Some kind of camoflauging effect, I think."

    It's her last words that perk up his attention, and it's just then when he turns to look to her. "Dragon?" He repeats. "... There is only one dragon I know of in Tokyo. Or all of Japan for that matter. She is... a friend."
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-25 02:18:36 95824
Star Sword frowns slightly. Camoflauge is annoying. She only looks a little surprised that he knows the dragon-girl. "Our interaction was brief. She seemed...kind."

That's the best she can do. She is not good at People. She is not good at Friend.

"There was another girl. She had a Device, but was using Dark power. Surprisingly non-hostile."
Stahlritter 2018-08-25 02:29:05 95825
    Underneath the helmet, there's a frown hidden over that latter statement. A female Device User implementing Dark Energy? Hannah isn't using that stuff anymore as far as he knows, and last he checked Riventon didn't get a sex changes, so then... who...?

    He shakes his head after a moment of letting that thought run through. It's likely he considers the way Star Sword is recounting the event, too. There's something familiar to how she behaves-- something he recognizes in his younger self, perhaps. Now is not the right time to call her out on any of that, though.

    "Lamya is a good person," he murmurs instead, in a low rumble, and his visor turns back down towards the street. "There's at least a little good in most people." Some time ago he might have said 'in everyone' instead. Now he is not so sure anymore.
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-25 02:35:59 95826
She listens, her face carefully schooled to neutral, resuming looking out over the cityscape. What is good? What is it? Is it quantifiable? Tangible?

These are the philosophical questions that keep her up at night.

"They do not appear to be about. Perhaps you frightened them off. Or destroyed them all."
Stahlritter 2018-08-25 02:42:18 95828
    If only Stahlritter had a view into her mind.

    Actually, nevermind, it might be for the best that he doesn't.

    "Perhaps," he allows, on her speculation. "Or perhaps there's still more somewhere here hiding still. Or maybe they all got discouraged after seeing I have someone watching my back now. Who knows."

    He peeks sidelong to her, with that said. "You don't know any other Device users?"
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-25 02:53:57 95830
Star Sword shakes her head. "No. I have not been terribly active in these...situations. At least, not when others have been about. Truly, you are the first I have had an actual conversation with."

Read: Worked past the generalized disdain for humanity enough to talk with.

She takes another glance about and rises. "If they be gone or discouraged for the evening, that is enough for me." She looks at the sky, doing some mental math. "I should go. If I am delayed, I will be missed." She pauses a moment. "It has been...pleasant speaking with you. Perhaps we will meet again and I can show you what mu Device can do."
Stahlritter 2018-08-25 03:01:34 95831
    "I see," Stahlritter says to that. He doesn't rise up from the crouch, but he does turn enough to look back to her while she's still there.

    "Why don't you come meet me in a few days' time on top of Four Clovers?" He suggests then-- evidently not content to leave a second meeting up to chance. "I don't always have someone to make my rounds with, and I would not mind another ally to work with. Or if you feel so inclined, we can train together. It's important to work off of others even in learning."
Sakuya Akahoshi 2018-08-25 03:04:40 95832
Star Sword looks thoughtful. She is silent for a long beat and then, "Very well. I will meet you there." She takes another look around. "Good evening, Stahlritter."

She backs away from the ledge of the roof and darts forward, sailing through the sky easily, beginning her trek out of here. Presumably to home, wherever that may be. Though it looks like she may be headed to where the Old Money tends to live. Could just be coincidence, though.
Stahlritter 2018-08-25 03:06:27 95834
    Be it coincidence or not, Stahlritter very much takes notice of the direction of her departure. She also said 'she will be missed'.

    He used to be with Old Money, himself, afterall.

    Either way, he doesn't spend long in peering after her, before he turns the opposite way, and goes leaping off into the sky.