Plans Old And New

Homura and Madoka head to their base hidden in Tokyo's massive storm drain complex deep beneath the city, considering what to do with the base itself and themselves now that the passage of time has made the Contractors defunct. Luckily there's always a good use for hidden rooms, even if a secret base of operations is no longer necessary.

Date: 2018-08-25
Pose Count: 23
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-25 07:58:03 95860
    It had been a long time since Madoka had been down here in the storm drain system beneath Tokyo. Even longer for the area itself, a year and a half passing in what to her had seemed like only a couple of weeks. Though at one point she thought this place might become one of the most important in her life, a hidden away staging area and covert base of operations for a magical organization of Homura's creation, it was in the end one of the very last she come back to after getting settled back into normal life.

    She'd almost completely forgotten about it actually, something that she felt a little bad about. She'd said as much to Homura on the way over but also quickly noted that dealing with their families and friends was far more important than any of their things. And in the end a secret base was certainly a thing and not a person.

    When they came upon the entrance to the cavernous open spaces large enough to hold the combined storm runoff of the entire city and guide it safely away she transformed, taking on her Puella Magi form and hopping once more over the safety railings. It was a long, exhilarating drop down, wind rustling through her hair and sending her twintails vertical. It seemed crazy that there could be so much open space underground, but here it was. She dispensed with the acrobatics this time, landing just long enough to leap up again while holding her arm out to a particular section of the wall, only for a pink outline to appear around a large set of hidden doors that open up in time for her to land and step inside.

    It's dusty and neglected, but it's also obvious no one has bothered to make much use of it for a long time. The lights and enormous wall screens flicker as they come on, and sitting on a desk are some spread open folders with the plans for the visible front of the Contractors in the Neon District of Mitakihara, now long since appropriated as a storefront for some other business after the Contractors went there separate ways.

    Perhaps more topical is an unopened folder with all the blueprints, designs, and financial information relating to the rebuilding and reinforcing of Mamoru's apartment.

    Madoka walks over to the papers and blows the settled dust off of them, setting gloved fingers on top of them but not picking them up or looking them over in detail. "It feels like forever ago. All of this was so fresh and new, and we had such big plans." It's sad. Bittersweet at best. But there are no tears in the corners of Madoka's eyes, because as much as these things once meant to her, the thing that matters most is still right here with her, untarnished. She looks up to Homura and gives her a small smile.
Homura Akemi 2018-08-25 08:16:58 95866
    The secret base was admittedly the last thing on Homura's mind when she came back from their ill-fated sailing trip. If she's learned anything in this timeline, it's that hearts are one of the most important things of all, and so it was only natural to see to the hearts of their friends and families first. Especially those who weren't involved in magical affairs, and couldn't possibly have a clue what happened.

    Still, some of the things she noticed made her frown. The tatami mat room, which was secretly something of a memorial for lost weapons and lost friends, had been disturbed. Amy might have done it, true, but her mother had also been spending a lot of time taking care of their home...

    ... There was still too much to deal with, and despite having power over time itself Homura felt like she had already fallen way behind.

    The secret base had hopefully remained secret, thought Homura, and if it hadn't then it was useless anyways. That, of all things, could wait the most. Still, they had to address it one day, and today was that day.

    Diving in after Madoka, she also transformed on the way down, long silky locks flapping behind her as the two of them descended. She followed Madoka's lead as she lept towards the secret entrance, going in after her after being recognized by their own security system.

    "Amazing how much dust can get into even this forgotten little corner," she says with some annoyance, pulling a little duster out of her shield and trying to at least clear off a bit of the table. Homura glances at the folder and frowns a little deeper. When Madoka speaks up, Homura glances towards her, then crosses her arms and leans against the wall...

    ... which is actually really dusty, and that dust gets on her hair. Oops.

    Homura goes to sit at the table instead, brushing off her shoulder a moment before talking. "We did. Being gone for so long really threw us off balance. I wonder if we can even get the same momentum we had before."

    Homura feels the eyes of her little angel upon her, and she looks up. She gives Madoka a soft and somewhat ironic smile, finding joy in the most bittersweet of moments.
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-25 08:29:15 95868
    If Madoka thought about it she'd probably wished she'd let Homura jump first, if only to see her hair flying out behind her as she jumped. In this case ignorance really is bliss.

    "It probably got in from the escape tunnel," Madoka considers aloud, looking around a little as if searching for something and then walking over to a corner where some old abandoned cobwebs hang. "It looks like there weren't many bugs making it this far, though." Nothing for them down here, not once the people stopped coming.

    As Homura leans against the wall and gets dusty she giggles a little, because as annoying as it is it's also silly and harmless. She walks over and stands beside Homura as she sits, "I'm sure we can, but I don't think it'll ever be about the same things. We wanted to give people a place and a purpose, and a way to do good after our own fashions, or just to find somewhere to belong... but it looks like maybe there was already places enough for people to find."

    Between the ECFH and Virtue it really did look like there were places for lost souls to go and find a place to belong, which was the most important part for Madoka.

    "Actually, it makes me feel a little narcissistic," she admits while giving another small smile to Homura. She laces her fingers together and looks down into them, "I always wanted so badly to help people, and here I was gone for so long and it wasn't my magic that anyone missed. It was just me." Her smile warms a little more and she gazes into the purple eyes of her very best friend, "Just like you always tried to tell me, Homura-chan."
Homura Akemi 2018-08-25 08:40:44 95870
    The dust is harmless, it's true, and it's hard for Homura to remain annoyed long when her most important person is being so sweet.

    "Yeah. No bugs. Small victories," she adds with a shrug.

    She turns her chair to face Madoka fully, uncrossing her arms and letting her hands rest in her lap as she looks up to her pink-haired partner. "I didn't want anyone to feel forced to join Eclipse just to make ends meet... but... the truth is, we aren't the only magical girls out there wanting to help others, or willing to take someone in." She closes her eyes and shakes her head. "I'm just glad they managed without us. We may not technically be necessary, but Mamoru sure seemed to appreciate having someone around to stop time again."

    Mamoru also appreciated having Homura herself around, but Homura seems to think that goes without saying.

    Her soft smile grows just a little bit wider as Homura tilts her head to the side. "Well, you were always precious to me, and I knew your family felt the same way. If I could've handled things on my own, and not involved you, I would've done that forever."

    She glances off to the side, her smile fading somewhat. "Still, I don't want you thinking that you haven't helped anyone. You saved my life, and not just in this timeline. We also did a lot of good with the Contractors even if it was just for a short time."

    Purple eyes glance towards the table, and at the folder. "I bet all of my data on local magical girls is way out of date, now."
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-25 08:58:36 95871
    Madoka herself appreciates having Homura around very much, so she doesn't need to be told how her presence would be appreciated by Mamoru.

    "Not having a way to make a steady income off of being magical might mean some people turn to Eclipse, but seeing how many people Mamoru-kun is helping makes me think they wouldn't stay there long if that was the only reason. He's made so many new friends, it's incredible." When Homura praises her her cheeks turn a little red, though her smile is a little more restrained when her family is mentioned. The worst thing about having been gone so long was putting them through worrying about her.

    But they're both talking about more than the time that passed during their two week trip. "I know. And I'll always be grateful someone as wonderful as you thought me precious enough to protect." Her head gives a little shake, "It isn't that I don't think I've helped anyone. It's that I think maybe I thought people needed my help more than they did. I'm happy to help anyone who needs it, but for a lot of people it seems like giving them a chance to do it themselves was what they needed most."

    This timeline is so much different than the others, after all. Homura had spent enough time trying to save Madoka to show that there were many cases where Puella simply couldn't be saved after things got beyond a certain point. But here, in a world where there was more than just Puella, that didn't seem to be the case nearly as often.

    "Eheheheh... It probably is. You spent so much time keeping track of everyone too." Madoka looks down at the same folder as Homura, only to walk over to a wall where yet another hidden door lies, to one of the empty but ready personal rooms, one that will now probably never have an inhabitant. "I always hoped that we could all end up working together. You and me and Kyouko-san, Mami-san, and Sayaka-chan. Kyouko has really come into her own. She was already doing so well, getting a family of her own. And now she really is one of them, in every way."

    Madoka is quiet for a moment, only to giggle and laugh, "Though I think Mamoru-kun had it right and we had it wrong. We made an amazing secret base, but everyone knows about his and it's still probably safer there than here if anyone was really determined to attack."
Homura Akemi 2018-08-25 09:11:12 95872
    Homura's eyes don't track Madoka as she walks over to the personal room, but her arms cross once again as she frowns at a wall.

    "This world is a lot more idealistic than any I'd seen before. Heck, the moment we stepped out of this world we ended up in some other worst case scenario. I think we really are just lucky to be here and not... literally anywhere else. I thought it was just me who was better off here, but..."

    She trails off. Homura doesn't have to say that, either. Madoka saw it too. Saw Mamoru, or perhaps Endymion would be a more proper name, in a world without hope.

    It sends a chill down Homura's spine. She won't soon forget that one.

    She closes her eyes, and then glances sideways towards Madoka. "I guess the same goes for you. I tried my best to stop you from becoming a magical girl, but even if you weren't strictly necessary I still think it suits you better. After all, the Madoka I fell in love with wasn't a helpless girl. Not when we first met. Back then, you were my hero, and even now you still save me."

    Homura stands up from her chair, letting her arms hang by her sides as she glances up to the roof.

    "Don't be too quick to dismiss this place. No one knows about it, and if the years have proven anything it's that this place is pretty secure. Mamoru's place is strong against direct attack, sure, but there might come a time when even that fortress falls. When that happens, we might need a place to hide someone."

    Who? Homura isn't sure. She imagines Mamoru, but considering how things go it could be anyone.
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-25 09:27:27 95873
    "It seemed so idyllic at first, too," Madoka comments about the different Earth they'd found themselves on. Of course she'd think that, having so much alone time on a lovely little sailboat with Homura. "There is something special about this world. I'm glad I get to be here with you."

    She gives a small shake of her head, "There was the world you remember, the world we saw together, and also this one. If there's three there's probably more. I wonder how many more. This is definitely the best one, if it means we're here together." It could so easily be a mere cute thing to say, a platitude, but Madoka truly means what she says, looking fondly at Homura again. The worst place together would probably still feel better than the best place apart.

    "I can't say how happy it makes me that I can be the kind of hero that inspires you to become what you have, Homura-chan. Mama was always my hero for being so strong and passionate about going after what she wants, and now you are too."

    The point about not writing the place off so quickly sinks in, and she reconsiders. "That's true. There are many places Mamoru-kun could go to hide, or send people that really need to be hidden, but this might be the only place that only we know about." Or, well, them and some of the Contractors that helped construct it.

    That is enough to get her to actually open the door to the empty room and take a peek around. "It isn't as dusty in here- I think the vents must be closed." She peeks back out, one twintail tickling her cheek as she tilts her head, "If we plan on using this as a safehouse instead of a base, we'd still better make sure it's operational and stocked."
Homura Akemi 2018-08-25 09:40:53 95874
    "Me too," agrees Homura. "I'm glad I found my way to this world, and found you in it."

    She considers as Madoka lists off at least three worlds, the ones they've seen personally. The silky haired beauty blushes as her little angel says this one is the best and why, and she gives her a sheepish smile and a sideways glance. "Well, it's my personal favorite. I hope I'm not the only Homura who has found her happy ending with Madoka, though."

    Even though she was throwing that flattery at Madoka a moment ago, Homura is blushing even more when it's turned back onto her. She giggles, albeit a little nervously. "How lucky I am, that someone so wonderful speaks so highly of me, but I'm just a lost girl chasing my dreams."

    Her eyes sparkle at Madoka when she says that last bit.

    Looking around at the place, considering it in a new light, she thinks. "I mean, it's possible. I've always wanted to have a number of safehouses around the city, if only so we could always have a place to run. There's always someone who needs to hide, and having a spare hiding place around won't hurt."

    Operational and stocked, for sure. "Well, if we're storing food here it should be canned, and we should have a way to cook it as well. Also we need to make sure that we can still add new people to the security system, possibly in a hurry. That said, if it is going to be a safehouse, then it probably also needs to be disposable."
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-25 09:53:10 95875
    "So do I, now that I know how happy an ending it is when we're together." If there are other Homura's and Madoka's out there, this Madoka is certain that they should certainly become best friends, even if they don't share the same kind of love for each other that she and Homura have together.

    Seeing Homura blush and giggle nervously has her squirming in place a little, shifting on her feet because as beautiful as she is her guardian angel can also be heart meltingly cute from time to time. "You're more than just a lost girl, because you've found me. And if you have more dreams to chase, I'll chase them with you, all the way."

    She smiles brightly to Homura, momentarily losing herself while looking into her eyes, even while half a room away.

    "I don't like the idea of disposable, but if it means giving a safe haven to someone who really needs it of course it's worth it." She starts thinking of what kind of canned foods would be best to keep around for long storage. The list gets a bit wider when having even something as simple as a hot plate to cook on, but while clearly thinking about it her face is suddenly horrorstruck.

    Her eyes widen a little and she almost looks a little green. Soft pink eyes turn slowly from Homura's towards the shield strapped to her arm, "Homura-chan... when's the last time you checked the expiration dates on the emergency canned food you keep in your shield?" Her head shakes, "I mean..! You can't actually count on those dates being correct when the date keeps resetting, right? I know you have a lot of stuff in there for emergencies... but you should probably check the freshness on any food you keep in there."
Homura Akemi 2018-08-27 14:05:57 96155
    Homura blinks as Madoka mentioned expiration dates on cans, and then turns a little green when she thinks about it. She has to actually think for a while, and after a moment she tilts her head and smiles in a somewhat cringing, awkward way. "Well.. I mean..."

    She reaches up to scratch the back of her head with her shieldless arm. "Do you have any idea how many cans I have? Like... decades worth. I've no idea how good or bad they are. I just know that if it smells bad I throw it out."

    The black haired guardian thinks back to the time when they all entered Homura's shield, and shudders at the thought that, underneath all of those guns and ammo, there's a pile of potentially rotting food somewhere. "You know... maybe it's better not to think about it. I don't think I've ever cleaned out my shield and now that you've brought that up I'm afraid to."

    She clasps her hands behind her back and looks up at the walls. "This place is a well-kept secret, but secrets don't always keep forever. It might be better to find a few other hiding places just to be safe, just in case something happens to this."
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-27 14:16:54 96156
    Madoka nods a little, trying not to think too hard about how old some of the canned food might be. It would be best to throw everything out and start fresh, she thinks, but if there's really that much? Besides, Kyouko would throw a fit if she ever found out they threw the good out with the bad, and nobody wants that.

    "I guess it helps that we're Puella Magi. If it doesn't taste bad it probably can't hurt us." So far as she knows rotten food doesn't spontaneously form dark energy. "You might want to be really careful if you ever share any of it with someone who might have trouble eating bad food, though. It might be a good idea to buy some more and put stars on the lids so you know they're newer, just in case. It should be easy if we're already going to stock food here for a safe house."

    As Homura looks up at the walls Madoka sends her eyes over the surfaces again. "It could use a good cleaning too, but that should be easy for us." Again her pink haired head bobbles up and down, "Eheheh... I thought about that too, but finding other safe places might be expensive. You still have a lot of money, but it won't last if we start buying land in Tokyo." It doesn't necessarily need to be purchased land, but how else could you be sure it was secure and ready when you needed it?
Homura Akemi 2018-08-27 14:26:01 96157
    Homura considers the prospect of clearing out canned foods from her shield. Then she shrugs. "Well, worst case, I've been in this timeline long enough that any food that's actually expired has also passed its printed date. Most things don't last much more than a couple years, even if canned, and our accidental timeskip should make up some of the difference."

    She considers the prospect of marking new cans with a star. "Sure. Why not? At least then we know it's fresh." That's such a Madoka solution to the problem, but that's why Homura likes it. "Frankly I wouldn't be stocking this place with food from my shield anyways." She taps her chin thoughtfully. "You know, we might be able to use our magic to freshen it up a little, though that seems wasteful to do over a 500 yen can. Maybe if it's an emergency..."

    As for purchased land, Homura frowns. "If it's the kind of land that we can buy, then it's probably useless to us. It's one thing for a big company like Salamader to buy up random portions of land, but it's another thing entirely for Homura Akemi or Madoka Kaname to do it. Those kinds of records aren't that hard to find."
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-27 14:40:23 96158
    "That's true. The labels should actually mean something to you now. Though I still think it's a good idea to leave a mark on any new ones you keep in there. It's safer that way." Though upon considering it more it might be worth it to put something other than a simple star on them. "...maybe we could draw little pictures of each other on them!" She shifts around a bit, "It, um, wouldn't be very efficient, but it might be something fun to do together."

    She then shakes her head, "No, anything we use for safe houses should be new. It might be ourselves that need hiding, but if it isn't we can't risk them waking up and eating some canned food before we 'freshen' it with magic."

    The note of owned land being useless for hiding gets a bit of a blush from Madoka, "Eheheh, I didn't think of that, but you're right Homura-chan. I don't know how we can find or make more places like this without Salamander though, and I don't know where any of the people who helped with the magical construction and hiding went. We could ask Virtue, but I'd feel terrible going and asking for favors after disappearing on them for so long. It wouldn't be right."
Homura Akemi 2018-08-27 14:51:14 96159
    Drawing little pictures of the two of them? Homura giggles, because that's super cute, but it's the practical side of her that speaks up first. "Well you're right, it wouldn't be efficient, and we might get bored of it if it takes more than a few hours. Then again, if it's only a few cans then it's probably alright. I can't imagine needing to stock more than a week's worth of food, which might only be about 20 cans or so per person."

    "Aside from that," says Homura, while patting the edge of her shield, "If we need to stock up, timestopping to the grocery store isn't entirely out of the question." The logistics of checkout might be a little strange, but Homura is fairly confident that they could figure something out between the two of them.

    At the mention of Virtue, Homura considers, taking a bit of her long silky hair in her hands and playing with it. "Well, no it wouldn't be, but you do bring up a fair point. We probably aren't the only ones to have safe houses. In fact, if the Waldians are still around I know they have one. If ours is compromised, we can probably borrow someone else's hiding spot for a while."
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-27 15:00:13 96160
    "I could draw 20 cute pictures of us, Homura-chan," Madoka replies in a sweet tone. It isn't exactly hard to think of cute Homu's for her, or ways to draw them being cute together. She could probably easily come up with 20 pictures of them cuddling in various outfits alone.

    "Oh! That's true," Madoka considers about timestopped shopping. "You can use your guns in timestop, so maybe you could use a self checkout too?" How many of those are actually around though? It might feel silly to go out of their way to find one if they needed to quickly get someone somewhere safe. "It is a little rude, but we could always just leave cash at a register with a list of what we bought."

    As Homura plays with her hair Madoka watches the long silky strands move around Homura's fingers. "Oh, that's true. I'm sure Virtue must have some of their own too. We do go to Mamoru-kun a lot, but there probably other people we can take people too as well. I wonder where Iris Shelby ended up."
Homura Akemi 2018-08-27 15:10:17 96161
    Homura giggles and her cheeks turn a little pink when she considers Madoka drawing cute pictures of them together. She decides that the thought of laying down next to Madoka, close enough for their sides to touch, while they each draw cute little pictures of each other sounds like a really fun time. "I think I'd like that. If we're going to mark them, it may as well be fun."

    "It depends upon whether or not we're the ones who need to hide, but yeah. Though I think you're overlooking something, Madoka-chan. Every register can be a self-checkout in a timestop! ... Though trying to work around the cashier might be a little awkward. However, that does bring me to one point."

    Homura points a finger up and leans towards Madoka. "It would have to be cash money if we do any timestop shopping. Card readers won't be able to access the bank's database, and even if it could we'd be causing the bank a lot of timekeeping problems."

    At the mention of Iris Shelby, Homura looks down and away. "I have no idea. I hope she's alright somewhere, but there's really no telling."
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-27 15:21:38 96162
    "Then we'll do it! It's always nice to have something fun to do with you, Homura-chan." Madoka has always been the craftsy type so this is right up her alley. The fact that it's going to be something cute regarding her favorite subject only makes it better.

    "...oh! That's true," the pink haired girl replies with a blink of surprise. "I don't know why I didn't think of just checking things out ourselves. I don't know how to work a registers, but I'm sure we could figure out it, and it'd be easy if the barcode readers worked."

    She nods slowly as Homura further explains the intricacies of using her powers to use computers in timestop. "Hm. At least it's easy for you to always have cash on you. And no one even has to know." Madoka's eyes slowly turn towards Homura's shield, quietly wondering just how much money is stuffed in there. " know, any money from previous timeloops is probably bad to use, too. It'd be very confusing for the government when bills with the same serial number showed up. People could get in a lot of trouble over that."

    Madoka looks down and then closes her eyes.
Homura Akemi 2018-08-27 15:29:23 96163
    Homura smiles softly and nods at Madoka. "It's a date, then." It's not something that would have occurred to her on its own, but the thought of doing such an adorable thing with her one and only makes her heart flutter a little bit. Her little angel really is irresistibly cute.

    "Other people our age can figure it out, so it can't be that hard for a couple of Infinity students."

    As for the money in Homura's shield, well, Madoka-chan might be a bit disappointed. "I didn't really store money in my shield before this timeloop, so I'm not worried about that. The kinds of things I needed were the kinds of things that weren't really on the market, and I guess I just didn't really think of it then. I might have a stray wallet or two in there, but I wouldn't rely upon otherworldly money being a major source of income."

    With a shrug, Homura adds, "Besides, it would be pretty useless. Worse, it could get us into trouble if the former owner of Salamander was caught with suspicious money. Especially if a lot of it could be tracked back to us."
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-27 15:39:41 96164
    Madoka smiles brightly to Homura as she says it's a date, twisting a little from side to side and sending her poofy skirt swishing about her legs. "I'll be looking forward to it." She looks sweetly into Homura's eyes and sighs a little in a happy fashion. Doing just about anything with Homura makes her happy, but setting time aside to do cute things with her is even better. It doesn't hurt that it's also a little practical.

    She isn't concerned about figuring a register out either. If she can learn to read charts and medical records in a hospital she can figure that out easily enough. If worse came to worse Homura could probably just hijack the system and make it do what she wanted with magic anyway. The thought of magically hacking a system in order to pay for something is enough to make her giggle.

    "Oh! Then it's not an issue at all," Madoka says with a bit of relief. She'd feel bad if they paid for something with duplicated money, only to get the people they bought it from to get into trouble.

    Moving on a little Madoka hums and looks at the...rather barren white surfaces of the base. They /are/ wallscreens, at least in the main room, so maybe they could do something to make it feel a bit more homey and less secret agent. "What else would we need besides food?" There are already beds in the other rooms, she remembers. "Some spare clothes of various sorts would probably be a good idea."
Homura Akemi 2018-08-27 15:54:47 96165
    The soft red glow settled on Homura's cheeks doesn't go away, and she can't help but smile at her darling with sparkling eyes. Spending time with Madoka is always nice, and Homura really can't help but want to have fun with her. They really are a nice couple, in that way. She wonders if they look cute together. She bets they do.

    She shakes her head no at Madoka mentioning that it's not an issue. "Yeah, so don't worry about it."

    On the subject of the barren white surfaces, Homura considers. "Well, if we're talking about long term hiding, we'll of course need to make sure that our water is still running. We'll also need to make sure that we can still hide our attempts to draw from the water supply. It won't be a very good hiding spot if you can't take a regular shower. Soap, shampoo and other supplies like that would be necessary, too."

    That said, none of that really addresses the actual problem of decoration. "... We could probably set up some video games or movies or something to work with the wallscreens. Whoever hides here will eventually be bored."
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-27 16:03:40 96166
    Homura's glowing cheeks are so cute that Madoka is once again shifting around on her feet a little. As for whether or not they look cute together there's not a doubt in Madoka's mind that they would. She's not especially vain but her mother has done a good job making sure she has a positive image of herself, and she's made clear enough how beautiful, dashing, and cute she thinks Homura is.

    "Right. We should test to make sure everything is still working properly, like the water and the screens and everything else." Madoka's eyes widen a bit and she nods quickly at the mention of showers, "Soap and shampoo is very important, too. I don't think the soap would have gone bad, but we might want to make sure there's enough for a few weeks."

    As for entertainment, "Yeah. Games and movies would be good. We should probably find a way to sneak an internet connection down here too, just in case. It'd be bad to be cut off from information, and having some way of contacting allies without using a phone that might be tracked would be important." She isn't so much thinking of herself and Homura on that point, not when Homura could timestop to a random location before making calls.

    "Having a magical phone connection to Virtue wouldn't be a terrible idea, either," Madoka considers aloud. "It's a potential risk, but if we couldn't trust them for some reason we'd just not use it."
Homura Akemi 2018-08-27 16:14:00 96167
    Homura nods along with Madoka as she talks about soap and shampoo. 'At least a week or so' seems to be the right amount of supplies, though soap and shampoo could easily outlast food supplies.

    As for the mention of an internet connection, Homura crosses her arms and frowns thoughtfully, tilting her head to think about that. "Such a thing would really be a tall order. We would have to run it through a proxy or two, preferably magical proxies. As for a magical line to Virtue, well, that's probably going to be the easiest part. In fact, it might be best to route any sort of internet connection through Virtue's phone service."

    Homura can't imagine Virtue not being trustworthy, but... well, there's no telling who can get compromised and when. "That said, I'd rather not rely upon them more than necessary. I think the easiest way to handle that is to route a network connection from somewhere else. Any connection that routes directly into this room should be a wired connection. I'm not sure that having wi-fi down here would be a good idea, unless we can block the signal."
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-27 16:25:33 96169
    Not being especially savvy technologically Madoka tilts her head a little. "Can you do that?" she asks with a hint of surprise in her voice. "I know smartphones have the internet, but that's through the cellular network." Pause. "Oh! I guess the magic phones are 'cellular' in a way too, aren't they?" A mild look of worry as something occurs to her, "Could... someone track the magical signal like you can a normal phone? I'm not sure how they work, but we'd want to be careful. Especially if we used it for more than just periodic contact."

    She nods in agreement about not wanting wi-fi down in the base, "No, that would be far too easy to track. Someone might find this place on accident just by doing regular surveys." She giggles a little to herself, "It's a lot harder without having a bunch of specialists, but I'm sure we'll be able to figure it out ourselves."