STORMing into battle

(Content warning!)The storm card appears and decides to blow the entirety of the animation budget as Riventon, Dark Sakura and Lacrima face off against Sakura, Madoka and Homura. A fight over one of the last cards results in pain and destruction, as well as some resurfacing memories from Sakura. In the end, Takashi manages to take the card, but not before enough destruction and force is leveled to wipe out a city block or two by the gathered forces.

Date: 2018-08-26
Pose Count: 29
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-08-26 21:45:35 96070
Sakura Kinomoto was rushing. Well, rather flying. She had her fly card out and was racing over the city. She felt it, now more than ever. The powerful storm card...

Massive, black roiling clouds had formed, over the tokyo bay and, fortunately, away from the main citie blocks. Except for the fact the storm was getting bigger. While before they had gathered and rolled and then disappeared... this cloud was getting bigger, and bigger, and bigger. Flashes of lightning lanced down, striking the water, bridges, even destroying an empty ship.

And of course Sakura was running straight to it. Towards the eye of the storm. She could feel the powerful magic, far stronger than anything else she had ever faced. Worse, so powerful it threatened to over whelm her. But.... she had to. She couldn't give up. Her cell wasn't working, due to the fierce weather, and there was no time to get help.

She had to go in alone to avoid being hurt...
Homura Akemi 2018-08-26 21:52:26 96071
    Homura has dealt with storms before.

    Maybe not any Storm cards persay, but she's seen enough magical weather to know when something ominous is happening. It's a magical problem, and so that makes it her problem.

    Her usual partner, Madoka, isn't here today, which makes her a little sad, but... well depending on what this is, she might not want Madoka involved.

    Homura starts her approach by hopping from rooftop to rooftop, but as she gets closer and the wind picks up she decides to stay closer to the ground, sprinting along the road, then running, then jogging, then going into a slow walk as the winds start to make her nervous. Her black silky hair whips around wildly, and she has to hold her bangs away from her face just to see.

    A dark and stormy night indeed.

    Homura notices a little girl, whom she assumes is magical, flying in the skies above. "Nervy," she comments, considering the dangers of flying during a storm.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-26 21:53:19 96072
Riventon had been waiting for this moment. So long. He'd known the storm clouds overhead were the work of a card, but he had to wait for the damnable thing to show itself, to reveal itself, rather than just contaminate the area with random magical storms.

But now it had. This was the big one, and he wasn't going to play around like he had with time. Playing games, playing along, not being serious had cost him a card.

And so when Riventon arrived through a Dusk Portal, he wasn't alone. Firstly, Lacrima was there with him. Secondly, so was a small gaggle of his Faceless youma girls, carrying swords of purple crystal and two even carrying prototypes made off of Hannah's Heartsnatcher Rifle.

And he had more on standby. Today he was bringing all the guns. "I'm taking this one home. I'm going into final judgement in the lead. And if we can beat some other cards out of Sakura, lets do so." he told her. And himself. He was so soaked in Dark Energy as they stood on the roof that the ground beneath him was like oily corruption slowly spreading.

The two rifle-armed youma girls moved to the edge of the roof and took aim, trying to end the fight before it had started, surges of Dark Energy streaking towards her through the shadowy clouds.
Lacrima 2018-08-26 22:10:35 96073
Lacrima was mid experiment trying to figure out some sand creature like thing that attacked Kokoro-chan the other night, when Riventon needed some assistance since the source of this storm was about ready to expose itself.

So she's touched down with Riventon-sama on the rooftop and crossed her arms. She was still in both her business suit and the labcoat she was wearing. She eyed the youma girls and the rifles. Vaguely familiar. But not in full. She looked back to the clouds and... huh.

Isn't that Sakura Kinomoto?

Also Lacrima probably hates Clow Reed as much as everyone else at this point. If she meets him again, she's gonna clock him one. Shadowy Fate my /butt/ she thinks.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-08-26 22:18:14 96074
Sakura Kinomoto had a source of power who everyone wanted to punch in the face. Somehow possibly more than the person who she kinda almost wanted to... Well, maybe not punch in the face but scold him and send him to the corner really hard.

She blinked when she saw them. Ah crud. Lacrima? and... Riventon.

And his army. Darn it. She wished she'd had a--

"sHIELD!" she shrieked. The flying wand disappeared as a barrier appeared around her. A moment later a bolt of lightning hit the shield and she slammed into the ground. The girl was surrounded by dust as the girl slammed into the ground.

Welp. That was easy. Time to get a card and--

"Arrow, shot! Get rid of those things!"

And suddenly the dust cleared, revealing sakura surrounded by a... An archer and a ball of light. Which then began firing arrows and little zaps of light, unleashing them across the field and...

Targetting all the faceless creatures, none go after Lacrima or Riventon. She was still so slow to use actual force on people... Still, though, two cards at once. With a sizeable level of power. She was getting stronger. Alas, likely to taka's chagrin, not strong enough.
Homura Akemi 2018-08-26 22:24:21 96077
    Homura senses a familiar darkness and scrunches up her nose. She almost doesn't even have to look before she knows who it is. "Takashi," she mutters, tightening a fist. He wasn't behind this, was he?

    Nah, knowing him, he'd be on the scene already if he was causing it. The fact that he's showing up late tells her he's being an opportunist. Well, Homura's been looking for an opportunity of her own...

    Then she sees dark energy streaking towards the unknown girl. Her eyes narrow and her teeth grit. "Brand new day, but the same old problems," she mumbles, before she vanishes. A part of her wants to save the girl, but sometimes the best defense is a good offence.

    She reappears in front of Riventon and his girls, staying at a distance because his darkness is sickening to her stomach. Her pose seems almost casual, but there's a tenseness in her eyes that is hard to mistake. "You haven't changed at all, have you? Is this the power that you're going to use to drag the world out of the mud? You talk like you want to find the cure, but you're just another disease."

    Her eyes slide towards Lacrima, and her frown turns a little sad. "Weren't you at Mamoru's the other day? Hate to say it, but I'm not going to hold back against him this time."

    Arrows and light streak past her towards the youma girls, and Homura glances behind her to verify the source. For whatever reason, this girl isn't attacking Riventon. Well, that's fine with Homura.

    Her shield turns and clicks. An instant later she's right in front of Riventon, sending a punch right towards his face.
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-26 22:59:13 96081
    'Arrow, shot! Get rid of those things!'

    Seemingly out of nowhere, an streak of pink magic shoots up from behind Sakura, a magical symbol forming high up above the stormclouds, unseen behind them but obvious enough to magical senses. The arrow strikes true, sending a massive ripple of energy that disturbs the clouds of the storm, a few rays of sunlight breaking through. It's not even close to enough to dispel the storm entirely, however.

    The symbol pulses again and expands twice, growing extra lines and maze-like circles outward until it extends over the entire surface of Tokyo Bay, thousands of feet up above.

            ----Twenty Minutes Ago----

    Madoka can feel it. The power of the magical storm, coming in to make landfall. It isn't Walpurgisnacht. She knows this instinctively and intellectually, but there's still something about it that's upsetting to her. Offensive in wrong. How many times had she stood helpless before the onslaught of a magical storm to watch friends die, to stand helpless as the lives of people she didn't know were ended or destroyed overnight. People she could have helped if only she had known more or been stronger.

    This isn't her fight and she knows it, but it's also not one she can let herself ignore. She doesn't know anything at all about the Clow Cards or Sakura's and Riventon's fight. But it doesn't really matter, that isn't what Madoka cares about. What she cares about is protecting the people of the city. That's why she always admired and wanted to become a Magical Girl, and that's what she was going to do.

             ----Two Minutes Ago---

    She was hurrying as fast as she could rushing towards the building magical power and feeling something tighten in her stomach when she feels the arrival of powerful dark energy users, one of them all too familiar. Her eyebrows lower and come together and her jaw sets. She won't be deterred.

    Up in the sky is Sakura flying towards the storm. Madoka watches her and redoubles her efforts, jumping in lower and more dangerous but faster arcs. The small girl in the sky puts up a shield just in time to deflect a bolt of lightning, showing as little more than a white flash to Madoka's vision. The Puella Magi makes one more, final leap towards the girl as she crashes to the ground, but alters her trajectory as the Cardcaptor proves herself more than capable of handling herself.

    Arrows are called for and Madoka can't help smiling just a little, a bow appearing in her hand with a flourish, the string pulled back and as she leans to aim skyward, the rose on the top of her bow blooming and alighting with sparkling magic.


    Arrows shoot down from now fully formed symbol, but not countless smaller ones from all across it. Instead it's twelve large streaks of solid energy from the circles around the symbols edge, racing towards the ground and planting into it, forming an enormous cage over the entire area. Another pulse of magic and invisible magic walls spring into life between them, the power of the Storm card caught within it, the ominous clouds fading over the city proper and concentrating further in the now confined space.

    Madoka pants from the heavy magical expenditure but stands firm. "Do whatever you need to do," she tells Sakura. "It can't hurt anyone in the city now, and it can't escape either." Or it can't unless and until someone or something takes the barrier down. It isn't entirely obvious how long she can hold it in either. It isn't likely anyone could contain a raging storm like this forever.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-26 23:05:30 96084
Sakura's counterfire is withering, the combination effects of the two ranged clow cards raining energy down like a storm of bright needles, causing the group of girls to look brieflike like swiss cheese people before detonating into a fine dust.

Homura's presence, though, is an uncalculated addition to any plans. Thankfully for him, she announces herself, and Takashi is already taking a step back out of himself - like a slithery serpent shedding his skin, expecting some sort of high artillery fire he starts to leave behind a liquid dark energy shell - which is what Homura punches through as time speeds back up, and connects with his face, except for the slowdown that punching through molassess causes; so it lacks the proper oomph.

Still he staggers back, as much in surprise as anything. "I swear I am going to develop a shield spell just for my face. Or start wearing a helmet." He thrusts his hand back and channels Dark Energy into it - and it grows much faster than usual - before unleashing it forward as his device announces the attack.

    <ELEKTROSTOB!> it calls out as a surge of yellow and black electrical energy erupts from his gauntlet, crackling and lashing in the air.

But as soon as it's unleashed he's jumping off the roof, shrouded in Dark Energy as he flies up into the sky. "Lacrima-san, please DEAL WITH THIS INTERRUPTOR!" And he's looking up. "KINOMOTO, NOT THIS TIME. NO MORE GAMES, KID!" he roared out. Against the backdrop of the rays of sun and the pink in the sky, Riventon's Dark Comet looks more ominous, as he arcs down to slam all of that collected energy into Sakura from above.
Lacrima 2018-08-26 23:10:01 96085
This is the girl that came to defend against Saint George. She blinks rapidly. Then frowns. Maybe also sadly. "This is business." she says frankly. "It's very important we get that card, and not that girl." she says. "I'm sorry for this fight that's about to happen." she says. "This has nothing to do with Mamoru, or the kindness and help he has given me. Or maybe it does. Because if we don't get that card, all of that could /end/." she says tersely.

Then the girl... teleports. Something seems odd about that teleport. It feels more like... she was there and suddenly she is over there. She just shakes off the lingeringing feeling and responds by raising her hand and fires off a blast of dark energy in the way Riventon-sama had taught her so so long ago--- quickly, rather than relying on one of her slower incantations.

This is quickly followed by one snapping up from her other hand as she keeps both palms raised.

"Leave Riven-sama ALONE!" she shouts viciously--- she side steps into a Dusk Step as easily as Riventon would, appearing between him and Homura, already starting to charge more dark energy into her form for stronger attacks, visibly taking the form of an aura around her.

Huh. Is there a forcefield around the area. She does look skyward a minute. Huh. What made that. Now is not the time to look for a source however.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-08-26 23:19:31 96087
Sakura Kinomoto stared in awe. Did.... did she do that? The arrow card-- OH! Suddenly there was another person! She squeaked. "O-oh! Um! Hi! I'm um, I'm Sakura, nice to meet you!" She REALLY wished she'd had time to change because... well...

Now there were two other people she didn't know. And she was in her pajamas. "I-I'm sorry, I--"

And then the other girl tried to punch him. At least she was going for the right person... Besides... The girl with the bow just... felt nice. She was certain she was a really nice person. After all, she felt that kind of warm, fuzzy feeling she got from other good people.

And then riventon. He came diving at her. She drew a few cards and... "Dash, power, fight!" Wait, what?

He'd hit the ground... and she wasn't there. She was about... Just outside of the blast radius. Not because she had calculated it and timed it perfectly. But because his attack had left such a massive crater that she only BARELY got out of it. If not for the power card, she wouldn't have endured the force back from it. But she did.

And she was almost instantly back in. He'd have only moments before sakura was there, in front of him...

And then her fist was there. Right at his solar plexus. Oh. Right. Dash. Power. And fight.

The blow was powerful, infused with the power of all the cards and enough power to cause a almost anime-like force of air from the punch.

But it was likely noticable. Sakura had gotten a lot stronger. Three cards. But he could likely see the sweat beginning to form on her brow. For all the power the cards gave her in that moment, she didn't have nearly the magical reserves he did. Heck, she didn't have nearly the magical reserves that most of the more experienced girls could draw on. And she couldn't meet him like this without using multiple at once.
Homura Akemi 2018-08-26 23:31:29 96089
    Feeling her knuckles meet Takashi's face brings her a certain satisfaction even if it didn't do much. If she felt like it was in any way a good idea, that artillery would've totally been there. Thing is, Homura knows she's not in a labyrinth or barrier, so she actually has to worry about pesky things like 'collateral damage' and 'civilian casualties'.

    "Didn't you have a mask when we first met? I kinda remember that being a thing," she says, more out of idle curiosity than any attempt to be helpful. Lightning lashes out at her, and she raises her shield, purple energy flaring up and around her and cancelling out the dark magic. There are times when Homura would think it better to soak up the hit rather than spend the magic, but this is not one of those times.

    Of course, predictably, the vampire girl steps up to defend her boss. As much as she would've liked to go one on one against Riventon, Homura would be shocked if that actually happened. "Tch..." Homura frowns as she sees Takashi fly away, and suddenly the vampire is between her and her foe. Lacrima fires at her, but Homura isn't there when that darkness passes through where she used to be.

    Instead, she's right behind Lacrima, whispering, "Nothing personal, kid,"

    Her arm swings, sending the magical metal edge of Homura's shield towards the base of Lacrima's neck.

    At some point during all of this, Homura sensed Madoka's presence, yet seeing the barrier go up was still a surprise. Her purple eyes occasionally glance in the direction of the cuddly pink one, just so that Homura can reassure herself that Madoka is still alright.
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-26 23:41:51 96091
    Despite the obvious seriousness of the situation Madoka can't help but smile at Sakura as she introduces her so friendlily. "I'm Madoka, it's nice to meet you too!"

    It might be odd, but Madoka doesn't actually notice anything especially strange about Sakura's attire. This being the first time she's seen her 'in henshin', why wouldn't her outfit be pajamas? After all they're cozy and comfy and often pretty cute as well, and the fact she's doing what she's doing means Sakura is most definitely using and channeling magic right now, and a not unimpressive amount.

    Such niceties do have certain disadvantages, however. Sakura pulls out her Clow cards lickety-split but Madoka is caught somewhat off guard. The fact that Riventon is aiming for the other girl helps a lot, but when the impact is that large it's still enough to catch Madoka in it. She's caught up in the shockwave just as she's starting to jump away and gets ragdolled, thrown half a dozen feet and sent pin wheeling along the ground. Being a Puella means that kind of damage isn't especially serious, but it's not the way one would want to start a serious battle.

    She rolls up to her knees and twists, firing a pair of magical arrows at Riventon moments after Sakura goes for her punch, trying to use the cardcaptors stronger attack as a distraction to sneak her own through. And they are weaker- maintaining that barrier is still taxing her and the last thing she wants to do is get too low on reserves when someone like Riventon is fighting at full strength, even if Homura is around to potentially bail her out.

    After taking her shots she rises to her feet and dashes, making herself a harder target for the retaliatory fire she expects.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-26 23:45:39 96092
Riventon didn't see the small 12-year old girl with the mighty fist coming at him through the smoke of the crater he'd just created by slamming into the earth - but Axion did. The device had managed to get another light barrier up - and Sakura had punched through it, but once more another fist that should've connected to Riventon's body more firmly was denied that satisfaction. Still, Power card, and his feet left the ground - he just shifted into the Dusk Zone from the impact, flying backwards into it.

But he's walking on his feet as he walks out of another portal, hands at his sides, palms facing outwards... as suddenly the sound of heavy machinery echoes from his device. <EXPLOSION!> it calls as one of his cartridges is crunched and a surge of dark energy erupts outwards... and a dark energy ball winks into existence. And then two. Then twenty. Then another twenty, all crackling and surging with energy of various elements mixed with Dark Energy - fire, cold, electricty, and more obscure energies too.

Riventon smirks for just a moment before he brings both hands forward. <UBERLADENES SPERRFEUER!> And they rocket off, taking different arcs, but they're all headed for Sakura. It's the two arrows that suddenly strike from an unexpected angle that throws some of the shots off track and gives Sakura the smallest exit route, and Riventon rages in unintelligible but very angry words.

But Riventon's team didn't forget about Madoka, either, as she suddenly senses something coming towards her, jumping with aggressive speed - it's Sakura! But she's not in her pajamas; instead she's in a gothic black dress. And she's wielding a huge scythe, instead of a wand, that she's swinging in a wide arc towards Madoka as she jumps.
Lacrima 2018-08-26 23:58:41 96096
Lacrima blinks. She's just gone between an eyeblink. She hears the whisper a bit too late to do much about the hit that comes for the back of her neck with the shield. This causes a loud crack and Lacrima's neck to ghastly suddenly turn downwards at a ninety degree angle, looking horrrrribly broken on a mundane level. 'Okay', she thinks. 'This is going to be a little harder than wanted.'

A rather large black tendril bursts out of back, out of the labcoat from the back attempting to wrap around Homura and just start squeezeing. Her head will get upright eventually, she looks over her shoulder. "That was unpleasant." she says.

"....I don't want to fight you." she says a little more softly. "I don't like fighting Puella Magi. I don't drain them either." she says. "But you're giving me little choice."

Regardless she tries to whip around and slash Homura with what are now two ghastly awful dark claws where her hands we're.

"What's happening here is important. It isn't just some bank or artifact robbery for the sake of it." she calls out.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-08-26 23:59:37 96098
Sakura Kinomoto stared up at the attack. So many. She couldn't... She couldn't escape. There wasn't... She didn't...

She couldn't move fast enough. She needed more... "TIME! STOP!" she called.

And with a card... The whole world stopped. It turned dark. And faded in color. The orbs stopped away from her. And now she could see. More importantly, she could move. The small opening that was left... That Madoka had made her was there... And she ran through it.

Homura could still see the girl moving, though. The way time had stopped. The way she ran... And the way she got out of the blast... and then stumbled and fell.

She rolled and just... The world gained color, for a second, then refroze. She shakily drew a card. "W-w... wo... woo..."

And it was too much. Her magic stopped. The time returned and the blast hit. And she was on her knees, trying to climb up. Trying to use a card. She stared up defiantly at him. "I-I won't... g-give in..." she said, slowly getting to her knees. "I-I won't let... you take... the cards. I won't let you take my friends!" she yelled as she got to her feet. "W-wood! Bind!"

And wood rose up and... No. Not even wood. Small, pathetic vines tried to grab him. And even that brought her down to a knee.
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-27 00:10:52 96100
    Waiting until Sakura's punch landed was the right move. Riventon dusk stepping away before she fires gives Madoka just enough time to adjust her aim to his new location as he charges a powerful attack.

    There's no time at all to enjoy her success however. Though those orbs are all going for Sakura the way they swerve and arc around means Madoka can't be sure and starts avoiding just in case, only for a gothic version of the girl she's assisting to jump out of nowhere to swing a scythe at her.

    Shoot, that's not good. She has enough available power to support the other two, but another full strength combatant focusing on her isn't going to be easy, and it's not like she's especially capable in melee either.

    Lucky for her she was already evasive, planting her foot and diving towards the scythe wielding gothic Sakura, dodging under her as she swings and hoping the ground will offer some resistance for the blade of the long handled weapon- if not she'll get raked across her back.

    Despite not being the best at fighting close in she'd rather negate the potential reach advantage, staying close and hoping whatever kind of magical copy this is isn't imbued with freakish strength. Her bow unstrings and goes straight, Madoka attempting to pass it between the doppelgangers hands and twist, using a bit of Puella magic to give herself some extra strength to try and force the girl to let go of the scythe or risk breaking her arms.

    Not that she expects a magical construct to especially care about the state of it's 'bones'.
Homura Akemi 2018-08-27 00:24:45 96105
    Madoka is under attack. Madoka is under attack and Homura can't stand it. She knows, she knows that Madoka can handle herself, but...

    Time suddenly stops, and Homura didn't do it. She blinks, looking around. Lacrima is frozen, as is Riventon. The only one moving around is... that girl.

    ... Huh. Interesting.

    It's only after that when she notices the ugly mass coming out of Lacrima's back and steps back, recoiling in horror. Time resumes a bit faster than she's expecting, and that dark tendril... doesn't get as solid of a grip as it might've, but it does manage to get around her shielded arm.

    Homura's eyes go wide. Dark claws make red stripes over her skin, but she almost seems like she doesn't care about the dripping blood. Being a lich has some advantages after all. She shakes her head at Lacrima.

    "Well, now you're making yourself a problem. If you wanted a short fight, this isn't the way to go about it."

    She manages to pull a shotgun out of her shield and aim it at the vampire, pointing straight at her chest as she fires.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-27 00:31:00 96106
Sakura was doomed - and then she wasn't. She'd gotten out, in the blink of an eye, moving somewhat like Homura did - the movement Axion couldn't trace. The moment between time. She was still on her feet; one foot - but the vines she'd summoned were already withering just from the Dark Energy around Takashi. "That should have been my card, you brat." He was still particularly bitter about Time. He'd had plans for Time...

He channeled energy into his gauntlet again... the machinery sounded and echoed across the field. "Well if EVERYONE ELSE is going to fundamentally alter the flow of time..."


Riventon doesn't have the ability to stop time; no matter how much he studied Homura's power, it's something that has eluded him. But the energy-expensive surge of energy that he throws, that explodes into a sphere, alters time - it's a shimmering localized effect in which he moves unfettered within it, faster than the others.

Around him, as time continues unabted, the sycthe acts substantially less like a magical epic weapon and more like a really heavy piece of metal, and it is slowed too much to connect with Madoka's back at all. Madoka's plan, however, works - and she discovers in this fight, she's the one with the real freakish strength comparatively. Black Sakura doesn't let go of the scythe at first, though, and a sickening crack echoes through the battlefield before she does.

Riventon dashes in his seperate time past Sakura, towards the injured ally, and his hand thrusts out: "Mirror, recall!" he shouts, and Black Sakura shifts before she can really rationalize just how bad that pain is, becoming a Clow Card herself which Riventon grabs - along with the scythe, which seems very real. As the time bubble returns to normal he's rushed back over to Sakura and has the scythe blade at her throat - before he looks at her, rolls the scythe outward and just pushes the shaft of the scythe against her, tipping her over onto the ground casually. "You don't have armor, this one's over, and I'm not going to kill anyone, much less a 12 year old girl, and especially not for CLOW REED'S TWISTED AMUSEMENT." he announces, for everyone's benefit.

But above, there's another combatant - a third side; Storm itself. Which has been largely ignored. And the thunder rumbles so loud everyone can feel it in their bones - before a massive surge of lightning, big enough it might seem that Sailor Jupiter had appeared.

"I SAID WE'RE NOT KILLING HER! OBEY YOUR NEW MASTER, YOU OVERIMPORTANT PIECE OF CARDBOARD!" Riventon yelled, putting a great deal of energy into a Round Shield that protected not only him, but the barely-there Sakura as well - even though it cracked in the process, it didn't break.

Riventon's body was shaking after, though, and his breathing was heavy. Internally, Axion dutifully racked another cartridge, readying it. "There's only one Card Captor left standing. And there's stil a card on the rampage. So why don't you all just help out or at least stand clear. You both want me to succeed too, even if you didn't know it - unless you want all of your caring for each other to go the way of Sakura's energy."
Lacrima 2018-08-27 00:46:08 96110
Lacrima eyes the damage she's caused and seems a little sad at this. She isn't reveling in this fight, but she honestly believes that Riventon-sama is the right one to back here. There is a time displacement? What the hell is going on here. She pauses a moment. "What the hell." she says.

She shakes her head a little and faces--- a shotgun.

"Shit!" she expounds as the shotfun goes off and it hits her square in the chest and there's a spray of black ichor out forward and through her back as the buckshot hits her square in the chest. This causes her to stagger back. Is... is that a hole in her chest? Yes.

Is she falling down? Stopped moving? No, she looks back up. "Ah." she says. "I'm not worried about the length of this fight." she says tersely. "I can take what you dish out. But it hurts like fucking hell." she says as the hole begins to stich itself over. Black ichor is still leaking from her. "I'm not human. I used to be. I hate when I have to do /this/." she relates.

She holds out her hands and another wave of dark energy cracks out in a cone in front of her. At the same time--- something horrible begins to explode from her back like last time.

She won't be caught with that 'behind you!' trick again if she can help it.

"Just let him have it. There's no evil or bad intent here from me OR him." she says angrily. "Please." she pleads.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-08-27 00:51:48 96112
Sakura Kinomoto blinked as he made it a card. "H-how..." she asked. There were... supposed to be a few more---

(GRAPHIC WARNING FOR THIS PARAGRAPH, feel free to skip) And suddenly scythe. Her eyes widened. The look of horror on her face as all the memories of that witch. Of their heads falling. Of their bodies dropping. Of being doused in their blood. All of it flooded back to her. Could she scream, she would have. But all she could remember was the warmth. The fear. The sights. The sounds. All of it came flooding back to her. All of that terror she tried to bury. All of those memories she tried to hide. All of it... all of it flooding in as she felt that scythe on her neck.

The memories of her experience in the witch labyrinth were enough. The look of buried horror formed on her face... And when he pushed her exhausted body over. She fell over. She stared up... And her eyes widened as the lightning came down on her. Was it really going to end like--

And then she was saved. She stared. How... why? If there was one thing she didn't expect... Not in this moment, not now. It was that Riventon would show that same... That positive energy. That he would reinforce the belief she had. The belief that the witch had tried so hard to destroy so long ago. That no matter what, there was still good in everyone. Even someone like him. Her fingers tightened around her wand. She... couldn't win here. But...

That didn't mean the darkness would.

Storm... WAS NOT HAPPY! It had been mostly ignored. Now? Oh, now it was pissed. Lightning RAINED down on them as the fierce gales picked up, blinding them in a wall of ice cold water so thick they could almost swim in it. The storm pushed against the barrier, trying to break through it as the lightning rained down in all directions, turning the sand on the beach to glass in large chunks, in a storm that would have made any witch proud.
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-27 01:06:59 96116
    It's just a magic imitation, Madoka tells herself, it isn't real no matter how real it looks. Even though something lurches in her stomach as the Mirrored version of Sakura's arms give way, the twist of her bow used as a quarterstaff jerking far faster than it should against that kind of resistance.

    There's relief on her face as the card is recalled, her head turning to watch it go over to Riventon, who is moving far faster than she approves of. And then he's holding the scythe blade at the real Sakura's throat, and Madoka freezes in place, only to breathe another sigh of relief as he instead pushes her over. After feeling how physically weak the copied version was, she can imagine exactly what that very real scythe would do to the girl.

    This definitely seems to be one of those times where the lines are blurred in cases of good and evil. As much as she thought that Takashi was almost irredeemably evil, whether by direct actions or the inability to keep from performing experiments wreak havoc on the lives of others, that doesn't mean he was necessarily all evil all the time. As forgiving as she is it's hard for Madoka to overlook something like his blatant protection of Sakura himself from the power of the Storm. He didn't have to do that, he could have just protected himself, but he did.

    Lightning crashes down around her and the storm rages against her barrier, but there's still one thing Madoka has to do. She hasn't entirely missed the fight between Lacrima and Homura, and she expects the veteran Puella to be able to hold her own against anyone. But seeing her get snared causes an immediate reaction that... might be more than a little telling.

    Now that she's free to act without the Mirrored Sakura attacking her she raises her bow, channeling magic into a pair of large arrows that streak out towards the two, splitting away from each other and exploding violently behind Lacrima, making her anticipatory defense a pretty smart move.

    Her defense would hold firm too- perhaps more than expected, because the explosions were mere distractions. Another arrow is readied and this one has some real power in it. Madoka sets her feet in the sand and aims true, loosing the piercing arrow and aiming it at the black ichor that wraps around Homura's arm, seeking to sever it as it stretches out from Lacrima's body.

    Lightning crashes down around her again, a cry of pain lost amidst the thunder as it arcs through her lifted bow, motes of glass sizzling against her now blackened red shoes as she drops to one knee. She closes her eyes, breathing carefully while focusing all her attention on maintaining the barrier, which starts flickering as the powerful storm works to break through.
Homura Akemi 2018-08-27 01:15:13 96118
    "You know, Riventon," shouts Homura, loudly so that she can be heard over the storm (which may or may not be hard on Lacrima's ears). "I really only came here to punch you in the face."

    It's not that she really believes a thing that Lacrima or Takashi have said. It's more that a magical card that produces storms doesn't quite have the same weight in Homura's mind as the life of a child, and she doesn't like seeing Madoka get beaten up either.

    Lacrima apparently doesn't want to fight, but Homura isn't one to stop attacking just because someone asked nicely. Then again, if she's being honest with herself, she doesn't really want this fight either.

    That's why, when Madoka's arrows come, Homura simply takes the opening and slips away. She turns around and sprints, giving herself enough time for her shield's hourglass to turn and stop time. Once she finds herself in her frozen world of muted colors, she turns around to regard Lacrima with sad eyes. With no one around to hear her, she mutters, "You're a sweet girl, but you need better friends."

    What we are skipping over here is Homura's adventures in trying to clean black ichor off of her arm while in timestop. It's gross. It's nasty. It's sticky. Eventually she settles for getting most of it off before going to attend to other matters.

    An instant later, she's next to Sakura and Madoka. "Come on, Madoka. Let's leave this idiot to his prize. I don't like it, but we have wounded and that needs to come first."

    Another thought that Homura has, but will never admit to, is that with the unknown girl down Riventon might be the only one who knows how to stop that thing.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-27 01:30:23 96121
At at this moment, Riventon is very glad he can rely on Lacrima's incredible tenacity and strength. She's earning that promotion here today, for sure. And Sakura's out, but Madoka and Homura are still kicking. And so dangerous. But the Storm is raging above. He wants to help Lacrima, but this card isn't taking isolation well.

Thankfully, Homura sees valor in discretion and he doesn't have to pick between reinforcing Lacrima and sealing this card. He moves next to her. "Please cover me - I know you've done a lot but I need a little more. This card is... powerful. Enraged. I have to focus. Or it will do more havoc. Be ready to... evac." He outstretches his arm - Axion goes through another two cartridges, and magic-tinged grey steam erupts out of the back end as he tries to steady himself. "I hate... Lightning. So much."

Another cartridge and Riventon erupts off, drawing on that anger, drawing on the rage, dipping into that part of the energy, streaking towards the center of the storm, ripping through the wind, screaming in range and anger, letting it flow, his Dark Energy erupting in tendrils around him, fighting against the power of the storm. Riventon disappears within the heart of the raging storm....

In the center of the storm, Riventon rips open a hole to the Dusk Zone directly as several diamondlike prisms are forged out of magic - the raw elemental Dark Energy flooding out, empowered and directed by the energy, and it crashes into the storm.


The storm howls like a wounded animal, and for a moment, the rain that falls is like black oil, tainted and corrupt, before the clouds themselves disolve; leaving only a card. The Storm ; tinted dark with black energy. Riventon reaches out to take it - the dark energy having already written his name on it darker than any pen; before he clutches it and his Henshin pops and Takashi Agera starts to fall to Earth like someone for whom gravity has a particular hate after years of snubbing it.
Lacrima 2018-08-27 01:40:22 96124
Lacrima's black ichor isn't hilariously toxic or infesting or even really permanently staining. You probably don't want to like, eat it or anything though.

(Please don't eat it Homura.)

Lacrima gives a yelp when explosions happen behind her and an arrow cuts the tendril causing her to wince in pain. The cut off piece of tendril dissolves into the black ichor while she pulls the bit still connected to her body back through the hole on her labcoat.

"You see Riventon-sama as a monster. But he's the reason I can even think straight." she says angrily- as Homura breaks off.

She calms down relatively okay enough to follow suit. She moves to help Riventon as best as she can--- moving to jump into the air and take off when she gets closer to catch him with two arms. She's strong enough that carrying someone twice her weight doesn't look intensely too hard- but it's obvious she is carrying said weight too as she begins to float downward.

"Riven-sama?" she asks. "Are you awake? I think you did it." she says.

She'll say that even if he isn't awake. She'll eye Homura and Madoka as she touches down.

"....Is the girl alright?" she asks about Sakura.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-08-27 01:48:14 96127
Sakura Kinomoto was hurt. Was exhausted, was... Struggling to cope. Was trying to fight off horrible, awful memories. But...

She was awake. Exhausted. And also, in her PJs. She was watching Riventon with a look of just... Confusion.

What in the world was he doing? what was he up to? A part of her, for just a second, considered that he was hurt. Beaten. She could... attack. Maybe. And--

Nope. This was SAKURA we're talking about. She stared at him, then looked to Lacrima. "I... please... tell him thank you. for saving me. And... I don't know why he's doing any of this but... but I won't lose to him," she whispered. "I'll save all the cards. I won't let him... hurt any of them..." she mumbled. "But I'm sure after everything is over, we can still be friends, okay?" she said with a smile... and then...

Plop. Yeah. She was out. Her eyes little swirls as she fell over. It really was past her bed time.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-27 01:50:08 96128
Riventon is out for a moment, but comes to long enough to express three distinct thoughts. First: "Thank you so much for your help, Vice-Director." Followed by: "I think I'd like to go home and get a soda." And finally: "I am very bad at vacations." Then he drifts off again, energy utterly spent.
Madoka Akemi 2018-08-27 02:00:20 96130
    For a brief moment as Riventon breaks the power of The Storm and seals it Madoka's symbol is visible in the sky as the magical clouds fade, only to flicker out of existence. Down on the ground Madoka opens her eyes and acts as if some great weight she'd been carrying has just been lifted from her, nodding her head a little to Homura without responding verbally, the sound of glass clinking and cracking as she stands up and walks closer to Sakura.

    She'd probably gotten the closest look out of anyone still awake in the fight so she shakes her head, "I don't think she's hurt, just exhausted. She pushed herself too hard to try to keep up and..." Well, the result speaks for itself as Sakura's eyes swirl around. Madoka then blinks, realizing that the pajamas are not, in fact, a henshin outfit. "Oh..."

    Rather quickly she crouches and makes sure the girls wand is safely stored with her, as well as any cards she may have dropped. Her head tilts up to Lacrima. "This is over, right? Takashi-san got what he came for, so no stealing."

    She sets her hand on Sakura's shoulder and a light pink glow briefly shines, giving the girl just enough energy to sleep peacefully before scooping her carefully up. "...does anybody know where she lives, or should we take her to Mamoru-kun's?"
Homura Akemi 2018-08-27 02:02:42 96131
    Homura RESISTS THE URGE to eat the black ichor. Fortunately it's real easy to get stains out of henshin clothes, too.

    If it were just about anyone else falling from the sky... if it were anyone else, Homura wouldn't hesitate to save him. Yet, with Takashi, there is just too much bad blood between her and him. Homura has forgiven a lot of people for a lot of things, but he, in particular, she might never forgive.

    Much belatedly, Homura says, "Well, he's also the reason why I woke up in the middle of a Labyrinth one day. I'm alive more in spite of him than because of him."

    Cold rage burns in her eyes as she stares at Takashi, but then she looks away, and down at the girl she's never met before.

    "It's nothing we can't fix. Even if it was, there's always Mamoru. We can stabilize her long enough to reach him." Then, as if to prove her point, Madoka gives Sakura a little bit of energy. Turning to Maodka, she adds, "I've got no idea where she lives, but I'd hate to be this girl's parents and find out that their little girl went missing in the middle of the night. The police might be able to figure out where she lives, but that's gonna be embarrassing for her later."
Lacrima 2018-08-27 02:07:47 96132
"That's Sakura Kinomoto." she says to the other two. "You should probably take her to Mamoru-kun's if to make sure she's okay." she says. "I don't know where she lives." she says quietly. "Kukai-kun might know where she lives if no one else does."

She thinks blinks and blushes. "Oh! uh..." she huffs. Promotion!? Promotion.

"Riventon-sama will be fine. No. No more fighting. We got what we came for." she says. "I don't see a good reason to press the fight with you either. And I'm not in the habit of robbing young girls unless there's a better reason than 'just because it was convenient at the time.'"

"I'm going to go take him back to his residence." she says. She'll Dusk Step there, unless someone specifically stop her.