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Date: 2018-08-27
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Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 16:31:46 96170
It's not quite lunchtime, and with the weather trending on the cooler-than-puddled-people side, Rashmi decides this is a good time to check up on someone she simply hasn't seen in awhile. As with at least half of Rashmi's spur-of-the-moment ideas, however, multiple steps need to be taken;

* Lacrima texted for the address she needs.
* Papi to be talked into filling a delivery order that a) wasn't called in, and b) paid for out of Rashmi's pocket,
* Permission for use fo the delivery box and ballcap secured.
* Fresh air and exercise achieved!

Okay seriously the restaurant is just a few blocks from the tower, and a couple more from there to Unmei's building, but, it's occasionally nice to treat even the minor excursions like Grand Adventures.

About fifteen minutes later, she stands at the directory, peering at the board of names until...

Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 16:33:47 96171
Unmei Tama yawned and... What time was it. Noon? No, not that late. But morning. She started to crawl out of bed.

Rashmi would hear a shriek as the rather... un-morning like girl fell out of her bed. "O-ow..." she whispered. Slowly she crawled onto her hands and knees and then reached up, fumbling around on her nightstand for it... Her hands locked around the gemstone and she put the clotho fate gem to her chest. The rings appeared on her hands as the gem worked its magic, making her a full girl again. She let out a sigh of relief. "Perfect...." she whispered. She then looked in the mirror.

White? "White means... Diligent. Right?" she asked the pair of hair pins in her hair.

'Or selfishness,' Pin's voice echoed through her head.

She cringed. Oh, she hoped not... She finally went to the door and....

Was almost about to open it when she realized she was in her underwear. She squeaked. "One minute! SORRY!" And then ran back off, grabbing a red blouse and a black skirt and tossing them on. She then ran back to the door and... Opened it.

"Hi! How can I--"

And then saw who it was. And where they were from. She shrieked and slammed the door. Oh my gosh how had they found her?! Was it a federal crime to steal food? Wait, she didn't even eat it! "I'm sorry I didn't mean to dine and dash I just panicked and I couldn't come back and I'm sorry it'll never happen again I'm sorry please don't arrest me I'll pay you back I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry!" she shrieked. Oh gosh, she was almost in tears, holding the door shut by leaning on it...

Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 16:37:15 96172
"....Um," comes Rashmi's muffled voice from the other side fo the door, audibly bewildered. "...I hadn't seen you since then, and Lacchan had paid for your meal anyway so you didn't even do anything wrong. ...Anyway I just thought I'd ask her where you lived and bring you lunch because I was kinda worried about you, y'know? Figured if you were still feeling so bad, you might want a friend and some good food?"

There's a brief pause, and Rashmi delivers the final lure. "You liked vegetarian food, right?"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 16:40:29 96173
Unmei Tama blinked a few times and then, slowly... opened the door and peeped out. "You... were worried about me?" she asked gently. She stared out, just one eye, before slowly opening the door. "Well... sorta. I mean, I like meat. I just don't like rice..." she said softly.

Oh my gosh. Rashmi could see it. Unmei was... Well.... In magical girl fandom she was.... a fantatic. There were collectors items from pretty much EVERY magical girl anime around. And dozens of DVDs of them and just....

It was a bit creepy, you know. With them both being magical girls and all. "I am-- was depressed. Since I... err..." Lost her powers. "Lost some things. But I found them... my powers. I-I guess you're... one of us too.... so it's okay. It's all better now, though. My gem is fixed now. I think. I'm myself again at least...."
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 16:46:24 96174
"Aaaah," Rashmi says, being very very careful not to look past Unmei in an obvious way, and give the impression of prying. "Well... you'd ordered a vegetarian dish before, so... But it's fine. I brought lunch for both of us, and mine's fish if you want to share?"

The more Rashmi listens, the more certain she becomes; this girl needs as many friends as she can possibly get, and right there Rashmi resolves to be one of them. "I'm glad you got your powers back," she says gently, smiling. "And I'm sorry to hear how bad you had it... Want to have lunch with me?"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 16:50:57 96175
Unmei Tama nodded and slowly moved aside so the girl could come in. She'd close it behind herself and...

THEN TURNED SCARLET. "NO! PIN! I swear I will FLUSH YOU!" she threatened.

Then urked. "My, um. Mascots. they take the form of hair pins so only I can hear them. And they're evil. Both of them. Yes, you are definitely evil, Win. How are you not? Every ten seconds you try to guilt trip me. Oh don't you even start, Pin. You're just as bad. How are you not?! You literally just told me to take both! ... Oh my gosh. I swear-- And don't you start Win... Okay, that's it." She walked towards the bathroom. "I'll be right back. Feel free to make yourself at home." She then stormed off to the bathroom for a few minutes. When she came back, her hair was brushed... and she had a small jar with a pair of hair pins. "They're in time out."

"So... errr... Lacrima told you where I live?" she asked softly. "I'm not mad! I'm just surprised you cared that much."
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 16:59:42 96176
While Unmei is in the bathroom, Rashmi sets down the delivery box on the first counter-like surface she can find, extracting various to-go boxes that smell of heavenly warm spices, savory foods, and far-off places. Next to that, the thermos she'd had in her other hand. Plates and cups to be asked for later.

When Unmei comes back out, Rashmi can't help but chuckle at the jar of hairpins. "I've wanted to put my Familiar in time-out more times than I can count. Never could, though... The problem with giving a monkey the smarts of a person is, well... they're smart as a person." Chuckling, she bbs her head in answer. "I was hoping you got the chance to talk to Lacchan later on, and I was glad to hear you did. Lacchan likes to place orders when she's feeling really horrible and wants a friend to talk to, so... figured you might like something similar. I was really worried, honestly."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 17:05:18 96177
Unmei Tama nodded. "Yeah. I flushed Pin once, but I don't think he thinks I'll do it again. Granted, I worked for eclipse then. Him and Win just.... do not get along," she muttered. "It's a real pain because they're always. there. Talking when I'm in class and just.... ugh. Luckily, they're small. So I got this bottle," she said with a laugh.

"Yeah... Lacrima is really cool. She has great tastes in books. She lent me one, it was good," she said before taking a seat and motioning the girl over by her.

Then froze. "I... Really... worried? Why? I'm fine... really..." she said, glancing off to the side. "Everything is fine... It's Mamo and the rest of them who are in trouble. I mean, reaso to be upset. Mamo died and everything... I wasn't even really affected..." she said softly, a troubled look on her face.
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 17:08:16 96179
"Unmei-san," Rashmi says gently, "nobody looks as miserable as you did without a reason for it. And it doesn't have to be actually world-shaking for it to be a good reason, y'know...? Mamo-kun's okay now, and you were part of the reason he is. You are. Don't forget that, okay? Also, um... where d'you keep your dishes?"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 17:16:30 96181
Unmei Tama blinked a few times and then lowered her eyes. She motioned towards the kitchen. "Ummm... Plates are in the cupboard, closest to here. Forks and spoons are under it..." she mumbled softly. "I'm fine."

Her heart isn't broken.

"Nothing's wrong."

She doesn't cry at night.

"Everything's perfect. Why wouldn't it be? I have a home, food, pretty much everything I need is given to me."

She never feels alone even when surrounded by the others.

"I didn't even really help. I burned it, at most. I was completely superficial."

She wasn't beginning to see how alone she truly was. That wasn't why she was hugging her knees to her chest when the girl came back. "I'm fine... My world's not shaken..."

Her world had crumbled around her long ago. Earth was just what helped her see.
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 17:24:52 96183
Plates and forks and spoons are duly retrieved, but upon turning back around and seeing the state Unmei is in, the tableware is quietly set on the table, and Rashmi kneels in front of Unmei. "I'm sorry, Unmei-chan... but you don't look fine at all. D'you mind if I tell you a quick story?"

When given the nod, Rashmi takes in a deep breath. Right before Earth broke everything... a lot of us were trying to plan what to do, and how to go about it. We'd just found out where Earth was... And it was a literal nightmare come true for a lot of them. Turns out... Where Earth's palace was, in the real world... was where so many of them went to fight Sailor Moon's worst enemy. And from what I hear, everyone who wasn't Moon died, and the only reason they're still alive now is because Sailor Moon wished with all her heart on all her power to bring everyone back."

Settling down to sit cross-legged on the floor, she tilts her head. "One of my friends was there, then. And she's really powerful, and she can do a lot of things that I couldn't begin to; I'm not actually that good as a Mage, but I get by because I try to figure out how to make a little go a long way. But her... she can drop stars out of the sky on a youma's head, y'know? And going to face Earth was too much for her to handle. I don't blame her... none of us do. But she was too scared to even think about it."

Reaching up, she rests a hand on Unmei's shoulder. "But you were there, Unmei-chan. I honestly believe we couldn't have done it without anyone who was there. That means you, too."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 17:33:56 96186
Unmei Tama blinked a few times, and then smiled. "Y-yeah. You're right. I guess I was useful then," she said... Her hair turned green and she forced a smile. "I'm sure they couldn't have done it without me."

Her words and smile never met her eyes, though. There was so much more to it than just that. She got to her feet and held out a hand. "Let's go eat, okay? You were so nice to invite me over. I can't let the food get bad, can I? Well... cold. I doubt it'd get bad that fast."

She walked to the table and sat down. She stared at the plate and... "I wasn't there. For that. For any of that. I wasn't even fully aware of what, of who earth was," she said softly. "I heard a little about everyone dying, but not much," she said softly. "I don't know why they're scared. I understand why. But I don't know why..." she muttered.

"I'm fine, really. Everything's fine. I mean... look at me. I'm getting everything I want. Food. Shelter. I'm going to school. I'm even a magical girl and had my wish granted. I have Kunzite come and make sure if there's any needs I have, he finds someone who can get them. My medicine is given now. How could everything not be fine? I have friends. Isn't that enough for anyone?"
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 17:42:15 96188
"No," Rashmi says, shrugging. "It almost never is. I mean, like... okay so words matter, right? And everything you said was 'getting' and 'given,' but... You haven't mentioned anything you've done. So... What d'you like to do? I mean I know you like magical girls," she says, gesturing at the collector's items. "But when was the last time you did something you were proud of?" The smile is still on her face as she starts dishing out the food.

"...And you don't actually have to talk about this if you don't want. Just... it sounds like you're feeling stuck, and I like to help people if I can, y'know?" She opens the thermos, and pours out a thick, pastel-pink smoothie-like drink. "So... Can I help?"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 17:53:58 96190
Unmei Tama blinked and just... stared. The girl just hit her on the head. "Proud... of? Heh..." she muttered and stared at her plate.

She just watched it. Stared. She was quiet. Letting the other girl hear her. "What have Ie ever done to be proud?" she mumbled softly.

"I've had three families and never been anything more than a burden to any of them..." she said, as she picked up a piece of broccoli and bit into it.

"As a magical girl, I'm completely useless. I've never been able to do anything but get in their way. The sole amount of just... anything I've done for anyone, was gathering energy for eclipse..." she said softly, picking up a piece of broccoli in her hand and just... crushing it between her fingers.

"I'm not stupid..." she whispered. "I know I'm just a cost to them. I know they're helping me. And I'm grateful. But I know they'd do this for everyone. I know why they shipped me off to this place, to a different home. I'm not one of them. I will never be one of them. I'm just a charity case. Someone who's parents didn't want her," she said bitterly.

"Anmd I know they want the 'best' for me. I know they want me to be 'happy'. But you know what else I know? I know that's the same for everyone. They want EVERYONE to be happy. I'm just another... person and I..."

".... I know I don't belong. I know I'm replacable. I know..."

"I know I'll never belong." And then she pushed out of the chair and just... "I'm going out. Please don't follow me." Gosh darn it. What was wrong with her? Why couldn't she just accept this was the way things were? Why couldn't she stop fighting? They were helping her. They were making her happy, right? So what if anyone could literally be slotted into her role and it would be the same to them? It was better than anyone else had ever offered her...

So what if she needed them and they never needed her... She walked towards the door.
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 18:02:08 96192
"....I can't stop you, Unmei-chan," Rashmi says from the chair. "....Like, literally. It's probably going to be a week before I can do anything more magical than work at the restaurant and talk to people. But Unmei-chan... Please stay? I'm not here because I worry about everyone... Right now, I'm worried about you, and the way it sounds I really should be. Please?"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 18:14:14 96193
Unmei Tama was halfway to the door before she stopped. And then her hair turned white. "Why?" she asked. "I'm FINE," she said, turning around on the girl.

"Look around, at all you see. I have everything I could want and I get to be me," she said, her voice cold as ice.

"I'm fine, I don't need to fight. There are a thousand magical girls just as strong as me."

"I'm fine. If I need to, I'll just pick up the phone and tell Kunzite I need help. They'll come, and then they'll check all the boxes to make sure I'm good, then put me back in my special little box until I need help again. Where I can be safely ignored and not cause any more troubles," she said bitterly.

"I'm fine, and nothing's going to change this. I don't need anyone to care about me." Then she stopped and just glared at her. "I'm not stupid. I know what this is. You don't care about me. You just say you do..." she whispered, walking forward and slamming a fist down on the table hard enough the plates jingled.

"Just pretend to care. Pretend I suddenly matter. Just get me back to where all of my stats say 'Good', then ignore me like I'm some kind of character in a game with a low happiness score. So you know what? I'm fine. I don't need your pity. I'm fine, I have this handled. I'm fine, and I'll always be fine because I don't have a choice. So leave. Now!" And then she grabbed Rashmi and just... Threw her. She meant to throw her at the door. Like a push.

But she didn't. Instead she through her right at one of the shelves covered in magical girl memorabilia. Unmei just stared, frozen, her eyes wide. What... what had she done?
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 18:21:43 96195
Rashmi has always been... lacking... as a combat mage. Largely because whenever something fast is coming towards her, her first half-dozen thoughts tend to run along the lines of 'Wait, something fast is coming towards me?! OH CRAP' and it takes a moment for her body to catch up to her brain and do something about it.

Worse, she's depowered at the moment; no Barrier Jacket to mitigate the impact of being thrown through something. Which means at the moment, as the memorabilia clatters to settle around her, her back is twinging something fierce from slamming against the side of a shelf.

Which means the next words out of her mouth, when she finally does move beyond arching her back to try and get away from the hurt and knotted muscle, are tight with pain... but not angry, or scared. "I'm sorry, Unmei-chan... ow... I didn't mean to... upset you like that."

Her legs bend, and she starts to push away from the floor, but, nope. Bad spill, moving's not in the cards for a little while. Instead, she looks up at the horrified girl, and reaches out a hand. "...Help me get up, please...?"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 18:30:22 96197
Unmei Tama raced to the girl's side and took her hand, trying to help her up. "I'm sorry. I'm so sorry. Are you okay? Do you need Mamoru?" she asked, a look of horror on her face. "I'm so, so sorry," she said again, looking on the verge of tears.

"I just got so mad, I-I lost control for a moment." Her hair had turned from green, to red, to white again. As had her eyes. "I'm so so sorry. Please. I know what I said isn't true. I'm just... I'm being upset. Childish. It's stupid. Please just go. I don't want to accidentally hurt you again. I'm fine. Really. I'm fine, so please. Just... just go..."

That anger a minute ago was almost all gone, replaced with fear.
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 18:34:56 96198
Before she gets chivvied out the door, Rashmi stands there for a moment, pressing her hand against her back. But this time when Unmei asks her to go, the first thing Rashmi does is wrap her arms around the girl's shoulders and hug, tight. "You're not stupid," she murmurs. "And you're not replaceable. Nobody is. Nobody ever is." With that, she steps back, pulling out her phone. "...Can I get your number before I go, Unmei-chan? So next time I can call before I show up?"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 18:36:54 96199
Unmei Tama cringed. "Yeah... no one ever is..." Just like her. Because that's it. She's just like everyone else. Just another person. That was what made her so replaceable... If only rashmi could tell how much those words had hurt. "Sure, it's XXX-XXX-XXXX. It was.... nice having you here. O-oh. You should... take your lunch with you..." she mumbled.

Then... "Don't... tell anyone about this. Please. They'll just worry. I'm fine. Really. I just.... over react a lot. Ask anyone. Heh... heh heh.... heh.... eh..."
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 18:41:24 96200
"I won't," Rashmi says, "but, Unmei-chan...? It's okay to not be fine. It's okay to want things. It's okay to want friends, not just people who care about you. I understand that..." She pauses for a moment, and winces, shifting in place. "And I don't want to crush you like that. Just..." And here she pauses, searching for the right words. "Friends help each other, Unmei-chan. But sometimes people don't know what they're doing, and they hurt more than they help without meaning to. So... let me know if something I say or do upsets you? Just... I want to be a good friend. But I'll probably suck at it if I'm just guessing, y'know?"
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 18:48:00 96201
Unmei Tama nodded. "I'm just being selfish..." she muttered. "I'm just being greedy. They're giving me so much. they're giving me a home. They're..."

She trailed off. Her eyes lowered. "I see it all the time... I've seen it my whole life..." she whispered. "The way they look at each other. I see how happy they look at each other..." Her hand hadn't let rashmi's go, and now she was squeezing it. "I watch it all the time. The joy. The way they light up. The way they lean on each other when they need help. They're not just friends. They're a team. They... they're a family..." she whispered.

"And I've always just watched from the outside and... I want to be useful. I don't want to... ask to come. I don't want to be just added at the last second... I want to be invited. I want to be leaned on..."

"I want to help... I want to be needed... And I know it's selfish but... I just..."
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 18:54:55 96202
"It's not selfish," Rashmi says gently. "It does feel good to be needed, I do understand that." The pained crinkle on her face is beginning to smooth, replaced with a gentle sadness. "And it sucks being lonely, and looking in from the outside and wondering how you can make a difference."

"I don't have answers, Unmei-chan. Nobody does. But it doesn't hurt to try doing what other people did, and seeing if it works for you too." She lifts the hand Unmei holds, and wraps her free hand around it. "And in the meantime... My phone number's XXX-XXX-XXXX, text me whenever you like too, okay? I'm serious."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 18:58:59 96204
Unmei Tama nodded, taking out her own phone and typing it away and... "Okay... just... don't... tell anyone. Please. I don't..." she whispered.

"... I don't want them to change their mind about me..." she whispered, finally letting her hand go. "Thank you for... talking with me..." she whispered.

There were no answers, though. She wanted them. She needed them. But things just... couldn't be easily fixed. No matter how badly she wanted them to be. "Thank you for listening to me..." she whispered. "Thanks..."
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-27 19:04:45 96206
"I'll listen any time you need me to," Rashmi says, patting Unmei's shoulder. "As long as you don't mind doing the same for me? And the lunch was for you." At this point, Rashmi's smile widens a bit. "Don't want to make a habit of you going hungry just because you have a bad day, y'know? Enjoy it... you deserve something nice for yourself."

And with that, she turns to collect the delivery box, leaving the food and drink behind. Pausing at the door, she glances over her shoulder to give Unmei an encouraging smile. "Hey, Unmei-chan? About earlier...? Please forgive yourself for getting angry. I already did, y'know?"

And with that, she slips through the door, and makes her way home. A little battered, a lot worried, but hopeful for the future, in the long term.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-27 19:15:43 96208
Unmei Tama sighed and watched the girl go... she then walked to the door and locked it. She walked to the jar and let them go... before just collapsing on the couch. "No one really knows how to fix me, to fix this, do they?" she asked softly. Her mascots were silent, a distressingly more common occurance for her.

"What did other people do?" she asked softly. "Became good.... became special... were useful... I have powers..." she whispered, staring at her hand. Finally... She clenched her fists.

"There's no room... like Yuzu said..." she muttered, before glancing to the book case, where her toys had fallen over. "... Maybe... I don't need their love then. Maybe I should just... find somewhere that needs me. Maybe..." she muttered, staring at the roof and sighing.

A part of her considered reaching out to Kunzite, but... well... He had enough troubles. Without her. Without her harassing him.... Bothering him...

Causing him more problems like she always did...