The Moon is So Beautiful...

Following Miho Kagami's advice, Fate tries to tell Nanoha how she feels about her. She tries to use a phrase she learned in school a day earlier to state the issue in a manner she could handle. Despite lots of comical fumbling, she gets out what she was trying to tell Nanoha- and then everything goes comically right. (Slightly based on a (Romantic but clean!) FatexNanoha doujin called 'The Moon Was so Beautfiul'.)

Date: 2018-08-30
Pose Count: 10
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-30 06:15:01 96607
    <Fate> Nanoha. Can we meet in the park? Near the lake. Near the library.
    <Nanoha> Of course Fate-chan! _^.^/, Is something wrong...?
    <Fate> No. Nothing is wrong.
    <Fate> I just want to spend some time with you.
    <Nanoha> Of course, Fate-chan! *^.^*

Fate T. Waldia has asked Nanoha Takamachi to meet her in the park. It's nighttime. It's late, but the moon is in waning gibbous. It's still visible out in the night because of it and there are lights. She's sitting by the lake though. There's nearby pathway lights but not a lot there.

The moon currently has her attention. Words are running through her head from the language book that the class had been studying yesterday and earlier today. Miho-san's words, we're mixed in there. It's why she asked Nanoha to meet her tonight.

Fate T. Waldia does not think she'll be able to be direct with Nanoha about these feelings.

Today they learned in school that langauge was sometimes not so direct, not so literal. A Japanese novelist, a scholar of English literature- upon seeing a student translate 'I love you' literarly-- he translated it as 'The moon is so beautiful'. Another example, as a similar scholar translating it as 'I could die for you.'

Maybe she could find the words, the language to express herself, without trying so hard to be direct. She hadn't found those words while waiting. She was hoping staring at the muse that had worked this idea into her head would give her inspiration.

...was she supposed to summon Sailor Moon for guidance maybe? Maybe that's what those passages meant she thought ever so hesitantly. No. No that would be silly. Right?

Her eyes looked to the ground for a moment. "Right...?" she asked to ask to herself.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-08-30 06:55:25 96612
Nanoha Takamachi was doing nothing of particular note except 'putting the last trashbag into the dumpster out back', because a bakery makes way way more waste than you think! When Fate said she wanted to talk, Nanoha Takamachi took off from her window, closed it behind her and flew her in her barrier jacket, before touching down in a wooded area in the park and jogging the rest of the way.

She remembers this from class, too- the talk of words and meanings and translation differences and meanings. To say she wasn't thinking of Fate during it would be a lie. Mainly in the purview of Fate and their history together... comparing her to a 'Moon'.

When she first met Fate, she was like a new moon. Dark. Hidden. She would never see anything when she'd try to reach out. Now...

Now she was like a full moon. Brighter. Visible. She could talk to her, talk to her and she would smile and call her by name.... and be so very beautiful.

She snapped herself out of it before she lost too much track in class daydreaming. But that was class earlier. It was right now and that wasn't quite on her mind. She was more worried that Fate might be lonely, or maybe feeling homesick for the Takamachi residence. Surely not too lonely if it was that- she had a sister! Lived with many friends. But she also knew the room Fate was temporarily staying in over there didn't have windows. When would could fly up and out at any point they wanted in the past, surely that might feel confining?

"Right about what, Fate?" she asked with a wide smile. Fate had apparently said it loud enough that she heard.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-30 07:54:03 96615
Fate shoots her head rapidly up. She did not 'jump' when caught off guard like other people did. She merely shot to sudden attention. She'd spoken that last word out loud. She was too caught up in her own internal dialouge. "Hi Nanoha." she says as she offers a small smile. Her smiles we're small, yes. But it was brighter than the non-smiles and neutral expressions that Nanoha had seen her face for most of the time she'd known Fate when they we're rivals.

Rivals. Maybe that is why she has had such a hard time figuring her words out. Maybe she was thinking she had to rival for Nanoha's affections like that? And maybe for the first time she was afraid of losing a fight for the first time, rather than just worried.

Fate doesn't let her thoughts get the better of her again. "I'm settling into my new home nice. Arf is having fun with Mistpaw... The cat." she specifies, in case Nanoha didn't remember or know the cat's name.

"Nanoha..." she says. "On Saturday my adoption is made offical. I've been using my new name. Because Runealy and the others say it's still the fact even if it isn't offical to them. That it's just a formality."

She does shift a little. Odd for her to show physical unsureness. "But before it does become offical there is something I want to tell you. Tell you as one of the last things I tell you as... 'Fate Testarossa'. Offically. Because you deserve to hear it. From Fate Testarossa, and not 'Fate Waldia.'" she knows there is no difference. She isn't becoming a different person. It's a symbolic thing, considering what it is she has to say.

"" Fate never 'ums'. "Uhhh...." she never uhhhhhhs. "Mrgf..." she never MRGFs.

That feeling again, but this time it feels like her stomach is full of butterflies. Fluttering around in there. Having an argument about flowers.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-08-30 08:08:50 96616
Nanoha Takamachi sits down on the bench and looks to Fate. She is smiling. "Good, that's good, Fate!" she says. "I'm so happy you have a family, and a home and a world to call home that you're happy with and feel you belong!"

"I'm happy Arf is fitting in, too. I was worried about that. It'd kind of stink if you we're so happy but Arf was so miserable." she says with a giggle.

Then Fate gets into why she wanted to talk. To tell her something? Why here? It had to be important right? If Fate was dead set on telling her before the adoption became official it had to be important right? She focuses purely on Fate as she waits to hear what Fate has to tell her.

Then Fate starts.... hemming and hawwwing? She blinks a little rapidly. "F--fate? Are you okay?" she asks. Was Fate feeling sick? Ill? Asking her if she was sick seemed inappropriate if what Fate had to tell her was important. She does place a hand on the blonde girl's shoulder comfortingly.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-30 08:25:13 96617
That giggle. It's not something she heard any of back then. Not until her mother was gone. She wishes she heard it then. It probably would not had changed much, but... she feels it'd had made her rethink things sooner. Risked mother's ire to learn more about her. That giggle. Like a windchime. Like a pleasent note. It does not help the 'hemming and hawwwing'.

"I'm fine." she says with a deep breath in, and slowly out. She tries this again. Miho-san said she just needs to tell her. At a determined time and place. The time is right now. The place is here. This is not any easier.

She thinks back to school. Find other words. Find another way. Action is so much easier than words. She needs to learn to speak though. To learn words and to speak, and not keep things inside.

Because there is no longer a whip that will hit against her back for voicing her thoughts, her words, her dreams. It does not mean she still can't feel the threat of it in the back part of her head.

"Er...." another sound, and another deep breath. "The...."

"The moon is so deadly...!" she suddenly says. Then catches her mouth. She just mixed the TWO QUOTES FROM CLASS. AND IT CAME OUT HORRIBLE. THE MOON IS SO DEADLY!?

"I MEAN DEATH IS SO BEAUTIFUL!" she says with a horrifed expression. THAT IS EVEN WORSE.

"I MEAN THE MOON IS SO BEAUTIFUL!" she yells out. Oh, her face is so red.

It's red in the fact she just yelled. It's red in the face of the feelings, it's red in the UTTER EMBARASSMENT she just wrought upon herself. She grabs the hem of the black dress she is wearing and just starts pulling it down. She wants to hide. She wants to hide in her dress like a turtle. Why did you open your mouth, Fate Testarossa Waldia she tells herself.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-08-30 09:09:21 96618
Nanoha Takamachi relaxes when Fate says she is fine, though the breathing exercise causes some concern to remain. She remains quiet, because it looks like Fate is going to try to speak to her again. Then Fate tries again.

"Errr...w...what Fa---" before she can even finish that sentence, Fate yells out the next one, and she jumps a bit. Then the last one. Then Fate quiets down. Her face is red.

Nanoha needs to process these words. It takes her a moment to put the rapid fire things together in her head. It does not take a long moment. The Moon is so...

...beautiful. Now Nanoha's face is red in blush. She isn't sure if Fate is trying to say what she is. If-- if she's trying to tell her that she cares for her. She knows that much. If she's trying to...say the other thing. The other thing she learned what that meant in school...

She doesn't say anything right away. Because now it's time for her to find words. Nanoha is good at words most of the time. She is stumbling right now. She wouldn't lie to herself. She found herself thinking slightly similar thoughts about Fate in the past month.

How pretty she looked when she smiled. Her voice when she was happy. Those red eyes she never saw on anyone else before, and how pretty she thought they we're. That she was right, those years ago, that she was gentle and kind.

But she did not want to assume on Fate's own feelings. She was still figuring herself out.

She finally talks, as she gently places a hand ontop of one of Fate's own.

"Fate... you can tell me what you're saying..." she smiles. "I'm not going to make fun of you. Or think you're silly. Or odd..." she says. "And more importantly...."

"I'd die for you..." she says. The other quote from the school lesson. A roundabout way of returning what Fate said without the heavy handedness Fate may not be able to handle at the moment.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-31 00:18:50 96638
Fate T. Waldia is still trying to turtle up until Nanoha places her hand upon her own, and speaks kindness. Kindness. One of the words Fate associates with Nanoha intimately. She relaxes. Feels less like she wants to hide.

She is still oh so flustered though. Words... words are not her thing. Why is it so hard to speak on this matter to Nanoha? She knows what she feels. What she wants to say, and explain. Miho-san's words are there still in her head. Tell her.

Just tell her. "Nanoha...." just tell her... "Nrg..." why the hem and haw. Tell her, she keeps telling herself. "Nanoha..." she tries again. No one's going to hurt you for your feelings anymore. She is gone. She can't tell you this is wrong.

Wait. Did she say... 'I'd die for you?'

Was that? A reciprocation? She stares at Nanoha for a moment with those wide red eyes until her gaze softens a moment. She calms down enough to speak normally again. "Nanoha, I love you!" she says. "Romantically!" because Miho-san specified that in their discussion. It's not something one specfically says in a situation like this.

She then crosses her arms softly against her chest as she sits back up and closes her eyes. Ha! She said it! Then her eyes crack one. Crap, she said it! Her head suddenly shoots back to Nanoha's face...
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-08-31 00:34:30 96639
'Romantically'. Fate must had talked to someone about this. She doesn't know who, but that sounds like someone giving Fate advice. She'll need to thank them for helping her out with her feelings, since well- this was not something Fate could had gone to her about like she might normally. For very obvious reasons.

Not to say her face is bright red in a blush now. Oh it is. She can feel the heat in her face and it's making the warm summer night even warmer.

But, she asks. "Are you sure... Fate-chan?" she asks with affection. "I mean... it's great. If you feel that way." she says with a wide smile, despite her blush. "--and I. Feel that way too, back." she admits, a lower voice.

"But... I know you're still trying to figure out who... 'Fate' is." she admits lowly. "I don't want to take advantage of you Fate-chan..." she says. "I know feelings can be confusing..." she says, squeezing the other girl's hand still. "...and I know you have the hurdle of still figuring them out."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-31 00:55:54 96640
Fate T. Waldia does not hesitate to answer this. She's feeling a little bit sure now about her feelings and words now that she's actually said them to Nanoha's own face. "....It's true. I am." she says. "But I know the following things about 'Fate'..." she says. "She likes baking. She loves her new family and her sister. She likes watching the water and moon at night." she says.

"But I know 'Fate'..." she says. "Also loves Nanoha." she says. She said it again. This produces a little wider than normal smile.

"Because you are kind, and never gave up trying to reach out to me, and you gave me a home when it was all done, at least for a little while." a little soft breath. "I know lots of others tried too. But whenever I think back, to people talking to me. It's always your voice I think about." she shifts.

"You asked me a question. Long ago... why we're.. my eyes so sad." she says. "I wanted to see my mother smile. Now that I look back. I feel so dumb. Nothing I could had done could make her smile, except hurt, or die." she says. "When there's people like Runealy, or you that-- I could had been helping to smile. That I could had succeeded at."

She then gently looks to Nanoha, and moves a little closer, leaning her head against her should. "....The moon. Really is so beautiful though." she says quietly.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-08-31 01:01:41 96641
Nanoha Takamachi blushes when Fate lays her head on her shoulder. Well to say she blushes is wrong. She hasn't stopped from earlier. She lets her own head rest against the top of Fate's. "If you're sure about that, Fate..." she says with a warm smile. "We should go on a date then! A proper one. Or.. or go to the next school dance together!" she says with wide eyes.

She wraps an arm around Fate and just holds her a little closer. Closer than she usually has. She closes her eyes. "I love you, too, Fate-chan..." she says.

"If..if that wasn't obvious enough already." she says nervously. She just stops talking. Just sitting there in a moment, as her eyes open and peek upwards.

"Yes... yes it is." she says with a warm tone.