O Strange New World

Arina meets a couple inhabitants of Earth.

Date: 2018-08-30
Pose Count: 15
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-30 16:13:18 96619
    Arina has had a much better go of things since yesterday. She'd spent a day wandering Tokyo, nearly getting hit by a car, and sleeping in a doorway. Last night, she'd met Tuxedo Kamen (still not over it) and was now a guest in his luxurious tower. Castle. Whatever it was! Provided with a real bed softer than basically anything she'd slept on before and some new clothes to help her blend in a little better. And now she wasn't quite sure what to do with herself. She felt sure that Mamoru-san had said (or at least implied) he'd contact the princess for her, so she thought it best to sit tight. So here she was, sitting on the couch in the apartment flipping through one of the textbooks from the dining room table. Instead of her rather rustic, out of place clothes she's dressed in a pair of soft gray joggers and a t-shirt in a rather bright yellow.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-30 16:25:31 96620
Someone's at the balcony! Life Mahou Joy has been spending a lot of time visiting the ECFH lately, but of course she spends enough time at home that her parents don't worry. She now opens the sliding door, steps in, grimaces, and then in a burst of minty-green light, she's back out of henshin and taking off her shoes.

She blinks, looking over at Arina. Another new face! Not that this is an entirely unfamiliar situation at this point. "Oh, hi!" she calls out to her; her voice is somewhat scratchy and androgynous. "Um, my name's Miho. What's yours?"
Hoshi Kogane 2018-08-30 16:30:53 96621
There's a knock on the door that says 'use this one' and then it opens. Hoshi knows that if this isn't allowed for whatever reason, they'll lock the door. She takes of her shoes and neatly puts them on the shoe bench, then walks in. She's wearing her rainbow dress today, and waves towards Miho and bows towards the stranger. "Hello, I am Hoshi Kogane." Her enunciation and manners upon meeting the stranger are nigh-perfect.

After all, she represents not just herself, but also her family.
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-30 17:10:27 96622
    Arina blinks and looks up from her book as she's suddenly interrupted by a pair of visitors that come from two different directions. She glances back and forth for a moment, trying to decide where to look and then decides to go in order of appearance first.

    "Ah! Good morrow, fair ladies. I am Arina Rehylde, late of Waldia. Endymion, the kind prince, has granted me leave to stay here whilst he seeks my liege, Princess Runealy. Well met to ye both." She smiles, standing up to offer a bow and a flourish first to Miho, then to Hoshi. "It is my honor to meet thee, Lady Miho and Lady Hoshi."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-30 17:23:47 96624
Miho smiles and bows, slightly lower than Arina. "Pleased to meet you!" she says. "Oh, you're from Waldia? Princess Fate dropped by here yesterday!" She chuckles. "And, uh, just 'Miho' is fine, we're not, like, nobility or anything." She pauses, then looks over to Hoshi, who ... has the title of 'Princess', but Miho isn't entirely sure how literal it is or whether Hoshi wants to just talk openly about it.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-08-30 17:26:00 96626
"It is a pleasure to meet you, Lady Arina. However based upon how you talk about Prince Endymion and how you address us, I have come to the conclusion that you would like to be informed of the fact that I am a Princess of the Colour Kingdom. You are free to assign however much weight to this fact as you desire, I myself do not assign much to it; I would do my duties regardless of the title, but nonetheless politeness demands I inform you of this fact." Hoshi responds to Arina, deliberately slipping into a more old fashioned and highly formal tone of speech. She smiles, "However, do not feel obliged to apologize or otherwise consider this your error." She smiles towards Miho.
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-30 17:31:15 96627
    "Indeed, I have come hence from Waldia two days past and spent a day in wandering this city with its many towers and castles! Prince Endymion found me yesterday and provided me with both food and shelter. His hospitality is most welcome and gracious." A slight follow up bow towards Miho. "I am not familiar with Princess Fate, I confess. ANd if ye so wish to be called, than Miho I shall call thee." As Hoshi speaks, Arina drops into a deep, formal bow, her face turning a little red with embarrassment.

    "My apologies, your highness! I shall correct my speech in the future in order to address you as you deserve. I deserve not the title of lady, I am a mere servant who came hither to seek my lady princess in an effort to serve her." She straightens a little and then hesitantly sinks back to sit on the couch. Hoshi's reassurance don't seem to have done much to ease her nortification.

    "Art thou also guests of the fair Prince Endymion?"
Miho Kagami 2018-08-30 17:48:20 96628
Miho blinks at Hoshi. "Oh, I didn't realize there was a whole 'kingdom' involved," she says. "Sorry, I just wasn't sure how literal the 'Princess' title was." She giggles. "Another sign I'm new at all this!" Well, she doesn't have a problem talking so casually to nobility, at any rate.

She nods to Arina, giving her a gentle smile. "Yeah, that sounds like Mamoru-kun," she says. "It's definitely a good thing that you managed to meet him!" She hesitates just a bit when Arina expresses her unfamiliarity with Fate. "Yeah, basically she came by yesterday to drop off invitations to the celebration of her adoption," she says, and pauses. "... Fate Testarossa, who helped save Waldia a couple years ago, is getting adopted by the Waldia royal family, as Princess Fate Testarossa Waldia." This is the extent of Miho's knowledge on the matter.

Miho nods. "'Guests' is accurate, yeah," she says. "This part of the apartment in particular is more-or-less open to the public?" She smiles. "I've been hanging out ... I mean, showing up just to be here ... because it's the easiest way to meet people who you can guarantee are in-the-know about the existence of magic. Which is kind of a secret to most of the world. But yeah, there's even a place where people are gravely injured can rest while they wait for the magical healers to show up." She gives a little wave, and her hand glows with mint-green light. "Healers like me! My ... 'title' is Life Mahou Joy, basically."
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-30 18:02:07 96629
    Arina listens to Miho with a casual tilt of her head and then breaks into a smile. "Oh! That's wonderful news! It will be so nice for Her Majesty to have a new sister. I hadn't yet heard when I left Waldia. I must be quite out of touch..." She rubs at her chin with one hand, then nods again as Miho explains the situation involving magic. "Ah, I see. So magic must be kept from the eyes and ears of those who know not of it. This I can understand. But how then do the Princess and the rest of you defend this world, if you cannot be open with your magic? It seems a strange restriction to place on valiant warriors." Arina sighs and rests her chin in her hand as she considers the question at hand for a moment, then hurriedly returns to the conversation.

    "And it is a pleasure to meet you as both Miho and Life Mahou Joy. I hope we shall see much of each other!" She beams, her smile completely unfeigned and her cheeks a touch ruddy. "If... Ah. The Princess does not send me back to Waldia..."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-30 18:15:50 96630
Miho smiles and nods. "I just know that when Fate-san showed up yesterday, it was the first I'd heard that Waldia exists to begin with." More casual-tone! "As for the magical situation, it's simple. The magical warriors only fight magical threats, which also want to stay secret for the most part," she says. "For non-magical problems, Earth already has non-magical warriors and, and ..." She tries to filter the concept of the police force through her knowledge of magical-fantasy-kingdom vocabulary. "... guards and, uh, thief-takers and stuff."

She blinks. "You're worried that Princess Runealy might send you home?" she says, and then suddenly breaks into a knowing but friendly grin. "... are you here without permission or authorization or something?"
Hoshi Kogane 2018-08-30 18:22:41 96631
"Earth is home to a proxy conflict between the Colour Kingdom and the Grey Kingdom, the Grey Kingdom does not seem inclined to involve the natives any more than we do." Hoshi explains in brief detail, "Perhaps out of fear that the other parties present will take such as a declaration of war by the Grey Kingdom." She doesn't really bother to explain much more, and while the specific words chosen may not be exactly factual; they are close enough to the situation to serve as useful shorthand. "And yes, Prince Endymion has served fit to provide this abode of his as a neutral ground. I don't frequently come myself, and when I do it's usually to help out the wounded." She doesn't address the 'sent home' thing but does seem curious.
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-30 18:36:03 96632
    Arina's face colors rather pink and she lets out a faint huff of breath, more of an annoyed sound than a sigh. But... it is better to admit fault than to lie or dissemble. "Aye, I shall not seek to deceive ye. I have come hither to Earth without permission and having evaded the guards placed upon the portal that connects our two worlds. I have no ill intent! I only wish to add my Princess and help repay our debt to you fair heroes of Earth who came to the aid of Waldia when we needed it most." She bows her head and sighs. "I fear that she may be wroth and send me hence. I only hope she will hear my petition with open heart as she so often has heard others."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-30 18:52:11 96633
Miho nods to Hoshi. "What she said, basically," she says dryly. At Arina's concerns, she smiles and nods. "Well, I obviously can't speak for your princess, but in my book you were just eager to help out!" she says. "The way Fate-san seemed to be talking about her, she sounds nice enough, I don't imagine you'll be in that much trouble."

She considers this. "If you haven't --" There's a buzzing, and she gets out her phone and glances at it. "-- oh, whoops, phooey, I forgot my mom wanted to do a thing! Sorry gotta go bye!"

She hurriedly gets up, puts her shoes on, thrusts her right hand into the air in the Saturday Night Fever pose, and transforms, before she suddenly stops and turns back. "I don't know how to get in touch with Princess Runealy," she says, her voice suddenly clear and bright and sounding almost nothing like it did before, "but you can go to Midori-ya and ask Nanoha Takamachi, she'll know how to get in touch with Fate-san, she's Fate's, uh, she's her friend!" And then she flies off at high-speeds.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-08-30 18:55:53 96634
"I do believe that this is an internal matter for the Waldians, and until such a time as I am asked to interfere I shall not take any action." Hoshi decides out loud, and then finally sits down. "I'm afraid my knowledge of Waldia is quite limited, so I cannot offer reassurances, but I hope everything works out to the satisfaction of all involved." she watches as Joy needs to go and waves, "Seeya later." Much more relaxed and casual tone there.
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-30 18:59:28 96635
    Arina blinks, watching in amazemant as Miho transforms and makes her sudden exit. Goodness. That was all... magical. "Fare thee well," she calls out after the departing magical girl, then looks back towards Hoshi with a small shrug. "Be assured 'tis no matter that you need worry of. I am sure the Princess will be just, no matter the decision she comes to."