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Date: 2018-08-31
Pose Count: 16
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 18:44:44 96718
    The last few hours have been... better. When Runealy had charged her to learn more of what it might mean to fight at her side and to learn of this place that was their temporary home, Arina had gone to with a will. After, of course, she had gotten some sleep. The night had been spent on the couch and now with mid-day sun filtering through the windows, she's puttering around the kitchen trying to work out how things work. The faucet she recognizes, as there was one in the bathroom and shower at Endymion's. The other stuff? Not so much. She's in the process of opening and closing the refrigerator when Hinote finds her, marveling at how cool it is inside.
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 18:52:58 96720
Hinote Kagari got up some time ago but was mostly puttering about his room when he hears the sound of a fridge being open, and closed... then open again and he peeks out of his room and then makes his way downstairs. Hinote always dresses in a non-casual manner. Not running in a tuxedo all day, but his clothes sort of reek like 'modern noble' by Earth standards.

He is watching Arina fool with the refrigerator. "That's called a refrigerator. It keeps things cool so they don't spoil as quickly-- or because some things are better cooler than warm or room temperature." he says in a matter of fact way.

"It lets things keep flavor and taste without needing to salt it or cure it for preservation." he says with a nod.
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 18:57:11 96722
    "Ah! Sir Kagari!" Arina is a little startled and hurriedly closes the fridge when he speaks, afraid she's been caught at something she's not supposed to. His gentle explanation, though, gives her a bit of relief. She smiles slightly and nods. "It is marvelous. In Waldia, ice must be brought from the mountains if we are to have it. Here it is within the, ah... refrigerator," she feels out the new word. "Right in your home. It is wonderful magic." She beams, then finally closes the fridge for good.

    "Sir Kagari, I was wondering if I might ask you, um... a question. If it would not be a bother." The princess had charged her to ask questions, Hinote was here. So best to ask!
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 19:02:05 96723
Hinote Kagari nods. "A refrigerator makes 'cold' so it keeps the things in it cold. The box on top is a 'Freezer'-- It can freeze things that need a longer time to keep, or freeze water into ice." he says. He motions to the kitchen table to have a seat as he moves to sit. "Ask away." he says with a short smile. "That's what I'm here for. And there isn't anything you need to worry about asking me. I got all the strange questions from Runealy and Gaofelle early on, too." he says as he taps the table a moment with a finger, leaning a hand against the side of his head as he watches the girl attentively.

"You can ask personal questions of course, too." he asides.
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 19:10:07 96726
"It is fascinating. Such things would be useful back home." Arina slides into the seat opposite Hinote and folds her hands together on the table in front of her. She looks intensely at Hinote as if studying him and committing him to her memory for a long moment.

    "Sir Kagari... Why did you decide to swear yourself to the Princess?"
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 19:28:50 96727
Hinote Kagari gives a little nod. "It would. But it works off something we call 'Electricity' here. I haven't quite found a good way to explain this. But imagine if there was a big building that made lightning, and then funneled it into wires--- you've seen those poles around town, carrying things that look like ropes? Those are wires. They carry electricity to the various homes and buildings. Then they are funneled into 'outlets' we can use to plug things like refrigerators into so they run and operate." he says.

"...Don't touch 'Power wires', though. They're dangerous as getting struck by lightning is dangerous." he adds.

He purses his lips and sits back. "Alright this is a long story." he says as he crosses his arms.

"...see. When Runealy and Gaofelle came here first- I met them in an abandoned convivence store that I had been using to practice my acting in. Now. Magic on this world isn't an open thing. People don't acknowledge it. It doesn't exist to them. So I was like that. So I saw two people from a foreign place sort of living in this abandoned building. I saw they needed some help, primarily in the food and water department." he says. "Anyways. They wouldn't tell me much about why they we're here."

"One day I meet Runealy out somewhere. Not intentional, we ran into one another. Then..."

"Then the first 'monster' I ever encountered attacked. Something we call a 'Witch'. I do not mean a... magic user. While there are 'witches' like that here on Earth... this specific monster is sort of a mass of negative feeling and emotion that takes a ghastly form and sucks you into a dimensional maze world of it's choosing. This one took the form of an old, creepy castle." he says.

"Runealy transformed then. For the first time. I didn't quite understand but she tried to use what I later learned was some sort of darkness dispelling like power on it. Which didn't work because Witches aren't like that. I shoved her out of the way rather than get hit. She was able to recollect herself and do something else to defeat the witch." he says.

"Runealy, after that, tells me the truth about what's going on. About the world she has to help. Who she is and who Gaofelle is." he says.

" need to understand that. I grew up on stories of... princesses fighting evil in fictional stories. Brave knights fighting evil." he says. "-I wanted to actually live that--- and Runealy was a friend at this point. So I wanted to help her." he says with a curt nod.

"I consider Waldia my adopted homeworld." he says. "So I consider myself 'Waldian' for all intents and purposes. I wish I could tell you how it felt, after we fixed the barrier- standing on the terrace of the castle overlooking the capital the countryside. The breeze only carrying the smell of things going on from below--- blacksmith furnaces, bakeries cooking, food being smoked... how quiet it was."

"I don't know if you've noticed but Earth is pretty loud. Even when it's quiet there's always a buzz from the electricity going through those wires... cars in the distance..." he says. "-and while the two years in Waldia was unintended, I got a chance to really explore and learn more about my adopted world." he says with a smile.

"But in the end. I helped Runealy because she was my friend. And Gao was too. All the other things--- living out a dream that couldn't possibly become true otherwise--- we're tertiary of course." he says.
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 19:36:56 96728
    "Elec-triss-ah-tee. Got it. I shall be careful with the wires and so forth. Lighting seems unlikely to strike me here--there are so many tall towers around that it might seek out instead, after all..." Arina smiles, chuckling a little at her answer, then drops away into silence as she listens to Hinote talk. She nods along, listening with the intensity of a student trying to follow every word a professor says. Or maybe a parishioner and a priest. She takes a breath and smiles at one point, has to stifle a small laugh.

    "We are... we are more alike than I thought. I also grew up with such stories and wanted very badly to be part of such stories. I want to defend the princess. And not just the princess! I want to defend the hearts of girls everywhere. Of people, everywhere. Love is worth defending. Love for your family and friends, love for, um. Thine paramour. All love... And I thought knights could do such things." She laughs again, this time trying to dispel the nerves she feels at admitting such a thing to Hinote. He was such a hero in her mind--she hadn't imagined him to be so personable. Or so similar to her.

    "Yes. My first night here was strange. There was so much happening it was hard to shut out." She scratches at one ear. "I... I have admired you for years. I felt it was so noble of you to swear to defend our world when you had one of thy own already. I still think of you as noble. Thank you for helping the princess. And for helping Waldia." She finally goes quiet, her face turning bright pink. It's embarrassing to admit so much up front, but she wants to be honest with him. Knights are honest and forthright, no matter what it costs them!
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 19:51:29 96729
Hinote Kagari. "I am grateful for your respect." he says. "But here on Earth we're all friends. You notice I don't call the Princess... Princess Runealy or her highness here. She's Runealy. She's my friend. That's how I knew her friends before I found out she was a princess of another world." he says.

"I mean, if calling me.. 'Sir Hino' makes you feel more comfortable, you are welcome to." he says. "That's how Waldia knows me, and you just got here. But I hope you'll consider me just 'Hinote' or 'Hino-kun' in time." he says with a wry smile.

"See. My family is... I wouldn't want to say 'Nobility', but they're important people, who are fortunate to have a lot of wealth. When they talk, people listen." he says. "My father is a famous actor." he feels he doesn't need to explain 'actor'. "and my mother is a police sergeant." a pause. "A policeman or policewoman, is sort of like a city guard. They watch for criminals or help people in needed or danger." he says.

"Anyways- my family taught me that if you are more fortunate than someone else, you have a duty to help those who are not. This was my father's idea of justice and honor."

"So at the time, Runealy and her friend and their world needed help." he says. "-and that is part of my oath to the princess. Upholding 'Justice'." he says.
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 19:55:48 96730
    Arina nods slightly. The idea of NOT using a title for the princess or the others seems strange, but he's giving her permission... She leans forward to listen a bit more intently as he begins to explain his family. An actor and a guardswoman. An interesting pair, she's sure!

    "I see, Thank you, um... Hino-kun." Saying that just feels weird. But she'll get used to it sooner or later, right? "I really am honored to be able to properly meet you instead of simply... being one of the many servants around you in the palace. I admire all of you so much. And I hope I can live up to the example you and the other set."
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 20:17:21 96731
Hinote nods a bit. "Well I'm happy to meet you! It seems that Runealy and Gaofelle find you familiar enough." he says. "What did you do at the castle, if I may ask?" softly. "I spent most of my time in Waldia exploring the nearby countryside close to the capital and capital itself over the two years--- so It's not as easy for me to place people in the castle." he admits.

"So if I might ask, who pointed you here? Or did you discover us on your own?" he asks curiously.
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 20:19:59 96732
    "Oh! I worked with my father in the castle gardens. My mother was one of the cooks," Arina explains brightly. "I planted a lot of the seasonal flowers every year and I was moving up to handling some of the perennials before I came here, really..." She sheepishly rubs at the back of her neck. Talking about the gardens and plants is certain to get her to open up a little, it seems.

    "Ah, well. No one really. I just... I might have followed one of the guard shifts out there to figure out how to, um, find the portal..." But enough of her misdeeds! "What was your favorite part of the capital?"
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 20:24:35 96734
"My apologies. I mean find us here." he says. "In this house." he says softly. "Did someone guide you here? Did you track through the city?" he asks. "Runealy and the rest of us sometimes stand out due to the manner of dress, since I've taken to the Waldian style of dress usually." he asides. "So it might had been easy to ask people if you saw people dressed a certain way."

He ohs! "Oh! So your family is responsible for the garden's upkeep! Wow. I remember walking through there a lot, It must not had been when you we're around." he says sheepishly. "Now I feel bad for not paying much more attention. I was kind of always mentally preoccupied while I was there." he admits.

"I usually take it upon me to learn names, otherwise."
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 20:31:15 96735
    "Oh! It was Endymion, I believe. Or someone..." She trails off, shrugs. "The people here are very helpful, especially when I said I sought a princess of Waldia!" A bobbing, happy nod.

    "Though I find the dress here more comfortable than that of home." She gestures down at the gray joggers and pink t-shirt she's wearing. "'tis well made!"

    "And aye! That was us! Not the only ones, but we were part of the staff. And I'm glad you found some joy in it, that makes the work all the more worthwhile. ANd you needn't worry... I tried to keep out of the way of important folk."
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 20:52:35 96736
Hinote Kagari doesn't know Mamoru as 'Endymion'. So he doesn't place the name. "Well, we'll have to find this person and thank him." he says. "I'm sure Runealy would like to at least." he purses his lips and nods. "Yes, clothing here on Earth is a little looser. Easier to acquire here in bulk than Waldia." he asides.

"Do you need anything in the meantime? I need to go out today anyways so I can pick it up." he says.
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 20:58:50 96737
    Arina shakes her head in reply. "Ah, no, I don't think so? Maybe some more clothing, but I think I can make such an excursion on my own, if necessary. Clothes fitting is not exactly a group experience..." She won't elaborate further on that, thank you very much!

    "You have all been exceedingly kind. And I think that you have enlightened me on why you fight. And why I wish to fight."
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 21:03:36 96738
Hinote Kagari nods. "I have some things to finish up, then I'll be out again." he says. Yeah he's not about to help with clothes shopping. He has different tastes than Arina does anyways. He'd get everyone WRONG. Maybe Fate or Runealy would go with her.

"Don't be afraid to bother us or knock on doors if you wanna talk with anyone---" a pause.

"You might want to see if Gao could use some help with the yard out back, too. He's been trying to grow some things out there. Make it look nice." he says with a smile.

He'll take off unless stopped. Back upstairs!