Horrible Horror

Homura and Madoka watch a terrible movie together.

Date: 2018-09-01
Pose Count: 28
Homura Akemi 2018-09-01 05:29:55 96747
    It's a quiet day in the Lair of Akemi. Chisato Akemi is upstairs, playing with Amy, because the cat is well used to her presence by now and cats are so much easier to deal with than people. Homura, meanwhile, is in the dance room with Madoka. The TV is on, and Homura is leaning over the Blu-Ray player and putting on a movie.

    "Apparently this is some cheesy found-footage movie," she comments. "The guy who told me about it said it was more funny than scary, but good for a laugh is still good for something."

    She straightens up, turns around, and sits down on the couch. She leans over to grab the remote from the couch's arm, then navigates the menu for a few moments. Eerie music plays over the stereo, and when Homura pushes the 'play movie' button there is a sudden bout of insane laughter.

    "Even the monster thing thinks it's funny," says Homura, somewhat amused.

    Her purple eyes glance over towards Madoka, smiling as she watches her darling. Meanwhile, the screen displays what looks like a guy's cell phone camera, filming the inside of a car as he's driving down a rainy street. He's talking as if he's making a video for Youtube, or something intended along those lines.

    "Well it's a rainy day. I'm driving down Crestfall avenue. I've just gotten back from the settlement. I'm now a proud owner of a new home. Now this house was bought in a Sheriff's sale, so I had to buy it as-is, sight unseen. I've invested a lot of money into this house, and I'm hoping to flip it to make... you know, a bit of cash. Maybe we'll find something cool along the way."

    Homura is only sort of paying attention. It'd be more accurate to say that she's listening to it rather than watching it.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-01 05:47:12 96748
    Amy had always been a soothing presence so Madoka can understand why Chisato would enjoy spending time with her. She also understands why she wouldn't want to join them watching a cheesy movie with them in the dark.

    Madoka likes Chisato but this is a moment where she's not too terribly sad that Homura's mother won't be joining them, since it means she won't be self conscious about getting nice and snuggled up to her girlfriend while they're watching the movie, and for her hat's half the fun of watching something like this together in the first place.

    She's sitting in the couch next to Homura, wearing a light skirt and top, as fitting for summer, with just enough frills to make it a bit more texturally interesting. The laughter from the TV catches her a little off guard, enough to draw her eyes from her silky guardian angel while giggling a bit herself.

    Homura gets to see the profile of her face when she glances over, only for Madoka to notice and look back her direction and meet the gaze of pretty purple eyes with her own soft pink. A little blush shows up on her cheeks and she scoots a bit closer so that the side of her leg is touching Homura's.

    As the man on the screen talks she peeks over and giggles, "Cellphone noir."

    Having a movie that can be listened to as much as watched is important for Madoka, because once she starts looking at Homura it's incredibly hard to look away for any amount of time. The little peek is over and she looks back to her pretty girlfriend's face, lit as it is only by the light of the movie playing on the TV screen.

    For now her hands are folded in her lap, one resting on top of the other and rather clearly holding it, Madoka seemingly trying to be something of a good girl and at least let the introductory scene of the movie play out before potentially distracting Homura from it entirely.

    On screen the man gets to his new house and it's entirely unremarkable. As if streaming the entire thing to Facebook with two viewers he goes around the house and takes selfies as he explores it, "Fully furnished too. If I can keep or repair even half of this it'll save a bucket load in the end. Everything looks good so far, looks like only minor repairs aside from the remodeling. Only places left to check are the attic and the cellar- time to find out if the roof or the basement is leaking."

    The picture briefly cuts away to a hilariously grainy shot in the dark, making it hard to tell which of the two places it is, along with a similar, quieter laughter to what was heard when play was pressed.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-01 06:00:55 96750
    For her part, Homura is wearing a loose, black sleeveless shirt with frayed jean shorts. It looks a little punkish, but the punk flavor is offset by her shiny, silky black hair, making her look more urban instead. At the comment of cellphone noir, Homura giggles.

    Homura's arm is draped over the back of the couch, though with Madoka sitting down next to her it's tempting to move her arm lower. She gives into that temptation, draping an arm around Madoka's shoulder. Even with as long as they've been together, Homura can't help but blush a little at the feeling of having her arm around her little angel.

    The main character slash narrator continues his self-given tour through the house. He makes his way upstairs, finding the pull down door that leads to the attic. "This is the... the entrance to the attic. Let's see what we can find up here."

    He reaches up to pull on the drawstring. The door comes down and a fold-up ladder seems to be nestled into the door. The moment the door opens a cloud of dust comes out and the streamer starts coughing and bleching. "Ugh. What is that smell? Did something die up there?!" His hand waves the dustcloud away, and he starts to unfold the ladder. "Whatever is up here, we'll need to clean it out. No one's gonna want to pay full price for a house with a dead rat in the attic."

    Homura has managed to pull her gaze away from Madoka to watch the movie, or at least the first part of it. She loves her Doka, but having her arm around her is in many ways better than simply gazing at her. Though, let's be honest, gazing is nice too.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-01 06:13:41 96751
    Homura's arm lowering to go around her shoulder means Madoka is going to lean against her without even needing to be pulled, shifting more to settle in happily, her side resting against Homura's. Just like with Homura as many times as they'd been so close and cozy together it's still special and wonderful to get to snuggle up to her beloved.

    On the screen another laugh is heard, more of a quiet inhuman giggle. This time the man seems to react to it, "The heck was that?" He climbs the ladder into the attic, coughing as he gets up into the stink and the dust.

    The focus shifts and becomes grainier, but the way it moves and shakes makes it pretty clear it's the front camera on the phone instead of the back. The reason why is obvious though as a moment later the camera's light turns on.

    And there, in the light it is.

    It can only be described as a giant, oversized chipmunk, only with the markings of a raccoon. Even worse it looks sickly and disgusting, with patches of hair missing and nasty greygreen skin underneath. It lets out a loud screech upon being hit with the light, along with a shout of, "What the hell, man!" from the narrator. The creature charges towards the camera and dramatic piano music plays.

    It might be an effective jumpscare, if not for the fact the 'creature' is blatantly some kind of stuffed animal or taxidermy gone wrong, yanked towards the camera by a hidden wire and moving in completely ridiculous, unnatural ways.

    It hits the phone and a clatter can be heard as it drops to the ground, what sounds like a struggle off screen happening before ten seconds later the phone is picked up and flipped back to the face screen. "Well whatever that was it ran out. Scared the hell out of me. I'd better go open the front door so it can get outside.

    Resting against Homura Madoka is sitting there somewhat dumbstruck, only to bust out into laughter while leaning even more against Homura, hiding her face in her shoulder while shaking her head.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-01 06:28:37 96752
    Homura takes in a deep breath without meaning to, and lets it out slowly, as her beloved leans against her. She also leans a bit more against Madoka, and tightens her embrace ever so slightly. Being close to her darling is nice, and Homura is so spoiled because she gets to be close to Madoka whenever she wants. Which is pretty often.

    The inhuman laughter is a little unsettling, or at least it would be if the 'reveal' wasn't something so ridiculous. Maybe it's just that the two of them see far more horrifying things when they're just out grabbing Grief Seeds, but Homura just can't help but roll her eyes and snicker. "Oh really? What even is that?"

    Jumpscares are almost always a cheap shot, and this is no exception. Yet Homura doesn't even seem to flinch, seeming more confused by the creature's appearance than anything.

    The man goes to the front door and leaves it open. The 'creature', if it can be called that, is nowhere to be seen. "I don't know where it ran off too, but hopefully it will notice this door open and leave on its own. It's a feisty little bugger and it stinks to high heaven but I'm hoping I won't have to call pest control yet. Well I'm going to leave this open and start heading for the cellar. Hopefully there won't be any more surprises waiting for me down there."

    Homura leans a little closer to Madoka and gives her cheek a little kiss. Meanwhile the guy makes his way to the cellar door and tries it... only to find that it won't budge. "The door seems to be stuck." The front camera moves to the doorknob. "There doesn't seem to be any keyhole. Maybe the door is broken? I'll have to come back here with tools. Maybe if I can disassemble the doorknob I can get it open. That's gonna have to wait until later. Maybe I can find some tools in the garage."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-01 06:40:14 96753
    As Homura tightens her embrace Madoka's cheeks turn a little more pink. She shifts around some more, turning towards Homura some more so she can slip her arm behind her as well, leaning even more and resting her head against her sweetheart's shoulder. She lets out a happy sigh while nuzzling her shoulder and hugging her around the waist, holding onto her and clinging lightly and feeling a nice and cozy tingly feeling at getting to cuddle with Homu.

    Madoka isn't actually sure if the jumpscare was actually supposed to be scary in the first place the way it was shot. Some people might have jumped, but those people probably weren't even teenagers yet.

    As the man fails to open the cellar door Madoka expects the build up about it to pay off. As he heads for the garage the last thing she's expecting is the creature to appear out of nowhere in the rafters, dropping down from above with a screwdriver held in it's hands and impaling the man through the forehead. Cue an equally absurd prosthetic sticking out of his forehead as he screams and flails around before finally dropping to the ground and succumbing to his wound.

    "...was it supposed to be some kind of ninja?!" Madoka asks in confusion, only to giggle. Her cheek becomes even more rosy as it's kissed, and how can she not give a happy little kiss to Homura's cheek as well. She squirms a little in place gazing into Homura's eyes afterwards for a moment and giving her a gentle squeeze about the waist before leaning in to nuzzle her guardian angel's cheek with her own, rubbing the kisses in.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-01 06:59:40 96754
    Homura leans against Madoka, pressing her cheek against the top of her little angel's head. She smiles softly as she feels her darling's arm around her own. Homura cuddles softly against Madoka, giving her a little squeeze as she holds her closer.

    The cellar door remains a mystery, though this man might never uncover that mystery at all. She snorts as she sees the man impaled in the forehead by the evil ninja chipmunk, because the whole scene is so ridiculous. "Well, that gives him a lot to think about."

    Yeah, Homura. Like that didn't just impale his pituitary gland.

    "He really shouldn't screw around. That ninja squirrel seems awfully driven."

    At the return kiss, a light blush settles on Homura's cheek, and the guardian is more than happy to nuzzle against Madoka's cheek as well.

    A moment later, the story seems to have reset. The man is once again driving towards the house, only this time it's not raining at all. He starts with something similar to his previous introduction. "Well, I'm on my way to the house. Just got out of settlement, and right now I'm trying to catch this on video so that you guys can see what the house looks like when I pull up." There's a bit more familiar yadda yadda until he makes it to the front yard and parks in the driveway.

    "Well! Here it is! Let's see what's inside."

    This time, the furniture of the house is completely different. There's a pool table in one of the rooms, and the living room has a completely different set of couches.

    This time, the inhuman laughter can be heard again. The camera swings around suddenly. "What even is that? Is someone in here? This is private property you know!"
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-01 07:20:29 96755
    Madoka leaves her cheek resting lightly against Homura's because it just feels very nice being able to be so sweet and affectionate with her. Even a little squeeze gets some extra squirms from the pink haired girl and she smiles happily while watching the silly horror play out on the TV.

    When Homura makes her puns Madoka tries not to laugh but ends up giggling despite herself, shaking her head a little and briefly retracting one arm to boop Homura on the nose. If that's supposed to be some kind of punishment she probably shouldn't giggle again and kiss the tip of her nose, but she does before settling back down with her head on Homura's shoulder agian.

    She isn't entirely sure what to expect out of the movie now that the seeming main character is dead, but it certainly wasn't for him to suddenly be alive again, only in completely different circumstances. "Um... did they decide not to pay for another actor?" The fact that the house is arranged differently catches her off guard as well and she simply settles in, too confused to try to guess at what will happen next.

    There's no response to the man's questioning about the laughter, and after several moments of looking around carefully he starts thinking he'd misheard it. Unlike last time the door to the cellar gets unstuck easily and he goes down to explore it, "Ah, crap. You have to be kidding me." There isn't just a leak, but two feet of muddy, stagnant water. Up on blocks but half submerged anyway the sump pump is completely flooded. "I bet the bastards did it on purpose, too." He sounds somewhere between pissed off and resigned to cleaning the mess up.

    There's some kind of timeskip as the screen fades to black, only to flick back in on the man's excited face. "I take it all back, I'm going to be rich! You won't believe what I found down here!" The phone camera is turned away from his face and towards a plastic garbage bag which is filled with small stuffed animals. "Beanie Babbies!" he exclaims as if he'd just struck gold, "After the great fire of '09 there's hardly any left! Some of them are ruined, but check it out." He reaches deeper into the bag, past some soggy beanies, and pulls out one that has been vacuumed packed, looking very silly crushed flat and ensconced in thick plastic. "Even if the house is a total loss I'm freaking rich!"

    He turns the camera back to his face, "You know what? I'm going to go open a bottle of champagne. It's time to celebrate." White guy who can't dance dance moves are made as he makes his way back up the stairs, humming some tune usually associated with rich people.

    "...you said this was supposed to be a horror film, right Homura-chan?"
Homura Akemi 2018-09-01 07:40:37 96757
    Homura's nose scrunches up as its booped, and she giggles as Madoka kisses the tip of her nose. She awws as Madoka rests her head on her shoulder, and Homura nuzzles up against her hair in turn. Homura decides maybe to hold off on some of her puns, since such bad humor would potentially be worse than this movie.

    Alas, the ninja-racoon-chipmunk is nowhere to be found. Maybe that's a good thing, considering its earlier killer performance.

    "I think it's some kind of alternate timeline thing," answers Homura. "At least, that's what the back of the box said." Although, Homura can't help but consider that what Madoka said might be the case. It's pretty telling that, aside from potential monsters, this film has exactly one actor.

    The basement reveals its secrets, and Homura has to wonder out loud, "Are beanie babies still that popular?" It's hard for her to imagine something like that being anywhere near the scale of the house, but if some desperate collector really wants it...

    Homura shrugs at Madoka's question. "Yeah, that's what they told me. They did not, however, promise that it was a good horror film."

    After a timeskip, the man opens a bottle of champagne in the kitchen. The garbage bag of beanie babies is laid out on the table, and after the man takes a sip of his champaign he lets out a deep breath and says, "Okay, let's see what we've got here." He upends one side of the garbage bag, shaking it and spilling out its contents. Most of it is fairly innocuous, but among the small collectable plush animals is something strange.

    "The heck is this?"

    He digs into the pile a little more, finding the decapitated, hairless head of a porcelain doll. The dolls eyes are closed as he lifts it up in his free hand. He turns the doll head to the left and then the right, before looking straight at the face. All of the dolls facial features are caught on the phone camera.

    "Well, if I could find the rest of the doll this might be worth something, too."

    Then, with the camera pointed straight at its face, the doll's eyes open.

    Homura leans further against Madoka, moving her arm down to her waist and letting her other arm come around the front. She gives Madoka another little squeeze, this time just slightly tighter.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-01 07:54:55 96758
    As Homura's nose scrunches Madoka goes aww before giving the tip of it a little kiss, because Homura is cute. She smiles happily as her hair is nuzzled against, the fluffy pink softness brushing against Homura's cheek.

    "Oh! Alternate timelines? I guess that makes sense. So it's like a bunch of similar short stories that are all tied together by the house exploration." That actually seems to go a fair ways towards helping her accept it. Maybe in this case reading the back of the box is pretty important.

    "...I'm pretty sure they're not," Madoka replies. "But if this is an alternate timeline, maybe they are in that one?" It's almost like the director is trying to tell the audience to expect the unexpected. It doesn't seem entirely necessary when there was already jumpscares and an evil-ninja-chipmunk murder.

    As the man finds the doll head Homura can feel Madoka shaking a little against her, seemingly giggling silently and unable to take the scary find seriously. When the eyes open up she lets out a soft, "Oh no," clearly mock afraid. "Be careful or it's gonna get you..!"

    Being hugged around the waist and being given another squeeze is a very happy thing and Madoka squirms more, scooting even closer to Homura and not even hiding the fact she wants to cuddle nice and close anymore, her own arms drawing her sweetheart near so Homura's little angel can cherish having her guardian angel in her arms.

    On the movie the man tries to find the rest of the doll down in the cellar after finishing his bottle of champagne, clearly a bit tipsy as he wobbles down the stairs. It's nowhere to be found, though, and he decides to go to sleep.

    Naturally he decides to sleep in the house, preparing for bed. But then, when he pulls the covers open on the bed he sees it: the rest of the doll's body. Waiting for him.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-01 08:09:41 96759
    Homura feels so safe and comfy as she cuddles against Madoka and nuzzles into her pink fluffy hair that it's really hard to be disturbed or unsettled by anything. She settles in for a nice warm cuddle as she kisses the top of Madoka's hair. Home really is where the heart is, and Homura's heart is with Madoka.

    "Yeah. It almost makes me think this is experimental. Like they just wanted to try a bunch of different horror scenarios while centering on a specific theme. It's also worth noting that this movie is only an hour long."

    Madoka confirms that beanie babies are not, in fact, as valuable as a house. However, the explanation of 'alternate timelines' goes a long way to making it easier for Homura to swallow.

    Homura feels Madoka's shaking, and is almost concerned until she realizes that the shaking is from a giggle. She giggles along with her, smiling and adding, "Yeah we've seen worse."

    Homura feels Madoka squirming again, and gives her an even tighter squeeze. Squirmy little angels get squeezes and that's a fact.

    When the man stumbles upon the doll body, the camera shakes as he takes a sudden step back. "What the..." he starts to say, as that same inhuman laughter can be heard again. The camera turns around to see the doll head resting on the floor at the threshold of the room.

    He turns back to look at the bed, but the doll's body is gone.

    He turns back to the doorway, and the doll's headless body is standing there, holding the head in its outstretched hands.

    The guy starts to back away in slow steps. The doll moves, slowly and jerkily, living up its detached head. Suddenly, the head is thrown towards the camera, knocking the phone to the floor and giving the viewer a peek under the bed as the guy flails, screams and struggles off screen.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-01 08:30:55 96760
    The struggle just off screen is incredibly intense, with the sounds of crashing furniture and bodies being thrown against the walls. Whether or not it's intentional it might be one of the only legitimately scary things so far, the impacts clearly real enough to rattle the cellphone being used as the camera and shaking the screen with every impact.

    The man clearly sounds like he's being beaten to death as the camera stays pointed under the bed. Soon the only sounds are the mans limbs smacking against the floor and one of the walls and the sounds of something heavy smacking into him, though one oddly sounding hit has the disembodied head of the doll rolling into view, looking at the camera with a blank stare.

    The scene goes on much longer than might be expected, drawing out as the sounds of dull thuds against the mans body start sounding slightly wet as the thumping of his own flailing limbs get weaker and slow. Eventually they stop all together.

    The face of the headless doll contorts and twists into an evil grin, the sound of four more punches heard with the evil visage on screen, only for the scene to abruptly cut back to the same actor driving in a car, a gorgeous sunset in the background.

    "I told myself I'd never come back here after Mama died, but now that the old man's kicked the bucket it's time to clean the place up enough to sell it and get it out my life forever. Haunted me throughout my entire childhood, but it's time to let go of the past. If I hadn't racked up so much debt I'd probably just burn the place to the ground and be done with it. Bet the neighbors wouldn't even care."

    Madoka had gone somewhat still during the brutal off screen beating, eyes locked on the screen and any hints of laughter gone from her for the moment. All the insanity and ridiculousness of the situation had seemed to vanish all at once. Her stomach even tightened a little, mind momentarily wandering to the Labyrinths of Witches which while usually disturbing always took an even more awful twist upon meeting the resident Witch. "...wow."

    The car pulls into the driveway and the narrator/camera man/lead lets out a heavy sigh, picking up the phone. "Well, here it is. I wish I could say I don't know what to expect but that man was as resistant to change as anything. Bet Mama's clothes are still in the closet, even after all these years."

    He'd gotten out of the car and walked up to the porch, unlocked the door and stepped inside. This time the scene is incredibly rustic. Old cheap 40s decor with a lot of bare, distressed wooden furniture and upholstery that looks like it'd started coming apart sometime in the 60s. A house that had been lived in by the same person or people without even a thought of redesign in over half a century. "There's nothin' here worth keeping," the man sighs, stating the obvious.

    Madoka clings a little closer to Homura now, partly because snuggling up to her is always what she wants to do, and partly because she's now legitimately uncertain about what's going to happen next. Will the more serious tone continue, or will there be another gag-level jumpscare? That alone is making her tense.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-03 22:31:25 96950
    Homura actually isn't that surprised to see the offscreen beating. After all, horror is often more effective when you don't show the monster. What is known is defeatable, mortal, and preventable. The unknown can be invincible, unstoppable, and unavoidable. So to her this is just another technique of horror movies.

    That said, sometimes horror is actually somewhat effective, and when she senses a change in Madoka's demeanor the guardian holds her just a little bit tighter and a little bit closer, just to be safe. She doesn't really say anything to that, because there really isn't much to say.

    It's a new scene, with very different circumstances. The man seems to know the house now. Homura watches thoughtfully, wondering what the movie will show next and holding her darling tight.

    The man is walking through the house, talking about it almost as if he's giving his phone a tour. He mentions a bed that is 40 years old. He makes note of a table that has collapsed due to age, spilling its contents all over a hardwood floor. He talks about a painting of a bird, situated above the fallen table, that he always thought was the most boring picture in the whole world. He walks over the scattered mess in order to take a closer look, then trips, dropping his cellphone onto the floor.

    "Dammit! I'm glad it's in its case. Where did it fall?"

    The camera is showing a scene from the other side of the table. There is a THING underneath it, with a human looking face but a lizard like body. It is staring, wide eyed, at the camera and breathing heavily, chest heaving with each breath. It looks angry. It looks terrified. It looks, on closer inspection, like a reject from the Muppets, as if Jim Henson personally forsook this poor sad creature and threw it out onto the streets where it learned nothing but cruelty and fear.

    As the man is complaining loudly about not being able to find his phone, the muppet's eyes grow wider, and its breath grows heavier. The narrator eventually moves the table, and that THING immediately jumps forward, grabbing the smartphone in it's teeth and running behind an ancient couch.

    "Hey! Get back there! That's mine!"

    The jerky motion of the camera shows an awkward angle of the ceiling as the little monster runs around, skittering this way and that and finding a dark place to hide in. The man's voice can still be heard. "Hey, come on. I'm not gonna hurt you. I just want my phone back."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-03 22:38:12 96952
    Madoka relaxes a bit more as Homura holds her tighter, moving closer and clinging lightly to the dark haired Puella, though perhaps for reasons other than being truly scared.

    As the man drops his phone and the creature comes into view Madoka momentarily holds her breath, only to get a slightly better look at it and giggle to herself. It's a little intimidating at first but once the fuzzy texture of it is obvious it's hard to be too terribly scared. It reminds her of the weird racoon like chipmunk as it starts dashing about with the phone in it's teeth.

    What happens next is nothing short of a Scooby Doo skit from the perspective of the cellphone caught in the creature's teeth. The man eventually moves the furniture away from the walls once piece at a time only for the creature to dive behind another, eventually running upstairs after it starts dashing between things downstairs only to find nowhere else to hide.

    "Just drop the phone already. It's not even food!"

    Heavy breathing of the creature is heard as it exerts itself. It rushes into one of the rooms and dives under a bed, only to think better of it and instead go through a doorway into a darkened room. The thumps of the narrators footsteps can be heard coming upstairs as the creature cowers.

    Then, a thirty seconds or so later there's a loud click and the light turns on, the creature rushing between the narrators legs. A loud scream is heard, followed by a thump, and the cellphone clatters to the floor. The view is pointing straight up, showing his horrorstruck face from below, only for his jaw to set, pick up the cellphone, and turn it into the now well lit closet.

    Inside is indeed a bunch of hanging clothes, but also an old skeleton covered in cobwebs, wearing an old grey wig. It's very obviously something you'd find in a high school science class, as plastic as it gets.

    "Guess he never threw Mama out, either."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-03 22:55:52 96953
    Homura never really needs an excuse to cling to Madoka. Let's be honest, she was always going to end up spending the evening with her arms around her little angel. That's just how it goes.

    The black-haired girl lets out a snort when she sees the fuzzy texture of the creature. It's hard to take it seriously, and at this point Homura wonders if the movie even takes itself seriously. Probably not, with a chase scene like this.

    The revelation of the skeleton is a little bit more serious, and also a bit gross. Homura sticks out her tongue at the literal (if unconvincing) skeleton in the closet.

    The phone camera moves closer to the skeleton, and the light grows darker. Off screen, the flicking of the light switch can be heard, several times back and forth with no effect. "Guess the bulb burnt out."

    He backs away from the closet, and the camera sweeps the room once again to find the creature. The phone picks up the increasingly heavy breathing, but the muppet monster is nowhere to be found. Then, suddenly, the monster jumps at the camera from out of the darkened bathroom, and the man yelps as the creature screams loudly before skittering away.

    "Well... I don't know if that's a rat, or a cat, or what. It looks sick. I'll probably have to call animal control, and uh..." The camera points towards the closet, "... and I'll probably have to call someone about that, too. Seriously. I thought she was cremated. Why is there a body here?"
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-03 23:18:38 96954
    Madoka isn't sure whether to laugh or feel grossed out by the movie, but she's not opposed to watching it if it means getting to be all close and comfy to Homura. When the creature comes back and attacks again Madoka hums a little, "Maybe it just really wants the phone? I wonder if it'd go away if he let it have it."

    The man goes hunting for the muppet creature, heading outside of the bedroom and checking around upstairs. There's no luck finding it but as he passes the bedroom the skeleton appears in the doorway to a gasp of surprise. Then it looks like someone must be grabbing it and shaking it by the spine, it's jaw rattles and what is obviously the narrators voice contorted into an attempt at elder femininity the skelleton speaks.

    "Oh, it's been so long dearie! Why don't I make you some tea and biscuits?"


    The incredulity of the movie only increases as, indeed, they go downstairs and have a nice little chat as the wigged skeleton starts making tea. The narrator catches everything on his camera, but in the corner of the shot is the moppet, it's eyes starting go glow red.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-03 23:34:36 96956
    The movie goes on like this for awhile. The Skeleton Mom makes tea. The creature looks at the camera. The camera looks back at the creature. The Mom speaks up. "Oh, you mustn't do that. Freddy doesn't like to be filmed."

    "... Freddy?"

    Yes! I've always had a cat named Freddy. You remember Freddy."

    "Uh... yeah. Sure."

    There's a note at the bottom of the screen reading: "He did not remember Freddy". Moments later it's replaced with: "At all."

    The creature's eyes grow increasingly red. The house itself starts to shake. "Honey, you're being rude. Turn that off."

    "Okay, okay, just..." The camera moves away from the creature, but it keeps rolling as it focuses on the skeleton mom. "So... uh... mom? You um... You look like you lost some weight."

    The wigged skeleton's jaws start clattering open and closed as they make impossible sounds. "Nonsense! You're just trying to flatter me." There is a pause as the boney person looks at the phone. "You're filming me, now?! How rude! I told you to turn that off! I thought I raised you better than this."

    The man hesitates, and starts fumbling to turn off his cellphone, but it's taking too long to turn off. Lights begin to flicker. The creature's growls grow louder. Static streaks across the screen. The skeleton woman's mouth opens, releasing an increasingly loud wordless scream.

    The phone cuts out. The next video is of the inside of the creature's mouth as it chews up the phone. Its teeth are covered in blood.

    Homura just rolls her eyes at that last bit. "I think they're reaching, now."

    The guardian angel snuggles up to Madoka-chan and closes her eyes for a bit, holding her close and simply enjoying her company. "Well it was good for a few laughs anyways, I guess. The muppet thing was actually pretty silly, as was the chipmunk."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-03 23:45:56 96958
    The scene changes again, once more a man driving down some lonely road towards a destination that can only be a house.

    "I was the best realtor in the tristate area. Could sell anything for almost any price. So they challenged me: if I could sell a 'haunted' house that had been the site of a brutal murder in 30 days they'd triple my commission. Well of course I could, it'd be stupid to turn down something like that."

    Sticking in front of the camera this time is a lit cigarette, and the phone moves as he puts the cigarette in his mouth to take a long drag, blowing white smoke out the open window.

    "It'd be a peace of cake, really. Most people thought you'd have to try and cover a story like that up, but I was going to do exactly the opposite. Some freak or another would crawl out of the woodworks to buy the place, it was simple as that.

    As he goes to take another drag the camera is pointed momentarily towards the passenger mirror. Plain as day there is a little monster clinging to the side of the car, a gremlin, grabbing the lugnuts and ripping them free. The narrator starts to talk again only to lose control of the vehicle, which swerves off the road and pinwheels for twenty seconds. The camera screen is cracked, pointing at the windshield with grass behind it, blood slowly running down.

    "Yeah, I think they're out of ideas," Madoka agrees, paying less attention to the movie now and squirming around to get very cozy close to Homura, rubbing her side a little and pressing a little kiss to her cheek as she closes her eyes.

    But on screen the show must go on, and it does.

    "I always said seatbelts were for suckers."

    An immediate screeching of tires as a Semi comes into view, having run a red light. The truck tilts forward as the brakes engage, only to slam into the tire as the man inside ragdolls.

    Another fade cut, now familiar. Rather than the inside of a vehicle the scene opens up to an empty stretch of road, only for there to be a blinding flash of light and a mushroom cloud, obvious stock footage of some nuclear test or another. Across the screen a giant 'Fin' shows in white.

    "...really?" is all Madoka can say.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-03 23:57:16 96960
    Homura gets increasingly bored with the movie, watching as an increasingly stupid person races towards his own death. He doesn't even make it to the house. She's frowning, and about to get annoyed before she suddenly sees the nuclear explosion. Homura then smiles, saying, "Ooh, cool," as she watches the blast. Is it obvious stock footage? Sure, but is it a big explosion? Heck yeah.

    Still, Homura solidly concludes that the best part of this movie was the cuddly company she shared it with. In fact, that may be its only redeeming quality. She nuzzles her cheek against Madoka's and gives her a little kiss on the tip of her nose.

    The credits on the movie are short, being a low budget film and all, and Homura lets them play for a moment before she picks up the remote and turns off the Blu-Ray player and TV.

    Her arm goes right back around Madoka, and Homura softly mutters, "Well now what do we do?"
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-04 00:04:55 96961
    Madoka doesn't complain as the credits are rolled. As silly as the movie may have been and as impossible as it is for her to figure out if there was some kind of point to the story she has to give the moviemakers credit for actually being able to pull it off and produce something.

    It also makes her giggle a little when Homura enjoys the 'ending' of the movie.

    "I don't know," Madoka replies in a playful voice, "Is there anything for us to do alone together now that the movie is over?" She twists a little in her seat on the couch, smiling as the tip of her nose is kissed and happily nuzzling her cheek back against Homura's.

    Then, arms still wrapped around Homura she scoots away a little while drawing her guardian angel closer to herself, laying back and pulling her sweetheart down on top of her. She takes in a deep breath and sighs happily, wrapping her arms further around Homura and rubbing her back while gazing up into her eyes. She squirms a little while pressing close and slowly entwines her legs with Homura's, lightly brushing them together.

    "Ahhh, I think this is just right," she says, lifting her head to brush fluffy pink hair against Homura's cheek while giggling playfully.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-04 00:15:45 96964
    Homura was pretty sure that the question 'Well now what do we do?' pretty much only has one answer. This can only end in cuddles.

    Homura smiles as her darling lays down on the couch, and happily climbs over her and settles down on her soft fluffy beloved. Soft purple eyes stare into pink as a small smile rests on Homura's lips. She takes a moment to enjoy the soft brushing of Madoka's hand against her back, then happily surrenders her legs to her little angel's.

    The black-haired guardian giggles as Madoka comments that this is 'just right', and happily nuzzles her cheek against wonderful pink hair. She whispers a soft, "I love you," into Madoka's ear before moving closer to give her darling's cheek a kiss.

    Homura closes her eyes and relaxes on top of Madoka, wrapping her arms tight around her little angel and giving her a squeeze. Being this close to the one she loves is so nice that any small annoyances and pressures just wash away.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-04 00:24:32 96965
    A happy little shiver runs through Madoka as Homura whispers sweet things into her ear, blushing softly so that her cheek is slightly warm as Homura kisses it. She hugs tight to Homura and squirms happily against her as she's squeezed, making a happy sound before whispering, "I love you too, Homura-chan," into the ear of her dark haired guardian angel.

    She lifts one of her hands while clinging tightly with the other, reaching up to gently pet the back of Homura's head for several moments before running her fingers through her long, silky black hair. She looks into such pretty purple eyes and nuzzles the side of her nose against Homura's before pressing a soft little kiss to her lips.

    As comfy as sitting next to her was cuddling even closer to Homura is even better, and Madoka's eyes take on a dreamy look as they snuggle up together. Their latest trials have been social more than physical, dealing with the ramifications of having disappeared for a year and a half, but having each other is just as invaluable to getting through it as anything that had come before it.

    Again Madoka lets out a happy sigh, feeling warm and safe in the arms of her guardian angel, sure they can make it through anything as long as it's together.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-04 00:37:43 96966
    The feeling of Madoka's shivering in Homura's arms makes the guardian's smile just a little bit wider. Homura presses against Madoka as her little angel squirms, and blushes lightly when she hears the soft whisper of her beloved's words. Nothing makes a Homu happier than having a nice Doka to hold and cuddle.

    Homura's entire body relaxes as the back of her head is petted, and she savors the soft and loving affection as fingers are run through her long, silky, shiny black hair. Madoka's soft kiss is returned with another, and her eyes gaze into Madoka's as she enjoys every moment of this.

    The two of them cuddled so closely together is certainly enough for Homura to feel like everything is right in the world, even with such bizarre and impossible problems. The world, at least, is something that Homura can deal with, even if her response to social issues is avoidance. Society, with its various needs and expectations, can often be pushy and demanding, but the black-haired Puella remains mostly unworried.

    Homura already has everything she wants, right here in her arms. Nothing can disrupt her perfect life, and no one can take her away from her little angel.

    Homura giggles as she listens to the happy sigh of the one person in this world who can make her truly happy.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-04 00:49:03 96967
    As Homura relaxes Madoka smiles sweetly, enjoying the ability to make the most important person to her happy and carefree. There's nothing that could make her happier, either, than being held so close in Homura's arms. It's hard to even think of a time when she wasn't able to let all her worries melt away like this.

    The feeling of Homura's lips pressing against her own as her kiss is returned feels so nice as well, and she can't help but want to spend a lot more time kissing her beautiful girlfriend, enjoying the sensation slowly and gently while gazing lovingly up into her eyes. She twists a little from side to side and brushes her legs against Homura's some more, enjoying every little sensation of being close to her, just as she always has.

    It really is something magical to be able to get what she wants the most while also giving the same to her beloved, knowing that the both of them are happy and safe while enjoying one another's company as only they know how. She pets Homura's hair some more, admiring the silkiness of it, and then reaches back around her carefully to cup her cheek, delicately brushing her fingers over her soft skin before letting her palm caress the side of her face.

    There's so much love and adoration in those soft pink eyes of hers, not just soaking up the love and affection from Homura but returning it in equal measure, her whole heart open to her and loving every part of her. It's never far from her mind, how very much Homura had been through to protect her, how much time they'd been looking out for each other in one way or another.

    She could easily focus on the things that made her sad, but why would she when she has so much to be happy about. The fact that Homura is here now in her arms means everything they've been through together is worth it, and anything else they'll need to go through together in the future.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-04 01:04:39 96969
    Happy and carefree are certainly accurate words to describe Homura. There's a reason why she sleeps so well these days, and that reason has a lot to do with the cuddly little angel currently in her arms. Sometimes nightmares happen, and sometimes there are problems, but the quality of Homura's life is pretty high right now.

    Homura is more than happy to kiss Madoka for as long as her little angel wishes, pressing lips against her partner's while watching her with half-lidded eyes. Madoka's cute little twisting makes Homura want to kiss her more, and hold her tighter, keeping her as close as she possibly can.

    There is no one else who can fulfil Homura's every need as much as Madoka. There is no one who has the right combination of cuddly, sweet, and cute that makes Homura's once-weak heart race. There's no way that Homura could ever be anything less than blissfully happy when she's alone with her darling, and this moment is no exception.

    Cheeks tingle and blush as Madoka's soft fingers move over them, and when Homura's cheek is cupped she presses into her darling's palm. She looks down upon Madoka and admires her with a smile, heart happy and grateful that something so miraculous could happen for her.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-04 01:16:13 96970
    Homura's little angel is very happy to be the reason she sleeps so well. She's also very happy to be the reason she feels happy and carefree. She wouldn't expect there to never be problems either, though she might pout if she heard about the nightmares.

    She sighs happily through her nose as they kiss more, because kissing Homura is one of her favorite things to do and getting to kiss her while cuddling is certainly near the top of the list. Getting held tighter has her squirming even more while pressing close to Homura, even wiggling a little because of how happy she is. Her pink eyes sparkle as they look into pretty purple and she makes sure to squeeze Homura tight as well.

    There's no one for Madoka who could complete her as much as Homura. She is of course beautiful, loving and cuddly as anyone Madoka has ever met, but she's also so willful and ready to go after what she wants. At the same time Homura has such a sweet side to her that melts Madoka's heart, as well as a passion that can get her own heart racing. There's really no one around who could ever compete with Homura, especially not now that they've found out how wonderful they are together and for each other.

    She brushes Homura's sweet cheek as her sweetheart presses into it, once more looking deep into her eyes. She doesn't say she loves her again, but instead merely expresses it through her eyes and her actions, adoring Homura and cuddling her sweetly as someone so very precious to her. The admiration in Homura's eyes has her heart beating quicker, a lovely tingly feeling settling in as her darling makes her feel like the most important person in the world.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-04 01:43:27 96972
    Homura certainly has it in her to go after what she wants, and what she wants right now is cuddles. She has a cute little fluffy angel in her arms right now and she has a mind to cuddle her lots! The fact that Madoka likes cuddling as much as Homura does is just another sign that they are perfect for each other, and Homura can't complain about making Madoka happy in the process.

    Cuddling and kissing go well together, it's true, and these two little angels know that better than anyone. It's also known than squirmy Dokas get squeezes, especially when those squeezes make even squirmier Dokas. It's also well known that Homu loves Doka, but that's not gonna stop Homu from saying it once in a while.

    Her purple eyes shine as they stare into sparkling pink, the smile on her lips implied by the softness of her gaze. If Homura's passionate flame melts Madoka's heart, then Homura will eat up all of that loving gooiness.

    ... Not literally, though.

    The love in Madoka's eyes is reflected in Homura's own, and also expressed in the way her arms wrap so tightly around her little angel to hold her close. There is nothing better than this, to be close to the one whom you so longingly wish to be close to.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-04 01:50:36 96973
    Madoka is happy to give Homura all the cuddles she wants, especially since it means she gets very many cuddles of her own. She giggles happily as Homura holds her in her arms and gives her lots of cuddles, squirming happily and making sure her darling gets as many cuddles as she needs.

    When two little angels get together for a very cuddly time it must be Cuddle Heaven. Squirming around resulting in being given such wonderful squeezes makes Madoka want to squirm even more, and so she does. Doka also loves Homu very much, and is happy to let her know it in every way, both from cuddling and sharing affection and telling her directly. There's no way Doka could possibly tell Homu how much she loves her /too/ much.

    Madoka wiggles and squirms as Homura wrap around her so tightly, making it even easier for Homura to hold her close and squeeze her. Her hand leaves Homura's cheek to run through her hair again, meeting up with her other arm to give Homu a nice tight squeeze of her own.

    Then Madoka gives Homura's leg a squeeze as well, brushing her silky legs against Homura's afterwards, enjoying every part of cuddling with her, her skirt brushing against Homura's leg where it's slightly longer than the cutoff shorts the dark-haired Puella is wearing. There's such a bright smile on her face that it's practically glowing as Madoka squeezes Homura down against herself, once more enjoying the extra assistance from gravity, enjoying very much that the world itself is drawing them closer together.