You Can't Kill The Metal

Date: 2018-09-05
Pose Count: 25
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-05 21:57:12 97065
    Have you ever had a weird dream? Have you ever had a weird dream that you thought might have been someone else's? That... Seems to be the case after going to bed one fateful night and waking up in a blasted hellscape.
    Fire as far as the eyes can see, bones and skulls everywhere. Somewhere a barbarian is reclining on a throne, surrounded by gorgeous women in furs. The skies are a a smoggy steel grey, and vikings ride by mounted on velociraptors. The world makes no sense... And yet in spite of all the skeletons and skulls everywhere it doesn't feel like the scary kind of dream.
    It feels more like waking up to find that the world has become a heavy metal album.
    The problem is. This is someone else's dream. Somewhere a Dreamer is having a Nightmare... And the barrier between dreams and other dreams has thinned enough to pull other sleepers into it.
    Ariel is here; the littlest Dream Defender is mounted on... ... On...
    That is a massive skeletal dog, clad in blackened steel barding, with spikes and blades all over it. The unicorn is also looking rather bewildered, considering her normal silvery armor has turned into black biker leathers with studs and spikes.
    "Uh. Okay this dream is weird even for me."
    "L-Lucky you're um. Looking a little..."
    "WURF WURF!"
    "What? Don't blame this on me, I do you know how much I spend on dog food?"
    "RUFF WURF!"
    "W-well, maybe a little more in your bowl can't hurt..."
Lacrima 2018-09-05 22:05:52 97066
Lacrima went to bed and curled up in her coffin. When she first wakes up this isn't actually much different from one of the dreams about Poderoso so she thinks that when she awakes. But then she realizes. No this is different. This is much different. Mainly since none of his memories contains Vikings on velociraptors.

Surprisingly. Her outfit did not change. Maybe because she already dresses goth enough that the dream thinks she doesn't need a new outfit. She starts to explore and hears a 'Ruff'. A familiar one as she turns to Ariel and....

Well that's a blush. She never thought how Ariel might look in something like that. Also she is right now. She tries to not let this affect her speech too much as she approaches.

"Ari-chan?" she asks as she looks left and right. "What's going on here. Is this a nightmare?" she asks. " the barrier between worlds weakening again?" she asks as she furrows her brow.
Taiko Tsume 2018-09-05 22:10:10 97067
    Tsume Taiko honestly thinks that this is one of the best dreams ever, and considering how apathetic and generally displeased she is towards literally everything that's saying a lot. Just one thing displeases and bothers her: It actually surprises her a lot that she would even have a dream like this, considering all of the fire, and it's perhaps that realization that shakes her from her suspended disbelief.

    Taiko decides that this dream could actually use a bit more ice. Vikings can handle cold, right? She isn't sure about the dinosaurs, but eh... The fit will survive.

    She holds two fingers to her lips and gives them a kiss. The kiss becomes a snowflake. She holds her hand out flat, letting the snowflake hover over her palm. She blows on the snowflake, and it splits into many smaller dots of snow, swirling around her into a blizzard thick enough to completely cover her form. With a snap of her fingers that rings out over the wind, the snow turns to ice, showing the form of Snow Woman Mou Fubuki encased within. The ice cracks, releasing the Yuki Onna into a dream that she does not yet realize is not her own.

    Yet... something does seem off about it.

    It takes her a short amount of travel before she overhears Lacrima talking. She ducks behind a pile of discarded bones to overhear her conversation. Barrier between worlds? Nightmare?

    ... Huh.

    Taiko still isn't sure what's going on, but she's pretty sure that most people in her dreams don't talk that much, and she's not really sure why she'd have a dream about the vampire girl she met all of one time.
Makio Ryu 2018-09-05 22:16:54 97068
Makio tilts his head as he peers around a bit. Well this one isn't USUALLY his style, but it's not unheard of to end up in something like a metal video either. In any case he finds himself all done up in some mixture of metal, spikes, leather, and...somehow still has a whole floofy pirate thing going on. Instead of two small swords he'd got a hat and an axe that's also a guitar somehow and slung over his shoulder the way someone might carry a sword case. Notably the floofy shirt hangs open now and there's no caravat with it, but Makio's a little distracted otherwise to worry about the mounting possible embarasment of his clothing here.

Peering around some he finds himself all the more confused by the fact he recognizes some people here. ....why's he dreaming about them? "Hey ladies," he greets as he strides on over with this sort of cool guy swagger that he doesn't quite manage in reality. ...he can't decide if this is better or worse.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-05 22:25:40 97069
    The Heavy Metal unicorn knight spends a moment longer bickering with her dire bone-dog steed before a familiar voice makes floppy ears prick right up. "Oh!"
    If anything, Ariel is relieved to find Lacrima in this dream, Hell-Lucky turning to face the vampire-- who already looks like she might fit in as it is and makes to lick her on the face. Somehow. Despite being all bone and with no actual tongue, he manages to do so.
    "Lacrima~. ... Well. Um, I think there's a nightmare around here somewhere, thinning the barrier between dreams... So I wouldn't be surprised if a few other sleepers get pulled in. We should handle it before it gets out of control." She explains as best she can, rubbing at the back of her neck.
    Did it suddenly get colder?
    The vikings mounted upon cyborg raptors seem happier for the time being. Though Ariel has not quite noticed the yuki onna, but she is likely within hearing range, which means Mou Fubuki likely gets to hear that exposition and learn a bit more.
    Then she sees Buccaneer Macaroon. She recognizes him! ... Mostly. It takes her a second to see past all the leather and the pirate outfit. "OH! Oh this is good, we're not alone. Maybe we can handle this before morning and have a nice dr--"
    There's a sudden wailing guitar riff as a massive fanged skull on a giant skeletal snake body bursts out of a mountain of flaming bones nearby.
    "--Oh. Oh I think that's the source of the problem."
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-05 22:34:41 97071
This isn't Narumi's first nightmare.

She looks around. "Dream-world completely out to lunch ... check." She frowns down at herself, at the grungy too-small anarchy-symbol T-shirt, black leather pants, and steel-toed combat boots. "Outfit completely out of whack ... check." She holds out her hand ... but nothing seems to happen. "Lucid dreaming not working at all on the world around me ... check." She starts to run a hand through her hair --

Her hair is in a mohawk.

"... Okay, whatever-this-is," Narumi says firmly, "I draw the line at making my hair shorter!" She snaps her fingers, and her hairstyle gets replaced by the long flowing deep blue. "There we go."

And with that, Narumi takes off and starts flying away over the scenery, as if it was the most effortless thing in the world. She pauses as she sees a vampire, an adorable little unicorn-girl in ... leather, a pirate-dude, and a poorly-hidden yuki onna, and she comes to a sudden stop, eyes going wide as she realizes what she's looking at here. "What the hell ...!?"

And then she flinches back from the snake. "... Uh-oh!"

This isn't Narumi's first nightmare, but it's the first one she's had in company.
Lacrima 2018-09-05 22:45:03 97072
Oh god a bone dog lick. "Good to see you, too, Lucky." she says as she looks up to Ariel. "Huh. Okay. Must be spur of the moment then..." she says as she turns around to look around. "Let's see, norsemen on raptors, giant barbarian throne with hot women..." she crosses her arms and then suddenly looks to the right.

"Huh... is something behind that pile of b---"

Before she can finish that sentence or even look over there, a giant bone snake with a winged skull busts out of a bone mountain.

".... So I even want to know why it wants to do that. And how doing this would do that? Or the fact that Metallica might sue if they find out?" she says dryly.

She lift off into the air as she notices someone new arriving. Huh?

"Uh, hey." she says at Narumi. "Giant bone snake that wants to destroy metal music or something." she says.

A pause. Is that Makio in a metal pirate costume. She has to stop mid air. "...Oh my god. That looks so awesome." she says.
Taiko Tsume 2018-09-05 22:47:13 97073
    Mou Fubuki is IMMUNE to SWAGGER, Makio. She rolls her eyes and makes a loud 'tch' noise at him, turning away and crossing her arms. Her active ignoring of him is probably loud enough to give away the Yuki-Onna's presence.

    Then a nearby bone mountain explodes and a bone snake comes out. The noise makes her flinch, and she slowly turns her gaze towards the nightmarish beastie with a frown.

    Well... that looks... problematic.

    Mou Fubuki doesn't really walk as much as she... seems to glide across the ground, as if the ground itself were ice and she was simply skating on top of it. Her arms still crossed, she regards Ariel coolly and says, "I don't know what's going on, but am I correct in understanding that this will end if we kill that thing over there?"

    She glances towards Lacrima and gives her a small wave of her hand. A brief acknowledgement that they have met before and nothing more, just in case these are actual real people she's dealing with.

    Not that she's entirely convinced yet.
Makio Ryu 2018-09-05 22:58:54 97075
Makio's not TRYING to do the swagger, he's honestly a little embarassed by it. Being actively ignored doesn't help either. Auuughhh. With the bone snake showing up, he narrows his eyes some and slings the axe up into his hands. "Well, guess it's not the wierdest thing I've seen when I'm asleep. He'd try to jump about to somewhere not quite as sitting duck like as just standing around on open ground.

Being higher up, probably on a bunch of skulls now, he'd thumbs up at Lacrima and Ariel. "Soooo ummm, is this /normal/ for you dudes," he wonders, "This is kind of a new one for me..." The axe is currently held like a guitar rather than an actual axe whilst he continues watching out for what the snake's about to do next.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-05 23:11:17 97076
    That sure is a thing. Ariel is left staring at the skull-snake, looking even more baffled than she did a moment ago.
    "... I'm pretty sure." She replies to Fubuki, before she shrugs completely helplessly at Lacrima. "Um! Hi!" That's to Narumi. "Sorry, this is kind of happening and you might have gotten pulled in."
    "I don't know? Maybe this dreamer really likes heavy metal- I mean if they're having a nightmare about Metal being destroyed?" She ventures.
    "This is... Kind of normal?" She answers Makio, not sounding entirely sure.
    But then the skull-snake opens its mouth.
    "Aaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha!" The creature laughs maniacally as it begins to spew forth everything that is not metal... CDs, albums, vinyl records, dischordant musical notes and... Augh.. Auuuuughhhhh... The humanity... It's all TERRIBLE POP MUSIC. The bad kind that not anyone could possibly like. Utterly and completely tasteless. There's sudden bad dubstep, and poorly written love ballads. It's all so BAD.
    Ariel covers her ears, face scrunching in pain, and even Lucky dips his head and brings a paw up to try and cover his skull where there should be an ear, with a whine.
    "This is um. ... Yeah I think that's what's happening." She confirms her prior theory before concentrating. The unicorn weaves the very stuff that dreams are made out of and coalesces it into a small triangular form, pouring all her hopes and dreams into it, before handing it to Makio.
    It is the Pick of Fate. Or at least what Ariel imagines a legendary guitar pick to be like.
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-05 23:20:59 97077
Narumi shakes her head at Lacrima and Ariel. "Um, okay, wow!" she says. "I just ... it feels like if I'm meeting other dreamers, something's really messed up!" She glances at Fubuki and Pirate Macaroon with an expression of relief that she's not the only one who thinks this is all kinds of weird.

And then the party begins! She flinches back with a yelp and puts her hands over her ears for a few seconds. "Anyway, my name's Narumi!" she calls out, shouting to be heard over the din. With a wave of both hands, six knives of golden light materialize in front of her in a hexagonal pattern. "My power in this world ..." The knives shoot forward, trailing golden lasers. "... is lucid dreaming!"
Lacrima 2018-09-05 23:36:20 97079
Lacrima looks at Snow Woman Mou Fubuki. "Oh!" she says. "Hello." she says quietly at her. "Yeah. Destroy the nightmare and things go back to as they should. This thing isn't being cooperative so talking is not a thing that will wo-------arghhhhhhhhowwwwww." she goes as a cacophony of awful music and items are spewed out.

"That is just AWFUL." she goes. She eyes Narumi and head tilts. "... Okay? What do you mean lucid dreaming?" she asks as she looks over to Makio and his guitar ax. And the pick Ariel gives him. Huh.

She sighs and gently seems to fold into herself in a dark mass and reforms into her shadowy monster form. She'll begin to shoot upwards, hand forming into a claw as she moves to try to hit and rake the Nightmare in the bottom of it's skull.

"SHUT THAT TRASH UP!" she screeches.
Taiko Tsume 2018-09-05 23:37:34 97080
    Being a cold, merciless ice queen, Taiko pays no attention to Mew Macaroon's discomfort. Such a harsh, frigid woman.

    The Nightmare attacks, and Taiko immediately doesn't like it. Well, it would be more accurate to say that she likes it even less than she did a moment ago. She doesn't care one way or another about someone's dream, but she cares quite a bit if something might threaten her personally.

    She lifts a hand, and a wall of ice follows its lead, forming out of the ground and interposing itself between Mou Fubuki and the metal-hating snake.

    Because of the influence of this world, the ice wall seems to have skulls carved into it all over. The skulls are melting, even as they are being chipped and shattered by shining CDs and bad pop music.

    "Mou Fubuki," is her introduction. "I'm just here to chill."
Makio Ryu 2018-09-05 23:47:00 97083
Makio blinks a little at the knives of light around this Narumi girl and then ALSO at being handed a pick by Ariel. Hoooly crap. He hopes he can actually play here in dream land. Wait, who's he kidding? This is a metal dream! He just has to think /metal/ enough and that'll probably get the job done.

Speaking of metal, that snake is doing something very not metal. Ugggghhh, gross, especailly at all the bad renditions of these other things he may or may not be able to enjoy, were they not in WORST possible form. "Chill, eh," Makio wonders toward Mou before looking toward Narumi, "I can feel you there...I'm Mew Macaroon." With that he's start using the pick on the axe to let out not just some metal rifts, but a sound wave tempered with his own usual ice element blasting skull snake-ward. "Nice to see you dudes."
Icela 2018-09-05 23:47:52 97084
And then the sound of a horn being blow announces the presence of a new problem. Arriving over the horizon are three flying figures; all of them flying in and swooping down. At the center is a pitch-black pegasus with a bleached white skeletal head, riding on its back is Icela; wearing mostly her usual things, though she holds an elephant tusk horn that literally blows fire whenever she blows that horn and is wearing a crown made of bones. The pegasus breathes fire towards the yuki onna as she jumps off.

Arriving to the left of her is a giant microraptor carrying on its back a massive cannon, someone how it's able to fire that thing; though instead of cannonballs that thing fires skulls. The first volley of skulls is going towards Lacrima right before it tries to land upon Lucky while slashing at Ariel with two scythe blades located where its raptor-claws ought to be.

The last, arriving to the right is an rocket with a saddle strapped to it. Riding the missile is a pirate, complete with eyepatch, hook and ... burning beard. This one yells obscenities towards Mew Macaroon during the charge in, or at least, they sound like they should be. He's not actually saying anything coherent. With the charge comes a cutlass swung at Mew Macaroon like it's a cavalry saber.

Standing back from the fighting and trying to keep her distance, Icela uses her horn as an amplifier. "Sorry if I'm late to the party, needed to get my friends here together."
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-06 00:17:16 97088
    "It's usually pretty bad if other dreamers get pulled in." Ariel says to Narumi. "--I'm Ariel, by the way." The unicorn calls over the chaos of terribad music. She opts to hunker down behind Fubuki's ice wall as the music projectiles crash into it, ineffectually, unable to pierce the chilly defense.
    But then Lacrima and Mew Macaroon go on the offensive.
    The vampire's claws rake into bone, drawing a hiss of rage while flying knives and SHREDDING METAL ICE RIFFS give the nightmare a bone rattling chill.
    That's... When things get a little hectic.
    Flying skulls fired from a cannon is one thing, but it's pure last second reflexes that keep Ariel from getting hacked up, as she throws her hands up, horn glowing. Those scythe blades impact a pair of shields emblazoned with skulls flames, crumpling the summoned gossamer dreamsteel and nearly bowling her off her hound.
    "Uwah?!" She bleats, yanking on Lucky's reigns to draw back, "What the- why are you--?" No time to question, because the snake rears up, mouth wide- as it spews razor sharp musical notes.
    None of them are good.
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-06 00:24:22 97090
Narumi grins at Lacrima. "The dictionary definition!" she says cheerfully. "Basically, it's when a dreamer can control a dre--"

She whirls around at Icela's sudden arrival! "... Oh, for -- I knew you were bad news!" Narumi shouts.

But then the monster starts firing horrid musical notes! Narumi flits this way and that, dodging ... well, it looks like she has control over herself and her position in the air, but one of the notes clips her shoulder and she screams, clutching her shoulder as she nearly falls out of the air!

"I ... I ..." She grits her teeth, and screams, "I WON'T GIVE UP!" She thrusts both hands forward, and a great big spiked ball made out of pearlescent blue light materializes, and goes flying out towards the snake!
Taiko Tsume 2018-09-06 00:42:08 97092
    Taiko glances over as a new challenger appears. Well, three new challengers anyways. She's always frowning, but right now she's frowning even harder.

    Taiko looks up at the bone monster, deciding to focus her attention on that. Icela and her (rather awesome looking) friends are a threat, but the snow woman is hoping that destroying the Nightmare will end this before lasting harm can come to her. With the icy shield providing her cover, she holds her fingertips to her lips once again. Kiss. Snowflake. Now she's holding the snowflake high over her head. Wind and rime gathers around her fingertips as heat itself seems to be pushed away from her. The snowflake becomes a snowball, and the snowball becomes the size of Mou Fubuki herself. The snow woman begins to slowly float into the air as the temperature drops to freezing around her, raising her out of her cold hiding place. The snow compresses and becomes an icicle, and she flings her hand at the boney beastie.

    "Winter's Closing Kiss!"

    The Icicle launches, the projectile gathering speed, the surrounding wind gaining fury, and the ice seems to grow despite the trail of water melting off of it.

    "You thought to kill the music, but the cold grave you've dug is your own."
Makio Ryu 2018-09-06 00:47:18 97095
Macaroon looks over to the other pirate, looking a little dissaproving. Really? Screaming random gibberish that sounds like it's meant to be curses isn't cool, and riding around on a /missile/ seems like trying WAAAAAAAAY too hard to the point of being silly. Couldn't he at least be letting out some inhuman growl or deathly scream, or something? Macaroon swings the axe up in attempt to block the cutlass flying toward him, likely struggling with this other pirate before letting out a wince as the spew of sharp notes likely catches him somewhat in his distracted state. He'd then try to jump back from the two attacks and ready himself for another round of laying down some freezing cold notes of his own. "That's the spirit," he calls toward Narumi before grinning at Fubuki's line. "Oooh, that was good."
Icela 2018-09-06 00:57:19 97097
"I /told/ you I was bad news." Icela counters Narumi's shout through her megaphone-horn. The giant microraptor keeps trying to get its scythes into Ariel, but its cannons turn towards Narumi instead. Shooting another salvo of skull; they're not defending the nightmare that was here before they arrived as much as they're trying to attack those which attack it, the distinction is meaningful as none make even the slightest attempt to intercept attacks going towards it.

The missile the pirate is riding explodes with the pirate still on it right after the end of the weapon clash, close enough to Mew Macaroon to be dangerous. The pirate simply laughs as that happens and rushes for Macaroon, eager to continue the fight.

The black pegasus comes charging around to give another round of fire breathing for Mou Fubuki, this time also including an attempt to trample her while it's at it. Icela for her part takes another step back, careful to avoid trying to get in the cross-fire of the fighting, and she eventually answers the question Ariel poses. "In these dreams I'm now embracing my hate." She manages to sound entirely cheerful when she says that.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-06 01:20:15 97104
    Narumi is filled with... D E T E R M I N A T I O N.
    It will be needed in the trial to come, as she weaves the dream around her to do as she wishes, like only a lucid dreamer can. That spiked ball goes flying-- and connects solidly, bowling the beast's head aside and throwing its aim off, jaw cracked and broken.
    Fubuki calls forth the ice and snow, the jagged icicle slamming it dead on and pinning it to a mountain of flaming spikes- her cold and Macaroon's combined freezing it over. It looks like the flames are only for visual effect as the snake remains chilled to the core.
    This leaves Icela...
    Ariel is pressed on the defense, forming shield after shield as Lucky tries to keep her out of harm's way, each hacking slash from the microraptor battering her defense. "H-hate? Dreams should never be about hate- they should be about hopes and aspirations and... And..."
    And she takes a leaping tumble out of harm's way, nose scrunching as she furrows her brow, horn glowing.
    Almost as though on cue, four figures in black leather appear; wielding guitars, bass, microphone, one is even manning a flying drum set, faced painted black and white. With a wailing guitar riff, and sweet sweet chorus, this mysterious band plays a note so epic that it shatters the frozen snake before they fly off into the distance, vanishing as fast as they arrived.
    Ariel drops what she was about to do.
    "... That wasn't me, I didn't do that."
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-06 01:26:20 97105
Narumi grimaces, and manages to dodge the cannon's opening salvo. "Ugh, shut up!" she shouts, firing back at the microraptor with another sextuplet of golden laser-knives. She glances towards Ariel. "Her name's Icela," she says by way of explanation. "She's some kind of ... 'eidolon'? I don't know what --"

And once again she's interrupted, this time by an arrival of new allies. She lets out an exhale of relief as the big snake-monster goes down. "... They're not mine," she says uncertainly. "Uh, hey guys!"

She does spare a glance at Fubuki, and then nods to Macaroon and says, "Yeah, that was a ... nice line." She doesn't seem to know how to say these things.
Taiko Tsume 2018-09-06 01:28:22 97108
    Oh, of course the pegasus rider would want to cause trouble for Fubuki too, and of course it had to be firebreathing.

    Sadly, while there are many things that Mou Fubuki is good at, move speed is not one of them, which means that dodging an incoming pegasus is not an option. She raises quick barrier after quick barrier, sheets of ice that melt away from the pegasus's breath, shattering and sending icy splinters in all directions.

    The Yuki-Onna tries desperately in the moment to come up with an answer for this tactic. She doesn't find one, and soon she's being trampled under the feet of this equine monstrosity.

    Beaten, battered and laying on the floor, she somewhat weakly responds to the compliments. "Um... thanks..."

    She's a little too frazzled to really notice much of anything else at the moment.
Makio Ryu 2018-09-06 01:49:23 97113
Macaroon raises a brow, waving at the passing metal dudes who took out the snake...and gets thrown a little in the explosion of the missile. He'd sit up enough to play the axe with the pick some more, blasting more icey sound waves the way of the pirate that's coming upon him. He'd be a bit worried for the state Fubuki looks to be in, but he's already trying to get himself back to his feet now.
Icela 2018-09-06 01:51:00 97115
"I'd take hatred over those lies any day of the week." Icela answers Ariel. And with the central nightmare gone. Icela just bails. To her, this was an experiment. She vanishes. The laser knifes Narumo throws at the giant microraptor take it down, and in response the pegasus begins to flee. Even if the snow woman may not have an answer to it at the moment; its compulsion to be here is gone and there's some powerful folks around. After getting hit with a few more sound waves, the frazzled pirate likewise decides survival is a good priority and runs away, hitching a ride with a new missile that's flying over.