Charms and children

Wanting and aimless for any kind of aid or solution to her situation, Chibiusa visits Hikawa Shrine for the first time.

Date: 2018-09-07
Pose Count: 13
Rei Hino 2018-09-07 00:47:58 97150
    "No, that's not where that goes."
    "*No*, they go in order of characters, the love charms go on the left."
    "Your *other* left!"
    "No- no- it's fine, it's fine, I'll fix it myself. It's fine. Just let me... You put two different kinds in the same stack!"
    "... It's fine! Go- go sweep up!"
    Rei Hino heaves a sigh and dutifully rearranges the rows of charms in front of the small booth in front of the ornate shrine.
    God save Rei Hino from summer hires.
    Still, it's a nice morning and she has SOME time before people start showing up to fix the ongoing catastrophe of amateur shrine keepers. And hey, she practices meditation for exactly this reason.
    Just focus on keeping busy.
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-09-07 01:12:22 97151
Running out of ideas to save Mom and Dad and desperate. This was Chibiusa's state of mind as she walked towards the Hikawa Shrine, wearing her pink backpack, wherein contained an odd cat eared smartphone that was Luna-P's current hiding in plain sight form.

She had heard someone mention a shrine. What we're they for, she asked? Why one wishes for food fortune and for good things to happen.

She wanted that. Either for the Silver Crystal to fall into her hands. To find another way to save her home and her mother and father. She would settle for even vague hints at either of those things really.

She arrives behind Rei and watches her rearrange things on the board as she finally pipes up. "Hi?" she asks. "This is the shrine. Right?" she asks. She looks past Rei at the board. Are those the charms? It looks like how she might imagine charms might look in this case!
Rei Hino 2018-09-07 01:22:25 97152
    Rei finds herself thumbing through individual tall slips of paper in her now well-founded paranoia that they've fallen out of order; such that she's caught a bit off guard when Chibiusa approaches.
    "Oh!: Rei stands up sharply when Chibiusa speaks and, to her credit, manages to wrangle the embarrassed look off of her face pretty quick. "Chibiusa-san..." she greets you with some surprise. She's used to familiar faces dropping by, but Chibiusa never has. Regardless she offers a warm smile and nods her head, "Yes, of course. This is Hikawa Shrine. Welcome~"
    Despite the almost businesslike cheer in her voice, she looks past Chibiusa and looks around briefly, furrowing her brow with a bit of concern. "Did you... come here alone?"
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-09-07 01:44:59 97153
Chibiusa can sense the jump there, so to speak. "Oh. I didn't mean to scare you." she says. "Or anything." she says crossing her arms. "Really!" she then says more insistful. Like she gets blamed for things often, or did at least at one point in her life.

She nods. "Yes I'm alone." as always. She doesn't know if Luna-P counts or if Rei even knows Luna-P exists so she doesn't ask about Luna-P.

" that okay?" she asks. She goes out often alone. She's never known it to be a problem. She looks around again and asks. "How do the charms work?" she asks. "Someone said they can bring good luck? And other things like that." she says. "I heard someone talking so I asked them a question about them." more like she rudely butted in but she also doesn't mention that.
Rei Hino 2018-09-07 02:02:40 97154
    Rei sweatdrops slightly at Chibiusa's increasingly insistent apology and just waves it off a little saying, "Ahehe, it's fine..." She looks thoughtful at Chibiusa's explanation and brings her hand to her chin, giving a subtle "Hmm." as she looks at you. It's a pretty safe neighborhood, rumors of odd shrine maidens aside, and kids come here often enough. Just... usually in groups. Plus Chibiusa's only...
    How old *is* Chibiusa?
    After that distracted moment, Rei smiles and says, "It... should be all right. As long as you're letting Makoto-chan know where you are so she doesn't worry."
    The charms! Rei's eyes light up a little and she gestures towards them, "That's right. There are all kinds, depending on the seal. Charms for luck, charms for focus, charms for love..." She tilts her head, looking a bit embarrassed, "... We... sell a *lot* of those..." then she gets back on track. ".. and charms for removing negativity. You just... keep them close to you, or whomever or whatever you would like to benefit from them. A lot of girls like to put them on their bookbags."
    It's not quite her sales rundown, her intentions were more... conversational than mercenary, but... well, she grew up here, and ya gotta keep the lights on.
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-09-07 02:42:19 97157
Chibiusa would answer that odd if Rei actually asked about her age out loud. She appears to be five or six most likely at least on first glance. "Well yeah. I told her I was going out!" she grumps a little, because an 'older' person is chiding her.

She's watching intently when Rei goes into the charms and what they can do but then also hear that context clue word of 'sell'. "Oh. It costs money." she says as her nose scrunches up. It means she has to choose. She isn't really into the love charm, or the focus one. The negativity and the luck one though. Those might work. Keep away the bad luck, bring the good luck she thinks. Clearly this plan can not and will not fail.

"Luck one, might be good and the negativity one." she says. "I guess." she says with just a small bit of grumpy to it. "How much are they anyways?" she asks. She's a small girl with no job and if she gets anything it's probably a small amount of pocket money.
Rei Hino 2018-09-07 02:48:34 97158
Rei maintains a serene composure at the obvious and expected reaction to the matter of cost. It's the double whammy of 'new thing not being free' and 'not having income' that tends to get this reaction out of kids.
    Luckily she has a system for this.
    "Luck and negativity it is." She nods and reaches into the stacks, briefly frowning as she leafs past a couple EXORCISM charms where the negativity ones should be. Same idea, wrong intensity. "One moment, please~"
    She moves behind the booth and brings out a well used calligraphy brush, dipping it in ink and tapping the excess off of it before she paints over the symbol on the charms; replacing the thin and faded characters with bolder dark ink, and - more importantly - actually FINISHING the characters on the charm. Truth be told, Rei's graceful and impeccable calligraphy work has almost become a bit of a selling point itself for the charms, among some people. The charms on display are unfinished, you see. Every now and then some desperate or extremely silly person tries to take a stack of them to try to make some kind of miracle in their love lives. Or at the gambling parlor. It's one thing when the charms are just for fun, but Hikawa Shrine's sort of... work. To an extent. It'd be a bit irresponsible to let people make off with them. So they finish them here.
    Rei takes the finished charms and blows on them very, very softly, and sets them down on the counter in front of you - easily in reach seeing as the booth is lower to the ground so Rei can kneel to get her brush-work done.
    They probably *shouldn't* dry as fast as they do, but they're basically ready to go.
    Anticipating your question about the price, she smiles and clasps her hands together, speaking in the slightly playful way one tends to address a child, "You're in luck! Here at Hikawa Shrine, pink haired girls get their first charm purchase free~" She claims with the absolute confidence in the absurdity of a woman who's been giving charms away to hopeful kids for free her whole life.
    On their first visit anyway.
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-09-07 03:23:14 97159
Chibiusa watches Rei start to work. Wow, she writes really pretty. She can't write like that. She doesn't notice that the others there are unifnished though. Maybe it's good she didn't try to steal them then later. Which she probably what she would had done, had they been too expensive for her anyways.

She blinks. "Don't they need to dry?..." she asks as she hesitantly pokes a finger to one. Poke! Oh, they're not wet. Wow. Maybe they are magic. Though a finger not getting wet with black ink isn't exactly a powerful miracle.

She's addressed like a child. This doesn't help her mood. She hates being a child at nine hundred years old. She manages to not snap out mad or grumpily still, but there's a flash of something across her face at the tone.

"Well...okay. Are you sure?" she asks about the price, not wanting to be accused of stealing later, maybe.
Rei Hino 2018-09-07 03:28:51 97160
Rei's at least good enough with kids to know when she's stepped on one's pride or feelings - her difficulties in transferring that to people her own age aside - and the cheer dims down a bit. She, of course, has no way of knowing just HOW condescending she had accidentally been, considering Chibiusa's age, so her shift in attitude is less about guilt and more about not wanting to provoke someone.
    She nods once with a small smile. "I'm sure. My family's run this shrine together for a really long time so... we get to fiddle withh the rules a little bit." A bit of warmth returns to her expression "Besides, Makoto-chan's one of my best friends. Since you're special to her, that makes you special to me too. So please don't worry about it."
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-09-07 03:52:55 97161
Nine hundred years old and she still looks five. It's an upsetting point to her. Not that the age has brought on advanced wisdom. Since she still throws the occasional small tantrum. If small and short. That isn't happening today though. At least not at this moment in time. There's still time left in the day afterall.

"Alright..." she says as she takes the tags and carefully places them in the backpack next to the strangely cat eared phone that's in there. She looks back up.

"Thank you." she remembers to say at least this time as she closes the bag up. "Um. Do I need to put them somewhere? Or just carry them with me?" she asks with curiosity. Hopefully, they'll work how she expects them if they do actually work on some degree!
Rei Hino 2018-09-07 04:00:53 97162
Rei smiles and says, "You're very welcome." She didn't expect a heartfelt response; people tend to be awkward about these things, and that's when they have an idea of how they should respond. Still, Rei wants to try to make her at least a little happy - even if just in this passing way - and it's easier to be sincere with kids for whatever reason.
    Again, if she had *any* idea.
    "Just keeping them close should be fine. I think they work best when attached to a single place. Somewhere you'd like to keep... warmer than others," or safer, but she doesn't think malignant spirits are on this girl's list of worries, "... buuut luck needs to follow you, you know?"
Chibiusa Tsukino 2018-09-07 04:26:55 97163
Chibiusa eyes and Rei again. The look is incredulous, as she puts her backup on. "Alright." she says as she sighs a bit. She has to hope this will work right? She wants to at least get a hint, something anything. From the silver crystal to fall in her lap tonight to just having a hint of what she should be doing to help.

"I should start home, as I did tell Mako-chan I'd be home very soon." that is the truth. The truth is she's going to be late. But no one will worry too much right?

"Thank you, Rei-chan." she says, though no bow as she takes off. There's a series of beeps from her backup. "Yeah I know I'm already late!" she tells the phone in her bag.
Rei Hino 2018-09-07 04:39:42 97165
Rei-chan waves slightly awkwardly even though Chibiusa's back is now turned to her, calling "Take care!" after her softly, a slightly bemused expression on her face that gradually dissolves into a frown. Chibiusa, the mystery girl. With so much going on for so long, it was shockingly easy to forget just how... strange and troubling her appearance really is.
    Maybe it's time Rei consulted the fire again.