Movie Night!

Ariel stops by Manor De Crima with movies and donuts. The choices for the night are Hard Die, Hard Die 2: Revengeance, Hard Die 3: Harder Dying, and My Tiny Equines: Companionship is Enchanting. Because Ariel will likely hide under a sheet unable to watch the first three, Lacrima makes it easy and chooses the pony animu.

Date: 2018-09-07
Pose Count: 10
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-07 21:34:22 97166
    'I am coming over. Bringing movies and donuts.' o.o~
    The text is the only warning Lacrima gets, and it looks like Ariel's mind is made up on the matter. She is coming over.
    So it's not too long before there is a knock at the door to Manor De Crima, the silver-haired girl is waiting, giant hound on his leash in one hand, and a bag of treats in the other, completely ignoring the funny looks she's getting from passersby for just trotting up to the old run down looking mansion.
Lacrima 2018-09-07 21:44:59 97167
The manor is as it always is. Looking a little run down, and such. It's recently been Saint George proofed or... George resistant enough that if he comes over they have enough time to do something about it. She is having a Norie day. Wherein she puts on Norie and hangs around her house since she can't be in public like that.

It's kind of a strange to be one's self as a special day but it's also important for her own mental wellbeing.

Which is to say rather than panic when she gets the sudden text, she jumps a little joyously begins to scramble to the kitchen to get glasses, and a pitcher of lemonade she keeps in there for summer guests, and napkins and things like that and making sure the DVD player is set right on the TV, and then she peeks to the door and opens it...

Ariel isn't there yet. She waits five minutes, she peeks again. There she is!

She waits for her to reach the door then opens and closes it softly.

"Ar~i~el~" she sings a little softly. "Hey!~" she says. "It's a Norie day so I was home anyways." she says. "I have lemonade! And -- I mean I can get water or milk if you're prefer that and the TV is all set up!" she says.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-07 21:58:03 97168
    The state of the manor doesn't bother Ariel. It never has and it never will. She's seen it in the real world and in dreams enough to be used to run down outer decor. It's what's inside that she's excited to see, and when th door opens, Lacrima is met and countered with a chime of "No~ri~e~."
    Lucky wurfs lowly, the massive dog leaning in to nose at the vampire in her human form and give a single lazy lick to one cheek; looking more fleshed out now than he did the last time she had seen him. Ariel is also sans leathers and spikes this time.
    "I thought I'd stop by and see how you were doing." Because truth be told Ariel doesn't need any better reason to stop over than that as she leans in. There's a gentle nudge; forehead to forehead nestling up. They should probably get inside, but it's become a bit of a habit for Ariel to just stare deeply into Norie's eyes like that.
    Sorry what was that about drinks? She's a little lost in those eyes at the moment.
Lacrima 2018-09-07 22:15:37 97169
Noire doesn't know if she's sad Ariel doesn't have the leathers and spike now still. She gives Lucky an ear scratch and pet. "Hello Lucky-kun~" she says. She gently blushes when Ariel comes a little closer and forehead to forehead. Her hands seek out Ariel's to hold as she doesn't move. This was always a little awkward at first for the vampire but she got over it mostly fast enough for it to cause a problem.

Norie's eyes are blue. Not the deep purple pools of Lacrima. The hair is black and long but not the waist length long. And the most boring, casual clothes ever.

She lets this happen for a while before she giggles, and tugs Ariel over to the couch. "What movies did you bring?" she asks. A pause.

"Right I..." she scrunches her nose. "My birthday is the 13th of next month. I don't like big parties. Big surprise things. But. I do want to let you know." she nods once. "Because I think you'd want to know." she says softly.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-07 22:28:33 97170
    The color doesn't matter. Not to Ariel. Blue, purple; those eyes could be any shade and she would stare into them all the same. And the moment lasts for a few long beats before Norie pulls her inside and to the couch- which is probably for the best,
    Because if not, Ariel may have just stood there looking into Norie's eyes forever.
    It's a serious risk with unicorns. They are immortal and allegedly do not need to eat.
    Ariel eats though, and that does remind her that she's brought a box of donuts, which she fishes out of the bag. Oh what movies did she bring though?
    "Um! Well let's see... I've got Hard Die... Hard Die 2: Revengeance, Hard Die 3: Harder Dying... And My Tiny Equines: Companionship is Enchanting." She muses, tapping her lower lip thoughtfully.
    The first three are pretty standard action movies. ... Which means Ariel will probably be hiding under a sheet, unable to watch. But then she perks right up.
    "Birthday?" Yes birthday. "OH. Well, I'll be sure to see you on that day! --Unless something crazy happens, like with the dance."
    Hahaaaa the night of the dance was not a good night for Ariel. At least until she got to see Lacrima, anyway. That made it all better.
Lacrima 2018-09-07 22:47:14 97171
Lacrima technically does also not need to eat. Food that is. But she likes to. And while she doesn't need to even eat energy the consequences of not doing so result in a horrible more youma-like Lacrima that eats until it's coherent with no care for her victims.

So this is much better by a long shot as she slips onto the couch and taps her chin a moment.

"Tiny Equines. That's a show that came on after I became the vampire and I really haven't had the emotional capacity until recently to attempt it..." she says curiously.

She smiles. "See me, yes. Or at least just text me a happy birthday. I can settle for that." she says softly. She eyes the donuts though with malicious intent.

Soon my pretties. Sooooon.

She pours them lemonade in the meantime. There's ice and slices of lemon in it that have been de-seeded. And enough sugar so it's tart and not sour.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-07 23:00:22 97172
    Oh Ariel likes to eat, too. She wouldn't have even thought about donuts if that wasn't the case, and with the lemonade poured she opens the box.
    There re sprinkles everywhere.
    But more importantly it's a veariety of flavors as Ariel fumbles with the DVD box, because Tiny Equines it is. "I still don't understand this 'Best Equine' business. I think everyone is pretty great." Ariel muses, but then flashes a grin. "No, I'll stop by!" She says. "If not here, then in your dreams." Hear, that Lacrima? It's a promise.
Lacrima 2018-09-07 23:08:02 97173
Lacrima nods. "Alright, Ariel. Just. I know if you miss or are late it's not on purpose." she says with a short little smile. She remembers the dance. Yes she does and all the dumb that happened to Ariel that night. "Well I always have the ballroom in my dreams~" she smiles.

She tsks. "People like to argue over who's the best of their favorite characters." she says. "I used to do that a lot before the whole.. magic. Vampire thing." she says meekly.

"I mean not with that show. Wasn't even on the air at the time yet but... other shows." she nods.

She fidgets. "So I bet the show has a lot of fans and they argue about it a lot. Even if all of them are good." she says.

She steals a sprinkled donut up and takes a bite. Nom!
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-07 23:32:04 97174
    "It's okay!" Ariel chimes sweetly. "It's not like anything like that can happen again! What are the odds of my heel snapping, purse getting snatched, heavy rain, a nightmare, and a broken phone all happening at once again?" She asks.
    Careful, Ariel, don't jinx yourself for Norie's birthday.
    But then she pauses. She visibly considers asking something, but then decides against it as the DVD goes in the player and she nestles her cheek quietly on Norie's shoulder. "Oh. Well. I'm sure they're all best equines." She muses. Before the movie plays and she frowns.
    "... That's a unicorn. But unicorns aren't equines? This is factually incorrect."
    Wow she seems really indignant about that.
    Call it unicorn pride.
Lacrima 2018-09-07 23:40:22 97175
Norie Okana watches Ariel with as she chuckles just lightly. "Anything can happen Ariel. But right now I'm glad what happened is you surprised me by coming over!" she says as she gently wraps an arm softly around Ariel to her other shoulder, and rests her head against the top of Ariel's a little.

She huffs. "Cultural appropriation. Don't worry. I feel the same way when I watch a show about vam---" a pause.

"Right I'm going to have to show you this anime a friend showed me. It's is literally about a vampire that falls in love with a unicorn." she says with a soft grin. "I'll have to see if she'll let me borrow the set." she grins.

"Later thou. This now." she says, as she gently listens for a moment. Before closing her eyes. She does not go to sleep. She's basking.