Toychest Troubles

It was the weirdest dream... Ariel was a samurai, and Seishi was a hammer wielding viking, and Kokoro was a unicorn, and everything was all switched around. Oh and there were evil toys, too. AND IT'S A GUNDAM

Date: 2018-09-08
Pose Count: 32
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-08 19:25:39 97209
    Largely since the defeat of the Nightmare Prince, the dream world has been fairly peaceful. Aside from the occasional natural nightmare popping up, Nightmare Youma have been largely quiet or in hiding... Until recently at least. Not that most people would know such a thing, anyway.
    So going to sleep comes fairly easily, but soon enough things get a little... Weird. First off, comfortable beds become much less comfortable. Then... Dreamers are going to start realizing they're not in their beds at all anymore.
    The room people 'wake up' in is pitch black; the only hint of light is a faint line shining from closer to the ceiling, much like the way light shines in through the lower crack in a door... And it's cramped. There's poking, hard surfaces, jumbled heaps of what feel like plastic in the darkness. The occasional feeling of someone else squirming. Someone in the darkness jars something out of place with a loud CLICK.
    The *bleat* of pure surprise is one thing, but the giant eyes that light up in the darkness with an almost toy-like series of alarm sounds and harmless rat-tat-tats might jolt people a little more 'awake' in the cramped dark chamber.
    "Uwah! ... H-helloooo? Is anyone there?"
    Anyone who knows her will recognize Ariel's voice in the darkness over the woopwoopwoopwoopBWEEEEE noises.
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-08 19:31:14 97211
Jiaying Maki had been sleeping in a place-adjacent so to speak. Which is why she's even more disoriented than she thinks she would be in a normal bed. Scrambling around for a moment, her eyes reflecting red in the faint light, she's mostly revealed more by the rather lengthy string of what's probably not very polite Chinese.

Eventually she comes to a dead stop, looks around. Then says, "Uh. Hey sorry." in case she elbowed, kneed or even maybe scratched someone in her attempt to escape the inky darkness of what she had thought was the place that replaced her room at the manor.

Eventually those pointy ears tilt back and she starts trying to find the source of that sound, placing her hands carefully before putting her weight down. "That is incredibly loud. Please make it shut up now."
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-09-08 19:32:48 97212
    Rustle. Rustlethump. "Ow." Rustle rustle thump-"Ow." Rustlerustleclatter- "Ow. What the hell..."

    That is a very familiar grump that is clattering into many things in the darkness. "The hell is that noise?" Kokoro grunts.

    Pause. "...Ariel, that you? Am I asleep again?"
Lacrima 2018-09-08 19:33:33 97213
Lacrima usually wakes up in pitch black because she sleeps in a coffin. It's the light up top that's odd as she stumbles about. "Uh. Hello?" she calls out. "Ari-chan!? Ariel! I'm over here. What's going on!?" she asks. She can hear a rukus.

She'll start trying to stumble around if able.

"Yeah what the heck is this dream?" she asks.
Seishi Tamashige 2018-09-08 20:02:28 97218
Ending up in other people's dreams has become something of a way of life for Seishi. Usually, though, it's rather more of an act of volition. Coming to herself in the darkness of dreaming, in some cramped and unfamiliar confines - that's new.

"What the--?"

Cue some more scuffling and scrambling to add to the general cacophony that's currently going in the whereever-they-are, before she finally stops and thinks better of flailing pointlessly in the dark. Stilling, she attempts to take stock, squinting and peering into the gloom in hopes that her eyes might start to adjust. "Okay, this is useless. Sound off, who else is here with us? Akashimaru here."
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-08 20:09:57 97220
Narumi lets out a grumble and uncertainly tries to get to her feet. "What the hell," she mutters, though this probably won't be heard over the noise. Though when she gets jostled by Jiaying, she lets out a yelp! "Hey, watch it!" she exclaims.

Kokoro gets her attention. "Uh, yep, this is definitely a dream, voice I don't recognize!" she calls back to Kokoro. She's about to answer Lacrima, but then she trips over something (someone?) and lets out a yelp as she falls flat on her face. "Yeah, okay, enough of that!" she says, getting unsteadily back to her feet again. "Oh, uh, my name's Narumi, I'm a lucid dreamer!" With a snap of her fingers, she attempts to dream up a glowing orb of pearlescent light.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-08 20:27:46 97224
    Lovely, people are here who Ariel actually knows. She seems to have that luck whenever these kinds of strange dreams crop up, which means she doesn't have to handle anything alone. The issue is, usually when this many dreamers are pulled into a place at once that means it's going to be a heck of a trip.
    "Bwuh... Lacrima, Kokoro, you're here too." The unicorn huffs in the darkness. Her horn comes to life, flickering gently at first before giving off a gentle green light akin to a nightlight. Between Ariel and Narumi, the light is enough to show that she's already in her armor, trying to tug a squirming Lucky out from what looks like a giant wooden block. The source of the lit eyes and sounds happens to be a giant plastic toy robot, buzzing and crackling as it lays on its back, rocking back and forth with automatic motions.
    Looking around in the faint light reveals what appear to be way oversized toys all around. "Se- Akashimaru, I need help with Lucky-- and... Ah you..." There's recognition for Jiaying and Narumi as well.
    It's a giant toy chest.
    And when the lid opens up a pair of dark hands made from shadow reach into the chest and--
    Bleat! Bleatbleatbleatbleat!
    The hands scoop Ariel and Lucky up and out of sight. She's alone only for a moment before one by one the others are lifted out and FIDDLED WITH. Played with like dolls or action figures for a moment before the hands just start swapping everyone around way too fast to make sense.
    Which is probably why the tiny red samurai Ariel on the big shaggy horse looks very confused. "Whuh?" Even Lucky whinnies in confusion.
    It's no better for everyone else.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-09-08 20:43:29 97227
    "Dengeki Shoujo," is all the self-introduction Kokoro seems to be willing to give right now - perfectly suited to the brusque, slightly delinquent tone she typically adopts. "Yeah, I'm here, what's-"

    The toychest opens. A hand reaches down and snags Ariel. "-oi! You let go of her right now or I'll- HEY! HEY PUT ME DOWN I AIN'T YOUR-" There is flailing. There is angry shouting. When Kokoro is finally set back down, she... blinks. And blinks again. And looks at herself and her armor. "U-uh... what the... Ariel, I look like you. Or like me as you, or... what the heck is going on?"


    "...wait, why do I feel like I should hug someone?!"
Lacrima 2018-09-08 20:50:30 97229
"ARI-CHAN!?" she calls out as she moves to go jump after Ariel, before...oh god that thing has her now, what the hell, she gets angry and starts to glow with a dark aura....

She plops down her butt. Has ears. And a tail. Looks entirely displeased. For various reasons now. "...This thing didn't switch our bodies..." she says. "That much is clear. But I think it... change. The powers...? Dress? Manner of wear?" she asks then she winces and starts scratching behind one of those ears ack, furrrrrr. No. No argh!

She'll start to walk forward then trip. Then frown and get back up and start walking forward more slowly. Okay.

The tail is throwing her off. "Kami dammit." she mutters.
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-08 20:52:03 97230
Jiaying Maki may or may not try to bite the shadow fingers that have picked her up. Repeatedly. Whether this tastes good or not even. "You keep that dog away!" She calls out when she hears the dog's name mentioned. She may only have met Ariel a few times, but she will not have a great big dog around her. No. Nonono.

When she's set back down, she pats at her head a few times. Looks down at herself and once again begins a blistering tirade in Chinese. "What is this?" She eventually asks. Then she stops. A distant look on her face. She checks her ears, poking a few times, then says, "How do you deal with such bad ears!" Then she pauses and shakes her head, finding it at least easier to focus. There's not so many sounds, distractions, neat smells or things to fill that everlooming threat of boredom suddenly.

"Norie! How do we fix this!?" What, she's been through something similar. It's a valid question! Though if it's a power swap, she's totally going to have fun trying things out. Right? There's a moment of laughter at Norie trying to walk with a tail. "Lean forward a bit!" She offers. Before faceplanting as she tries to walk over to help her. Which definitely gets one more harsh word in Chinese.
Seishi Tamashige 2018-09-08 21:02:36 97231
"HEY! Leave her a--waugh!" That'd be Akashimaru again, broken out of the beginnings of some righteous wrath by the shadow-hands plucking her up out of the toybox. There is a distinct *pop* of a spark of static electricity between her and the fingers as they set her down, for whatever it may accomplish.

Ariel is the first one she gets a good look at, and Seishi's dark eyes go comically wide. "What." It takes another second or two before she thinks to look down at herself, and then she doubletakes and nearly drops the warhammer that's been clutched in her hands. Only several moments of hasty, desperate fumbling save her from completely losing her grip on it, and then she just stares at it, bewildered.

"I'm sorry, what."
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-08 21:17:25 97234
In the light, Narumi is revealed to be wearing a princess getup. She looks around to the others, nodding wordlessly at the new introductions; she's met Lacrima and Ariel before in another dream, and she's still weirded out by the fact that other people are in her dream with her.

She looks up in surprise as the shadow hands grab her, tries to rise off the ground and fly out of the way -- but she's just a hair too slow, the hand grabs her ...

... and for a moment Narumi smoulders with the dark aura Lacrima had a moment ago, but this slowly fades over the course of a few seconds. She stares down at herself with purple eyes, and she turns over her suddenly-pale hands as she looks them over. "Oh," she says, her tone nearly devoid of emotion. "This might as well happen." She snaps her fingers again, but ... nothing happens. "... yeah I don't know what I expected."

She gives herself another once-over, feeling that she's full of darkness, and grimaces. "Eugghhh ... what is this, that sort of ... nightmare-energy?" she says tersely. "Or whatever it is, I don't know the proper names for all these things."
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-08 21:25:29 97235
    *Snort!* Whicker.
    Lucky the POLICE HORSE scoffs irritably at Jiaying's demand he be kept away from her; the utterly gigantic equine steed clomping a hoof down firmly and glowering.
    "Oh, um, that's because hugging someone usually makes them feel better." Ariel notes genuinely to Unikoko's question, but her lips purse. The whole grab and shuffle thing was kind of harrowing. "I'm okay Norie- what about you? You're not hurt, right?" She asks, gently reaching down a hand to help her up after falling due to balance related needing to get used to things. "This is all so very confusing, even for me." Asided to Dengeki Akashimaru
    This whole situation is pretty confusing, but uh. The owner of those dark hands is still present. On hands and knees, looming over the group; enourmous, like a child hunched over their favorite playthings. Yet this black silhouette creature is the figure of someone too large and too old to be playing with toys. But that doesn't stop it from reaching into the toybox. It pulls out the robot and slams it down. The toy is already slowly, menacingly walking towards the group, but then come wooden blocks, legos, action figures; being hurled down in a rain of a tantrum.
    "Uwah! Everyone look out!" Ariel bleats before she makes a decision... "Uh... ... Uhhhh..."
    "Twist the cord of Fate!" "...???"
    She had already been in Akashimaru's outfit, but using the dream samurai's call summons the familiar form of Akashimaru's tessen, which transforms into the curve of a bow in Ariel's grasp.
    She's not shooting at the nightmare. She's a pacifist.
    But she is shooting a large building block off course from impacting the others.
    The problem is that was just one. There are a load of toys getting chucked around.
Lacrima 2018-09-08 21:44:23 97238
Lacrima shoots a glare back at Jiaying and then over to ... what was her name again? Narumi. Oh dear. "Um. That's dark energy. You um. Probably shouldn't. Think too hard about it. And center yourself. Like now. Also. Um..." she shifts.

"I dunno how any of Jiaying's things work." she says. She thinks really hard... as she looks upwards. Oh dear. Things raining down. She makes a dash to cover. She trips a few times but she's trying to avoid these things.

"Nrg dammit..." she thinks "Um..."

"Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao...."

"Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao...."

"Yu Mo Gui Gwai Fai Di Zao...."

She starts chanting. Nothing happens.

"JIA A LITTLE HELP HERE." she yells out.
Seishi Tamashige 2018-09-08 21:49:25 97239
"This might actually be the weirdest thing that's happened to me so far," Akashimaru answers Ariel, still a little wild-eyed. The changes to herself are weird enough, but it's really hard to get over the sight of the unicorn girl in her own familiar samurai attire and Lucky recast in the form of a police horse.

Seriously, just plain weird.

She doesn't get a lot of time to work on parsing any of this, though, because as usual the sky is falling in by way of an avalanche of oversized toys any one of which could probably squash her or the others flat. Reflex and instinct take over where otherwise Seishi might have been paralyzed by not having any of her usual arsenal to hand - without even thinking, she surges forward, body twisting as she brings the hammer upwards in a mighty two-handed swing to intercept a toy truck as it comes crashing down. "How about NOPE!"

Jiaying Maki 2018-09-08 21:51:08 97241
Jiaying Maki glowers at the horsedog and says, "I remember you, horse or not!" She also knows he's not an actual dog, but that's not how phobias work. There's a few moments of glaring. Then she realizes she's laying there on the ground. And promptly staggers to her feet. Her balance is off and she about pitches forward trying to rely on muscle memory. With deliberate movement, she stands up and smooths out the dress she's wearing.

She then shouts at Norie, "I'm not an old guy and I don't have a fish! I'm a Wu not... whatever he was. Stop that!" In an undertone, she murmurs, "I eat fish." Then she frowns. "How do I do... lucid d. Lucid dreams? Can I imagine myself flying with super powers?" Which is totally what she's trying to do. Her concentration breaks briefly and she calls out, "Focus on-" she scowls. Fidgets. "There's a little ball of magic, you need to focus on that and shape the magic to what you need. If you need to chant to make a fireball, that's your call! Just don't spit up the ball!" she pauses. Frowns. "I shouldn't have said that last part." then she frowns, "None of you heard that. I don't have one of those sphere. No."

Pause. Thoughts processing. She murmurs to herself, "I probably should actually do that and see if it looks funny now." Later she means. Not that she's talking to anyone. "I've shown you spell tags, use those if you have to cheat!" She finally remembers. "Burn the spell on the paper wit-... with the core of magic. How do you operate!" She looks to Narumi, shakesh er arms around and says, "What do you do!" before she may or may not have completely by accident fired off a beam of energy, knocking some of the falling debris away. "That was intentional. Those lasers were intentional." And then she spends the next few moments trying to shake her hands to fire more of them.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-09-08 22:02:45 97242
    Kokoro just kind of stares quietly at Akashimaru; the droop of her ears manages to convey a perfect deadpan even before she actually opens her mouth. "...I'd say 'don't drop it', but it's not like that'd hurt it." Sigh.

    -hands. Oh my god hands. That big... person-thing up there, is now having a right little tantrum, and a pair of hands are giving them plenty more to worry about. Quick, Kokoro, think of something. Hesitating in a fight is fatal, you have to come up with something fast, how does Ariel usually do this-

    ...wait, if Ariel's summoned up things to... maybe if...

    Kokoro closes her eyes, holds out a hand (mostly because she feels she should), and concentrates.

    As Akashimaru hurtles into battle (and in the process earns a brief glance from Kokoro that might almost be pride), something hurtles in right behind her. A thunder of hooves heralds a crimson-furred blur of a horse, a polearm whirls, and a falling block is smashed out of the way - just barely ruffling the twin red swallowtail feathers emerging from the headdress. Lips pull into a smirk, and golden armor gleams.

    The horseback warrior is thundering straight towards the robot, immediately going right after the biggest threat with a grin on his face.
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-08 22:08:02 97243
Narumi grumbles at the sight of the massive nightmare. "You gotta be kidding me," she mutters. "Uh. How do I ..." She freezes up for a few seconds when the attacks begin ... and then she just melts into a puddle of black ichor and skedaddles over towards Jiaying!

Upon reaching her, Vampirumi's head pokes out of the puddle, though it just looks like a shadowy mess of ichor. "... should do this in my own dreams," she mutters, before looking up at the currently-not-a-foxgirl. "Lucid dreaming is powered by your imagination. In someone else's dream, I think flight and ranged attacks work best. Don't overthink it, just will it to happen."

Her head sinks slightly back into the puddle as the sudden horseback rider starts making even more noise. "... though ... I had lots of practice with regular lucid dreams before my first nightmare attack ..." she mumbles.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-08 22:20:22 97246
    It's immediately so very chaotic. And yes it is super weird. Even for Ariel. Lucky is storming around, carrying Ariel out of harms way from flung toys as she shoots what she can out of the air or off course from harming the others, rather than directly attack the Nightmare. But riding a horse is a very different kind of gait than the canine one she's used to and her focus is wholly split on shooting and holding on, with the occasional bleat.
    But the rain of toys is diverted. A beam of energy from Jiaying shatters a cluster of lego bricks, while Dengeki Akashimaru's unreasonable levels of Dengeki Shoujo force crumple the toy truck on impact.
    "Thisisverymuchsomeoneelse'sdream." Ariel confirms for Narumi and Jiaying as Lucky thunders by. And then... And then...
    Lu Bu.
    Kokoro is not limited by Ariel's personal code of pacifism. Kokoro can dream of great warrior heroes...
    Kokoro can summon Lu Bu.
    And the ancient general storms the battlefield, heading towards the robot, which shifts to engage...
    The robot learns very fast to not engage Lu Bu.
    But there are still more toys. And while the tantrum subsides, the Nightmare reaches into the toybox and pulls something else out. It's a massive tyrannosaurus rex figure. And the shadowy figure turns the crank on the toy's back several simes to wind it up before setting it down. But once set down... The Dinosaur ROARS and charges with snapping teeth and whipping swings of that powerful tail.
Seishi Tamashige 2018-09-08 22:30:32 97249
The crumpled hulk of the toy truck bounces away (losing a wheel in the process). In its wake, Akashimaru looks down at the hammer she's holding, eyes wide for a different reason now. "Okay," she says. "This might actually be kind of cool."

And then - of course - out comes the T-Rex.

"Wh--Are you kidding me?" she says out loud, rhetorically, as though she should ever have expected any different after everything she's already experienced doing battle in people's dreams. "Okay. Fine. I can do this. We can do this." Grimly hefting the hammer with both hands, she strides forward, towards the towering figure and its massive snapping jaws. "Ariel--" remembering the situation, she checks her words hastily; "--or whoever, I'm getting up there!"

Because faced with doing battle with a freaking T-Rex, the Dengeki Shoujo way is obviously to try to bash it in its great big head. Right?
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-08 22:34:20 97250
Jiaying Maki stops for a moment to watch the representation of Lu Bu charge forward. She works her fingers a few times, just watching. "You would summon a guy that switches sides more than a Game of Thrones character over Lady Sun or Guan Yu the saint!?" She catches herself and shakes her head, "Ignore me."

She looks down at the shadow monster at her feet. Headtilts. Considers. "Okay not-n-Lacrima." She then pauses, "I can't just summon Cao Cao just to mess around right?" Pause, hesitate. She jumps up and down a few times, then manages to stick. As in floats. Leaning forward, she rolls forward. Leaning back. She rolls forward. Bumping into a piece of fallen debris gets a frustrated sound, but soon enough she has it figured out. Stop overthinking. Stop overthinking. I wonder if I should come up with a costume like Allmight. Stop overthinking.

Lurching forward in the air, she scrambles a moment. Rights herself, then makes a frustrated sound and lands. Clapping her hands together, she's suddenly dressed in a proper kung fu outfit, she's got a proper sword and she leaps into the air as though on wires. Twirling the sword, she raises it behind herself, strikes a proper wire kung fu pose and then lashes out at the toy dinosaur, a blade of energy on the blade. She continues soaring past, successful or not and strikes a pose standing on a small lego block on one leg, other leg raised into the air with her hand extended outward.

"I should have channeled Jackie Chan and not Jet Li, but we'll make do!"
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-09-08 22:42:25 97253
    With a fierce roar, Lu Bu veers straight in towards the robot, shifting his weight and standing forward in Red Hare's saddle. At the last second, he nudges the horse aside, and then leaps off his steed's back, skidding behind the stallion until he's blowing right by the toy robot's leg - and then he whips his halberd around, slashing through the back of his target's knee with Sky Piercer's spearpoint.

    The step he takes to the right is almost lazy by comparison, but really, all he has to do is wait for the robot to teeter over backwards. Then he can whip his halberd around and use the blade to neatly slice the robot in half with its own momentum. It's the last thing he does before fading away. With a grin on his face.

    Kokoro turns to glance Maki's way. "...I made sure he had somethin' to fight, and didn't stick around long." Hey, at least she thought that far ahead!

    And in the meantime, there is now a dinosaur. A dinosaur that is charging. It's her first instinct to dive in and hit it on the snout to establish dominance; but right now she can't do that, and... oh. Akashimaru's got that covered. Okay. Right, so fire support. How can she use Ariel's powers to back this up. What do you do against a tough, charging enemy who... oh right. There's another guy who had some ideas on that, isn't there?

    Behind Kokoro, a long, broad fan of overwrought, overfancy matchlock muskets appears. And then above and behind that, another. And above and behind that, a third. Three lines of muskets. Even a charging dinosaur has something to fear from the Demon King of the Sixth heaven. "And... FIRE!!" The air fills with the thunderous cacophony of a barrage of musket fire.
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-08 22:58:13 97256
"My name is Narumi!" snaps Narumi. Wow, looks like Jiaying hit a nerve there. "... nnghh ... is this how Lacrima-san feels all the time? Yikes ..."

She shakes her head, and just ... sighs at the T-rex, and un-puddles herself, remaining in a scary shadowy form. Well, between the hammer, the wire-fu, and the firing squad, the others seem to have the T-Rex handled, so she turns up to stare at source of their problems. "Annoying," she growls up at the shadowy figure. "You should just ..."

She stops. She doesn't have a unicorn tear around her soul to offset the darkness ... but what she does have? Hope. A wish she made, which she intends to see to its end.


Plus, y'know, an awareness that this isn't real, this is just dream-weirdness that's swapping her with someone else at the moment.

She calls out, "Can, uh ..." She stares up at the shadowy figure. "We, uh, we need to take out the big guy! Can ... Do darkness-powers work very well on oth-- on creatures of darkness?"
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-08 23:15:28 97259
    Nope, not kidding. That's an animated Toy-Rex. "Do it!" Ariel calls back to Dengeki Akashimaru as the dinosaur comes stomping in. Its teesh gnash down and Ariel grunts, the bow in her hands returning to the shape of the tessen fan once again-- which she if forced to use to defend herself an instant later. Teeth come snapping down... And she shoves it into the dino-toy's mouth, the metal fan holding the jaws at bay and opening it up for the others, while her newly found samurai hot blood holds her determined to keep those jaws from doing anything else.
    Which is good, because this gives the opening needed to get upon the beast's back and go for the head, while Jiaying turns this scene into a wuxia wire-fu film.
    Kokoro Nobunaga summons an army of dream rifles. Fire! she orders. And the muskets unload in a fussilade that peppers the toy in lead.
    "Yes!" The Last Unicorn Samurai calls out to Narumi. "Lacrima took over youma before-- try some of the other toys laying around!" She suggests. They are all infused with nightmare darkness after all.
    It looks like now though the shadowy figure behind the toys is... Shrinking. Weakening as it throws more powerful toys out at the group, going from an older figure to one more childlike, as it reaches into the toybox again... And... And pulls out...
    "WAH! It's a gundam!" Ariel bleats.
    Because that is a Perfect Grade Gundam Model. The kind that stands up to a man's knee in the real world. The kind that looks to be about twenty feet tall to everyone else. And it rushes in with a blazing beam sword trailing darkness.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-09-08 23:30:45 97263
    Down goes the dinosaur, and up comes... th... that's a...

    "...ah heck, I never watched this show, how the heck do you beat that?!"

    Think, Kokoro, think. You had a good idea for a smaller robot, now you just need something for a bigger one. Come on, there's got to be some general or mighty warrior in the zillions of games you've played and stories you've watched or read, who's had to face a giant robot befo...


    Kokoro looks down under her feet. The ground splits - but not as if smashed apart. It splits as if a secret hangar door is sliding open, the ground itself parting to allow something to rise up. The sound of an immense, powerful elevator lifting a heavy load fills the air, and Kokoro crosses her arms over her unicorn knight armor, rising up atop her new summon. The immense machine rumbles, as if waking from its sleep, and the long weapon which forms its right arm quirks, crackling to life with a fizzle of electricity. Its other 'arm', much shorter and stubbier, quirks and shifts, pointing a radome straight up into the sky to begin tracking its target. As soon as it does, that right arm lifts and begins crackling, as the mech's internal power source begins feeding all the juice it can generate into a series of heavy-duty capacitors.

    And there Kokoro stands atop it, like some kind of great big boss, quietly directing this new, metallic piece of gear to level a powerful railgun at the Gundam and fire with a deafening report.
Seishi Tamashige 2018-09-08 23:40:38 97267
Ariel's efforts give Akashimaru exactly the chance she needed: while the toy T-rex strains against the tessen that wedges its jaws open, the Dengeki Temp-Shoujo charges into motion, a rush up the textured rubber of the beast's back toward its head. With a mighty heave, she brings the hammer smashing down onto the top of the rex's head.

There is a satisfying crack of breaking plastic.

She rides the falling dinosaur down to the ground, bracing herself to hold her stance as it topples, and for half a second she manages to pause and catch her breath. "You're doing great," she tells Ariel - before the unicorn girl's bleat of alarm has her turning to look over her shoulder at this newest and largest threat.

--oh, says Dengeki Akashimaru's facial expression. Of course.

"Now would be a really good time for some lightning," she murmurs to herself, glancing down at the hammer. How does Kokoro do this...? If anyone has time to pay her any attention, they might see Akashimaru lifting the hammer a little in one hand to give it a shake, smacking it against her palm like it's a flashlight with dying batteries.

"--never mind, I'll figure it out." There's no time for how-I-shot-web, the Gundam is coming in hot and she has to act now. Eyes catching on a sparkly rubber ball lying amidst the detritus of fallen toys, Akashimaru snaps to a decision; shifting the hammer back into a double-handed grip, she springs from the head of the downed T-rex and launches herself into a headlong run.

Two strides before she reaches the ball, two seconds before she meets the path of the Gundam's dark beam saber, she leaps--

--comes down with both feet onto the Super Bouncy Ball and rockets off it like a bullet in ricochet--

She's flying through the air in a reckless arc, hammer raised high over her head, and with a fantastic blaze of crackling light the broad head of the weapon ignites with electricity that trails off it in an arc, as Akashimaru hurtles directly towards the center mass of the Gundam figure's chest-cockpit.

Jiaying Maki 2018-09-08 23:50:38 97269
Jiaying Maki grins, making a "Come here" gesture towards the big toy. What, if she's going wuxia, she's going all the way. "I need the razor rings or something." She says to no one in particular, but leans forward then leaps into the once again, the blade trailing a pale blue streak through the air, something approaching freezing. Arms above her head, she feels the momentum carrying her downward, sword held above and chopped down as hard as possible. Complete with a sound sting as she drives the blade home.

Landing lightly at the base of the creature. She flicks the sword in hand to her side. THen spins it and leaps away from the creature. Backwards, a good number of meters.
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-09 00:15:17 97274
Narumi nods to Ariel. "Okay, got it!" She looks up at everyone else's ostentatious attacks. Okay, she knows what to do here, although she feels like the other mecha with the huge cannon is going to be a hard act to follow. Her shadowy form does an acrobatic pirouette through the air, and seems to "splash" into the solid floor and vanish.

And then ... little tendrils of shadow spread out to touch the other toys. Legos, toy soldiers, blocks, fragments of the robot and the T-Rex, all sorts of fragments ... all of them start to move as Vampirumi takes control of all of them. They form two distinct lines in a V-shape pointed away from the Gundam, much more obviously sharp and pointy on the inside.

Then Vampirumi's shadowy form materializes, sitting sidesaddle on the apex of the V. With a wave of her hand, the V surges forward like a giant pair of jaws, and slams together on the monster's upper torso. "MANDIBULAS DE DOLOR WAIT WHY AM I SPEAKING IN ANOTHER LANGUAGE SUDDENLY, WHAT LANGUAGE EVEN IS THAT!"
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-09 00:46:43 97282
    The gundam comes. Ariel grips on Lucky's reins as she flicks the tessen open.
    "Uhhhh. ... UHHHHH..."
    Luckily for her she doesn't quite have to engage it directly.
    Kokoro summons a mecha of her own.
    Akashimaru figures out how to shot lightning.
    Jiaying reveals the power of wuxia martial skills.
    And Narumi learns espan~ol.
    The PG Gundam Model comes charging in on jet thrusters and raises that beamsword high. But it is halted by Dengeki Akashimaru, using the added height of the rubber ball's bounce to leap up, hammer SLAMMING the chestplate of the mecha with enough force to crumple it savagely as Jiaying comes down on it, while NArumi hijacks the other toys, leading them in formation.
    The result is disastrous. For the gundam. As the METAL GEAR fires its railcannon at the power core (Two D batteries) visible within the chest, it halts. But not before the jaws of pain- all those wrecked toys bear down on it to hold it in place briefly. Before it splits in half, and comes apart at every joint and seam.
    Then. Despite being a toy. It explodes in a suitably dramatic and flashy manner.
    This leaves the dark figure- now the size of a child rummaging in an empty toy chest, throwing a tantrum again with nothing to throw at the gathered heroes of hope and light. Ariel steps forward and opens her mouth to speak. ... Before she pauses and has a dawning realization. She doesn't have her own powers. She can't purifiy the Nightmare the way she normally would. This is when a single simple thought floats through her mind.
    What is the purpose of a sword?
    Shinken means 'serious', but it also means 'real sword'.
    Ariel's mind flashes back to that dark forest long ago, and the dark knight that had been saved by a sword that was not meant to cut... But a sword that was meant to save.
    "C... Come! The blade that severs the bonds of karma.! Katsujinken!"
    In her hands the tessen takes on the form of a shimmering, scintillating blade. She looks hesitant to even be holding a weapon, but it is one that was made to save, not to harm. But she still very gently daps the Nightmare gently on the back with the blade.
    It is enough.
    Weakened enough by the combined efforts of fending off all the toys, the Nightmare flails briefly in recoil from the contact as a flare of purifying light shines brightly from its body.
    When the light dies down, the same figure of darkness and shadow is there, but now formed of a gentle light. A childlike silhouette in appearance, it begins collecting broken toys and fixing them with a tender love and care; repairing each and everything that had been broken in the fight, before trying to shove them at everyone. It's not hostile...
    It wants to share.
    "Mm." Ariel muses. "This dream is a nice once... Before it was twisted it liked to fix the favorite broken toys of children so that they could have them back in their dreams, long after getting thrown out in the real world..."
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-09-09 00:59:40 97288
    There's a certain satisfaction in seeing Akashimaru figure out her powers so smoothly - in seeing that hammer serve someone else as well as it's served her. So for that, she can only stand quietly atop her new 'weapon' and watch the show. Jiaying and Narumi both put on good shows with borrowed powers, and there's nothing else the Gundam can do but explode. And...

    ...and there's Ariel. Even now, completely unable to swing a sword in the way it was designed to be swung. Even to save a life.

    '...jeez, look at me. I get her powers, and the first thing I do is make weapons of war. And she gets an actual weapon, and she can't even bring herself to swing it.'

    Kokoro touches down on the ground, taking a few idle steps forward to stop next to Ariel. "...heh. This dream power stuff... it really suits you more'n it does a brute like me," she decides quietly. Then there's a glance over towards Akashimaru, and...

    "...Hey, uh. If you're kinda tingly for a couple minutes after you shut off the transformation, that's normal. Don't worry 'bout it."
Seishi Tamashige 2018-09-09 01:06:19 97292
That could, Akashimaru reflects, have gone incredibly badly. As it is, her head's ringing like a bell from the impact... but together with the efforts of the others, it did the job. Hefting the hammer to rest it back against and over her shoulder, she watches the Gundam's pyrotechnic demise, laughing breathlessly with sheer adrenaline.

And then Ariel figures out what she needs to do in order to put the Nightmare to rest, and Akashimaru's breath catches in wonder.

It's not surprise - Ariel is a creature of hope and salvation by her very nature, and it's no surprise at all that she'd understand how the Shinken is meant to be used. It's simply that Seishi's never seen her own weapon in action before, not from the outside like this. The one time she tapped the true power of Katsujinken herself, she was far too focused on her goal to think of much else.

The look on her face, illuminated by the radiance of purifying light, is something akin to awe.

Looking toward Kokoro when the other girl offers those words of advice, Akashimari raises her eyebrows for a moment before nodding quickly in understanding. "Thanks," she says, voice shivering with a hint of lingering laughter. "I'll... I'll keep that in mind. And thanks for the loan." Even if it was involuntary.

She remembers to offer the hammer back to its proper owner, before she turns a proud, beaming smile toward Ariel, and then around at the others.

"Flawless victory," Akashimaru pronounces.
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-09 01:37:03 97300
Narumi blinks, accepting a stuffed black cat doll with button-eyes and a pair of floppy tails. "Heh ... wow," she murmurs, standing away from the group. "A 'nice dream' that got corrupted, huh?" She smiles faintly as she strokes the doll's ears. "So ... she wasn't just completely full of it ..."