The Prince and the ... Eidolon?

Mamoru is doing research into family law at the library when someone who knows him enters. The conversion is brief but friendly, but is abruptly disrupted by an inadvertent exchange of emotions and trauma.

Date: 2018-09-09
Pose Count: 13
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-09 00:35:11 97280
One thing that Ayumi Yohisa might remember about a younger Mamoru Chiba, when he still lived in the orphanage-- before he got out early to live on his own with the government checking in once every couple of weeks, and came back to hold catch-up classes for kids who wanted extra help in school but couldn't get it, or in some cases ended up tutoring-- was that he was never really sick, and never ever injured. He didn't touch people much, and people definitely didn't touch him, but every once in a while if another kid got physically bullied and it was ignored by the administration, or was in an accident and a lot of pain, he'd read them stories to go to sleep... and when they woke up, they didn't hurt nearly as much, or their injuries weren't very bad. 'Must have looked worse than it was' was a common observation.

When he left, that stopped.

Another thing she might remember about him is that no one wanted to be his roommate because he had awful nightmares from which he'd wake in a panic, and disturb the sleep of whoever else was in his room-- and rumors spread very quickly in a place like that.

Now? Well, probably as far as Icela knows, he still teaches there at that orphanage; he was still when she landed in the hospital, after vanishing for months after The Ice Cream Incident and then coming back tired and jittery with a bit of a lost look in his eyes. That improved over time.

Right now? This minute? He's in the library at Penguin Park, sitting with a stack of books at a table, poring over one of them and taking notes on his ipad. All the books are about family law or missing persons. He looks as serious as he always did when engrossed in studies, glasses clean and perched without sliding down his nose, hair falling a little forward. He's dressed unremarkably in a shortsleeved white buttondown and dark grey jeans, and there's a ring on the finger generally used for engagement humblebragging.
Icela 2018-09-09 00:50:13 97285
Icela has entered the library to 'liberate' some additional paper for her sketching when she notices a familiar face. The obviously not-human figure slowly approaches Mamoru to get a look at what he's up to, frowning slightly at the topic in question, before deciding to break the silence by claiming a chair next to his. "What are you doing, Chiba-san?" She smiles, seemingly quite aware that Mamoru likely doesn't have the slightest clue who she is.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-09 00:57:28 97287
Mamoru glances up at the voice saying his name, finding it familiar-- but--


He glances around, and nobody else is paying attention to either of them, so he looks up at the voice's owner again and adjusts his glasses. "Research," he answers amiably enough. "Did I know you when you were alive? I'm sorry I don't recognise your face at all, but I imagine becoming yurei can be... somewhat transformative."
Icela 2018-09-09 01:04:12 97291
Icela sighs extensively. "Why do people keep assuming I'm dead?" She complains, though it seems to be dramaticized a bit for the sake of making a point rather than any genuine offense. "I'm an Eidolon, not a ghost. But, to answer your question. Yes, you knew me before I turned into this." She smiles, and adds an introduction, "I am the Ephemeral Eidolon Icela. Icela for short."

She pauses a moment and then adds, "I guess I shouldn't be surprised you're so nonplussed by my current state of being though. It makes sense, really."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-09 01:09:38 97293
"...because you look like a surprisingly pleasant yurei," laughs the college boy, slouching apparently comfortably in the apparently uncomfortable library chair. "But I'm pleased to find out no one I know has died recently without my knowledge." A beat. "Icela, then. Do you have a means to get back into your body? I was stricken with a similar affliction a few weeks ago, but it was because someone stole my soul."

Then he squints a little, sitting up and pushing the book aside, turning off his tablet; he laces his fingers underneath his chin, elbows on the table. "Why does it make sense?"
Icela 2018-09-09 01:18:30 97296
Icela tilts her head in surprise at being called 'pleasant.' "I don't. It's fine, though, it would only hold me back." There's a broad grin when she says that, emphasizing that she's not at all unhappy with her current situation, "My body is in fine shape, and I see no reason to take any action that would risk hurting it." She pauses at the last question. Just a moment, and then answers with a teasing tone in her voice. "That's a secret."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-09 01:27:22 97297
Some of the concern dissipates when Icela makes it clear she's not unhappy; Mamoru nods. And then he looks a little unimpressed with her teasing answer. "It sounds," he says slowly, "like it may be my secret, though. No one I know of currently has an empty body, and you say I knew you before this, and you know my name, and you find it unsurprising that I take no issue with phantasms, and am unsurprised to see one when she comes and addresses me and speaks with me. Despite things I've always been able to do, even if they were secret at the time, there are very few people who know I'm a medium. I'm a little worried if that's gotten out through some vector of which I'm unaware. If it's only your identity you mean to keep from me, that's fair, but if someone told you something about me that implied or stated outright that I can see and interact with... ghosts, for lack of a better general term... then I'd like to know who it was so I can go be cranky at them."
Icela 2018-09-09 01:34:44 97299
"Oh it wasn't anything specific, just rumours, but if I wanted to go into more detail as to why it makes sense I'd have to go into details that are a bit more personal. Sorry." Icela responds without too much concern to it, seemingly quite insistent on keeping her identity secret. "And the ability to see that I'm not just a strange pale girl is surprisingly common, I run into someone who can just about every other day. At least it feels that way."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-09 01:37:14 97301
Mamoru's eyebrows go up for a second, but then he's apparently satisfied with that answer, because he sits back again, face clearing. "That's fair. There have always been rumors about me." And then the corner of his mouth quirks up in an amused, faintly affectionate smile, and his head tilts a little bit as he regards her. "Finding out that more of the population is weirder than they let on, are you?"
Icela 2018-09-09 01:53:27 97305
"Basically." Icela responds to the last bit, and reaches out for one of the books Mamoru is looking at with curiousity, and in doing so accidentally brushes past Mamoru's skin. Her reaction is immediate, recoiling back at the experience. The sensation Mamoru receives is unpleasant to say the least; though there's some joy at meeting a familiar face its clearly momentary and struggling for relevance against the sheer tide of emotions.

Resentment of the world at large, anger at society. Hatred of most people, and envy of those who aren't so dreadfully alone. In particular the last is emphasized when she's in a classroom and every single person in that class is handed an invitation to a party; and the person handing out the invitations makes it a point to stop at her table, lingering just long enough to make her think she'd get one too, before moving on to the next table.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-09 02:12:37 97314
Mamoru jerks back at the same time, eyes widening in startlement and a kind of horrified sympathy-- true magical empathy spawning it as well as regular human empathy-- but what Icela gets from him is no less unsettling. There's a horrible fractured sense of abandonment mixed with deep depression and awful anxiety, but it's juxtaposed incongruously with a wild resident happiness from another direction entirely--

--and she'll get the image of a tall, pretty woman in a Sailor Senshi fuku who looks enough like Mamoru to be a twin sister, grinning with a feral, evil pleasure as she reaches forward and pulls and pulls and pulls, a beautiful golden energy spooling out from the point of view's chest and gathering in the woman's hand. It's accompanied by the memory of pain and incredible fear and fury, and the knowledge in that moment that Mamoru's life is being stolen from him and nothing can stop it. There's flashes of destruction and battle in the background, bright colors and flares of light, and intertwined with all of that is regret-- and people yelling an almost inaudible set of different names as everything goes dark and silent.

Mamoru gasps for breath and holds his hand to his chest, and he blurts out, "I'm sorry! I'm sorry-- it's a bad idea to touch me-- I'm sorry-- that wasn't on purpose--"
Icela 2018-09-09 02:18:09 97316
Icela doesn't know how to process what she just saw. Rather than try to deal with it, she just whispers. "I'm sorry, I got to go. Now." And then vanishes, it's clear that she's entering a different realm; leaving just enough of a trail that the magically inclined can follow if they really insist, but not enough to show where she is going. A last sentence before she is truly gone. "That looked awful, I'm sorry."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-09-09 02:22:44 97318
Still clutching his hand to his chest, eyes still wide behind his spectacles, Mamoru just Looks at her, then shakes his head minutely. 'It's all right' maybe? But it clearly wasn't all right, but maybe it's all right now--? But it barely matters; Icela is gone before Mamoru can string two words together.

Later on, he'll examine what he felt from her-- when he stops swimming in it.

Right now he just stares at the open book on the table, not parsing a single word of it.