Storybook of Revelations

Hinote picked up the book at the end of 'Back in the Saddle' and found the notes written by it's owner inside disturbing. He took it to someone who may know more, Rashmi Terios. She does. He doesn't like what he finds out, though some good news, about the potential of someone being sought being found. (Book snippets written by Nakusu Miki.)

Date: 2018-09-10
Pose Count: 15
Hinote Kagari 2018-09-10 04:07:33 97468
Hinote Kagari obtained an odd book from an odd girl that acted oddly. More importantly, the book was a highly annotated copy with strange words. Accusations about the characters in the story that seemed to fit what little he'd been told by Rashmi at Fate's adoption celebration and an ominous bit at the end.

Since Rashmi was the one to tell him, he's assuming she'll know things a little better. So he's waiting, in his daper Seiyou uniform and bag slung over his shoulder in a casual manner.

He runs a hand through his ruddy orange-brown hair as he waits for Rashmi to exit to get to school. He figures this is the most guaranteed way to find her and meet her!
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-10 04:14:42 97469
And indeed, it's not long before Rashmi bops out the currently-closed restaurant, holding the door open as she turns to wave toward the kitchen. "See you tonight, Papi!" she chirps, letting the door close as she turns... and pauses upon catching sight of Hinote. Though the two have only met twice, it's quite clear that seeing Hinote has th redhead's spirits even higher. "Kagari-san! Hi, it's good to see you again! I didn't realize you were still in school?"
Hinote Kagari 2018-09-10 04:18:53 97470
"Oh still a few years to go yet." he says. "Besides. I knew you couldn't stay away from my rugged good looks for long so I came to you." he says. "...Ha!" he says with a laugh at that. "But seriously." he says with a deep breath. "Come on I'll walk with you. I have something to talk to you about. It was odd. And maybe. Involves that Saint George thing?" he asks.

"There was a fight down the way yesterday. And someone had hid nearby. A girl. When we were done. She acted odd. Was holding a book close to her chest." he reaches into his backpack and removes a well loved copy of 'Saint George and the Dragon'. "This book." he says.

"She shoved it into her backpack before running off and saying bye but not before saying that she'd been writing in the book because the story felt 'wrong' to her despite being her favorite story." he says.

He hands it to Rashmi. "Here. See for yourself." he says. "Know what might be up with that?" he asks.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-10 04:27:20 97471
The joke earns Hinote an amused chuckle as she starts off toward school, gesturing for Hinote to join her. But of course, her good cheer fades more and more as the subject dives deeper and deeper into the subject of Saint George.

When the book is handed to her, she tilts her head, looking from it to Hinote and back again. "....Okay so.... is this like, a magical copy, or the original...? Because if it's the original... can you un-steal it? Even if it's not actually stolen?"

Her trepidation does, of course, not keep her from opening the book up and leafing through the pages. "That sounds... kinda concerning though, yeah..."
Hinote Kagari 2018-09-10 04:42:48 97472
Hinote Kagari nods. "Can you tell me more about the Saint George mess? I... um." he says. "Look this is concerning for me. Because I grew up on these stories you know? I wanted to be a knight, BECAUSE of stories like his." he says a little more quietly.

"But it sounds like he's bad news?" he asks curiously.

The Book has various highlights. words circled and lines drawn into the margins with words and statements and full sentences. Someone's really taken to it.

One of the first is where the story talks about the kindly king and queen-- it's circled. 'No, this doesn't feel right. The queen did something bad. The king did something bad. I don't know what. But no.'

When it talks of St. George and his shining armor with a cross. There is 'The cross is blood red. I don't know if it's actually holy or not.'

This copy names the dragon as 'Lurmae'. This is highlighted and in the margins. 'No. Laaamm... something. Dammit I knew it last night!!! >:('

There's a few times where George is described as brave and handsome, where she just draws an angry >:( next to the word between spaces. Likewise where the dragon is described as fierce there's little :( faces.

In a part where George said he kept his word and killed the dragon- she circles this in red ink and draws a line out. 'Betrayer. I don't know why. But every time I read this. I hear that word in my head.'

There's the occasional frustrated scribble that was hard enough it left an impression on the next few pages. Or words like 'What am I even trying to remember!?' and various other hopeless statements.

"Yeah." he says. "I can't make heads or tails of some of this. I mean. I figured she was making like. Characterization notes? Like maybe for her own writing? But this sounds like. Someone being upset at something and trying to figure out why and at what." he says with a shrug.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-10 04:47:34 97473
A lot of expressions flicker across Rashmi's face, as she reads the liner notes. Dismay, concern, and more and more strongly, outright creeping dread. "Yeah," she says faintly, carefully closing the book as though it might turn out to really be an unexploded bomb. "So um.... Okay. Longish while back, a dragon kind of... found herself in Tokyo, instead of the lair somewhere out in Europe she thought she was in.... and close to two thousand years later than when she went to sleep. Let me know once you've wrapped your heard around that part, and I'll go on."
Hinote Kagari 2018-09-10 04:53:01 97474
Hinote Kagari nods and listens. There's lots of other things written in the book, but Rashmi chooses to close it. That may or may not be for the better. He's saw the parts near the end. It's why he's even here. He listens. "Okay." he says. "So a dragon finds herself in Tokyo instead of Europe." he says. "After thousands of years. How'd that even happen?" he asks curiously.

"I mean I know things get lost in the Tokyo Mail service for a while sometimes but come on." he says with another coy smile.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-10 05:03:37 97475
"I have no idea," Rashmi says, flailing her free hand for a moment. "But it did, and the dragon... Lamya, that's her name... Was pretty desperately searching for her Princess. I don't know everything that happened, but... I know that St. George almost killed her, and the Princess sacrificed herself to save the dragon's life." Her eyes fall down to the pavement as she walks, and a shiver runs up her spine. Taking a deep breath, she steels herself, and opens up the book again to read further.
Hinote Kagari 2018-09-10 05:26:45 97476
Hinote Kagari blinks. "Oh. Wait. She's. 'THE' dragon?" he asks with wide eyes. "But...I mean. Isn't it a good thing that he almost killed her then?... wait. The princesses DIED supposedly during those events?... that... no. That makes no sense. In EVERY version of that story I've read and let me tell you that's a LOT; St. George either marries the Princess or accepts her gratitude and moves on." he says.

Hinote Kagari may be having a little trip up de nile right now. Regardless. Rashmi opens the book.

Saint George marries the princess in this version of the story. Red pen is used again. 'I think I would rather die than have that happen to me. Why do I feel like it did?...'

The King keeps his promise, and the religion changes from some pagan one to, well-- what the book says is a 'more proper one'. (It's circled 'How so!?' in note between lines.). Red pen again. 'He sold her out. He sold his whole kingdom out because.... because.... WHY DOES IT ALWAYS FEEL LIKE I'M TRYING TO R~~*&*^*^@!!!~~~' it dissolves into scribbles at the end.

Last Page. There is only one single line circled. 'And the princess and the knight lived happily ever after.' the rest of the page is covered in the word 'NO!' in various sizes and stability and in various different inks, all apparently not done at the same time, probably done over a long time since the REST of the page is nearly unreadable thanks to just the sheer amount of angry insistence on it.

"That. That's the one that made me feel something was off. I mean. The whole thing is disconcerting but that is---- yeah." he says with a sad shrug. "There's um..." he flips over that last page. There's a little 'I'm sorry and I don't know why. ._.' written on the back bottom right of the back cover.

"Sorry if this is bugging you. I just. Yeah you know more about what's going on then I do." he says. "I guess that's what I get for being stuck in another world for like two years." he says with a sigh.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-10 05:33:23 97477
"Kagari-san," Rashmi says, voice soft as she traces her fingertips over the last page. "This isn't your fault. This is.... well, y'know how a lot of religions around the world have a concept for reincarnation? Well... The way Ryo-san acted, it felt like that was what was going on with him; the soul of St. George, waking up thousands of years later in a new life. So... with that in mind?"

She flips back a few pages, to the scribble about the marriage, and turns it to face Hinote. "Let's pretend this was the Princess' copy of this book. What would that tell you about the knight?"
Hinote Kagari 2018-09-10 05:45:58 97479
Hinote Kagari blinks as he is asked this question and is faced with the page again. He purses his lips. "Reincarnation? You mean like----" ah. "Nevermind. I don't even know. If you know who I know." he says. But he looks at the page. To Rashmi. Back to the page. Back to Rashmi and he frowns a little. It's an angry and sad sort of frown.

"I think I get your point." he says. A pause.

"So. Saint George exists and he's a reincarnation. So does the dragon. But the dragon is the genuine article." he says as he thinks.

"How long ago did... Saint Gee show up?" he asks.

"She mentioned that she'd felt like the story was wrong 'for a few months' but I dunno how exactly long that is." he says.

"...and you haven't mentioned finding a princess yet." he says.

"Right. Right. Name. Nakusu Miki. That was her name. Or at least what she said was her name." he says. "I don't know anything else except what she told me about the book and that it was her favorite story." he says.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-10 05:48:40 97480
"....About a few months ago," Rashmi says faintly, her pace slowing and stopping. "And... That was the one silver lining any of us could find; that if Lamya-chan found St. George, her Princess would have to be somewhere too..." For a moment, she tips her head skyward, her eyes unreadable behind her spectacles. Then, she draws in a deep, long breath.

"...Okay so we can't introduce her to Lamya-chan yet. Just, y'know, in case we're wrong, we don't want to have a full-sized dragon just kinda thumping down on a rooftop to say hi. But... we have to figure out a way to reassure her she's not crazy, y'know?"
Hinote Kagari 2018-09-10 06:08:48 97481
He leans forward. "You know." he says. "I don't think she thinks she's crazy." he says. "She saw us fighting that.. robot horse that showed up and started draining the neighborhood." he says. "-and. She didn't act like this was odd? She said that she'd seen something like it only twice before. I'm thinking that she already can 'see' past the 'magic' like someone like me or you could." he says.

"Because if she was anyone else she'd probably think it was a gas leak or a hallucination." he says. "And she just kind of accepted that Runealy was a princess from off Earth and was all... like sparkled eyed about it for a moment?" he asks.

"....She also seemed to care more about our well being when we finally checked on her. She wasn't hurt or anything but. She seemed more concerned that we might be hurt instead of herself." he says a little silently.

"Yeah. That and I have no idea where she lives except /maybe/ Pikariaghoka." he says. "And it was Sunday so she had no chance of wearing a school uniform." a pause.

"She had a little...bead like. Thing in her bangs. Her hair was a light brown." he says. "Right side." a pause. "She had her backpack. It looked like she had a lot of books. It was Sunday. So it's possible she was at the Library on the weekend- so. We can check there." he says.

He looks down at the book. "That book says the Princesses' name was Selene. But that changes from edition to edition just like the Dragon's name." he says. "So I bet that isn't her reincarnation's true name. If you know it... or if the dragon knows it, I dunno what to do with that information besides try to call her it and see if that helps her any."

"If I run into her again, because I'm going to be looking for her, regardless to tell her where she can find her book..." he says. " there anything else you want me to tell her? A number to call? A place to go to? Should I tell her the dragon's name was Lamya?" he asks.

"-and yeah you're entirely right about that." he says. "I think you should hold onto the book, to show it to the dragon. Maybe the dragon can match some of those snippets to what she remembers. Further confirm she might be the princess?"

"Also when I wished to meet a princess someday, I did not also mean a fricken dump truck full of them." he says little a grim humor.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-10 06:21:51 97482
"....Hang on," Rashmi says, scrabbling in her bookbag for Nicomachea. "Did you get that, Nico? Nakusu Miki: light brown hair, bead in her bangs on the right, reads a lot." The gem in the center of the charm glows briefly, accompanied by a faint chime.

*bing!* << COMMAND INPUT VERIFIED, MASTER, >> says the cheap-looking cellphone charm with the voice of a wise old advisor, and the English diction of a badly-programmed Siri.

"And... yeah actually, I do have something to give her." Fishing around in her bag, Rashmi tugs out a slightly rumpled flyer, for 15% off one dinner order at the Korma. "Tell her that even if I'm not there -- and you can use my name, I don't mind -- a good dinner can do a lot to ease your troubles."

With the important part out of the way, Rashmi resumes her walk, laughing quietly. "I know, right? Tokyo's crazy like that. Princes, princesses, gods, demons, vampires, aliens, dragons... Honestly it's a mercy that people who aren't magic can't remember any of it; the world would be on fire if everyone knew what was going on just here, y'know?"
Hinote Kagari 2018-09-10 06:33:38 97483
Hinote Kagari nods and takes the Flyer. He flattens it a little and folds it over once long way. Then again, the short way, making a rectangle. He slides it into the inside of his coat. "Oh. Right." he says. "Someone followed us through the portal. A girl named Arina. One of the Castle's gardeners. She snuck past the guards." he says.

"That's bad because Runealy doesn't want Waldia knowing TOO much about Earth. Like... I mean it's basically Medieval England over there, you know? Even like the smallest thing we take for granted here could be a REALLY big breakthrough over there that someone could take advantage of or misuse." he asides.

"Anyways she's stuck with us now and Runealy made her take the Guardian Oath so she's one of us now. So..." he says.

"If you see someone, fish out of water, speaking an approximation of Olde English, that's probably her. She's still getting used to things like a light switch and how loud it is on Earth." he says. "If she... like causes damage or ends up skipping a bill by accident or something? Just lemme know. I'll take care of it." he says. "Or pass it onto Runealy if it's a big issue."

He pauses. "This is my bus stop." he says.

"I dunno if it's yours but now I gotta get to school." he says with a small smile.

"You be careful okay?..." he says.