Enter the Dream

Icela decides to try her hand at generating some misery; fortunately there's some kind souls around who'd really rather she doesn't; and have the power to back up that desire.

Date: 2018-09-10
Pose Count: 21
Icela 2018-09-10 14:52:06 97484
A typical afternoon in the park. School's been out for a bit but it's not close enough to dinner time yet for that to be a concern, so there's a decent chunk of kids and teens in the park. A handful of parents is accompanying some of their children, and overall nothing much looks out of the ordinary. Well, aside from the pale, ghostly figure sitting in a tree and staring at one particular pair of twin sisters practicing volleyball together.
Unmei Tama 2018-09-10 14:59:56 97485
Unmei Tama was watching said girls as well. Under, err... She was 'studying' and well... They were cute, okay?! Unmei was lonely, she had no real romance in her life, no one she could... Okay, plenty of people she could crush on, not that it went anywhere. So sometimes she just liked to watch pretty girls play sports and kinda imagine she had friends to play sports with, too!

Gosh she was pathetic. That's why she tried not to think about it. And instead made little peeks over her book, keeping score in her head as she watched the two girls playing. She wondered if she should, if she even could ask if she could play too. No. No no. They' probably think she was weird and... Sigh... She glanced down at her book again.

Maybe she could play it with LAcrima...
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-10 15:06:17 97486
Narumi has not, in fact, gone back to school yet. (It turns out that "one week before the term begins" is nowhere near enough time to get all the enrollment-transfer paperwork in order, especially when it has the wrong name. She makes a mental note to ask Manako to hurry the hell up the next time she falls asleep.) She's wandering listlessly through the park in a sky-blue sundress, a mixture of boredom and worry on her face. She frowns as she catches sight of Icela, and tenses up -- no. No, no, not even gonna touch that, she can't do anything in the waking world.

So instead, she alters her course into a random direction, trying not to look towards Icela, and not realizing that she's headed almost right towards Unmei (y'know, the other trans girl who's been transformed into the correct body through magic, not that she knows this) until she's almost right next to her. She stops and blinks. "Oh, um, hi," she says awkwardly.
Icela 2018-09-10 15:12:54 97487
Icela hasn't noticed her ... strange acquaintance; nor the girl who keeps calling her bad news. She's been too focused on this infuriating scene of people deriving joy from their families. So she finally jumps out of her tree and approaches them, and then does something quite unreasonable. Reaching out for them there's energy being unleashed, invisible strings that wrap around the girls as they practice. The strings can be felt by anyone magically aware, they can be latched onto if so desired.

And then Icela vanishes, and the pair of twins vanish with her. They don't seem to have noticed anything off yet, and soon enough all three are gone; right as the ball hits the ground where one of the two sisters ought to be. The strings haven't quite gone yet, a few more moments of opportunity to hitch a ride on this magical journey.
Unmei Tama 2018-09-10 15:17:11 97488
Unmei Tama glanced over and yelped. "W-what? NO! I wasn't staring! I was just, I was reading my book! I didn't... Huh?" she said. Then... Wait... Icela? What was Icela doing out here. She gave Narumi a small smile as she tried, desperately, to escape her embarrassment. "I, err, my friend just showed up! I uhhh, I gotta go! It was nice meeting you, bye!" she said quickly. With all the tact and subtlty of a fork lift. She jumped to her feet and quickly started to jog towards Icela, her cheeks burning.

Ugh, that girl probably thought she was a pervert, and--

Wait. Where were the volleyballers? Where was Icela? Where was... Alarms went off in her head as she... Raced forward a little faster. What in the world--

And then.... Right into the strings, gripping one. Something happened and... She had to find out what.
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-10 15:25:20 97489
Narumi furrows her brow at Unmei. "Um ... okay? Sorry?" she says awkwardly, watching Unmei leave ... but then she blinks as she sees that volleyball players and Icela have vanished, leaving behind the ball.

"Oh shit," she hisses, and dashes after her. "Did that damn 'eidolon' figure out how to just ... take people away!?" She doesn't bother to hide her hostility.

She isn't quite magical ... but her current body was technically created by dreams. "What are these ... threads?" she mutters, grabbing one almost at the same moment as Unmei.
Icela 2018-09-10 15:30:09 97490
Following the threads does lead to following to a very different environment. A bleak crater left over after the impact of something massive, the girls shocked and in terror at the center and Icela taking a step back. She gently whistles a tune, initiating a call for assistance; and soon after her call is answered.

A massive zombie dinosaur roars, far too large to be any real dinosaur; it has as much in common with godzilla and other giant movie monsters as it does with anything of reality. Every step of their feet leaves the ground to tremble and crack, lava sipping out of the cracks it leaves in its wake. It's running towards the girls.

Neither the Nightmare nor Icela have noticed the additional visitors quite yet.
Unmei Tama 2018-09-10 15:40:06 97492
Unmei Tama appeared in the middle of a big crater. What... in the world? What was going on? Ah cru--

Then her eyes fell on giant, godzilla monster. That wasn't godzilla, but they should all scream and run as if it WAS godzilla. Either way...

Her rings appeared on her hands as the green threads wove around her, forming a strange... Outfit. It looked like it was... some kind of goat? A small phoenix and peacock appeared over her shoulders, making her sigh. "Goat is... Selfishness, right?" she asked with a low grumble.

"Indeed. You have been focusing on yourself a lot lately," Win said. "You should try thinkin g about--

"Oh just. Shut. Up." Magical girl clotho said before running forward. She leaped out in front of the girls. "Hey, you, off-brand godzilla! Don't think I'm... going to..."

W-wow. It ummm... It was a LOT bigger than she thought it could be. She squeaked and... Right. Magical girl. She WAS a magical girl. "You two, hide!" she called back to them, as the threads from her hands wove themselves into a big, elaborate green bow, with a ram notch. "I'll deal with this!" she called, before firing one of the arrows at the creature.

It likely didn't do squat.
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-10 15:47:48 97493
Narumi just appears at another corner of the crater, dressed as a princess. Well ... her black gown looks like a cross between a princess dress and a nightgown, really. She's got a silvery tiara, though! There's no "henshin magic" or anything else, it's just how her dream-self is, basically.

She looks over as she sees Clotho arrive the scene. "... Okay, then!" She takes off and flies over, as easy as a dream. "Hi, wow," she says, landing next to Clotho. "My name's Narumi!"

Let's see, what's good for dinosaurs ... Oh of course. She continues, "My power in this world ..." She waves her hand in a circle, and summons a miniature asteroid, and sends the flaming rock flying towards the dinozilla's face! "... is lucid dreaming!"
Icela 2018-09-10 15:52:21 97494
The bigger they are, the further they fall. It turns out this particular nightmare was particularly weak, one asteroid and one arrow is not quite enough to defeat it, but enough to make it stumble backwards and fall, causing the ground to rumble and shake beneath its weight, the ground cracking and spilling more lava. From that lava comes another Nightmare; this one is some kind of ooze but rather than simply made of slime it's made out of magma.

The magma slime oozes towards Narumi, spitting some of the very material it's made off while the massive zombiesaur flicks its tail towards Clotho. Icela remains at a comfortable distance, watching but not getting directly involved in any fighting.
Unmei Tama 2018-09-10 15:59:46 97495
Magical Girl Clotho was hit by the tail... And sent flying back. She skidded against the ground a few times, groaning. Everything. Hurt. That didn't take long. Ugh. She was so pathetic. How in the world could she ever hope to be like them. To be like the REAL magical girls if she couldn't even do something like this?

Her bow shattered... and new threads formed a long spear. Just like Kyouko's. "Icela!" she yelled out. "I don't know why you're... what you're even doing here! But I'm not going to let you... hurt people!" she called out. "I don't care if we're friends!" Wait, friends?! Was Clotho someone she knew?! ... Probably. She then charged up and... Would jump, leaping off the dinosaur's left, and slash up against its chest. "HIYA!" she cried.
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-10 16:12:42 97496
Narumi just groans at the magma slime (lava slime?) and flies out of the way, her movements deft and precise. "Just chill out, will ya!" she says, firing a frigid beam of ice-magic from her hand. Can ice beat magma? Or possibly lava? Well ... we'll see. It works in Kirby!

She frowns over at Clotho. "Icela is some kind of ... nightmare ... person," she says. "I met an empath, she told me she's just full of envy and hate! I don't think you can really make friends with her!"
Icela 2018-09-10 16:40:22 97497
"I am not a nightmare." Icela objects, but it's perhaps telling that this is the only thing she really objects or even responds to, maintaining her distance. She just watches as Clotho's spear rips through the zombiesaur's ribcage, which responds by looking down and spewing forth a gout of fire. It's not doing so hot, but it's trying.

Meanwhile the magma slime gets chilled out, the ice landing on the magma and melting into steam while that bit of the ooze solidifies into rock, slowing down the magma slime as it slowly approaches. Another glob of lava is sent flying towards Narumi.
Unmei Tama 2018-09-10 16:45:59 97498
Magical Girl Clotho did... probably the worst, most disgusting thing she ever did. As her spear split through the, the shape of the spear moved, forming an almost shovel like end, and dug in... She hit in the thing's chest, trying to tear through it to the other side, cutting, hacking, moving with powerful, violent thrusts into its core.

The entire time trying not to throw up cause ew ew ew ew ew ew oh my gosh THIS WAS THE WORST THING EVER WHY DID SHE DO IT SHE WAS GOING TO NEED A HUNDRED BATHS TO WASH THE DISGUSTING OFFFFF!
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-10 16:50:10 97499
Narumi's focused on dodging the attacks of the slime in front of her. She flies directly above it, and summons a downward-pointing pyramid made out of ice with a sharp pointy tip, about five feet wide and about the same height. With a chair on the flat surface on top.

And then she reclines on it, and lets the whole thing drop.

She happens to glance over at Clotho while she's falling, then lets out a yelp and immediately summons up a big black opaque rectangle that hovers between herself and the magical girl.
Icela 2018-09-10 16:54:05 97500
And then the zombiesaur and magma slime are done. Dealt with. Icela watches with narrowed eyes, and for a moment seems torn. Then makes a decision, she's going back to the waking world, and taking the two girls with her, she's even trying to pull Clotho and Narumi back out, then back in the real world she just turns and glares towards them. "Fine. You win this time." And with that, she storms off.
Unmei Tama 2018-09-10 16:57:44 97501
Magical Girl Clotho let out a sigh of relief and... Took the way back. However, she wasn't letting it end that easily.

Once they were back to the real world... "Icela!" Clotho yelled out, before running after her. She reached out to try and grab her shoulder and turn her around. "What was that? What did you do that for?" she asked... Completely forgetting the likely two unconscious girls across the way. "You could have really hurt someone. Wait. HOW did you do that?!" ... Why was clotho talking to her as if they were good friends?
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-10 17:00:21 97502
Narumi, meanwhile, is back to her blue sundress. She frowns at Clotho. Looks like there's some kind of baggage there. She then looks around for the girls, and then walks over and grabs the discarded volleyball, carrying it over to the girls. "You guys all right?" she says awkwardly, offering them the ball.
Icela 2018-09-10 17:04:28 97503
Icela turns towards Clotho with a look on her face that does not hide her emotions at all. Frustration, anger, and even a bit of hatred. "Don't bother me." She insists, "I don't know who you are, I don't care to know. Just leave me be if you know what's good for you." Meanwhile on the opposite side, the girls wake up and stretch, looking at Narumi oddly. One of them says, "I was just taking a nap. Had the weirdest dream, though."
Unmei Tama 2018-09-10 17:12:44 97504
Magical Girl Clotho shook her head and then.... Reached out to take her hand. "Icela, you can't do this! I understand. You--" And then froze. She paled a little as she realized that Icela didn't actually know who she was. "Err..."

Well.... should she? She did just see her... do that. What if she was ambushed? What if Icela was bad? What if they weren't really friends? She slowly pulled her hand back. "I'm... sorry, Icela. But if... whenever you try this, I WILL stop you," she mumbled, looking... sad.
Narumi Nendai 2018-09-10 17:14:18 97505
Narumi frowns. That wasn't quite what she was expecting ... but she just nods, okay, just roll with it. "Your ball rolled off, I had to go and catch it," she says gently, handing her the ball. "You watch out for that stuff when you fall asleep, okay?"

She glances over at Clotho's shouting-match with Icela, and frowns. She's in some sort of magical-warrior-or-whatever costume out of the dream world? ... Huh.