Medical appointments bite

Tarnished runs a number of tests on M2's resident vampire of darkness. They are... mostly informative. She also learns about the young girl dating a unicorn. Must. Study.

Date: 2018-09-11
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Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-11 22:22:43 97555
And so began Lacrima's examination. She was guided by a nurse to one of the back rooms, where all her vitals were taken.

Blood pressure, heart beat, darkness levels, etc etc. You know. The big stuff. Then she had to waitl... all of ten minutes, before Tarnished came walking in. "Hey, Lacrima. I got down here as soon as I could. I had to deal with a whole thing with an etch a sketch and... sorry. Important thing is I'm here. would you object to me taking some tissue samples? Blood, skin, hair, those things?" she asked as she walked in.
Lacrima 2018-09-11 22:33:26 97557
There is something intensely strange about this for Lacrima, since the last time she'd been in an actual hospital setting as at least some form of patient was when she was still human- and also she horribly died and came back as undead but still.

It hasn't made her uncomfortable however in a hospital despite that. Blood Pressure? 'No Blood'. Heart Beat 'Undead.' Darkness Levels: 'Steady and Normal for a horrible dark matter creature' at the moment. None of this is out of the ordinary for Lacrima, as she looks up. "Hey, Tarnished-san." she says.
5R" Etch-a-Sketch...." she says with a blink, before shaking her head. "Ah." she says. "Yes, right. I mean you can try? When you say blood, you probably mean the ichor that makes up most of my body. Which would be like a skin sample anyways. Hair is fine but um. Try to keep it in the back? Please?" she asks. Like she doesn't want her appearance ruined on the front.

"So." she says quietly. "Riventon-sama promoted me to Vice-Director of UMBRA." she says. "So I've been busy. How have your things been going?" she asks.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-11 22:41:21 97559
Tarnished nodded, and began taking samples as she worked. "Yes, they may all be dark energy, but the important thing is the form they take," she mumbled. "Namely the differences." she said as she put some vials aside.

"This research has already saved a few lives, and well.... the important step is finding out how to properly produce it for those who desperately need it. I mean... A dark energy lung may not be the best thing in the world, but it's better than no lung," she joked.

"And yeah, etch-a-sketch's. Pains in my butt," she muttered. "Good. I'm opening a shop soon. I made a rather good pain killer. It uses trace amounts of dark energy. Enough to aid in the recovery process, but also passed relatively quickly, as long as they don't take the medication by the barrel full..." she mumbled as she worked. She took a few hair strands, tugging them out. Ow.
Lacrima 2018-09-11 22:58:26 97563
Lacrima nods. "Well. You can take what you want. Anything you take I can just grow back easily enough, at least in the size you're probably going to be taking them. "I don't care much about the pain." she says softly. She shifts a bit softly again.

"Oh...! Well that's nice. But people always take way more of those then they should. Like my dad used to take like four Advil when you're only supposed to take one." she says. "So I hope the result isn't too bad at doses like that." she says. "-and I mean. You know."

"Someone is going to find out and punch you hard enough so you cut it out." she says a little sourly as she flumps a bit. "or love beam you or punchy lovebeam you."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-11 23:01:46 97565
Tarnished sighed. "Empath, darling. Trust me. Even if you're fine with the pain, I'm certainly not," she muttered. "And I try to let some of what I do to others... in. I feel it's a good way to ensure I don't go too far."

She nodded. "They do. But they'd have to take a lot for that to happen. And I'm monitoring all sales. In the event we have someone taking too much, I'll just find one of those purifiers and give them their address. But I don't think it'll come to that. It shouldn't, at least."

"Punch me?! I'd hope not! They might be hurt!" Lacrima might notice... Tarnished was wearing gloves. In fact, she was always wearing gloves....
Lacrima 2018-09-11 23:22:33 97569
Lacrima gently sighs and nods. She's a little anxious but it's the same anxious that comes from 'person in a hospital room' and isn't particularly special in that regard. She nods. She then makes a face at Tarnished. " can tell one of those purifiers that you messed up and made a problem sure. Then they're likely to come back and bump you." she mutters.

She gently sighs and puts her arm out for Tarnished to do her thing. "I'm not good at suppressing or controlling my emotions. I mean it's easier than it was three years back but it's still easy for for them to go up and down like a roller coaster." she says. "So sorry if I ever overwhelm you by accident." she says.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-11 23:27:14 97572
Tarnished shrugged. "If they try to bump me, I'll just smash them down. I am unwilling to hurt them too much, but I do understand that there are people in this world you just can't reason with. They can't see the way this is for the greater good. If people like them ruled... Well. I'd be dead, now."

"It's fine. I've been improving my shields. There was a young puella girl. She almost killed me due to her overbursts of emotion," she said with a shudder. "I'm going to try and avoid fighting Puella. They.... seem oddly delicate." She worked away, taking samples and... "Can you inject these?" she asked, pulling out some vials, marked with simple letters. They didn't seem to have dark energy or anything. Some were... Metals... some were liquids. Poisons? Fruit drinks? "And tell me how each one makes you feel."
Lacrima 2018-09-11 23:52:49 97576
Lacrima's face softens when puellas are mentioned. "Well. Yeah. I don't drain puella. It might kill them. They're strong fighters. But if their energy runs out they die, and they need to fight things to fix the damage to their... energy? I'm not sure on the specifics I'm sure it works something similar to that." she says quietly. A little worry. Sympathy. Relation. She needs energy to exist, too...

She looks at the vials and picks one up. She's used a standard injector before-- since she isn't human the device probably looks a bit different. No needle. She slides a vial in and injects what appears to be iron shavings(?) first into herself.

"I noticed you wear gloves." curiosity. "Someone I know can get weird empathic things via touch. Do you wear gloves to prevent something like that?" she asks.

She sort of ughs. "Spiky. Metallic." she says. "To the iron... filling like things." she says. "Unpleasant. I can taste it."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-12 00:11:25 97580
Tarnished nodded. "Witches and wraiths. Apparently they give cubes. I've gathered a handful. Just... in case. I mean... you never know. if one tries to stop me, I'll have to fight them... and I wouldn't want to risk them transforming. That much despair... It could kill me." she shuddered.

She took a billboard and pen, filling in notes as she went. "Mmmmm hmmm..."

"Something like that. But... That's not the real reason. PHysical contact amplifies the abilities. Makes it harder to block out. But..." She took off the glove and piked up a tongue depressor. It began to rot, mold... and eventually turned to dust. "That. It's why I prefer not to fight without my gloves."
Lacrima 2018-09-12 00:19:26 97581
Lacrima picks up one that appears to pick up one of the fruit juice looking ones, a yellowish one as she slides it into the injector and puts it against her arm again as she sighs. "Riven-sama tried a bunch of compounds on me when trying to figure out what made me work so he could make my restriction bracelet." she says.

"Risk them transforming? But if you're fighting them aren't they already transformed?" curiosity. She probably doesn't know about the Puella -> Witch connection yet. No one's actually told her

She eyes the effect of Tarnished's touch and nods. "Ah." she says. "I'm glad I'm not a physical danger to the world around me unless I become so emotionally unstable I start leaking energy everywhere." she mutters.

"....that tastes tangry was that like.. lemon. Lemon-lime? I don't feel horrid but it does tingle a little. Lil acid burn but no different than like trying to chug an entire soda." she relates.

"Erm--a none of these are blood right? Because I can already tell you blood doesn't help me or hinder me and it just tastes like pennies. I mean I'll still inject it if you want but.... not that kind of vampire." she says quietly.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-12 00:30:42 97583
Tarnished nodded. "Really? I'll need to get that information from him later. I figure I can probably use you as the perfect example for creating dark energy limbs. I mean, the ones I have are nice but.... Ones that DON'T devour people from the inside out would be nice. Not everyone is as good as controlling them as I am."

"No, I mean if the puella turn into witches. Apparently it's a... thing. I'm not sure why, but it is a thing. And it seems quite shitty. I would not want that to happen to someone. Despair sucks. Trust me. I've felt it from so, so many people."

She nodded. "Yes. Fortunately, I'd always taken efforts not to touch people. This just made it more of a necessity. I really hope none of those magical girls are stupid enough to actually punch me, though. That... would end poorly."

She shook her head. "No. Blood wouldn't serve much of a purpose. Oh, that reminds me. I've notice you... sparkle, often. Is that a thing? Just... I thought that was a book, not based on fact." She totally secretly didn't read them all and have them. Definitely not a huge fan.
Lacrima 2018-09-12 00:47:18 97585
That's a shock of horror Tarnished gets. "Wait. Puella become those ... anxiety monsters!? What the hell!" she says as she seems to become more withdrawn in posture, and mentally. " least when I don't feed the thing I become is temporary until I drain enough to get my wherewitall back." she says.

She shift again, as she sighs and picks up another vial. It's clear with a little cloudy in it. She injects it as she looks up to Tarnished. "Spark...le----" she blinks once and then gently spreads her hands through her hair to look at her hand a moment. "oh....OH!" she goes as she blushes. "Mrghudhfudfhu!" is the sound she effectivly makes. Embarassement. Feelings of bashfulness..... love?

""Aha-- th..that's from my girlfriend. I'm sorry." she says. "She's a unicorn and this means sort of like magical glitter everywhere she goes." she mutters embarrassedly before she makes a strange face.

"That tastes how an alcoholic wet nap smells like. Was that like rubbing alcohol or something, ugh. Burning and... tingle.."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-12 01:00:11 97587
Tarnished nodded. "Exactly. It's why... I won't be fighting them. Well... That.... And I suppose...." Her cheeks turned a little red. "Some of them are quite nice and.... intelligent. And not altogether unpleasant to be around," she mumbled softly.

Her eyes widened and then she went even redder, marking down that one. "A-ah. I uhhh... Such an interesting... reaction..." She'd keep it logged, definitely, for later. It could be useful. Maybe. Who knew?

Then she realized that it wasn't, actually, from the injections.

Then froze. And suddenly. "YOUR GIRL FRIEND IS A UNICORN?!" Oh my gosh. She was borderline sparkling. "Oh my gosh, a real unicorn? You girl friend is a real unicorn with a horn and the whole thing and she sparkles on you oh my gosh rea--" And froze. She pulled back. "I-I mean... would it, err, b-be possible to.... possibly meet this... girl friend? And perhaps gather some of her sparkles and maybe some other, benign, harmless tests?" She was scarlet, trying to be so calm and refined. Nope. Defiunitely didn't just sparkle.
Lacrima 2018-09-12 01:16:38 97590
Lacrima blinks and blushes. "I can ask her. I won't force her if she says no, Tarnished-san. And I will be here with her when you do it." she says softly. "Those are my only stipulations." she says quietly. "She was... was one of the first people I met that didn't judge me for needing to... eat energy." she says quietly. "One of the reasons I'm here right now, instead of dead or some... cackling member of the Obsidian Pact." she mutters.

She sighs some and shakes her head. "So she means basically the world to me and I don't want you to hurt her." she says. "I can deal with 'this' right now." she says holding up the injector. "She may not." she says as she picks up a vial of mercury? It looks like it. Silver and weird metallic like fluid. She stuffs it into the injector and injects it.

"A...aaahhhwowowowo nonono." she says as she lurches a bit. "That burned. Burned a lot." she says as she seethes and then slowly sits back up. a fast but high burn there it seems.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-12 01:23:51 97591
Tarnished nodded. "R-right. Of course. Heck, I'll come to you, if you like, to run the tests. If you'd prefer, i can do it without any medical staff. i mean, to meet a unicorn..." And there was a real grin there. 'I-I mean, I didn't think they were possibly real... Do you think she'd want to meet my little brother/ I think-- NO!" she shook her head. "S-sorry. Ignore that. Right. I am a professional. I am NOT a little girl. A unicorn is just, a really important... the medical opportunities are enormous." She was telling herself more than lacrima...

"Oh? An interesting reaction..." she paused. "Or... not such an interesting reaction. Would you like some water?"
Lacrima 2018-09-12 01:45:28 97594
Lacrima tsks. "Just because these things can't kill me doesn't mean they don't hurt like a jerk." she says silently. "Alright. I have private places we can do that. Really." she says softly. She shifts a bit. She sighs some. "Unicorns aren't horses with horns, for the record. She takes slight offense to that. Not. Like much? She's hard to offend." she says softly.

She shifts a bit and picks up the last vial. This one seems to be a bright thick blue. She grimaces and eyes Tarnished and injects it.

"Y..yeah that's just drain cleaner." she says with a grimace. She doesn't seem to elaborate how she knows this. She shudders. It burns but not very hard before her body turns into dark energy.

"Alright. That's the vials." she says.

"You needed samples right?" she asks. "Hair, Blood and Skin right?" she asks?
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-12 01:55:01 97598
Tarnished nodded and grinned, smiling. "Whereever, whatever, you like," she said with a nod. "Just meet a unicorn would be a... errr..." She coughed a little. "Being able to study one is a dream. And I will not mention the horse thing at all. I promise." She will, however, hug the crud out of her.

She nodded. "That's plenty for now. Thank you. My next ones will involve actual dark energy. So make sure you have plenty of energy before hand, okay?" she said with a smile. "It shouldn't hurt you but... you're unique. So I don't want to take any chances." She then reached out and pat her on the head. And then... A bar of dark chocolate appeared in her left hand. "Here. I thoguht you would appreciate this. Dark energy infused dark chocolate. Don't feed it to anyone else," she added quickly. IT was a big bar, too. Like, one of those massive ones that are about brick sized.