Time for 'the talk'(Content warning)

Riventon has some choice words with Tarnished over her lack of following proper scientific protocals and putting people in danger, something he would NEVER do.

Date: 2018-09-13
Pose Count: 17
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-13 00:07:33 97635
Tarnished disappeared and... Soon was back in her office, in eclipse tower. She then raced to her desk and sat down...

Before pulling out her phone. And dialing until... "Takashi-sama? Takashi-sama! It, it was horrible. I-I messed up. I mean. I almost messed up. I almost killed a magical girl! I had my youma fighting and and one of the girl's got grabbed and her spine was almost snapped and and then the other girl healed her and and oh gosh! It was some, some blue haired, ice flinging girl, in a skirt, and and, I almost killed her. I screwed up. Oh gosh I screwed up and... I almost killed her..."

She seemed... relatively freaked out by this notion. Granted, hads she been less panicked she may have noticed while it hurt. A lot. It didn't break the poor girl's spine and Ami would have been fine. Though it still didn't stop her from PANICKING and flailing a bit.

Likely because of her empathic bond making that pain she caused all the worse.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-13 00:16:30 97636
And if her empathic bond let her feel the pain... the same would let her feel the strange combination of Dark Energy, anger, worry, confusion, panic. None of them were good feelings.

And all of that was so powerful - so much so it was felt when the world near her still shimmered before the portal opened that heraleded Riventon's arrival.

"WHAT?!" Is all he said, and a concussive ring of negative energy erupted out unbidden, shifting things and pushing papers off her table.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-13 00:20:52 97637
Tarnished blinked and... "Holy, what in the world?!" she asked, backing away. "I... Riventon-sama?" she asked. Moving away from him.... and putting the desk between herself. "T-there was an accident. This... I... The youma didn't listen to me." Namely due to her tampering. "And they hurt this magical girl. I... I really hurt her back. It... That joy girl fixed it, but... but I don't.... I don't think... T-they purified the medicine by now. I just... I... I'm panicking a little bit and you said that was bad because the dark energy and you're REALLY not helping!" she snapped, trembling and rubbing her arm. Oh yes, those outburts.... they made it all the harder for her to control her panic.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-13 00:23:44 97638
And Riventon's fist hit the top of the desk and while it didn't damage the desk directly, the liquified dark energy that he left behind was probably not good for the finish. "I am really hoping, that I am wrong. But I put you in charge of this operation because I trusted you, because I thought you would keep things UNDER FUCKING CONTROL. And now it sounds like you've already brought attention on yourself."

"And for your sake I hope I'm wrong but it sounds like you just injured one of the few worthwhile humans in the world, one of the only people I care about! MY GIRLFRIEND. What was the girl's NAME."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-13 00:27:44 97640
Tarnished backed away to the wall. Then... "Mercury or.... or something. I don't know. She never said her name! She just flung a lot of mists and bubbles, and yelled Mercury a lot!" she yelled. "Will you cal--"

Then she went still. And just stared up at him for the longest time. Then... "Did you just say your GIRL FRIEND?!" she snapped. "Your girlfriend is one of the people who tried to stop me?!" Oh, yes, yay! Now she had something she could focus on. Other than almost killing a poor girl.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-13 00:31:13 97641
Yep, that's what he worried about. And he starts yelling, "OH MY GOD IT'S LIKE YOUR FIRST BIG THING AND YOU MANAGE TO FUCK UP, AND INJURE MY GIRLFRIEND!?" Oh, a lot of those other emtions were gone now. It was pretty much anger. His hand was drenched in Dark Energy now, dripping on the floor like inky oil.

"You know how that's going to reflect on you, ON ME?!" His hand reached out, looking almost like Masu's in a way, wrapping around her neck. "I THOUGHT YOU WERE GOING TO BE CAREFUL!?" Lifting her literally off her feet.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-13 00:37:49 97642
Tarnished was shaking and... Up against the wall. She kicked her feet a few time, trying to grip something. Anything. Her glove on her right hand, and the fingers of the glove on her left hand melted away, before she gripped his wrist. She shuddered as she felt the dark energy against her hand.

"You... self righteous ASS HOLE!" she snapped. "Your GIRLFRIEND got in my WAY! She picked a fight with me and SHE GOT HURT BECAUSE SHE W AS STUPID! And why the HELL am I only finding out your GIRLFRIEND is someone who's AGAINST US NOW?! REMEMBER THAT 'Need to know' FILE YOU GAVE ME?! SHE WASN'T FUCKING IN IT!" she yelled right back. Oh good. Anger. Well, she was kinda pissed too, and now she got to draw on both hers, and his.... and the anger of quite a few other people.

"I WAS careful! Your little BLUEBERRY SQUEEZE put herself in a STUPID situation where she got HURT because of her OWN ISSUES!" she snapped right back at him.

"Had I KNOWN who the hell she was I WOULD HAVE DEALT WITH HER PERSONALLY! But once again, you decided to KEEP IT FROM ME rather than giving me the INFORMATION I NEEDED TO PROPERLY DO MY JOB!"
Takashi Agera 2018-09-13 00:42:03 97643
Riventon, at first, didn't notice the danger she was putting him in by touching his arm, insulated for now by the dark energy that enveloped him. "IT SHOULDN'T BE DIFFICULT. You are over a MEDICAL WING and your job is not to CRIPPLE PEOPLE. ANY PEOPLE if you can POSSIBLY AVOID IT. And it took you like ZERO TIME to do this. If you'd handled all of this with the CARE AND CAUTION I EXPECTED it wouldn't matter who it is."

"You can't go around MAIMING PEOPLE because you don't know who is who. People can have more than one damn transformation, or change them. My vice director is sweet on an ACTUAL UNICORN, another Director is engaged to a PRETTY CURE, and who knows what the hell else is going on that's just off the top of my head when I'm THIS PISSED OFF."

Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-13 00:51:27 97644
Tarnished gasp as his hands squeezed her and... Then her fingers tightened around it... and the darkness began to finally move and... began to burn. "I didn't fucking CRIPPLE anyone and if it came to it I would havE FIXED HER! But you know what? Sometimes these people are STRONGER than they look and, unlike YOU! I don't have YEARS of experience DEALING WITH THESE SELF-RIGHTEOUS ASS HOLES!" she yelled, her fingers tightening. "SO SOMETIMES MISTAKES HAPPEN! And I'll FIX THEM! AND IF YOU WANTED ME TO NOT HURT YOUR GIRLFRIEND THEN MAYBE YOU SHOULD TRY MAKING IT SO SHE DOESN'T PUT HERSELF IN HARMS FUCKING WAY! I'm not going to just give up on my important projects because YOU couldn't keep YOUR girl friend on a TIGHT ENOUGH LEASH!" she yelled.

And then he said that. And oh. Yes. It was one of the rare times her anger overwhelmed the anger she felt. "WELL MAYBE YOU DID! But in case you have forgotten! I DON'T ANSWER TO YOU! *RIVENTON*! You are NOT my boss! And while I DO appreciate your recomendation, that's ALL it ever was. So maybe you should either learn to CONTROL your little ice princess or join her with the rest of those idiots. Because my job. My *duty* isn't to coddle your little tart. It's to experiment. Learn. And develop treatments. And I don't have time or energy to coddle everyone you have FEE-FEE'S for!" she yelled.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-13 01:09:50 97646
As Tarnished yelled, peices of dark energy dripped away, evaporated, or flaked away - in random quantities - from where she was grabbing. "Yeah I know you don't awnser to me because my underlings are COMPETANT AND KNOW THEIR JOB DESCRIPTIONS." He shook her a little bit.

"Anyone should have been safe if you had control over your own creati-AHHHHHSHIMATA!" he was cut off, not by the god of timing, but by the fact that Tarnished's disolving energy had passed the Dark Energy barrier, and the barrier jacket, and had found flesh. But instead of letting her go he hurled her across the room, angry and in pain both, using his darkness-enhanced strength.

"If you fuck up and injure her again you're going to need a dark energy FACE REPLACEMENT." He yelled in anger as he held his arm, which... did not look very good in their brief moment before he started to cover it with a Dark Energy poltice. "It's about to be about your survival, not my feelings." He can't really blast her, but...

"You will encounter heroes all the time. Like clockwork. I fuckin' warned you it happens. I GAVE YOU MY NOTES SO IT WOULDN'T COME TO THIS. But you're going to undermine your work and my effort because they're not able to see past the moment, do you understand that. You critically injuring one of them is going to be ALL THEY THINK ABOUT for weeks. AND THEY'RE NOT EVEN DATING HER LIKE ME."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-13 01:18:21 97648
Tarnished hit the wall. Hard. And flowed down it... Deep breath. Meditation. Calm. Calllllm. Relax--

Okay, fuck that. She got to her feet. "You bas--"

And then he said that. And her eyes widened....

And a moment later he was flying OUT the wall, her dark energy arm practically dripping energy, flowing up, like a lava lamp. And then she slammed the fist down at him, to send him towards the ground. She hovered there for a moment, as a pair of golden orbs appeared in her left hand. "And you know what? When they get in my way, I will treat them like I would any other *hinderance*. I will REMOVE it, with FORCE if need be. Because LIVES ARE MORE IMPORTANT THAN THEIR COMFORT!" she yelled. "And, as usual, you DIDN'T give me the full information! You never mentioned her! How about you just take your little sapphire dyed trollop and KEEP HER OUT OF THE WAY OF PEOPLE WHO HAVE IMPORTANT WORK TO DO!" The orbs in her hand were starting to glow...
Takashi Agera 2018-09-13 01:37:12 97649
Takashi went out the window. It's not the first time he's gone through a window. It is the first time he's gone through an Eclipse window, though, which meant they were high above the formerly upside down Tokyo - and some vertigo came as gravity asserted itself correctly and looking back there was no window, despite the glass twinkling against the sky as it fell.

He crossed his arms as Masu struck at him, and the blow caused him to thud backwards - towards the Tokyo Skyline. He stops the motion after a moment, and holds his gauntleted hand out.

"You have to think of the long game. You're not going to get anywhere if you make people so angry your base gets raided by empowered teenage girls so often it's like a free stuffed animal day at a mall!" And he started to channel energy into his hand.

But not Dark Energy. It's a strange, watercolor like, melting energy. And she could feel emotions from that energy. Primarily... despair. A heavy, crushing despair. "Or if I have to kill you because you're being an idiot." On his device, the letters were forming slowly. H-E-X-E-N-S before stalling.

"Dark energy can help people, great and small, and some sacrifices have to be made, but there's a food chain and I'm warning you now - I'm on top. This is like chess, you don't sacrifice the King or Queen - pawns, ideally, but also Knights, Bishops and Rooks if need be."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-13 01:44:45 97650
Tarnished glowered and then... Wait. She felt that. That was... Her eyes widened a bit. Years ago. that... The overwhelming despair. How did he... She could feel it. Just like then. That energy. That despair. More orbs appeared in his hand.

If he wanted to play that game, they'd PLAY that game.

"Yes, sacrifices have to be made. But you know what? Sometimes the queen has to be removed for the greater good. Especially if the queen is your OPPONENT'S!" she snapped angrily. Not throwing her orbs, letting him throw them and...

However, her anger was dying a bit. If only because his was less, and now they were too far from anyone else for her to draw from.

"And despite what you may think, your *highness*, I'm not looking to win the battle. I intend to win the war." She wasn't attacking... yet. But... she was watching that device...
Takashi Agera 2018-09-13 01:58:44 97651
Riventon holds the attack - and the strange energy coalescing in his hand. "Maybe, but not in the opening move. You're leading by getting a lot of heat on you, Tarnished." The fact that Axion told him Ami was some degree of OK was helping him cool off.

"Do you understand why I'm so mad? It's not about her entirely. It's about the amount of negative attention you got versus the things you did with it." Threat generation. "I may not be your boss now but I founded that section of Eclipse and I want to see it succeed. I need to see it succeed, to show people what we can do with Dark Energy besides harm."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-13 02:03:21 97652
Tarnished glowered at him. But... as his anger cooled, so did hers. Some of the orbs disappeared.... Until just one silver one remained.

"Yes. It was an accident. I used a... I shouldn't have used it until I completed testing. That was wrong of me. I admit that," she finally admited. "However, any mistake I made, i would have fixed. That magical girl just saved me the trouble," she said finally.

"But you're right. I'll work on getting... less heat, next time. I'll be more careful. Trust me. As badly as you want this to succeed, I want it so much more. I need it so much more. It's more important than anything any of us will ever do." Speak for yourself.

"But there is... some wisdom in your words. I will remember them." Her shields sprang up, enveloped in dark energy. Blocking his anger out.
Takashi Agera 2018-09-13 02:06:30 97653
Riventon finally dispersed the energy in his hand, looking up at her. "Remember, caution doesn't mean we don't move forward. I am not telling you to do no harm - I liked that you're not a doctor. But please seek to minimize it."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-09-13 02:10:59 97654
Tarnished sighed and the orb disappeared and... Slowly.... she drifted down. The dark energy of her right hand had come back to form a real hand.

"And yes. I know. I will be more careful from now on. The fault in this lied in me depending on the creations nd abilities of others. Next time, I will deal with such things personally, building them from the ground up if need be," she said.

"I've already started work on a new project to capture and non-violently detain magical girls such as her. I am just seeking a proper subject for now." She then... turned back. Then sighed. "I'm gonna need to get back to my office.... Good bye, Riventon-sama. And... do at least TRY to keep your little bluejay in a proper cage so she doesn't interfere with my work." Then she formed a portal and stepped through it.