A Fateful Meeting

Lamya and the Princess finally meet eachother for the first time in almost 2000 years!

Date: 2018-09-15
Pose Count: 16
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-15 22:28:57 97788
Lamya can be found at the park, sitting on a bench near King Pengu himself, worrying over the small piece of paper that was given to her the night they fixed her collar. The collar itself now sports a silver metallic tag worked into the leather, making it look more like something one would use for a pet than a fashion choice. Still, it's perferable to being stuck as an elephant sized dragon, especially when one is set to meet their Princess of legend.

This meeting was arranged by one of their mutual friends. It was decided to be held on neutral territory, just in case they happened to be wrong about who Nakusu really is, but by all accounts it doesn't look that likely that they were wrong.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-15 22:46:18 97789
She was told to expect Lamya in the form of a human, and a basic description. Nakusu had come a few moments ago. She was mostly on time. A little early. She spied the girl matching the description that she was told from behind. There was a little tearing inside her heart. On one hand. She was excited. Delighted. Happy. On the others. She was broken in a lot of pieces over her past life's actions leading up to where Lamya is now.

Would Lamya be happy? Would she demand answers she couldn't give? She doesn't know. She wants to know. She can do this, she thinks- or at least try.

She'll come up from behind, and first try the name. "Lamya...?" she asks cautiously.

The girl has brown hair, is wearing a blue dress. Her hair is long and comes down shoulder length. She has some odd ornament on the right side in her bangs. Lamya's Princess may have had something similar-this isn't the same one. She looks, facial feature wise, hair wise, body wise like Lamya's princess- or a very very convincing version of her.

She doesn't say anything else. She wants to gauge Lamya's reaction first. Maybe she sees something wrong she can't, after all. Or maybe she's the wrong girl.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-15 22:49:19 97790
Lamya turns around at the sound of her name being called. At first sight of the girl, tears wells up in the eyes of the dragon. There she is. Her princess. She may be Japanese now, but she would recognize her no matter what nationality she would be.
"P... Princess..." she says, a hitch in her voice. "I.. I finally found you."
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-15 23:07:26 97792
"...Please don't cry..." is the first words out of her mouth, her look turning to one of sad concern. "Please forgive me, if..if I have trouble understanding. I am told you... you are the general article. While I am a reincarnation of someone..." she says. "I only have vague flashes of memories. And events. And dreams where I can't always make out what's being said like everyone was underwater." she says.

She moves to sit next to Lamya. She places her hands onto her lap.

"It is very good to see you. This is a lot to take in. I apologize." she says quietly. "When. That girl. Joy..." she isn't sure which name Lamya knows. "Told me you we're alive. I suddenly felt estatic inside. More so then I ever felt. But then... sadder. Than I ever felt..." she says quietly.

"Saint George and the Dragon used to be my favorite story. Then I started having feelings about it. Like things we're wrong about it. Like I was trying to remember. Things." she says.

"I wish I had my book so I could show you the things I've written down in the past many months. I heard someone named Rashmi has it. I haven't been able to go get it yet."

She looks down then back up. "Lamya... what was. Your princesses' name? My name. I guess. Or at least the name of my past life." she asks softly. "I can't remember. What it is. You need to understand that almost every version of the story gets the names wrong. Except for..... his." she says with a deep breath.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-15 23:18:57 97793
Lamya is genuinely trying to keep her emotions in check. There's so many of them, many of which she's unfamiliar with, that makes it difficult to control. There's the relief in finally findinger her. The intense longing for her company she didn't know she had. The affection she has, an emotion she's now able to recognize thanks to having good friends like Lacrima and Rashmi. And there's even a bit of possessiveness in there, where she wants to scoop the girl up and fly away to her lair and keep her there, protecting her from the outside world. All ove these emotions, and more, just swirling around in her heart.

"Don't be sorry," Lamya says, finally able to speak. "It's... it's only to be expected. That you wouldn't remember things like I do." She gulps, "It fills my heart with joy that you do remember me at all." She reaches out tentatively to touch Nakusu's hand. "I... your book. My friend Rashmi has it. You can find her at the Korma Chameleon restaurant."

When the question of the Princess' name comes up Lamya gives her a puzzled look. "I.. don't know? I only knew you as the Princess." Oh dear.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-15 23:39:26 97794
Nakusu looks down. "Ah..." she says. She seems a little dissapointed at that. Not completely broken but it's one of the puzzle pieces she doesn't have. She looks back up. "No. No I am sorry." she says quietly. "For the past. Months. I've been. So sorry. About something I can't remember. Like it's my fault. Like something terrible was my fault. I aksed my father so many times if I messed something up by accident and he'd just look at me oddly and go 'like what?'."

"It was my fault he..." she shakes her head. "The collar. Right? It's there because I put it there." she says quietly. "Right?" she says. "To make you behave. Because he wanted to take you into the city. So I could show everyone you didn't mean harm...." she says. "Right?...."

"I gave him the means to do that. My fault." she says quietly. "Ever since Joy visited, the dreams have been getting sharper. Longer." she says.

She gently places her other hand on top of Lamya's and squeezes. "....I like dragons. A lot." she blushes a little. "I have a bunch of figures, and posters in my room." she says.

"I heard he... he tried to kill you." she says quietly. "He. I mean Saint George. Or at least his reincarnation. Joy gave me his name."

"I haven't met or seen him yet. I dunno what I'll say to him. I think yell at him. Part of that I know is the past reincarnation stuff. The other is the newer stuff I was told."

"I.... don't have any powers. Like Joy. Or anyone. For the record. Except being able to percieve any of it and understand it, I guess." she says. "Which is odd on it's own, apparently."

She does give a little giggle. It sounds somewhat like Lamya might remember. "I was afraid. You know...?" she says. "Because I thought you'd be so angry at me for... what I just talked about. But it seemed dum. Because if you we're upset at me. You wouldn't had wanted to meet like this. Right?" she asks softly.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-15 23:56:29 97796
Lamya shakes her head softly. "No, I was upset, at first. When I woke up in this strange land that I didn't understand, the collar kept me from... being full dragon." She doesn't seem like that's quite the right way to put it, but it's the ony thing that comes to mind. "Upon reflection it kept me out of trouble more often than not and the more time went by the more... human... I got the less it restrained me."

She shakes her head again. "It's not important now. I used to want to take the collar off no matter what. To be free to be me again. But lately, I've come to realize that I am me. That I've changed and it's something for the better." She squeezes her hand. "Especially after I was healed after St. George's last attack."

The knight's name brings a bitter frown to the draogon's face, and ruby red eyes look up to meet those of Nakusu's. "He's here. Reincarnated. He's also my best friend's blood brother, and he..." she pauses to search for the right things to say about the boy. "... He's dangerous. I don't know if you'd get a chance to scold him if you met, though if anybody could calm his heart, you could."
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-16 00:32:07 97799
Nakusu takes a deep breath. "I'm glad." she says with a smile. She still feels bad about it. But at least she doesn't need to say she's sorry anymore. At least not for that. She does frown a little. "I know he's back. Joy told me a similar story. That he's the brother of her best friend, and apparently, your best friend. I'd like to meet this friend." she says softly.

"Will you take me to her sometimes?" she asks. She looks down.

"...I think his heart is calm. Is the problem. It was calm back then. It's probably calm now. I don't think he's a good person, Lamya-chan." she says softly with a hint of sadness. "I know he also has an apparent obsession with me. Which isn't unexpected." she says softly. "What's funny is. It doesn't even really matter now. Does it?" she asks. "There's no prize anymore. No city to turn to a religion. No kingdom up for grabs if he marries me. Just. Me." she says quietly. "-and it's not like I'm the prettiest girl in Tokyo." she says.

"But sometimes actions mar the heart forever I guess..." she says quietly. "That's sad isn't it? I mean. I've been torn up by sadness for the past many months over something I didn't personally do." she says. "-and he wants something that doesn't even make logical sense anymore." she says.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-16 18:32:41 97838
Lamya's eyes sparkle when Nakusu mentions that she wants to meet Lacrima. "Ooh! Yes, of course! I'd love to have you meet Norie. She lives with me." then hastily before she gives off the wrong impression, "And Jiaying! We all live in the mansion. I should take you there." A pause, and a slight bit of frowning. "Is that too forward? Human stuff is so hard."

Then the conversation goes back to a more dour topic. "I... I don't want to believe that. For Norie's sake. For Ryo's sake. And now that I think about it, for your sake too. I want to believe that people aren't tied by their past selves, so they can be free to live their own lives."

That leads to another bit of scowling and for her to retract her hand. "I have to remember. You are your own person. You aren't my princess, but shares a soul with her. I'm sorry if I'm too forward."
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-16 19:08:37 97839
Nakusu smiles. "Oh, a mansion? That must be nice!... there's this creepy one I always see walking towards the beach." she shivers a bit, fearfully almost. Just a little in the way a spooky haunted mansion might. "Huh no that isn't forward...." she says gently as possible. "I mean I even asked you to first? To introduce me sometimes?" she says.

She looks down, then back up. "I hope that I'm wrong but something feels different about this." she says gently. "I can't place it. Your friend told me he's lashing out." she says quietly.

She watches as Lamya retracts her hand. "That's true..." she says quietly. "But..." she shifts a bit.

"Do you know how many pages in that book I scribbled on angrly trying to remember your name? And I actually remembered it once but I didn't write it down and I forget suddenly." she says. "I knew it was a 'La..' sound. I couldn't remember past that." she keeps her eyes down. "-for the past few months. Maybe even longer for all I know, I've felt wrong and odd." she says. "But then... that girl told me your name." she says.

"-and that feeling went away. I might be my own person. Nakusu Miki. I like storybooks and fairy tales... and making crafts out of thrown away things." she says. "But I'm also your princess, I think. There's nothing forward about that." she says.

"....About being excitied or happy about finding me." she smiles. "Because I'm happy and excited to find you." she says, turning to look at Lamya.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-16 19:20:46 97840
Lamya is grinning. And blushing. And feeling feels she never felt before. And confused because she knows that being a dragon should be so much simpler than this, but it's not which just confirms that she's not wholly a dragon anymore despite the past few weeks being stuck as one.

"I... yes. I've changed from when you knew me... back as the Princess," she confessess. "You changed me... no, she changed me. I've felt so lost because of it and I hope you can help me with this."
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-16 19:36:23 97841
Nakusu softens her look. "She didn't mean for that to happen..." she says. "I think she was trying to save you. I think she knew what was going to happen to her, but not to you. I remembered that much when things became clearer to me." she says softly.

"Of course I'll help you Lamya...! I want to help you as much as I can. I don't have any magic. I can't fix it like that. But I can still help. I can visit, too a lot!" she says.

"...I mean if you'd like me to." she says as she bites her lip a little and then--- she just kind of shoots to her right and hugs Lamya.

"Hehe... I think that. She wanted to do that. Back when. But you we're so big... but you're not now, right?" she asks. She'll pause. "If I'm being too forward. I will stop. Just....haha..."

"This sounds so dumb but I keep having a fear I won't see you again. But I think that's just the past talking at me right now." she says just a little nervously.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-16 19:44:49 97842
Lamya tenses at the hug at first, but then melts into the embrace and, eventually, tentatively, hugs back. "I would like it if you came to visit," she sighs. "Lots." When the hug finally breaks she gives her newfound Princess a playful smile. "I can be big again, if you like," she says. "Small too. About this big," she pantomimes the size somewhere between a large rat and a small housecat.

She shakes her head vigerously. "No. Not forward. I like it! I think. I'm nervous, and I don't know why." She reaches out and takes Nakusu's hands in her own and squeezes. "Now that we found each other we're not going to lose each other again. I won't let that happen."
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-16 20:02:13 97843
Nakusu does eventually release the hug yes. She smiles. "We'll figure it out." she says. "I met another princess, and her knights the other night. It's when I dropped my book. I think one of them took. Now it's at that curry place you mentioned." she says quietly.

"I should go there soon myself. Maybe later today." she squeezes Nakusu's hands. "I'm glad for that Lamya." she smiles wide. "I'd like to see you big like how I remember in the memories." she says. "Maybe not here, but soon."

She nods. "Joy said I should get someone to protect me and what not. But I don't know anyone magical. Just, her, and well. You." she says.

"She also said something that monsters might be attracted to me but nothing like that has happened yet either. I hope it doesn't. I don't even know what kind of monsters that would be out there- and surely not all are bad... right?..."

"Right?" she asks to Lamya.
Dragon Lamya 2018-09-16 20:12:34 97844
Lamya thinks momentarily. "This place... Tokyo... is far more dangerous than the world I knew before I went to sleep. There's something about the place, and it's people, especially magical people that attracts creatures of all sort." She takes a deep breath and continues, "Having said that there are a lot of magical people out here dedicated to protecting people who can't defend themselves."

The dragon girl thinks for a little moment and concludes, "Now that you're aware of us, I suspect that you'll begin to meet more and more of us. That just seems to be the way these things go." She flashes a toothy grin, "I'll introduce you to my housemates, and you'll meet Rashmi soon enough. Between all of us and Joy, and everybody we all know, you'll be safe."
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-16 20:21:12 97845
Nakusu Miki smiles very warmly. "I've been seeing things since six months ago. But it wasn't until recently that one of them talked to me, and then I met Joy when she sort of crashed into an alley." she says.

Her phone starts ringing. "Awk--" she moves to answer her phone and answers. "Hello?.... oh of course Poppa. I was just meeting my new friend like I said---of course I'll bring her over sometimes! Oh? Really?... I'll be there soon." she says as she ends the call and places it into her pocket.

"That was my dad. Apparently we have company soon and I need to get home." she says. "...Did Joy give you my address on that paper I gave her? You can come over whenever you want. Just tell Dad you're my new friend." she smiles.

She gently goes to try to move, but not before giving Lamya another quick hug. "We'll meet up so I can meet some of your friends soon!" she says with a smile. "Promise!" she says, before she'll escape off towards home.

There's a slight skip in her step now at least. That went well. Very well, at least to her.