Dates, Parents, and Weddings

Madoka has a special date planned for Homura, and as they talk over a candlelit dinner the conversation becomes special as well.

Date: 2018-09-15
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Madoka Akemi 2018-09-15 23:51:49 97795
    It was Saturday evening and for once Madoka wasn't glued to Homura's arm, though that might not remain the case for long. She'd been making preparations in for some time, some in secret and others hidden in plain site. She'd talked to Homura on the phone in the afternoon, acting a bit more cagey than would be expected, and had asked Homura to meet at the secret base turning safe house, where she'd been doing some light work to convert. She also mentioned two other things: that Homura should dress up a little but worry too much about it, and that it would be a date.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 00:04:33 97797
    Homura's cheeks still get a little flush when she considers the prospect of a date with Madoka. It doesn't matter that they've been steady for so long, or that they've spent so much time cuddling... Dokas still make little Homus blushy. That might not ever change.

    Homura does decide to take the advice and dress up a little bit, but one wouldn't notice it just by looking at her. All they'd see as she approaches the secret base in the storm drain is Homura in her henshin. It wouldn't do to snag her nice clothes on something as she's jumping around, after all.

    When she does jump up to the secret entrance, the door opens for her and she steps inside. As it closes behind her, she dehenshins, revealing a long sparkly dark blue cocktail dress with a square neckline. She takes a moment to run her fingers through her hair, flipping it before going further in.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 00:19:18 97798
    The doors to the secret base opened as they normally would though there was a noticable difference. Inside everything was dark, the wallscreens not off but instead projecting flat darkness. One thing was obvious though, and that was a little table set up in the center of the main room with a single candle on it, Madoka visible behind it sitting at the table. She was wearing a nice little black dress with a cute oval neckline and arms that ended at her shoulders. It was darker than her usual look but suited to the candlelight, and she hadn't completely abandoned lighter colors offsetting it by a white shawl resting around her shoulders and white stockings on her legs. Even in the candlelight the faint blush settled upon her cheeks was easy to make out, brightening as Homura arrived in her beautiful sparkly cocktail dress and flipped her hair.

    Set on the table was a rather fancy and yummy looking meal, a large grilled steak of fish being the primary attraction, colored a rather curious color of orange- Homura might recognize it as the elusive 'pumpkin sworfish', colored so from eating so much shrimp. Alongside are a number of perfectly steamed vegetables and a nice little mushroom sauce that accents both the veggies and the fish. This is undoubtedly the work of Tomohisa Kaname, kept fresh and warm by a bit of magical cheating by Madoka.

    When the doors to the secret base shut the wallscreens change, a large number of hand drawn images flicking on in quick succession. They're all clearly drawn by Madoka in her signature style, small bodies and big heads with big swirl-edged eyes. Every picture is different, and all of them are of Madoka and Homura together, across an incredibly wide array of time. There's a picture of Madoka telling Homura she has a cool name back when she still wore her hair in braids, and a picture of Madoka hugging onto her after she'd defeated her first Witch. Very many pictures of times after, of memorable interactions shared between them, none of them more than just a little bittersweet. There is of course one standout of a shy blushing Homu stealing a kiss from a surprised looking Doka up on a radio tower in the sky of Mitakihara.

    The sad times are skipped, going right to the way they became friends and more, getting to know each other at a concert, dancing together in matching outfits on New Years Day, and skating around together on ice skates. Of course there's a picture of the next kiss they shared, their first kiss on the eve of Walpurgisnacht in the snow-- it isn't accurate but Madoka drew the snow melting around them so fierce is the fire of Homu's passion... and Madoka's cheeks.

    And of course many, many more times of them simply spending time together, snuggled up in bed or on the Cuddle Couch, going out on dates or simply enjoying each other's company. The walls, floor, and ceiling, are absolutely filled with so many romantic moments they've spent together, doodled out by Madoka at some time or another in her notebook-- or probably multiple notebooks, judging by this.

    The light level of the screens is notably set to low, so as not to completely ruin the candlelight mood. Madoka smiles sweetly to Homura, looking a little giddy herself, and gestures towards the seat opposite her at the table. "Please come and sit down, Homura-chan. I've been waiting for you."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 00:38:45 97800
    Homura, not knowing what to expect, but being perfectly trusting of her one and only, steps into complete darkness. Or rather, mostly darkness, because there is enough candlelight for Homura to see the person she's come here to be with. She spends a few good moments just... looking at her, admiring her with wide open and longing eyes.

    Her eyes then travel down towards the meal, and the smell of it alone is enough to make her hungry. It doesn't hurt that Madoka's father is such a good cook. Good food, nice cuddles... Homura really is lucky...

    The screens come to life. Homura was expecting that much. Why else would they be on? When she looks around and watches them, her blush gets a little more red. Thinking about the times depicted, about the stolen kiss, about so many wonderful moments shared. Sure, the sadness is skipped over, but when you think about the positives, there really is so much.

    She covers her mouth to giggle at the melting snow, and her giggles convey a level of giddiness that only Madoka could make her feel. She glances around from screen to screen, surrounded by so many good memories. Memories of love. Memories of the two of them.

    When she's invited to the table, she starts to speak, but her voice catches. Eventually she gets out an, "Okay..." and moves forward to sit opposite of Madoka. She smiles brightly and softly, her eyes just a little wet as she gazes at her darling. "Madoka-chan... if you were trying to impress me or make me happy, you win."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 00:50:33 97801
    Madoka contains her excitement as Homura looks at her and then smells the food. The screens come on and she sees Homura look at the pictures while her blush gets redder, and then hears her giggle as she sees something she finds particularly cute. Seeing a blushy and giggly Homura has Madoka squirming ever so slightly in her seat over how cute she is, which doesn't at all detract from how beautiful she is.

    Homura sits down and Madoka's smile is just as bright in return, her heart beating at a quick happy pace in her chest as she looks into Homura's candlelit eyes, "I'm happy to impress you, but I'm always trying to make you happy, Homura-chan. I want you to be as happy as you can possibly be." She leans forward a little and takes Homura's hand briefly, squeezing it and brushing her thumb over the back of it before drawing away, motioning to the food.

    "Papa made it special for us when I asked, so I'm sure it'll be amazing." She's a bit more open with her pride when it's someone other than herself doing the thing that makes her feel it.

    Her own eyes briefly travel over the pictures, getting a good mix of friendly and romantic moments, only for the sparkly soft pink of them to return to Homura's, giving another bright and happy smile.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 01:10:53 97802
    Homura is certainly looking her best for Madoka, though that's usually the case. Her hair is long and silky. Her purple eyes are sparkling as she looks across the table at her beloved. Even her skin is nice and soft when Madoka reaches over to take her hand. She puts work into it, but seeing Madoka adore her makes it all the more worth it.

    "I am," responds Homura. "I couldn't possibly be happier than this. You're my everything, Madoka-chan."

    Her eyes go back towards the food, and she somewhat playfully licks her lips. "Looks delicious, as always. Your dad is such an amazing cook. I'm going to get spoiled, eating so well."

    Her eyes are focused on Madoka's, but she still sees the reflection of happy moments in her pretty pink eyes. She clasps her hands together, gazing at her beloved over her knuckles as a sly smile settles upon her lips. "You really are such a prize, Doka. Not a day goes by that I'm not grateful for you."

    Her eyes go down to the fish, which smells delicious. She takes a fork in hand, uses the edge to cut off a bit of fish, then impales the meat before dragging it across some mushroom sauce. She keeps her purple eyes on Madoka as she brings the food to her mouth, opening just slightly to bring it in, and smiles as she slowly chews it, savoring the taste.

    "Mmm," she says while chewing. When she swallows, she adds, "Wow, that is delicious."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 01:21:33 97803
    Madoka is also looking nice for Homura but has spent a little bit of time preparing so is possibly a tiny bit more rumpled. It's hard letting go of her hand when her skin is so soft, but somehow Madoka manages. It helps that she can keep looking at her pretty face, sparkly eyes, and beautiful silky hair. Madoka's own hair is fluffed up rather nice, she's been taking tips.

    "And you mean everything to me as well, Homura-chan. I love you."

    She giggles when Homura talks about being spoiled with food, "Good! I get spoiled plenty by all your affection, so you deserve to be spoiled too." It isn't just the food Madoka wants to spoil her with though, which Homura might note as Madoka playfully starts playing footsie with her beneath the table, her stockings thin and silky.

    The pink on her cheeks goes to red as Homura praises her, "Ehehehe... It makes me so happy that you think of me like that. I want to become more and more of a prize for you. Being with you and by your side always makes me happy. You've shown me what it means to be so in love with someone everything else melts away."

    It would be rather a shame not to eat the food while it's there, and Madoka starts out by nibbling on some yummy vegetables while Homura tries the fish. Another flash of a pearly white smile in the candlelight as the food is complimented, and Madoka cuts a bite of swordfish off herself and dips it in the mushroom suace.

    After she tries it she decides she'll have to be extra thankful to her dad tomorrow. "He must have tried extra hard, I told him it was for a date," Madoka notes with a giggle.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 01:41:49 97804
    "Here's to spoiling each other with love, then," says Homura, as her own black silky stockings brush against Madoka's white. She's more than willing to indulge Madoka in playing footsie, and also in anything else that Madoka would like, because she really means it when she says she loves spoiling Madoka. The admiration in her sparkling purple eyes is obvious, as if Homura were trying to convey 'I love you' through a look.

    Her smile turns ever more sly as she sees the blushing on Madoka's cheeks. Getting that kind of reaction out of the one she loves is always the best. Having her words accepted when others might object is nice, too. "I mean it, though. The only reason why I don't go around bragging about my wonderful girlfriend all the time is because I don't want to make other people jealous. You are the best thing that's ever happened to me, and you always have been."

    Homura giggles as Madoka talks about her father. "Being accepted by your family is nice, too. I'll admit I was shy at first, but they've always been good to me."

    She has a bit of the veggies too, because veggies are super important. They're also delicious, since Madoka's dad made them. Playing footsie with Madoka while eating good food is certainly some kind of heaven.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 01:55:16 97805
    Madoka lifts her water glass in a playful toast after Homura speaks, being careful about taking a sip afterwards while brushing her ankle against her sweethearts. Normally she'd like to sit next to Homura and snuggle up, but this is supposed to be a candlelit dinner, and playing footsie will keep her from letting her desire to cuddle get too much.

    Homura's wordless message comes through loud and clear, and Madoka's gaze softens even as her sweet blush intensifies. It's pretty clear that Madoka is feeling very flattered as Homura speaks so highly of her. Of course there's also something else in her gaze, "You're thoughtful and thinking of others even when you're filled with joy. Is it any wonder I fell in love with Homura Akemi? I'm sure you're the best thing that happened to me as well, Homura-chan, and I'll never let you go."

    A bit more serious as they talk about family Madoka enjoys her meal and nods, speaking after she finishes her bite because it's only polite and she's on a date, for goodness sake! "I think Mama and Papa see the same things in you that I do. Though I think anyone that was honest would see how passionate and hard working you are. You remind me a lot of Mama when you're like that." Is there any higher praise than being compared favorably to Junko Kaname?

    Footsie and good food really is great, and continuing on the conversation of family Madoka adds, "I want to try to spend a little more time with your family too. Your mom has been around a bit more, but I'd also kind of like to meet your dad." After a little pause she adds, "I kind of always have? But now it's starting to feel... important."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 02:13:02 97806
    Homura raise her own glass as well, going along with the toast. If Madoka wants to play footsie, then Homura will gladly play footsie, wrapping her ankles around one of Madoka's under the table. It's a little bit like cuddling using their feet, in some ways. It does, however, force Homura to be a little bit careful while she eats, but when is Homura ever not careful?

    Homura blushes again as Madoka compliments her thoughtfulness, and her sly smile is replaced with something just a little more bashful. "Ah, by all means. Never let me go. I want to be with you forever."

    She blushes a little more when Madoka compares her to her mother. From anyone, being compared to a loved one is high praise, but when it's someone like Junko it's even moreso. "Ehehe," she laughs a little nervously, then glances around at the monitors showing the cuter parts of their history. "I think you saw that in me before it was even there. You've always believed in me, even when I didn't." After an introspective pause, her gaze returns to Madoka. "... thank you for that."

    Homura's own family is brought up and frowns slightly. She's holding her poker face pretty tightly for a moment, not wanting to sour the mood. She takes a moment to sip water before she answers. "I'm happy that my mother is around more. Dad is... well, he's a lot harder to get a hold of. Honestly... probably the best way to meet him would be at Salamander."

    With a more relaxed smile, she adds, "I think you should, though. You should meet him. Especially now. He's not a bad guy, just... very busy. Usually by the time he comes home, he's always tired."

    Her eyes widen as she just remembers something, and then her face brightens up. "Oh! Guess what!"
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 02:31:03 97807
    Cuddling with their feet is something Madoka is happy to engage in, even if it means being careful in case of accidental tickles. Silky black stockings match silky white ones rather well, after all.

    "Trust me, Homura-chan, I won't," Madoka replies with a sparkle in her eyes as the black haired beauty gets a little bashful. "I want you by my side forever and always."

    Madoka then considers Homura's words and shakes her head a little, "If I saw it I think it was there, you just hadn't discovered it yet. Just like you know what kind of person I was before I knew it." It's a little different what with time shenanigans, but no less true, at least not in Madoka's eyes. "You're welcome. I'm always happy to support you. I don't think you've ever proven me wrong for supporting you." And yes, that's knowing all of Homura's history and everything they've been through together.

    She giggles a little nervously herself at the idea of going to Salamander, if only because it must be very different from how it was when Homura ran it. She remembers her little secretary's desk, and going back to visit Homura in her office after hours. "It might be difficult, but I think it's still worth doing."

    Madoka's about to add more but Homura seems to relax, "Ehehe, I know what it's like to have a hardworking parent. Mama usually comes home so late everyone else is asleep. Business life seems very difficult for adults." She considers for a moment before adding, "If we go see him, we should schedule with his secretary so we're not using up time he doesn't have. Interrupting his busy workday would probably upset him."

    Homura perks up quite a bit and Madoka sits a bit straighter in her chair, leaning forward, "Oh? What is it, Homura-chan?"
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 02:50:38 97808
    Homura giggles at Madoka's response, even as her feet carefully brush against Madoka's. "I know. It's so wonderful, it feels like a dream. It'll be amazing to be your wife."

    She considers what Madoka says about what was in her. Well, maybe it was. It's true that Madoka certainly brought it out of her, but maybe she couldn't do that if it wasn't there. Then Madoka says that Homura's never proven her wrong in supporting her, and Homura smiles softly at that. "Well, maybe we knew each other better than we know ourselves, even from the start. I know there's at least one passionate fire in me, Madoka-chan, and it burns for you."

    Homura is certainly expecting at least some parts of Salamander to be different. She wonders if she'd even recognize anyone there, or if they'd recognize her. She nods as Madoka mentions making an appointment, saying, "Yeah, that's a good idea. Maybe we can schedule it during lunch and have a meal together. He might enjoy that."

    When Madoka asks, Homura leans forward, her sly smile returning to her lips. Her purple eyes sparkle as she says, "Usagi-chan proposed to Mamoru-kun... and also..." She leans a little bit further in. "Mamo-kun asked me to be his best man." She pauses for a moment and then adds, "Well, or best girl. Not sure what to call it. Either way works for me."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 03:22:32 97811
    Madoka's blushing face lights up when Homura says it'll be amazing to be her wife, and she twists a little in her seat at the prospect, "It'll be amazing to be yours as well. And to have you as my wife, ehehehehe..!" She settles down a little more to eat some more, because the food really is good.

    "It wouldn't surprise me. You saw things in me I didn't realize were there." She giggles softly, "You also know how to take care of me," she tilts her head down a little bit, peeking up at Homura through her eyelashes. "I love feeling your fire and your passion. It's so amazing knowing someone can feel that way about me, and that that someone is as wonderful as you."

    The thought of meeting Homura's father over lunch puts a smile on her face and she claps her hands together, "That's a great idea, Homura-chan! I bet he would, and it'd be a lot less pressure too." Being out to eat rather than in the business environment would probably be much more casual.

    The sly smile and sparkling eyes gets a little tilt out of Madoka's head. Her eyes widen with joy when Homura says Usagi proposed to Mamoru, and she squeals happily as Homura drops the best man bomb. "Eeee! That's so wonderful, Homura-chan! It's so great that you'll be able to be there for Mamoru-kun and support him on his most important day." A tiny bit of joy turns to seriousness, "Best man is an important role, but I'm positive you'll be able to handle it. It can't be as difficult as running your own business."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 03:40:16 97813
    Homura can't help but blush even more as they talk about being married. It's such a serious bond, and Homura wouldn't share it with anyone else. She eats along with Madoka, because the food is nice and she doesn't want to let something so well prepared grow cold. "Yeah, I can hardly wait."

    She giggles when Madoka mentions being able to take care of her, and adds, "You take good care of me too, Madoka-chan. You give me everything I need. I enjoy making you happy." She cants her head to the side as she looks into Madoka's eyes, feeling nice and relaxed just being so close to her little angel.

    Homura nods as Madoka agrees with her, and she adds, "Yeah, I think he'd appreciate it a bit more. He wouldn't feel like we were pulling him away from work if he's on break anyways."

    Homura's pride at being asked to be best man is obviously written on her face. "Yeah, it is. I basically have to be his support during the wedding. Have to make sure that all of the arrangements are in order for his big day... I don't know if he has a ring bearer but if he doesn't then that's my job, too." She shrugs and says, "I um... kinda asked him to return the favor and he said he would, so... It kinda matters for our wedding, too. It was an impulse decision but I didn't think you'd mind."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 03:54:13 97814
    Madoka nibbles happily on vegetables and enjoys the well grilled swordfish steak while Homura talks, thinking that the meal is very good but is even better with such nice company to share it with.

    "I'm glad because that's exactly what I want to do, take care of you and give you everything you need." She leans in a bit conspiratorially and half whispers, "And cuddle lots!" She giggles while sitting back in her seat, but teases Homura's foot a bit more with her own.

    "We'll still need to arrange it ahead of time since working lunches happen a lot, or at least they do for Mama." She's in a very good mood now and it shows, talking about so many wonderful topics. Each other, their friends, and their family. Everything is doing so well right now, how can she not be beaming happily?

    "You do but you know how to support people so well I don't doubt he'll be in good hands." Talking about a ring bearer she hums a little. For a brief moment she imagines Tatsuya walking down an aisle and playfully tossing the pillow with the rings on it towards the couple. Definitely not- and it's not like Mamoru even knows him anyway. "Ehehe, I'm sure you'll find someone suitable."

    Much more blushing and happy squirming in place as Homura mentions she asked Mamoru to be her best man, "Your best man is your decision, Homura-chan, though I think you made a fine choice." There's a very sweet and even somewhat sensual look in her eyes as she gazes at Homura, clearly thinking about wedding bells. "I don't know who I'm going to ask, you already picked Mamoru-kun and I'm marrying the most obvious choice," she says with a giggle.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 04:17:43 97819
    There is something magical about sharing good food with good company, and having a nice conversation while playing footsie underneath the table. All of Homura's senses are being well stimulated, and Madoka's company is always stimulating as well.

    Homura's voice is a little coy when she says, "I'll always enjoy you taking care of me, Madoka-chan. Especially since you know how much cuddling I need." As she says that last part, she teases her foot against Madoka's as well, smiling and gazing dreamily the whole time. "... and I'll always be your guardian, my little angel."

    "Well of course. We shouldn't surprise him. Otherwise we might interrupt a meeting or something. I don't know how often he has a working lunch, but I'm sure his secretary would." Madoka being so happy makes Homura even happier. There really is a lot going right in their lives, and getting to share it with each other really is the best thing.

    "Thank you, Madoka-chan. I really do try my best," says Homura. "Thing is, it's a ways off. Mamoru and Usagi have decided to wait until she graduates from high school. I'm not really sure what timetable to plan for, or what to do for his stag party."

    Homura's in the middle of sipping her drink when she notices the sweet look in Madoka's eyes, and her cheeks turn decidedly red the more she thinks about it. Her eyes, on the other hand, are perfectly calm, and she winks at Madoka before putting down her drink. "Well, we still have time. We haven't really nailed down an exact date, or gotten rings..."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 04:36:20 97821
    "Lots and lots!" Madoka replies playfully when Homura mentions how much cuddling she needs. She doesn't mind saying it, because Homura knows that she needs just as much herself. She plays with Homura's foot beneath the table and enjoys staring into her dreamy eyes, "And I'll always be your little angel."

    Madoka nods slowly and makes a little, "Ohhh," when Homura notes that the MamoUsa wedding is a ways off. The comment of a stag party gets her humming. She looks upwards as she thinks, tapping the back end of her fork against her chin absentmindedly, only to blush and stop when she remembers she's on a date. "U-um! I don't really know what those kinds of parties are like, except all the drinks are probably spiked." After a moment she adds, "...actually Mamoru-kun probably doesn't even have to spike anything anymore to begin with, does he?" Somehow she'd momentarily forgotten the time they'd missed.

    Then while admiring Homura's pretty blush and blushing herself at the wink, she nods slowly. "Or told our parents," she mentions while thinking about the potential lunch plans. No way would they spring that on Homura's poor dad the first time she met him, that would be out of line. "Though, um... I don't know if I want to wait until I graduate High School like Usagi-chan. I know being married while still in school might be a little odd but... I really want to show the whole world how committed to you I am."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 04:46:57 97823
    Homura shrugs as Madoka mentions not knowing what those parties are like. "Honestly, I have no idea what Mamo-kun would even want, but I want to make it memorable. I'll have to talk with Kunzite and the others about what he might want to do, and by 'the others' that does include Kyouko."

    Homura giggles and then shakes her head, "No, I imagine that he does not. Not that it really matters anymore. No one's gonna tell him what to do at the Earth Court Frat House."

    Homura actually hesitates at the mention of telling their parents. She fidgets with the side of her plate as she thinks about that. God... what would that even entail? "Your parents could probably both be told at the same time, if I spent the night and had breakfast with them. At least... I think it might be better if we're both there. My mother could probably hear about it at any time, since she stays at my place pretty often. My father..." she pauses for a moment. "Yeah, no. He's probably going to need more than a single lunch break to process all of that. I want to at least hear what he thinks of you before I drop something like that on him."

    Homura reaches up to scratch the back of her head, then flips her hair over her shoulder so that it frames her cheek. "As for the timing, well... I'd marry you right now if I wasn't afraid of upsetting everyone else. We really do need our parents' approval for that."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 04:57:55 97824
    Madoka nods, and the inclusion of Kyouko doesn't seem to change her expression, "She is one of his Shitennou now, after all. Besides, I don't think Kyouko-san would be much of a problem at a more adult party. She could be a whole different person now from how we knew her from before. We both know how much having love and acceptance has been for us, and she has the same thing in a different way from her new family." A little pause, "And maybe from Naru-chan, too." She's not actually sure how deeply involved the two are, other than that they've been dating for a fair while now.

    She gives Homura a sympathetic smile as she fidgets, "You're right that we should tell them together, but I don't think Mama and Papa would be very surprised. They can't understand exactly what we mean to each other, but remember that they think we were stranded together at sea for a year and a half. Even your parents do. Your mom knows about us, I'm pretty sure. I don't know about your father though." She then shakes her head quickly, pigtails tossing a bit, "No, definitely not over lunch the first time I meet him! That would be so embarrassing. Eheheh."

    When Homura says she'd marry her immediately Madoka giggles happily again. Her food is mostly gone, not completely, but, well...

    She stands up and walks around the table, playfully pulling Homura's chair out a little while she's on it, careful not to spill her off of it, just enough so that she can sit down sideways on her lap and wrap her arms around her neck. "I would too. Any time you wanted, if it wouldn't be mean to our parents. If I'd thought of it before maybe we could have said we married each other on that island we were supposed to be on." She smiles playfully at that, but looks sweetly into Homura's eyes. "We don't need to rush, but I really am ready whenever you are, Homura-chan."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 05:15:58 97827
    "If anything I think Kyouko would be more at home there. There'd be food and drinks for sure," says Homura, intentionally glossing over huge parts of that topic.

    "I don't think my mom would be that surprised either," says Homura. "Every once in a while she asks how we're doing together. She's always very happy when I say that things are good between us." Her once great meal is being reduced to scraps, and now her tummy is getting happier from so much good food. When she's done finishing off another bite, she adds, "Mom seems to like the idea of us being together. She's always been supportive, so I think she'd be okay with it." There's a bit of hesitation before she says, "I... I don't know if she's mentioned us to my dad yet. I should ask. He might already know, but I'd still rather you meet him first."

    Homura suddenly gets very still as Madoka walks around the table to approach her, not wanting to mess up whatever she's doing with sudden movements. When her darling pulls her chair out, she lifts her feet off the ground so they don't drag. When she suddenly has a lapfull of Doka, she smiles, putting her fork down and wrapping both arms around her little angel. "We could have said that, but I think it's better that we didn't. I think it'll turn out a lot better this way."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 05:27:17 97828
    Food and drinks and not of a bad quality would probably make Kyouko a happy camper, Madoka has to agree.

    "Aww, that's so sweet of her to ask about us. I wonder if Mama and Papa would too, if we were around them together less often." It makes her smile to think that Chisato is happy that her daughter has found love. It seems natural to her, but it makes her happy that Homura has a sweet and supportive mother, even if there might have been a rift between them before.

    At the mention of Homura's dad potentially knowing Madoka nods a little, "It'd be silly if he found out we were getting married before he met me. I wouldn't want to be that rude to your father." She blushes a little and peeks away, "Especially since I probably need to ask him for your hand." It wasn't exactly something she'd ever thought about needing to do herself, but now that she thinks about it it's just natural.

    When Homura wraps both arms around her, her little angel leans against her and sighs happily. Madoka smiles and looks into Homura's eyes before kissing her on the cheek and giving it a little nuzzle to rub it in as her sweetheart speaks, playfully kicking her legs a little. "I think you're right, but I can't help but fantasize about wanting to be your wife right now from time to time." She looks lovingly into pretty purple eyes and nuzzles her nose against Homura's before giving her another little kiss, this one on the lips.

    "I'm happy any way it happens, as long as it means I'm with you."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 05:41:42 97829
    Homura's mother certainly is supportive, if slightly nervous for reasons that Homura can't really explain. Well, Chisato has always been shy, even around her own daughter, so maybe it isn't that much of a surprise. "Yeah... Mom has been really concerned with my happiness lately. I don't know. Maybe the fact that we went so long without talking made her worry. Especially since my apartment had a building land on it."

    The silky-haired girl considers how exactly her father would react. She actually has no idea. "I think he'd be surprised to find out that I was marrying another woman. Still, yeah, I think it would be rude. I mean, if you'd asked me a while back I would've sworn that he didn't care anyways, but seeing how my mother has suddenly wanted to get so close... I think maybe they care about me more than I thought they did."

    She giggles at the thought of Madoka asking for Homura's hand, and even blushes a bit. "Oh my! You would have to ask, wouldn't you? Ahahaha."

    The more Madoka sits in her lap while talking about wanting to be her wife, the faster Homura's heart beats. She naturally nuzzles noses with Madoka, and her lips purse to meet her little angel's. With her cheeks red and blushing, and with her arms wrapped tight around her beloved's waist, Homura whispers into Madoka's ear, "As far as I'm concerned, we're overdue."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 05:53:26 97830
    "I'm happy she's thinking about your happiness and well-being, but maybe we can think of something to keep her from having to worry so much." 'Like getting married,' Madoka briefly thinks in her head, seeming to giggle for no reason. Well, that might actually do it, but that isn't what she meant either! "Eheheh, that might be it. I mean... your parents must have been worried about your health for so long because of your heart condition, and then a building crashed into your apartment in a big storm."

    A moment passes and Madoka adds a bit distantly, "And then you were lost at sea..." Somewhat embarrassed Madoka looks to Homura, "Eheheheheh... actually, your parents have pretty good reasons to worry about you, don't they? Your life has been full of danger from they're perspective, and they wouldn't be wrong for thinking it."

    On to happier thoughts, "I will! And maybe your mom as well." She giggles to herself and play-acts, "Akemi-sama, I want to marry your little Homhom-chan!" She wiggles around while giggling and rests her forehead against Homura's.

    Madoka certainly doesn't mind making Homura's beat faster for such romantic reasons. Her guardian angel is so irresistible looking so happy while blushing. She lifts a hand while she's whispered to and gently runs it through long, silky black hair, letting the strands fall away from her fingers a few at a time before running them through again while whispering, "I won't make you wait any longer than you want to."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 06:05:54 97831
    Homura shrugs at the mention of her mother worrying so much. "I'm not really sure what to do about it. I guess I could ask her what's bothering her, but it feels weird to bring it up." She tilts her head curiously as Madoka giggles, feeling a little shy because she feels like she missed a joke.

    When Homura considers all of the 'real life' problems that Madoka is mentioning, she agrees. "Yeah, that's right. Even if you just look at the surface-level excuses, I've had quite an adventurous life. I guess it's no surprise they'd worry."

    Homura giggles at Madoka's play-acting, because it's so adorable, and she squeezes her tight when she wiggles. She smiles as she presses her forehead back against Madoka's. "I guess I'd have to ask your parents, too." She play-acts a little herself, saying in a cutesy voice, "Ah, Kaname-sama, I love your Madoka-chan so much, can I take her home and marry her?"

    She shivers as Madoka's familiar fingers are brushed through her hair. She whispers back, "Don't tempt me or I'll try to elope with you."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 06:14:50 97832
    Madoka thinks shy Homu is very cute but feels a little bad about why she's feeling shy. Even so she's a little too embarrassed to reveal the joke herself so she contents herself by offsetting Homura's momentary shyness with her own momentary embarrassment.

    "Your life has probably been more adventurous than your parents, even with them only knowing a part of the truth," Madoka agrees. "It's a good thing that they worry about you, but it'd still be nice to put your mothers mind at ease."

    As Homura play acts herself Madoka giggles at the asking to take her home and marry her, squeezing herself against her sweetheart and very best friend. "I think it would be sweet, even if it isn't strictly necessary." Though really it is, given their ages and the laws of Japan.

    As Homura shivers Madoka caresses the back of her head while shaking her own, "Don't worry Homura-chan, I won't. I'm not a temptress." She leans in and kisses Homura's forehead, "I'm a giver." She snuggles up even closer to Homura while in her lap, cuddling against her happily and sliding her arm from Homura's neck to around her back and shoulder to squeeze her close.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 06:28:00 97833
    Homura doesn't hold it against Madoka, since prying the truth from her would probably not be worth the effort. Besides, whatever the joke was, the moment of it has passed. Instead she simply smiles at Madoka and pats her back gently as if to assure her that everything's alright.

    "That's true. I can't imagine something so drastic happening to them," muses Homura, "Especially not my mother. I have no idea what she must think. It wouldn't surprise me if she found the guns in the tatami room at one point, so that might be part of why... but it's hard to say for sure."

    Homura smiles as she jokes with Madoka. Well, just because they're playing that doesn't mean they aren't serious. "I think, considering your parents' acceptance and... sometimes patience with me, it is necessary. I owe them at least that much respect. Even if it's traditional to ask the father... I think in your case asking your mother is also very important."

    'I'm not a temptress. I'm a giver.'

    Homura's blush returns with a vengeance. Her face is red hot, and her arms are clinging to her little angel super tight. She looks up at her darling needfully. Her voice catches in her throat as she tries to speak.

    "I... I think maybe, our next priority should be having you meet my dad, then, and... I mean... after that maybe we can talk about getting our parents' approval. I mean... I think that'd only be responsible."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 06:40:02 97834
    Madoka smiles and makes a happy sound as Homura pats her back, because it's good to know her darling is okay and it also feels nice.

    "Do you think so? I suppose she had plenty of time to find them. I can't imagine what she'd think." Madoka's eyes widen as if it's the first time she realizes it, "Guns are illegal!" Yes, that could worry a mother very much. "M-maybe she'd think they belonged to the previous owner and was worried you'd find them?"

    "I'm sure they'd appreciate it, Homura-chan. Papa and Mama both. I'm sure they must feel like a lot of our time together as a family was stolen away from them, but even so I don't think they'd be upset. They're both so supportive... I'm sure they'd want what would make me happy, and I'm sure they know by now that you're the only one that can." She's a little clingy herself as she holds onto Homura, leaning in to nuzzle her cheek again, so sweet and soft and blushing so warmly.

    Then Homura's blush grows hot and she could feel Madoka smiling happily while pushing her cheek even closer into that heat, squirming enjoyably as she's squeezed so very tight. She pulls away to look back into Homura's eyes, gazing deeply into them, "I always think it's best to be responsible." As true as it is there's a certain amount of playful teasing in her voice. "Let's set up a meeting with your dad then, and then maybe ask to have a nice sit down dinner with my parents." With a happy giggle she adds, "We can even thank Papa for helping make our date such a success." Because in Madoka's eyes tonight was definitely one to remember.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 06:53:17 97835
    "I'm not sure what to tell my mother if that's the case," says Homura, stroking a hand up and down Madoka's back. "I'm not worried about the guns. I can dispose of them if I strictly have to, but the ribbons need to stay where they are. They're a memorial, however subtle." Still, if Chisato had found them, it would make more sense for her to have gotten rid of them. Maybe she didn't know how?

    Homura leans her head against Madoka's shoulder and holds her a little closer. "I'm sure they would. At this point they might even expect it, considering how long we were gone. I actually have no problem being straightforward to them about it. They've always been more than happy to let me be a part of your life."

    Homura nods. It's about all she can do. She's getting increasingly nervous but also... there's a needfulness behind it. To be with Madoka forever, to be married to her... she couldn't possibly want anything else more. "Yeah, I think that'd be good. I mean... honestly, talking about it with you like this... I really want to. I almost wish that I could do it all right now... but... Maybe later today I'll call and see."

    She's clinging to Madoka super tight right now, looking up into her eyes sheepishly. Her purple eyes are wide open and needy. This date is certainly going to be memorable.

    "We've talked about it a lot, but I don't want it to just be talk..."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-16 07:02:50 97836
    "If we had to we could move your Tatami room down here, or somewhere else safe, but it would be a little sad if you couldn't keep them in your home. There might be some way to get through to your mother..." She considers for a moment, "Does Infinity have a Gun club? It's pretty exceptional in a lot of ways, I wouldn't be completely surprised." The JDF might be interested in recruiting Infinity graduates to it's officer corps, after all.

    Madoka can't help but smile as Homura leans her head against her shoulder, petting the back of her head before gently resting it over Homura's hair on the side of her head, stroking gently and encouraging her to rest her head there, leaning her own head so that her cheek can rest gently against the top of Homura's head. "I think so too. It makes me very happy that they're so accepting of you and our relationship. I think they know you're right for me."

    She closes her eyes and snuggles close to Homura in sympathy, trying to feed and ease her needfulness while empathizing with her. "I know exactly how you feel. I want it too, to be married to you. It is tempting to run away with you, but we owe are parents more than that. That doesn't mean we have to wait long though. If they know how we feel, I'm sure they'll understand."

    She looks down into Homura's eyes and gets lost in them, a loving and almost maternal expression on her face. She gently cups Homura's cheek and brushes it with her thumb. "It won't just be talk. I love you with all my heart and I always will. The only thing left to do is let everyone know how honest and true those feelings are. And then I'll be yours and you'll be mine forever and ever."

    She leans in a little closer and kisses Homura again, only this time she doesn't draw away so quickly.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-16 07:16:05 97837
    "Maybe they do, but I don't want to lie to her unless I know I have to. Thing is? I may have to, because I'm not sure that it's possible for someone like her to understand the truth. If Infinity has something like that, they probably wouldn't let you keep the guns."

    Homura sighs happily as she rests her head on Madoka's shoulder, and Madoka's head rests upon her own. She snuggles against that soft comfy shoulder and takes a deep breath, because it really does feel nice. "I'm glad they do, because we really are right for each other. When I'm with you, it feels like everything just falls into place."

    "The only reason it's tempting to run away is because it would be faster, but even if we did that I would still want the approval of our parents... It would be very unfair to them. They deserve better, and I say that about my own parents as well as yours."

    Her eyes glance at the walls as she considers for a moment. "Still, I think it might be wise to convince my mother first... just in case my dad needs to be talked into it." Even in this, Homura can't help but be strategic about it.

    Homura smiles softly, and nuzzles her cheek against Madoka's shoulder as her other cheek is cupped and brushed. "It's true. We already belong to each other. It's just a matter of making it official."

    Homura sees Madoka's approach and she lifts her head up to kiss her. As they kiss, Homura doesn't mind at all if Madoka wants to hold it for a while. As far as Homura's concerned, her little angel can kiss her as much as she likes.