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Date: 2018-09-16
Pose Count: 10
Lacrima 2018-09-16 03:07:12 97809
Lacrima had texted Alexis-niisan over to talk. To update him on a few things that have happened. She is right now, looking at Paige, in it's device form-- a fingerless opera-like glove that has etchings across it and a gem-like emitter in the palm. "Hey Paige." she asks. "Can you interface with the TV?" she asks. < Attempting... > says a voice from the device as the gem flashes with the syllables. < Yes. > says the British accented voice of the device. < Do you wish me to turn on the TV to a channel, Mistress? > the device asks.

"Mmmmm. No. But. I just wanted to know really." she says. "Next time one of us accidently eats the remote won't be such a problem." she mutters. The fact that's even a problem is kind of silly to Lacrima.

"Let me know when Alexis is getting close." she asks the device. < Affirmative, Mistress > says the device.
Stahlritter 2018-09-16 03:18:19 97810
    There's only two occasions where Alexis doesn't respond to a text from Lacrima that is effectively an invitation to come over. When he is engaging in a fight or an investigation as Stahlritter, or already in a classroom. At this moment, neither of those is taking place.

    So it's not long until he's walking through the front yard of the manor, with Hope bounding along beside him with her stumpy little legs. But...


    And that causes him pause, just at the door. He peers down at the leather-covered wrist of his right hand, frowning. "... Is it Rashmi or one of the others?"



    In the next instant, a massive pressure blows through the whole manor, the sounds of heavy, bounding footsteps exploding through the hallways, and into the living room bursts Alexis-- in his Knight Armor, with the golden highlights of the gunmetal grey armor plates glistening in the dim light, sleeveless longcoat flapping in the air behind him when his armored boot stomps down into the floor to bring him to a stop with a yell of "LACRIMA!!!"

    And then the t-shaped, fiery orange visor of his helmet turns to settle on Lacrima. And absolutely no one else in there.

Lacrima 2018-09-16 03:39:16 97812
Lacrima blinks a moment as she hears something bursts in and she 'eeks' and falls forward out of the couch and stands up quickly and suddenly and then!....

< Alexis has arrived now, Mistress. > says Paige in his delightful British voice. "I know!" she says angrily, at the device. "Warn sooner!" she says as she huffs. "Hi. It's fine. Sorry. I was trying to surprise but apparently you detected Paige." she says softly.

"Alexis-niisan. Paige. Paige, Alexis-niisan, he is my Intelligent Device." she says softly.

"You can calm down." she says with a sigh. "And Kriegfauste, please register Paige, Paige do the same back." she sighs a bit.

"I hope you didn't destroy anything on your way in." she sighs a bit and looks down the hall and back to Alexis. "Hi nii-san. Anyways. That's the first update." she says with a deep breath as she sits back down.
Stahlritter 2018-09-16 03:57:19 97816

    There's a lot of staring for a long moment. She can't see his eyes through the visor, but there's probably tons of blinking behind it.


    Kriegsfauste is still very loud.

    Eventually, Alexis' Knight Armor flashes away into mana dust (which seems a little odd maybe when his arms were bared in it but not in his normal garb), and he straightens up from the previously combat-prepared stance.

    "You could have *warned* me," he mutters. "Krieg picked up the signal outside, since I guess you had him try to look for me? And after everything with my Mom-- ugh. You know."

    He comes circlng around the couch, closer towards her-- eyeing the glove covering her hand, the Device there. "...When the hell did you get a Midchildan Device?"
Lacrima 2018-09-16 04:10:16 97817
Lacrima huffs. "I didn't know you'd go crazy over it, I wanted it to be a surprise." < Sir, Mi--- > she huffs. "Don't even bother Paige, I know what you're going to try, and no, Kriegs won't listen to you on vocal control." she says with a slight coy smirk.

"Since two days ago when Riventon-sama finished it for me. Now I can... fight dark things. Without toxifying things further, or empowering them." she says softly. She sighs. "Set up, Paige." < Set Up! > goes Paige.

There's a bright lavender flash as Lacrima shifts into her device's barrier jacket. This lowers her dark energy signature significantly. It leaves her in a frilly affair that might be described as 'Sparkle Ballroom Dracula', but she sighs a bit. "This form is called 'Masquerade'. I don't think I'm going to be keeping it a secret. So. Just tell others if they ask." she says softly.

"So." she says as she crosses her arms.

"We found Lamya's princess." she says softly.
Stahlritter 2018-09-16 04:17:01 97818
    "Of course I'm gonna freak out when I notice an unidentified device signature in my little sister's home!" Alexis protests, with his thick arms crossing together over his chest now.

    When she changes into the Barrier Jacket - or rather, Barrier Dress? - Alexis blinks and looks her up and down, slowly, rather deliberately studying her over in that new look. "... You look pretty in that," he says, almost off-handedly.

    His eyes widen almost immediately after, over her last words. "Seriously? That's-- that's great! Is she safe?"

    And at this point, Hope comes peeking in from the open door, with her fuzzy ears perked up high curiously.
Lacrima 2018-09-16 04:31:51 97820
Masquerade blushes with a huff. "We...well I helped Riventon-sama figure out how it'd look. I wanted to go for fancy... heroine like." she says. She reaches up and snatches the ballroom mask off and she flips it into magical dust. She doesn't need that right now.

"Lighter purple. Less dark." she says quietly. She nods a little. "For now she's safe. Miho will know where to find her exactly. We'll need to get some people together to protect her. It turns out she um. She has no powers. At least at the moment. From what I hear from Miho. Lamya went to go meet her for the first time today. I'm hoping it went well. Or at least nothing bad happened I...."

"....I think their relationship may had been.... not quite romantic but... pre-romantic? Based on the way I've seen Lamya act when the princess was discussed." she says softly.

"Then there's well. Saint George acting jealous. Saying things like a 'human doesn't belong with a dragon' and's easy to draw some lines between points." she says quietly.

"Really. I'm just glad we got to her before that creep did." she mutters.
Stahlritter 2018-09-16 04:38:25 97822
    "Well it's pretty and cute," Alexis says more decisively, reaching a hand over to affectionally pat her head while Hope comes padding in and bouncing onto the couch while neither of them is looking.

    "Well, you can count me in on that," he offers then, on the matter of the princess, his nod firm. "I already promised I would protect both you and Lamya from him. And I'll protect her too." He slowly lifts his right hand up, clenching it into a fist as he looks at it. "... I get the feeling me and him are going to be due for a showdown, too."
Lacrima 2018-09-16 04:58:54 97825
Lacrima nods. "When we figure out where she lives, or where she usually is, we'll speak to her about... check ins. Maybe. I don't wanna overwhelm her." she says. "Right her name is...Nakusu Miki." she says with a wry grimace. "Suitable name. All well and said. Lost and Beautiful Noble." she says. "Is what her name basically means, in Japanese. I can't confirm the beautiful, but I can confirm the lost and noble." she scoffs.

She sighs a bit and sits down as the henshin flits off. She raises her arm to look at her device. "I'm still acclimating to Paige." she says.

She gives a more confident smirk to Alexis. "I'm pretty sure Ariel swooned a little when I transformed into this." she says with a fangy little smile. "She was there to see it."
Stahlritter 2018-09-16 05:02:40 97826
    "I should probably meet with both her and Lamya too," Alexis suggests. "Figure out some things. Make sure they both know they have protection."

    The instant Lacrima settles down on the couch, Hope the Corgi comes waddling across the cushions until she can sploot against her, tail swishing rapidly from side to side.

    "Of course she did," Alexis assures on the thought of a swooning Ariel, grinning. "You're a beautiful vampire countess, afterall."