Call to Action

Rei comes by Mako's apartment for a serious discussion about a looming problem. Namely, Takashi Agera. The two senshi find themselves in agreement - it's time that they took action.

Date: 2018-09-16
Pose Count: 10
Rei Hino 2018-09-16 22:56:15 97848
    This has been simmering for... a while.
    It feels like there's been a thousand 'last straws', and you'd think the near destruction and emotional enslavement of everyone she knows would have been it. Lord knows she wanted it to be.
    But Eclipse opened a *damned pharmacy* selling Dark Energy pills.
    Takashi Agera hasn't learned a damned thing.
    So it's time for someone to teach him.
    Way too late at night Makoto gets a series of texts to the tune of
    <REI> Need to talk about Takashi.
    <REI> Soon.
    <REI> Your place?
    It's the evening of the next day now, and Rei stands at Makoto's door and ringing the bell, her bookbag held anxiously in front of her with both hands, dressed in her school uniform, looking... tense.
Makoto Kino 2018-09-16 23:06:17 97850
The door opens promptly - Rei was, after all, expected. The apartment on the other side is, as always, a pleasant little haven of pretty things and good smells and thriving potted plants wherever Mako can find space for them, all of it tidy and airy and kept in good order.

Despite the seriousness of Rei's texts, Makoto greets her with a smile and quickly steps back from the door to wave her in. "Come on, come in. You look like you're going to try to sell me something. You're welcome here, you know?"

The living room area of the little apartment has already been set up for company; there's a plate of golden-brown anpan set out on the coffee table and two teacups ready and waiting.
Rei Hino 2018-09-16 23:15:33 97852
Rei receives this greeting with wide eyed surprise for one comical moment, before she looks a bit sheepish. Her nerves all wound up as they are, she wasn't really prepared for a friendly greeting. But... she should know Makoto better than that.
    Rei Hino - proffessional aloof mysterious beauty by simple virtue of keeping her distance from people, still isn't quite used to the idea of being welcome anywhere that isn't home, and Makoto's claim otherwise makes her feel... not quite *guilty*, but it's a reminder that she maaaybe needs to appreciate her friends a little better than she does. "Ah...! Of course." she says a bit self consciously, and smiles as she enters.
    Makoto's charming home brings a bit of warmth to Rei's smile and DANG IT SHE NEEDS TO FOCUS! But everything Makoto makes is so gooood! She takes a seat and smiles, "It's good to see you, Makoto-chan." She says genuinely, taking the tea cup in both hands and... glancing... glancing at the Anpan. "I'm sorry to make it about..." she sighs a little, "... This. Him."
    Maybe... maybe just a nibble, she thinks, taking one off the plate.
Makoto Kino 2018-09-16 23:22:27 97855
"It's okay," Makoto assures, waiting until Rei has gotten herself situated before she settles down herself. "Agera's... not exactly my favorite subject, but maybe if we'd been talking about him more - as a team, I mean - things might not have gotten where they are."

She claims one of the anpan for herself, but doesn't bite into it right away. Instead, with the bun and her teacup in front of her, she folds her hands together and regards Rei with a more serious expression. "Okay," she says, "so. You wanted to talk about Agera. I don't think my opinions have been much of a secret, but - What's on your mind?"
Rei Hino 2018-09-16 23:34:01 97859
Rei nods solemnly in agreement with Makoto and takes a small sip of tea, to steady herself a little. "I think so too."
    Ironically, for her moniker, Rei Hino has never declared war before. It's surprisingly harrowing.
    Rei's eyes stay on the tea for a long moment after Makoto's question before she looks straight at Makoto with a sort of quiet intensity. "... Takashi Agera has gone too far. He went too far *years* ago and it's only gotten worse. He's not going to stop. And if he'd go after Mamoru-kun's Crystal, I... I *can't* believe he'll never go after Usagi."
    She sighs heavily. "But Mamoru-kun and Usagi... they *still* want to forgive him for his..." she lifts her hand sharply and drops it again in exasperation, "... his *intentions*... Ami-chan's only *just* considering leaving him, and I still don't know if she *has*..." The frustration in her voice is palpable, and when she notices it, she takes a deep breath
    Rei probably didn't *need* to lay this all out, but it's been boiling in her heart for some time now. She fixes Makoto with a determined look as she gets to the point: "... I think it has to be us. Us and anyone we can bring on board... we have to stop him... or weaken him, or give him reason to think twice, or- or... or *anything*."
Makoto Kino 2018-09-16 23:54:21 97863
Whether it all needed to be spelled out or not, Rei has Makoto's full and unwavering attention as she speaks. She listens silently, not interrupting, just inclining her head a little once or twice in acknowledgement or to prompt Rei to continue.

When Rei is finished, Mako remains quiet for a second or two longer... long enough to curl both hands around her teacup, draw in a long breath, and let it out in a sigh. As she does, the serious expression on her face relaxes into a rueful smile. "You have no idea how glad I am to hear you say that."

She lifts the cup and takes a small sip before she speaks again. "You're right. Usagi-chan and Ami-chan and Mamoru-niisan don't want to give up on him - and I get it, I really do. That's who they are. But Agera's delusional, and he's dangerous. Maybe he can be saved... I hope he can... but we can't just keep looking the other way while he keeps doing stuff that gets more and more people hurt."

Makoto sets her teacup gently back down onto the coffee table, and then folds her arms meditatively in front of her. "We need to start treating him like we treated the guys when they were with the Dark Kingdom. Get up in his business and stay there, until we find a chance to turn him around or... or whatever. Neil will definitely be in - he's as mad about all this as we are."
Rei Hino 2018-09-17 00:03:18 97865
It wouldn't be quite accurate to describe Rei's reaction as 'happy', but her spirits visibly lift when Makoto agrees with her, listening and nodding witht he sort of eagerness of someone hearing what they've been thinking for ages. "Exactly. *Exactly*. He's not- he's *shown* us he's not going to change on his own! At very least we need to... to make this harder for him. If we can't make him understand what he's done, we can at least make it so *this* isn't worth his while."
    For a moment, Rei is wrapped up in aggressive, vengeful thoughts, before she winces slightly. "And-... you're right, I don't *want* Usagi to be wrong, but... it's irresponsible to let this go on. And besides..." She gives a sort of crooked, almost rueful smile, "It's our job to protect her, right? Even if it's from her own bad ideas." She sets the cup down and fiddles with it a little at Makoto's last point, "... I'm glad. I think we could handle it, but... any help we can get, especially if they understand like Nephrite-san does." Exihibit A for unlikely redemptions. Rei STILL isn't completely comfortable around the men who tried to kill them for so long, but... if Mamoru is connected to their hearts, and tells her they're trustworthy, she's not going to doubt it after this long. "... The only problem is figuring out where to start. I don't see us storming Eclipse headquarters."
Makoto Kino 2018-09-17 00:14:27 97868
At that, Makoto grimaces a little, nodding. "Yeah, that's... a whole lot of aggro to be taking on ourselves, if we don't have to. Agera himself is going to be enough of a pain."

Unfolding herself, she picks up the teacup again, this time just holding it cupped between her hands while she thinks. "We need some more information. I mean, I know where his lab is, or at least one of them, but you're right that we can't just go charging in the front door of an Eclipse facility like that. I think..."

Mako hesitates for a little bit there, worrying her lower lip briefly between her teeth before she continues that thought. "I think maybe we should talk to the others. They might not agree with us, but they might have some ideas about how we can do this without breaking more than we fix. I wouldn't really feel right about going behind their backs, anyway."
Rei Hino 2018-09-17 00:22:19 97870
    Rei nods along in agreement, only to give a subtle uncomfortable cringe. "I... you..." she sighs, "You're... probably right. I don't-... I mean I guess we might end up doing more harm than good, if they feel like they can't trust us, I just..." She drops one hand on the table - not slamming it, just more of a mild frustrated knock driven by gravity more than anything - "... I don't want them to talk us out of it. Or... to *forbid* it, and us to have to choose wether..."
    Rei seems to struggle with this for a moment. Seems she's still stuck - at least a little - on the perspective of someone who isn't used to having to, well, manage or upkeep her relationships. Even her friendships with the Senshi - as close as they are - were seemingly dropped into her lap by destiny. But they're too precious for her to be too careless with them, if she can help it.
    "... Nevermind. You're right. At very least they should know that we're *doing* this. Maybe they'll even agree as long as we don't attack Takashi directly." She smiles a little, "If nothing else, we already have the toughest Senshi on our side. We'll pull it through."
Makoto Kino 2018-09-17 00:29:59 97872
Makoto blinks in surprise, a faint flush of pleased embarrassment coloring her cheeks as she processes Rei's last comment. "I don't know about that," she laughs, reaching up absently to rub the back of her neck, "but with my strength and your firepower, personally I like our chances."

She glances down at her tea for a moment before shaking her head. "It's not like we're doing anything wrong. I don't think they're wrong, either, they just... Usagi-chan and Mamoru-niisan, it's kind of their job to give people chances. And it's like you said - it's our job to keep them safe while they do that. So, they're doing their jobs, and it's time we stepped up to do ours. I think, if we're not asking them to join us, they'll understand that. At least, I hope they will."