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Date: 2018-09-17
Pose Count: 14
Lacrima 2018-09-17 03:08:33 97899
Lacrima has invited Rashmi over to basically squee together over her new device and to discuss some things. Alexis has been invited over too because nii-san, really. Lacrima has gone about making sure there's a tray a donuts on the vestibule's coffee table and a pitcher of Lemonade with ice. Perspiration on the outside is already dampening the small cloth she's put underneath it.

She is looking at the device that's in a form of a sort of opera glove-like device with weird magitech etchings that glow and pulse every so often. There's a gem emitter in the palm that serves as the display, too. She's still getting used to it. She isn't in the barrier jacket form it grants, just. Regular, casually dressed Lacrima at the moment.

"Hey, Paige. Let's try this again. Let me know when Rashmi-chan is coming---before she actually gets in front of me." she says wryly.

< Yes, Mistress! > says the British accented Mid-childian device. < I believe she is arriving momentarily >.

Lacrima looks towards the door with intent.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-17 03:10:43 97900
And indeed, within moments of the proclamation, Rashmi is knocking on the door, small takeout warmer dangling from her elbow. As she waits to be invited in, the redhead bounces faintly on her toes; Lacrima getting a Device is, in fact, a reason to squee, and oh boy does she have a Device-warming present to give.
Stahlritter 2018-09-17 03:19:04 97902
    As Alexis is wont to do with his pseudo-Batman antics, he evidently is already here. Though he comes stepping through the door just a few seconds after Rashmi, with his hands wrapped together behind his back -- and one thing Rashmi will immediately notice too is that rather than a hoodie, he is wearing his trademark brown leather jacket again! Well. One would assume it's a *different* jacket still considering what happened to the last one, but it's very similiar to the previous one anyway.

    He doesn't say anything, though-- he just watches the redhead approach his surrogate sister while wallflowering for a moment.
Lacrima 2018-09-17 03:34:26 97904
Lacrima ohs! and steps to the door and opens it. "Hello Rashmi-chan! Oh and Alexis-niisan hello~" she says. She motions them inside. She looks at Alexis-niisan. "Where's Hope-chan?" she asks softly as she smiles at Rashmi. "Right. This is Paige." she says, motioning to it's glove form that Rashmi didn't see, just it's standby bracelet form. < Greetings! > says Paige in it's British voice. She grins. "I asked Riventon-sama.. for a way to fight things I'd otherwise empower with my usual dark energy attacks." she says. "Solution was to give me a device to be able to do that." she says.

"It also has some lab-like capabilities. Which is great when I'm studying things. I can finally scan things and check things onsite. Maybe not as indepth as in the lab but---" she nods once.

"I have my Dusk Zone database in it." she tsks. "I don't think he knows anything you don't already though. I'm actually missing some things. Barrier spell." she mutters. "For one. Which would had been useful for the other night." she sighs. "But. It did let me fight a Nightmare without empowering it heavily. Though uh. well I can't access my 'dark energy' while using it so actively like that. It makes me susceptible to dark energy attacks too." she says.

"I mean. better to cancel each other out than empower each other, in a situation like that."
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-17 03:43:01 97905
"Hi Paige~!" Rashmi chirps, glancing over her shoulder and grinning at Alexis before she bops in, bowing a greeting to the Device. "I'm Rashmi, and this is Nicomachea!"

*bing!* << GREETINGS TENDED. >>

"And I thought of that," Rashmi continues as she slips off her shoes and makes for a larger room than the entryway, with a table -- already populated by donuts and lemonade, perfect! -- for her to put the takeout box on and dig through. "And I had Nicomachea put together a second training package, plus a Time-Space Barrier. From what I know just about every Midchildan-style Device has the same basic suite of spells on it, but when you get more comfortable with the spells you'll want to start tweaking them to better suit you. So I added the Red Shift variant of the regular Barrier -- that's the one that I use to cover myself from all sides, and the routine that collapses it for kinetic force -- and I'm not sure if Paige has Boost Up, but I included that too."

As she natters on, she pulls a fairly large styrofoam box out, opening it to reveal a dozen steaming samosas, wrapped in red, yellow, and green tortilla-esque shells.
Stahlritter 2018-09-17 03:55:14 97907
    "See I was going to limit her squee-stimulation to just a little at one time," Alexis tells Lacrima in response on the question of... Hope. Hope? Yes, Hope.

    He leans up against the wall, with his arms crossed together, and once Rashmi has brought out the box, he lets out a sharp, very distinct whistle. Cue a rapid sound of something tapping and clacking along the wooden floor of the hallway outside the door.

    And through the door comes bounding one brown-and-white furred ball of joy-- a corgi, happily running inside with his tongue happily hanging out and ears perked high... until the poor thing trips over her own stubby feet and flops onto the floor with her limbs all stretched outwards as she slides a couple feet across the floor towards Rashmi and Lacrima. Once the slide stops, though, her head rises up off the floor, tongue still hanging in that absolutely doofy doggy smile. Apparently she is just fine with this turn of events.
Lacrima 2018-09-17 04:04:03 97908
"Oh!" she says with wide eyes. "That's... very nice of you Rashmi-chan." she smiles. She'll have Paige upload the spell copies and begin processing them. It goes into a steady pulse of lavender light for a bit. She does eye the take out box and steps over to it and nip one of the samosas and take one into her mouth.

She ahas! "There's my furry lil niece~" she says as she leans down to give the corgi a pet across the ears. "I got your dog food and a water dish and a food dish and some toys over here now~ In case I ever need to pet sit or you're staying over yes I did~" she says to Hope.

"This is Alexis-niisan's new pet. Her name is Hope." she smirks.

"No, Paige didn't have Boost Up. Paige really has... the Barrier Jacket setup, Barrel Shot and Varia Shot and Round Shield." she says meekly. "Enough to give things a hard time. But this more utility, thank you." she says with a nod.

"Riventon-sama created Paige to my specifications. I asked for the basic spell set. I guess I didn't understand just how 'basic' that was." she chuckles.

"I'll learn as I go though." she nods.

"So." she says. "Lamya visited her princess." she says. "I think it went good. She was just blushing when she came in and just went to her room. Looked happier than I'd ever seen her. I'm going to bug her about it when she's had time to cool off." she says.

"I also want her to bring her over so we can start getting her a network of people to call on if she needs help. I already gave her Kunzite's and the ECFH's address with his permission. I'm going to make sure she knows she can just run in here, too, if she needs to hide."

"Right. 'Saint George' proofing." she says.

"I need to tell you about that. Lemme think... how to explain..." she taps her forehead. She's trying to wrap her head how to explain about the protections in place.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-17 04:11:36 97910
"Hey no problem!" Rashmi chirps... And then in comes Hope, and all sense flies from Rashmi's brain as her hands shoot up to cover her mouth, and her eyes grow wide and sparkly. "Oh my gosh," she says, her voice climbing higher with every word. "Alex she's so adorable!"

Dropping down to offer a hand for sniffs, she continues talking in a voice that teeters on the near edge of audibility. "Oh aren't you just the cutest little thing you're like a sausage made of fluff and joy oh my god where did you find her Alex she's too good for this world!"
Stahlritter 2018-09-17 04:19:24 97912
    Hope happily clambers up onto her feet to go say hi to Auntie Norie, letting out several high-pitched ruff sounds while her tail whips about, stubby feet taptaptaptappytapping in a little dance while she gets pet.

    And then there's Rashmi! Once Lacrima draws away, the corgi goes bouncing towards the redhead, quickly sniffing at the offered fingers before bouncing even closer to her, running in a circle a few times over in front of her before hopping up to lean against her with her front paws against her legs. HELLO I JUST MET YOU AND I LOVE YOU

    "I found her when I... uh... passed through a dog shelter," he says to Rashmi, smiling with some faint amusement over the reactions that the little fluffball is drawing out from the two girls. "I'm glad to hear she has a place to stay in too if I ever have to go out for an extended amount of time."
Lacrima 2018-09-17 04:31:53 97914
Lacrima grins. "I know right!?" she says as she looks down from her thinking about the anti-George measures. "Oh she's always welcome here, don't listen to what Jiaying says about no dogs. She's a fox if foxes are allowed so are dogs." she huffs.

"And if she barks at her, Hope can go hang out in the sitting room." she motions to the former 'smoking' room off to the side. It's where I put her bowls and food anyways." she smirks.

"Right. Rashmi-chan. I should. Show you... the barrier jacket. Since it's identity obscuring." she says. "Hey Paige. Set up, please~"

< Get Set! > goes Paige as there's a lavender flash and she shifts into her barrier jacket.

It basically looks like frilly fancy elegant Dracula. "Here." she says as she smiles. "We decided on the name 'Masquerade' for it." she says with a grin. "But. Not really a secret. So no need to. Keep it secret from anyone?" she asks.

"It seems disingenuous to pretend to not be myself." she says gently, as she shifts.

"....I... I think I... dark energy... justice speeched at the Nightmare the other night." she mutters. "-and I think. I think it almost worked." she says. "It started doubting itself a little. Looked like it wanted to reach out but---" she mutters. "It just blasted us in the end. It didn't seem to want to do that though. It was nearly shaking as it left." she says.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-17 04:45:32 97916
"I want one," Rashmi blurts, looking up at Alex as she gathers Hope up against her for hugs and ruffles, eyes wiiiiide. "I want two. I want a dozen. I want to fall asleep and wake up in a wriggling pile of puppy, and everything will be okay forever." Pausing, she clears her throat. "....Sorry. Um. Chandra was the only pet we had in our house. Never had a puppy. Hope is violently cute, Alexis-kun."

And now she just settles down onto the floor, scritching Hope's neck as she watches Lacrima set up. At the sight of the Barrier Gown, the redhead grins. "Okay that's awesome Lacch--um, Masquerade. And, oh... You didn't say if you have a mobility option? Only that can get kinda important..."
Stahlritter 2018-09-17 04:53:14 97918
    "I have no idea why Jia wouldn't want her in here," Alex insists, while he watches Hope wriggle playfully against Rashmi, occasionally reaching her fuzzy head up enough to lather her chin and neck in puppykisses with her wide tongue. "Hope would not hurt a fly. Or is Jia the type to get jealous about people focusing on other fuzzy ears?"

    He somehow manages to keep a completely straight face when he says that last part.
Lacrima 2018-09-17 05:03:31 97920
Masquerade ohs! "R..right. Flier Fin. Basic." she says meekly. "So flight." she says. "It works well enough. I need to get used to... flying with it." she says. "The um. The dark energy hovering comes naturally? But the flight needs practice." she mutters.

She'll remove the ballroom mask as she flicks it off into magical dust. She doesn't need that right now.

"Apparently some dogs bark at her a lot and she thinks it's scary." she motions to Hope.

"If she's scared of this adorable lil furry sausage dog I'll eat my hand." she says curtly. "What's she gonna do, cute her to death?" she says with a coy smirk.

"...I never got a chance to voice the things I did to that creature. It's never come up." she says. "That.."

"I think dark things. Like me. Have a responsibility, to not harm humans needlessly. Like. I need to feed. That isn't needless. But if I started feeding just for power and strength.. then no. That's wrong." she says softly.

"We.. we shouldn't darken hearts. Temporarily 'grey' them at most." she says. "If we need to. But..." she fidgets.

"Ugh it's hard to talk about now. Just." she shakes her head.

"Anyways I transformed in front of Ari-chan and she basically swooned." she says with another smirk.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-17 05:11:17 97922
Keeping one's mind on task is difficult, when an adorable corgi is covering one's chin in doggy-kisses. But Rashmi is occasionally capable of marshalling her willpower, and soldiering on. As she gives Hope the pets and cuddles the dog so richly deserves, she focuses the bulk of her attention on Lacrima, nodding slowly. "...That sounds lik a justice speech i--pthpthpthpth--if I ever heard one," she says gently, with a break for reacting-to-doggy-tongue thrown in. "I've never actually been good at them; I think my best one was to Fate-chan's mom, and she'd never even seen the video I got it from anyway."