Taking Responsibility

Homura is about to have supper with her mother. Oh, now Homura's dad is coming over. OH, now Madoka is coming over! A lot of things are happening, but what is Chisato Akemi's secret worry?!

Date: 2018-09-17
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Homura Akemi 2018-09-17 06:15:12 97929
    It was a nice day at the Homu Home, otherwise known as the Lair of Akemi... not that anyone actually calls it either of those names. Homura is sitting in the dining room, at the dinner table, on the phone. Chisato is in the kitchen, making food for them. Amy is sitting in Homura's lap, looking up at her and mewing while the silky-haired Puella slowly strokes her back.

    "Yeah, dad, I'm just saying you know... this girl is important to me and you should-- Huh? Come over?"

    There's a pause as the other person speaks.

    Homura responds in a very serious tone. "I have no problem whatsoever with my father coming over to my house. Lord knows there are plenty of beds here."

    "Well I mean. Look, I got it on sale."

    "Well there were a few deaths here and rumor said it was haunted or cursed or something."

    Nervous laughter from Homura, then, "Yeah, ridiculous right? Absolutely. The house is great. I mean mom seems to enjoy it."

    "Yeah, sure. Anytime, dad."

    After a moment she hangs up, and turns her gaze towards Chisato. "Hey, Mom. Dad's coming over for dinner."

    "O-oh! I mean, I gathered, but that's sudden." Chisato's back was turned to Homura, but daughter could tell that mother was blushing. "Should I make more for him?"

    "I think so, yeah. Want me to help?"

    "I mean... if you don't mind..."

    Homura lifts Amy and places her on the table, then gets out of her chair to head towards the kitchen.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-17 06:26:45 97930
    Every day was a good day to be with Homura, but Junko and Tomohisa had asked Madoka to watch Tatsuya while they went out and had some fun so of course she agreed. It's not like she didn't have fun playing with Tatsuya- he had such an active imagination and he always moved so fast now that he was older!

    Of course Madoka had told Homura not to worry about coming over and helping her since her mom was over, thinking it nice that Homura and Chisato would get some time to bond, just like she did with her own family. She'd spent some time with the three of them after her parents had gotten home.

    Then, of course, it was time to go see Homura because there was no reason she couldn't spend time with her fiance and her family on the same day. She also knew she was always welcome so didn't bother calling, thinking it'd be cute to show up and surprise Homura. Distance made the heart grow fonder, after all, and she thought getting to see each other when it was unexpected would be fun. It's not often that particular situation came up given how much time they spent together!

    She lets herself into the garage with her key and climbs the stairs, "Homura-chan! Akemi-san! I decided to come over~!" She hears the sounds coming from the kitchen and immediately heads that direction, "Oh, are you cooking? Let me help!"
Homura Akemi 2018-09-17 06:37:24 97931
    Chisato actively sweatdrops when she hears Madoka's voice. Homura gives her a sideways glance. Mom laughs somewhat nervously and says, "You know, I should've expected that."

    "You don't have to cook at all, mom. I can do it," offers Homura.

    "No! No. I want to cook for my family." Chisato's tone is almost defensive. Homura is actually surprised to see her so insistent about it. "Just... I know things haven't always been great at home, but can't I be a proper mother at least once?"

    "Mom, I don't hold anything against you. Nor against dad."

    "... Thank you."

    "More dumplings?"

    "... yeah."

    Homura turns towards the fridge to get more supplies. Dumplings, and also a few veggies. Chisato goes to the pantry and gets more noodles to throw them into the pot, along with the vegetables. Homura leaves her to it and calls back to Madoka, "We're up here, Madoka-chan!"

    Amy, also, heard Madoka's voice and went down to meet her, standing at the top of the stairs and mewing as Madoka walks up. Homura isn't that far behind, and she smiles brightly at her fiance.

    "So... well... Madoka-chan... you know how you said you wanted to meet my dad? ... He's um. He's coming over."

    Homura looks somewhat sheepishly. "It was... a bit sudden."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-17 06:53:10 97932
    As she reaches the top of the stairs Madoka bends down to pet Amy, patting her head first and then brushing her hand along the kitties body. She gives her more than just a cursory hello pet before continuing on towards the kitchen.

    Upon reaching the kitchen Madoka takes a quick assessment of what's going on and immediately starts helping with secondary and tertiary issues. She's helped her father enough times to know to let the Head Chef do the important parts while doing little side things that make their job easier and picks up pretty quickly on what those are without needing to be asked.

    "Oh! He is? Right now?" She asks, sounding a little surprised, though not put off. The reason for her tone is easily surmised as she looks down at herself and checks her clothes. It's a fairly simple fare, a pink top with white frills and a matching skirt and white over the knee socks. She tugs her skirt down a little so that it falls to her knees and brushes at her clothes to get some rumples out of them, which naturally found their way in chasing around her little brother all day.

    Luckily it's not like Madoka has any clothes that are very risque in the first place.

    With that bit of worry dealt with she gives Homura a bright smile, "I'm glad! It'll be nice to meet him earlier than we were thinking, and it'll be much more relaxed this way, I think." She raises her voice a little, "And if he's anything like your mom I'm sure we'll get along great!"
Homura Akemi 2018-09-17 07:09:27 97933
    Chisato gives Madoka a quietly grateful smile as she joins in with the preparations. "Thank you, Madoka-cha-- ah... Is it okay to call you Madoka-chan? I mean Homura-chan does it all the time but I thought I should ask..." Chisato might normally be panicking about suddenly having to cook twice as much, but the extra help from both her daughter and Madoka really is helping.

    Homura notices Madoka looking at her clothes and saying, "I mean, if you wanted to change, we still have a lot of clothes that fit you here, but I think what you're wearing is fine. This isn't exactly a formal setting."

    Homura for her part is wearing a black tee with a white skirt and black stockings. Chisato is wearing a long purple floral-print dress with a solid black top. Both of them have long silky shiny black hair flowing behind them. Like this, there's really no doubt where Homura's hair came from.

    "He's a bit strict sometimes," says Homura, "but he's not a bad person. Just... well... you'll see."

    Chisato doesn't really respond. The look on her face implies that she's maybe too nervous to. After a moment she speaks up, "A-actually, I mean, I've told him about you two so... I mean, I don't think he'd have too much of a problem? Just... yeah... Like Homura-chan said, you'll see."

    A very busy half-hour passes as the three of them run around to make supper. Table settings are set out. Food is noodles and vegetables with curry sauce. Each setting has a couple of chicken dumplings off to the side. Unlike the other day, this is very much chopsticks food. Just as Chisato is setting out the tea, the garage opens up and they can hear a car pull in.

    "Well that's probably Dad." Homura starts walking towards the stairs. "Mom, has he been here before?"

    "A couple times, when you were... lost at sea..."

    "Alright, well I'll go show him the way. I'll be back."

    Homura then disappears down the steps for a moment, leaving Chisato and Madoka alone at the table. Chisato smiles softly at Madoka... though she's still very shy, and can't seem to find words to say.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-17 07:27:36 97934
    "You're welcome," Madoka replies graciously, only to smile brightly to Homura's mother. "You can! I actually prefer it. It's a lot more friendly, don't you think?" Of course she'll still use Akemi-san for Chisato because it's polite to address her fiance's mother that way.

    She gives Homura a small smile as well, "Oh, that's true! If I was really messy I might want to, but I don't think this is too bad." She admires Homura's look for a moment, letting her eyes linger on her figure and lovely stocking covered legs while she can, not wanting to do so in front of Homura's dad. Her cheeks warm a little.

    She steps away from helping cook for a brief moment to step closer to Homura and wrap her up in a tight hug, pulling her close and sighing happily. It's just a hug, but being close to Homura really is one of her favorite things, and again she's going to want to be on her best behavior in front of her apparently strict dad.

    After she lets go she resumes helping and nods along to Chisato, "I've had strict teachers before so I think I understand. I'm sure he'll be fine though, he helped raise Homura-chan, after all!"

    Madoka happily helps set the table when it's time, chattering excitedly about how good the curry sauce smells.

    Then the car pulls in downstairs and she feels a bit giddy and nervous. She goes over to Chisato and asks quietly, "Is there anything I should know before I meet him? Do you, um, know how he'd like to be addressed? I was planning on using Akemi-sama..."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-17 07:57:48 97936
    Homura is more than happy to hug onto Madoka for a bit. Especially since they likely won't be able to for much of the evening. She certainly doesn't mind Madoka admiring her figure, either. It's flattering, but it's a flattery she's used to coming from her fiance. Chisato is more than happy to leave them to it, though she doesn't look at them directly.

    After Homura goes to fetch her father, Chisato smiles sheepishly and a little nervously at Madoka. "... Akemi-sama is probably a good idea. Just... I know you're a good girl, but be on your best behavior, okay?"

    After a moment, a gruff male voice can be heard coming up the stairs, "... The problem is, Homura-chan, you were too soft with them. I kept hearing them say 'Homura-chan would've understood' or 'Homura-chan didn't work us this hard' or 'Homura-chan was my hero'. I mean... really... who ever heard of a girl your age lifting a steel girder off of a grown man? It's unladylike!"

    Chisato stares wide eyed at Madoka. She hadn't heard that.

    "You say that, but you would've done the same."

    "That's a bit different, young lady and I think you know that. When did you get so assertive to your father?"

    "... It's been a really long three years, dad."


    The person leading the way up the stairs is... a very stern faced man. His black hair is slightly longer hair than most his age, but it still doesn't even reach his shoulder, with most of the length being in the bangs. His eyes focus on Chisato first, giving her a respectful bow. Chisato rises from her chair to return it. "Thank you very much for such a fine looking meal."

    "O-of course, Suoh-sama. It was the work of me and your daughter, as well as, well... I've mentioned her girlfriend."

    'Suoh-sama' turns a more dire gaze towards Madoka. He looks at her pink fluffy hair, her cute pink eyes, and he seems to... understand.

    He flips his bangs. "So, you're the one whose been seducing my daughter."

    "D-DAD!" says Homura, right behind him, face beet red. Chisato's head is bowed down as well, similarly embarrassed.

    As for Suoh, with Homura behind him and Chisato not looking at his face, he looks at Madoka and... grins. He's trolling his family and he knows it.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-17 08:09:45 97937
    Madoka nods to Chisato and decides that she'll be as deferential as she can when she first meets Homura's father. Being on her best behavior, well, Madoka's actually pretty used to that so she doesn't expect it'll be too difficult. There's a reason she wanted to get her admiring and hugging desires satisfied.

    Of course when Madoka hears him actually chastising Homura for saving someone's life she gets a little more nervous. Well, at least the magical side of their lives are /mostly/ hidden. She'd be the first one to say being a magical girl is exceptionally ladylike, but she isn't sure if the Akemi patriarch would agree.

    Still, when he comes up the stairs Madoka is standing with her hands held together gently in front of herself, a soft smile on her face. "It's a pleasure to meet you, Akemi-sama," Madoka says when she's mentioned by Chisato, bowing as deeply as is polite without becoming parody. "I'm Madoka Kaname."

    As she's straightening up he speaks, and Madoka nearly trips and falls in surprise, catching herself and standing up straight with widened eyes, her face quickly becoming very, very red. It suddenly feels like a sauna inside the Homu House! "I-I! T-that's! U-um!" She starts fidgeting and squirming in place, for once not in an enjoyable way, "Eheheheh..."

    And then Suoh Akemi grins and Madoka's mouth hangs half open for a moment before remembering her manners and closing it.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-17 08:26:55 97938
    Suoh Akemi bows to Madoka as well, not wiping that grin off his face. Homura is glowering behind him.

    "... Father, even from you, that's inexcusable."

    "What's inexcusable? After what your mother has told me, I would hope that this young lady would take responsibility for my daughter!" Suoh starts to walk to the table, finding his seat at the head and sitting down.

    "What could she have possibly said?! All I do with her is cuddle and dance!" Homura is crossing her arms, fuming. Her father is brushing it off. Chisato is whispering apology after apology to Madoka.

    "You were on a deserted island with this woman for over a year. Even if you say nothing happened, and even if I believe you, what would people think?"

    Homura goes from fuming to exasperated, and she grumpily takes her seat. Her father can't seem to help but keep talking.

    "What's the matter? You know if you were a son instead of a daughter, you'd be proud to bring such a pretty young lady home. Why has it taken so long for me to meet her?"

    "Well... deserted island... and... Well I don't know, Dad, why did it take so long for you to visit?"

    Suoh's expression turns sad, and he's looking directly at Homura as if he's wounded. Homura starts to calm down, and then she looks down to her plate.

    "Homura-chan. You've been in the same business as me. You know how hard it is. How exhausting. When you called me up, I was honestly dreading the trip back home. Now sometimes I go home to an empty house because my wife is up here visiting you. Seriously. We sent you up here because of a heart condition. You could barely even finish a lap around the track, but everyone at work seems to think you're some kind of superhero! It worries me. It worries me that you're pushing yourself so hard. Why aren't you wearing glasses anymore? Do you have contacts?"

    Homura is quiet. Very quiet. Chisato is looking away.

    "I'm sorry," starts Homura, "I know you work hard, but you're a little unfair sometimes."

    Suoh rolls his eyes, "Life isn't fair."

    "Yeah no shit."

    Suoh looks at his daughter with wide eyes, then back to Madoka. "Did you teach her to speak like that?"

    Homura is frowning at him again. "Please. Be. Nice."

    Suoh seems to catch onto her seriousness, holding up a hand and waving it as if to say, 'Alright, alright'. Then, after a moment, he takes a pair of chopsticks in his hand and starts to poke at his meal. "So... Kaname-san, was it? Tell me more about yourself. Did you meet Homura at school?"
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-17 08:46:49 97939
    Madoka is still flustered as Suoh bows back to her. She goes and takes a seat at the table as well when he does, sitting down and scooting up to the table properly. As Chisato apologizes to her she waves her off with mild embarrassment each time.

    Most of the conversation doesn't so much go over her head as go past her, the fact that it turned almost instantly into an argument surprising her. She's so nervous from it all that she doesn't really move to eat her food either, though she does say a quiet, "Itadakimasu."

    Without holding her chopsticks she's looking down at her food rather than at Homura or her father, in fact almost seeming to look past it, mind focused on something while taking in what the two are saying in a sort of secondary manner.

    She doesn't respond to the question about if she taught Homura to swear, which might be taken as embarrassment, but actually she didn't even notice it was said to her. Her hands are in her lap and she leans forward a little.

    Then he says her name and it seems to snap her out of her reverie. She suddenly looks up, standing as well with a little sound as the chair is pushed back. Perhaps rudely she completely ignores his actual question, "I'll do it."

    Her right hand is held with curled fingers over her heart, the other stretched out a little to the side. "If that's what you want, and what you think is right, I'll do it. I'll take responsibility for Homura-chan."

    She looks to Homura, and then to Chisato, and then finally back to Suoh. "You're right, we were stuck together on an island for a year and a half, spending all that time alone together while people knew we were dating. You're absolutely right about what people will think, and I can tell you care about how your family is viewed and respected. So yes, I'll take responsibility for her."

    There's a couple seconds of pause before she adds nervously, "I-i-if you'll let me." Sudden deep bow.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-17 08:58:27 97940
    Homura is frustrated with her father, because she knows that this must be hard on Madoka, who doesn't quite yet understand his... warped sense of humor. She wants to grit her teeth, but... well... this is the truth of Homura's family. If it's too unpleasant, Madoka and Homura don't have to visit him often, she starts to think.

    Chisato is getting increasingly embarrassed. She's always wanted the best for her daughter. Especially now, with... well... things. She loves her husband but... his kind of personality is not for everyone.

    Suoh's attempt at conversation with Madoka is met with an... unexpected response, and all of a sudden he's very serious.

    Chisato is the first to speak up, "He was... he was kidding... I mean..."

    "No, no, mother, hear her out. Let her take responsibility for me~." Homura's voice is teasing, and Chisato is just staring at her.

    Suoh... Suoh actually bursts out laughing. It takes him a moment to respond.

    "Reputation is very important, especially for a man of my position. Especially being already in charge of one company, only for Homura-chan to expand the family business into Tokyo and leave me to run it. Still, Chisato-chan here tells me that you two are very happy together. If you would like to marry my daughter, I'll allow it. However, if you adopt grandkids, I would very much like to meet them."

    "Like you'd have time," retorts Homura, a little bitterly.

    "Nonsense! I'll be retired then. It'll be your turn to work yourself to death."

    Chisato looks absolutely pale. Homura rolls her eyes. She reaches over to clasp Madoka's hand, and whisper into her ear, "A bit more sudden than we planned, but it worked out, right?"
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-17 09:17:24 97941
    Madoka peeks up a little as Suoh starts laughing and Chisato says the comment about taking responsibility was a joke. She slowly straightens back up, blushing quite a bit again while looking somewhat confusedly between the three Akemis.

    Her full attention goes back to Suoh when his laughter dies down enough for him to speak. She listens to him with a serious expression despite her red face, giving little nods as he makes his points, and a bigger one as he notes that he was told they're happy together.

    Then her face lights up into a bright smile as he says he's okay with the two of them getting married, obviously very excited for the possibility and clapping her hands together. "Of course! I'm sure we'll want to adopt once we're in a position to take care of them, I'd be happy to let you see them as often as you wanted! Both of you," she adds, looking to Chisato with a more subdued smile.

    At Homura's bitter retort Madoka looks over to her fiance and pats her shoulder, only to hold onto her hand and squeeze it tightly. At the whisper she blushes a bit more and nods. "This might seem a little sudden," she says in a calmer tone, "but I really do love Homura-chan. She's an amazing, passionate person who always goes after what she wants, and I'm sure once you spend some more time with her you'll see that for yourself."

    She sits back down in her chair again, feeling happy and giddy, though seeing the expression on Chisato's face worries her some. Who knew it might be Homura's mom who would be the harder one to convince? "Ah, Akemi-san, I hope you approve as well. You might still think of her as your little Homhom-chan a-and that's perfectly fine with me. I promise I'll always be good to her and do my best to make her happy. I don't want you to change being around more either. Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing more of both of you."

    Madoka gives Chisato a small smile, and then looks to Homura's father as well with the same smile on her face.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-17 09:35:08 97943
    Suoh listens to Madoka's response, nodding once when Madoka says she'd like to see more of them, and then a few more times as she expounds upon her love for Homura, ending it with a sideways tilt of his head in a sort of 'yeah, well' expression.

    Turning to Homura, Suoh says, "She seems like a sweet girl. Is this the kind of girl you're into, Homura-chan?"

    "Without a doubt." Homura smirks. "She makes me feel..." she pauses to find the right phrasing, "... like I'm worth something."

    Chisato smiles at that, and then she looks at Madoka as the pink-haired girl asks for her approval as well. Chisato gives her a sad glance, and then a smile. "I've always approved of your relationship with my daughter, Madoka-chan. Homura-chan has never looked so vibrant and happy as she has with you. If it were up to me, you two would have all the time in the world to enjoy your love... but... I know my daughter, and while she looks healthy now, it's hard for me to... not worry. I just... I think you two should marry. I think Homura-chan should do whatever makes her happy, and live the fullest life she can... It's not you that I worry about..."

    Chisato glances to Suoh who seems to understand, to Homura who looks confused, and then back to Madoka.

    "... It's the guns in the tatami room."

    Homura just about chokes on her food, covering her mouth.

    Suoh nods gravely. "I understand that, being a CEO, having questionable hobbies comes with the territory, but really Homura-chan. I hope you aren't getting involved in something that will get you hurt. I've seen those guns. They aren't in good shape. What are you doing that would cleave a shotgun into two pieces?"

    Homura has to finish her food before she responds to that.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-17 10:02:09 97944
    Madoka giggles a little when Homura's father if she's the kind of girl she likes. She already knows the answer and it makes her smile when Homura responds, though at the very end Madoka leans a little closer to her and half-whispers, "Your worth more than something, Homura-chan, you're worth everything."

    What Chisato seems to be saying is important so Madoka gives the woman her attention. Everything she says makes sense to her and seems to be positive, which seems kind of at odds with the way she's talking and pausing. She does smile happily when Chisato says she thinks she should get married to Homura.

    The two parents look at each other knowingly and Madoka tilts her head a little. And then she mentions the tatami room and the guns. It's a good thing Madoka wasn't eating or she might have dropped her chopsticks. Her mind races, trying to figure out how to respond.

    Suoh speaks of odd hobbies that CEOs entertain. Madoka is, quite frankly, considering standing up and simply henshining right in front of them as the best possible explanation. The only issue with that is the way magic works they might not even be capable of understanding, and who knows how their minds would justify it.

    But Homura's eating, so she has to try. She has to say something.

    "There are people... who want what we have," Madoka says in a quiet voice, once again looking down into her food, "in more ways than one. And Homura-chan, well," she looks over to Suoh. "You said people talked about her like she was a superhero. That's not as far off as you'd think."

    She sits back in her chair and looks up at the ceiling, "She's protected me from Yakuza who tried to rob before, before were dating. She caught them off guard and beat them up and took their guns." She peeks to Homura, and then Chisato. "I'm not sure if those are some of the guns you saw... but Homura has protected me for a long time. It's why I call her my Guardian Angel. It's a pet name, but it's also true."

    Then a little nervous laugh, "Eheheh... I know it sounds crazy, but it's true. Just as true as when she helped that person stuck beneath the steel beam." A short pause, "...it might not seem ladylike, but sometimes Homura is like a lady Samurai, if it helps you think of her that way."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-17 10:15:44 97946
    Suoh seems shocked. He almost seems like he doesn't believe it... but some of the stories surrounding his daughter make him wonder.

    Chisato, on the other hand, is not surprised at all. She frowns, looking off to the side in a nervous way that isn't that far off from how Homura often acts, and then stares straight at Madoka.

    "Oh, I know exactly what my daughter is. I know what those rings mean, what they cost, and who gave them to you."

    Suoh speaks up, "The rings, dear?"

    Chisato closes her eyes, gritting her teeth before turning to Suoh. "Suoh-sama... I wouldn't have said this in front of you. It's... complicated, and most people can't understand..."

    "... should I leave the room?"

    "I... don't know..."

    Homura finally swallows her food, looking straight at Chisato, and now it's her turn to look pale. "What do you mean about the rings?"

    "Shut up! You know what I mean!" The normally calm Chisato is losing her mind, and she's in tears. "I just want to know. What did that filthy disgusting little rat promise you?! Did he fix your heart? Did he make you rich? What the hell was it?"

    "You couldn't possibly--"

    "What did you sell your SOUL for?!"

    Chisato is in tears. Suoh is just kindof silently watching his two favorite people fight. Homura is in shock.

    "How the hell do I even answer that, mother? There's so much. Even if you know about the Incubators, you couldn't possibly know what I've been through. I sold my soul for Madoka-chan. I sold my soul because she was the most important person in the world to me, and I couldn't stand to see her die."

    Chisato stares at Homura, then at Madoka. Then she sits down, staring at her hands in her lap, looking defeated. "Homura-chan, you were going to die either way. If this makes you happy, I'll accept it, but I'm not going to like it."

    Suoh is still sitting there. "I feel woefully out of the loop here."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-17 10:39:03 97947

    Madoka doesn't pale but she looks down at her hand, at the ring on her middle finger, idly brushing against the bottom of it with her thumb.

    "No wonder you were here when we got back. I know what you must have thought when we went missing but... it really wasn't something we could help." The first thing Madoka thinks of is how hard it must have been for Homura's mother when they disappeared, knowing that they were Puella. She surely must have thought they were dead, even more than her own family had. It must have seemed a miracle when they returned.

    Then, when Chisato tells Homura to shut up Madoka blinks and looks shocked. She wouldn't have even thought it possible for her to speak so sharply like that. Madoka gets up out of her chair yet again, walking over and putting one hand on Chisato Akemi's shoulder, reaching over and squeezing her hand with the other. "The truth is Homura has been saving me for a long time, just as I've been saving her. It's... it's even more complicated than you know. We've been through much more together than being deserted on an island."

    Madoka sighs a little, "If you know about what these rings mean then you know a lot, but it's unfortunately much more complicated even than that. Homura-chan is right, she wished to save me. It took her so, so long to do it, but she did. And I..."

    There's a slightly solemn look on Madoka's face. Solemn, but not sad. "I don't know any way to explain except to show you." She stands up and steps away, walking backwards into an open space between the dining and living rooms. Her hands raise to her chest and she closes her eyes.

    Flashes of light surround her and her feet lift off the ground, her eyes opening as a larger flash replaces her clothing with a long, flowing multi-layered white and soft pink dress, the underside of which shows the vastness and beauty of space. Long pink boots with little wings on the ankles cover her feet and legs and large, wide ethereal wings spread out behind her. So does her hair, which has grown to become incredibly long, floating about the large room in long, wispy trails of fluffy pink.

    Madokami spreads her arms, extending them towards Chisato as a feeling of goodness and rightness, that everything will be okay spreads out from her, a hopefulness that none can help but feel.
Homura Akemi 2018-09-17 10:54:35 97948
    Suoh, for all his trolling, seems perfectly content to let his wife lead this conversation. The bits and pieces are... hard to piece together, he admits, but some if it is starting to add up. However, when he sees Madokami... when he sees the girl that his daughter wants to marry... turn into something so... angelic looking. Something so powerful. It's all he can do to not faint. He almost does, but Chisato grabs his hand, and that contact is the one thing keeping him awake.

    "Chisato-chan... why didn't you tell me about this? If you knew... why did I never hear about this until now?"

    Chisato looks over at Suoh, and then back at Madokami. "I... I didn't remember. Kyubey gives you only a short window of time to make a wish. Any wish you want, but that wish comes at a cost. Death, and a horrible one at that, no matter how it happens. I saw a friend die because of him. I was terrified, and I refused him. When it became clear that I wasn't going to change my mind... I just... forgot. I couldn't see him anymore. I had no idea that was even a thing until I went to Infinity and saw the ring on Homura's finger."

    Her hand covers her face. The aura of hope is affecting her, in a deep and powerful way, but it's like soothing a deep wound. "I've been so scared, ever since that day. I've been so scared that I'd lose my only child. I only wanted what was best for my little Homura-chan... I thought I left all of that horror behind me, only to see it claim my daughter... How can anything be okay after that? I'd sell my own soul to keep you from this terror, but that furry bastard wouldn't accept a woman in her 40s!"

    Homura stands up her chair, henshins, and walks around the table. She places her hand on her mother's shoulder, and reaches out to clasp Madoka's hand with the other. "Mom, it's fine. The worst has already happened. I've already turned into a Witch, and now I'm back from that. Madoka saved me."

    Chisato, for once, seems to allow the Hope aura into her. She's calming down. She's processing what's been said. "You mean... you mean... I might not lose Homura-chan?"

    Suoh waits for a pause before interjecting, looking at Madokami before saying, "So... you're like Sailor V, right? Something like that?"
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-17 11:09:44 97950
    The hope from Madokami won't fix everything, but what it will do is cancel out and negate despair- even despair as powerful as is found in a Witch. It wasn't why she transformed, but she hopes it helps Chisato keep from falling into that pit as she talks about the terror of losing her only child.

    She remains quiet at first not because she has nothing to say, but because what Chisato is saying is important and she needs the chance to say it all. It's clearly something she's been holding inside of her. She winces a little when Chisato mentions selling her own soul to protect Homura, and is silently glad Kyubey would refuse that potential offer.

    She holds onto Homura's hand and squeezes it while looking to Suoh, "Something like that, yes. There are dangers in this world that ordinary people can't see or can't understand and we, your daughter, Sailor V, and myself, we all fight to protect people from them, though our powers," Madoka motions with her free hand between herself and Homura, "are very different from hers."

    She then looks to Chisato and addresses her, "That's right, you might not lose her. In fact you probably wont. If I get my way we'll outlive you both." Madoka gives a soft, wise beyond her years maternal smile to Chisato. "You understand exactly how I feel though. I couldn't stand to lose her, and I couldn't allow it. But it wasn't my Wish that saved her, it was the power I gained from it. Even Kyubey thought it was impossible, but where there once was no hope, no possible good ending for a Puella Magi, now there is through me."

    She giggles softly and leans down, whispering into Chisato's ear, "In fact I don't plan on letting either of us die. Ever. I will to marry Homura-chan, and I intend to spend eternity with her."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-17 11:40:21 97952
    Chisato looks up at Madokami with tear stained cheeks and red puffy eyes. She lifts a hand to wipe her tears away, and then looks down at her supper. "Eternity...? Is that even possible?"

    Chisato raises a hand to hold her forehead. "Sorry... I know this isn't like me... I just wanted to have a nice supper with everyone. With my family, including... future members, but..."

    Chisato trails off. Homura has nothing really to say. She looks at Madoka, her gaze a mix between apologetically and grateful. Suoh is the next one to speak up. "Well, if that's how it is, then Homura-chan can lift as many steel girders as she likes. I still want you two to take care of yourselves, and each other. I don't know what this all involves, but I've seen Homura's business and I know it was no fool who put that together. If you think you can handle this, then I trust you, but please keep in mind how your parents feel."

    "Maybe we haven't talked to you much lately, and maybe it's been a while, but Homura-chan, if we didn't care about you then we wouldn't be spending so much money keeping you healthy, sending you to a good school, and... I mean. We do care. Don't forget that."

    Homura blinks at her father, then smiles, "I understand. I won't. I care about you, too."

    Chisato looks at her husband, and then up at Homura, and then over to Madoka. "I'm sorry, Madoka-chan. This should really be a happier occasion. I just... I wanted to simply give you my blessing and leave it at that, but when my husband joked about Homura working herself to death I just... it wasn't something I wanted to think about. When Madoka-chan seemed concerned about me I guess I couldn't hold it in anymore, and then you just came out and said it..."

    With a shaking hand, Chisato takes a sip of tea, pausing for a moment before setting it back down, the shivering of her hand making the plates clink together.

    "You know, Mom, if you want to go lay down..."

    "... maybe I should."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-17 11:54:26 97953
    Madoka smiles to Chisato and this time there's a bit of pride in her eyes, "It's like I said before, when there's something Homura-chan wants she goes after it. We'll find a way together somehow, trust me."

    It's clear that everything is overwhelming, and even with Chisato having known about magic all along her presence in this form must still be putting a strain on Suoh. Madokami closes her eyes again and drifts back to the floor, feet touching down as her wings, dress, and exceedingly long hair fade away into pink sparkles that hang in the air for a few moments before disappearing themselves.

    "No, it's okay. You have nothing to apologize for, Akemi-san. It must have been so hard to keep it all in to yourself so long. I'm sorry we hid it from you, I wouldn't have wanted to if I knew you could understand." When Suoh says to keep in mind how their parents feel Madoka holds back a giggle, "It's funny how similar the both of you are to Homura-chan in various ways. That's something she told me very many times, to think of what it would mean to my friends and my family. I know that very well now, and it's thanks to your daughter."

    Madoka walks over to the table and sits down at her spot yet again, this time actually eating some of the food. It's really good! Not that that's a surprise. She watches as Chisato has a hard time keeping her hand steady to drink tea and nods a little to what Homura has to say. "It's okay if you need some time alone. We'll be here when you're ready to talk some more, or if you need a hug."

    Then she gives her a somewhat brighter smile, "And don't worry too much, we'll have plenty more chances to sit down and have dinner together. Especially now that there are officially wedding plans to make."
Homura Akemi 2018-09-17 12:06:49 97954
    Suoh has been... trying to take this well. At first he thought it might be a joke. Then, he was simply worried for his wife. Now... Now he's not really sure to take it. He could keep talking, keep finding relatively useless and perhaps insensitive things to say, but... for the moment, he just sits there, taking it all in.

    It's a bit much for him. He doesn't want to think about it. It's hard for him to think of his daughter, his poor, sweet, shy, weak and vulnerable daughter, as... well... Someone like that. Someone who fights for justice.

    He clears his throat, and tries to eat his supper as well. "This is good. I'm... glad I came over, in spite of..." He trails off again. He doesn't want to admit it, but the thought of his little girl running around with guns shooting bad guys makes him just a bit proud. He'd probably ask more, but the whole... sum of everything at once, the idea of a world like that even existing... no, it's more like something in his mind refuses to process it. There's a nonzero chance that after he goes to sleep tonight he'll forget this entire conversation. Well, he wouldn't forget the parts about the wedding, but the magical business...

    Chisato, however, doesn't have that luxury. Her eyes have been opened. She had her invitation into that world, and she refused it, but whatever was blocking her mind has cleared.

    "I don't know..." says Chisato. "I don't know if I can get up right now. I just want to eat."

    "Sure, mom," says Homura, dropping her henshin as she walks around to her seat on the table, which happens to be close to Madoka's.

    The three Akemis are silent for a bit. They eat, they enjoy the food. Eventually Chisato turns towards Madoka with a smile. A smile that is... less nervous than she's been in a long while. "I'm glad, Madoka-chan. I hope to see lots of you in the future. I hope you don't mind if Homura-chan's parents like to hang out in her big, luxurious, seven bedroom house."

    Appropos of nothing, Amy jumps into Madoka's lap and starts mewing again.