The Saint Wants What It Wants

Ryo Okana meets Nakusu Miki and realizes she's Princess Sabra. His first action to pick her up and run. Luckily Rashmi, Alexis, Unmei, Ariel and Lacrima are there to stop him from bringing her god knows where!

Date: 2018-09-17
Pose Count: 42
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-17 22:21:19 97955
Nakusu Miki was walking along towards the Korma Chamelon to where she was told she could find and pick up her book. She had secretly hoped that no one had looked too closely at her note but she knows they probably did. It's her fault, she dropped the book. Regardless, it led to her finding Lamya, so it's a plus to be sure.

She had her back pack on and the Seiyou middle school uniform on because she's coming by after school. She's down the road. Not too far, but she isn't there yet. It's a mostly open sidewalk right now at least. Save for the passerby here or there. The sidewalk traffic is not clogged. She is keeping her head straight ahead but occasionally looking down in thought as she jots something in her little notebook.
Ryo Okana 2018-09-17 22:21:43 97956
Ryo Okana was walking home from school aswell. The taller and older boy was a stew kettle of emotions on hard boil right now. That thing wearing her sister's skin was still out there. That dragon was still out there- and her witchy... vampire... warlock friends. He wasn't paying nearly as much attention as Nakusu was to the place he was walking. In the opposite direction. He bumps into Nakusu by accident, causing a little tumble as he turns around. "Huh. You shoul...." it takes him a moment to register Nakusu's face. He seems completely shocked for a moment before he blinks once. This face is---

"Sabra....?" he asks. Sadly, this reaction also comes with isntintivly placing a hand on her shoulder. He's taking a moment to process this. This is probably for Nakusu's benefit.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-17 22:22:12 97957
Nakusu Miki oofs as she's bumped into. Her notepad dropping to the ground as she scrambles to pick it. She comes back up to face the boy that is facing her now. She goes to apologize when she has a similar reaction to the boy- it would seem. Shock. Even more so when he says Sabra. A name so familar yet so alien to her. This causes her breathing to pick up a bit. Before it clicks who exactly this is, and that he just touched her. This causes her to recoil suddenly in a mix of shock and disgust.

"You!...." she says. She shows no respect by not using his name. Neither of them that she knows. Ryo or George. "D..DON'T you DARE touch me!" she snaps. She begins to back up, removing his hand from her shoulder. "You should... you should leave me alone Ryo Okana. Or do you prefer George!?" she says, using the name if only this time. "I hear you're still after me. What's the point of that?" she says quietly. "No kingdom to turn to a religion. No kingdom left to be an heir of by pursing me." she seems sad now rather than upset like earlier.

"I heard you tried to kill Lamya. Why? She doesn't pose any danger. I heard you also tried to kill your sister."

"Ryo. That's your name, right? Your 'real' name? This needs to stop. I'm Nakusu Miki. I only share a soul with... with 'the princess' you and Lamya know. Like you only share a soul with George. You're not him. I-I need to continue on." because she really doesn't want to speak to this person. She's said everything she's needed to. She starts to try to leave back down the road.
Ryo Okana 2018-09-17 22:23:38 97958
Ryo Okana has his hand removed forcefully from the girl's shoulder. She begins speaking. It is her! He looks estatic for a moment, but then she starts speaking. He begins to frown. So others got to her first. "No that's wrong. That dragon is still dangerous, that dragon still took you from me." he says. "That thing is not my sister, My sister died. It's something existing in her skin." he says. When she begins to turn to leave he grabs her forcefully by the wrist and tugs her by it closer to him. "You should come with me. I can keep you safe from these things." he says. "We have so much to talk about...." he says under his breath. He doesn't realize that his grip is getting uncomfortably tight on Nakusu's wrist.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-17 22:24:01 97959
Nakusu Miki is grabbed by her wrist and tugged. She's dropping the notebook again as she seems startled. "Let me go!" she stutters out as she stares at Ryo. "I want nothing to do with you! I-i just want to be left alone, R...yo-san!" she says angrily. She's trying to tug her wrist out but his grip just gets tighter. Uncomfortably tight.

"A--ahh you're hurting me, stop!" she pleads. "I...I have nothing more to say to you! I... I don't want to hear it... not from you!" she says through the pained exasperation.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-17 22:45:39 97960
    Coincidences can be funny things. As it would just so happen, Nakusu was not the only person on a path to the Korma Chameleon. Ariel and Lucky had ended their schoolday and decided to swing over to visit Rashmi and see who else, among her friends, had swung on by. The place is popular for the obvious reasons after all.
    Of couse, being the helpful thing that she is, when Rashmi had to go make a delivery, Ariel and her massive hound, Lucky, decided to go with. It just so happens, that they are on their way back now when Ariel spies someone familiar and... Someone less so.
    "That looks like..."
    Logic dictates she should AVOID Ryo Okana. She should stay away from him. Yet instead, the girl subtly shifts in the way she sits side-saddle on her dog's back to properly sit astride the great hound, as she spies the way Ryo grasps the girl. "Mn..."
    "I don't think she wants to go anywhere with you, Georgios." Ariel says, the normally soft spoken silver-haired girl speaks up, fingers curling into the dog's fur.
    It's like she's expecting aggression already, at this point.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-17 22:53:31 97961
When a unicorn and her Noble Steed want to walk with you on a delivery, saying no is for suckers. So up until now, Rashmi has been having a pretty good day!

But when Ariel calls her attention to the altercation down the road, and then calls the Knight himself out on his jerkiness, Rashmi sighs, slipping into an alleyway. A flash of golden light later, and a red-haired magical girl on wings of crystallized sunlight flitters out from about two stories up. "Listen to the nicest girl I've ever known, Ryo-san," she says, book out and open in one hand. "You really, really, really want to let her go now."

Nico, she thinks at her book, Send a text message to Unmei-chan and Alexis-kun; Two blocks away from Korma, St. George is here, *really need* your help. He found the Princess.

The book gives an answering *bing!* as the text is sent.
Unmei Tama 2018-09-17 23:00:35 97962
Unmei Tama was feeling pretty great about herself. Well, okay, not really. But for her, she was feeling good. She'd had a relatively good sleep over, she had managed to actually beat TWO random youma this week. TWO! All on her own! The key problem was that her powers were still kind of.... acting fritzy. She'd used the pen and was carrying her gem around in her bag because she had no way of knowing how well it'd work. Oh well, it wasn't like she needed to--

Ah crud apples.

A text... She looked left, right, then ran off into an alley....

One mildly scandelous transformation sequence later, and she was off. She'd arrive and... Oh my gosh. She has no idea who that is! Her body was covered in... strange, white armor. It looked like snake armor? Or rather, snake themed? Her helmet looked like a snake helmet. This was her chance to make a good intro. Yesssss.

She jumped off the roof and... "Hey you! What do you-- Wait crud crud crud!"

... She didn't time it right, and rather than landing ON the street light... she missed and slammed into it. Dropping down to the ground. "Magical... girl of... the moirai... Clotho... o-ow...."

... It was still better than a lot of entrances she'd made.
Stahlritter 2018-09-17 23:05:42 97963
    Two blocks away...

    A tall, german boy in his late teens clad in a brown leather jacket walks along the street, one hand stuck into a pocket and the other holding onto a leash that, in turn, is attached to a bumbly wumbly corgi waddling happily along besides him. While the tone from his phone informing him of a text message being received doesn't make him slow down, when he actually looks at the contents of the message-- that's what makes him stop.

    Quickly, he turns to attach the leash to the post next to a grocery store, and gives a firm command of "Stay" to the corgi...

    And in the next instance, the boy is gone.

    And thus, in the wake of Rashmi and Unmei's appearances and Ariel's meek protest from behind Lucky, one more figure appears. This one doesn't float in the air above, though. Neither do they... er, land on a light post.

    This one falls from the skies above and lands on the street just two paces away from Ryo and Nakuse with such force that even a couple cars nearby shake visibly.

    And there, rising from a knee-crouched posture, stands over six feet of muscle and steel-- a bizarre, futuristic Knight with a dark, sleeveless longcoat draped over equally sleeveless breastplate, and large black-and-red gauntlets covering his lower arms up to the elbow.

    He doesn't say anything-- but, the t-shaped, fiery-orange visor of the face-concealing helmet does turn purposefully upon Ryo.
Ryo Okana 2018-09-17 23:20:04 97964
Ryo Okana speaks to Nakusu while no one's shown up yet. "You don't know what you're feeling, that dragon has your head full of trash. Like before." he says. 'like before'. "It's okay, it's okay I'll----" he still isn't letting go. He isn't going to... kidnap her. Is he?

Then first it's Ariel and Rashmi. He looks to Ariel and then up to Rashmi. "Like I'll listen to anything that loves the undead." he says pointedly to Ariel. "And her witch friend." he says.

'Clotho' makes a dramatic stumbling entrance and this causes him to sudden stare at the site. He makes an annoyed sound. "Right then." he says looking back. Then there's the imposing figure of Alexis who doesn't say anything. So what's his response to all this?

There's a blinding white and gold flash as he takes on his powered form, which probably isn't helping with Nakusu's writst any, before he grabs her into his arms in an (unheroic) princess carry and starts to bolt off.

Not another word. Not another action. He's going to apparently just going to try to abscond with Nakusu.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-17 23:26:46 97965
Nakusu Miki blinks for a moment as she takes this in. A girl on a big dog, and some red haired japanese/indian girl. Some other magical girl that stumbles in a way that sort of reminds her of how she met Life Mahou Joy except with less tact on the landing and some sort of scary looking knight in a visor.

She manages to at least get the basic descriptions into her head through the haze of pain on her wrist which suddenly gets worse when the boy transforms....

'The cross is blood red. I don't think it's holy.'. She feels sick to her stomach. The pain, the feelings and emotions. "Ju--just do as they say!.. I won't let" and then she's suddenly picked up and she can feel movement.

"PUT ME DOWN!" she bellows as she makes more of a fuss. Her wrist is sore and red. Maybe sprained but not broken. "WHERE ARE YOU EVEN TAKING ME!?"

"HEY MOM AND DAD I KIDNAPPED A GIRL HERE SHE IS!" she screams angrily as she kicks.

This fuss isn't getting her anywhere though. Not even a little bit. "H--HEY YOU, WHOEVER YOU ARE HELP PLEASE!" she yells.
Unmei Tama 2018-09-17 23:33:01 97966
Unmei Tama groaned, ow. Ow ow. everything hurt. Ow. Why would someone put a pole there. Why did she try to LAND on it?! She slowly got to her feet and cracked her back. "L-listen here you thug, I--" And then stopped.

Where'd ryo go?

"OY! BOWSER! PUT THE GIRL DOWN!" she yelled. She ran after, before... white, white, that meant light magic was her specialty here! Wait. HOW WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO WORK?! She'd never USED light magic before! WELL FUDGE NUGGETS! "Ummm.... Well, here goes," She tried. She held out her right hand. The threads of white light formed in her hand... then shot out. In a beam of magical light to try and strike him in the back. It wasn't that powerful, more of a piercing attack.

She then raced after him as the white threads formed into a long spear and... "Listen here you renfaire reject! Put her down before we go medieval on your butt!
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-17 23:40:44 97967
*bing!* << TELEPATHY >>

And suddenly, Rashmi's voice can be heard in the back of her friends' heads, as if she were slightly behind and to the right of the person doing the hearing. Quiet Karkadan, Steel Octopus, your mission is to retrieve that poor girl safely. Yes, she is in fact attempting to engage Ariel's sense of fun, even now. Because a unicorn having fun is an effective unicorn, if past experience is any indicator. Clotho-chan...

*bing!* << ACCEL -- BOOST UP >>

As a ribbon made of golden runes circles itself around Unmei's ankle, providing encouraging warmth and a significant boost of speed, Rashmi's voice turns gentle. We need to get ahead of him and stay ahead of him. The more he has to stop to find another route, the better off we'll be. Let's go!

And with that, she suits deed to word, flitting after the running George, pouring every ounce of speed available into getting ahead of the 'Saint' and his captive. "WE'RE COMING TO HELP!" she calls, in the hopes that Nakusu can hear. "JUST TRY TO STAY CALM!"
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-17 23:43:30 97968
    "My love for your sister has nothing to do with this exact moment, and exists regardless of your feelings for her." Ariel points out in a gentle tone. Gentle and yet it sounds like even she is somewhat tired of the reborn knight's pure and deep seated bigotry. Her protest is not meet, and she not behind Lucky, she is mounted upon him, eyes focused and waiting. And then...
    Oh dear, that was... The exact opposite of what Ariel had said. And when Saint George takes on his true form and snatches Nakusu up. Ariel bleats as George up and decides to cut and run with the girl in his arms. Of course Ariel displays zero surprise that she would put up such a fuss at being swiped like that.
    Though she is relieved to see Stahlritter and even Unmei in the heat of the moment, the girl simply bleats when the ancient knight just... Retreats so fast. It's perhaps a bit more surprising than an actual attack.
    "... What's a Bowser?" She asks of Rashmi as Clotho leaps into action. But then she gives Lucky a firm nudge of knees to send the canine steed into the chase with a low bark as she holds on. "R-right um. Quiet Karkadan copies? Er... --Go, Lucky! After them!" Even Ariel feels that this isn't exactly a moment for play, sorry Rashmi.
Stahlritter 2018-09-17 23:52:30 97969
    The instant Ryo starts running, Stahlritter is already moving.

    He might not be able to fly like SOME PEOPLE, but damned if he isn't fast regardless. A blur of motion after Ryo, longcoat flapping in the air behind him like the cape of some comic book hero as he gives chase.

    As far as he figures, the two girls can get around to try and cut him off if he keeps up the pressure from behind. But will that be enough? St George's powers are largely unknown to him so he isn't able to formulate a proper strategy right off the bat. There's so many uncertainties.

    But then Clotho fires off a spear of light. That? Now that he can actually work with. Namely by his hand reaching out as he shifts to be just adjacent of the energy attack going past-- and right in tandem, just below the spear, mana forms out of his gauntlet-bearing hand to form a dark-red chain, shooting out. But aiming lower. Aiming for the other Knight's feet.
Ryo Okana 2018-09-18 00:11:42 97970
No more words to the others. Saint George speaks only to Nakusu. "I'm taking you someplace safe. Away from these.... things." he iterates. "They did something to your head. I'm sorry I couldn't get to you first." he says with genuine remorse there. Not that it's anything to be remorseful about in this case. "Dragons and humans don't belong together." he says sternly. "Witches and vampires and warlocks and monsters don't deserve happy endings." he says angrily.

Hyprocritically as he may be thinking right now, he can sense the incoming light attack as he makes a sudden turn away from it into an alley. He's dipping into alleys now, where it's harder to see him visually.

By happenstance he avoids Sthalritter's attack along with Unmei's beam of light energy. It does ting off his armor a little, cause him to trip, but not fall.

He appears to be heading back towards the opposite side of the alley to the other street away from the water. It might be possible to trap him if someone got ahead there, and behind him in the long narrow alley.

"It's okay, I'll fix everything." he says. He really does think he's the hero.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-18 00:18:10 97971
Nakusu Miki is not getting angry. She is angry right now. She's angry and hurt. That wrist is going to need medical attention for sure when this is all over. "They didn't do anything to me! She didn't do anything to me, she never DID anything to me!" she yells. "YOU'RE IMAGINING THINGS THAT AREN'T THERE, YET. WE'RE NEVER THERE AT THAT POINT IN TIME, SAINT GEORGE." she yells.

"Now I'm tempted to kiss her anyways JUST TO SPITE YOU." she says, voice dripping with anger. She probably doesn't mean that. Probably, but she's trying to get a rise out of Saint George. Trying to say anything that might mess up his concentration or make him stop and think.

"You're the reason Sabra died! Do you know what feeling I attribute to your name in that fake story!?" fake. She knows that now. "Betrayal!" she says seethes. "You betrayed her, me George! WHAT DO YOU HONESTLY THINK IS GOING TO HAPPEN IF YOU MANAGE TO GET AWAY FROM THESE PEOPLE!?" she says.

"That I'm going to come around to your point of view? YOU LITERARLY KILLED MY CLOSE FRIEND IN A PAST LIFE!" she calls out.

If anything she's yelling as LOUD as she can to provide a point of reference for the others, so she is yelling with a purpose besides anger.
Unmei Tama 2018-09-18 00:26:27 97973
Magical Girl Clotho got a speed boost! She grinned and... "Hup!" As he ran towards the opposite end of the alley way, she raced after him. With the speed boost, and a bit of her own innate floating abilities, she ran PAST him and landed in front of him. She leaped up and over, before turning to face him. She twirled the staff once and then aimed the tip at him.

"Listen here, you... Arthurian wannabe! Who are you supposed to be, Mordred? I was trained... Well. I practiced a lot with Apatite! And she's like. A THOUSAND times better spear fighter than you could ever hope to be of ANY fighter. So you're NOT getting by me without going through me!" she snapped.

Then blinked. "A-and you're not going through me, either! So... Put down the pretty girl or I'll stab you in the foot repeatedly until you can't walk and HAVE to drop her!" she warned.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-18 00:28:33 97974
    Ariel spurs her mount to speed, but as she does, amid the chase she can't help but overhear... The things that the girl yells. Not quite what George's side is, but it is enough to infer.
    Is that... Could that be?
    He killed her friend in a past life.
    He killed the dragon.
    Could she be the princess that the reborn Saint had been seeking all this time?
    Puzzle pieces fall into place for Ariel, making the girl bite down on her pale lip in deep thought even in the midst of the rush and sprint. It's when knight begins charging down alleys to make him harder to find that Ariel stops chasing faster and begins chasing smarter.
    "Lucky... You know his scent." She murmurs as she reigns her mount, the dog nodding his head with a low wuff. Nose tucks to the ground and he begins to follow at a brisk pace.
    Ariel chooses hunting over outpacing, for now. It will give her time to think, and if the others happen to lose him she can continue to follow.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-18 00:31:57 97975
...Sorry, Rashmi says to Ariel's confirmation. Clearing her mental throat, she jinks and weaves past lightposts, following Unmei into the alleyway and past, an intricate magical circle spreading out beneath her feet as she summons a barrier of thick yellow light behind Unmei, from sidewalk to rooftop.

Please be careful, Clotho-chan, Rashmi's voice can be heard in Unmei's head. He fights to kill, and his weapon cuts through magic. If he comes for you, get away.

It bears noting that the barrier is a solid plane, but only a
vertical'' one. A sufficiently motivated criminal could possibly avoid the wall by heading to the rooftops.
Stahlritter 2018-09-18 00:47:01 97976
    Through the alleyways, Stahlritter persists-- an ever-looming pressure of something giving chase.

    He doesn't stop even when CLotho takes a stand in front of St George, not when the barrier forms up ahead. But he can't move in to attack-- with the force behind his punches, there's too much risk of harming Nakusu, too, since she doesn't have any real protection from damage like everyone else here does!

    So instead, even though he keeps up his approach, he makes a split-second decision. Another chain forms up from his right arm, now-- and it lashes out as it extends further and further. But what happens next will truly be a test of the Steel Knight's reflexes and wits both. The target of the whip is truly dependent on the unfolding of the next half a second. Ryo's arm, if he makes to attack Clotho. His leg, if he makes to leap away.
Ryo Okana 2018-09-18 01:00:58 97977
Nakusu's words cut deep when she says the word 'betrayal' because it nearly stops him all on it's own. Nearly. "If you think destroying an abomination on this world is betrayal then that dragon and these things got into your head deeper than I thought, Sabra." Sabra, because it's the only name he has for her right now.

Sabra because that's the name of his princess. Regardless, it's enough to distract him from his running that he suddenly comes face to face with.... Clotho? Oh it's that. Fumbling girl from earlier. Right? He can't draw a weapon when his hand is full of princess. He also notices the barrier beind erected behind her.

He curses and moves to turn suddenly and double back when his hand is caught by a chain and it's suddenly pulled. This causes him to roughly drop Nakusu in the process. That is not exactly a death defying fall all of four feet. It'll probably cause a jolt but that's about it. That's all the good he drops the princess because he summons his sword and uses it to cut the chain suddenly and hard and fast. Someone who's used to this particular trick- on some old instinctual level to know he wants that off of him before it can do anymore to him.

"Excuse me a moment, honorless black knight." because black knights have no honor or serve no master. That is why they are black knights.

"But I have an offer to take up on someone." he says angrily as he suddenly turns and charges with Ascalon towards Unmei. He's trying to slice through her. To go through her- on pure PRINCIPAL as to have the audacity as to try to get in his way.

"Another witch." he seethes. "More and more WITCHES" he says angrily.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-18 01:07:21 97978
Nakusu Miki drops to the ground suddenly and hard on her butt. She shudders as she 'ahs!?' and grits her teeth. She goes to try to push herself up with the arm with the bad wrists but more just 'yipes' at that and instead uses her other arm to try to pull herself up with the help of a nearby garbage can.

"SAINT GEORGE." she yells out. "IF YOU KILL THAT GIRL I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU." she won't forgive him at this point even if he didn't, but that's besides the point.

But right now that's all she can do. Her wrist is hurt. Her body aches and her mind is between severe anger and severe sadness at basically both points at the same time.

She has no magic, so all she can do is sit there and watch and hope that no one dies on either side.
Unmei Tama 2018-09-18 01:11:59 97979
Magical Girl Clotho gulped and readied herself, lifting the back of the shaft up... And then... "YAH!" He slashed and she... Wasn't... there.

And then again, when he cut at her, she moved back... While his blade would cleave off the tip of her spear... The threads that made it came undone and attempted to wrap around him. Meanwhile, as she stepped back the threads of her rings came out, lengthening the spear.

She kept her distance, using the range of her spear to keep out of range of that sword. "You know, you're wayyyy slower than Kun. I mean, he'd have gotten me by now!" Mayyyybe the last year of training was getting her some benefot... She then moved back from one of his slashes... Only to drive the tip of her spear out at his wrist holding the sword."Cut my spear as much as you like! The threads of fate will only grow back!"
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-18 01:16:03 97980
Good *move* Clotho-chan! Rashmi cheers, diving down into the alleyway as soon as Nakusu tumbles to a halt. Just watch out, there's a Barrier at your back! Flittering to a light landing in front of Mikusu, she holds out a hand. "Miki-san? I'm Rashmi, we should really get you out of here. It's probably going to get.... loud. And scary."

The magical redhead keeps most of her attention over her shoulder, because Ascalon is a scary scary weapon and its wielder is right behind her.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-18 01:33:10 97981
    Ariel had taken her time, but Lucky following the scent led her true all the same. But the sight she comes upon is still not a good one.
    There is no doubting it now. That is the princess from the old tale, and the silver-haired girl's lips purse into a thin line. Something tht Saint George says stirs something deep within her.
    "You're wrong!"
    Ariel's voice is a sharp, firm, snap of a reply. Her fingers curl into Lucky's scruff, flinching, but she does not look away as George launches his attack. She trusts in Clotho to survive. But it is something that Georgios says that renders the girl distraught with a righteous sensation of indignance.
    "How dare you." Ariel says. "You forcibly take someone who wants nothing to do with you-... You attack without thought and intent to kill. ... You show niether love, nor compassion, nor mercy..." She says, voice laden and weary with a weight that it has never had before.
    "You are a bigot. Instead of accepting the gifts presented to you- a sister that is not dead- you cast her aside and are so quick to judge others. What right do you have to judge? It is not by right of Saint I tell you that... There is only one force in this world with right to judge and it is not you- you..." Ariel says it.
    "You blackguard."
    The girl nearly spits the word with such distaste. "You call yourself a knight-- you insult the honor of my friend- Stahlritter- a true night... I'm tired of how you go around insulting and attacking everyone I love."
    There is a soft flare of light from the girl's forehead as she ushers Lucky a step forward and her hair spills wild and free, the small nub of a horn glimmering from her forehead, her body now encased in gleaming platemail of the purest silver, even her dog now clad in silvery knight's barding.
    "The one without honor here... Is you!"

    "A knight is sworn to valor...
    His heart knows only virtue...
    His blade defends the helpless.
    His might upholds the weak.
    His word speaks only truth.
    And his wrath undoes the wicked."

    "You are none of these things, Georgios of Lydda. Until you can prove to me that you are, I will no longer accept you as a saint."
Stahlritter 2018-09-18 01:42:14 97982
    When Rashmi catches Nakusu, and Stahlritter consequently passes them both-- there's only one thing the Belkan Knight yells out back them.


    He speeds towards St George and Clotho. He sees the defense she puts up. But that sword. The sword of a Saint. He might not have concrete information, but he knows the legend of saints, and he knows the weight some metaphysical concepts can have. And that sword is dangerous. Even if it is seperated from him, it will likely return to him on it's own simply by concept of ownership regardless of what happens to either of them. Beyond that, he doesn't know the abilities of Saint George. And in this small space, with someone nearby who absolutely needs to be protected, this fight can't be allowed to be go on. He might not even know if the armor can be pierced-- but he did hear that the other Knight was pushed around, at least. So the laws of physics still apply.

    So while Unmei is weaving around George's attacks, Stahlritter suddenly stomps down just besides him, posture slightly lowered, and right hand held back in a tight fist, the gauntlet vibrating with gathering energy.

    "FLY AWAY--!!!!"

    And it's thrown towards the center of the knight in a fierce uppercut as all the mana releases in a flash of red dust.

Lacrima 2018-09-18 01:57:45 97983
"Chain Bind." is uttered out from somewhere overhead. < Chain Bind! > follows in a British accented voice. Before Ryo can make another move, lavender portals open around him and many chains expunge through them trying to tag onto and wrap around George's limbs. Primarily his sword arm, and his other arm, but also other limbs.

Lacrima floats down somewhere besides Ariel as she spouts words. She's dressed in the Masquerade barrier jacket, but minus the mask so it's clearly Lacrima-- in a different outfit and light lavender features instead of dark purple. Ariel sounds... feels a 'little' angry. Not a whole lot. But there's something she isn't used to see Ariel say or do there.

"So. It's come down to kidnapping girls." she says softly. "-AND she looks hurt." she says. "Where we're you even going to take her? Mom and dad aren't dumb you know." she says quietly.

"That's besides the point." she says. "I think it looks like you're about to go on a little trip. I wouldn't come back if I we're you." she says quietly. "I only haven't been raising my hand against you because I've been afraid of making your problems worse with dark energy." she says a little quietly.

"That's no longer a problem. I'm not longer putting up with... whatever this is now." she says "No more. Ryo I hope you start thinking straight." she says quietly. "I miss my brother. Not.. whatever you are now."

She'll make sure to pull the spell off and back when Alexis gets into his apparently rocketing punch.
Ryo Okana 2018-09-18 02:05:40 97984
Saint George clashes with Clotho. He's about to follow up when suddenly ... light purplish chains appear around him and hold him in place. He struggles against it angrily. Like one might expect a junkyard dog juuuuust the edge of it's maximum length of chain leash to act if barking at passerbys.

"LET ME GO----!" he seethes.

Then Ariel gives him a speech. Every phrase. Every word makes him angrier... and angrier... until he's just a red faced ball of rag and wrath. "YOU HAVE NO AUTHORITY LIKE THAT. Your opinion is meaningless you witch." he retorts. "It will be a cold day in hell when you get to dictate canoical law!"

Then the thing wearing his sister's skin. Wait the chains are her doing!? "YOU CLAIM TO BE MY SISTER YET HINDER MY EFFORTS!? You are not my sister. She is dead and you are a MOCKERY of her memory." he continues.

Wait. What's that sound behind him? Oh... oh--- he gets free of the chains when they are pulled back but only at the exact moment Sthalritter slams down sending him flying into the air. Very high. Very far. Far enough you can only faintly hear the thud on the beach he landed on. Far enough way to be safe for now.

He manages to get back up on the beach. No longer in armor as he closes his fists. "I'll find you again Sabra..." he mutters. "I'll find you and save you from those things." he says. The scary part is. He means every word.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-18 02:14:29 97985
Nakusu Miki looks to Rashmi and blinks. "Wait... you're the one that has my book! I was... coming to actually. Come by and get it when I bumped into... that person." she says. "Owww... darnit I hurt my wrist..." well. He hurt her wrist. She says. "I ache all over." she says. She looks towards Ariel and gives her a sad look, and then to Lacrima "Oh, he's your... you must be the one Joy-san and Lamya-chan told me about." she says sadly. "I'm sorry." she says more quietly.

"Is he gone?..." she asks. "I really need to sit down for a moment." she says completely out of breath.

"Yes my name is Nakusu Miki. Yes. Apparently I'm the titular princess. I didn't know the name until just now. When he said it. Lamya apparently just knew me as 'Princess'. Back then too." she says.

"...But Nakusu. Please. Not Sabra. Not now." she says. She's unnerved but it's obvious why she is. "Thank you all." she says.

"...also don't call me princess. I think I'd like only Lamya to call me that. I mean. Princess. Just not to my face. I don't rule anything. Or have a noble family. My dad is just a salrayman not a dumb king." she says nervously. "I mean I don't even have any magic. I'm just able to percieve it and everyone at home thinks I'm crazy." she says with coy nervousness.

Nervous pretty much defines everything about her right now.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-18 02:23:41 97986
"It's okay," Rashmi says, smiling gently. "I get it... ...Also d'you want help with that?" she asides, nodding to Makusu's wrist. "Anyway... most of us already know what's going on, and by tomorrow, everyone who knows what George is about is going to be making sure you're as well-protected as we can manage."

Cancelling the Telepathy spell one person at a time, Rashmi saves Unmei for last. Omigosh Unmei-chan that was incredible, you did amazing!

Her elation is tempered, however, by the knowledge that Ariel got angry. That is worryingly unprecedented.
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-18 02:23:46 97987
    "I am no witch I am unicorn!" Ariel snaps in retort, even when angered her voice is a shrill bleat. And... And there is no mistaking it, the girl is angered... Her eyes are wide enough to show the whites, her ears are pinned back. Were there a bit in her mouth she would be champing on it as she whickers and makes agitated bell-like sounds.
    She is not looking upon a knight, she is looking upon a fallen paladin- a blackguard- a man who is simply not the saint history declared him to be.
    And as George is launched away Ariel continues to quietly seethe to herself- enough to make Lucky whimper out of worry.
    She's so lost in it that she almost doesn't even realize Lacrima has arrived until after the fact, and it makes her pause.
    Ariel takes a shivering breath and forces herself to let go of Lucky's fur.
    "O-oh... OH..."
    The girl is introducing herself. Ariel's voice however is stilted and sluggish. "It's um. Very nice to meet you. I'm sorry, I'm not usually like this um. Um..."
    She mentally files away the name Nakusu Miki for later, because right now Ariel is glancing down at her palms, where her gauntlets are rattling softly.
    "... Norie...? ... Why... Why are my hands shaking?"
Lacrima 2018-09-18 02:30:38 97988
Lacrima lets that henshin fade because she doesn't need it anymore, Paige going back to it's standby form of a braclet on her left arm. She closes her eyes and just sighs, before she gets a better look at Nakusu Miki, but then turns to Ariel and gently tugs on her a little, and tugs again and is pretty much trying to tug her into a hug wherein she can place her forehead to hers. "Are you okay, unicorn...?" she asks softly. "I heard your speech. I'm sorry it fell on his deaf ears." she gently takes Ariel's hands and gently squeezes them, even shaking. "I think... I think you might be. Upset. Ariel. Angry. At him." she says. She knows Ariel hasn't felt every emotion ever. She's heard was much from the girl's parents. Afterall. Fishes and butterflies don't get angry, right? "Just take a deep breath. And let it out slow, okay?..." she says. "I promise you're not sick or unwell right now." she doesn't let go of her hands. She just stays there.

She'll make sure Ariel is going to be okay, before turning her head back to Nakusu. "I am Lacrima... though my 'real' name is Norie Okana."

"You're hurt. Is it bad?" she says. "I'd call Joy but I think she's busy tonight. Nrg... Rashmi?" she asks. "Anyone we can call to take care of that? I only know Joy off the top of my head." she says.

She nods to Stahlritter. "That's Stahlritter. Steel Knight. He's my adopted brother- and also Lamya-chan's, kind of. He just looks a little scary. He'll protect you too." she adds.
Stahlritter 2018-09-18 02:32:43 97989
    In the wake of the powerful, mana-infused uppercut that rocked the air pressure around him, Stahlritter stays in the post-punch posture of having risen up standing tall, fist raised pointing skywards, for a few seconds. When he lowers back down to normal posture, his helmet-amplified, rumbling voice notes for everyone's benefit, "That'll delay him at the very least-- we should leave as soon as possible anyway just in case to throw him off in case he gets persistent."

    He turns slowly, then, to look towards Masquerade, and the helmet-covered head bobs in a slow nod-- before tilting into an indicative nudge towards Ariel. Go on, Imouto. Go comfort your girlfriend.

    So while Lacrima deals with that, he turns to step towards Rashmi and Nakusu, in slow stomps, while that fiery visor in his helmet peers at the latter. He... probably looks more intimidating than she'd like to deal with right now.

    "It's going to be okay," the large Knight offers regardless, voice a tone softer in spite of the modulation of the helmet. "Rashmi there is going to make your wrist feel better until we get you to a full healer. For the time being-- it is nice to meet you, Nakusu Miki. I have sworn to Lamya to protect her, and by virtue of your identity, that promise extends to you, too." He even extends one large, gauntlet-covered hand down towards her, palm up, in offer of support for standing up.

    He does give a look to everyone else, though, and note, "We should go."
Unmei Tama 2018-09-18 02:35:47 97990
Magical Girl Clotho grinned at the girl and gasped. "Wow, you're a princess, too? There are a lot of them! It's great to meet you, Naku. And... Don't worry about that. Everyone at home tends to think most of us are crazy. Comes with the whole.... getting magical power stuff. You don't wanna know what people used to say about me," she said with a laugh.

Also, when Rashmi said that, she eeed. verbally. And hopped up and down a bit. "I know, right?! I mean, all that training really paid off and I was actually doing really well and he didn't stab me or anything and and I held him off and I was actually useful for once eeeee!" she squealed, practically sparkling in... a completely different way from Ariel.

Speaking of Ariel, she... Turned to her and grinned wide. "Wait, you're a unicorn? Oh my gosh! Lacrima, is this your girlfriend? Oh my gosh, she was soooo cool! That speech gave me chills! Yours too, Lacrima! IT... err... oh..." Right, that was Lacrima's brother. Mayyyybe being excited he got blasted isn't the... best reaction. "Maybe... err... sorry about... yeah."

Focus on the wrist! "I bet Mamo could heal it, if we take her to the frat house. could anyone carry her?"

And then pointedly looked at Stahritter.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-18 02:43:53 97991
Nakusu Miki looks at Lacrima as the name finally rings a bell. "Wait. Norie Okana? The girl that went missing that used to go to my school?" she blinks a little at this. She looks to Rashmi and nods and holds out her wrist for Rashmi to look at then since the Steel Knight (which is easier to spell than his actual name.) say she's gonna stablize it.

She looks back at Lacrima. "Um. You're not. Human are you?" she asks. "I'm sorry I'm just noticing now you're really really pale. Also your teeth are more pointed in front." another gentle awkward pause. "I mean. It's okay if you're not. Sorry. I have dumb curiosity." she says.

She looks back to Ariel apologeticaly. There's not much she can say there. "I think I can actually. I just need someone to make sure I'm not gonna get kidnapped again I guess." she says.

"Okay but where are we going to?" she asks. "Or rather where am I going? Hospital. I don't know any Ma-- wait do you mean that Ee-cee-eff place I was told about?" she asks.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-18 02:51:28 97992
"That's a good question," Rashmi murmurs as she takes careful hold of Nakusu's wrist. Beneath the pair of them, an intricate magical circle spreads out, revolving lazily on the ground, as the huge armored book floating by one hand chimes. << HEALING LIGHT >>

The circle is swiftly replaced with a warm golden glow, like the summer sun emanating from the ground, as Makusu's sprained wrist is soothed, the pain dulled, as if the girl had taken the *good* aspirins and wrapped her wrist in a warm cloth. "Probably a good idea to make sure you didn't break something. If you want to go to the ECFH, I can take you, sure. But Stahlritter's right, we should probably make these plans on the way to someplace.

And with absolutely no ceremony, her magical outfit and armored book burst into shards of golden light that degrade to dust, then nothing, leaving just a dark-skinned redhead in spectacles, rumpled street clothes and a gentle smile. "Why don't we go to the Korma first, so I can get Makusu-chan her book and maybe dinner in us if she feels up to it?"
Unmei Tama 2018-09-18 03:01:01 97993
Magical Girl Clotho nodded, as they were all good to go then! As Rashmi dehenshined... she decided to do the same. One mildly risque de-henshio, she did as well... She smiled at the girl. "Oh, right. I'm Unmei. Everyone already knows who I am, so secret identity is kinda... useless," she said with a chuckle. Then reached up to take off her gem...

Then blinked. "I'll... be right back." She ran off tu turn the corner, hiding out of view... Taking off the gem and dumping it into her bag. She then takes out the pen from her bag. "Transformation pen," she whispers, quickly transforming herself into... well. Herself. MAgic was so frustrating sometimes.

She came back out a moment later, grinning. "So! Right! Food, right?" she said.

She actually did REALLY well for once, so was feeling pretty good about herself. She had been USEFUL! Heck, she might have even been Pivotal! Her distraction and keeping George busy might have--She shook her head. Nope. NOW she's getting all arrogant and prideful. Dummy.

Though she had a small skip in her step and a non-forced smile on her lips that none of them had likely seen on her in a long time...
Ariel Theodore 2018-09-18 03:03:14 97994
    It's true, fish and butterflies don't get angry. And when you live alone in a forest for your whole life, there aren't many opportunities to discover the emotion on your own. Forehead tucked to Lacrima's forehead, Ariel closes her eyes and tries to steady her breathing. It takes her some work to do it, and she's still shaken from the experience regardless.
    "I... I am fine. He called Ale-- Stahlritter dishonorable. It made me feel..."
    She trails there. "I don't like this feeling." Admitted fully candidly. It takes her a moment before she can pull herself out of her little World For Two with Lacrima, to reply.
    "O-oh. Yes. Um. I'm a unicorn-- yyyes um. Norie and I are seeing each other. ... And that was her brother." Ariel answers Clotho in order to the best of her ability, before rattling her head. "I'm sorry. I got carried away. I'm Ariel." Her introduction is a little more proper now that she's starting to calm down. "R-Rashmi, did you need any more help back at the Chameleon? I should probably... Be getting home. I think I need to speak with mom again and... I really need a nap."
Lacrima 2018-09-18 03:08:09 97995
Lacrima nods and gently nuzzles Ariel's forehead. "I can promise you Ariel that. It's okay to get angry at what just happened. Nothing is wrong with you right now... But yes, you need to relax and speak to your moms about this too. Always... talk. Okay? When you feel this way. Talk to your moms. To me. To anyone." she says.

"I'll see you home, okay?" she says quietly. "I won't come with you to visit your moms, that's private, should be private, but I wanna keep you some company on the way." she says with a soft smile.

She looks to Nakusu. "Rashmi-chan will take care of you. I need to see my girlfriend home safe." she smiles a little.

"And yes. I'm a vampire. Lamya said she wants you over soon. I'll explain more then. Don't worry. I don't bite." she insists.
Nakusu Miki 2018-09-18 03:09:44 97996
Nakusu Miki. "Wow! A unicorn? I mean. I'm more of a dragon. Type but. I never met a unicorn either so it's nice to meet you. Okay. A vampire!?" she says taken a back. "Wow... wait. Isn't this. A plot to some anime...." she taps her bottom lip. She could swear that there's an anime with this plotline.

Regardless, she feels her wrist get a little better, but it still needs proper aid. She nods. "That's a little better. Okay. First stop. The curry resturant!" she says dramatically.
Unmei Tama 2018-09-18 03:18:02 97997
Unmei Tama coughs. "Yes, it's part of the plot of Vampire Warrior Aurora, a two season magical girl anime about... Err. Well. I have the digitally remastered collectors edition if ummm... You ever wanna see it." Sheepish smile.