Unwanted Visitations but Needed News

Venus visits Norie's manor to rub the fact she was right about Sailor Earth into her face just a teensy bit but to also make good on a minor promise.

Date: 2018-09-19
Pose Count: 10
Lacrima 2018-09-19 15:44:21 97998
It's a Norie day. This means that Norie is stuck in her house while she puts on her Norie 'form', just hanging around and watching TV and doing human things that normal humans do because she's trying to be that as MUCH as possible on her Norie days. Is it boring sometimes? Yes. Is it good for her wellbeing as a horrid dark energy creature to root herself in humanity once a week? Very yes.

She's currently laid down on the couch, texting someone. Ariel? Kunzite? Takashi? Miho? Who knows! Maybe it's a mix of people.

She's not expecting a visitor today so it's either she's here alone or the other manormates are out or in their rooms.
Minako Aino 2018-09-19 15:52:38 97999
    Sailor Venus knocks on Lacrima's manor door. Knock. Knock knock. knockknockknockknock. knock knocK! noknoknoknok. She is being delibratly annyoing so Lacrima answer the door faster.

    Also yes, she is in the full Senshi outfit and henshined, because one always keeps ones identity secret.

    "Hey open up. Hey. Heeeeey open up." she drones on through the door in case the knocking isn't working.

    She's ignoring the doorbell. Knocks are more annoying.
Lacrima 2018-09-19 16:05:08 98000
Norie Okana blinks and looks to the door. Knock. Knockity knock---okay who the hell is visiting. That's not any knock she's used to hearing. She turns around to sit up rather than lay on the couch and walks to the door and peeks it open carefully.

"Oh." Oh no. "Hello Venus." she says. "Are you here to rub it in my face finally?" she asks as she quickly ushers her inside. She can't be seen outside. She sighs and crosses her arms and points to the couch. "Sit. Don't touch anything. I'm going to go get a snack and a drink." she says with a huff. She'll do this, go to the kitchen, and return with the leftover Lemonade from the other day and a box of donuts. She places them on the table carefully and sits down. "So fine. Say what you need to. Rub it in my face or whatever." she shifts uncomfortably.
Minako Aino 2018-09-19 16:18:27 98003
    "Nice to see you, too." Venus says bluntly as she walks inside with purpose, moving towards the couch and sitting down there. She'll cross her arms and wait for Norie to return with the lemonade and a donuts. She doesn't have any.

    "Yes! I was right. But that isn't any surprise. I'm often right." she says with just a hint of smug. Not much of it, but it is there. "But." she says. "I actually wanted to visit to say that wasn't your fault. That was Rivenjerk's fault." she says cooly. "You didn't know." she says. "I determined that much when I interrogated you!" she says with strange cheerfulness.

    "But I actually had a question for you. If you DID know. Would you have told me?" she asks, with her arms crossed and leaning towards her a little.
Lacrima 2018-09-19 16:25:13 98004
Norie Okana sighs as she picks up a donut and takes a bite. She's gonna need these donuts for this discussion. "Excuse me a moment." she says as she stands back up, and then comes back with a small bowl of magical rose infused honey to dip the donut in. There. That's better. She'll need that more.

"I know it wasn't my fault. I had nothing to do with that. At all. He didn't tug anything from me to do what he did. So I wasn't even a secret vector." she says bluntly. She is pleased for that much.

Venus asks a question, as she takes a deep breath. "I will answer you honestly. If this was any other project. or if Mamoru wasn't being hurt-- or nothing so personal like that--- no. No I wouldn't tell you." she says.

"But... I... I would had said something before you even asked me when I found out what was going on was hurting Mamoru. Not just to you to. Him. Kunzite. Anyone." she says quietly.

She shifts a bit uncomfortably as she shoves more of the honey dipped donut into her mouth. Yup. Helping.
Minako Aino 2018-09-19 16:43:53 98005
    Venus watches Norie leave the room and come back with a familiar rose honey. She flips her long blonde hair a moment. "I see." she says. Okay so she might need to interrogate the vampire again another day.

    "Well that's good then." she says. "At least on that part."

    "I see one of the first things Mamoru did was give you more of that honey. Does it actually do anything for you? It doesn't hurt you right?" she asks curiously.

    "Right..." she says as she digs behind herself. "Here's the actual reason I came by." she says as she hands Lacrima a file folder. It isn't thick, but there's papers in there. "Been following your brother around juuust outta sight like I promised." she says.
Lacrima 2018-09-19 17:26:17 98006
"Actually, the honey helps a lot.... Mamoru's... powers...? Or what he is... is very grounding? To me. Except draining him makes his brothers antsy. You should ask Zoisite about the time Mamoru offered for me to drain him and I sent him into unconsciousness. Anyways. The honey has the same feel? It's not quite the same thing as draining Mamoru but it helps a lot." she says. "Keeps me from over-reacting from dumb things because of the dark energy."

She blinks at the file and furrows her brow as she flips through it. "I'll read this later." she says quietly. "He's getting worse. We found 'The Princess' except when he met her he just tried to pick her up and run. Like... nrg..." she mutters. "I dunno what to do. He's going to do something unforgiveable soon. I mean. If he we're to stop now. He'd have lots of people upset at him-- but... but... he'd be alive." she says quietly.

She sighs and picks up the honey bowl and then does it like someone might a shot, before she gets up again to go back into the kitchen and come back with more in the bowl for donut dunking.

"The Princess is named Nakusu Miki. She's seems to be a nice enough person, but she doesn't have magic-- or at least magic yet. I'm wanting to have her over so I can try to figure that out for sure one way or another." she says.

"She has a lot of people protecting her though." she says. "So that's good."
Minako Aino 2018-09-19 17:51:46 98007
    "Finding missing princesses are pesky." she says. "Well. She has ears if she needs to talk to anyone about creepy people trying to nab her. Some people have been through that before."

    She does seem to silence herself about Ryo. She shakes her head. "Lacrima-san. Just so you know. That isn't your fault. If things go so bad with your brother. My research, bugging people that interact with him at school seems to suggest he's always been like this to some degree. Maybe it's gotten more obvious and worse but this isn't new." the blonde Senshi says a little more seriously.

    "Sorry your brother is kind of a creep. Magic has a way of magnifying what's inside someone- and I think that's what we're seeing here." she says as gently as she can. Which is not entirely gentle.
Lacrima 2018-09-19 18:01:44 98008
"Look I know that already." says Lacrima. She softly sighs and takes a deep breath- despite not needing to breathe. "I know he's always been kind of a jerk and like... forward with things." she says trying to be polite with her terms. She shifts. "Is that it?" she asks. "It's my 'Norie' Day, and I don't really like being bothered except by certain people." she says. "And you're not really on that list."

"Sorry. I know I've forgiven you for the dress incident but I still don't really feel comfortable around you." she says. "It's nothing personal. I just don't want to get too agitated around you. I've been doing a good job of controlling myself. I'd rather not break the streak." she says.

"Do you need to be shown out?" she asks. The door is right there. But she is the host with someone who isn't a regular visitor, so you ask that. Less about ordering her out with that.
Minako Aino 2018-09-19 18:07:57 98009
    Venus says. "Alright then. I know when I'm unwanted." she says with just a bit of mock offense. She stands up. "If I learn anything specific about your brother, I'll be back." she says.

    "You keep at what you're doing then, Lacrima." she says. "Because I'm gonna be unhappy if I have to take care of both of you two." she says as she crosses her arms and makes for the door. Off she goes. She'll transform into Minako somewhere along the way.

    Man she should had totally dunked that she was right into her face better. Touchdown pose and everything!