Bad Vibe Visions

Lacrima and Jiaying go to Rei Hino to confirm that Lacrima knows but doesn't want to admit. That Ryo is just a mega jerk all on his own!

Date: 2018-09-20
Pose Count: 18
Lacrima 2018-09-20 18:20:29 98035
Lacrima has come to the shrine, because she's gotten ahold of something of her brothers. It isn't anything impressive. He dropped a lucky coin he kept when he accosted Nakusu the other day. Lucky because both sides are 'head', it's a trick coin he used to win lots of sibling arguments. So it might be important enough to work. But it's all she has.

"Alright." she tells Jiaying. "I haven't been very deep into this place. I went ahead and called ahead. So I think we'll be expected." she says. She takes a deep breath.

Walking... walking... walking... she starts to feel uneasy in her skin the further she continues.

It manages to get to a point where she's uncomfortable and it's starting to hurt but it isn't rending her apart. She'll be fine. This isn't a permanent visit. "F...ricken... hallowed ground..." she mutters.

"Jiaying can you go see if Rei-san is here. I don't wanna move too much further into this place." she says as she takes a deep breath. Relax. Ow. Relax... holy burning.
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-20 18:25:22 98036
Jiaying Maki has decided to run ahead at first, taking a moment to examine the Fu dogs out front. This is habitual for her. She's convinced one of these days they're going to come to life somehow. Even if she's not sure anyone at the shrine actually has that power. She does stop herself from climbing on top to peer in the mouth of the beast like last time and actually manages to look embarrassed that she even ran ahead.

Glancing back, fox ears twitching, "Yeah alright." she replies to Norie's request, not commenting on the grumbling. She claps her hands together, runs her palms over her hair and redisguises herself and steps through the threshold. "You know if she touches me and disappears, you can have my music collection Norie." A joke, one maybe inspired by the ghost of someone lingering... in a complicated way now.

She makes her way deeper into the shrine, idly wondering if she could strip part of the consecration away to help Norie, not that she would, but having been at her own shrine, it's an interesting thought and experiment in keeping different things out.

"Helllooooo, is there a Hinooo arooound?" Then she pauses, murmurs, "That's probably not the best way to do it. Oh well."
Rei Hino 2018-09-20 18:47:39 98037
    "There is." A soft but firm voice comes from behind Jiaying, punctuated, curiously, by a crow's cry, and a black feather drifting past Jiaying's field of vision.
    Rei Hino is standing behind one of the pillars framing the center path through the shrine, where she'd been waiting somewhat anxiously; dressed in her white and red Shrine Maiden robes. She'd been expecting Lacrima - though her nature wasn't perfectly clear to Rei, so her... challenges with the Shrine hadn't quite occurred to her.
    She regards Jiaying with an unreadable expression, save for a slightly furrowed brow. "But there's at least one old man who should still be sleeping right now, so please keep your voice down." Rei lowers her crossed arms, apparently unperturbed by the cold early morning air, and speaks again. "Are you...?" She starts to say, then reconsiders name dropping vampires to possible normies and suspicious arrivals, and tries again, "What is your business here?" She's trying not to be too suspicious here - this could just be a zealous new person and a potential future customer, but... there's kind of a lot going on, and people don't tend to come to the Shrine this early.
Lacrima 2018-09-20 19:04:26 98039
Lacrima pipes up. "She is my friend." she says softly. "She's fine." she says with a pained tone. She bites her lip and looks around. "She's here to help me or watch me. Primarily because this shrine is starting to become uncomfortable. Not hinderingly so." she says.

"But it's a slow burn. It's okay." she raises a hand a bit. "I have something of Ryo's finally." she says. "Something with a strong enough tie that it should work to help with a fire reading, I think." she says.

"Look are we able to just get somewhere private before I discuss more." she says quietly.

She says. "Apologies for being snippy. But this place is kind of like walking into a microwave. The further into the center you get the hotter it gets." she says with wide eyes.
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-20 19:08:08 98040
Jiaying Maki tilts her head and considers what 'Are you' could have been leading to. She hesitates, then gestures over her shoulder and says, "The one you're probably looking for is having issues with your services. We'd like to send tech support out to discuss a password. Or something. If you were going to ask if I was awesome, I totally am though." What, she might as well go with a joke, this girl could do with a laugh. Or a groan at a bad joke, either or.

She pauses and checks over her shoulder, "If you wanted to just curse him, I could have done that. Well, I could have found a hell agent and bribed him with some burnt offerings of some kind." She glances sidelong at Rei, "Uh. I'm a good person." beat, "Yaoguai. Whatever."
Rei Hino 2018-09-20 19:22:29 98041
"Oh!" Rei turns around to see Lacrima, and... doesn't quite relax, but at least she isn't primed to fight on holy ground. "Lacrima-san." She says with a short greeting bow, though when she rises, she seems uncomfortable with Lacrima's situation. It makes sense, in retrospect; Lacrima needed special healing from Mamoru... and she was throwing Dark Energy around the other night. "I... I see. I-"
    She's cut off by Jiaying's introductory hail of jokes, and... stares at Jiaying blankly. "... I-" She stops. "... You-" She stops again. She has no idea how to approach this. "It's nice to meet you." She simply says with a bow.
    Frowning at Lacrima's explanation, Rei says, "I'm... sorry about that. There's not much I can do. This place is..." She shakes her head. "I wouldn't be able to help you if it weren't sacred." She smiles a bit ruefully, "... And there's a line of ancestors a mile long that would curse me for defiling it."
    The good-humored expression doesn't last though, the Miko nodding once on hearing they have something of Ryo's... and frowning at Lacrima's admission. "... Of course." She says, leading Lacrima and Jiaying inside for the requested privacy as she speaks, "... We're... going right to the middle, I'm afraid. My method of Sight... it's a bit intense in its need for sacred power." Though possibly it has more to do with Rei's psychic nature than she knows. "If you like... if it's dangerous for you, I don't mind if you wait outside." It's not meant to sound dismissive. If anything, Rei's being incredibly accomidating letting a vampire within a hundred yards of her Shrine at all. Buuut she did probably save her life.
    She fixes Jiaying with a curious look. "I... see..." She's more or less been raised to see that statement as a total oxymoron. But she was also raised to think she wasn't a princess from a prehistoric interplanatary kingdom. Still, she can practically feel her ancestors raising their collective spectral eyebrows. "The Shrine isn't... the Shrine isn't bother you, then?" That's a little concerning, honestly.
Lacrima 2018-09-20 19:41:05 98042
Lacrima frowns. "This is not a curse." she says bluntly. "She's going to try to help me figure out if Ryo is possessed or if this is all his own will." she says quietly. "Because I'm still not convinced in either direction." she says.

She sighs to Mars. "I'll deal. This isn't.. deadly. It's just uncomfortable. If I was an unintelligent youma I'd be driven away. But I'm not." she says quietly. She sighs. "Lead the way." she says as she digs into her pocket. "This is a double.. headed trick coin my brother used to use to win arguments with me. He must had dropped it during a----"

"Right. So. My brother finally met Lamya's Princess. So the first thing he does is pick her up and try to kidnap her." she says with a terse expression. "Like a creepy asshole."

She'll hand it to Rei since she assumes Rei will need to handle it. There's nothing magical about the coin. It's metal, and it's two headed. That's it.

"Jia-chan should be fine here. Her humor is odd. I'm not so fine here." she admits.

"I'm a dark energy construct with a soul rooted inside." she says. "If that wasn't clear or if you didn't know." she says quietly.
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-20 19:47:40 98043
Jiaying Maki listens to Norie's explanation. "He used to cheat? Should have scratched one of the coin faces up, would have been a neat reference." She pauses, shakes her head and actually manages to look serious. "I kind of think it's both? It's taken a problem and ramped it up to eleven. He was always kind of... angry about this. I offered to haunt him way back when. Then I offered to punch him in the nose. That was before he was apparently some kind of maybe-reincarnation." She pauses and actually asks semi-seriously, "I wonder if I could talk to a heavenly retainer to see if the real St. George is over the wall. They're harder to bribe or convince though."

"Everyone's a critic." she mutters in response to Norie's description of her humor. Looking to Rei, she shrugs, "I've been in and out of this shrine a few times. So has another fox. I even have my own shrine. Just... not in this place. Sort of. If you're trying to keep yaoguai out, you might need something other than just consecration. Yokai. Whatever."

A glance back to Norie and she asks in an undertone, "I can go in and watch if it hurts. Maybe I can mirror it with an illusion or something? A series of mirrors? Don't stress yourself out. That tends to be bad."
Rei Hino 2018-09-20 20:00:37 98044
    "As long as you'll be all right..." Rei nods at Lacrima's assurance. A dark look passes over Rei's face when Lacrima describes Ryo's actions, and she briefly, fervently wishes they had cremated Ryo back at the Earth Court. Not for entirely unselfish reasons. She just happens to have a Princess she's protecting, and the thought of her - or anyone - being treated that way makes her physically ill.
    Rei takes the coin, nodding quietly at Lacrima's description of herself. "I... I see. I'm sorry." Rei didn't know, and if she were a little less inclined against Dark Energy and all things related to it, she might have known better than to express sympathy for the nature of someone else's entire existance. She just sort of... assumes it's terrible.
    "N-noted..." Rei replies to Jiaying slightly uncomfortably, though the fox doesn't seem incredibly threatening. It's just a bit uncomfortable for her to think she's gotten complacent about the Shrine's safety. "Well. That's fine, just..." she smiles a bit thinly, "Please don't feel the need to visit... secretly." Rei would rather know when she's around.
    That all said, Rei holds the coin in front of her curiously, before she reaches out and slides a door open to reveal a spacious room that seems to be built entirely around a stone pyre in the middle; chimes dangling from the ceiling with rows of candles placed so that all the light in the room seems to center on the pyre, like a glowing red spotlight.
    There's no electricity in this room, no trappings of the modern era. This room hasn't changed in centuries.
    "Shut the door, please." Rei says as she enters the room ahead of you and moves up to the pyre. "... Now. This isn't an exact science... If it works, I can't promise it will show me... *exactly* what you want to know..." She looks back at you over her shoulder. "But if this coin has something to tell us, it will."
    With that, she looks away, grabs a hand full of some kind of powder nearby, and throws it onto the center of the pyre, which immediately - and rather alarmingly - erupts into a towering flame that Rei regards without concern or visible reaction, before settling into a steady flame that - while not absurd - seems unnaturally large and vivid, made moreso by the peculiar atmosphere of this room.
    Rei kneels in front of the flame, clasps her hands shut around the coin... and begins to speak almost too softly to hear, murmuring an endless persistent chant with little to no room to breathe. She might plain be conserving oxygen speaking as softly as she is, but there's an... intensity to it and...
    Basically this is all incredibly weird for the uninitiated.
Lacrima 2018-09-20 20:27:15 98045
Lacrima has never been to a fire reading. Also the room is uncomfortable by nature still. But it's just uncomfortable so. She isn't leaking dark energy, and that's what matters most to her. "I'm fine." she says tersely. It's relatively the truth.

She'll sit down in front of the flame as she winces and seems to treat it like one was dealing with the glare of a sun, keeping a hand over her face but peeking through the fingers.

Flames flicker into a vision.

(OOC NOTE: These are from provided notes approved by Ryo Okana's Player, for those reading and wondering.)


There is a fight, there is a knight in white armor with a red cross. He is identifiable as Saint George. The creature appears to be some kind of perhaps werewolf-like being, it's hard to tell. The flames seem to make it hard. As if it what it is isn't the important part. There is a maiden nearby, she looks troubled and is watching the fight. "Don't you dare touch her!.." says Saint George as the final blow from an armored fist come down!---- into the face of a bully at Verone. The scene looks similar. There is a 'maiden' though she appears to just be a fellow classmate (and looks nothing like the girl before.). The bully has a black eye. "--and if you bother her again....." the vision fades out.

There is a boy about the age of twelve. He looks like a much younger Ryo. He has a long giftwrap tube. He baps it light on top of the head of a much younger girl that looks about Norie's ag---wait no. She looks like a younger version of Norie. "--but I don't wanna be the monster this time! I wanna be the princess...!" she stamps her foot. Ryo scoffs then. "Fine, You can be... Princess Sabra! It's a pretty name... right?...." the vision fades out into another.

Ryo is participating in a kendo competition. Based on the Verone uniform he's wearing, it was in middle school and not the high school grade he's currently in. The fight is fierce! A little two fierce, smack, smack, SMACK--- Ryo knocks his opponent to the ground and he raises his kendo stick over his head and he's about to smash it down into the downed boy when the instructor butts in and grabs the Kendo stick. "That's enough!" he says. Ryo sort of narrows his eyes. "I guess it is..." he says like he doesn't believe that. Rei's seem a similar style of sword style before when he invaded the ECFH.


The visions end. Lacrima blinks and looks down a little...

"....Sabra. Sabra was. The princesses' name. We know that now since he screamed that at Nakusu-san apparently. I---I barely remember whatever we saw. I know that was me but that was a long long time ago..." she says. "But he knew it back then." she says quietly.

"He was always fighting. Like that, but always if he thought he could impress someone..."

She shifts a bit. "Rei-san. I'm no expert. At readings. Like this. But if I we're to make a guess. I think it's telling us that. He was always just 'kind of like this'...?" she asks quietly.

"Rather than... and outside force?...."

She kind of wants the answer to be no. But she's also positive it's a 'yes'.
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-20 20:42:22 98046
Jiaying Maki listens to the description of the room and pulls her jacket off, which gets left outside of the doorway with her phone and headphones left behind. Folding it to hide things, she then brushes herself off and steps in with the other two. "It's not a secret? I just don't normally see the need to walk up to a priest and announce, "Hi, I'm decended from a thing some would call a monster.' Just seems like a bad way to get chased out with a stick."

She keeps quiet, doesn't even take notes or try to help magically. Matter of fact, she suppresses it instead, trying to keep from tainting the ritual in any shape form or way. This does mean her foxy ears are on display and her eyes probably look funny in the fire lit room.

She watches quietly, not saying anything until Norie speaks. Her tone is quieter, approaching the same tone she has when she's angry. Maybe one without her attempts at distraction, intentional or otherwise. "Being some kind of guardian doesn't make one a fanatic. He's shifted to fanaticism. Either he's embraced the whole sang xin bing kuang stage of it, or there's something pushing him that far. Or both?"

A sigh escapes, she stands up, brushes herself off and looks at the fire curiously while she says, "I still wonder if dragging him to the harbor and letting him see what you look like there would do any good. Of course, I... really don't want to have to answer to either side's agents why I dragged a zealot over, but still."
Rei Hino 2018-09-20 20:49:58 98047
    Rei stares into the fire a good long while after the vision ends, the flames reflected in her eyes, her brow set. That was... unusually strong. But, it seems the subject in question as an unusual amount of history. Kind of like her comrades.
    Finally, letting a few long moments pass after Lacrima's question, Rei finally answers with a rueful smile. "There was no sign of an outside influence in that vision... and it didn't show us St. George for nothing." Not that she likely still needed confirmation that this was his reincarnation, but. She sighs and looks away, lowering her head. "No spirits, no Youma, no corrupting force that I could see. All I saw... was an angry little boy that never grew up. Playing hero at everyone else's expense."
    Rei keeps quiet during Jiaying's suggestions... lord knows she should probably STAY quiet since it's technically none of her business, but... after she's finished, Rei says, "... I don't think that's a good idea. He invaded someone's home, tried to murder a group of innocent people; tried to enslave someone and drive them to their death, and that's just the part I was there for. He did this without outside influence. Based purely on his..." she struggles to find the words, clenching her fists, "... his stupid, macho idea of heroism. Never shutting up about how justified he was."
    She looks at them with a sort of detached, almost apologetic certainty, aware that she may be well out of line here. "... I don't think he's one 'realization' away from changing." She looks away, back into the fire. "... Excuse me."
Lacrima 2018-09-20 21:22:44 98048
Lacrima shifts a bit. "Yeah..." is what she says to Rei. She looks to Jiaying and frowns a little. "I don't think this is just about me. I could be a human again. And he'd still be like this." she says quietly to Jiaying.

Some more visions? More visions.


"You what!?" says an angry boy. It is not Ryo. Ryo is there looking smug, and lifting his arms up. "Hey, you had to stay late to clean up, so I took him out and we had a good time. Not my fault he dumped you over it." says Ryo with a smug look. "I WAS ONLY THERE BECAUSE YOU SAID YOU WE'RE GOING TO HELP ME! BUT IT TOOK SO LONG CLEANING UP THE CLUB ROOM THAT WAS LATE! SO LATE!" he says. Ryo shrugs and walks off. "Whatever." he says. "I have a date with your ex to plan~" he says. Lots of anger from the boy, dismissive smugness from Ryo. A friendship ruined? Probably, it sounds like.

Saint George, the original incarnation is watching a Princess-- looking awfully like Nakusu Miki but also... not Nakusu- chat with a Dragon that is obviously Lamya. He was sent here to rescue her. But she doesn't look like she needs rescuing. But he seems captivated by her beauty... then the princess places just a small tiny forehead kiss to the dragon. Or maybe it was something else. The vision seems fuzzy here. But this causes George's facade to tighten... "...Humans do not belong with monsters like that." he seethes as he begins to move forward with purpose. Feeling of hate, bigotry. Ariel was right on one point there the other night at least.


The fire stops giving visions, finally, for what seems like 'for good' now. Lacrima shifts uncomfortably. She doesn't have anything to say.

"Rei-san." she says quietly. "Thank you for your help." she says. "I think we've learned enough today." she says gently. "I think he's just doing this because he wants to now." she says quietly.

"I didn't know most of these things happened. At least the modern ones. But it makes sense with... with how he's acting right now. To some degree.. I..."

She just shakes her head. "Thank you." she says again as she shifts, as if trying to get comfortable despite the things they saw and some of her personal realizations.
Jiaying Maki 2018-09-20 21:30:26 98049
Jiaying Maki nods and says, "Right, Sang xin bing kuang. Like I said." There's a hint of humor there, but it sounds almost like how she handles stress at this point. "I don't necessarily mean... magical influence. I mean, you get the hero complex, you find out your family member is 'evil'" She air quotes that one, "And then you find someone that feeds into the delusion rather than slapping him and telling him no." She's also just going for a best case scenario. Otherwise she's going to regret the fact that she didn't do mean things to him before he became all fanatical.

"The realization is... kind of that it is her. That it's actually her there. Not that it's a pleasant trip. You're probably right though." She frowns at Norie's comment and falls silent again. The vision stating monsters gets a snrk out of the fox-girl, "He's a bit late about that even back then." Then she falls silent again
Rei Hino 2018-09-20 21:33:48 98050
Whatever Rei was going to say in response gets cut off when the fire roars to life again and shows them... that. All at once the fire drops down to a small, almost cozy flame, and Rei looks... well, she doesn't look happy. It's difficult to balance her sympathy for Lacrima with an almost murderous level of personal disgust at her brother. At Lacrima's thanks, Rei just... looks at her for a long time, as if mustering the will to say literally anything other than the venomous feelings in her heart before stiffly saying. "... You're welcome."
    She reaches out to hand the coin back to her. "... Good luck with all this, Lacrima-san. Jiaying-san. And don't be afraid to ask if you need help..." Rei hesitates, unsure if she should say it, given the implications; but gently finishes "... stopping him."
Lacrima 2018-09-20 21:41:54 98052
Lacrima shifts as she takes the coin back. "It's okay if you're upset. I'm upset too. I just dunno how to express besides 'smash something' so I'm kind of keeping it all inside until I get to the Dusk Zone where I can do that WITHOUT endangering a bunch of people." she says softly.

She sighs. "I..."

"...I think I may need to talk to people. Soon. Certain.. people...." certain people who won't have a problem potentially killing Ryo if things go to too far. If there's no other options. She's not about to ask Mars here.

She look over to Jiaying. "I should.. get out of here. Is..."

"....Is some sort of tithing to the temple customary in a situation like this?" she asks softly. "I'm sorry. I'm not up to my familiarity with things like this." she says gently.
Rei Hino 2018-09-20 21:50:49 98053
Rei's a bit more game for that solution than she's honestly comfortable with. Buuut there's a reason she's not the Guardian of Passion and not the Guardian of Chill.
    Still, she's been keeping a lid on it her whole life, and it doesn't crack much here. She just... nods solemnly. "Well. You know where to find us."
    At Lacrima's question, though, she manages a little smile. "No... thank you, Lacrima-san. This... isn't a standard service of the Shrine. And you're Mamoru-kun's friend." She takes moment, and thoughtfully adds. "If you feel you could use some extra luck... Kami's been known to bless good fortune for a coin or two at one of the altars..." She looks a bit sympathetic to the oddity of that statement, "... But that's a matter of personal belief."
    Said the Shinto Priestess who just pulled visions of the past out of fire with a coin.
    "But we don't need anything in return."
Lacrima 2018-09-20 21:56:22 98054
Lacrima nods. "Alright..." she says. "I'll do that. At least." she says. "I'll contact you again if anything else comes up or I learn anything that contradicts... that." she says. She'll motion for the quiet Jiaying to leave with her. She'll leave a coin or two at the altar. High value coins. But not ostentatious, before she takes off. The further away she gets from the center of the shrine, the better she feels again.

Ugh. Hallowed ground ugh. She'll need to find someone to talk to as soon as he gets from basically just wiping a small dusk zone landscape clean in a huff.