Little Sakura training time hour!

Sakura practices and Madoka swings by! Madoka even agrees to become one of Tomoyo's dolls, unaware of the horror she has enshrouded herself in. Of course, with final judgment coming up, she decides to give some good, well meaning words to encourage the young girl.

Date: 2018-09-20
Pose Count: 17
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-20 23:09:57 98055
Sakura Kinomoto ran and... "Jump! Dash!" she called as she activated the cards... And then leaped through the trees. Tomoyo watched from the sidelines, recording everything as Sakura leaped from tree to tree, dashing rapidly across the forest, before, while in the air...

"Arrow!" she cried, as arrows lanced out, breaking a branch and, as she fell... "Fly!" she called, her wand sprouting wings and catching her meer feet from the ground, allowing her to go back up.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-20 23:26:36 98056
    Madoka is jumping through the trees herself, feeling around for signs of Witches or Wraiths. She didn't feel any in the city so she decided to explore outward a little more than usual. She's going at a fairly leisurely pace, getting a bit of dodging practice in while avoiding branches as her leaps send her flying towards them. It's only helpful against objects with static trajectories, but it's better than nothing.

    She hears a loud crack as the Sakura's arrow severs a branch that crashes down to the forest floor, coming to a stop and getting her bearings before heading in that direction. Nothing feels off or bad about it so she isn't worried, merely curious. It's another minute or two before she arrives, walking now at a leisurely pace before catching sight of a magical girl using magical cards to train and practice in the forest- one Madoka recognizes.

    "Oh, Sakura-chan, hello! It's good to see you up and doing so well!" Her voice is raised so it can be heard despite the activity, and she doesn't seem to have noticed Tomoyo and her camera just yet.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-20 23:29:28 98057
Sakura Kinomoto blinked and turned and... Squeaked, turning bright red. "M-Madoka-sempai?!" she called. "H-how long have you been watching me? How much did you see? Oh my gosh, oh my gosh!" she squeaked, her face scarlet.

And then, from behind Madoka, well... to the side. "Isn't Sakura-chan incredible? She's getting so fast at using the cards! She's absolutely dazzling..." the girl said, looking up at the card captor in a way that... wellllll... Madoka might imagine looking at homura, or vice versa, some days.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-20 23:34:52 98058
    "S-sempai!?" That's a new one for Madoka, but it's not a terrible thing. Perhaps oddly her face will color rather like Sakura's, though the red is a bit more subdued. "Ehehe, don't worry, Sakura-chan, I only just got here! I wouldn't spy on you without letting you know first."

    The voice coming from behind Madoka is a surprise and she half turns and looks over and- D-dawww, well isn't that just precious? "She really is!" Madoka agrees while giving Tomoyo a smile, "I'm really amazed at how fast she is too, some people can use their magic at will and others have magic tools to help them, but she does it all herself while activating the cards."

    Madoka turns to the girl and gives her a curtsy, seeing as she's in her henshin dress, "Madoka Kaname, pleased to meet you, miss..?" She peeks between Sakura and her admirer.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-20 23:40:48 98059
The girl smiled to her. "Tomoyo Daidouji. A pleasure." Wait. Daidouji. OF THE DAIDOUJI TOY COMPANY?! How in the world did SAKURA KNOW HER?! Sakura landed by them a moment later, using the jump card.

"Right, this is my best friend. Tomoyo-chan. She always films my captures and training."

Tomoyo nodded. "Of course. I'm so proud of Sakura-chan. I have all the videos of every card she ever caught. I'm actually editing them now and should have a video ready, soon!"

Sakura blinked. And froze. And paled. "Wait. What? You have a... since... since when?"

"Why did you think I was collecting them all?"

"Oh my gosh Tomoyo-chan, you can't show anyone that! I'll look ridiculous!" Oh she was so flustered, and Tomoyo reveled in it.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-20 23:54:30 98060
    Madoka's eyes light up a little as Tomoyo says her last name, "Oh! Of The Daidouji family? I just love the toys your family makes! Especially the stuffed animals, they're always so soft and fuzzy and warm!" She hugs her arms around her shoulders and twists from side to side a little, only to blush a bit. "O-oh, I guess I'm being a bit presumptuous."

    At the mention of filming the training Madoka smiles, "That's a wonderful idea, I bet you can learn a lot by seeing how you move. If you know your own weaknesses you can cover them, or even use them to trick your enemies into thinking they found an opening only for you to punish them for trying to exploit it." She lifts a hand and rubs her chin a little.

    She then remembers her manners and smiles, "It really is a pleasure to meet you Tomoyo-chan-- is it alright if I call you Tomoyo-chan? I like using first names when people don't mind." A friendly smile to the both of them. She then gives Tomoyo something of a more formal bow, "Thank you for helping and looking after Sakura-chan. Knowing that she has a friend who cares for her by her side does a lot to make me feel better about her situation."

    She then looks between the two as they talk about videos that may or may not have been taken in secret. Madoka lifts a hand to her mouth and giggles, "I think it's a wonderful idea! And I don't think you'll look ridiculous at all, Sakura-chan. I bet you really do look amazing when you're capturing the cards, if it's anything like how you are when you're using them."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-21 00:04:58 98063
Tomoyo blinks, and then gives a small, knowing smile. "Oh? You're familiar with our company?" She then took the small girl's hands(well, okay, she was likely bigger than Tomoyo but....) And smiled up at her. "Any friend of Sakura-chan's is a friend of mine. If you'd like, I'm sure I could help get you some of our more popular lines. We get test versions of them all the time."

Sakura flushed. "I actually... don't watch them much. Tomoyo-chan is just... a really big fan and ummm...." And sakura was INCREDIBLY embarrassed by tis whole thing. Giving Madoka a very apologetic smile.

Tomoyo chuckled. "Of course, call me Tomoyo-chan," she said happily. "And oh, I know exactly what you mean. Sakura-chan is always so reckless and running into danger... but then, it's part of her charm," she said with a loving sigh.

Sakura groaned. "I don't want everyone to see me running around in my pajamas and catching card!"

Tomoyo chuckled. "I plan to host a 'Congratulations on winning!' party after Sakura catches the last card and wins final judgment, where I'll unveil my videos. You should come.""
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-21 00:16:11 98064
    Madoka holds up a hand and shakes her head, "No, no, it's okay! I appreciate the offer, but I don't want to intrude like that." Especially not for something like a plushie. Though come to think of it maybe Homura would be interested in advanced camera drones. ...come to think of it maybe Tomoyo herself would.

    "You know, I think you might want to talk to my fiance some time, she's... something of an expert in filming magical encounters herself, I bet you could share tips."

    When Sakura admits to not watching the videos Madoka nods a little, "Oh, I see. So they're more for the aesthetic then?" Madoka might be seen to blush a little more as she looks between Sakura and Tomoyo. Aww, it's just so adorable! Though she doesn't say anything about it given Sakura's overt embarrassment. That's also not the sort of thing one wants to assume about, even if the implications are adorable.

    "Being reckless and running into danger to protect people is a noble trait. I admire anyone who acts that way myself." Then Sakura mentions that she was out in her pajamas and Madoka laughs a bit more nervously, "Eheheh... Oh right, um, you might want to avoid those clips, Tomoyo-chan." She then looks to Sakura, "Though to be honest, at first I thought you just had pajamas as a magical outfit and I thought it was kind of unique."

    Invited to a party! A...success party before success is assured. Tomoyo is rather confident in Sakura's abilities it seems, which isn't a bad thing in a friend. "I'd be happy to come to a party if I was invited-- though what is this final judgment? It sounds very important."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-21 00:30:09 98065
Tomoyo just smiled. Advanced camera drones? Please. How do you think she GOT half this footage? There was a reason she'd NEVER missed a card. Not one. She just admired Sakura so much!

"Your fiance? Is she nice?" she asked. "What's her name? Maybe we've met?" Which, might seem odd but... Tomoyo. Tomoyo chuckled. "Oh, no. I want to one day show the world so everyone can see how beautiful and amazing Sakura-chan is, just like I can every day," the girl said with a small smile.

Sakura flushed. "I-I'm really not. Tomoyo-chan is just... likes to exagerate."

"No I don't."

"Sigh... huh? Oh. No. I don't have a magical outfit. I have the shield card, though. That's kind of the same thing." NO IT WASN'T!Then... Madoka said that.

And sakura's eyes darkened a bit. "Final judgment is... the last fight between Takashi-kun and I. If... I win... the cards are mine. If he wins, the cards are his... If no one wins..." She closed her eyes and... "According... to bell-sama... well..." she looked flushed. "If neither of us... win... Then... The cards, all the memories are lost... as are everyone's... memories of their most loved individual. For good..."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-21 00:46:44 98066
    "Oh yes, Homura-chan is wonderful! She's courageous and intelligent and amazing veteran combatant!" Madoka gets a dreamy look in her eyes and starts twisting from side to side without realizing it, "And depending on how she dresses she can look cute and sweet, beautiful and elegant, or incredibly dashing. And her hair is so long and beautiful and silky..."

    Her eyes blink a few times, "W-what was I saying? Oh, right! Her name is Homura Akemi. She used to be the CEO of Salamander Salvage before we, um... fell off the face of the planet for a year and a half." If only that was hyperbole.

    "Hmm, I don't think she's exaggerating, Sakura-chan. I think you're beautiful and amazing as well!" She leans a little closer to Sakura and whispers, "She might also be able to see things in you that you can't see in yourself yet. Tomoyo-chan doesn't seem like the type of person to exaggerate to me, not about something like this."

    She'll pull away and give the two another little smile.

    The fact that Sakura doesn't have any natural defenses is worrying to Madoka, though not as worrying as what Sakura explains about final judgment. "Oh, wow. That... that sounds like it must be a whole lot of pressure, having so many beautiful things at stake." Madoka looks momentarily more serious, looking Sakura up and down, clearly examining her on a more direct level, seeing how she measures up.

    After a moment she smiles and reaches over to put a hand on her shoulder, "But... I'm not worried. I have faith in you, Sakura-chan. Tomoyo-chan is right- you are amazing. And more than that you're sweet, I can tell you truly care, and you have heart. For someone like you, I bet there's nothing that isn't possible."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-21 00:54:56 98067
Sakura Kinomoto blinked and... then giggled. "Wow, you talk about her the way Tomoyo-chan talks about me," she said with a small giggle. "That's so great you two can be such great friends AND fiances!" OH MY GOSH! Poor Tomoyo-chan... How could Sakura be so blind? Then Tomoyo nodded. "Oh! Akemi? Yes, I'm familiar with them. My mother donated generously to her salvage operations during the tragic storm. Her company was one of the ones desperately trying to get all those poor people back on their feet."

Sakura flushed and then... sighed. "Yeah. I just wish Yukito-sempai could see that side of me..." she mumbled, her voice dripping of unrequented love. And Tomoyo just smiled.

Then Madoka started measuring her. She eeped, and stared up, nervous. What if she wasn't... good enough...? What if she didn't-- And then that. She flushed. "But you've only just met me. Do... you really believe I can do?" she smiled none the less. "I won't give up, though. Ever. I don't want to lose any of the people so close to me. Any of my friends. The cards... are a part of my heart."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-21 01:06:12 98069
    Madoka can't help but smile very brightly at that, "Yes! Homura-chan is my very best friend and has supported me through everything for a very, very long time. Even before I knew it. We were wonderful friends even before we started dating, and when we did it made everything wonderful." She gives Sakura a little smile, but her head turns juuust enough so one of her eyes can't be seen by the other girl as she gives Tomoyo a little wink.

    Okay, that might have crossed the line a tiny bit, but sometimes a girl just can't help herself.

    Of course right after Sakura flushes and mentions the name of someone else while sighing. She'd feel bad, but Tomoyo seems... shockingly together. Having already met one timetraveler she almost wonders if there's more to Tomoyo than it seems.

    "It's true that I've only just met you, but you're the sort of person whose heart and spirit are there for anyone to see if they just look for it." She then nods as Sakura states her determination, removing her hand from the girls shoulder to give her hand a momentary squeeze. "And that's exactly why. You have the strength of conviction and the heart to see anything through, and your heart is in the right place. If you're doing it for your friends and what you feel is right, I know you'll succeed."

    Madoka gives a small shake of her head, "Besides, there's two very important things I know that are true no matter how difficult or impossible things may seem. Magic and miracles are real, and Magical Girls are people who make the impossible come true. That's who we are, and who you are, Sakura-chan. That's why I look up to people like you so very much." Her smile is bright and shining as she looks to the young cardcaptor.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-21 01:11:39 98070
Sakura Kinomoto completely and utterly missed the wink. Tomoyo just gave her a small smile back and a shrug. 'What can yah do?' style. It was obvious she still cared deeply for the girl. And alas, she wasn't magical. She was just incredible. "And honestly, I just love being able to design all your outfits, Sakura-chan. That's half the fun."

Sakura flushed and giggled. "Oh Tomoyo-chan. I'd wear anything for you, you're my best friend in the whole world!" ... Then she glanced up at Madoka. The older girl put a hand on her shoulder... And then told Sakura all those kind, sweet things. She flushed and had to cover her cheeks she was blushing so much, swaying from side to side. "W-what? But I'm still just a novice! I'm not nearly as good as any of you, Madoka-sempai!" she said with a shake of her head, then... Smiled up at her. "But I won't give up! No matter what! I'll fight and I'll beat Takashi-kun! Because... Because everyone is depending on me! I promise!" she said proudly.
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-21 01:28:44 98072
    Madoka goes ohhh and looks at Tomoyo with new respect, "You design her outfits? That sounds absolutely wonderful! Is... is that something you'd be willing to do for others, also? Every once and a while Homura-chan and I splurge on pretty dresses when we go to dances..."

    As Sakura blushes at the kind words Madoka smiles, "The way you stood up to Takashi-kun, I'm not sure you're a novice at all. You handled yourself well." The fact Takashi won that battle doesn't seem to bother her, because she really does have faith in Sakura. Madoka is about the biggest fan of magical girls you'll ever find, and with Sakura knowing how much is at stake, when everything is truly on the line? That's when she'll shine the brightest and surprise even herself. Tomoyo probably already realizes that, she thinks.

    "We'll all be depending on you, but we'll all be with you too. If things get difficult just remember how many people believe in you and I'm sure you'll pull through." Madoka thinks for a moment before adding with a small shake of her head, "You might think you're not as good as us, but you'll be doing something I couldn't. Even if you gave me your cards I wouldn't know how to use them, or which one would be best. But it's more than that, and I think it's an edge you have over Takashi-san that he won't be able to account for, or maybe even understand."

    She looks into Sakura's eyes, "Remember what you said about the cards being a part of your heart? That's going to be your secret weapon. It isn't your power or your strength, but your feelings and emotions that will carry you through. Let your love for your cards and your friends guide your way, and know that if you do it'll never guide you wrong."

    The look in her eyes turns a little sad, "Takashi-san... right now I don't think that's something he can understand. Even if he thinks he can save the world with them, he doesn't understand how. But you do, don't you, deep in your heart? He thinks of them as a tool, but to you, Sakura-chan, they're a part of you're heart. All you have to do is show how amazing you really are on the inside and I'm very sure you'll pass your final judgment with flying colors."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-21 01:36:35 98074
Tomoyo's eyes glimmered with excitement. "OH I was hoping you'd ask that!"

"Oh dear..." Sakura said.

And suddenly Tomoyo was on her with a ruler WHERE DID SHE GET THAT RULER?! Either way, measuring, measuring, measuring, everything. "I have a dozen ideas of what you could wear and I'll need Homura-san's measurements as well and..."

Sakura chuckled. "She's the best designer I know... but she can get carried away."She then flushed. "A-actually... Takashi-san... may be better at the cards than I am. He uses them better, usually..." she mumbled. "But... You're right. I do have an edge. I have everyone voting for me. Everyone believing in me. And he doesn't." She reached up to her heart, and for just a second, she might notice a little light in eyes. A little glimmer.

She nodded. "Yeah. I saved... one card from him. Sweet. It's... he does just see them as tools. But they're not. I mean, they are precious. Special. They are my friends. And I love them. They all have their strength, weaknesses, fears, doubts. All of them. And I know sometimes they mess up and act naughty but... Sometimes people act out when they're lonely... and I'll make sure they're never alone again."
Madoka Akemi 2018-09-21 01:44:54 98075
    Madoka assumes the position as Tomoyo whips out a ruler and starts measuring her- she wasn't joking about splurging on dresses and has clearly been fitted several times. When Tomoyo asks about Homura's measurements she's even able to pull out her phone and pull them up-- along with her own, though naturally a direct measurement will be more accurate for growing teenagers.

    "I'd be happy to listen to any of your ideas, Tomoyo-chan," she replies happily, going "Ohhh," in excitement as Sakura gives her opinion of Tomoyo's designs. "I don't mind if she gets carried away if it means I can look extra pretty for Homura-chan~!"

    When she says Takashi does a better job using the cards she hums a little, only to smile to Sakura as she explains what the cards mean to her. "See?" she responds in a soft tone, "you've proven my faith in you is warranted already. Just remember that, believe in yourself, and believe in the cards and you'll do fine. If you want to make sure they never have to be lonely I'm sure the cards will choose you."
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-09-21 01:51:01 98077
Tomoyo was soon done... adn then pulled out her phone... and started showing her pictures. "This one I made for sakura and..." They all started that way. There were dozens. She did this BEFORE the cards. Sakura was basically her little doll. Dressed up a lot. And so many hadn't even been worn yet... And they were amazing.

Sakura blinked and then smiled. "You're right. Thank you. And... you're right. I won't give in. The cards.... They will choose me. Because we're friends. And I'll make sure to save them all. I promise."