Nice Cream

Date: 2018-09-21
Pose Count: 6
Fate T. Waldia 2018-09-21 02:56:30 98080
Let's get Ice Cream, was what was decided when the two Waldia sisters wanted to do something tonight! She knows of a place called Frozen Beach. She's never actually been here but she's seen it plenty of times from the sidewalk walking by!

She walks in and points to a booth by the back, before pausing. "Oh. Right we should order first." she says as she walks back to the counter. She looks at all the flavors there as she walks slowly down the way.

"...ah... I want something a little more adventureous than vanilla or strawberry or chocolate...." she says. "What flavors do you like Runealy?" she asks as she leans back from the counter.
Runealy Waldia 2018-09-21 03:14:47 98081
Rune is still fairly new to 'hanging out' with a sister, but she has been eager to do things with Fate and ice cream was a fairly easy thing to get in to.

It turns out Fate is more familiar with the process than Rune is, so the elder sister follows Fate's lead on this. "It still amazes me just how many choices any one business in Tokyo can offer," is her slightly breathless thought on the flavors displayed!

Then Fate asks a vital question, one central to this entire plan for the evening: Flavor of choice. "To be totally honest about it? I almost forgot ice cream existed until you mentioned it today. I've had it before, people have shown it to me, it's just this is the first time I've been anywhere like this in... well, a few years. So if the flavor's the 'adventure' to all this?" Rune uses a questioning tone to shape her own answer: "I might have to follow your guidance on it!"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-09-21 03:38:59 98082
Fate small smiles to Rune. "I'll order for us then. I think you'll like whatever I pick." she says as she looks back to the ice cream flavors. She chooses mint chocolate chip, with chocolate syrup, whipped cream and two cherries on top. She orders two, one of her and one for Runealy, though- Rune is welcome to stop her and order her own thing. She's just trying to make it easier on Rune.

And hey, there's nothing stopping the two from buying more ice cream, right? Besides odd stares from the cashier on ice cream number five later or something like that. She nods. "That answers my next question. If Waldia had something like ice cream. I know that 'ice cream' is an old concotion on Earth. Very old. Was made with blocks of ice harvested in winter." she says.

When the ice creams are finished she walks them to the booth she was pointing at earlier, sitting down. She shoves a spoon into the ice cream bowl and trys a little. She nods. "That's good." she says.
Runealy Waldia 2018-09-21 03:51:27 98083
Ice cream, even when going 'all out' like this, is a relatively trivial expense and one Rune is glad to pay for the both of them. "So it used to really use ice? I just thought it was a clever name... that explains a lot. And you're right, we don't have it back home, but... but." Rune is repeating that for emphasis, though she delays it long enough to follow Fate to their booth.

Only once they're seated and Fate has finished the first bite does Rune fill in the rest of the thought: "Ice cream is not a cell phone or a video game or an automobile or anything even remotely like those. If we can find more information on the version that was made with real ice?"

Rune pauses again, this time to get into her own ice cream... which is met with a surprised blink, then a smile as her sense of taste decides this is pretty good. "Then I have no problem bringing the 'secrets' of ice cream home with us and sharing it so other people can make it. Might have to be a 'winter only' treat, but... it's something!"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-09-21 04:09:57 98085
Fate T. Waldia says "Actually, It's not very technology heavy, to make ice cream like this. It's 'Iced Cream'." she says. "We can buy a simple ice cream maker in a store. It's just a drum with a crank on top that mixes cream It's.. if we took a bucket. Put broken ice in the bottom, yes?" she says. "Then put salt, and then another smaller bucket, then layered salt and ice between the small and large bucket, you'd get a very very cold interior, since salt makes ice... 'colder'?" she says. "In this manner. Then you put cream, and sugar in the small bucket and use like... a wisk to wisk it until it freezes into a consistency like this." she smiles. "I'm sure there's buckets and salt in Waldia. Right?" she says. "And things like a 'whisk'." she says.

"-but you're right on that. Unless you have a way to keep ice into late spring or early summer... winter treat." she says.

She eats her ice cream and then her eyes open wide. "S-sorry. I just. Sputtered on about ice cream." she says with wide eyes suddenly. "I'm not even used to talking so much! B-but-- uh." she shakes her head.

"The past months have been exciting." she says with a wider smile. "For lots of reasons." she says as she eats more ice cream. "And I guess it's easier to talk when...." when your mother won't whip you for muttering a peep. " Ah." she doesn't really want to ruin a nice night with that discussion. "When you have a sister to talk to!" she says. Which is in fact, ALSO true! Just not the truth she was initally thinking of.
Runealy Waldia 2018-09-21 04:15:06 98086
Rune leans her head around at various angles as Fate explains the idea, complete with a bit of a science lesson on how salt works. It's definitely 'news' to the elder princess, who makes an appreciative "ohh...!" as the idea starts to form in her mind.

"Don't be sorry! I think you just walked me through it well enough that I'm confident we can bring the idea home with us without hurting anything!" Rune takes on an obvious, wide smile as she realizes Fate opened up considerably while giving this 'ice cream lecture', and that it's one thing of Earth culture they can safely take back; there's absolutely nothing in it that can't be done with their homeworld's existing technology.